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San Francisco Public Library 



Not to be taken from the Library 


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in 2012 with funding from 

California State Library Califa/LSTA Grant 



California Brass 

125 FIRST ST. 

Opposite Minna SAN FRANCISCO 

M & Gipell 

imposition, Zinc & Babbit 
Metal Castings 

Brass Ship Work of all kinds, Spikes, 

ueathing Nails, Rudder Braces, Hinges, 
(to. Also Church and Steamboat 1 Jells and 


Steam, Liquor, Water, Oil and Flange 
Cocks and Valves made and repaired. 

Hydraulic Pipes and Nozzles, and Hose 
Couplings and Connections furnished with 
BDispateh. Sole Agents for 

Seibert's Eureka Lubricator 



Importing Company 
Nos. 22 and 24 FremontSt. 

Near Front and M arket 

s^nsr :f:r,.a.:n'cisco. 

Boiler Flues Spring and Cast Steel 

Sheet and Plate Iron Pig Iron, Anvils 

Rivets, Carriage Bolts Rasps and Files 

Gas and "Water Pipes Horseshoe and Iron Nails 

Gas and Water Fittings Best "Welding E Cumberland Coal. 


Wm. McCrindle, Manager. 








21 Montgomery Avenue 




IB A Uo» 

)m f ipmcfeco and Miforma 


610-612 CLAY STKIET 
San Francisco, California. 


T"^ • 

Printers rurnishirjg 



This Old Established Foundry having a Large Stock 

and Complete Assortment of the 

Modern Faces of 

icrolt, ^tos, ^ob anir ©ro&mtnfal ffigpje 


Pointing Mati^im 


y ower, Hand and Job Presses 




bishop's directory. 



Bartling & Kimball 







-) .A. IDT ID 


@* §@§ €iav Street 

L > 

S. W. Cor. Sansome, 

'$:& & &* 




115 fiE8 

No. 108 Battery Street, San Francisco. 





CANNON, MUSKET, and their various brands of 



Vat iotts Brands of never-failing Safety Fuse. 


Repeating Rifles, Carbines /I/ Muskets 

MODELS 1866, 1873 and 1876. 

And Metallic Cartridges, both central and run fire for all kinds of 

Rifles and Pistols, also, Primers and Tools for 

Reloading Central Fire Cartridges. 

WMsmm sulpha it. §f hitapa. 

Heavy stock of Kefined constantly on hand. 





f fiMtaa Manila & Straw 





Honeer and Eagle Paper 




Geo. T. Shaw. 

John F. Kennedy. 
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

A. J. Turner. 

Lumber, Etilisi 





^v si 




\®m WwmmmimmB® ©M® 





Everybody Reads it. 


Circulates Nightly in the Theatres of 
San Francisco. 


See its pages for Dramatic News. 


Is the best medium for Advertisements 
of Business Men. 


Is seen and read by all classes. 


Is circulated throughout California. 


Is a chronicle of the Dramatic world. 


Advertises at reasonable charges. 























I — I 



§ CD 

<* go 

hi td 

to ^ 

I crq 

3 < 




fea £* 


Views of Biiltfinp, Catalopes Illustrated, Boot Illustrations anil Patented 
Winery encraved in tie Mpest style of tie art. 

hobs wq& wmwsTimm oesii 

No higher than parties pay elsewhere for ordinary type printing. 



Over Campi's Restaurant, third floor, SAN FBANCISCO. 








Real Estate anfl General Commission Agent 


Particular attention paid to South Beach, Fotrero and 
South San Francisco Property. 






318 FRONT STREET, San Francisco. 

Stencil Plates, when handsomely executed, present the cheapest and best mode of advertising that 
Lian be adopted. This is the experience of all who use them. 

\ Stencil Plates of every Pattern cut at this establishment in a style unequalled by any other 
yorkmen in California. 

\ Merchants and others are invited to call and examine specimens in proof of the above assertion. 
\ Orders from abroad, as well as those given in person, promptly executed and forwarded. Parties sending 
osiers by letter are particularly requested to write plainly and give the exact space they wish 
tfe letters to occupy. 

\ By close application and superior execution of work, during an experience of fourteen years, Mr. TRU- 
WARTHY has extended his business to its present proportions. His present facilities for rapid and tasteful 
exel ution of all work in his line are far superior to those of any other in this State or in the Union. 

I Having purchased all the late John Hall's Stencil Tools, Plates and Impressions, and everything^ pertaining 
to F. s business, I am prepared to furnish his customers with fac-similes of his work. 

Brushes, Ink and Marking Pots Tor Sale. Remember the Place. 

w® m f fifWiifiPi 

318 Front Street, cor. Commercial (up stairs) San Francisco. 




icjiaIi iii: 

Office and address, 9 Geary Street, San Francisco. 

Descriptive circulars, blanks for measurements, with instructions, sent free on application. 

26 bishop's directory. 


acearoni aviitd YeniiicHlf 

Established 1S56. SWISS .).:. -)...<! \ - 

558 Mission St. JfF&- Bet. 1st and 2d 



B r J, I* Tkatiiokkt & Co. 

Our Manufactory of Macoaroni and ^ i rmioelli ii u the boat in tin 

of California. 

We have always on hand for trade ■ laigi quantity of the fined Maocaroni, Vermi- 
celli, Farina and Paste of all deeeriptii 

We do not solicit family trade. 

We warrant all cmr boxee better freight than th<>s<- of any oth< 


H. C. REID, 



Patent Office Models in Wood or Metal, 

Experimenting, Drawing & Designing. 

No. 32 Fremont Street, 


Moderate Charges. Satisfaction Guaranteed 





Crane & Raveley. 








No, 518 Clay Street Over Campi's Restaurant 


Commercial Printing, Book Binding and 
Paper Ruling. 

All Orders Executed at Reasonable Rates. 


Best Appointed Job Office in the jDity. 




WILLS, SUS5ILL & CO., Proprietors, 


Constantly on hand and made to order, all kinds of MOLDINGS, and eveiy description of 





AU>V ******** 

110 MAIN STREET, bet. Mission and Howard, 


Also, Sheet Iron Work of all Descriptions. 
Railings, Safes, Vaults, Tanks for Sugar, Water, Soap, 4c. 


518 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, 





Met^i, &m&w Case* 


Bet. Kearny and Montgomery Sts. (down stairs) 

Usui® 8bow 0m@ Wmmw Springs* 

A large assortment of Silver, "White Metal and Wood Show Oases, of the latest improved 
patterns, constantly on hand. 

Old Show Cases taken in exchange. Orders hy Mail promptly attended to. 




Coach and Carriage Lamps 


Bet. Montgomery and Kearny SAN FRANCISCO. 

30 bishop's directory. 

Chas. Bernard, 
hartres Itoffee and Spice |fl ills 

i -y 

Saleratus, Carbonate of Soda, Cream of Tartar 



Foot of Powell St., North Beach, San Francisco, 

Has first class facilities forgiving iil>.)ut 1,000 Hot and C"1<1 Sam Watki; Baths par day, in 
separate rooms. Also, Bl BAM I'.a i bb with Ba] i \V \ i KB Sii"\\ i 

It is the Largest Salt Water Bath House in the United States 

K\c luedve i 'i Su [mming Baths, beinf ti ■ ' i. ' lii fonn, ol 

Single Baths, 35 Cts. Five Ticket*, 91. OO. Stenm Ilittli*. BO < is. 

(TE1MU Two 

< AMI. run l 


Baths open at 6 a. il, close at 9 p. m. on weekdays > | TEBM8 Two I. 

on Sundays at 5 p. >t. in Summer; 4 p. m In Winter. < \Ml. ran I 

A Barber Shop Attached. 


Canton Crap Mi Silk Shawls 


Silk Handkerchiefs, Grass Cloth, Satin 


If®® §40 Sacramento Street* 

Bet. Kearny and Montgomery. SAN FRANCISCO. 






Watch and listnuit 


No. 18 Market St., San Francisco. 



L^ U 

w of life Ip< 


Instruments Repaired in the best manner. 





— ) FOB (— 

1 H T ~ - i > 

Map of the City. 


Its Institutii->ns, ixo. 

— ) ALSO A (- 


Will be ready for Delivery March 1st. 

IB. C. "V-^ZDsTID.A-IjIj, publisher, 







General and Business Directory, 
street guide, 

City Government, Public Institutions, Churches, Societies, etc., with a list 
of Federal and State Officers. 



B. C. VANDALL, Publisher. 



Entered according to n>: f Oongra " I 7ANDALL, In I 

, in WmoIb 



Abbreviations 113 

Additional Names, Removals, etc 103 

American Protestant Association 71 

Ancient Jewish Order Kesher Shell Barzel 72 

Ancient Order of Hibernians 71 

Banks 58 

Board of Education 49 

Board of Equalization 49 

Board of Health 50 

Board of Supervisors 49 

Boundaries of Election Precincts 50 

Building Operations 40 

Business Directory 911-1072 

Cemeteries 65 

Chamber of Commerce 58 

Chinese Business Directory 1073 

Churches 59 

Climate of San Francisco 46 

Consuls 57 

Courts 57 

Customs, Receipts of 38 

Educational 61 

Election Precincts 50 

Exchanges 58 

Exports, Value of 38 

Federal Offices 55 

Financial and Commercial '. 37 

Fire Department 52 

Growth of San Francisco 37 

Hospitals and Asylums 64 

Improved Order of Red Men 70 

Independent Order of B'nai B'rith 71 

Independent Order of Good Templars 72 

Independent Order of Odd Fellows 68 

Independent Order of Red Men 71 

Insurance 59 

Janissaries of Light 70 

Knightsof Pythias 70 

Libraries 64 

List of Vessels 81 

p AGE 

Masonic 05 

Medical Societies '....'. 64 

Military 73 

Miscellaneous Institutions 62 

Miscellaneous Societies 72 

Municipal Finances . . . . , 43 

Municipal Government 49 

Municipal Licenses !.. . . 44 

National Guard of California 78 

Order of Orangemen 72 

Population 37 

Police Department 50 

Post Office 55 

Post Office Statistics 48 

Precious Metals 45 

Railroads, 79 

Rainfall in San Francisco 47 

Rates of Dockage, Wharfage and Tolls 80 

Real Estate 39 

Register of Names 113-909 

Removals 103 

Savings Banks 58 

Schools 61 

Secret Societies 65 

State Government 54 

Statistical Review 37 

Strei t Guide 85 

Street Railroads 80 

Superintendent of Public Schools "i 

Temperance Societies '2 

United Ancient Order of Druids 69 

U. S. Army 77 

U.S. Coast Survey 56 

U. S. Custom House 55 

U. S. Internal Revenue 56 

U.S. Lighthouse Service 56 

U. S. Mint 45 and 55 

University of California 55 

Ward Boundaries 50 



AsmannA & Co, 32 Cal Market. 942 
Asphaltum and Mastic Roofing 

Company. 652 Market 916-1048 

Austin B C, 414 Merchant 1064 

Bancroft, Knight fc Co, 783 Mar- 
ket 1023 

Bank of British North America, 

219 Banaome 4 

Battling & Kimball, GOG Clay. . . U 
Bernard Charles, 707 Sansome. 30 
Berryman H B & Co, Bulkhead 
bet Jackson and Pacific fin ml 

Bishop's Oakland Directory. .. BIO 

Blake Wm H, G40 Clay 981 

Boesch Emil, 50'.) Mission 999 

Bradstreet J B, 609 Mission 1049 

Brewster John, 17 Belden 978 

Buswell Alex, 521 Clay 927 

California Brass Foundry, l'-'S 

First 13 

California Electrical Works. 134 
Sutter, 025, 959, 1028, 1064, 
1070, and center Hue Bum 

California Farmers' Mutual 1 in 

In- Assu, 38 Cal 988 

California silk Manufacturing 

Co, 585 Market 1053 

California Steam Navigation Co, 

Washington-st Wharf 

Cheyrias R & Cie, 791 Missi. >u . . '.U4 
Chy Lung & Co, ojo Sacramento 30 
Clark Geo W, 645 Market, bot- 

t"iu margin, 1032 

\j Cole Seward, 317 California 966 

VCollins T, Berry bet 3d and 4th. 926 
Ooxumercial Ins Co, 406 Call- 

1 iraia inside front cover 

Co. k H N, 413 Market 925 

Crane & Eavely, 518 Clay 27 

Day Thomas, 122-124 Sutter. 

front cover . 

Denniston E G-, 653 Mission 1054 

Dewey & Co. 202 Sansome 1033 

Doane & Co, 92 Cal Mkt.back of cover 

Driscoll C E, 2210 Powell 30 

Duncan George & Co, 652 Markt 

915 and 1048 

Footlight, 525 Market 22 

Freeman BH& Co, 415 Mission. 11 
Fuhrmann A M, 751 Mission. . .1070 

Gallagher B, 222 Mission 941 

Gibson A B & Co, 518 Clay 911 

Gilbert & Hunter, Alameda . . . front 
Giller C L, 430 Montgomery ... 961 
Goodall, Perkins & Co, 10 Markt 9 
Guittard E & Co, 405-407 San- 
some ,bottom margin 

Gundlach J & Co, SE cor Sec- 
ond and Market, front cover 

and 1026 

Hagans Geo W, 532 Clay 1024 

Hall R B & Co, 632 Market 955 

Halpruner Winfield S,906 Markt 

back cover 
Hand John S, 314 Kearny, .back 

of cover 
Hassmer V, 933 Washington 1009 

Heald's Business Colic- ■ 

POBt bark of OOVU and 

center lim s Bus! 

Herrmann ('. 401 Kearnv and 
910 Market 

Hibernla Savings and Loan 8o- 

>l. nt u 1 Markt 5 

Hill Samni l. 19 V m Mont, I 

Hopkins, Taylor ft Oo, 119 Ban* 
some back a wr 

Bueter Bros 4 Co, 12 See- nd...l032 

Huts LA Bro.6421 lay.. '.'71 

lis.. 10 


. 827-329 Bush, t p mar- 
gin Da 
King's Patent Porta 


Eoehler \ Kitt 

Leavitt Chat H. 226 B< alt U 

Libbt y m I., '. and 

Keanr. . . . . 955 

Lund; T ft D, 7 Third '.mo 

MacBeth Alexander, 888 Wash- 
ington margin !■:. 

Maodonald W ; Mar- 

k. t '.ion 

Marston ft A. lam*. I or 7th and 
Washington, Oakland. . . 

Marti 11 John, I OtO 99 

Mel., :,n AA,( 

Mechanics' Mills, cor M 

and Fremoni SB 

••arnv 1024 

Mmtie AE&Oo.ll K. an. 

torn ■ 
Montague w w .. Oo, ii" Bat- 

1064,1066 The Tail r. 18 Kearny 

and 505 Mont, margin fr 
Oakland! ltv I Clay 910 

Oliver II 

Oregon Steamship Co, 210 Bat. 8 
Pacific Business Colleg. . 

Post 940 

Pacific Coast Steamship Co, 10 

Market 9 

Pacific Gold, Silver and Nickel 

Plating Works. 7 09 Market . . . 1054 
Pacific Lamp and Reflector Fac- 

tory, 669 Mission 993 

Pacific Life. 618 Clay 1027 

Pacific Mail Steamship Co. cor 

First and Brannan 7 

Pacific Newspaper Publishing 

Co, 525 Market 912 

Pacific Wire Works, 751 Mis- 
sion 1070 

Painter & Co, 510-512 Clav, 960, 1056 
and 17 
Perforated Frietional Belt, 605 

Sacramento. . ..inside front cover 
Philadelphia Brewery, 220-240 

Second ". 16 

Pioneer Carpet Beating Ma- 
chine, 353 Tehama 940 

Pioneer Iron Works, 225 Beale. 12 
Pioneer Maccaroni Factory, 558 

Mission ' 20 

Rahsskopfl Carl, 412 < ' mmer- 

cial 9S8 

Held H ' 

ton \ D, 41 

Robdin I . aento 991 


i and silver Plating 

:i-m ii .. . i 

I ,.H. 12 

. ingS 1 in..:. 
nun liatbh. 
- and Loan 



Bchultz .<c Von Bar, 

Market 1054 



Smith 11 I 

| av 14 
Spauldlng .1 k • ..una. 940 

Spring M 

Tennenl : 

T. lit hop 

1 < al.. . 29 


Thomp* in. ..1055 

Trumbull It I, 41 




Tm-tin \\ I. cor Market and 


I ■ - . \*. :,t. r 


Fpton John P, 518 ss' ran 
Volkmann A I>. gi n, BTW 

:.t and Marl. 
Van Oterendorp K. 210 Batfc rv. 8 

Kearny, and 840 Ml 

top margin 

319 Battery' 10O 

Cingwell, 125 First 18 

Wellington Goal Oo, bu k 

bet Jackson audPacitie, front 

Wells, Russell A Co, cor Mis- 
sion and Fremont 28 

Furniture Oo, N'W 
cor Fourth and Bryant, in- 
side back cover and t. p back 

Western Newspaper Union, 518 

Clav 911 

Wheat C D, 740 Fourth 96 

White Carlos, 525 Market 919 

Wieland John, 2J0-24O Second. 16 
Wm .x Fiuck. 709 Market. 925, 

964, 960, 1005 

Williams, Blanchard & Co 7 

Williams H F. 740 Fourth 11 

Wolff Henry, 126 Kearny 1069 



The publisher in presenting this annual issue of the Directory of San Francisco, 
takes pleasure in referring to its improved typographical appearance. The type adopted 
renders the volume more convenient in size, and more tasty in style. The canvass for 
names has been prosecuted with great care and vigilance, and the result as presented 
may be accepted by the public as a personal and business guide, combining completeness 
with reliability to as great a degree as is possible in the preparation of such a work in a 
city where removals, changes, and periodical absentees are*so numerous as in San Fran- 
cisco. The number of references in the volume has largely increased, while the statistical 
matter of the introductory pages which has been prepared with much care and research 
also indicates a gratifying growth of the city. The publisher tenders his acknowledge- 
ments to the public for the general approval of the results of his efforts to furnish an 
acceptable and popular Directory. 

Population of the City. — San Francisco appears to have fully maintained its volume 
of growth during the past year notwithstanding some adverse circumstances and a general 
complaint of hard times and of prevailing dullness. The truth is that San Francisco is 
so situated with reference to immigration and trade that more than a single dull season is 
necessary to interfere materially with her regular growth and advancement. The number 
of buildings erected during the year is nearly as large as ever before. There is a consider- 
able increase in the number of municipal licenses issued and in the number of men 
employed in manufactories. To arrive at a reliable estimate of the population one must 
have a basis of facts from which to calculate. A certain nearly obsolete directory concern 
of this city estimates in this wise : It takes the census of 1870, then it guesses at a per- 
centage of gain, which is added from year to year. But as Bishop's Directory is always 
first issued, and as the figures of the other are usually almost identical, it is fair to infer 
that this publication guides the other somewhat, in its guessing. We estimate from ascer- 
tained facts and make our deductions from figures verified in numerous instances by the 
official census. The population of the city in January, 1877, was 295,117, of which 
265,538 were whites, etc., and 29,979 Chinese. The number of persons under seventeen 
years of age by the school census July 1, 1876, was 71,436. The number by the school 
census of 1877 was 80,245 ; increase, 8,809. The ratio of persons under seventeen to the 
total population is 1 to 3.5, as ascertained by the average of twenty-seven large cities of 
the Union. Assuming that the increase for the latter half of the year 1877 was equal to 
that of the first half we have 84,650 as the correct number of persons under seventeen on 
January 1, 1878, which gives us a white population of 296,275. The Chinese population 
has remained about stationary, the small excess of arrivals over departures having been 
offset by deaths and other causes. The population of the city is, therefore, 326,244. The 
number of references in this Directory is 98,031, which allowing the ratio of references to 
the total population as 1 to 3% gives a population of 326,770, agreeing very closely with 
the estimate based upon the school census. The increase for the year has been a little 
over 9 per cent. 

Financial and Commercial.— We present below tables showing the exports of leading 
articles of California production, and of merchandise and treasure, giving some compar- 
isons with the figures for 1876. The exports of wheat were less than half the amount for 
the preceding year, but the higher prices obtained brings the value of that cereal exported 
up to about 70 per cent, of the value exported in 1876. Other articles of domestic pro- 
duction show a decrease, except wine, which shows an increase of about 40 per cent. 
The production of quicksilver, copper and salt were also considerably in excess of former 
years. The aggregate of exports of California products will exceed twenty-seven millions 
of dollars, and exports of merchandise reach nearly twenty-nine and a half millions, a 
decline in values from 1876 of about four per cent., but an increase in quantity, owing to 
a reduction in prices of many articles. Exports of treasure reach the large sum ot nity- 
seven millions six hundred thousand dollars, against forty-nine millions seven liundieci 
and fifty thousand dollars in 1876. Beceipts of treasure were seventy-one millions seven 
hundred thousand dollars, showing an apparent gain to the city m this species ol weaitu 



of over fourteen million dollars. Clearing House returns show exchanges to the mount 
of $517,000,000 for 1877, an increase over 1876 of $23,000,1 

The long continued depression in industry and track- which has prevailed throughout Un- 
united States and Europe, has had its legitimate effect npon San Francisoo ; still, but fox 
the dry season, entailing a failure of crops, the volume of business would have largely 
increased during the year. Every branch of industry and trade Buffi red ; mining 0] 
tions were retarded, and immigration was checked. But for this ei looal 

drouth the city of San Francisco and the whole Pacific -l<>pe would b 
abundantly, while depression prevailed elsewhere throughout the world. 

Several concerns, improperly styled savings banks, have failed during the year, entail- 
ing serious losses upon a portion <>f the community, that can ill afford Bucb I 
they have learned thereby. The distrust of our remaining institutions for rhioh 

to a certain extent prevails, is unfounded, and should be dismissed from tb I ind. 

Long established and honorably conducted, doing busini sa in a Baf< and l< gitimafa 
the savings banks of San Francisco are entitled to all the oonfidi noi 
which was full and general. 

Rates of interest have considerably d« din- d, and a disposition, in view <>f the abund- 
ance of money, and the easy terms of its procurement, "ill, beyond a doubt, atim 
building, and all other enterprises during the present >• 

Receipts of Customs. — The cash duties collected on foreign imports for the year 1877 

were $6,722,913, and the total customs revenue Wfl 

1,271,765 than those for 1876. 










Building materials . 

Leather ... * 171 


Merchandise _ 

Miscellaneous (estimated) 1,600, 



Exports of treasure 


Total exports $113,961,296 


Receipts for 1877, centals 5,159,494 

Receipts for 1876, centals 10. " 

Decrease 5,357,419 

Exports for 1877, centals 4,901,756 

Exports for 1876, centals 9,920,117 

Decrease 5,018,361 


Receipts for 1877, barrels 404,025 

Receipts for 1876, barrels 519,114 

Decrease 115,089 

Exports for 1877, barrels 435,736 

Exports for 1876, barrels 506,974 

Decrease 71,238 

wool . 

Receipts for 1877, bales 146,659 

Receipts for 1876, bales 167,601 




Exports for 1877, pounds. ... I ■ 

Exports for 1876, pounds .... 

Decrease 877 188 

: BY. 

Receipts f,, r 1877, rentals 776,739 

Receipts for 1876, centals I, 1 

Decrease . 


Exports for 1877, centals 

Exports for 1876, centals 

Decrease . 


Receipts for 1877, gallons 2,337,658 

Receipts for 1876, gallons 1,686,990 

Increase . 


Exports for 1877, gallons 914, 

Exports for 1876, gallons 529, 






CM CO -* CO i-l 




t> as co «o c. 







CO 00 00 O LO 


CM CO LO -# 00 



i-H CM CO CM i-H 





No. Sales. 

WW c* oo 
i— 1 0O LO 00 o 






t- 00 








o o 




00 t> 


1— 1 





O -* C~ CO OS 




No. Sales. 

co os -# co cm 


CM i—l CM -* CO 









i— i 


i-H co"o"os"co" 



•=•% _r 



1 — 1 



• rH 


O -# C~ t- 1"H 



No. Sales. 

CO OS Ttt -* i-H 





O CM 00 CO OS 



CO O 00 C^ CM 



-# CO tH CM 00 



co" t-" o~ t~" o" 





CO CO t* IC t- 


h- I 

CO O 00 -# OS 




cm"tjTc~"io ■*" 











No. Sales. 

CO r-l CM C~ CM 
LO 00 l-H OS t- 







-HH LO OS tH i-H 







i— i 



O -# OS CO -# 




-# O.OS O CM 

i-T eo"io"-* eo" 

■ O 





00 CO 00 LO t- 




No. Sales. 

00 i-H O O CM 

-cfl 00 CO CO rH 

i-H i-H i-H 



i-H O O CO CO 




t~ OS CD CO O 



00 rH 


CM~ o" CO CM~ OO" 

00 i-H CO OS CO 

55 S 

O « <M CO -* 



i-T cm" cm" cm" i-T 




tr~ -# tH i-h 00 



No. Sales. 

LO t- C- t- Tt< 



CO i-H O t- tH 



'rH 00 E- O lO 


i-H O CD i-H i-H 



cm" t-" co" cm" cm" 





O CD -* i-H CO 



CO i-H CO CM i-H 
i-H C0"t-"CM"CM" 





CM 00 t~ i— 1 CO 



No. Sales. 

C~ LO CM 00 CM 







cm o i-h co as 



i-H C- LO O O 

i— i 


-qM O i-h" CD" -*" 








t~ O -# LO CO 

■hTos" o"c-"lo" 



q& I - * 







No. Sales. 

LO 00 C- LO --H 






CO "HH LO CO t- 



t- t- t- t~ c- 



00 00 00 00 CO 





'i-t rH H >h Ph 



o o o O O 



»H1H ^'H^ 



jn co £ co co 

ej o3 tS Cj 03 
-u -u -w -u -w 
O O O O O 



•2 S 


- fl m .9 

H -ih J3 






















g a 

ft CD 

a a 

,a o 'r] so 

g> § * ^ 
.2 co co C9 


r3 -H> O tS 

03 CO rQ 

S oo Q4 

-H T)1 ^ 

§ § 1 

i » - -2 

IS rr) O 

ft 1J h 

rH < O 

<tH rH lO 

o S 

r-( -H CO 

t- ft « 

rg ^ 

.3 fl " 

^ .g -a -2 

9 a 

CD rt 

•— ' a 

o ,?■ 

S o oT £» 

03 ft 

^ a 






























































P rfH a 

CO ft 

s to oo" a 

O a, o. -rH 




































y co 

^ r? sl 
rH "^ 5S 

i3D S J 

s ^ 

_GJ rH [^ CD ,_, 

•a ^ a 

m r/j *? 

>> * rd 

2 ."S "o3 

CO rH 

00 ft 




Real Estate.— The year 1877 opened with a good degree of activity in Real I 
sales for January amounting to $2,596,000. Had this activity been maintained, Bales fox 
the year -would have exceeded thirty-one millions. Bui in February, when it became 
evident that we were to have a dry season, with a oonsequi nf short crop of the » n als, a 
marked decline in the volume of sales and depression in prioes was experienj 
succeeding months of March, April and May make B good ahOM 8 amotmti 
nearly seven millions. In the meantime business failures wen- alarmingly frequi n1 
disastrous, and their effect became appari nt in B falling oft' of sabs in 11,946,000. 
The aggregate of sales for the first half of the year was $12,095,027. The transactions in 
July were less in amount than for any previous month for man; only 
$788,000. The whole latter half of th) I marked by extreme quietude, th- - 
for the entire period reaching S6, 164,964. No g< a< ral break in prioi B has occurred, I 
gradual toning down of demands, especially for high priced residence property, 
observable. Choice business property— that is, unproved pn ■ good rental at 
the present time— is as firm i intention, it is noticeable thai 
majority of property owners, whom urgent <1< mandfl for money would lead either to sell or 
mortgage their realty, have preferred th. latfa M th< followii 
mortgages and releases of the year, and fur which we are indi It- d, aa for other ral 
statistics, to Magee's "Real Estate circular," will show: 


Private Individuals 1560 

Hibernia Savings and Loan Society 779 

Savings and Loan Society 

French Savings and Loan So.-i. tj 48 

German Savings and Loan Society 

Odd Fellows' Savings and Loan Society 161 

Masonic Savings and Loan Bank '.''.» 

Humboldt Bank 110 

San Francisco Savings I'ni. m 197 

Security Savings Bank B6 

California Savings and Loan Society L6 

Grand Totals 

Totals for 187G 

Totals for 1875 

Totals for 1874 

1 7' 



11. loo 

17. li 

L< ,872,704 





1- •■• 

i.:;i • 

I 1,617 


While the sales of the \ • ■ ht< i n and a half millions, th. 

the large sum of nearly twenty-four and a half millions, an exi imoWBl 

released of nearly eleven millions. Much of the D tsined by mortgage of real 

estate has, under the stimulating effects of lower rates of inter* 
improvements, though it is probable that the largest portion \\a< required to nu 
exigencies of the times. This heavy mortgaging process is an indirect illustration of the 
supreme confidence in real estate which is felt by all classes, throughout all the vicissi- 
tudes of this somewhat peculiarly constituted commercial and financial metropolis. 

Of the outlook for 1878, Magee's " Circular" says : "No one would have believed a 
year ago that real estate sales would have held out so well or prices remained so firm, had 
they known that a dry season and the fearful crash in stocks, which -wis. quently ' 
were coming. It is not matter for surprise at all that the sales were smaller last year and 
that prices did not advance, but the wonder is that larger reductions did not occur. The 
events of the year 1877 clearly show that San Francisco real estate is in a most healthy 
condition, and that a fall in it. in any general sense, is a thing not to be apprehended 
even in the event of 1878 being another dry year." To which we may add that all appre- 
hensions that 1878 may prove a droughty season on the Pacific Slope is at the present 
writing happily dispelled by most plenteous rains throughout the length and breadth of 
the land. 

Building Impeoteuents. — During the year 1877 new water connections were formed 
by the Spring Valley Water Company to the number of 1,473, representing, according to 
Magee's "Real Estate Circular" 1,593 buildings. We append a list of a considerable 
number, accurate details of which have been secured. The list, owing to the impractica- 
bility of finding owners or builders, is incomplete, but is representative in its character. 
A perusal of it will correct a somewhat general impression that the city is not progressing 


with the rapidity of former years. The list enumerates one hundred and fifty-three buiW 

ings, costing J $4 047 500 

The average cost each of the remaining 1,455 buildings may be estimated at ' ' 

® 2 > 000 . 2,880,000 

Total cost of new buildings $6 927 500 

P. R. Schmidt, architect, 103 Post, has constructed the following : For I. N. "Walter 
dwelling, two stories 50x70, with brick basement* Van Ness avenue, between Clay and 
Sacramento, $22,000; Mrs. Thomas Breeze, dwelling, two stories 60x100. with brick base- 
ment, northeast corner Sutter and Franklin, $35,000; B. Nathan, dwelling, two stories 
40x87, with brick basement, 1357 Post street, $15,000 ; Joseph Young, business block 
25x75, three stories brick and iron, with basement, Dupont bet Post and Sutter, $25 000- 
Henry Luchsinger, building 25 feet on Market by 40 feet on Stevenson, 170 feet deep,' 
four stories and basement, brick and iron, $30,000; Spreckles & Mangles, block of thirteen 
stores, with dwellings above, each 20x64, frame, $36,000. 

Charles L. Bugbee, architect, 78 Nevada Block, has constructed the following: For 
James Denman, block 60x80, three stories containing four stores and dwellings above, 
southeast corner Polk and Clay, $13,500; James Denman, block 60x80, three stories 
containing four stores with dwellings above, northeast corner Polk and Sacramento, 
$13,500; James Denman, block of three stores, two stories with dwellings above, north- 
west corner Washington and Polk, $10,000; John Ipswitch, dwelling, two stories and 
basement, 2107 Howard street, $10,000; Charles Crocker, dwelling (completed) 70x180, 
four stories with basement, corner California and Taylor, estimated at $750,000; H. I. 
Thornton, dwelling, two stories and basement, northwest corner Van Ness avenue and Eddy, 
$18,000; W. L. Higgins, dwelling, 30x60, south ides Eddy near Van Ness avenue, $9,000; 
James Freeborn, dwelling, four stories 165x175%, northeast corner Jackson and Gough, 
$45,000; Robert Barton, dwelling 46x60, two stories with basement, northwest corner 
Jackson and Gough, $40,000; John White, dwelling 40x55, southwest corner Pacific av 
and Gough, $25,000; Barton & Bonynge, block, three stories, 37%xl53, brick, northeast 
corner California and Drumm, $60,000; Robert Barton, block, three stories, 55x137%, 
brick, California between Drumm and Davis, $30,000; David T. Bagley, dwelling, two 
stories and basement, 45x60, Liberty near Twenty-fourth, $14,000. 

P. J. O'Conner, architect, 5 Post, has constructed for: C. F. Fargo, block, four stories, 
45x52, brick, Dupont, between Sutter and Bush, $40,000. 

J. P. Gaynor, architect, 315 California, has constructed for: Major Wm. B. Hooper, 
block of nine houses, three stories, 50x167%, on Ninth street from Howard to Natoma, 
$40,000; General R. W. Kirkharn, block, three stories 47x80, of brick, south side Pine 
near Front, $20,000 ; S. Lipmann, three dwellings, two stories and basement, 80x84 
corner Cedar and Van Ness avenue, $28,000; M. Loewenthal, two dwellings, two stories 
and basement 50x84, north side Sutter near Octavia, $18,500; Oliver Merrill, two dwell- 
ings, two stories and basemeut 40x60, north side Harrison near Seeond, $10,000. 

Vitruvius Frozee, architect, 137 Montgomery, has constructed for: E. Bienfield and A. 
Blockman, two stores, three stories 50x75, west side Larkin between Post and Sutter, 
$12,000; James Baumberger, two stores, three stories, east side Steiner between Tyler 
and Turk, $5,000; Mrs. Foy, two dwellings on south side Fulton between Buchanan, 
and Webster, $4,000; N. Goldtree, dwelling, two stories and basement, northeast corner 
Gough and Eddy, $9,000; A. Blockman, dwelling, two stories and basement, near the 
corner of Gough and Eddy, $9,000. 

B. McDougall, architect, 320 Pine, has constructed for: H. S. Tibbey, dwelling, three 
stores and basement, west side Hyde between Ellis and O'Farrell, $20,000 ; Wm. 
Chalmers, block of five stores and hotel, 50x88, southeast corner Bush and Larkin, 
$17,000 ; Pope & Talbot, block of six dwellings, 52x95, south side Jessie west of 
Seventh, $18,000; H. S. Crocker, dwelling 46x46, wing 23x46, two stories besides attic and 
basement, south side California between Octavia and Gough, $25,000; Christian Reis, 
building three stories and basement, 40x90, No. 833 California street, $30,000; James W. 
Burling, dwelling, four stories, including mansard roof and basement, 54x56, southeast 
corner Polk and O'Farrell, $30,000; Maurice Schmitt, dwelling 44x90, two stories and 
attic, northwest corner Sutter and Gough, $25,000; George C. Boardman, dwelling, two 
stories besides basement and attic, 46x64, southeast corner Franklin and Sacramento, 
$20,000; Patrick Burns, block, four stories and basement, lodging house with stores 
beneath, 40x80, south side Mission east of Third, $20,000. 

The Real Estate Associates have built the following sixty-nine houses at a cost of $374,- 
000 : One house north side California, between Broderick and Devisadero, 9 rooms, value 
$10,500; three houses south side California, between Steiner and Pierce, 6 rooms, aggre- 
gate value $12,000; six houses south side Clinton Park, between Guerrero and Dolores^ 



6 rooms, $23,000; seven houses north side Gear. v, betwi bo W< beter and Pillmon . 11 rooms, 
$51,000; one house west side Jones, between S I ' lay, 11 110.000; 

two houses south side Liberty, between Valencia and Guerrero, Brooms, 1 11,01 
houses south side O'Farrell, between Pierce and Scott, 6 rooms me houai 

side Pacific avenue, between Octavia and Lacuna, H i us, (21,000; three I 

side Pierce between Ellis and O'Farrell, 6 roomi four bin. 

between California and Pine. 6 rooms, $16,000; three booses nortl 

and Pierce, Grooms, $24,000: two houses Bouthside Post, 1" twei dWi 

rooms, $11,000; five houses east side E first, (', 

rooms, $17,500; six houses north side Butl Lyon, <"> r> ►< . > 

six houses south side Twenty-first, b< r acia and Bartlett, 6 room - I; three 

houses, south side Twenty-first, between Bartlett and Kfission, 6 rooms, $13,000; 

two houses north side Twenty-first, between Valencia ai $12,000; 

three houses, south side Tyler, between Boott and I 

three houses, west side Valencia, between rwentieth and Twenty-first, l«» and 12 i 

$35,000; six houses, west side Webster, I 00. 

• Newsom Bros., architects, 321 California, have constructed for: Joseph I 
ing, two stories, with basemi at and tower, on nortb side MoAllit ter, between Piei 
Scott, $20,000; E. M. Miles, dw< Uing, tin. • ah aide 

Clay, between Gough and Franklin, $15,000; John P. Kennedy, dwell 
with tower, Italian villa, on south side Pi . Bollid 

dwelling, Italian villa, north si»b Washington, 1" : oklin and Gongh, $14,000; 

James Fitzgerald, block ol four ston y and 

Leavenworth, $10,000; Jain building, sonth Bidi 

Montgomery avenue, $8,01 hi ; \V. Jam) 9, block ol 

on Linden near Van Ness avenue, $6,000; Grand Western Market, aorth 
and Bush, $6,000; Cambrian Hall, south sid md Eighth, | 

Charles Coney, four one-story si I; Winslovi 

four stories, on north side Bush near Dnp inn Blum, four-story budd- 

ing, north side Bush near Dup >: — Bancroft, three-story build 

side Bush near Dupont, $7.nno; Mrs. Ann liaily, tfa building rd near 

Tenth, $8,000. 

George Bordwi-11, architect, 515 California, i. . liv.-- 

story building 48x01 >, with brick basement, on south side Californi . 
000; Theodore H. Ilittd, three-story double dwelling 10x40, north si.: 
lin and Gough, $12,000; Andrew Nelson, dwelling, north U, betwet 

andLarkin, $7,000. 

Townsend & Wyneken, architects, 515 Pine, i. I for; I 1 W. Balch, 

double dwelling 51x75, two stori B. south-east 

cor Van Ness avenue and Ellis. $30,000; Leopold Kahn. three-story building of brick, 
besides mansard roof and basement, on south side Pitt I I'upout, 


Fred. R. Lueders, architect, 434 California, has c I four- 

story brick and iron building 36%xSl, on tin- uorth-w< at corner of < ' Tamil and 1 1 
$25,000; Matthew Schwamm, a four-story brick and iron build oa Dupont near 

O'Farrell, $12,500; John Morgan, a four-story brick and iron building 20x51, on Dupont 
near O'Farrell, $12,500; H. H. Weatherford. a four-story brick and iron building 40x70, 
on southwest corner Dupont and Morton, $37,000. 

Edward R. Swain, architect, 73 Nevada Block, has constructed for: W. S. Hobart, a 
four-story brick and iron building, 28%x80, on west side Dupont, between Geary and 
O'Farrell, $30,000; Cook & O'Connor, a four-story brick and iron building 55x80, on west 
side Dupont, between Geary and O'Farrell. Benry Fisher, a four-story brick and 

iron building 26%x80, on west side Dupont, between Geary and O'Farrell, 

J. W. Bones, architect, 603 Washington, has constructed for: Benj. F. Barton, a 
brick building of two stories and basement, 40x120, on north side Sacramento, near 
Front, $20,000. 

The German Hospital, A. Schroepfer architect. This building is situated on the block 
bounded by Castro, Noe, Ridley and Fourteenth streets. It will be 280 feet square when 
completed. The portion already built will accommodate 120 patients. Cost, $100,000. 

David Farquharson, a five-story brick block, with basement and tower, about 00x150. 
on north-west corner Eddy and Powell, $130,000. 

Kittle & Co., a two-story and basement brick building, 56x120, 811-813 Sansome, 
$40,000. 5 

Charles Geddes, architect, 534 California, has constructed for: G. M. Blake, dwelling 
50x76, two stories with brick basement, on northwest corner Van Ness avenue and California, 

$45,000; W. S. Lyle, dwelling 30x80, two stories and basement, on Van Ness avenue near 
California, $35,000; James Carolan, dwelling 30x80, north side California near Van Ness 
avenue, $25,000; Fairmount School-house, 60x75, eight class-rooms, $13,500; Lombard 
street School-house, 65x75, four class-rooms, $7,500. 

T. J. Welsh, architect, 302 Montgomery, has constructed for: Fleet F, Strother, a 
fire-proof brick building, four stories and basement 40x50, on west side Dupont, between 
Post and Sutter, $24,000; Thomas Adam, a three-story fire-proof brick buildin» 20x40 
on the northwest corner Dupont and Post, $15,000. 

Andrew B. McCreery has erected a four-story brick building, stone front, granite pillars, 
on Pine between Montgomery and Sansome, estimated cost, $100,000. 

John Benson has erected a four-story brick building on northeast corner Pine and 
Leidesdorff; estimated cost, $75,000. 

John C. Morrison has erected a four-story brick building on northwest corner Pine 
and Leidesdorff; estimated cost, $60,000. 

The New City Hall — in process of erection— expenditures during 1877, $816,000. 
Total estimated cost of building, $4,250,000. This building is 800 feet front on City 
Hall avenue and 550 feet front on Larkin street. 

Municipal Statistics. — The present assessed valuation of the City of San Francisco is 
$254,740,200, of which $191,845,560 is classed as real estate and improvements, and 
$62,894,640 as personal property. The real estate roll shows a small increase over that of 
1876, while the personal property roll shows a considerable decrease, which the Assessor 
attributes to the prevailing business depression, the great decline in mining stocks and the 
partial failure of the crops. The bonded indebtedness of the city at the close of the fiscal 
year was $4,322,500, about equally divided between six and seven per cents. Against this 
debt there is a sinking fund on hand of $735,386 46. The floating debt is of a trilling 
amount. The rate of taxation for the current year was considerably less than that for the 
previous year, having been reduced from 2.12% to 1.83. The debt of the city, less the 
amount on hand in the sinking fund, is not quite $11 per capita. The debt of New York 
is $140 per capita, and that of most Eastern cities is far larger than that of San Francisco. 




1861-2 . 
1862-3. . 
1863-4. . 
1864-5. . 
1865-6. . 
1866-7. . 
1867-8. . 
1868-9. . 
1870-1. . 
1871-2. . 
1872-3. . 
1873-4. . 
1874-5. . 
1875-6. . 
1876-7. . 



















with Heal 











with Real 

































2.09 9-10 





$ 1,201,692 


The total tax levy for the year ending June 30, 1877. 
The total tax collected was 

£5,537,277 86 
5,177,913 19 

Street Improvements.— A larger amount was expended for work upon the streets during 
1877 than in any previous year. The length of sewers constructed was 103,136 feet, or 
nearly 20 miles. The number of miles of sewers in the city is 110. There has been 
1,078,114 square feet of pavement laid, mostly of granite and basalt blocks. The entire 
cost to owners of property for street work done during the year was $1,862,194 81, of 
which $1,315,255 78 was for permanent improvements. Sixteen and two-fifths miles of 
plank side-walks were laid besides 64,643 square feet of macadamized and 45,509 square 
feet of asphaltum side-walks. 


Municipal Licenses. — The number of licenses issued for the years 187(1 an 
compare as follows: 


Merchandise 19,260 $127,830 00 20,152 - 

Banks and Brokers 1,030 18,692 00 1,266 50,881 Oi 

Billiard Tables 509 4,230 00 125 3.710 01 

Auctioneers 114 0,072 00 113 5,477 Ml 

Bowling Alleys 40 1 lu 00 'J''. 305 "0 

PawnBrokers 105 3,160 00 107 3,210 01 

Intelligence Offices 70 1,051 52 

Inkeepers and Bars 7,770 110,040 00 8,11'J 121,7 

Circuses 22 220 00 370 (M 

Theaters 300 197 

Miscellaneous 63,45'J 00 

$380,718 00 
Fee of $1 on each License for General Fund . 30,507 Od 

Total . . Hi:i.vj- ;:, 

As the licenses in the above lists are taken out for quarterly p< riodB, it folio* 
each of the above numbers represent four times the average number i 

in each occupation. 

This report shows a very handsome increase over the prt . 
result considering the dullness of the times. 

The number of certificates of citizenship issued during the yea: tumbfll 

for the previous year, 1,566; increase, l,fi 

The number of marriage licenses issxied during the year v - 

over the previous year. 

The number of names upon the Great Register on July Lai, l s 77, wm 11.- 

The number of deeds recorded during tin- fiscal year was 6,353; "f m 
and of releases of mortgages, 2,037. 

Public Schools. — The school census, taken on the 30th of June, 1*77, thou 
unprecedented increase in the number of youths under seventeen years of ag< A 
gratifying increase in the attendance at the Bohoolfl ifl also r> port) I. 

The number of children under the age of 17, as returned by the R 

was, on June 30th, 1874 

June 30, 1875 

June 30, 1876 7 1 . 1 ::0 

June 30, 1877 

Increase during the last year 

Per cent . of increase L2.I 

Number of children between the ages of 5 and 17 entitled by law to draw 

public money 53,210 

Increase during the year 6,972 

Number of children between 6 and 17 entitled to attend the public schools i 

Increase during the year 7.117 

Number of children between the ages of 5 and 6 

The total number enrolled during the year in all the public schools is, boys. . . 19,941 

Girls 17,347 


Increase during the year 

Number of children attending private and church schools during the year, 

exclusive of Chinese 

Increase during the year 

Number of children between 5 and 17 years of age who have not attended school 

at any time during the year 1 

Number of teachers is, male 69 

Female 563 

Increase during the year 58 

Total salaries of teachers for the year $599,3- 

Increase during the year 41,951 ~>4 

Total expenditures of the Department for the year 732,324 17 

Libraries . 
Apparatus 24^000 

Libraries -q qqq 



Real estate ' $1,550,000 

Buildings 835,000 

Total $2,585,000 

The estimated revenue for the year 1878 is, including balance on hand, $915,695. The 
stimated expenditures are of the same amount, of which $98,395 is for the 'erection of 
new buildings. 

Production of Precious Metals.— The yield of precious metals west of the Missouri 
river for the year 1875, 1876 and 1877, as furnished by John J. Valentine, General Super- 
ntendent of Wells, Fargo <te Co's Express, was as follows : 

1875. 1876. 1877. 

Sold $41,745,100 $44,328,000 $46,129,547 

Silver 34,043,900 41,536,700 47,206,957 

Lead, etc 5,100,000 5,040,000 5,085,250 

Total.... , $80,889,000 $90,904,700 $98,421,754 

Increase over 1876, $7,517,054, equal to 8% per cent. There has been a constant and 
steady gain in the production of the mines since 1873, as follows : 

1874 $2,142,532 I 1876 $10,015,700 

1875 6,488,012 | 1877 : 7,517,054 

It is the opinion of the best authorities that the production will continue to increase 
:rom year to year for several years to come. A gradual increase may be looked for in the 
productions of Utah, Colorado and the Northern territories, and a rapid development of 
rich mines in Arizona, stimulated by railroad connection with San Francisco, while Cali- 
fornia will probably hold its own. Any decrease that may occur in the present bonanzas 
pf the Comstock lode will be more than offset by gains from the several sources men- 

The following is the production for 1877 by States and Territories : 

California $18,174,716 

Nevada 51,580,290 

Oregon 1,181,997 

Washington 92;226 

Idaho 1,832,495 

Montana 2,644,912 

Utah 8,113,755 

Colorado 7,913,549 

New Mexico 379,010 

Arizona 2,388,622 

Dakota 1,500,000 

Mexico 1,432,992 

British Columbia. 1,177,190 

Total $98,421,754 

Coinage at the San Francisco Mint.— During the year 1877 the coinage at the U. S. 
Mint, San Francisco, was as follows : 

Gold. No. Pieces. Value. 

Double Eagles 1,735,000 $34,700,000 

Eagles 17,000 170,000 

Half Eagles 26,700 133,500 

Quarter Eagles 35,400 88,500 

Total Gold... 1,814,100 $35,092,000 

Silver. No. Pieces. Value. 

Trade Dollars 9,519,000 $9,519,000 

Half Dollars 5,356,000 2,678,000 

Quarter Dollars 8,996,000 2,249,000 

Dimes 2,340,000 234,000 

Total Silver . . .26,211,000 $14,680,000 

I Grand total Gold and Silver— pieces, 28,025,100 ; value, $49,772,000. 

Gold. Silver. Total. 

ITotal for 1876 $32,022,000 $10,682,000 $42,704,000 

Total for 1875. ... .' . . .'.'.'.' 24,674,000 7,395,000 32,069,000 


Increase in Gold coinage over 1876 

Increase in Silver coinage over 1876 7 . "< 

Total Increase $11,01 1 

This amount is the largest ever coined in one 3 T ear by any mint in the world. The 
coinage of the Philadelphia Mint for 1877, was $18,339,414, and of the Carson Mint, 
$4,020,020, making, with San Francisco, a grand total for the L'nited States of $72,131,434, 
of which the San Francisco Mint supplied more- than two-thirds. 

Manufactures. — From the table of the City and County Assessor we gather some 
interesting statistics. The number of manufacturing establishments in the city is 71s, 
employing 26,583 hands, including men, women and children. The total value of produc- 
tions of these manufactories for the fiscal year < nding June 30, 1877, is given at 

The leading branches of industry, with value of production, are as follows : 
Bags, value annual production of. $1, 900,000 Glass, value annual production of. ..$300,000 

Boxes, " " " 1,200,0<M) Jewelry, " " " 601 

Boots and shoes, " " 3,000.000 ' Shot, " 600,000 

Brass foundries, " " 800,000 Oil and oil eake, 

Breweries, " " 2,1 ,000 Marble manufacture " 1,000.000 

Candles, " " 600, I Matches, '• " 525, 

Clothing, " ' -.0(111.000 Malt, '• " 700,000 

Cigars, " " 3,773, Fruit (canned), " 1.. -,00.000 

Crackers, " " 1,800.000 Powder, " " 100, 

Chemicals, " " 600, 000 Boiling Mill, 

Carriages and wagons, • " 2,000,000 Sash. L blinds, " 

Coffee and spice (mills) " " 1,500, I Bhi] •• " l,00< 

Cordage and rope, " " " 

Distilled liquors, " " 1.350 ir Refineries, " " 6,500,000 

Flour, etc., " " 3,500,000 'lam •• •• 1,345,1 

Furniture, " " 1,700,1 Len Mills, " 1,500,000 

Arrivals and Departures.-- As California is accessible t<> immigrants only by Bea and 
one great line of railway, her growth can be quite accural ly d( t< rmim d 1 3 ■ I of] 

arrivals and departures. Tin mmigration was in 1875, when I 1 - 

arrive'd and but 43,200 departed, Leaving a oet ii 

when the comfortably fixed fanner at tin' Baal sold his j . a land 

where there is no winter, and where tin- cultivator of t Ln i I to teot i\> 

returns for less work than elsewhere on the continent. M pected only 

to learn that the lands of the State are, to a gr< it < \t< nt. hi Id U Many came 

with the ability/ to purchase small farms, hut found it difficult to secure Buitabb tracts, 
and returned spreading wide the story of the monopolised State, to the utt< r 
ment of their neighbors who had also designed emigrating. IL Dee the y< .0 l v 7' 
a marked falling off in immigration. 1877 was heralded abroad as a dry 
Pacific slope, and the tidings had the effect t" still further check the tide that was flowing 
towards us. The number of arrivals in 1877 was 17,831 by sea and 17,435 by rail. 
of 65,266. The departures were 15,725 by sea and 31,253 by rail, total 46,9781; leaving a 
net increase for the year of 18,288. Of this gain 16,188 are whites, and only 2,100 
Mongolians. This small accession of Asiatics was probably nearly if not quite of 
deaths among the resident population of about one hundred thousand of that nationality 
in the State 

Climate of San Francisco. — The tables annexed are from the records of Mr. Thomas 
Tennant, kept by him since 1849. They give the Rain Table, with the number of rainy 
days in each month and season, from 1866 to 1877; a table of mean temperature for each 
month and year; and also tables showing the extremes of heat and cold during the same 
period, which will be sufficient to give a very fair idea of our climate. The standard ther- 
mometers with which the observations are made, are placed in position to face the north, 
and be perfectly free from the influence of any direct or reflected heat. It will be seen by 
reference to these tables, that the average yearly temperature of San Francisco during the 
period indicated, is 50° 3'. The hottest day was in June, 1877, when the thermometer 
reached 99 degrees. The lowest point indicated was at daylight on the morning of De- 
cember 28th, 1867 — 20 degrees; but these extremes occur so seldom as to be considered 
remarkable. The general routine of the seasons is as follows: Commencing with the rainy 
season, which generally sets in fairly during November, continues through December, 
abating somewhat in January, during which month we are apt to have some frosty weather; 
February, March and April are pleasant, with occasional showers and a few hot days; in 



May, the sea breeze begins with moderation and continues more briskly during June July 
and August, moderating in September, during which month the warmest weather usually 
occurs, extending sometimes into October. 








November . 
December. . 

January.. , 
February. . 























6.97 20 
1.64 10 
1.10 7 
.16 3 
.02 2 





84 78 21.35 58 19.31 47 14.10 46 34 .71 179 18 .02 49 23 .98 85 18 .40 45 26 .« 69 10 .00 46 





3 .55 


2 .75 






2 .6;i 








March . . 
April . . . 
May. . . 
June. . . . 


August. . 
October. . 


































































































































































January . . 












February. . 












March .... 












April ..... 















































August . . . 
























October. . . 












November . 












December . 



























February. . 




















March .... 
















































August . . . 































October. . . 










November . 









December . 












Post Office Statistics. 









8,043,387 . . 

39 9-10 per cent. . . 
16 B-10 
38 6-10 

67 3-10 



6 8-10 




- 1 

20 Liu 

J 'j. in 


i :.4 . . 

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. .lit. 









*1877 over 


* Estiuiatt'l. 

To China and Japan, there were sent and received as follows: 





















The total number of letters, postal cards and newspapers delivered by the carriers for 
1877, was 16,583,774 — an increase of 1,082,813, equal to 7 per cent. A much larger num- 
ber of boxes are retained in the San Francisco Post Office than in Eastern cities, hence the 
postal delivery returns show a relatively smaller volume of packages handled by carriers. 


Its Government, Public Institutions, Churches, Societies, etc. 



The next general election for all officers of the City 
and County Government will be held on the first 
Wednesday in September, 1879 — and every two years 

Mayor— ANDREW J. BRYANT. Seth P. Holway, 
Mayor's Secretary. Office, City Hall. 

Board of Supervisors. 

Regular meetings are held every Monday at 2 p. m. 
at Council Chamber, City Hall. 
First Ward— John Foley, 517 Clay. 
Second Ward— Martin Mangels, 319 Clay. 
Third Ward— Horace L. Hill, 320 Montgomery. 
Fourth Ward — E. Danforth, s.w. cor Battery & Bdway 
Fifth Ward— J. Henley Smith, 110 Sutter. 
Sixth Ward— James O. Rountree. 313-315 Front. 
Seventh Ward— John W. Farren, 121 Beale. 
Eighth Ward— Thomas S. Acheson, 315-317 Pine. 
Ninth Ward— A. W. Scott, Pier 21, Steuart. 
Tenth Ward— Robert Haight, 226 Front. 
Eleventh Ward— Fred. A. Gibbs, 33 Fremont. 
Twelfth Ward— Henry Brickwedel, 208 Front. 

Stranding 1 Committees. 

Judiciary — Scott, Hill and Gibbs. 

Finance and Auditing — Smith, Danforth and Farren. 

Fire Department — Farren, Haight and Acheson. 

Streets, Wharves, etc. — Foley, Scott and Brickwedel. 

Public Buildings — Brickwedel, Farren and Mangels. 

Water and Water Supplies — Rountree, Hill, Smith, 
Scott and Gibbs. 

Health and Police and House of Correction — Dan- 
forth, Acheson and Gibbs. 

License and Orders — Haight, Brickwedel and Man- 

Hospital — Gibbs, Rountree and Smith. 

Printing and Salaries — Mangels, Danforth and Foley. 

Industrial School and Training Ship — Acheson, Smith 
and Haight. 

Street Lights — Hill, Rountree and Scott. 

Outside Lands— Hill, Scott, Haight, Brickwedel and 

Special Committee on Amendments — Hill, Gibbs, 
Rountree, Acheson, Scott and Foley. 

Committee Meetings. 

Streets, Wharves, etc. — Every Wednesday afternoon 

at 2 o'clock. 
Public Buildings — Every Wednesday afternoon at 1% 


Health and Police and House of Correction— Every 
Wednesday afternoon at 1 % o'clock. 

Printing and Salaries— Every Wednesday afternoon 
at 1 o'clock. 

Finance— Every Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. 

Industrial School and Training Ship — Every Tues- 
day at 12 o'clock. 

Fire Department— Every Tuesday afternoon at 2J£ 

Hospital — Every Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. 

License and Orders— Every Saturday afternoon at 2 
Note: — The Chairman of the Committee on Public 

Buildings will be at the office of the Clerk daily from 

9 to 10 o'clock A. M. 

Cleric of the Board of Supervisors — John 
A. Russell, Clerk. Sands W.Forman, Deputy. Office, 
4 City Hall. 

Board of Equalization. 

Composed of members of the Board of Supervisors. 
Regular annual meeting on the first Monday of June. 

Board of Education. 

Regular meetings are held on the first and third 
Tuesdays of each month, at Council Chamber, City 

President— A. C. Hiester. 

Members — A. C. Hiester, 16 Leidesdorff; Jos. S. 
Bacon, 316 California, second floor ; John Berm- 
ingham, 10 Market ; Jos. Clement, 710 Washington ; 
Dr. H. M. Fiske, 652 Market; James A. Laven, 30 
Sacramento; Jos. Leggett, 605 Clay, room 14; J. J. 
Mountain, 228 McAllister ; Dr. A. A. O'Neill, 652 
Washington ; W. A.Phillips, cor Steuart and Folsom; 
J. F. Sullivan, 607 Kearny; John W. Taylor, 501 

Superintendent of Public Schools— A. L. Mann, 22 
City Hall. George Beanston, Secretary. 

Standing Committees — 1878. 

Classification— Leggett, Fiske, Taylor, Hiester and 

Rules and Regulations— Bacon, Taylor and Berm- 

Finance— Bermingham, Bacon and Laven. 

Furniture and Supplies — Taylor, Clement and 

Salaries— Clement, O'Neil and Fiske. 

Judiciary— Sullivan, Laven and Mountain. 

School Houses and Sites — Phillips, Legett and 
Bermingham. . 

Janitors — Laven, Sullivan, Taylor, Hiester and 

Printing— Mountain, Phillips and Clement. 

Evening Schools— Sullivan, Leggett and Mountain. 



Credentials and Qualification of Teachers — Fiske, 
Sullivan, Bacon, Hiester and Mann. 

Boaed of Examiners— A. L. Mann, Chairman ex- 
officio. A. Herbst, J. K. Wilson, Mrs. A. E. DuBois. 
Charles A. Clinton, Secretary 

Board of Dupont Street Commissioners— 

A. J. Bryant, President ; George F. Maynard, Wm. P. 
Humphreys ; H. S. Tibbey, Secretary. Office, City 

Board of Montgomery Avenue Commis- 
sioners—A. J. Bryant, W. P. Humphreys, William 
Ford. M. M. Estee, Attorney. H. S. Tibbey,, Sec- 

Board of Seventh Street Commissioners— 
A. J. Bryant, President; G. F. Maynard. William P. 
Humphreys ; M. Cooney, Attorney ; Max Popper, 
Secretary. Office, SW. corner Clay and Kearny. 

Board of Health— A. J. Bryant, President (ex- 
officio) . H H. Toland, M.D., James Simpson, M.D.. 
W. J. Wayman, M.D., Joseph C. Shorb, M.D. Seth 
P. Holway, Clerk. 

City and County Assessor — Alexander Bad- 
lam. E. B. Badlam, R. P. Johnson, <" 
Charles J. Blackburn, John P. Hull, A. 1 1. M 
J. P. Cochran, \Nm. H. Hilton, John Kit-man, W. H. 
Sarles, P. H. Blake, Deputy Assessors. Oi 
Washington and Kearny. 

City and County Attorney— W. C. Burnett. 
Office, 13 City Hall, third floor. 

Commissioners of Insanity — 0. M. Bates 
M.D., L. J. Henrv, M.D., I. S. Titus, M.D., A. P. 
Hayne, M.D. Office, 23 City Hall. 

Coroner — L. L. Dorr, M.D. Edward J. W In . 1. r. 
First Deputy; w. J. Hamilton, Second D< put; 

Smith, Messenger. Office, C3G Clay, room 11. 

County Auditor— Gtor^'r F. Maynard. W. M. 
Edgar, Deputy ; E. L. Parker, Assistant, Office, first 
floor, City Hall. 

County Clerk — Thomas H. Reynolds. M.J. 

McGrath, Wolf Folk. Chus. W. O'Neill, Win 

son, Marion A. Wilson. T. P. Quirk, N. W in:. I 

H. Mott, Jeremiah Whalen and John 11. Pickens, 

Deputies. Office, first floor, City Hall. 

County Recorder. — Stewart M. Taylor. R. B. 

Sanchez, Wm. P. Merriam and Richard D. Blnuvilt 
jr., Deputies. Hall of Records, New City Hull. 

County Surveyor — William P\ Humphreys. 

Charles S. Tilton, G. W.Doherty and Paul Spits, Dep- 
uties.. Henry Merrifield, Bookkeeper. Offlce, 629 

County Treasurer — Charles Hubert. W. Casse- 
bohm and P. Sander, DeputUs. W. E. Schwerin, 
Clerk. Office, first floor, City Hall. 

District Attorney — D. J. Murphy. C. B. Dar- 
win, Assistant. John B. Tungate and Joseph Ellis, 
Clerks. Office, 8 Montgomery avenue. 

Fire Marshall— John L. Durkee. W. Corbell, 
Deputy. Office, 18 City Hall. 

Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph— John 
Curran Superintendent. William Morton, Alfred 
Clarke jr. and Robert W. Silvay,. Operators. Wm. 
E. Ackerson and J. M. Klein, Repairers of Line. 
Office, 7 Brenham place 

Health Office— J. L. Mears. M.D.. Health Offi- 
cer. Thos. J. Shackelford, Secretary Health Depart- 
ment ; Frank P. Anderson, Market Inspect r; N. O. 
Sawyer, Clerk. W. H. Cowper, William G. Lansing, 
Edward H. Coe, Robert E. Chapman and Francis M. 
Roby, Health Inspectors ; William G. Olwell, Mess- 
enger. Office, 124 Geary. 

License Collector— Richard H. Sinton. Charles 
Sonntag, Chief Deputy. Lawrence Fitzgerald. Geo. 
D. Field, William T. Hunter, William M. Fitzhugh, 
Joseph H. Sinton, James W. McMenomy. John A. 
Hogan, James E. Goodall, John P. Riordan. Charles 
H. Dillon and Charles H. Gough, Assistant Collec- 
tors. Office, City Hall, room 7, second floor. 

New City Hall Commissioners — A. J. Bryant. 
Geo. F. Maynard and W. 0. Burnett. Governor Sam- 
uel Purdy, Superintendent ; Get r • W. Thomas, Sec- 
retary ; E. A. Hatlierton, Architect. Offlce, Newt Ity 
Hall Building, cor Parkavenue and MoAlllster *t:< il*. 

Park Commissioners — Eugene L. Sullivan. 
Louis McLane, Wm. Alvord. Wm.B. Mel 
perintendent ; T. B. Morte, Secretary. Ofl 

Sansoine, room 14. 

Public Administrator— William Doolan. Sol 

A. Sharp, Attorney. Offlce, 12 Nevada Block. 

Sheriff — Matthew Nunan. Gideon M. Berry, 
Bookkeeper. Wm. Miller, Jam. • r, I>. c. 

Nealon, David Kane, Bryan Donnelly, John McJLee, 
Maurice Flyiui. Deputies. Offlce, City Hall, first 

Superintendent Industrial School— D. C. 

S up erintendent House of Correction — 
Root rl L. i>. rt - 

Superintendent of Streets I U. Manzcr. 
K. A. Robinson, 8. K. Rol Q Burke, a. a. 

Paul. 0. J. Murphy, Charles J. Knn<-, P. J. Mi Nun., r, 
Cbarlee - I 

B. C. Quigh >. 1" put! ■ Itj Hall. I i 

Mi tenant: and Dunbar alley. 

Sum Francisco Training ship James- 
tim ii trol of tbi 

■ : i : inder. i rani i 

M.D., Surgeon; Chi 'nam, Navigator, ami 


Tm Collector— William Ultchell. Hlran, B. 
■ puty. Mii< b C.Selden, 
erics and Lawn act P. (h Idsti w . i" putli 
Martin. Cashier. I Ball Building, flrsl 

r Merchant and Ki nrnj . 
The Morgue— 10 OTarrell 

Police Department. 

( lii. fof Police- John Kirl.patrick. Alfred Clark, 

tains, Wm. V Dougla -. John Bhort, A. W 
James B ropertj Clerk, William Oullen; 

i.-U. Wm. i ■ Itj Hall, flrst 


Board of Polio- < oimnisaioners — A. J. 
Bryant, Mayor; S. 8. Wright, Judge i 

l< rback, .1 :. t ; Jnbn Kirk- 

patrlck, I .11, Judge City 

Criminal Court. 

City Prison— A. W. Stone, Captain of Prison; 
Meier Undenheimer, Thomas w. Bethel, Joseph 
Melody, Charles Cook, Keepers, office, bi 
City Hall, Dunbar alley. 

Boundaries of Wards and Election 

Fiest Wabd— Bounded on the north and east by the 
waters of the Bay, south by Washington street, west 
by Kearny street. This ward al60 includes all the 
islands in the Bay. 

Election Precinct No. 1 — Bounded by the waters of 
the Bay on the i.orth and i ast, Washington -tn 1 1 on 
the south and Battery street on the wefat, including 
the islands in the Bay. 

Election Precinct No. 2. — Bounded by the waters of 
the Bay on the north, by the wat rs of the Bay and 
Battery strei 1 on the east, by Yallejo street on the 
south, and Kearny street on the west. 

Election Precinct No. 3. — Bounded by Vallejo street 
on the noith. Battery street on the east, Washington 
street on the south, and Kearny street on the west. 



Second Ward — Bounded on the north hy the waters 
of the Bay, east by Kearny street, south by Vallejo 
6treet, west by Larkin street. 

Election Precinct No. 1 — Bounded by the waters of 
the Bay on the north, Kearny street on the- east, Val- 
lejo street on the south, and Stockton street on the 

Election Precinct No. 2. — Bounded by the waters of 
the Bay on the north, Stockton street on the east, Val 
lejo street on the south, and Mason street on the west. 

Election Precinct No. 3. — Bounded by the waters of 
the Bay on the north, Mason street on the east, Vallejo 
street on the south, and Larkin street on the west. 

Third Ward — Bounded on the north by Washing- 
ton street, east by the waters of the Bay, south by Cal- 
ifornia and Market streets, west by Kearny street 

Election Precinct No. 1 — Bounded by Washington 
street on the north, the waters of the Bay on the 
east, Market street on the southeast, California street 
on the south, and Kearny street on the west. 

Fourth Ward — Bounded on the north by Vallejo 
street, east by Kearny street, south by Washington 
street, west by Larkin street. 

Election Precinct No. 1 — Bounded by Vallejo on 
tha north, Kearny street on the east, Washington 
street on the south, and Stockton street on the west. 

Election Precinct No. 2.— -Bounded by Vallejo street 
on the north, Stockton street on the east, Washington 
street on the south, and Taylor street on the west. 

Election PreeinU No. 3. — Bounded by Vallejo street 
on the north, Taylor street on the east, Washington 
street on the south, and Larkin street on the west. 

Fifth Ward— Bounded on the north by California 
street, southeast by Market street, west by Kearny 

Election Precinct No. 1 — Bounded by California 
street on the north, Market street on the southeast, 
and Kearny street on the west. 

Sixth Waed— Bounded on the north by Washing- 
ton street, east by Kearny street, south by Pine street, 
west by Larkin street. 

Election Precinct No. 1 — Bounded by Washington 
street on the north, Kearny street on the east, Sacra- 
mento street on the south, and Larkin street on the 

Election Precinct No. 2. — Bounded by Sacramento 
street on the north, Kearny street on the east, Pine 
street on the south, and Larkin street on the west. 

Seventh Ward — Bounded on the northeast by the 
waters of the Bay, southeast by Harrison street, 
southwest by Second street, northwest by Market 
street. - 

Election Precinct No. 1 — Bounded by Market street 
on the northwest, First street on the northeast, Mis- 
sion street on the southeast, and Second street on 
the southwest. 

Election Precinct No. 2. — Bounded by Mission street 
on the northwest, First street on the northeast, How- 
ard street on the southeast, and Second street on the 

Election Precinct No. 3. — Bounded by Market street 
on the northwest, by the waters of the Bay on the 
northeast, Harrison street on the southeast, and First 
street on the southwest. 

Election Precinct No. 4 — Bounded by Howard 
street on the northwest, First street on the north- 
east, Harrison street on the southeast, and Second 
street on the southwest. 

Eighth Ward — Bounded on the north by Pine 
street, east by Kearny street, southeast by Market 
street, west by Larkin street. 

Election Precinct No. 1— Bounded by Pine street on 
the north, Kearny street on the east, Sutter street on 
the south, and Mason street on the west. 

Election Precinct No. 2. — Bounded by Sutter street 
3n the north, Kearny street on the east, Geary street 
Dn the south, and Mason street on the west. 

Election Precinct No. 3.— Bounded by Geary street 
on the north, Kearny street on the east, Market street 
on the southeast, and Mason street on the west. 

Election Precinct No. 4.— Bounded by Pine street 
on the north, Mason street on the east,' Geary street 
on the south, and Larkin street on the west. 

Election Precinct No. 5.— Bounded by Geary street 
on the north, Mason street on the east, Ellis street 
on the south, and Larkin street on the west. 

Election Precinct No. 6.— Bounded by Ellis street 
on the north, Mason street on the east, Market street 
on the southeast, and Larkin street on the west. 

Ninth Ward— Bounded on the east and south by 
the waters of the Bay, southwest by Seventh street, 
northwest by Harrison street. 

Election Precinct No. 1 — Bounded by Harrison 
street on the northwest, by the waters of the Bay on 
the east and south, and Second street on the south- 
west. * * 

Election Precinct No. 2— Bounded by Harrison street 
on the northwest, Second street on the northeast, 
Channel street and the waters of the Bay on the south- 
east, and Third street on the southwest. 

Election Precinct No. 3— Bounded by Harrison street 
on the northwest, Third street on the northeast, 
Channel street and the waters of the Bay on the 
southeast, and Fourth street on the southwest. 

Election Precinct No. 4— Bounded by Harrison street 
on the northwest, Fourth street on the northeast. Chan- 
nel street on the southeast, and Sixth street on the 

Election Precinct No. 5— Bounded by Harrison 
street on the northwest, Sixth street on the north- 
east, Channel street on the southeast, and Seventh 
street on the southwest. 

Tenth Ward — Bounded on the northeast by Second 
street, southeast by Harrison street, southwest by 
Seventh street, northwest by Market street. 

Election Precinct No. 1 — Bounded by Market street 
on the northwest, Second street on the northeast, 
Howard street on the southeast, and Third street on 
the southwest. 

Election Precinct No. 2 — Bounded by Howard street 
on the northwest, Second street on the northeast, 
Harrison street on the southeast, and Third street on 
the southwest. » 

Election Precinct No. 3 — Bounded by Howard street 
on the northwest, Third street on the northeast, Har- 
rison street on the southeast, and Fourth street on the 

Election Precinct No. 4 — Bounded by Market street 
on the northwest, Third street on the northeast, 
Howard street on the southeast, and Fourth street on 
the southwest. 

Election Precinct No, 5 — Bounded by Market street 
on the northwest, Fourth street on the northeast, 
Howard street on the southeast, and Fifth street on 
the southwest. 

Election Precinct No. 6— Bounded by Howard street 
on the northwest, Fourth street on the northeast, 
Harrison street on the southeast, and Fifth street on 
the southwest. 

Election Precinct No. 7— Bounded by Howard street 
on the northwest, Fifth street on the northeast, Harri- 
son street on the southeast, and Sixth street on the 

Election Precinct No. 8— Bounded by Market street 
on the northwest. Fifth street on the northeast, How- 
ard street on the southeast, and Sixth street on 
the southwest. 

Election Precinct No. 9— Bounded by Market street 
on the northwest, Sixth street on the northeast, How- 
ard street on the southeast, and Seventh street on 
the southwest. 

Election Precinct No. 10 — Bounded by Howard 
street on the northwest, Sixth street on the north- 
east, Harrison street on the southeast, and Seventh 
street on the southwest. 



Eleventh Wakd— Bounded on the north by Ridley 
and Market streets, east by Seventh street and 
the -waters of the Bay, 6outh by the County Line, 
west by the Pacific Ocean. 

Election Precinct No. 1— Bounded by Market street 
on the northwest, Seventh street on the northeast, 
Howard street on the southeast, and Eighth street on 
the southwest. 

Election Precinct No. 2— Bounded by Howard street 
on the northwest, Seventh street on the northeast, 
Channel street and Mission creek on the south, and 
Eighth street on the southwest. 

Election Precinct No 3— Bounded by Market street 
on the northwest, Eighth street on the northeast, 
Mission Creek on the south, and Eleventh 6tr. Bt on 
the southwest. 

Election Precinct No. 4 — Bounded by Market stn < t 
on the northwest, Eleventh street on the northeast, 
Mission Creek, from Eleventh to Sixteenth street, on 
the southeast; Sixteenth street, from Mission Creek 
to Dolores street, on the south ; and Dolor' 
on the west. 

Election Precinct No. 5— Bounded by Sixteenth 
street on the north, Folsom street on the east, Twenty- 
first streeton thesouth, and Dolores street OS the west. 

Election Precinct No. — Bounded by Alias! 
on the north, Rhode Island street on the east, Precita 
creek from Rhode Island street to the San Bruin ■ r ad 
on the south, San Bruno road from Predta I 
Serpentine avenue on the west. Serpentine avenue 
from the San Bruno road to Folsom street on the 
south, and Folsom street on the west. 

Election Precinct No. 7 — Bounded by Channel street 
on the northwest, by the waters of the Bay on the 
east, Precita Creek on the south, and Rhode Island 
street on the west. 

Election Precinct No. 8— Bounded by Precita Creek 
on the north, by the waters of the Bay on i 
county line on the south, and the San Bruno road on 
the west. 

Election Precinct No. 9— Beginning at the intersec- 
tion of the center line of Ridley street produced w< st- 
erly with the westerly line of Stauyan Mr- 1 1 ; thi noe 
in a southerly direction to the southeasterly oorner < >f 
the Suunyside House; thence in a southerly 
to the northeasterly corner of the Industrial 
Tract, on the westerly side of the i (Id San Jose road; 
thence southerly along the westerly line of thi Old 
San Jose road to the southerly line of the city and 
county; thence west on said southerly line t 
cific Ocean ; thence northerly along said Pacific 
Ocean to a point that would be intersected by the 
center line of Ridley street projected v. 
ocean, and thence easterly along said projected centre 
line of Ridley street to the place of beginning. 

Election Precinct No. 10— Beginning at the intersec- 
tion of the centre line of Ridley street produced west- 
erly with the westerly line of Stanyan street; thence in 
an easterly direction along 6aid projected centre line of 
Ridley street to Dolores street; thence along Dolores 
street in a southerly direction to Twenty-first street; 
thence along Twenty-first street in an easterly direc- 
tion to Folsom street; thence in a southerly direction 
along Folsom street to Twenty-fourth street ; thence 
in a westerly direction to the westerly line of the 
Ocean House road; thence southerly and westerly 
along said road to the southeast corner of the Sunny- 
side House ; thence in a northwesterly direction to 
the place of beginning. 

Election Precinct No. 11— Beginning at the south- 
west corner of Folsom street and Twentv-fourth 
street ; thence soiitherly along Folsom street to Ser- 
pentine avenue ; thence along Serpentine avenue in 
an easterly direction to the San Bruno Road ; thence 
along the San Bruno Road in a southerly direction 
to the southerly line of the city and countv ; thence 
along said southerly line in a westerlv direction to 
the westerly line of the old San Jose" road; thence 
along the westerly line of the old San Jose road in a 
northerly direction to the southeast corner of the 
Industrial School Tract ; thence in a northerly direc- 
tion to the southeast corner of the Sunnyside House • 

thence east and northerly slang the Ocean House 

road to the southerly line of Twenty-! burth street 
produced westerly ; tnenct easterly along said i 
erly line of Twenty-fourth stn i t t.. the pll 

Twelfth Wabd — Bounded on the north by the 
waters i>f the Bay, east by Larktn street, south by 
Ridley and Market stn 1 1-. west by the Pacific Ocean. 

Election Precinct No. l B< ginning at thi 
tion of the southerly line of the Pri 
vation with the waters of the Pacific Oa an ; thence 
along the waters of the sni i Ocean and thi 
of the Bay of Sun Francisco northerly and 

Ins of Larkin street; tin nee along 
Larkin street in a southerly direction t<. Washing- 
ton street; thence along Washington street in a 
westerly direction to First avi Que . thence along First 
avenue in a northerly direction t" the southerly line 
of the Preeldio Reservation ; thenoe along said line 
in a westerly direction to the pis ning. 

D Precinct No, 3 I J Washington 

street on the north, Larkin stn et on I • 

itn.aml Fillmore street on thi 
tic n Precinct No. 3 — B tre< t 

on the nTth. Larkin street on the east, Fulton Bl 
on th<- south, sad Fillmore - 1 r< > t on the m st. 

i ;. :. on '< Bounded by Fulton street 

on the north, Larkin street on thi east, Market - 

On thi southeast. Unlit y strict on tin south, and 

ff ng ht the 

tiou ot the southerly lim I thi l'r. aldlO B«S< rvation 

with the waters ol the along 

said 1. to First avenue; 

Lrst avenue In a southerly din 
Washingl a street; then on street in 

an easterly along 

Fill'; :n a southerly direction to Geary 

Btn • I ; thi : t' rly direc- 

tion to its intersection w I r in-, thence 

along Point Lobos avenue and ected 

in :. w< st< rly din Padflo 

Ocean; tin i the waters of the said ocean 

northerly and easterly t ithi point of beginning. 

Election I 
tion of tin center line ol <• projected 

: ly, with tin 
along said line in an easterlj direction to Point Lot** 
a ven . L 1" •« avenue in an east- 

erly direct); thi Geary 

d to Fillmori street ; 
thence along Fillmore Btreetin as ■ >tion 

to Ridley m long Ridley street and a direct 

line in a westerly din i tion to the Wat Pacific 

; tin nee along the waters of suiJ o.-ean in a 
northerly d.\ ■ ] il a. e of beginning. 

Fire Department. 

Board of Fire Commisaionere— Oil 

ht. Gordon E. Sloes, Edward Flaherty, Bed 
nard Ordenstein, Charles Field. John J. Hi 
Clerk ; George W. L. Post, Me66enger. Office, 2: 
Kearny Street 

Officers of the Fire Department — Davie 
Seannell, Chief Engineer; Matthew Brady, John E 
Ross, James Riley. A. C. Imlirie, Assistant Engi 
Samuel Rainey, Superintendent of Fire En 
gines ; James Stoddart, Assistant Superi • 
Peter Burns, Veterinary Surgeon; William N. Smith 
Corporation yard keeper ; CharlesXyons, Corporation 
yard drayman ; John McCarthy and George W. Ken 
nard, hydrantmen. 

Steam Fire Engine Companies. 

Engine No. 1 — Pacific between Montgomery anc 
Sansome. Charles Kimball, foreman. 

Engine No. 1 — North side Bush between Keanr" 
and Dupont. Jeremiah J. Kelly, foreman. 



Engine No 3 — South side California between Leav- 
enworth and Hyde. M. J. Dolan, foreman. 

Engine No. 4 — West side Second between Natoma 
and Howard. W. H. Miller, foreman. 

Engine No. 5 — West side Stockton between Pacific 
and Broadway. George W. Kennard, foreman. 

Engine No. 6 — East side Sixth bet Eolsom and Har- 
rison. W. O. T. Smith, foreman. 

Engine No. 7 — North side Sixteenth between Va- 
lencia and Guerrero. J. J. Skeehan, foreman. 

Engine No. 8 — North side Pacific avenue between 
Polk and Van Ness avenue. James Grady, foreman. 

Engine No. 9 — West side Main near Eolsom. W. 
H. Spencer, foreman. 

Engine No. 10 — North side Bryant between Third 
and Fourth, J. W. Jourden, foreman. 

Engine No. 11— Fourteenth avenue near Railroad 
avenue, South San Francisco. C. J. Gillen, foreman. 

Hose Companies. 

Hose No. 1 — North side Jackson between Front and 
Davis. John Hanley, foreman. 

Hose No. 2 — Post near Fillmore. Geo. K. Holmes, 

Hose No. 3 — East side Folsomnear Twenty-second. 
I. V. Denniston, foreman. 

Hose No. 4 — East 6ide Stockton near Greenwich. 
James Derharn, foreman. 

Hose No. 5 — South side Market between Tenth and 
Eleventh. James Riley, foreman. 

Hose No. 6 — McAllister between Webster and Bu- 
chanan. Thos. H. Jones, foreman. 

Hook and Ladder Companies. 

No. 1 — North side O'Farrell west of Dupont. A. 0. 
Imbrie, foreman. 

No. 2 — South side Broadway between Dupont and 
Stockton. John O'Brien, foreman. 

No. 3 — South side Market between Tenth and 
Eleventh. E. McKittrick, foreman. 

No. 4 — North side Pacific between Jones and 

Corporation Yard — Sacramento between Drumm 
and East. 
























Location of Signal Boxes. 

-S. W. corner Mason and Lombard. 

-S. E. corner Stockton and Greenwich. 

-N. W. corner Sansome and Greenwich. 

-N. E. corner Battery and Union. 

-S. E. corner Montgomery and Green. 

-S. E. corner Kearny and Union. 

-S. W. corner Powell and Union. 

-N. E. corner Dupont and Vallejo. 

-N. W. corner California and Kearny. 

-S. W. corner Front and Broadway. 

-S. W. corner Stockton and Broadway. 

-S. W. corner Clay and East. 

-N. W. corner Mason and Pacific. 

-N. E. comer Kearny and Pacific. 

-S. W. corner Sansome and Jackson. 

-N. E. corner Davis and Washington. 

-City Hall. 

-S. E. corner Taylor and Clay. 

-S. E. corner Clay and Powell. 

-N. W. corner Washington and Dupont. 

-N. E. corner Clay and Battery. 

-N. W. corner Montgomery and Commercial. 

-S. W. corner Pine and Dupont. 

-N. W. corner Stockton and California. 

-S. W. corner Sansome and Halleck. 

-S. W. corner California and Drumm. 

-S. W. corner Mission and Steuart. 

-S. E. corner Montgomery and Pine. 

-N. W. corner Folsom and Steuart. 

-N. W. corner Battery and Bush. 

-S. W. corner Market and Second. 

*39— N. W. corner Howard and Spear. 
*41— N. W. corner Sutter and Jones. 

42— S. E. corner Geary and Mason. 
*43— O'Farrell, near Dupont. 
*45— N. W. corner O'Farrell and Jones. 
*46— N. W. corner Kearny and Sutter. 
*47— S. W. corner Market and Powell. 
*48— N. E. corner Market and Kearny. 
*49— N. W. corner Stockton and Sutter. 
*51— N. W. corner Folsom and Beale. 
*52— S. W. corner Mission and Fremont. 
*53— N. side King bet Second and Third. 
*54— Engine house No. 4, Second, near Howard. 
i.*56— North side Bryant west of First. 
*57— N. W. corner Brannan and Second. 
*58— N. W. corner Folsom and First. 
*59— P. M. S. S. Co.'s wharf, foot of First. 

61— S. W. corner Howard and Third. 

62— S. W. corner Mission and Fourth. 
*63— N. E. corner Harrison and Fourth. 

64 — S. W. corner Howard and Fifth. 

65 — S. W. corner Mission and Sixth. 
*67 — N. E. corner Harrison and Hawthorne. 
*68 — N. E. corner Brannan and Fourth. 
*69 — S. W. corner Bryant and Third. 

71 — S. W. corner Mission and Eleventh. 

72— S. E. corner Mission and Thirteenth. 

73— S. E. corner Howard and Eighth. 

74— Engine house No. 7, Sixteenth. 

75 — S. W. corner Jones and McAllister. 

76 — S. W. corner Market and Hayes. 

78— N. E. corner Folsom and Ninth. 

79— N. W. corner Folsom and Twelfth. 

81— S. E. corner Franklin and Hayes. 

82— N. E. corner Fulton and Gough. 

83— N. E. corner Octavia and Oak. 

84 — Junction Valencia and Market. 

85 — N. E. corner Laguna and Hayes. 

86 — N. W. corner Broadway and Montgomery. 
*91 — N. E. corner Hyde and Turk. 

92 — N. E. corner Franklin and Turk. 
*93 — N. E. corner Jones and Turk. 

94— S. E. corner Polk and Ellis. 
*95 — N. E. corner Market and Taylor. 
123 — S. E. corner Hyde and Union. 
124— Pioneer Woolen Mills, Black Point. 
125 — N. W. comer Filbert and Jones. 
126 — S. E. corner Hyde and Washington. 
127 — S. E. corner Broadway and Polk. 
128 — S. E. corner Clay and Leavenworth. 
129 — N. W. corner Pacific and Leavenworth. 
*132-S. W. corner Pine and Mason. 
134— S. E. corner Bush and Hyde. 
135 — S. E. corner Bush and Polk. 
136— N. E. corner Post and Van Ness avenue. 
137 — N. W. corner Post and Larkin. 
138— N. W. corner California and Larkin. 
*139-S. E. corner O'Farrell and Hyde. 
142 — N. E. corner Valencia and Twentieth. 
143— N. E. corner Mission and Twenty-second. 
145— N. W. corner Folsom and Twenty-second. 
146— S. W. corner Folsom and Sixteenth. 
147— N. E. corner Howard and Twentieth. 
148 — N. E. corner Mission and Sixteenth. 
149— S. W. comer Folsom and Eighteenth. 
152 — N. W. corner Brannan and Eighth. 
153 — N. W. corner Harrison and Seventh. 
154— N. W. corner Bryant and Sixth. 
*156-N. E. corner Fourth and Berry. 
*157-South side Folsom, east of Fourth 
158— South side Folsom, east of Fifth. 
159— Engine house No. 6, Sixth, near Folsom. 
162— S. E. corner Pacific and Franklin. 
163— N. E. corner Sacramento and Franklin. 
164— S. E. comer Clay and Polk. 
172 — N. E. corner McAllister and Buchanan. 
173— S. w. corner Ellis and Buchanan. 
174— N. E. corner Turk and Fillmore. 
175— S. W. corner Grove and Webster. 
*182-S. E. corner Fourth and Townsend. 
183— S. E. corner Mission and Eighth. 
*192-N. W. corner California and Front. 
193—S. w. corner Hyde and Chestnut. 
194— N. W. comer Stockton and Francisco. 
213— S. W. corner Bush and Buchanan. 
214— N. E. comer Bush and Steiner. 



215— S. W. corner Washington and Webster. 
210 — S. E. corner Sacramento and Fillmore. 
217 — S. E. corner Bush and Devisadero. 
218 — N. E. corner Post and Fillmore. 
219— S. E. corner Filbert and Fillmore. 
231— S. E. corner Howard and Twenty-fourth. 
234— N. W. corner Harrison and Twenty-fourth. 
235— City and County Hospital. 
236 — N. E. corner Mission and Twenty-sixth. 
237 — S. E corner Twenty-second and Dolores. 
238— N. E. corner Santa Clara and Potrero avenue. 
241 — S. E. corner Cough and Bush 
243 — S. E. corner Clay and Pierce. 
245 — S. W. corner Geary and Steiner. 
246 — S. E. corner Geary and Devisadero. 
247 — N. W. corner Turk and Scott. 
248— N. E. corner Devisadero and Fulton. 
254 — N. E. corner Union and Pierce. 
261 — S. W. corner Stevenson and Ecker. 
271 — S. W. corner Seventeenth and Church. 
273 — Eighteenth east of Castro 
Those marked with a * are automatic boxes 


Number ami Location — in (food Order. 

No. Location. Capacity. 


1 Dupont and Bush streets, crossings 29,000 

2 Dupont and California 

3. ...Dupont and Washington Bts, croi 

4 Dupont and Pacific sts, crossings 28,270 

5 Dupont and Broadway sts, crossings. . . . 86,000 

(5 Dupont and Vallejo sts, crossings 

7 Dupont and Green sts, crossings 

8 Dupont and Union sts, crossings 

9. . . .Dupont and Greenwich sts, crossings . 

10 Kearny and Post sts, crossings 30,000 

11 Kearny and Bush sts. crossings 27,000 

12 Kearny and California sts, crossings 20,000 

18 Kearny and Sacramento sts, crossings.., 18,000 

14. . . .Kearny and Merchant sts, crossings 30,000 

15. .. Montgomery and Bush sts, crossings 21,538 

16.... Montgomery and Oal'nia sts, crossings. . 83,000 
17. .. .Montgomery and Oom'l sts, crossings. 
18. .. .Montgomery and Wasb'nstB, crossings 

19 Montgomery and Pacific sts, crossings. . 30,000 

20 Sansome and Bush sts, crossings 

21. . . .Sansome and Pacific- sts, crossings 

22 Battery and Bush sts. crossings 

23. .. .Davis and California Bts, crossings 40,000 

24 Stockton and Pacific sts, crossings 26,000 

25 Stockton and Broadway sts, crossings. . . 20,000 

20. . . .Stockton and Vallejo sts, crossings 20,000 

27 Stockton and Green sts, crossings 21,000 

28 Stockton and Union sts, crossings 

29 Powell and Ellis sts. crossings 

30. ...Powell and Washington sts, cross 

31 Powell and Jackson sts, orOBSiDgs 

32 Powell and Pacific sts. crossings 30,000 

33 Powell and Broadwaj Bts, i rossings 14,728 

34 Powell and Green sts, crossings 

35 Powell and Filbert sts, cr fisings 20,000 

36. . ..Taylor and Clay 6ts, crossings l\ 

37 Jones and Jackson sts, crossings 100,000 

38 Broadway and Ohio sts, crossings 40,000 

39 First and Folsom sts, crossings 

40. ...First and Harrison sts, crossings 100,000 

41.... Second and Folsom sts. crossings 51,000 

42... .Stevenson and Ecker sts. crossings 27,000 

43 Sixteenth and Folsom sts, crossings 100,000 

44 Sixteenth and Mission sts, crossings 27,000 

45 Sixteenth and Dolores sts, crossings 42,000 

40 Nineteenth and Folsom sts, crossings. . .100,000 

47 Nineteenth and Howard sts, crossings . .100,000 

4S Nineteenth and Guerrero sts, crossings. .100,000 

49 Twenty-2d and Shotwell sts, crossings. 100,000 


Total capacity of Cisterns 1,899,856 gallons. 

Total number of Cisterns 49. 

Underwriters' Fire Patrol — Southwest corner 
Stevenson and Ecker — Russell White, captain: J. F. 
O. Comstock, lieutenant; Scott Wyckoff, C. H. Lewis, 
R. Caverly, W. F. Thomas, C. M. Janes, J. E. Little- 
field, C. H. Okell, T. J. Dornin, patrolmen ; C. Albee, 

State Government. 

A general election for State officers is held i 
four years, tin next election occurring in Septem- 
ber, 1879. 

Governor — William Irwin. 

Lieiitnaut Governor — James A. Johnson, 

Secretary of State — Thomas Beck. 

State Controller— W.B. C. Brown. 

State Treasure r — Josi G. 1 Btadillo. 

Attorney General — lo. Hamilton. 

Surveyor General— 'William M 

Superint. nden! of Public [net 

st:iti- Superintendent of Printing— Frank P. Ti.. 

Adjutant General— P. F. Walsh. 

Board of < lapito] Oommissio 
win, Secretary of Btate Thomas Beok, Attorney Q 
eral Jo. Hamilton. 

Board of Exam William Irwin. Bi 

tary of state Thomas Bet k, \tt rnej (i'lural Jo. 

Boa s— B. B. Bedding, S. R. 


Board of Harbor Oommlssiom rs— William I Handing, 
\. m Burns, Bruot B.Lee. John A. McOlelland, 6 
rotary. A.. Hawkins, Assistant Secretary. T. J. Ar- 
oold, ( b ■ ruin. 

Board of Military An William Irwin, 

Adjutant-General P. F. Walsh and Attorney-General 


mmlssioni ra wuiiam Galloway, 
Thomas G, Badger and James Gallup. Office, 84 Mer- 
chants' Bzi hi 

Board ol Porl Wardens— Archie Harloe, Ohartaa 
Wilson, Josepb Austin and W.B Norman. John P. 
Jourdan, secretary. <m:. I a n i 

tmlssloner ol [mmlgratlon— /Thomas 0. Van 
Ness. Office, 806 Pine I 

Ton, mission. i> ol Transport l by ' 

the G">\ ernor May, 16, i - 

John T. Doyle and Isaac \V. Smith, San I 
George Btoneman, I 

Deaf, Dumb and Blind As;, lum (Berkeley)— Waning j 

Wilkinson, Principal. J. Mora Moss, Oakland; H, H. , 

i. Alameda; I J. ' rane, J. A. Stanley and I 

Arthur Zetland, S:m Francisco, 1 tors. B 

Palmer Secretary and Treasurer. I. Grant an 
Toland Trust* 

Inspector of '^as Meters— Henry George. Office, | 
681 Mission street. 

Insurance Commissioner— J. Office, 401 

California street, room C. 

Insane Asyi Directors, O. 

Harvey, M. D., President; Donald McLi 
Watt, Ool. Caleb Dorsey, F. T. Baldwin: William B. 
Austin, Treasurer; (>. A. Shurtleff, Ml'., Medical 
Superintendent; w. T.Brown, M.D., w. R. I. 
M.D., Assistant Physicians. S. A. Holm. B Frank 
Stewart, Tru - 

Insane Asylum (Napa)— Board W 1. 

. President: A. G. Boggs, )•• fa r Van 
Bever, John Boggs, George C. Perki- 

and Treasurer; E. T. Wilkins, ML., 
Resident Physician; L. F. Dozier, M.D., .'. 
Physician; J. B. Stevens, Private Secretary. 

Orphan Asylum Commissioners — Gov. William 
Irwin, Secretary of State Thomas Beck and Attorney 
General Jo Hamilton. 

Quarantine Officer— Dr. Wm. F. McAllister. Office, 
502 Battery street. 

State Boards of Medical Examiners— Allopathic: Dr. 
James Simpson, San Francisco, President; Dr. C. 
M. Bates, San Francisco; Dr. H. P. Babcock, Oak- 
land; Dr. Henry Gibbons jr., Dr. H. S. Orme, Los 
Angeles; Dr. J. F. Montgomery, and Dr. Luke Robin- 
son, Colusa; Dr. William A. Grover, San Francisco, 



Homoeopathic : Dr. W. C. F. Hempstead, Oakland, 
President; Dr. ^ J. H. Floto, Dr. F. Heller jr., 
Dr. M. J. Werder, Dr. J. K. Clark, San Francisco; 
Dr. E. S. Breyfogle, San Jose; Dr. W. N. Griswold, 
San Francisco, Secretary. 

Eclectic : Dr. M. F. Claton, Sacramento, Presi- 
dent; Dr. F. C. Cook, Dr. H. A. Summers, San 
Francisco; Dr. J. W. Webb, Dr. O.P.Warren, Oakland; 
Dr. C. C. Mason, Cbico; Dr. A. McRae, San Fran- 
cisco, Secretary. 

State Board of Agriculture — Marion Biggs, Presi- 
dent; Robert Beck, Secretary; L.A.Upson, Treasurer; 
L. U. Sbippee, C. E. Singleterry, M. D. Boruck, Chris- 
topher Green, M. Bright, George A. Johnson, Direct- 

State Board of Pharmacy — John Calvert, President; 
W. T. Wenzell, Secretary; James H. Widber, A. F. 
Colman, Max Tschirner. 

State Board of Education— Governor William Irwin, 
President; Ezra S. Carr, Secretary; Prof. Charles H. 
Allen, A. L. Mann, A. C. McMeans, E. Rousseau, 

F. L. Landis. 3. G. S. Dunbar, W. B. F. Lynch. 
State Board of Examination — Ezra S. Carr, Presi- 
dent ; Miss Mary J. Watson, Kirke W. Brier, Mrs. 
Mary E. Michener. 

J State Board of Health— Henry Gibbons, M.D., San 
Francisco, President; James S. Cameron, M. D., Red 
Bluff; F. W. Todd, M.D., Stockton; A. B. Stout, 
M. D., San Francisco ; Luke Robinson, M.D., Colusa ; 
James F. Montgomery, M. D., Sacramento; F. W. 
Hatch, M. D., Permanent Secretary. 

State Board of Equalization — Governor William 
Irwin, Controller W. B. C. Brown, Attorney-General 
Jo. Hamilton, Smith Brown of Napa, A. P. Catlin of 

State Normal School, San Jose — Charles S. Allen 
principal ; Governor William Irwin, Ezra S. Carr, C- 
T. Ryland, T. E. Beans, James Denruan, Benjamin 
Cory and B. Bryant, trustees. 

State Land Office, Sacramento — Surveyor-General 
William Minis ; Duncan Beaumont, Deputy. 

State Prison, San Quentin — Lieutenant-Governor 
James A. Johnson, warden; Governor William Lrwin, 
Lieutenant-Governor James A. Johnson, and Secre- 
tary of State Thomas Beck, directors. 

Sealer of Weights and Measures— Secretary of State 
Thomas Beck. 

Register State Lands — William Minis, Duncan 
Beaumont, Deputy. Office, Sacramento. 

University of California. 

Regents, ex-offlcio — Governor William Irwin, Presi- 
dent (ex-officio) ; Lieutenant Governor J. A. Johnson, 

G. J. Carpenter of Pla^erville, EzraS. Carr, R. S. Cary, 
of Sacramento, A. S. Hallidie of San Francisco, John 
Le Conte of Berkeley. 

Appointed Regents— Rev. H. Stebbins, D. D.. of 
San Francisco, Lawrence Archer of San Jose, J. West 
Martin, Samuel B. McKee, of Oakland, John F. Swift, 
Joseph W. Winans of San Francisco, J. Mora Moss of 
Oakland, J. M. Hamilton of Guenoc, D. O. Mills of 
Millbrae, William Meek of San Leandro, Frank M. 
Pixley, Wm. T. Wallace and Eugene Casserly of San 

Honorary Regents— John S. Hager, A. J. Bowie, of 
San Francisco, Geo. Davidson of Oakland. 


President of the University. — John Le Conte. Ad- 
dress, Oakland post office; office, Berkeley. 

Advisory Committee — Regents Stebbins, Martin, 
Moss, Joseph W. Winans and George Davidson 

Treasurer— D. O. Mills. 

Dean of the Academic Senate — Martin Kellogg. 

Chief of Military Instruction — Lieut. Greenough, 
U. S. A. 

Secretary and Superintendent of the Grounds — 
Robert E. C. Stearns. Address, Oakland ; office, 

Assistant Secretary — J. Ham. Harris. 

Federal Offices. 

Post Office. 

Northwest corner Washington and Battery streets 
Postmaster, James Coey; Deputy Postmaster, W C 
Dougherty; Cashier, Thomas W. Scott; Chief Mail- 
ing Clerk, E. C. Palmer ; Chief Register Clerk, M G 
Sawyer; Chief Money Order Clerk, A. Jackson- Chief 
Clerk Night Force, C. R. Morris ; Superintendent 
Letter Carriers, P.P. Hoin. 


For delivery of letters, 8 a. m. to 8 p.m. For deliv- 
ery of letters on Sundays, 9 to 10 a. m. Stamp win- 
dow is open from 8 a. m. to 4 p. m. Stamp window is 
open Sundays from 9 to 10 a. m. Money order office 
open (Sunday excepted) from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. Regis- 
tered letter department from 8 a. m. to 4 p. m. 


Station A, 1305 Polk; A. M. Cox, Superintendent. 

Station B, corner Market and Seventh ; H. W. 
Forbes, Superintendent. 

Station C, corner Mission and Twentieth; Geo. C. 
Fillebrowne, Superintendent. 

Hours at Stations are the same as at general office. 

Rail-way Mail Service. 

Superintendent, H. J. McCusick ; Chief Head Clerk' 
James C. Coolidge ; Office Clerk, Perly R. Downer. 
Office, 606 Montgomery, room 35. 

Custom House. 

Location, northwest corner of Washington and Bat- 
tery streets. Open daily from 9 a. m. to 3 p, m. 
collectors' office. 

Thomas B. Shannon, collector, L. M. Kellogg 
deputy collector; J. Frank Miller, auditor; Charles 
C. Leavitt, adjuster of duties; H. Clay Miller, cash- 
ier ; Edward B. Jerome, secretary to collector ; 
J. L. Van Reynegom, assistant cashier ; F. McCarthy, 
impost bookkeeper; G. H. Ferre, N. G. Siebe and 
R. F. Clark, entry clerks; C. E. Clayes, clerk and 
assistant auditor ; T. H. Craig, entry and clearance 
clerk; J. A. Perkins, statistical clerk; W. J. Coey jr., 
registry and enrolling clerk ; W. F. Thomas, bond 
and recording clerk; L. A. La Grange, permit clerk; 
W. A. Darling, invoice recording clerk; W. R. Slicer, 
assistant impost bookkeeper; L. S. Church, as- 
sistant statistical clerk; J. T. Watson, examiner 
gaugers' returns; D. Harris, examiner weigher's 
returns ; W. H. H. Hussey, and A. W. Baker, abstract 
clerks. C. W. Clayes, liquidating clerk; J. A. 
Sampson, fee clerk; R. D. Lennox, liquidating and 
damage clerk;F.D. Farrington, stationery clerk ; Mil- 
ton Morrison, deputy collector, Vallejo ; John A. Wat- 
son, deputy collector, Eureka. 

warehouse division. 

A. W. Bishop, superintendent warehouses ; James 
H. McNabb, deputy collector and storekeeper; 
W. E. Lamb, warehouse and withdrawal clerk; 
Barlow Dyer, bond clerk; George Barrington, store 
bookkeeper; J. M. Creed, receiving and delivery 
clerk; H. Hoeber, inspector and measurer of vessels; 
Mrs. L. Whitimore, female inspector; Chas. A. Mor- 
rill, captain night inspectors; LeeB. Matthews and J. 
Buckley, lieutenant night inspectors. 
appraiser's department. 

J. G. Moore, George W. Dent, appraisers ; F. Lux, 

H. Z. Wheeler, assistant appraisers ; N. B. Hoyt, G. 

McDonald, T. F.Jerome, examiners; Charles Burrill, 

examiner of drugs ; T. O- Lewis, clerk. 

surveyor's office. 

Giles H. Gray, surveyor; W. H. Dinsmore, J. C. Sar- 
gent, deputies. 

Naval Office. 

E. G. Waite, naval officer ; Walter Meade, deputy 
naval officer ; Daniel Gorham, cashier. 

Location, northwest corner Mission and Fifth. 
Henry L. Dodge, superintendent. 




T. H. F. Robertson, chief clerk; Horace Beach, cash- 
ier; George Parry, computing clerk; C. S. Tripler, ab- 
stract clerk; Hugh Chalmers, receipt clerk; Frank W. 
Gross, assistant book keeper. 

P. A. Lamping, time and door keeper ; Charles F. 
Robinson, captain of night watch. 


O. D. Munson, assayer; H. H. Lawrence, first assist- 
ant ; C. H. Sherman, second assistant. 


Martin Alexander, inciter and refiner ; T. B. Mc- 
Cauley, assistant. 


F. X. Cicott, coiner ; M. K. Cady jr., assistant. 
Internal Revenue Office. 

U. S. Court Building. William Hlgby, Collect r; 
HalaeyF. Cooper, John E.Youngbir; . II B. M:iyhew,A. 
F. Adams, William A. Davies, H. A. Hebard, Fredk 
R.Gray, George W. Ryley, deputy collectors; John 
E. Davis, Charles D. Douglas, Oar] Footman, 
Frank Laumeistcr, clerks: E. N. Btrout, CH 
Neidham, H. E. Hall. L. II. Murch, .la: 
M. Cooley, W. H. Hubbard. 0. W. Mill 
Newbold, gaugers; Thos. Biagllton, F. If. 1. 
seph Wallace, Charles E. H>>lt. Henry H. Humus, Al- 
exander C. Beritzhoff, storekeepers. 

Signal Siivid'. 

Office, 42 Merchants' Exchange. 0. B, Btf] 


Office, 610 Commercial. William Sherman, assist- 
ant treasurer; F. G. Bornemann, oashli rj Edward Bt, 
John Bellows, bookkeeper; T. B. Clarke, i-t:nni> i li rk; 
L. A. Boynton, assistant cashier; 0. 0. Oabi rn 
ant book keeper; C. B. Bwasi y, clerk; J. Windrow, il. 
S. Tucker, L. J.Roland and T.M. Watson, wat> bmi a. 

Pension Agency. 

Office, 716 Montgomery, room 1. Albert Hart I". S. 
Pension Agent. 

Land Office. 

Office 610 Commercial, 2d flour. William R. Wins- 
ton, Register; Charles H. Chamberlain, 1. 
Duncan McNee, Clerk. 

U. S. Marshal. 

Room i, TJ. S. Court Buihling. Edwin P. Mars. 11 us, 
Marshal; George F. Worth. Charles H. 
min J. Ackerman, Henry FinnegaBB, Hanoi 
Charles H. Peterson, E. F. Bean, th pnty Marshals. 

Public Buildings (Construrlion). 

Samuel McCullough.Superintedent of Construction. 
Office, north side Washington between Sausome and 

IT. S. Commissionei s. 

L. S. B. Sawyer, Joseph F. O'Beirne, S. Hoffman, 
A. D. Grimwood, David F. Lyon, Henrv F. Larduer, 
U. S. Court Building; Chas. A. Low, 2i Montgomery 
Block; Nathaniel Holland. 005 Clay; John J. Ma- 
ginis, 636 Clay; J. A. Robinson, 610 Commercial ; 
Chas. J.Torbert, northeast corner Fourth and Town- 
send streets. 

Special Agents TJ. S. Treasury. 

J. F. Evans, W. G. Morris. Office in Custom House 

Registrars in Bankruptcy. 

Samuel J. Clark, jr., 25 U. S. Court Building: J. M. 
Gitchell, 636 Clay, room 10. 

Snipping Commissioners. 

r J. D. Stevenson, TJ. S. Shipping Commissioner; F. H. 
Sleeper, Samuel Taylor, A. S. Barney, J. S. Dudley, 
Deputy Commissioners. Office, 118 Jackson. Branch 
office at P. M. S. S. Co.'s Dock ; B. G. Barney, Deputy 
U. S. Commissioner. 

Inspectors of Steam Vessel*. 

C. C. Bemie, Supervising Inspector; J. ]i 
man, Insp'i t<T of Hulls; James Bill man, 1 
of Boilers. Office, 11 IS' art Building. 

\ tturney. 

John M. Coghlsn j office, 7 TJ. S. Court Building. 
A. P. Van lnizer and Philip Tea I Attor- 

3. Court Building. Thomas M. 
Jewett, Clerk. 

SllTf 0) <>i -(.i-ueral. 
J. W. Ames, Burveyor-General ; t. A. B 
chief clerk; J. H. Wildes, chief a : Theo. 

Beichert and Ellis ISdwards, mineral clerks; c. 
Bielawski, B i Lfred Bannister, ■'. H Von 

Bcbmldt, J. T. li.ia. draughtsmen . B. N. Bilren, 
clerk of accounts; E. D. Ki ponding clerk ; 

■ r, 11. B. 
Smith. D. I'. O'Brien and bfisa tea 
field note dirks; .1. K. Carter, ranch clerk 
Chamber*, met Hopkins, keeper of arch- 

ives, ufflce, 610 Oommerola] 

Coast Shim » Western (oast Division. 
Prof, George Davidson, assistant in char 

•:>Iits, AUgUi 

Clevi land K ckwell and Li 

I I I >J. ! 1 

\s i . G-reenweU, Btebmi Banta harbara. 

' A . W. CI use, Santa Mouic a ; 
- 1 au s. li. .1 .r I OPtS, W. T. ; 

s ib-Asc 

I irquhar, San 1- rue I ■ I 

< iffice, 214 - 

Lighthouse Service. 

rwi u in ! i-i i.i' i . 

ctor; 0. 11 
Oram, m 

:• r Bhubrick ; J. H 
Jonn O. Linni, second mate; Frank Oookson, chief 
r; Win. S. . it. 


r Corp6 U. S. Ai 
clerk j i L, assistant; .1. 0. Browi 

enger ; 0. B 

AL'AntAZ Island— J. A. P. McFarland. ke»p. r; •John 
Riley, first assistant. 

a. — J. B. Brown, ki 
ham, lirst assistant ; Con. Murphy, second assistant j 
John Webb, third assistant. 

Fobt Point. — John T. Uuie, keeper; Sophie Huie, 

Fabballoxeb. — E. K. Darnum keeper; Win. Wind- 
sor, first assistant : H. J. Hess, second 

Humboldt — W. Daykin, keepei Williams, 

first assistant; Paul Schlatter, second assistant. 
I m.— John H. Jeffrey, kl 

Svnta Babbaba— Julia F. Williams, keeper. 

Point Concei'cion— T. L. Perry, keeper ; J. Perry, 
first assistant; James Young, second assists: 
A. Perry, third assistant. 

Axo Nuf-vo— Thomas Owen, keeper; W. C. Price, 
first assistant. 

Mabe Island— Theresa C. Watson, keeper ; Bella 
Watson, assistant. 

East Bbothebs — S. M. Farren, keeper : J. Cowley, 
first assistant ; James Rankin, second assistant. 

Point Firman — Mary Smith, keeper ; Ella T. Smith, 
first assistant. 

Hueneme— Sam'l En6ign, keeper ; Benjamin Kortz, 
first assistant. 

Piedbas Blancas — S. H. Morse, keeper; Chas. F. 
Eildahl, first assistant ; E. H. Lee, second assistant. 

Goat Island — H. D. Tuttle, keeper; H. Holzhuter, 
first assistant ; John Manning, second assistant. 

Point Pecos — A. L. Luce, keeper ; Geo. L. Bodfish, 
first assistant. 



Point Lomo— R, D. Israel, keeper; Joseph Stone, 
first assistant. 

Mendootno — A. P. Marble, keeper ; L. V. Thorn- 
kyke, first assistant ; Joseph Collins, third assistant. 

Santa Cruz — A. A. Heacox, keeper. 

Point Arena — W. P. Perry, keeper ; John McArthy, 
first assistant ; G. Sonnichson, second assistant; U. 
Van Wagner, third assistant. 

Point Reyes — W. J. E. Hobboss, keeper ; W. H. Da- 
vis, first assistant ; W. C. Partlow, third assistant. 

Pigeon Point — C. H. Howard, keeper ; J. Monro, 
first assistant ; M. P. Giles, second assistant. E. W. 
Colnon, third assistant. 

Point Montara — H. T. Holbrook, keeper ; Melvin 
Giles, asssstant. 

Trinidad — J. Kiler, keeper. 

Montana — H. T. Holbrook, keeper; R. H. Pooler, 

Goat Island — R. Holsbuler, keeper ; G. W. Shaw, 
first assistant ; John Manning; second assistant. 

Foreign Consuls. 

ARGENTINE REPUBLIC— Charles Baum, consul, 
510 Battery. 

thal, acting consul, 521 Battery. 

BELGIUM — Emil Grisar, consul, northwest corner 
Fifth and Townsend. 

BOLIVIA— F. Herrera, consul, 14 Stevenson Build- 

BRAZIL— W. Darley Bentley, vice-consul, 311 Cal- 

CHILI — Francisco Casanueva 2nd, consul general, 
27 U. S. Court Building. 

COLOMBIA— F. Herrera, consul, 14 Stevenson. 

COSTA RICA^T. M. Tinoco, consul, 323 Front. 

DENMARK— N. Sonnichsen, consul, 315 California. 

ECUADOR— F. Herrera, acting consul, 14 Steven- 
son Building. 

FRANCE — Antoine Forest, consul, 704 Washington. 

GERMAN EMPIRE— Adolph Rosenthal, consul, 
321 Battery. 

GREAT BRITAIN— W. Lane Booker, consul; 
Charles Mason, vice-consul, 319 California. 

GREECE— Vacant. 

GUATEMALA — William Koch, consul, 123 Cali- 

HAWAIIAN ISLANDS— H. W. Severance, consul, 
318 California. 
ITALY— Diego Barrilis, consul, 525 Front. 
JAPAN — Kentaro Yanagiya, consul, 703 Market. 

MEXICO— M. G. Pritchard, acting consul, 213 San- 

NICARAGUA — F. Herrera, consul general, 14 
Stevenson Building. 

PERU — Frederico de la Fuente i Subirat, consul 
general, 510 Battery. 

PORTUGAL — F. Berton, consul, southwest corner 
Clay and Leidesdorff; Henry Laidley, vice-consul, 
southwest corner Clay and Leidesdorff. 

RUSSIA — W. Weletsky, consul general. 7 South 

SAN SALVADOR— Nicolas Gaxiola, consul, 320 San- 

SPAIN— Camilo Martin, consul, 424 California. 
SWEDEN AND NORWAY— August Berggren, con- 
sul, 406 Montgomery. 

SWITZERLAND— F. Berton, consul, southwest cor- 
ner Clay and Leidesdorff ; Antoine Borel, vice-consul, 
northwest corner Clay and Montgomery. 

THE NETHERLANDS— James de Fremery, consul, 
710 Sansome. 

TURKEY— G. W. Gibbs, consul, 33 Fremont. 

The Courts. 

United States Supreme Court— Morrison R 
Waite of Ohio, Chief Justice; Nathan Clifford of 
Maine, Samuel F. Miller of Iowa, Stephen J. Field of 
California, Joseph P. Bradley of New Jersey, Noah 
H. Swayne of Ohio, John M. Harlan of Hentucky 
William Strong of Pennsylvania, Ward Hunt of New 
York, Associate Justices; Chas. Devins, Attorney 
General ; Samuel Field Phillips, Solicitor General • 
David Wesley Middleton, Clerk; William T. Otto 

United States Circuit Court — Stephen J. 
Field, Presiding Justice; Lorenzo Sawyer, Circuit 
Judge, Ninth District; Ogden Hoffman, District Judge; 
L. S. B. Sawyer, Clerk and United States Commission- 
er; JosephF. O'Beirne, Deputy Clerk and United States 
Commissioner, Terms of Court, first Monday in Feb- 
ruary; second Monday in July, and fourth Monday in 
November. Chambers, U. S. Court Building. 

United States District Court— Ogden Hoff- 
man, Judge; S. Hoffman, Clerk and United States 
Commissioner ; J. M. Gitchell and S. J. Clarke jr., 
Registrars in Bankruptcy. Terms of Court, first Mon- 
day in April, second Monday in August, and first 
Monday in December. Chambers, U. S. Court Build- 

Supreme Court of the State of Califor- 
nia—William T.Wallace, Chief Justice; Joseph B. 
Crockett, Augustus L. Rhodes, Addison C. Niles and 
E. W. McKinstry, Associate Justices ; Jo. Hamilton, 
Attorney General; Charles A. Tuttle, Reporter ; D.B. 
Woolf, Clerk ; John P. Poole, Deputy Clerk, Sacra- 
mento ; H. P. Bush, Deputy Clerk, San Francisco ; 
Charles A. Sumner, Phonographic Reporter; Carl C. 
Finkler, Secretary and Librarian ; Thomas F. O'Con- 
nor, Bailiff. Terms of Court commence on the second 
Monday of January and July at San Francisco, and 
on the second Monday of April and October at Sac- 
ramento. Chambers, 640 Clay street, San Francisco. 

District Courts. 

Third District— Samuel B. McKee, Judge ; T hos 
Macauley, Court-room Clerk : Colin M. Boyd, Register 
Clerk; J. F. Meagher, Court-room Sheriff; J.B. Mhoon, 
Court Commissioner ; Samuel Osbourne, Official Re- 
porter. Terms of Court, third Mondays in April, 
August and December. Rooms, 27 Post Street. 

Fourth District— Robert F. Morrison, Judge ; 
Levi P . Peck, Court-room Clerk ; W. H. Kind, Reg- 
ister Clerk; E. H. Montell, Court-room Sheriff; 
Charles Halsey, Court Commissioner ; E. S. Belden, 
Official Reporter. Terms of Court, first Mondays in 
February, May, August and November. Rooms, 9-10 
City Hall. 

Twelfth District — William P. Daingerfield, 
Judge; Samuel P. Carusi, Court-room Clerk; William 
W. Greenhood, Court-room Sheriff; Charles E. Gibbs, 
Court Commissioner; James D. Ruggles, Official Re- 
porter. Terms of Court, first Mondays in January, 
April, July and October. Rooms, second floor City 

Fifteenth District— Samuel H. Dwinelle, Judge; 
William B. Smith, Court-room Clerk; Harry W. Kind. 
Register Clerk; H. C. Boyd, Court-room Sheriff; 
A. W. Hanna, Court Commissioner ; Andrew J. Marsh, 
Official Reporter. Terms of Court, first Mondays in 
March, June, September and December. Rooms, 8 
Montgomery Avenue. 

Nineteenth District— E. D. Wheeler, Judge; 
Wm. A. Stuart, Courtroom Clerk; H. W. Reed, 
Register Clerk ; Charles E. Stratton, Court-room Sher- 
iff- Gordon N. Mott, Court Commissioner; J. H. W. 
Riley, Official Reporter. Terms of Court, second 
Mondays in April, August and December. Rooms, 
417 Kearny 

County Court-Selden S. Wright, Judge; John 
H Harney, Court room Clerk ; John F. Farran, Reg- 
ister Clerk ; George P. Wright, Court-room Sheriff; 



B. C. Brown, Official Reporter. Terms of Court, first 
Mondays in January, March, May, July, September 
and November. Eooms, 8 City Hall. 

City Criminal Court— Robert Ferral, Judge; 
John A. McKenna, Clerk ; A. W. Roydon, Prosecuting 
Attorney; James L. Gallagher, Bailiff; Wm. Treen, 
Assistant Clerk. Rooms, 728 Montgomery street. 

Municipal Criminal Court— Maurice C. Blake, 
Judge; F. J. Skelly, Court-room Clerk : AJexandi r 
McKenzie, Register Clerk; D. C. Van Nostrand, Court- 
room Sheriff; D. J. Murphy, District Attorney ; C. B. 
Darwin, Assistant District Attorney ; Herve Darneal, 
Official Reporter. Terms of Court, first Monda> s in 
January, March, May, July, September and Novem- 
ber. Rooms, 721) Montgomery. 

Probate Court— M. H. Myrick, Judge ; Charles 

E. Nougues, Court-room Clerk ; Edward Gilsou, Reg- 
ister Clerk; "W. A. Maxwell, Official Reporter. Terms 

of Court, first Mondays of each month. Room, 18 
City Hall. 

Police Court— Davis Louderback jr., Jul 

F. Flood, Prosecuting Attorney. Sessions, daily. 
Rooms on first floor City Hall. 

Justice's Court — Frederick A. Sawyer, Pi 
Justice; H. L. I >a( himson, Stuari s. wrlght, James 

C. Penuie, Ethelbert Burke, Justicx B; < 
"Wedekind, Clerk. Rooms, SOU Montgomery Bl 


ner California and Sansomi Btreets. W. H. Tilling- 

hast, Manager. 

Sansome street. A. McKiulay and U. \V. Glenny, 


BANK OF COMMERCE-:)24 California Mr 
W. C. Thompson, President ; A. W. Preston, Cashier. 

nia street. G. W. Colby. President; Albert ' 

Her, Cashier; Frank A. Crcssey, Seer. I 

— 424 California street. Arthur Scrivener, U 
Camillo Martin, Assistant Manager. 

street. Alvinza Hayward, President ; H. P. East- 
ings, Cashier; R. G. Sneath, Vice-President and 

Cashie r 

Montgomery street. C. H. Burton, President; M. 
Lynch, Vice-President; H. H. Hewlett, Cashier. 

PACIFIC BANK— Northwest corner Sansome and 
Pine streets. Peter H. Burnett, President; E. D. Mor- 
gan, Cashier. 

422 California street. Frederick F. Low and Ignatz 
Steinhart, Managers : P. N. Lilienthal, Cashier. 

THE BANK OF CALIFORNLV— Northwest corner 
California and Sansome streets. D. O. Mills, Presi- 
dent; "William Alvord, Vice-President; Thomas Brown, 
Cashier ; Stephen Franklin, Secretary. 

street. N. P. Cole, President; Jacob L. Browne, 

gomery street. R. C. "Woolworth, President; D. Cal- 
lahan, Cashier. 

Northwest corner Montgomery and Pine streets. 
Louis McLane, President; C. T. Christensen, Cashier. 

Savings Banks. 

□TGS— 225 Sansome street. Henrj I lent; 

L. G. Harvey, Cashier, 

Bush street. Gh Dussol, President; G. Mali' 

Geary street Adolpb 0. Weber, President; Adolph 
Hartuiann, Beeretary. 


01 CAIJFOBNIA— 684 Calif ornla street J. H. Fish, 

at ; John T. Cert r, .-• en tury. 

MASONIC BAYTNOfl and LOAD B am, - -.; Post 
street, Masonic Temple. William EL Culver,] 

di ni ; H. I'. i .r.i\ • i 

ODD ri LLOT - Uontgom. 

err street. Abrem Block, President ; Jam 



ola street. Jam 
White, Cashier. 

SWINGS \N1 . 419 Clay i 

]•:. w. Bun Dies'. 

SECUUTY S\. . K— 215 San- 

John i 
dent ; W. S . t.iry. 

ETJ N rtbwesl corner Bddj ai 

: Kanjuhars'pn, Pn Sldent; D. B. OhlSholm, I 

tlifomia ht' 



MD- !■. o'Sullivaii. \ icc- 

Preeident ; Edward Martin, Treasurer. 

Hit ii k» -Private. 

AI.IT.KD BOREL A CO— Northwest corner Clay 
and m 

BELLOC I <IE.— 524 Montgomery Bj 
B. DAVIDSON k CO— 515 Montgomery s 
DAN11.L MEYER— 212 I'm.— : 

DONOHOE. KELLY ft CO— Southeast corner Sac- 
rament', and Montg mi ry streets. 

1". BBBTON ft CO.— r.27 Clay. 

LAZABD BBEBSS— 408 California Bl 

SATHl Northeast corner Commercial and 

Montgomery streets. 
TALLANT A CO— 234 California st ■ 
WELLS, FARGO A CO.— 322 California si 

San Francisco Exchange. 

Leidesdorff street. John L. Armstrong, President; 
W. F. Hughes, Vice-President; John Gray, Chair- 
man; Edgar M. Lawtoii. Secretary ; German Sav- 
ings and Loan Society, Treaturer. 

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.— Merchants' Exchange 
James C. Patrick, President ; John C. Merrill. Vice- 
President ; L. W. Raymond, 2d Vice-President ; W. 
N. Olmstead, Samuel Hart, R. Balfour, H. P. Blanch- 
ard, W. B. Hooper, Chas. Goodall, S. L. Jones. W. W. 
Montague, Claus Spreckles, K.Haas, J. J. McKinnon, 
A. B.Forbes, Trustees ; Henry Mel, Secretary. 

LUMBER EXCHANGE— Pier 5, Steuart street. John 
J. McKinnon, President; George F. Earle, Secretary. 



chants' Exchange Building. James C. Patrick, Presi- 
dent ; J. A. Coblidge, Secretary ; James C. Patrick, 
Charles Mayne, C. Meyer, R. G. Sneath, C. G. Hook- 
er, J. C. Merrill, J. W. H. Campbell, Trustees. 

street. Charles L. Weller, President ; Baldwin Gard- 
iner, Vice-President ; Andrew J. Moulder, Secretary ; 
Joseph Tilden, Chairman. 

some. A. McKinlay, President ; James S. Hutchin- 
son, Secretary; Chas. Sleeper, Manager ; A. McKin- 
lay, James S. Hutchinson, Wm. H. Tillinghast, 
David CahD, Committee. 

east corner Clay and Davis streets. Horace Davis, 
President; Chas. Clayton, Vice-President; E. Ran- 
som, Treasurer; William H. Walker, Secretary; D, S. 
Cook, C. F. Bassett, R. P. Tenney, G. W. McNear, P. 
A. Campbell, James N. McCune, Directors; A. B. 
Hill, H. Allen Mayhew, A. B. Field, Inspectors of 
Grain; C. M. Conro, J. Martenstein, A. Welch, In- 
spectors of Flour ; D. Ballard, W. A. Bray, J. P. 
Hulme, H. D. Ellerhorst, J. W. Jordan, Committee of 
Appeals ; Orlando Loucks, J. T. Earnest, A. D. Starr, 
Arbitration Committee ; Chas. Clayton, James N. 
McCune, P. A. Campbell, G. W. McNear, Finance 
Committee ; R. P. Tenney, D. S. Cook, C. F. Bassett, 
Room Committee. 

BOARD — South side Pine bet Sansome and Mont- 
gomery streets. E. P. Peckham, President; H. L. 
Hill, Vice-President; JosephL. King, Secretary; Henry 
Schmieden, Treasurer ; B. H. Coit, Chairman. 

Insurance — Fire. 

San Francisco Companies. 

RANCE ASSOCIATION— 38 California street. Thos. 
Flint, President ; I. G. Gardiner, Vice-President ; 
Ferdinand K. Rule, Secretary. 

fornia street. C. T. Hopkins, President ; Zenas Cro- 
well, Secretary. 

fornia street. John H. Wise, President; Charles A. 
Laton, Secretary. 

Southwest corner California and Sansome streets. 
David J. Staples, President; George D. Dornin, Sec- 

[California street. J. F. Houghton, President ; Chas. 
R. Story, Secretary. 

PANY— 218-220 Sansome street. A. J. Bryant, Presi- 
dent; Richard Ivers, Vice-President; Charles H. 
Cushing, Secretary. 

nia street. Gustave Touchard, President ; Charles D. 
Haven, Secretary. 



pastor. Twenty-second street near Howard. 

pastor. North side of Eddy street between Jones and 

3. Kalloch, pastor. Northeast corner Fifth and Jessie 

THIRD BAPTIST CHURCH (colored) -Rev. Jas.R. 
Young, pastor. East side of Powell street between 
Sutter and Bush. 

Chase, pastor. South side Post street between Powell 
and Mason. 

MISSION CHAPEL — Rev. Geo. E. Davis, pastor. 
Northeast corner G and Eleventh avenue, South San 

missionary. 924 Stockton street. 


W. C. Pond, pastor. Bartlett street nr Twenty-fifth. 

Stone, D.D., pastor. Southeast corner Post and Mason 

Rev. W. E. Ijams, pastor. South side Green street 
between Stockton and Powell. 

T. K. Noble, pastor. East side of Taylor street be- 
tween O'Farrell and Geary. 

ward P. Baker, pastor. South side of Fifteenth street 
between Mission and Valencia. 


throp, D.D., rector. South side of Howard street 
opposite New Montgomery. 

pastor. South side Pacific street between Powell and 

Powell, missionary. Services at the Alms House. 

GRACE CHURCH— Rev. W.H.Piatt, rector. South- 
east corner of Stockton and California streets. 

ST. JOHN'S CHURCH — Rev. Alfred Todhunter, 
rector. Corner of Fifteenth and Valencia streets. 

ST LUKE'S CHURCH— Rev. E. S. Peake, rector. 
Pacific Avenue between Polk and Van Ness Avenue. 

enue between Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth 

ST. PAUL'S MISSION— Rev. James McElroy,D.D., 
in charge. Corner of Bush and Pierce streets. 

ST PETER'S CHURCH— Rev. William C. Powell, 
rector. Northeast corner of Stockton and Filbert 

TRINITY CHAPEL— Rev. G. W. Mayer, officiating. 
Worship at Dashaway Hall. 

TRINITY CHURCH — Rev. H. W. Beers D.D., 
rector. Northeast corner of Powell and Post streets. 

ST STEPHEN'S CHAPEL— Rev. E. J. Lion, mis" 
sionary. Corner of Webster and Fulton streets. 

SEAMEN'S MISSION+Rev. G. W. Mayer, mission- 
ary. Corner of Front and Jackson streets. 

THE CHURCH HOME, CHAPEL— Mission street 
near Fourteenth. 

Evangelical Lutheran. 

ASSOCIATION— F. W. Voegelem, pastor. North side 
of Jessie street between Sixth and Seventh 



H.Krueger, pastor. East side of Eleventh street be- 
tween Market and Mission. 

SCANDINAVIAN CHURCH— Rev. E. Shogren, pas- 
tor. South side of Harrison street between Fifth and 

CHURCH— Lauritz Carlsen, pastor. Worship in St. 
Paul's German Church. 

Rev. C. Dreves, pastor. Green street between Stock- 
ton and Powell. 

steph, pastor. South side of Geary street between 
Stockton and Powell. 


Buehler, pastor. South side of Mission street be- 
tween Fifth and Sixth 


sing, D.D., rabbi. Corner Mission and Mary street. 

rabbi. Synagogue, north side of Sutter street I 
Stockton and Powell. 

Bettelheim, rabbi. Synagogue, eaBt side of Mason 
street between Geary and Post. 

Stockton street between Vullejo and Broadwav. 

H. Vidaver, rabbi ; Rev. Oswald Weiss, cantor. Syn- 
agogue, northeast corner of Post and Taylor Bl 

Methodist Episcopal. 

BETHEL A. M. E. CHURCH — B. Fletcher, act- 
ing as pastor. 1207 Powell. 

BUSH STREET M. E. CHURCH— Rev. David Deal, 
pastor. Bush street between Scott and Devi6adero. 

BROADWAY M. E. CHURCH — Rev. A. Kornzel- 
mann, pastor. 728 Broadway street. 

pastor; Lan Hok Han, assistant. 'JIG Washington 

CENTRAL M. E. CHURCH— Rev. Frank F. Jewell, 
D.D., pastor. North side of Mission stieet between 
Sixth and Seventh. 

pastor. North side of Folsom street between Fourth 
and Fifth. 

FIRST M. E. CHURCH— Rev. John Coyle, pastor. 
West side of Powell street between Washington and 

Guard, D.D., pastor. South side of Howard street 
between Second and Third. 

Williamson, pastor. Tennessee street near Solano, 

GRACE M. E. CHURCH— Rev. A. J. Wells, pastor. 
East side of Mission street between Eighteenth and 

gren, pastor. North side of Harrison street between 
Fifth and Sixth. 

ST. PAUL'S CHURCH (Southern Methodist)— Rev. 
C. Chamberlin, pastor. West side of Russ street be- 
tween Howard and Folsom. 

PAL CHURCH— Rev. Andrea* Konn liuaim. pastor, 
Broadway street Stockton and Pow< 11. 

ZION M. E. CHURCH rooloxed)— Rev. J. Williams, 

oiheiating [pastor. West side of Stockton st 
tweeu Sacramento and Clay. 


nempliill, paster. North of Geary' and 

Powell streets. 

torship vacant. Worship al Meonaa 
entrance on Eight stm I 

Matthew Hale Smith, pastor. v - I Tyler 

tweeu Taylor and Jones. 

James Woodworth, i Sarriaoo 

street between Filth and Sixth. 

rrfiBT PBBBBYTEBIAN OH1 l; b) rl 

Patterson, D.D., pastor. West 
twei n Washington and Clay. 

ship vacant, s onto sldi of Mission street between 

Tnird and Fourth. 

it. v. Asa s. Flake, pastor. Kast side Boward street 
:i Twenty-first an<i Tw< nty-eeoond, 

I.akkiv stim.i i PBESBTO Ki \N I ffl i:< H 
Bev. ■'■ bn M. allis, pastor. i.arkm st:. 


ship vacant r of Railp ad and 

Eighteenth avenues, Bonth San Btu 


astor. Tel:- Ui rra and 

Napa, Pol 

w. A. Bo tt, 1U>.. pastor. .Sort: st street 

between Mason and Taylor. 


Gibson, I'.t^tr. Wet between 

Eddy and Ellis. 


M. L. Berger, pastor. Sooth side of F< 11 street be- 
tween Oetavia and Laguna. 

r Woodbridgc, D.D., pastor. Coni' 
tieth and Capp streets. 

Superintendent. Northeast corner of Stockton and 
Sacramento streets. 

Roman Cutholic. 

Cullen, pastor. Calvary Cemetery. 


Robert, pastor. North side of Bush street between 
Dupont and Stockton. 

Rev. Andrea Garriga, pastor. North side of Broad- 
way street near Mason. 

Brennan, pastor. West side Dolores street between 
Sixteenth and Seventeenth. 

ST. BONIFACE CHUBCH— Rev. Sebastian Wolf, 
pastor; Rev. Joseph Cassenora, assistant. South 
side of Tyler street between Jones and Leavenworth. 



ST. BRIDGET'S CHURCH— Rev. T. O. Callahan, 
pastor. Southwest corner of Broadway street and 
Van Ness avenue. 

ST. FRANCIS CHURCH— Rev. John F. Harring- 
ton, pastor; Rev. F. Carraher and Rev. J. O'Connor, 
assistants. Corner of Montgomery avenue and Val- 
lejo street. 

ST. IGNATIUS CHURCH— In charge of the Fathers 
of the Society of Jesus, St. Ignatius College. South 
side Market street between Fourth and Fifth. 

Cullen, pastor ; Rev. William Power, assistant. 
North side Eddy street between Octavia and Laguna. 

ST. JOSEPH'S CHURCH— Rev. Hugh P. Gallagher, 
pastor; Rev. Joseph A. Gallagher, Rev. Lawrence 
Breslin and Rev. Francis Kelly, assistants. West 
side Tenth street between Howard and Folsom. 

ST. MARY'S CATHEDRAL— Most Rev. Joseph S. 
Alemany, archbishop ; Very Rev. John Prendergast, 
V. G. ; Rev. Thomap A. McSweeney, and Rev. P. J. 
Casey assistants ; Father James Flood, Secretary to 
archbishop. Northeast corner California and Dupont 

ST. PATRICK'S CHURCH— Rev. Peter J. Grey, 
pastor. North side Mission street between Third and 

ST. PETER'S CHURCH— Rev. Thomas Gibney, 
pastor. West side Columbia street between Twenty- 
fourth and Twenty-fifth. 

ST. DOMINIC CHURCH— Rev. J. P. Murphy, pas- 
tor. Northwest corner Bush and Steiner streets. 

Dolores street near Sixteenth. 


and First streets. 

MAGDALEN ASYLUM— East side Potrero awenue 
between Twenty-first and Twenty-second streets. 


— Powell street between Greenwich and Lombard. 

SACRED HEART COLLEGE — Southeast corner 
Eddy and Larkin streets. 

Corner Taylor and Ellis streets. 

ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL— Northwest corner How- 
ard and Tenth streets. 

ST. MARY'S COLLEGE— San Jose Road. 

ST. ROSE'S SCHOOL— North side Brannan street 
near Fourth. 

ST. VINCENT'S SCHOOL — South side Mission 
street between Second and Third. 


bins, D .D . , pastor. South side Geary street bet Dupont 
and Stockton. 


ford, pastor. Worship in Red Men's Hall, Post street. 


street between Taylor and Jones. 

CHRISTIAN CHURCH (Disciples)— Hugh B. Rice, 
pastor. South side of Minna street between Fourth 
and Fifth. 

CHURCH OF GOD-A. C. Long, pastor. Worship 
m St. Mark's German Church, Geary street between 
Stockton and Powell. 

MARINERS' CHURCH— Rev. Joseph Rowell, pas- 
tor. Northeast corner of Sacramento and Drumm 

LYCEUM OF SELF CULTURE— 39 Fourth street. 

NEW JERUSALEM CHURCH (Swedenborgian) — 
Rev. John Doughty, pastor. North side of O'Farrell 
street between Mason and Taylor. 

pastor. Hall, 413 Sutter street. 

Latter Day Saints— Meet at71 New Montgomery street. 

rolevansky, arch priest. Corner Pierce and Union 


Superintendent. 8 Ridley street. 

street. Rev. G. W. Mayers in charge. 

oner, presiding. East side of Laguna street between 
Tyler and McAllister. 

SOCIETY OF FRIENDS— Meets Fifteenth District 
Court Room, 8 Montgomery avenue. 

Sutter street. Prayer meetings daily at noon. 

TOONG WA MEAU— Chinese Temple. 921 % Du- 
pont street. 

O'Farrell street. Friedrich Schuenemann Pott lec- 

TION — Northeast corner Stockton and Sacramento 

HIP YEE TONG TEMPLE— 33 Waverly place. 

Heung, superintendent. 230 Montgomery avenue. 

ASSOCIATION— 5 Brenham place. Rev. W. C. Pond 
ia charge. 

CHINESE JOSS HOUSE— Hop Wo & Co., 751 Clay. 


Public Schools of San Francisco. 


Office, 22, City Hall. 

BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL— W. T. Reid, principal. 
North side Sutter street between Goughand Octavia. 

principal. Broadway street between Powell and 

Barlow, principal. Broadway street between Mont- 
gomery andSansome. 

—Mrs. C. F. Plunkett, principal. Bush street be- 
tweenStockton and Dupont. 

CASTRO-ST. SCHOOL— Mrs. F. A. Banning, prin- 
cipal. Castro street between Eighteenth and Nine- 

Bois, principal . Geary street between Jones and Leav- 



Deane, principal. Columbia street between Twenty- 
fiifth and Twenty-sixth. 

principal. Corner Bush and Taylor streets. 

principal. Eighth street between Bryant and Harri- 

van, principal. Eighth street between Bryant and 

Fairchild, principal. Chenery street near Randall. 

cen, principal. Northwest corner Fourth and Clara 

son, principal. Geary street between Pierce and 

Trask, principal. Greenwich 6treet between Jones 
and Leavenworth. 

GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL— John Swett, principal. 
Bush street between Hyde and Larkin. 

Brown, principal. McAllister street between Franklin 
and Gough. 

Stowell, prin-ipal. Grove street between LarUa and 

Moore, principal. Jackson street between Websb r 
and Fillmore. 

Meeker, principal. Seventh avenue near R. 

principal. Fifth street between Market and Mission. 

van, principal. Bryant street between Sixth and 

Goldsmith, principal. Point Lobos avenue near 
Parker avenue. 

SCHOOL — Miss Alice M. Btincen, principal. Market 

street between Seventh and Eighth 

Manning, principal. Fifth street between Market 
and Mission (rear Lincoln Grammar School). 

ler, principal. Mission street between Fifteenth and 

principal. Mission street between Fift-'inth and 

principal. Corner Noe and Temple streets. 

Miss Kate Kennedy, principal. Filbert street be- 
tween Taylor and Jones. 

Dwyer, principal. San Miguel Road near Ocean 
House Road. 

Miss Hannah Cooke, principal. Pine street between 
Larkin and Polk. 

principal. Nineteenth avenue near Point Lobos 

POTRERO SCHOOL— W. \\. Stone, principal. Cor. 
ner Kentucky and Napa stn i ts. 

Gummer, principal. Powell strei t between Washing- 
ton and Jackson. 

RINCON grammar SCHOOL— Miss E. A. Cleve- 
land, principal. Silv<r Btreel between Second and 

Clprico, principal. Sau Bruno Road near Serpen- 
tine avenue. 

A. Hill, principal. Bhotwell street between Twenty- 
second and Twenty-third. 

Smith, principal. Bilver stn i and 



Anderson, principal. Broadway street near Polk. 

i. Bet bet, principal 
Van Nehs avenne. 


telnun, pru I etwei o 

Stock! 11 ana I > 11 1 ont. 

Bmlsiili, principal. William rtr< 1 1 at »r B 


man, principal, i irteenth avenne near L 

SPRING v.M.i.i ■ v PRIM \\.\ BCEKX 
A. Hurley, principal, i nlon street near Franklin. 

principal. Tehama i-tr. 1 1 1" twe< n Fii>t and 

burne, principal. Turk stn et bi 


Mrs. E. B. Jones, principal, '1 > 1 • r itr. 
Jones and Leavenwartli. 

TYLER-8T. 1 RIM LRY sen 
principal. Tyler stn 

! mm \i: SCHOOL 0. V. Trne, prim i- 
pal. I'ni ii t-tn it In twi . n Ki amy and Montgomery. 

UNION PRIMARY 8CH< Grillilh. prin- 

cipal. North-weal corner of Filbert and Kearny 


VAI.1M I\.SI'. i. BOOL- S. A. Whit. 

principal. Valencia strc. ' 
and Twenty-third 


r, prim ipal. Sou - . Wasblng- 

ton and MiaBon -treets. 

WEST END SCHOOL— B.L.Brown, principal. San 
Jose Road near Six-mile House. 

Miscellaneous Institutions. 

nard, President and Principal Business Department; 
P. A. E6pina Principal Penmanship Depart 
George B. Barnard, Telegraph Operator: Alexander 
B. Barnard, Instructor in Accounts. This instituti n 
i- under charge of gentlemen of high buM 
cations, and deservedly ranks among the first 
ness Colleges of the Pacific Coast. Location, 120 Sut- 
ter street. 

CLARKE INSTITUTE— Miss M. F. Austin, Princi- 
pal ; Miss Martin, Tc.'ichcr of Latin: Miss ratlin, 
Teacher of Primary Department ; Mrs. E. Walton, 
Teacher of Elocution; Mile. Le Bois, Teacher of 
French ; Miss Merker. Teacher of German ; Mre. 
Stetson, Teacher of Vocal Music. Location, south- 
east corner of Mason and O'Farrell streets. 

Sister Aloyse of the Cross, Superioress. This college 
was founded in 1866, and chartered in 1876 by act of 
the Legislature, and empowered to confer collegiate 
honors. Location, Dolores street opposite the Old 
Mission Church. 

ment of Pharmacy of the University of California: 
William Geary, President ; William T. Wenzell, First 
Vice-President; James Topley, Second Vice-President; 
James G. Steele, Corresponding Secretary; F. C. Bauer, 
Recording Secretary ; William J. Bryan, Treasurer ; 
Emlen Painter, Librarian and Curator ; William M. 
Searby, Editor ; William T. Wenzell, John Conveler, 
A. L. Lengfeld, Max Tschirner, Emlen Painter, C. 
L. Zeile and J. G. Steele, Trustees. Faculty — Profes- 
sor JohnLe Conte. M. D., President ; Wm. T. Wenzell, 
Professor of Chemistry ; W. A. Searby, Professor of 
Materia Medica ; Emlen Painter, Professor of Phar- 
macy ; Hermann Behr, M. D., Professor of Botany, 
Lectures at the Hall of the Academy of Science, 
southwest corner of Dup<~ it and California streets, 
Tuesday and Friday evenings, lecture season com- 
mencing the second Tuesday in March. Emlen 
Painter, Secretary of the Board of Trustees and ex- 
officio Dean of the Faculty. Office, southeast corner 
of Clay and Kearny streets. 

William Geary President ; James G. Steele, Corres- 
ponding Secretary 

President, Superintendent of Course of Instruction 
and Business Manager; F. C. Woodbury, Secretary, 
Superintendent of School Departments, Instructor in 
Commercial Calculation and Lecturer on Business 
Correspondence ; H. M. Stearns, Superintendent of 
Actual Business Department and Instructor in the 
Science of Accounts ; A. B. Capp, Superintendent of 
Theoretical Department and Teacher of Business Pen- 
manship and Bookkeeping; W. H. H. Valentine, 
Teacher of Bookkeeping,Commercial Calculations and 
Science of Accounts; T. R. Southern, superintendent 
of Academic Department and Teacher of Mathematics 
and Penmanship; F. Seregni, Professor of Plain and 
Ornamental Penmanship; Mrs. Clara Woodbury, As- 
stant Teacher in Theoretical Department; Mrs. W. J. 
Hamilton, Superintendent of Telegraxshic Depart- 
ment; Mrs. A. M. Hatch, Teacher of Phonography; 
A. P. DuBief, Teacher of French; George Jebens, 
Teacher of German; C. F. Morel, Teacher of Spanish; 
j A. Van der Naillen, Professor of Higher Mathematics, 
I Surveying, Engineering, Navigation and Mechanical 
! Drawing; Lloyd Baldwin (member of the San Fran- 
: Cisco bar) , Lecturer on Commercial Law. 

This popular institution is permanently located 
in College Building, 2i Post street. For extensive 
j and elegantly appointed rooms, the thoroughness and 
completeness of its commercial and general course of 
studies, and the ability and high reputation of its 
instructors, Heald's Business College is unrivalled. 

INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL— D. C. Woods, Superin- 
Jtendent; H. C. Castello, Clerk; John Cecil, Principal; 
[John Keary, Assistant Teacher; H. C. Mehden, Music 
[Teacher; B. Dean, Visiting Physician. Located on 
I the Old San Jose Road, four miles from the City 

tion, 115 Haight street. Prelimity course commences 
[in January ; regular course, first Monday in June. 
[Faculty — A. J. Bowie, M. D., Emeritus Professor of 
[Surgery, Henry Gibbons, M. D., Professor of the 
l?iinciples and Practice of Medicine ; L. C. Lane, 
[Vf.D., Professor of Surgery and Surgical Anatomy and 
piinical Surgery; C. N. Ellinwood, M. D., Professor 
j>f Physiology; Adolph Barkan, M. D., Professor of 
Ophthalmology and Otology; Jos. H. Wythe, M. D., 
I Professor of Microscopy and Biology ; Henry Gibbons, 
Ir., M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and diseases of 

women and children ; Wm. A. Douglass, M D Profes 
sor of Clinical Surgery ; Wm. T. Wenzell, M. D Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry and Toxicology • W. T Wythe 
M. D., Professor of Anatomy ; Joseph O. Hirschf elder' 
M.D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics- 
O. G. Kenyon, M.D., Demonstrator; Henry Gibbons' 
jr., M. D., Dean. Office, 26 Montgomery street. 

lain, jr., and Thos. A. Robinson, Proprietors. Heads 
of College Departments: W. E. Chamberlain, jr 
Principal Actual Business Department and lecturer 
on Commercial Science and Business Customs ; Thos. 
A. Robinson, Principal English and Mathematical 
Departments and lecturer on Commercial Calcula- 
tions and Business Correspondence ; T. Benton Julian, 
Principal Theoretical Departments and Instructor in 
the Science of Accounts and Commercial Correspond- 
ence ; C. E. Newman, Principal Business and Or- 
namental Penmanship Department ; Lawrence F. 
Clar, Principal Telegraphic Department ; A. P. Van 
Duzer (Assistant United States Attorney), lecturer 
Commercial Law Department; Chas. F. Morel, Teach- 
er Department of Modern Languages. Location, No. 
320 Post street. 

SACRED HEART COLLEGE— Brother Genebern, 
Principal; Brother' Joachim, Treasurer; Frank Wie- 
chert, Frederick Schorc and O. Seliger, Music Teach- 
ers. Corner Larkin and Eddy streets. 

Location, No. 121 Haight. W. A. Scott, D.D.. Presi- 
dent ; Stephen Franklyn, Secretary ; Mrs. L. A. 
Miller, Matron. 

ST. IGNATIUS COLLEGE— Very Rev. Aloysius 
Varsi, Superior General ; John Pinesco, President; 
Rev. Anthony Maraschi, Treasurer ; Rev. Florence 
Sullivan, Professor of Classic Languages and English; 
Rev. Joseph Bayma, Professor of Mathematics ; Rev- 
Jos. M. Neri, Professor of Natural Philosophy; Rev. 
Joseph Tadini, Professor of Moral Philosophy; Rev. 
Peter O. Flynn, Professor of English ; Daniel Crowley, 
Professor of Languages; Domini ck Giacobbi, Professor 
of Ancient Languages and Mathematics; James O'Sul- 
livan, Professor of English and Ancient Languages; 
Rev. James M. Buchard and Rev. Michael Accolti, 
clergymen ; Rev. Jeremiah Collins, disciplinarian. 
841 Market street 

ST. MARY'S COLLEGE — Brother Justin, Presi- 
dent. San Jose Road, near Islais Creek. 

ST. VINCENT'S SCHOOL— Conducted by the Sis- 
ters of Charity. South side Mission street near Third. 

Principal ; Horace Clark, Financial Agent ; Daniel 
Gamble, Manager Business Department; James C. 
Brogan, Professor of Latin and Greek ; W. E. Mac- 
intire, Professor of Mathematics; A. R. Wh'itehill, 
Professor of Natural Sciences; Louis Holz, Professor 
of Music; Charles Eisenschimel, Instructor in Pen- 
manship ; James D. Andrews, Instructor in Gymnas- 
tics. Location, west side of San Bruno Road be- 
tween Wayland and Henry. _ 

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE— Rev. James Matthews, 
D.D., Principal ; Rev. G. W. Mayer, Prof essor of Ger- 
man ; Carl Eisenschimel, Professor of Penmanship ; 
Miss H. M. Phippen, Teacher in English Department. 
Corner Haight and Octavia streets. 

URBAN ACADEMY— N. W. Moore, Principal and 
Teacher of Latin ; Evelyn Nixon, Teacher of Greek ; 
C Brier Teacher of Mathematics and English branch- 
es generally; T. Soltke, Teacher of German; Charles 
Morel, Teacher of French; Miss C. S. Kirkland, 
Teacher Primary Department ; J. I. Housman, 
Teacher of Elocution ; J. B. Wandesforde, Teacher 
of Drawing ; C. Eisenschimel, Teacher of Writing. 
Location, southwest corner of Mason and Geary 





DRUIDS' LIBRARY— Druids' Hall, 413 Sutter. 

FREE READING ROOM — Basement Mariner's 
Church, corner Drunini and Sacramento streets. 

FRENCH LIBRARY— Marc de Kirwan, President, 
Victor Ressayre, Secretary. Volumes in library. 
11,000. Location, 120 Sutter street, rooms 16 and 17; 

Free reading room and library for 6eamen of all 
nations. Location, northeast corner of Front and 

MECHANICS' INSTITUTE— Board of Trustees : 

A. S. Hallidie, President ; P. B. Cornwall, Vice- 
President ; Horace L. Davis, Treasurer; James 
Duffy, Recording Secretary ; E. L. Ransome, Corres- 
ponding Secretary; George Spaulding, Jason Drury, 
C. Waterhouse, A. R. Wells, J. B. Stetson, H. L. 
Hutchinson, H. L. Smith, A. L. Fish and James 
Spiers. G. C. Hurlburt, Librarian ; Mrs. H. Chick 
and Arthur M. Jellison, Assistant Librarians. Loca- 
tion, No. 27 Post street. 

W. Brooks, President ; Henry P. Bowie, Vice-Presi- 
dent ; Francis Avery, Recording Secretary ; Justin 
P. Moore, Corresponding Secretary ; Geo. C. Hlckox, 
Treasurer ; Andrew McF. Davis, Charles R. Allen, 
John R. Jarboe, Pelham W. Ames, Henry K. Moore, 
Prentiss Selby, N. B. Stone, Robert Barton, Raphael 
Weill, Trustees ; Alfred E. Whitaker, Librarian ; L. 

B. Wetherbee, Thomas Cleary, Gustavus Schwarz- 
mann. Assistant Librarians. Volumes in Library, 
47,000. Location, No. 216 Bush Street. 

MILITARY LIBRARY— John McComb, President ; 
David Wilder, Secretary and Librarian ; W. H. L. 
Barnes, George W. Granniss, Oscar Woodhams, S. J. 
Kellogg, jr., S." W. Backus, D. W. Laird and H. P. 
Bush, Directors. 328 Montgomery street. 

M. Boyd, President; Daniel McLaren, Vice-President; 
Henry C. Squire, Recording Secretary; Edward B. 
Read, Corresponding Secretary; William H. Watson, 
Treasurer. Volumes in Library, 32,991. 325 Mont- 
gomery street. 

— J. P. Hoge, President j G. G. W. Hoge, Secretary and 
Librarian ; John Dewitt, Assistant Librarian. Vol- 
umes in Library, 17,000. 28 Montgomery Block. 

BRARY— Jacob S. Taber, President; E.Irving Smith, 
Recording Secretary ; B. K. Christopher, Corres- 
ponding Secretary ; J. K. S. Latham, Treasurer ; Rev. 
H. Cox. D.D., Chaplain and Librarian. Number of 
volumes, 3,500. 232 Sutter 6treet. 

Medical Societies. 

Ayer, San Francisco, President; Dr. L. C. Lane, San 
Francisco, first Vice-President ; Dr. A. W. Saxe, 
Santa Clara, second Vice-President ; Dr. J. M. Brice- 
land, Shasta, third Vice-President ; Dr. Thomas Ross, 
Yolo, fomth Vice-President ; Dr. Tyrrell, Sacramento, 
Permanent Secretary ; W. F. Wythe and F. W. Hatch, 
Jr., Assistant Secretaries; Ira E. Oatman, Treasurer. 
Drs. Tyrrell, J. C. Van Wyck, Q. C. Smith, D. B. 
Dean, and P. Chamberlain, Board of Censors 

President ; Drs. J. N. Eckel and A. A. Theise, Vice- 
Presidents; Dr. Geo. H. Jenks, Recording Secretary; 
Dr. Sidney North, Corresponding Secretary; Drs. T, 
C. Coxhead, J. N. Self ridge, J. A. Albertson, C. W. 
Breyfogle, Board of Censors. 

OF CALIFORNIA— Dr. A. McRea, President; Dr. C. C. 
Mason, first Vice-President ; Dr. L. B. Hoag, second 
Vice-President ; Dr. F. C. ;Cook, Recording Been tary ; 
Dr. A. c. Stoddard, Corresponding Secretary; D». J. 
W. Webb, Treasurer, and Drs. M. F. Clayton a. 

and E. F. Curtis. Censors. Meetc 
Tuesday in December, April, July and Ootobl rat the 
Palace Hotel. 

N. Ellinwood, President; Dr. H, W. 1,-1, , n , ,, tary. 
Meetings are held at Bed Men's Hall, on the second 
and fonrtb Tuesdays of every month. 

G. W. Jenkins, President; It. Clark L. Qottard, 
Secretary. Meets on the Becond Monday in eaoh 

mmith in the ladies' parlor of the YottSg Ml irt 

Christian Association Hall. 

ETY— Meets "ii tin third Wedni i u month. 
Dr, Alexander McBea, President; Dr. I.. B 
Vice-President: Dr. W, B. Q. Samuels, Secretary. 

Hospitals and Asylums. 

ALMS HOUSE— M. J. Keating, Superint' nhi.t ; 
Samuel R. (airy, Besldenl Physician : Mrs, Mary A. 
Keating, Matron ; Oustave Baarer, Clerk. Mission 
i an Beach Road, 4 h Miles from City Hall. 

Adolphe Low, President ; W. li. Johnston, Vi 
dent; B. P. Murphy, Secretary ; Jonathan Hui 
urer ; J. K. 8. Latham, J. X. 1 1 • - > t . lames Llnfoith, 
Alex. Campbell, L. Kllgour, \v. N. Olmstead and .1. ll. 
Bolton, Trustees. John Scott, M. I'.. Surgeon-in- 

■ narles E. Blake, M. D., Hon 
George Chismore, M. D., W. S. Mulwell, M. D.. I. 0. 
Lyman. M. D., John Wagner, M. D., Assistant sur- 
Northwest corner Howard and Twelfth streets. 

D., Resident PbyBiclan; W. H. Mays, Assistant, 
H. A. Shelton, Steward; E. Fitzgerald, Apothecary; 

H. H.Toland, M. D.. W. A. Douglas .M.J).. CM. 
Bsfti b, M. D., H. Gibbous. M. I'., visiting Pbyslclans. 

East side Potrero avenue between Twenty-second and 
Tw'iity-fourth streets. 

FRENCH HOSPITAL— Physicians of the Society: 
City attendance. Dr. G. Gross, 413 Bush street, 
consultations from 1 to 3 p. m. Hospital at- 
endance, Dr. li. Hoffstetter, 114 Ellis street, con- 
sultations from 12 to 1 p.m.; Dr. C. B. Brigham, 703 
Market street, consultations from 1 to 3 p.m.; consul- 
tati ns at the hospital, from 7 to 8 a.m. Dr. J. B. 
Be.-hunger, Assistant Physician, 704 Sacramento 
street. Location, south 6ide of Bryant between Fifth 
and Sixth 

GERMAN HOSPITAL— J. Regensburger, M. D., A. 
Wilhelm, M.D., Jos. Prosek, M.D., Julius Rosenstirn, 
and Wm. F. Smith, M.D., Physicians; Ed. Knurr, Su- 
perintendent. Hospital, corner of Fourteenth and 
Noe, office, 732 Washington. E. Roemer, General 

In charge of the Sisters of Mercy. Northeast corner 
Bryant Street and Rincon place. 

President; John F. English, Secretary; Frank G. Ed- 
wards, Treasurer ; A. P. Hayne, M. D., Resident Phys- 
ician. Corner Stockton and Chestnut streets. 

KONG CHOW ASYLUM- Ah Sing, Ah Ho and Sing 
Ha, proprietors. Pine street above Kearny. 

Mrs. N. Gray, President ; Mrs. G. Barstow, Vice-Pres- 
ident ; Mrs.M.M. Soule, Recording Secretary: Mrs.lC. 
Jackson^Corresponding Secretary; Sirs. J.*H. Flint, 
Treasurer ; Miss McGladery, Matron. Southeast cor- 
ner Post and Franklin streets. 



MAGDALEN ASYLUM— In charge of the Sisters of 
Mercy. East side Potrero avenue between Twenty- 
first and Twenty-second streets. 

MARINE HOSPITAL (U. S.)— An institution for 
merchant seaman only. Is a very complete hospital 
establishment; situated at Mountain Lake, on the 
Presidio Beservation, four milee northwest from City 
Hall ; reached by way of First avenue. The hospital 
maintains an ambulance communication daily from 
the city office of the Surgeon in charge. Dr. C. N. 
Ellinwood, 715 Clay street, corner of Kearny. Patients 
have first to obtain the certificate of the Collector of 
Customs that they are merchant seamen, at the time 
of application, before they can be admitted. 

Levy, President ; Louis Sachs, Vice-President ; Jacob 
Greenebaum, Treasurer ; Leo Eloesser, Secretary ; 
East side Devisadero street between Hayes and Grove. 

Bt. Bev. William Ingraham Kip, D.D., President; 
Bev. H. D. Lathrop, D.D., Vice-President; Hiram T. 
Graves, Secretary ; C. V. S. Gibbs, Treasurer. Loca- 
tion, 109 Van Ness avenue. 

Keeney, President ; Mrs. Ira P. Bankin, Vice-Pres- 
ident ; Mrs. Henry H. Haight, Treasurer; Mrs. P. 
MacOrellish, Secretary ; Mrs. S. C. Whigham, Matron ; 
Benjamin B. Swan, M. D., Physician South side 
Haight street between Laguna and Buchanan. 

Erances McEnnis, President; Mary A. Maginnis, Sec- 
etary. N street between Eighteenth and Twentieth 
avenues, South San Francisco. Branch Asylum — Sis- 
ter Bernice Williams, President ; Generose Byan, Sec- 
retary; Eulalie Ward, Treasurer. East side Q street 
between Seventeenth and Nineteenth avenues, South 
San Francisco. 

Conkling, President; Mrs. Dr. Hutchins, Secretary: 
Mrs. L. Thompson, Treasurer; C. B. Hutchins. M. D., 
Physician. South side Clay street between Stockton 
and Powell. 

FOUNDLING ASYLUM— Samuel Cowles, President ; 
Benjamin F. Hardy, M. D., Secretary, Attending 
Physician and Surgeon. 762 Mission street. 

ST. LUKE'S HOSPITAL— Joseph G.Eastland, Presi- 
dent ; George H. Mendell, Secretary ; E. W. Kirkham, 
Treasurer; Geo. H. Jenks, M. D., Superintendent. East 
side San Jose avenue between Twenty-seventh and 
Twenty-eighth streets. 

ST. MABY'S HOSPITAL — G. J. Phelan, M. D., 
Eesident Physician; James Murphy, M. D., and Fran- 
cis P. Kane, M.D., Visiting Physicians. Northwest 
corner First and Bryant streets. 

ST. BONIFACE'S ASYLUM— Location, 112 Grove, 
between Polk and Van Ness avenue; Catherine Gross, 

PACIFIC DISPENSABY— Open on Tuesdays, Thurs- 
days and Saturdays. Medical College, 115 Haight 

daily ; 843 Howard ; Mrs. W. T. Eeid, Secretary. 

DEEN — Location, 20% Stockton; open daily. Mrs. 
A. L. Stone, President ; Mrs. Henry M. Gray, Secre- 
tary ; Mrs. O. W. Eaton, Treasurer. 


CALVARY— South side of Geary street between 
Broderick and Parker avenue. 

CITY CEMETEEY— Near Point Lobos avenue, five 
miles from City Hall. 

HOME OF PEACE— Between Dolores and Church, 
Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. 

LAUREL HILL— Charles H. Crowell, superintend- 
ent. South side of California street between Ceme- 
tery and First avenues. 

MASONIC — John G. Gay, superintendent. Be- 
tween Turk and Fulton streets, Masonic and Parker 

ODD FELLOWS' — Between Point Lobos avenue 
and Turk street, Parker and First avenues. 

SHEEITH ISEAEL— Between Dolores and Church, 
Nineteenth and Twentieth streets. 

Boad, near Pacific Ocean. 

Secret Societies. 


ing at Masonic Temple in October, 1876. 

M.-. W.-. John Mills Browne, Grand Master, Vallejo. 
E.\W. - . Charles Louis Wiggin, Deputy Grand Mas- 
ter, San Francisco. 
R.'.W.*. William Wilson Taylor, Senior Grand War- 
den, San Francisco. 
E.'.W.". William Henry Crane, Junior Grand War- 
den, Susanville 
V.'.W.\ Moses Heller, Grand Treasurer, San Fran- 
V.'.WV. Alex. Gurdon Abell, Grand Secretary, San 

V/.E/. John Harmon C. Bonte, Grand Chaplain, 

W. - . Thomas Guard, Grand Orator, San Fran- 

W.-. William Edward Moody, Assistant Grand 
Secretary, San Francisco. 

W." . John Werner Shaeffer, Grand Lecturer, San 

W.". Henry Sumner Smith, Grand Marshal, San 

W. 1 . Samuel Graves, Grand Bible Bearer, San 

W. - . William Monroe Petrie, Grand Standard 
Bearer, Sacramento. 

W. - . Benjamin Brundage, Grand Sword Bearer, 

W.'. John Sweany, Senior Grand Deacon, Dixon. 

W.- . Ellison L. Crawford, Junior Grand Deacon, 

W.-. Theodore Eeiser, Senior Grand Steward, 

W.' . Eussell Parkhurst, Junior Grand Steward, 

W.-. Warren Guilford Holmes, Grand Pursuivant, 

W.-. Samuel David Mayer, Grand Organist, San 

W.-. James Oglesby, Grand Tyler, San Francisco. 

Trustees of the Reserve Fund— M.-. W.-. George 
Clement Perkins, P. G. M., San Francisco j E.-. W.-. 
William Wilson Traylor, S. G. W., San Francisco ; 
V.-. W.-. Moses Heller, Grand Treasurer, San Fran- 

There are 203 Lodges in the jurisdiction, number- 
ing in all 12,000 members. 

CALIFOENIA LODGE, No. 1— Meets at Masonic 
Temple on Thursday evenings. Franklin H. Day, 
Master- George Johnson, Senior Warden; Alison 
Van Denburgh, Junior Warden; Arthur S. Peterson, 
Treasurer; George T. Grimes, Secretary. 

CEOCKETT LODGE, No. 139— Meets at Masonic 
Temple on Friday evenings. Eobert H. Barclay, Mas- 
ter; Samuel Simmons, Senior Warden; Charles O. 
Dean, Junior Warden; Peter C. Miller, Treasurer ; 
C. Hildebrandt, Secretary. 



DORIC LODGE, No. 216— Meets fit Km 
PythiasHall on Thursday evenings. William Meyers, 
Master; L. Nickel, Senior Warden; John C. Murphy. 
Junior Warden; S. S. Arnheim, Treasurer; Louis 
Flatau, Secretary. 

EXCELSIOR LODGE, Xo. 166— Meets at Masonic 
Temple on Wednesday evenings. Wendell 
Master; George H. Randall, Senior Warden; Thomas 
T. Atkinson, Junior Warden; A. Dond, Tr usurer; 
D. L. Thomas, Secretary. 

FIDELITY LODGE, Xo. 120— Meets at Masonic 
Temple on Thursday evenings. Isaac Stra- 
Master; Jacob Luchsinger, Senior Warden 
L. Pierce, Junior Warden; Lewis Emanuel, Treas- 
urer; Jacob Thalheimer, Si on I 

GOLDEN GATE LODGE, Xo. 80— Meets at Uasonlc 

Temple on Tuesday evenings. Hi 
ter; Slade A. Earle Jr., Senior Wardi 
Scott, Junior Warden; C. 11. Wetherbi e, Tri 
A. A. Hobe, Secretary. 

HERMAXX LODGE, No. 127 ■ Meets at 
Temple on Monday evenings. Christian I! 
Master; Julius George, Senior Warden; 
Junior Warden; J. Jouassen, Treasurer; L. Bobn- 
macher, Secretary. 

Temple on Friday evenings. Phllippi 
ter; Frederic Lagrange, Benior warden; 
Roblnet, Junior Warden ; Francois P. M 

Urerj Armnnd Leiuardelay, S' I retary. 

MISSIOX LODGE. Xo. 169— Meets at corn r 7aJ« :,- 
cia and Sixteenth Streets, on Wednesdaj • 
Columbus Waterhousc, Master; Albert 
Senior Warden; Joseph McMath, Junior Warden; 
William Ede, Treasurer ; Janus R. Bnscelll 

sonic Temple on Wednesday evenings. M.J [ 
Master; G. A. P. Seiler, Senior Warden; Harvej Mat- 
thews, Junior Warden ; George C. Hickox, Ti 
Charles F. Brown, Secretary. 

Temple on Monday evenings. James K. Wi! 
ter ; William Macdonald, Senior Warden ; B. P. Flint. 
Junior Warden; Hiram Rosekrans, Treasurer : Wil- 
liam E. Moody, Secretary. 

ORIENTAL LODGE. Xo. 144 — Meets at Masonic 
Temple on Tuesday evenings. B. F. Preston, Mas- 
ter; William Vale. Senior Warden; George H. Thomp- 
son, Junior Warden ; W. F. Dorrance, Treasurer ; 
William H. Loring, Secretary. 

PACIFIC LODGE, Xo. 136— Meets at Knights of 
Pythias Hall on Tuesday evenings. Charles G. Ewiug. 
Master; John F. Byxbee, Senior Warden; 
Junior Warden ; J. P. Freanor, Treasurer; George 
Penlington, Secretary. 

on Thursday evenings. Theodore H. Bloomer. Master: 
Elias C. Hare, Senior Warden: David B. Todd, Junior 
Warden; Henry C. Birbe, Treasurer; C. E. Dunshee, 

Masonic Temple on Saturday evenings. C. Balzarini, 
Master ; G. C. Sala, Senior Warden ; Antonio Daneri, 
Junior Warden ; Natalie Giamboni, Treasurer ; Ben- 
jamin Moron, Secretary. 

Chapters Royal Arch Masons. 

THE STATE OF CALIFORXIA— Annual convocation, 
on the second Tuesday in April, at Masonic Temple, 
San Francisce . 

Ml » I 

Henry H. Knap]. <. 11. r Napa 

John M.Brown D G. H Vallejo 

Xathan W. BpauMlng. ..«.. K Oakland 

Wiley .1. Tiiiiiiu 

Hiram i T sau Francisco 

I'harb sL. W) i ranclsoo 

Bamui I Or G. < 

Thomas H. Caswell. ... G 1 


Leonidas E. Pratt G. R. '•. 

Samuel D. Mayi r . . . 

I San 1 I 

< . I.. . d, II. P.; Abrabai 
Wilson, - 

I. llu-k. II. • KcM 

G. M. 2d V.; Qi 
D. Mayi r. i iard. 

BAN I RAM [SCO, N ill. vim. 11. 

rd T. Anthony, Kiln M I H 

s..i. koblman, < ' ■ I n 
P. Km- I 

M. l-t V 

(..nix ii. BojaJ Select Haetet ■taeeaA 

N( ii. koi m. ■ 
Dually at Masonic Ha). 

Geo. Tutll. i. i -an. ■!».-.) 

William M. Pi tri( . . . I' G 

O. 111. Ma-P r 

Edward K. Hi 

Win. Wilson Trayloi 

Bamuel 1 1 . . 

Daniel P : 

tii.. I 

c\\i ii 0BB1 r. Grow a, i 

i Ki b, D. I M William Jeffi 

Henry Bdwar 
corder; John 0. Harringb i 


( oiiiiun n<lerleH Kni^hta Templar. 
vocation : t Masonic Temple, San Fran 
second Friday in April. 

nl HCEK8. 

Hiram T. Graves G. Commander.. .San FranelaOO 

A. A. Redington D. G. <3om Baa 

E. R. Hedges G. i»'H' ralissim 

Bruce B. Lee G. < . Genfaral 

Samuel Graves G. Prelate San Francisco 

E. A. Rodgers G. S. Warden 

Wm. Monroe PetricG. J. Warden Bacramento 

Alexander G. Abell.. .G. Treasurer San Francisco 

Charles L. Wiggin . . .G. Recorder San Framisco 

Leonidas E. Pratt G. S. Bearer San Francisco 

Jacob Hart Xeff G. Sword Bearer Auburn 

Rollin C. Gaskill G. Warden Oakland 

James Oglesby G. C. of the Gds.San Francisco 

CALIFORXIA COMMANDER! No. 1— stated meet- 
ings on Friday evenings at the Asylum of the Com- 
mandery, Masonic Hall. Wm. H. L. Ban.- 
mander: Henry H. Blake, Generalissimo; R. H. 
Lloyd, Captain* General; Charles L. Wiggin, Prelate; 
William Harney, Recorder: Henry E<\ 
Warden: Jos. M. Litchfield, Junior Warden: Henry 
H. Pearson, Standard Bearer; David W. Laird. Bword 
Bearer; Lucien Thompson, Warden: Jam' - 
by. Sentinel. Sir Isaac D. Huntoon, Tristam Burgess 
and Charles Steiger, Guards 



Consistory of A and A. S. R. of Masonry. 

Masonic Temple, in San Francisco, on the second 
Wednesday in January. Its officers for the term 
ending December, 1879, are: 

111.-. Wm. A. Davies, Very HI.-. Grard Commander- 

" Washington Ayer, HI.*. First Lieut. Com. or 
Grand Senesehel. 

" Chas. F. Brown, 111.-. Second Lieut. Com. or 
Grand Preceptor. 

" Wm. C. Belcher, 111.-. Grand Constable. 

" Edwin A. Rodgers, 111.-. Grand Admiral. 

" Isaac S. Titus, 111.-. Grand Minister of State. 

" Alex. Burkett, 111.-. Grand Chancellor. 

" Wm. Jeffrey, 111.-. Grand Hospitaller and Al- 

" George J. Hobe, 111.-. Grand Registrar. 

" A. F. Williams, 111.-. Grand Keeper of Seals 
and Archives. 

" David W. Laird, 111. 

" A. A. McAllister, 111 

Grand Treasurer. 
. Grand Primate. 

" Stephen Wing, HI.- . Provost Grand Master of Cer- 

" Wm. S. Moses, 111.-. Grand Expert. 

" Marcus C. Meyer, 111.-. Assistant Grand Expert. 

" Moses Rosenbaum, 111.-. Grand Btausenifer. 

" Simon W. Levy, 111.-. Gr. Bearer of the Vex. 
Belli, or Battle Flag. 

" C. Waterhouse, 111.-. Grand Master of the Guards. 

" Jeremiah E.Whitcher, 111.-. Gr. Chamberlain. 

" Wm. McCrindle, 111.-. Grand Steward. 

" Chas. J. Prescott, 111.- . Gr. Aid-de-Camp to Grand 

" Thomas Driver, 111.-. Sentinel. 

KNIGHTS KADOSH— Meets at the Masonic Temple. 
Its officers for the term ending April, lt-80, are: Sir 
Kt. Charles F. Brown, Very Em. Commander; Sir 
Kt. Wm. T. Bradbury, Em. First-Lieutenant Comman 
der; D. W. Laird, Em. Second-Lieutenant Commander; 
Sir Kt. Wm. J. Younger, Exc. Chancellor; Sir Kt. 
Wm. Jeffray, Ex. Orator; Sir Kt. William J. Ham- 
ilton, Ex. Almoner: Sir Kt. George J. Hobe, Ex. Re- 
corder; Sir Kt. Moses Heller, Ex. Treasurer; Sir Kt. 
William S. Moses, Yen. Master of Ceremonies; Sir 
Kt. M. C. Meyer, Val. Turcopilier: Sir Kt. Moses 
Rosenbaum, Wor. Draper; Sir Kt. Samuel W. Levy 
Worthy First Deacon: Sir Kt. Samuel W. Rosenstock, 
Worthy Second Deacon; Sir Kt. William McCrindle, 
Bearer of Beauscant; Sir Kt. W. H. Pearson, Bearer 
of the First Standard: Sir Kt. Wm. Stuart, Bearer 
of the Second Standard; Sir Kt. Mortimer J. Lewis, 
Lieutenant of the Guard; , Sentinel. 

—Meets at the Masonic Temple. Its officers for the 
term ending April, 1878, are : Sir Kt. William S. 
Moses.M. W. M.; SirKt. Henry F. Stivers, E. S.W.; Sir 
Kt. Geo. W. Roberts.E. J. W.; SirKt. Geo.Spaulding, 
V. O.; Sir Kt. W. Jeffray, V. A.; Sir Kt. Geo. J. Hobe, 
V. S.; SirKt. Moses Heller, V. T.; Sir Kt. James H; 
Mitchell. V. M. of C; SirKt. Frank A. Reynolds, V. S. 
E.; SirKt. Thomas J. Bass, V. J. E.; Sir Kt. William 
Applegrath, V. G. of T.; Sir Kt. Treat P. Clark, T. 

Meets every Friday evening at Masonic Temple. Its 
officers for the term ending February, 1880, are : 
George W.Roberts, T. P. G. M.; Thomas J. O'Keefe, 
M. E. S. G. W.; Philip Peck, M. E. J. G. W.; Charles 
G. Ewing, E. G. O. ; Bernhard Franz. E. G. A.; John 
H. Titcomb, E. G. S. ; Moses Heller, E. G. T.; David 
Eisner, E. G. M. of C; William S. Downes,R. S. G. 
E.; Stephen T. Foster, R. J. G. E.; Tbeophilus V. 
Walter, V. G. C. of H.; Treat P. Clark, V. G. T. 

Order of the Eastern Star. 

nually in October. 

R. C. Gaskill G. 

Annie E. Douglas G. 

William Adams G. 

Harriet Norcross G. 

Lizzie J. Holmes G. 

AbbieE. Wood G. 

E. D. Bushnell G. 

Anna Cone G. 

Sarah Griffin G. 

Fena W. Ford G. 

S.Jennie Mann G. 

Anna L. Thomas G. 

Lucinda M. Foy G. 

Nellie M. Owens G. 

Barbara MeCune G. 

Sarah Marshall G. 

Malinda C. Parker. . .G. 
David H. Shaw G. 

W. Patron Oakland 

W. Matron San Francisco 

A. Patron Hornitos 

A. Matron San Francisco 

Treasurer Nevada 

Secretary Oakland 

Chaplain San Jose 

Conductress Red Bluff 

A. Conductress. Weaverville 

Marshal Vallejo 

Lecturess San Francisco 

Adah Watsonville 

Ruth Los Angeles 

Esther San Francisco 

Martha Dixon 

Electa Vacaville 

Warder Visalia 

Organist Oakland 

Sentinel Windsor 

day evenings of each week. F. W. G. Moebus, W. 
P.: S.Jennie Mann, W. M.; Lizzie Canham, A.M.; 
Helen A. Shaeffer, Treasurer; Kate Mathews, Secre- 
tary; Margaret M. Morton, Conductress; Amanda L. 
Brown, Associate Conductress; Mollie Neal, Ruth; 
Hattie M. Hulet, Adah: Mary S. Bragg, Esther; Jen- 
nie V. McCormick, Martha; H. Augusta Hobe, Electa; 
Mary S. Munns, Warder; Henry Savage, Sentinel. 

CALIFORNIA CHAPTER NO. 4— Meets on Friday 
evenings of each week. J. W. Anderson, W. P.; E. 
F. Phillips, W. M.; Mary Holland, A. M.; H. N. Nor- 
cross. Treasurer; M. E. Storall, Secretary; Anna 
Houseman, Conductress; Lottie Hartmeyer, Associate 
Conductress; Katie Baker, Adah; Anna B. Anderson, 
Ruth; Maggie Short, Esther; Julia A. Brown, Mar- 
tha; Libbie Churchward, Electa; Josephine Smith, 
Warder; Frank Bigelow, Sentinel; M. E. Gerrish, 

IVY CHAPTER NO. 27— Meets on Tuesday even- 
ings of each week. Charles J. Prescott, W. P.; Nel- 
lie M. Owens, W. M.; Lizzie Higgins, A. M.; Jane 
Rodecker, Treasurer; Ida M. Kerran, Secretary; Liz- 
zie Prescott, Conductress; Susie K. Allen, Associate 
Conductress; Lulu K. Kerran, Adah; May F. Taylor, 
Ruth; Carrie Laidley, Esther; Sophia Hobe, Martha; 
Carrie Anthony, Electa; Clara R. Gray, Warder; 
Henry Bigelow, Sentinel. 

R. Wheaton, President ; Thomas Anderson, Treasurer, 
George J. Hobe, Secretary; John J. Gay, Superin- 
tendent ; T. P. Clark, Collector. 

urday evening at Masonic Temple, M. J. Keating, 
President; E. F. Preston, Treasurer; Chas. McQues- 
tin, Secretary. Election January 1. 

Abell, President ; Henry M. Newhall, Treasurer ; 
William E. Moody, Secretary. 

Colored Masons. 

THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA— Meets annually in 
June at San Francisco. John A. Barker, M. W. G. 
M.; John G.Pallier, R. W. D. G. M.; J. G. Barton, 
R W S G.W.; Thomus Dustin, R. W.J. G.W.; Bar- 
ney Fletcher, R. W.G. T.; J. N. Triplett, R. W. G. S. 

HANNIBAL LODGE, No. 1— Meets every Wednes- 
day evening at the southwest corner of Jackson and 
Powell streets. J. A. Barber, W. M.; John A. Mason, 
S. W.; E. Cooper, J. W.; Geo. A. Derail, Treasurer; 
S. C. Serrington, Secretary. 

VICTORIA LODGE, No. 3— Meets every Monday 
evening at the southwest corner of Jackson and Pow- 
ell streets. A. Loyey, W. M. ; D. W. Ruggles, S. W; 
William Jackson, J.W.; R.Wilkinson, Secretary; Jas. 
R.Young, Treasurer. I 



OLIVE BRANCH LODGE, No. 4— Meets every Tues- 
day evening at Masonic Hall, Pacific street. J. E. 
Francis, W. M.; R. E. Muir, S. W. ; E. A. Clarke, J. 
W.; Thomas M. Groves, Treasurer; William J. Sim- 
mons, Secretary. 

WETHLNGTON LODGE, No. 7— Meets every Thurs- 
day evening at Masonic Hall, Pacific street. Thomas 
Dustin, W. M.; Enoch T. Lewis. S. \V. ; William B. 
Page, J. W.; J. R. Fields, Secretary ; James H. Biker, 

Conventional Independent Grand Chapter 
R. A. M. 

Annual meeting second Tuesday in July oi MCll 
week. R. J. Flether, Grand High Priest : J. H. 
Young, Deputy Graud High Priest;. J. E. Francis, 
Grand King; Wm. J. Simmons, Grand Boril 
ney Fletcher, Grand Treasurer ; C. A. Griffith, Beo- 

ALPHA CHAPTER, NO. 1— Peter Andersen. High 
Priest; C.H.Fisher, King; Samuel A. Smyth 

MOSAIC CHAPTER, NO. 2— Henry Tolbirt, High 
Priest; Thomas Dustin, King; Richard B. Schofleld, 


OMEGA CHAPTER, NO. 8— John Q. Pulli- r. lh. b 
Priest; J. H. Bell, King; N. F. Williams, Boribi . 

KING DAVID CHAPTER. NO. 4— J. N. Triplets 
High Priest; Anthony Osborne, King; J. 1; 

CELESTIAL CHAPTER, NO. !i— R. J. Fletcher, 

High Priest ; D. W. Ruggles, King; Thorn:. 
moil, Scribe. 

Grand Commandery. 


Rt. Rev. W. H. Hillery R. E. G. Commander 

L. J. Brown E. D. G. Commander 

R. J. Fletcher V. B. ci. QeneraUslmo 

James E. Francis E. Qt, Captain • 

Rev. J. R. Young E. <;. Prelate 

E. P.Hilton E. O. s. Warden 

George A. Devall — E. Ci. J. Warden 

John G. Pallier E. O. Treasurer 

Samuel C. Serrington E. G. Recorder 

James H. Hitchings E. G. Standard Bearer 

D. W. Buggies E.G. Sword Bearer 

Thomas Dustin E. W. Warder 

James V. Williams E. G. Captain of thi 

James H. Biker E. G. Marshal 

W.H.Blake E. G. Organist 



E. C. 

ton, E. C. 

Ruggles, E. C. 



The next meeting will be held in San Francisco on 
the second Tuesday in May, 1878. 


F. P. Dann M. W. G. M San Francisco 

Chas. H. Randall.. R. W. D. G. M Sonora 

W. B. Lyon R. W. G. S San Francisco 

H. B. Brooks R. W. G. T San Francisco 

F. G. Beatty R. W. G. Rep Grass Valley 

Colin M. Boyd R. W. «. Rep San Francisco 

A.F.Hitchcock W. G. Chaplain Eureka 

C. C. Terrill W. G. Marshal San Francisco 

Ezra Pearson W. G. Cond San Francisco 

J. H. Knowles W. G. Guardian Petaluma 

E. Dunker W. G. Herald San Francisco 


J. A. McClelland San Francisco 

Lewis Seher San Frandaoo 

George T. Boheu San Franotaoo 

Subordinate !."■!-. ». 

The election for officers of Subordinate LoufBB, 

Encampment* and m semi- 

annually during the last wnks ul Jun- BO I Da • m 

b. r. 

CALIFORNIA. N>. 1 -M lay evenings 

at Odd-Fellows' Hall. N. G., A. H. Grayson ; B. 8., 
W. a. Phillips. 

S\N I !.\\. IBOO * on Frida\ • 

PeUowa' HaU. R. G., Baldwin Oard 
B.i i'«\ id Hntchim 

HABMl :.■>>■ .veiling at 

Odd-Fellows' Hall, N Q . l. oil Ruaebau 


VI BBa lii'. 

Hall N Q . i: I . I 
s.. Daniel Burns. 

TKMl'l M; N IT -Meets on W. In. sdey evenings 
at Odd-Fellows' Hall. N. O., Boberl bright; B. 87, 
L. Wadhiuu. 

m\'.N"I.ia. Ho. '.".' ftfeetaoi Dings at 

Odd-Fellows' Hall. u rbaeh ; B - 

uei Polack. 

I'.AV i 1 iv. do. 71 Meets on Mo day e»< 
Odd-FeUowB' Hsll. N O., M. U rentritt . ). 

E. Lut/. 


R. s.. \v. (,. Bin'hanan. 

OBBKAHIA, N 116 - Meets on W< 

s at Odd-Fellows' Hall. R O., Edward Bofe- 

ger ; B. S.. li. W. I 

at odd-Fellows" Hall. N. O., Era 
C. Trautm r. 

APOLLO, No. 123— Meets on Fridav evenings st 
Odd-Fellows' Hall. N. G., T. G. OockrUl ; B. B., Hi i- 
land Smith. 

PARKER, No. 124— Meets on I uinga at 

Odd-Fellows' Hall. N. «... P. liatto ; J.. B., li lily- 

FXITY, No. 131— Meets at the Mission on Tuesday 
evenings. N. G., F. Fillmore ; R. S., C. P. Gibbons. 

HERMANN, No. 145— Meets onWedaesday evenings 
at Odd Fellows' Hall. N. G., Adolph Osterloh j R. 
B., Alfred Yogel. 

PACIFIC, No. 155— Meets on Thursday, evenings at 
Odd FeUows' Hall. N. G., J. F. Crosett; R. S., John 
B. Gonyeau. 

OPHIR, No. 171— Meets on Wednesday evenings at 
Pythian Castle. N. G., H. B. Mayhew ; B. S., Frank 

OCCIDENTAL, No. 170— Meets on Thursday even- 
ings at Odd Fellows' Hall. N. G., E. W. Nohl ; R. S., 
James H. Woolley. 

COSMOPOLITAN, No. 194 — Meets on Wednesday 
evenings at Odd Fellows' Hall. N. G., James E. 
Dickenson ; R. S.,G. B. Peterson. 

GOLDEN GATE, No. 204— Meets on Tuesday even- 
ings at Odd FeUows' Hall. N. G., Wm. G. O'Hara; 
R. S., J. P. G. MiUer. 

ALTA, No. 205 — Meets on Monday evenings, at 
Pythian Castle. N. G., Chas. W. Bryant; R. S., W. 
K. Gardner. 



FRANCO-AMERICAN, No. 207— Meets on Friday 
evenings at Odd Fellows' Hall. N. G., J. Bergez ; R. 
S., R. Chartrey. 

FIDELITY, No. 222— Meets on Monday evenings at 
Pythian Castle. N. G., Wm. H. Preble ; R. S., A. L. 

MORSE, No. 257 — Meets on Friday evenings at 
Odd Fellows' Hall. N. G., E. C.Rowe ; R. S., Albert 
F. Adams. 

annual meeting is held on the Monday preceding the 
second Tuesday in May. 


I. W. Hayes jr M. W. G. P Grass Valley 

J. F. Brown M. E. G. H. P San Francisco 

I. D. Barnard R. W. G. S. W San Francisco 

W. B. Lyon R. W. G. S San Francisco 

David Hunter R. W. G. T San Francisco 

L.Ellsworth R. W. G. J. W Petaluma 

R. W. G. Rep 

F. P. Dann R. W. G. Rep San Francisco 

F. G. Beatty W. G. Sentinel Grass Valley 

Albert O'Day W. G. Dep. Sen.. . San Francisco 

E. Dunker W. G. Marshal San Francisco 

Subordinate Encampments. 

GOLDEN GATE, No. 1— Meets on the second and 
fourth Friday of each month at Odd Fellows' Hall. 
C. P., J. C. Burke ; S., H. C. George. 

WALHALLA, No. 7— Works in the German lan- 
guage. Meets the first and third Friday of each 
month at Odd Fellows' Hall. C. P., Anton Riesner ; 
S., J. S. Mysell. 

WILDEY, No. 23— Meets on the second and fourth 
Saturday of each month at Odd Fellows' Hall. C. P., 
W. H. Preble ; S., B. Wilcocks. 

UNITY, No. 20— Meets on the second and fourth 
Monday of each month at Odd Fellows' Hall. C. P., 
H. B. Hall ; S., H. Hoeber. 

ORIENTAL, No. 57— Meets on the first and third 
Saturday of each month. C. P., C. C. Terrill ; S., E. 
W. Blaney. 

Degree Lodges, 

EXCELSIOR, No. 2— Meets on the second and fourth 
Saturday evenings of each month at Odd Fellows' 
Hall. N. G., D. C. Smith ; R. S., W. A. Fogg. 

TEUTONIA, No. 4— Meets on the second and fourth 
Fridays of each month at Odd Fellows' Hall. N. G., 
H. Wesling ; R. S., John Gundelach. 

Rebekah Lodges. 
CALIFORNIA, No. 1 — Meets on Saturday evenings 
at Odd Fellows' Hall. N. G., B. E. Van Straaten ; R. 
S., Sister J. A. Warshauski. 

TEMPLAR, No. 19— Meets on Saturday evenings at 
Odd Fellows' Hall. N. G., Sister A. E. Douglass ; R. 
S., Sister M. J. Nohl. 


President ; M. Leventritt, Vice-President ; A. W. 
Genung, Secretary ; E. Percy, Treasurer. 


G. T. Bohen, Commander ; J. C. Burke, Secretary; 
Albert Shepard, Treasurer. Office, 325 Montgomery 
street. Drill nights, first and third Wednesday of 
each month. Drill rooms, Turn Verein Hall. 

Meets on the first Friday of each month at Odd Fel- 
lows' Hall. Geo. T. Bohen, President; G. G. Burnett, 
Vice-President; J.C.Burke, Secretary; Joseph Win- 
terburn, Treasurer. 

the Fourth Wednesday of each month at Odd Fellows' 
Hall. Charles H. Mann, President ; J. F. Kennedy, 
Vice-President; C. T. Pidwell, Secretary; Henry Kim- 
ball, Treasurer. 

Rooms, 325 Montgomery street. Colin M. Boyd, 
President ; Daniel McLaren, Vice-President ; Henry 
C. Squire, Recording Secretary ; E. B. Reed, Corres- 
ponding Secretary ; Wm. H. Watson, Treasurer ; Geo. 
A. Carnes, Librarian ; A.H.Grayson, Asst. Librarian. 

Meets on the first Monday of each month in Odd Fel- 
lows' Hall. J. A. McClelland, President ; George T. 
Bohen, Vice-President; Henri J. Hellman, Secretary ; 
Henry B. Brooks, Treasurer. 


nual session will be held at Druids Hall, 413 Sutter 
street, on the first Tuesday of June, 1878. James A. 
Loutitt, of No. 25, Noble Grand Arch, Stockton ; 
Henry A. Chase, of No. 17, R. W. Deputy Grand Arch, 
San Francisco ; John Biter, of No. 11, R. W. Grand 
Secretary, San Francisco ; D. Coutolenc, of No. 10, 
R. W. Grand Treasurer, San Francisco ; Gunther 
Moening, of No. 4, W. Grand Marshal, San Francisco; 
Charles Vaillant, of No. 23, W. Grand Guardian, San 
Jose; John P. Kafitz, of No. 25, W. Grand Sentinel, 
Stockton ; F. P. Dann, of No. 16, J. Filer Miller, of 
No. 19, Emanuel Block, of No. 25, W. Grand Reps, 
to G. G. U. S. 


All subordinate Groves meet at Druids' Hall, 413 
Sutter street. Officers are elected in April and Octo- 
ber of each year. 

SAN FRANCISCO, No. 3— Meets on Thursday even- 
ings. Geo. Reik, N. A. H. Dieriks, R. S. 

EUREKA, No. 4— Meets on Thursday evenings. 
Henry Pohl, N. A. Wm. Gering, R. S. 

NORMA, No. 5— Meets on Tuesday evenings. B. 
Jacobs, N. A. Chas. L. Meyer, R. S. 

SIGEL, No. 7— Meets on first and third Monday of 
each month. Anton Ewald, N. A. Geo. Rotenkol- 
ber, R. S. 

PERSEVERANCE, No. 10— Meets on Tuesday even- 
ings. L. Dunand, N. A. F. Metrol, R. S. 

SCHILLER, No. 11— Meets on Wednesday evenings. 
H. C. Pieper, N. A. F. W. Schmidt, R. S. 

WASHINGTON, No. 12— Meets on Thursday even- 
ings. Geo. H. Williams, N. A. N. Levy, R. S. 

HESPERIAN, No. 15 — Meets on Tuesday evenings. 
Henry R. Morton, N. A. E. R. Warren, R. S. 

ELVTN, No. 16— Meets on second and fourth Thurs- 
day of each month. J. A. Clough, N. A. B. W. Wil- 
cocks, R. S. 

LAUREL, No. 17— Meets on Wednesday evenings. 
W. H. Edwards, N. A. Jas. Charpiot, R. S. 

TEMPLAR, No. 19— Meets on Monday evenings. 
Chas. Swenson, N. A. W. Grodt, R. S. 

LIVE OAK, No. 22— Meets on Wednesday evenings. 
S. P. Carusi, N. A. Theodore Fulton, R. S. 


PIONEER, No. 1— Meets on the first and third Sun- 
days of each month. 

HARTNAGEL, No. 3— Meets on the first and third 
Thursdays of each month. Adam Smith, E. S. A. 
John Hutton, S. S. 




BOADICIA, No. 3— Meets every Friday evening. 
John Hutton, A. D. Mrs. Fanny Jonas, E. S. 

Druids Hall Association. 

Meets on the third Wednesday of each month, at 
Druids' Hall, 413 Sutter street. F. 9taud, President ; 
Charles Weber, Secretary. 



Thomas E. Gray, Los Angeles, 8. O. W. 0. 
World founder of the Order. 


1060 Howard street, -24th day of June, 
W. M. Hilton, G, W. 0. ; Grand Council, G. n Bte- 
vens, J. M. Josselyn, B. F. Josselyn. B. F, P< 
D. M. Hallett and J. C. Darin 11 ; Grand K 
Secretary, G. W. Davis ; Grand Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Miss Annie M. Bpiro; Grand Treasurer, • ;. 
J. Slocum. 

HARMONY TEMPLE, No. 20. Meets at Hall. II 

Howard street on Wednesday evenings. \\ . II . 
insou, W. C. ; Mrs. Jennie C. Goodwin, W. \V. ; .Mrs. 
O. J. Hilton, w. N. ; Prans Goodwin, W. - 
Richards, Recording Secretary; Battle E. Ki 
responding Secretary ; 1). M. Hallett, Treasurer ; Q. 
J. Slocum, Financial Secretarj Di \v. m. Hilton, 
Senior Deacon. 

WASHINGTON TEMPLE No. 86— Dr. BenJ. F. Jos- 
selyn, W. C. ; H. C. Bennett. W. \V. : Rob 
freight, W. N.-, Miss axnie Bpiro, W. 9 
die, R. S.; James G. st' el. . C. S.; meets ;.t J. off L. 
Hall, 1000 Howard street. Saturday evenings. Chair- 
man B. of C, H. C. Bennett. 

STAR TEMPLE No. 'Jr..— Henry SlOOOmb, W. i'.: 
Mrs. — Shaw, W. W.j Mrs. Sarah Snow, W. N.; — 
Herring, W. S.; Mrs. Anna Bertena, K. S. ; Mrs. Mil- 
lie Way, C. S.; meets Friday evenings at 10 
ard. Chairman of B. of C, Edward . 

Thursday evening, at 10G0 Howard str. 1 1. W. R. G. 
Samuels, W. C.j Board of Council, Br. is. Morehouse, 
Mell, Aron, Smith: W. West, Bro. Pendleton; W. 
South. Theo. Pendleton ; W. North, Bro Aron : S. - 
nior Deacon, Mrs. Lowenthal ; Correspond] 
retary, Bro. Loweuthall; Recording Secretary. Bro. 
Smith; Financial Secretary, Bro. Rechi 
urer, Bro. Osborn. 


next annual meeting will be held at San Fran 
the second Tuesday in February, 1878. Thos. Penni- 
man, and F. P. Dann, Supreme Representatives; 
Geo. Howard, San Francisco,Past Grand Chancellor ; 
David McClure, San Francisco, Grand Chancellor; 
J. C. Spencer. Stockton. Vice-Grand Chancellor; E. 
T. Blackmer, San Diego, Grand Prelate ; A. G. Booth, 
Grand Keeper of Records and Seal. G04 Menu .nt ; 
George Cantus, Sau Francisco, Grand Master of 
Exchequer; P. B. Morrison, Eureka. Grand Master at 
Arms ; Adrian Bergen, San Francisco, Grand Inner 
Guard ; H. E. Momyer, Oakland, Grand Outer Guard. 

Subordinate Lodges of San Francisco. 

Election of officers occurs semi-annually in the last 
week of June and December. 

AH San Eraneisco Lodges meet at Pvthian Castle 
913 Market street. 

CALIFORNIA, No. 1— Meets on Thursday evenings. 

DAMON, No. 2— Meets on Tuesday evenings. 

GOLDEN GATE, No. 3— Meets on Friday evenings. 

LAUREL, NO. 4- inlay evenings. 


ALEMANIA, HO. 8 Hi t- .ii W. i In. s.lny < vei.ings. 

i.i i I ign. 

. n.i. 19- Heel 
HARMONY, No. 16— Hi • t- on Tim.- 

Mi B I II-. N 1 " ■ ■ 

mi rBOPO] n .n Ho. 94 I bunday 

ev. mugs. 

><>i Til BAN 1 BANI [81 

renlngaat South sun Francisco. 


GREAT < ■ 'i N< n. OF CAL1 unce of 


(.i. ..i OlaiflA I »77-7s. 

ramiii funior ^tik'i 

M. reliant Bt Iklu- 

I .urn . Adam smit 


'.:■ ]•.... 

ptx II. 
Sun I 

I at ' i ii. ri 

W. Wliit- 

III ! 

the nrst and third Satur 

at Bed Men's Hall. BenJ, 1 

Henry A Chase, ^< rotary. 

Sabordiatate Tribes, 

All Subordinate Tribes "f Sau FrancUeo m 
Red Hen's Hall, 890 

iiia\vatiia. No. 9 -Mi • is on ' 
Oziafi D'Auis, Sachem ; Hi 


MANZ \NITA. No. i 

o. Rrriekaon, Saeh. m ; L. K< rue. 


IRITABA, No. 6 — Meets on Thursday evenings. 
J. K. P. Cameron, Sachem ; J. Kit -hen, Chief of 

YO SEMITE, N nlngB. 

David R. Billings, Sachem; I. N. Hun, I 

MIANTONUMAH, No. 9— Meets on Tuesday 
ings. T. McCarty, Sachem; B. Wilcocks, Ch. 
Rec ird6. 

POHONACHE, No. 10— Meets Mondav eveningB. 
T. H. Sellers, Sachem; M. Campbell, Chief i: 

POCAHONTAS, No. 11— Meets on Friday evenings. 
P. Milliken, Sachem; Samuel Edwards, Chief of 

SOTOTOME, No. 12— Meets on Thursday evenings. 
T. Rackmau, Sachem; Benj. F. Josselyn, Chief of 

MTNNEWA, No. 25 — Meets on Tuesday evenings. 
Jacob Riehers, Sachem ; Julius Thierbach; Chief of 

WTLLEWAH, No. 33— Meets on Monday evenings. 
Jacob T. McLaughlin, Sachem ; Thomas R. Judson, 
Chief of Records. 



TUSCARORA, No. 36— Meets on Wednesday even- 
ings. R. A. Sorenson, Sachem; R. A. Marden, Chief 
of Records. 

NEW NARAGANSETT, No. 42 — Meets on Sunday 
evenings. Richard Lyons, Sachem ; John Edgar, 
Chief of Records. 

WAMPANOAG, No. 52— Meets on Thursday even- 
ings. E. G. Ereeland, Sachem; P. Hepburn, Chief of 


(U. O. R. M). 

All the San Francisco Stamms meet at 510 Bush. 

PACIFIC STAMM, No. 78, U. O. R. M— Every 
Monday night. 

EUREKA STAMM, No. 120, U. O. R. M.— Every 
Monday night. 

GERMANIA STAMM, No. 83, U. O. R. M.— Every 
Tuesday night. 

GOLDEN GATE STAMM, No. 74, U. O. R. M — 
Every Wednesday night. 

HARMONIE STAMM, No. 160, U. O. R. D.— Every 
Thursday night. 

Every Friday night. 

[The officers for 1878 had not been elected at the 
date of this compilation — Ed.] 


GRAND LODGE— Meetings of the Grand Lodge are 
held at the American Protestant Association Hall, 713 
Mission street. J. C. Sargent, W. G. Master ; John D. 
Coulie, W. G. Secretary. Office, 213 Fremont street. 

CALIFORNIA No. 1 — Meets on Monday evenings at 
A. P. A. Hall, 713 Mission street. J. Spanton, 
Worthy Master; C.J. Snow, Secretary. 

YERBA BUENA No. 2— Meets on Wednesday even- 
ings at A. P. A. Hall, 713 Mission street. C. L. Hub- 
bard, Worthy Master ; Andrew McQuitty.Secretary. 

GERMANIA No. 3 — Meets on Tuesday evenings at 
Washington Hall, 35 Eddy street. L. Thumler, Wor- 
thy Master ; Christian Zschiesche, Secretary. 

PACIFIC No. 5 — Meets on Saturday evenings at 
Champion Hall, Potrero. Charles Green, Worthy 
Master; , Secretary. 

HARMONY No. 6 — Meets on Thursday evenings 
at A P. A. Hall, 713 Mission street. B. F. Herlbert, 
Worthy Master; Win. Kennett, Secretary. 



Thaddeus Flanagan, State Delegate ; Henry Mona- 
han, State Secretary ; E. W. McCarthy, State Treas- 

The annual elections take place in June. The 
Board of Directors, composed of State and Division 
officers, meets on the 20th. of each month, atHiberhia 
Hall, 246 Third street. J.J. Donovan, County Delegate 
and Chairman of the Board of Directors ; J. H. Gil- 
more, Secretary. 

DIVISION No. 1— Meets on the second and fourth 
Friday of each month at Hibernia Hall. James 
Hogan, President ; T. W. O'Brien, Recording Secre- 

DIVISION No. 2— Meets on the first Thursday of 
each month at Hibernia Hall. William Simpson, 
President; M. C. Gorham, Recording Secretary. 

DIVISION No. 3— Meets on the first and last Tues- 
day of each month at Charter Oak Hall. John P. Gal- 
lagher, President; M. O'Meara, Recording Secretary. 

DIVISION No. 4— Meets on the first Friday of each 
month at Irish American Hall. P. McGuiggan, Presi- 
dent ; James Connell, Recording Secretary. 

DIVISION No. 5 — Meets on the first and third 
Wednesday of each month at Tammany Hall. P. R. 
Hanna, President ; P. J. Carr, Recording Secretary. 

DIVISION No. 6— Meets on the second and fourth 
Friday of each month at Irish American Hall. James 
F. Meagher, President ; John F. Quayle, Recording 

DIVISION No. 7— Meets on the first and third Tues- 
day of each month at Charter Oak Hall. M. G. 
Sears, President ; John McCarthy, Recording Secre- 

DIVISION No. 8— Meets on the first and third Tues- 
day of each month at St. Joseph's Hall, sw. corner of 
Howard and Tenth. P. Canavan, President; Thomas 
R. Flinn, Recording Secretary. 

DIVISION No. 9— Meets on the first Thursday of 
each month at Irish-American Hall. Thomas Drady, 
President ; Samuel McFadden, Recording Secretary. 

DIVISION No. 10.— Meets on the first Friday of 
each month at Fay's Hall, nw. corner Twenty-sixth 
and Mission. M. J. Wrin, President ; JohnM. Lane, 
Recording Secretary. 


ally on fourth Sunday in January, at B. B. Hall, 105 
Post street. H. Loewenburg, President; William 
Kierski, first Vice-President ; L. Hoehstaedter, second 
Vice President; L. Flatau, Secretary, M. Kalmuk, 
Treasurer ; A. Kronberg, Sergent-at-Arms. 

JESHURUM, No. 9.— Meets every Friday at Red 
Men's Hall, 510 Bush. S. Jacobs, President ; Barney 
Rosenblatt, Vice-President ; Louis Karez, Secretary; 
J. Henry, Treasurer ; J. Benjamin, Conductor. 

OPHIR, No. 21— Meets every Wednesday evening 
at B'nai Brith Hall, 105 Post street. A. S. Joseph 
President ; Marcus Levy, Secretary. 

MODIN No. 42— Meets every Tuesday" evening at 
B. B. Hall, 105 Post street. A. Newman, President; 
M. Waterman, Secretary. 

PACIFIC, No. 48— Meets every Thursday evening at 
at B. B. Hall, 105Post street. I. Choynski, President; 
G. Goldschmith, Secretary. 

MONTEFIORE, No. 51— Meets every Sunday even- 
ing at B. B. Hall, 105 Post street. P. Funkenstem, 
President ; J. Aronsohn, Secretary. 

COLUMBIA, No. 127— Meets every Monday even- 
ing at Druid's Hall, Sutter street. S. Newman, 
President; D.Marx, Secretary. 

GOLDEN GATE, No. 129— Meets every Wednesday 
evening at Druid's Hall, Sutter street. D. Davis, 
President; B. Alexander, Secretary. 

CALIFORNIA, No. 163 -Meets every Thursday 
evening at Druid's Hall, Sutter street. M. Warsn- 
auer, President; J. M. Gellert, Secretary. 

UNITY No. 273.— Meets Mondays, at 105 Post 
street. J. Samuels, President; H. Blackman, Sec- 




NIA— Elects officers on Monday, January 21st. 

HAR HAMORIA LODGE, NO. 8— Meets every 
SundavatRed Men's Hall, 510 Bush Btreet. B. Lab.), 
President; J. Altinan, Vice President; A. N. Lt vy. 
Secretary; R. S. Calish, Treasurer; M. Grei 
ductor; A. Levy, Guardian; Levi Peyser, G. Bauiii, 
J. Schmidt, Trustees. 

ZION LODGE, NO. 4— M< ete evi ry Wednesday at 
Red Men's Hall, 310 Busli street. B. 1 
dent; Levi Raphael, Vice Pr< aidenl 
Straaten, Recording Secretary ; Jacob Patter, Treas- 
urer ; L. Pratcheck, Guardian ; M. Morganstern, Jn- 
lius Samuels, Joseph Henry, Tri 

REHOBATH LODGE, NO. 6— Meets every Mon- 
day evening at Red Men's Hall, 510 Bosh Bt) 
Jackson, President ; M. Isaac, Vice l'r. aidant ; i imv. 
Grosslicht, Secretary ; J. C. Bernstein, Conductor; 
H. Bernstein, Assistant Conductor; If, B 
Guardian; M. Lewis, Sentinel. 

Thursday at Red Men's I 
Nathan, President ; L. Aron, Vice President; J. Ja- 

cobson, Secretary ; M.Lewis. 'Treasurer; 11 
Guardian; M. Walters, J. .Marks and li. Bsnnett, 


CALIFORNIA TRIE BLUE, No. 108 M I ts at 106 
Post street every alternate Baturdaj nl| I i. Mem- 
bers, 100. R. W. Good, W. M 
T. E. Carson, Secretary. 

HARMONY. No. 127.— Meets at 106 I 
alternate Saturday night. Membership, 76. James 
Totten, W. M.J John R. Wallace, !>.' M. ; David 
Thompson, Secretary 

Temperance Societies. 

Independent Order Good Templars. 


G. W. C. T., W. D. Gould Los Angeles 

G W. V. T., Mrs. M. E. Patriate Weal Oakland 

G. W. C, D. K. Zumwalt Visalia 

G. W. S., Geo. B. Katzenstein Bacramento 

G. W. Treasurer, Dr. 1.8. Halsey Vallejo 

G. W. A. S., Julius Lyons Los 

G. W.M., N. E. Manning QnerneviUe 

G. W. D. M., Mrs. P. D. Riddell Gilrov 

G. W. Chap.. Rev. D. E. Bushnell San Jos'e 

G. W. I. Guard, Miss Annie Kennedy Swe. tland 

G. W. O. Guard, James Russell San Diego 

G. W. Messenger, E. W. Culver New Castle 

P. C. W. C. T., J.B. Carrington Denverton 

G. S. J. T. andS. P. B. H., Mrs. E. P. Stevens... S. F. 

CALIFORNIA LODGE. No. 7— Meets everv Friday 
evening at Washington Hall. 

CONSTITUTION LODGE, No. 130— Meets every Fri. 
day evening at 105 Post street. 

CRYSTAL FOUNT LODGE, No. 143— Meets everv 
Tuesday evening at 117 Bush street. 

EVENING STAR LODGE, No. 114— Meets every 
Thursday evening at Washington Hall. 

GOLDEN CITY LODGE, No. 175 — Meets every 
Friday evening at Huddy's Hall, 309 Market street. 

INTERNATIONAL LODGE, No. 291— Meets every 
Monday evening at Washington Hall, 

LIFE BOAT LODGE, No. 185— Meets every Monday 
evening, corner Front and Jackson streets. 

MISSION STAR LODGE, No. 160 — Meets every 
Tuesday evening at Mayberry's Hall, Mission, between 
Twentieth and Twenty-first streets. 

! BAN< BOO l.' i 
Wednesday evening at \\ Hall 

• vary 

BAND OF BOPE— Mrs. Bmilj 

AND 11 r public 

tempi ranee m i lab Uner- 

ican Hall. H. 1 • 

I r . v - 

.r public tempi ran.-, mi 

all, corni r Busb 

i Haj ■ I "■' ■ 

• ■ I-I« T. A.. B. AND l.IKKARY 
BO< 11 l '• Mi and fourth ■ 

of each 

BT i El i B 80A1 

: and V'\ir 

montb :.t ■ ry'a Hall, \ . 


;toi u.i> 

mouth I 


Church. John Bolgi r. 1 

BT. rOHN, l in B \r> 1ST, CATHOLK J 

- mdaj m tin 

P. Hull:. 


Sunday evening at llnJie 

• lary. 11. Mil i. 

ramento and Drumm streets. !. I i'r< -i- 

di nt ; William I>. 1 

J OF TEMPBBANi B 3ai Bran .Division 

. ry l'ri.lh. • 



Kelly, .super! Sullivan, .' 

Thomas Barrett, President 

t: Annie ftfcNi - ry ; W illiam 

Phillips, Usher; Herbert Robb, Marshal. 

Miscellaneous Societies. 

ACADEMY OF SCIENCES— Southwest corner of 
California and Dupont at cge Davidson, 

President; Henry Edwards, First Vi 
Henry C. Hyde„ Second Vice-President; A. 1 
Corresponding Secretary: C. G. Yale. Becordu 
tary ; Elisha Brooks, Treasurer; Charle6Troyer, Libra- 
rian ; W. G. M. Harford, Manager. The Academy is 
open to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays and 
Saturdays, from 10 a. m. to 4 p. U. Regular meetings 
on the first and third Monday evenings of each 

AID UNION— Office, 2'J Kearny street. Meetings 
are held on the first Wednesday of every month. J. 
B. Golly, President ; Wm. Girzikowsky, Treasurer; A. 
Ludorff, Secretary; J. M. Kautmann, Manager. 

AND MACHINISTS— Meets on the first and third 
Saturday of every month at 713 Mission street. 



ket street. Rev. F. E. Shearer, Secretary. 

Rev. F. E. Shearer, Secretary. 

-757 Market street. 

AMERICUS CLUB— Meets monthly at Union Hall, 
Howard street. John S. Boyston, President ; John 
Noonan, Vice President ; Joseph W. Jourden, Treas- 
urer; Chas. E. Stanley, Recording Secretary. 

Hood— Meets at A. P. A. Hall, on the second and 
fourth Tuesday of each month. F. C. Hensley, Chief 
Ranger ; F. Clifford, Secretary. 

tonia Hall, on Mission street. D. R. MacNeill, Pres- 
ident; P. Lynch, Secretary. 

APOLLO VEREIN— Meets on the 6econd Tuesday 
of every month at 620 Bush street, H. L. Van Geiste- 
feld, President; Y. Wolletz, Vice President; C. Salz- 
berg, Secretary; T. Osbruck, Treasurer. 

at Hall, 51(3 Bryant street, on the second Thurs- 
day evening of each montb. Thomas J. Knipe, Pres- 
ident ; H. L. Van Geistefield, Secretary; J. F. Beke- 
art, Treasurer. 

the second and fourth Friday in each month, at 71 New 
Montgomery street. S.W. Sehirlock, President; John 
N. Meiners, Recording Secretary. 

A. K. Grim, President ; W. H. L. Barnes, 1st Vice- 
President ; L. J. Weeks, 2d Vice President; C. W. 
Kellogg, Treasurer; T. W. Hinchmun, Secretary. 
Office southeast corner of California and Larkin 
streets. Fair Grounds between Fulton street and 
Point Lobos avenue, First and Sixth avenues. 

ELKS— San Francisco Lodge, No. 3— Meets every 
Sunday at 2 <p. m. at Tittle's Hall, 417 Bush street. 
A. C. Moreland, Exalted Ruler; W. Keller, Est L. Kt.; 
J. Mitchell, Est. Loyal Kt.; — Hamilton, Grand 
Lecturer ; C. W. Cogill, Secretary ; N. Gray, Treas- 

RLUE DANUBE CLUB— Dr. David Rafferty, Pres- 
ident ; S. J. Hendy, Vice President ; I. Epstein, Sec- 
retary ; J. H. Howe, Treasurer. 

President; J. J. Cassidy, Vice President; John Sul- 
livan, Secretary ; E. Ryan, Treasurer. 

BOHEMIAN CLUB— Rooms. 428 Pine. Henry Ed- 
wards, President; A. G. Bierce, Secretary. 

tina street and 116 Jackson street. George C. Hickox, 
President; Alpheus Bull, Treasurer; George M. John- 
son, Secretary and Superintendent. 

Montgomery street. Meets on the first Monday of 
each month. William Lane Booker, President; H. A. 
Fox, Treasurer; J. P. McCurrie, Secretary. 

TECTIVE UNION— Meets at Nucleus Hall, corner 
Market and Third streets. J. D. Condon, President ; 
A. Quilty, Secretary. 

Annis Merrill, President; William R. Wadsworth, 

CALEDONIAN CLUB— Meets on the first Friday of 
each month at Third District Court Room. D. A. Mac- 
donald, Chief; Chris Chisholm, First Chieftain; Hugh 
Fraser, Second Chieftain; A. C. McAlpine, Third 
Chieftain ; John S. Mackey, Fourth Chieftain ; Dr. 
Van Vlack, Surgeon. 

House, Long Bridge. Meet first Tuesday in each 
month. Michael Sullivan, President ; Chas. Wade, 
Vice President; James J. Whelan, Secretary; John 
Sullivan, Treasurer; James Lynch, M. Long, Capt. 
P. Brennnn, Trustees; E. Nelson, Auditor. 

Montgomery street. Wm. H. Martin, General Agent. 

808 Montgomery street. Society meets on the first 
Monday of every month. The Directors meet on the 
last Friday of every month. Peter Dean, President ; 
Charles L. Wiggin, Reuben Morton, San Francisco, 
B. D. Murphy, San Jose, N. L. Drew, Vallejo, Ro- 
niualdo Pacheco, San Luis Obispo, Vice Presidents ; 
A. C. Bradford, Secretary: Howard Havens, Treas- 
urer; William Huefner, Marshal. 

Montgomery Block. Rev. James Woodworth, Gene- 
ral agent. 

Montgomery street, room 21, fourth story. Brig. 
Gen. John McComb, President; Capt. Henry J. Burns, 
Vice-President ; Col. W. R. Smedburg, Treasurer; 
Major David Wilder, Secretary. 

President; Wm. Ehrenphort, Vice President; H. 
Fortmann, Treasurer; F. HagemanJSecretary ; Wm. 
Heber, 1st Shooting Master; C. C. Rohlfs, 2d Shoot- 
ing Master. 

bandry — I. C. Steele, Pescadero, Master; Amos 
Adams, Secretary, 106 Davis street, San Francisco. 

monthly at Boat House, on Long Bridge. Thomas G. 
Andrews, President ; Peter N. Browne, Vice Presi- 
dent ; Waller Wallace, Secretary ; Harry Myers, 
Treasurer; James Clark, Captain. 

monthly at 1133 Mission street. S. Williams, Presi- 
dent ; H. A. Powell, 1st Vice President; William 
A. Jones, 2d Vice President; Simon L. Jones, Treas- 
urer; R. T. Roberts, Financial and Corresponding 
Secretary; John Edwards, Recording Secretary. 

Kinnon, President; William J. Gilliland, Recording 

212 Sutter street. Camillo Martin, President ; Eugene 
De Sabla, Vice-President; George Lette, Treasurer ; S. 
Smithers, Secretary; M. Montealegre, J. Carrascosa, 
E. de Sabla, H. Casanova, N. Gaxiola, Trustees. 

fourth Wednesday of each month at Irish-American 
Hall. M. J.Wrin, President; Thomas Golden, Vice 
President ; Michael Carroll, Recording Secretary ; 
Peter Kehoe, Treasurer. 

at the Pythian Castle . Levi Rapheld, President ; Ber- 
nard Levy, Secretary ; Morris Caro, Treasurer. 

the third Sunday of each month at 105 Post street. 
D. Martin, President; Jacob Gans, Secretary; A. 
Lipman, Treasurer. 

TY— Meets at Charter Oak Hall on the third Sunday 
of each month. 

at Grace Church, corner Stockton and Caliiornia 
streets, second Monday evening in each month. S. 
C. Gray, President ; Samuel Graves, Vice President ; 
H. C. Squire, Treasurer; J. C. Pelton, jr.. Secretary ; 
W. C. Burnett, George W. Gibbs, E. L. Ransome, 
Charles Ashton, F. W. Van Reynegan, Trustees. 



CLERKS' RELIEF SOCIETY — Meets monthly at 
410 Kearny street. J. Myerfeld, President ; Julius 
C. Simon and M. Goldman, Vice Presidents; 0. 

Schnaittacher, Treasurer; A Michelsen, Secretary. 

Meets at Charter Oak Hall. James P. I 
dent ; George Babbitt, Vice President ; Peter O'Keefe, 
Secretary ; John Hartnett, Treasurer. 

semi-monthly at Sanders' Hall, 71 New Mont 
street. William Daniels, President ; June - 3. Wi li- 
ster, Vice President ; James Smith. Secretary; Johu 

Columbus, Treasurer. 

Charter Oak Hall on the Becond Thai 
month. P. J. McKeDny, President ; P. J. Si 

COURT EUREKA, NO. C.14C I ie ftrs( 

and third Tuesday in every lmiiitli at A. I'. A. Hull. 
713 Mission street. J. Lerri, Chief Bu 
Wyatt, S. C. R. ; R. Wilkinson, s. W. ; O. Bai 
W. ; John Davis. S. P.: A. Squire, I. B.; B 
hum. Treasurer ; W. Tysei 

Montgomery Btreet. M< ■• la monthly, BenJ, War- 
schauer, President ; Joseph Hclniau. Si on Gal . 
Warschauer, Treasun r. 

DANISH SOCIETY NORDEN— Meets at San.l. r-' 

ginnis, President ; L. J. Welch, Becretary. 

ECCENTRIC CLUB— M. J. Oonghlin, 1 H 

James J. Flynn, Vioe.PreBidenl : N. >■., 
rer ; Thomas P. Burns, Secretary. 

Wobtht Grand Council OF Ojuramna— la 
Riper. Worthy Grand Arc] 

Shop No. 1 of United Mechanics — James W. 
Bimington. Worthy Master ; Frank D. M.irr. 

Senate No. 1 of United Mechanics — General A. 
M. Winn, Worthy Architect; Frank D. Horrell, Sec- 

Mechanics' State Council — General A. M. Winn, 
President; John D. Condon, Secretary. 

ELITE SOCIAL CLUB— D. W. Sullivan, President ; 
W r . H. Rowe, Vice-President; A. J. Mocker, - 
tary ; F. A. McCarthy, Treasurer. 

CLUB— D. Carn, President ; E. McOormack, Vice- 
President ; E. Leonard, Treasurer ; Benj. Whitman, 


Clay street. Martin Heller, President ; Leo Eloesser, 

EUREKA TURN VERELN— East side Powell street 
between Pine and California. Meets on the first 
Wednesday of every month. J. H. Janssen, Presi- 
dent ; P. Muller, Vice-President; C. Quedens, First 
Secretary; A. Kayser, Corresponding Secretary : Wm. 
Von Ronn, Treasurer; William G. Koch, First L sader; 
O. Huber, Second Leader : A. Wessel, Sergeant-at- 
Arms; J. Johannsen, Libranian ; R. Dick, Teacher. 

EXEMPT FERE COMPANY— Meets on the third 
Monday of every month at County Courtroom, City 
Hall. Edward B. Cotter, President ; M. Bulger. Vice- 
President . M. Lynch, Secretary ; Geo. W. Corbell, 

at call of President at the homes of members. C. 
Meyer, President ; Isaiah Colin, Secretary. 

TION— Meets at call of President at homes of mem- 
bers. L. Newstadt, President ; M. Pinens. Vice-Pres- 
ident ; Louis Licht, Secretary ; Aaron Wolff, Treas- 

BNTION Gem ml A. M. Winn. 
President ; Charles W. 01 iry. 

LABOB B1 i:i LTJ M iblUfaed bj I 
government ; 33 and 36 OTarrell Btreet. a 
delaiir. Man I 

-in l.'i'i B \M> INTEL! I'.l \' I B 
FOB 1 :. Market and 

:. ih . it. — i. !• nt ; Ambrose 

il aJD \M' BMP] OTMEB r Oil \i 

■ • t . \ i. 


ili nt ; 11 

ivy , Treasurer ; J. A. Durand, i 

i. Weil 

■ :.t. 

II N \TI" V . Sutter 

Btreet, Man Di Elrwai 
the first and third Saturday! 
B tab rtreet. 


! I • ■ 

:.-llt ; Bud, 




I. -'.1. r, \'ic 

Dthly at ■ .in Hall. »'. Kul- 

.. ir. Tw am 


Saturday. Mi ■:• at 

N i 1". Di partmi i.t • f Call fur 
Thurs at 71 New Montgomery nti 

J.J. 1 

Kiune, J. V. C: John 1 
Q. M.; A. J. Vining, O. 1).. Johi 
Ames, S. ;b.C. 

Bt. John's Hall, Eddy Btreet. 1 Carroll,] 
J. Carroll, Vice-President; W. Murray, Treasurer : J. 
Donohue. Becretary. 

: h mouth at Huddy's Hall, II 
Mark' . Bischoff, President. 


ASSOCIATION— Me. ts on the first Mondax i | 

each month at Charter Oak Hall. Michael ¥.■ 
President; Geo. Florence, Vice-President; D 
Shea, Recording Secretary ; James McNemomy, i 

Wednesday evening at 531 California street. H. Hern- 
berg, President. 

Friday night at Metropolitan Temple. S. C. G 
President ; J. B. Bussell, First Vice-Pri sident : J. H. 
Culver, Second Vice-President ; L. S. Clark, accord- 
ing Secretary. 

of the President. A. Jackson, President; B. Levy, 
Vice-President : F. Sierp, Treasurer ; E. McDevitt, 





every Thursday evening at 105 Post street. Miss 
Belle G-reenberg, President; Miss Nellie Schmidt, 

HERRMANN SOEHNE— San Francisco Lodge, No. 
1 — Meets. every evening at 510 Bush. 

Eknst •Von Bandel Lodge, No. 3 — Meets every 
Tuesday evening at 510 Bush. 

Meets at Irish-American Hall on the first and third 
Mondays of eaeh month. John Flanagan, President; 
R. E. McCarthy, Secretary. 

Jackson street. G. Sala, President; G. Onesti and 
V. Rowenna, Vice-Presidents; A. Daneri, Treasurer; 
E. Palmieri, Secretary. 

Meets 1304 Stockton street. Madame Boido, Presi- 
dent ; Ildegonda Berelta, Secretary ; M. Roccatagliata, 

man, President ; Leo Eloesser, Secretary. Meets at the 
residences of members. 

IVY CLUB— Social— Rooms, 24 Post street. J. A. 
Cochran, President; W. F. Bryant, Vice-President; 
A. J. Foster, second Vice-President ; J. P. Taylor, 
Secretary ; R. F. Bunker, Treasurer 

Meets second and fourth Fridays of each month at 
Sanders' Hall, 71 New Montgomery street. J. G. 
Martin, President ; M. Campbell, Secretary. 

KNIGHTS OF ST. PATRICK— Meet on the second 
and fourth Mondays of each month at Charter Oak 
Hall. M. C. Hassett, President ; J. M. Dwyer, Sec- 

CIATION— Meets at Irish-American Hall on the first 
Friday evening of each month. James Dunn, Presi- 
dent; Patrick Kiernan, Recording Secretary. 

on the first Wednesday of every month at Union 
Square Baptist Church. Mrs. C. D. Knight, Presi- 
dent ; Mrs. H. S. Tucker, Secretary. 

SOCIATION— Meets monthly, on the corner of Post 
and Taylor streets. Mrs. J. Bremer, President ; Mrs. 
Goslinsky, Treasurer; Mrs. Behrendt, Secretary. 

LA SOLLDARITE— Office, 729 Montgomery street. 
Meetings are held monthly. Marc de Kirwan, Presi- 
dent ; Theodore Le Roy, Treasurer ; A. Rodonan, Sec- 

LINCOLN CLUB— George W. Lewis, President; 
Louis M. Adler, Vice-President; Henry C. Hincken, 
Secretary; Samuel Goldstone, Treasurer. 

street. Mrs. Joseph S. Spear, residence 817 Bush 
street, President; Mrs. W.C. Burnett, Secretary. 

TION— William Kidd, President; John White, Re- 
cording Secretary. 

LOTUS AMATEUR CLUB— W. H. Miller, Presi- 
dent ; M. Clar, Vice-President; C. Gulliver, Treas- 
urer; G. Avery, Secretary. 

Sanders' Hall, 71 New Montgomery street, on the sec- 
ond Tuesday of each month. A. C. Freese, President. 
George Scott, Secretary. 

M^SNNERCHOR GLEE CLUB— Meets at old Turn 
Verein Hall every Tuesday evening. John H,eiz- 
mann, President; H. Helgoth, Vice-President; Ernest 
Heuter, Secretary ; G. Trautner, Treasurer ; H. 
Holzhauer, Leader. 

corner of Sacramento and Drumm streets on the sec- 
ond Tuesday oi every month. Rev. J. Rowell, Presi- 
dent ; William D. Bishop, Secretary. 

TION— Meets in Druids' Hall Building every Monday 
evening. Alexis Kustell, President; H. A. Thomp- 
son, Recording Secretary; Thomas A. Thompson, 
Financial Secretary ; Albert Meyer, Treasurer. 

B. H. Madison, Manager. 

A. M. Winn, President ; Ebenezer Knowlton, Sec- 

street. Rev. J. B. Hill, Agent. 

Haines, President; William Pinto, Recording Secre- 
tary ; V. A. Carranza, Treasurer. 

eral John F. Miller, U. S. Volunteers, Commander ; 
Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, W. R. Smedberg, U. S. A., 
Recorder. Post Office Box, 640. 

ASSOCIATION— Meets every Friday at 35 Eddy 
street. George C. Smart, President; A. T. Noble, 

every Tuesday, 1:30 P. M., at Mechanics Institute 
Building. W. N. Miller, President; E. Haskell, 
Secretary; A. R. Wills, Treasurer. 

every Friday evening at Druids' Hall. James McNair, 
President ; J. W. Buffum, Recording Secretary; John 
Lutgens, Financial Secretary. 

at Red Mens' Hall every Thursday evening. John 
H. Grady, President; E. B. Marx, B. G. Worswick, 

E. L. Meyer, Vice-Presidents; J. B. Sheridan, Finan- 
cial Secretary; H. Lumsted, Recording Secretary; F. 
J. Higgins, Treasurer. 

NEPTUNE ROWING CLUB— Foot of Third street- 
James Boobar, President. 

North Beach. Meets first Saturday of each month. 
R. B. Cunningham, President; J. Q. Adams, Vice- 
President; George Searle, Secretary; Evans Deane, 

Meets at 34 Third street. C. L. Steylaars, President; 
J. T. Godeus, Vice-President; A. P. DeWit, Secre- 
tary; B. H. Winhelman, Treasurer. 

NEW ENGLAND SOCIETY— F. F. Low, President ; 
James McM. Shafter and Rev. Horatio Stebbins 
Vice-Presidents; Rev. A. L. Stone, Secretary ; C. W. 
Brooks, Treasurer. 

NORDDEUTSCHE VEREIN— Meet at their hall, 
909% Market street. Cnarles Moller, Secretary. 

OCCIDENT CRICKET CLUB— Meets at the Recrea- 
tion Grounds, on Folsom street near Twenty-sixth, 
every Saturday. W. L. Booker, President; J. T. Cross, 
Vice-President; J. H. Read, Secretary; J. P. Cox, 

OLYMPIC CLUB— Rooms, corner Howard and New 
Montgomery streets. Stewart Menzies, President; 
C P Fletcher, Vice-President; E. S. Emmons, Secre- 
tary'- George K. Rossiter, Treasurer ; J. A. Hammer- 
smith, Leader; W. S. Lawton, Superintendent. 

PACIFIC CLUB— Rooms, 204 Montgomery street. 

F. F. Low, President ; Cutler McAllister, Secretary. 

Heald, District President .for 1 California .Meets 
every Thursday evening at Huddys Hall, 909% Mar- 
ket street. Washington Camp, No. 1 — C. -h,. -D. 
Towne, President; H. L. Springer, Vice-President 
A. Springer, Master ; W. B. Thompson, Secretary , 

G. F. Whitcomb, Treasurer. 



CIFIC — Meets on the first Friday of every month at 
the leading photographic galleries of the city. Jacob 
Shew, President; George B. Rleman, Secretary. 

PINKS OF W. C — Jerome Granne, President; 
James I. Fresche, Vice-President ; Thomas J. Black, 
Secretary; Alfred T. Coton, Treasurer. 

CIETY— Meets every Friday evening ai the Fifteenth 
District Court Rooms. C. C. Wilson, President; 
A. C. Andrade, Vice-President; \Y. A. Andrade, 
Treasurer; J. J. Gorevan, Secretary, 

Irish- American Hall on the firef Monday I \ 
each month. John Mali!)', President; D. Mannix, 


POLISH SOCIETY (THE)— Meets al 1083 Market 
street. Dr. L. Pawlicki, President; Alex. Bielawski, 
Vice-President; Alex. Elgass, Secretary; <■ Eagle- 
man, Treasurer. 

510 Bush street. Meetings are bold every Saturday 
evening. 0. .0. Plnheirs, President; Iff. B I 
Vice-President; F. J. M. Bragn. Seoretarj 
Alick, Treasurer. 


Dashaway Hall. Richard 1>. Mowry I 
Strasser, Secretary. 

every Monday evening at 4-j:» Pacific street. John 
Forbes, President; Peter Wllsoi resident; 

M. J. Moran, Treasurer; Jamet Orr, Final 
retary; John R. Mitchell, Recording Secretary. 

vich, President. 

430 Pine street. Irving M. Sett. President; D. J. 
Oliver, first Vice-President; R. J. Bush, second Vice- 
President; Samuel Purdy, Secretary ; Henry Barro- 
ilhet, Treasurer. 

lent)— Meets on the second and last Sunday 
month at Druids' Hall. 418 Sutter. August Loder- 
hose, President ; Ludwig Horstman, Beoording Sec- 

ramento and 033 Commercial street. J. P. Hoge, 
President; Thos. B. Bishop, Secretary. 

Northwest corner Montgomery and Jackson 
Levi Stevens, President; R. Beecbing, Agent 

312 California street. M. A. Myers, Secretary. 

second Thursday of each month at 730 Montgomery 
street. D. McGregor, President; S. G. Foulkes. Vice- 
President; E. L. Blakeley, Secretary ; W. Dougherty, 

Verein Hall. 

126 Kearny street, rooms 43-44. Prof. William Ash- 
burner, President; Henry C. Hyde, Vice-President; 
C. Mason Kinne, Secretary; C.W. Banks, Correspond- 
ing Secretary ; C. G. Ewing, Treasurer. 

539 California street. Chris. Andres, President; C. 
Downing, Secretary ; John Mundwyler, Treasurer. 

call of the President. O. Eldridge, President ; Rev. 
J. Rowell, Secretary and Pastor. 

first and third Wednesday in each month at 323 Turk 
street. Chas. Herbert, President; H. Otto, Vice- 

President: K. c. Haban, Seen tarj ; II 
responding Secretary; < >tto Bn: 

nann, Deputy Treasurer; n. At 1 1 
Slope, and H. I ad< rs; 11. T1...1. . Propi rty 

N. Oremer and L, Buhl, r, Librarians;/, 

mi. E. II. Dcnicke, 'I rusti I S. 

• tM met of 
Dupont and Sutter Jordan, Pn 

H. Babzer and /.. Adelsdorfer, 
Epstein, Financial Secretary ; H. Belnhold, 
ing Secretary; J. U ■< t/. Librarian. 

TONIC tLLYRli mi ri m. i •. 
siu'ir. i 

302 Davis street. M. Marchinl, I 
ttnoviob, Vice-President ; Iff. Mattecb, 'I 

Thomas Sargent! ! 

Si AM IN W I \N Bl Nl \.i|.l Nl BOl 

71 New Montgomery street M it Tues- 

Leverentz, Vice-President ; Alfred \ i.n- 
quist. Treasurer, 

iTNAVIAN i .Mill -' Mi' BOOIBT 
B. H. M Mrs i Iffurcb, (trot Vi. ■■- 

t; Mrs. 81 ■ r • ddi it ; Mrs 

Oatberli ri t»r\ ■; Mr 

Financial ■'■- Marh 



.i. a. w. Lnndbi n 

IL OF Dl 3IOM 130 I 

control Of the \rt il WilliatnH, 

Director; B. D. Yelland, Assistant Dli 

of the Pacific— I. T. Yarrington, Captain W. B, 

li rk. P. O. Box I 

annual reunion Is held in April. 
Morris, President ; G< neral W. I.. ( !ampbc>ll ai 
s. w. Ba alndler, 

r; J. B. Wl 
tary ; J. C. Innee, Bccordlng BecrcUrj 
Judge Advocate. 

TION— Meets b1 Dasbaway Hall. P. i: 
d>nt : . I. F. Oranmei dent; i. D. Gallo- 

way, s. cretai nrer. 


Flelsbman, Treasurer; R. Levy, Si 

Meets monthly at 708 Montgomery street. Henry 
Barroilhet, President. 

ELTY TO CHILDREN— Nathaniel Hunte. 
tary. Office, 014 Merchant -tn I t. 

TO ANIMALS— Office, 614 1 treet. Nathan- 

iel Hunter, Secretary ; H J. Burns, General Agent. 

first and third Wednesday* of each month at 818 
Howard street. Board of Trust, 
ond Tuesday of each month. Joseph Kelly. Presi- 
dent ; William McLaughlin, Vice-President; 
Donovan, Recording Secretary: James O'Connell, 
Treasurer: Timothy J. King, Financial Secretary; 
Dennis McBride, Corresponding Secretary. 

Corresponding Secretary. 

Washington 6treet. General A. M. Winn, President ; 
Colonel William B. Eastin, Secretary. 

Young Men's Auxtt.iaby, S. R. S. — Colonel A. S. 
Hubbard, President ; Leroy Pratt, Secretary. 

Ladies' At/xii-iakt, S. R. S.— Mrs. Maria D. Ayres, 
President ; Miss F. Burr, Secretary. 



Historic Council, S. R. S. — Hon. Amos Adams, 
President ; Dr. C. M. Blake, Secretary. 

the last Sunday of every month at 510 Bush street. 

meetings by appointment. Will hold a grand festi- 
val in May, 1878, in San Francisco. W. H. L. Barnes, 
President; David Wilder, Secretary ; John White, 
Treasurer; Sumner W. Bugtaee, Business Monager. 

Meets at Irish-American Hall on the first Wednesday 
evening of each month. J. Kendrick, President; 
Win. McGroal, Vice-President; R. B. Flynn, Secre- 
tary ; J. Carney, Treasurer. 

ST. ANDREWS' SOCIETY — Meets every Monday 
Evening at Young Men's Christian Association Build- 
ing, 232 Sutter street. Thomas Anderson, Presi- 
dent ; David Hunter and Malcolm McDonald, Vice- 
Presidents; Watson Toppin and J. A. Kennedy, Re- 
cording Secretaries; William Dobble and James 
Taylor, Financial Secretaries; Colin Ross, Treasurer; 
John Jack, Librarian; John Daniel, Donald Mc- 
Cleay and James Patterson, Trustees ; John Reid, 
William Nicoll and James Scoular, Board of Relief ; 
Rev. W. A. Scott, D. D., Chaplain ; Dr. W. T. Mc- 
Nutt, Physician. 

at St. Mary's Cathedral. James R. Kelly, President ; 
Michael Dolan, Secretary. 

Mary's Hospital. Under the patronage of the Sisters 
of Mercy. 

the first and third Monday of each month at 771 
Market street. William Broderick, President; Thomas 
J. Dorgan, Recording Secretary. 

ATION— Meets at the hall of St. Paul's Church, Russ 
street. Wick B. Parsons, President; J. T. Cochran, 
Vice-President ; F. W. Walker, Secretary; Miss Emma 
Cameron, Treasurer. 

ST. TAMMANY CLUB— Meets in Tucker's Build- 
ing, northwest corner Montgomery and Sutter streets. 
H. Shoemaker, President ; J. F. English, Secretary. 

TY (Ladies') — Meets at the residence of the pastor of 
St. Patrick's Church every Thursday, at 3 p. m. Mrs. 
Thomas W. Brennan, President. 

SWEDISH SOCIETY — Meets every Monday at 8 
P. M. at 71 New Montgomery street. 

annual meetings in January and July at 627 Commer- 
cial street. Ant. Borel, President ; C. Steffani, Vice- 
President ; P. A. Giannini, Treasurer; Ed. Galliard, 
English Secretary ; G. B. Giacomini, Italian Secre- 

SWISS RELIEF SOCIETY— Meets at the call of the 
President at F. Berton & Co's Bank. F. Berton, Presi- 
dent; A. Borel, Vice-President; F. Berton & Co., Treas- 

boldt Hall. Eric Westine, President; James Cook, 

Rooms, 103 Montgomery. Meet on the second Tues- 
day of every month. John C. Burch, President; 
Wm. T. Garratt, Vice-President; Dallas A. Kneass, 
Second Vice-President ; Wm. Winter, Secretary ; 
Walter B. Lyon, Treasurer ; Chas. D. Wallace, Mar- 

TEUTONIA SOCIETY— Meets weekly at Washington 
Hall. E. Schnutenhaus, President; Otto Boyer, Sec- 

John H. Gilmore, President ; John P. Gallagher, 

UNDINE CLUB— Wm. P. Sullivan, Jr., President- 
James D. Conniff, Vice-President ; Thomas Cleary,' 
Secretary ; John H. Tracy, Treasurer. 

Meets at Woodbridge Presbyterian Church. Frank 
R. Brann, President ; G. W. Porter, Secretary ; Miss 
Josie Boyd, Treasurer. 

UNION VETERAN CORPS— Meets every alternate 
Friday at 605 Clay street. E. P. Tierney, Com- 
mander ; J. F. Campbell, Vice-Commander ; C. B. 
Brierly. Adjutant; J. G. Saftig, Quartermaster ; C. 
B. Chapman, Surgeon. 

UNION CLUB— Rooms. 508 California street. Wm. 
Lane Booker, President ; W. H. L. Barnes, Vice- 
President; E. J. Coleman, Secretary and Treasurer. 

UNITED CALIFORNIANS — Meet at 417 Kearny 
street, room 6. J. D. Sullivan, President; J. H. Mc- 
Closkey, Recording Secretary. 

UNION VETERAN GUARD— Meets on call at 
rooms 1 and 2, Grand Opera House. E. P. Tierney, 
Commander; J. F. Campbell, Vice-Commander; J. 
G. Saftig, Treasurer. 

VEREIN ARION — Meets every Wednesday evening 
on Market street, between Third and Fourth. 

AND BATTALION— Composed of the surviving mem- 
bers — There were 500 men mustered in and but 182 
mustered out. Meets annually on April 9th, the anni- 
versary of Lee's surrender. Z. B. Adams, President ; 
W. A. Robinsen, Secretary; D. W. C. Thompson; 

Meets first Monday of each month at hall on Pacific 
street, between Powell and Mason. Matthew A. 
Phipps, President; James Hargro, Vice-President; 
Thomas M. Grove, Recording Secretary ; Charles A. 
Griffith, Corresponding Secretary; Wm. J. Simmons, 
Treasurer ; Geo. T. Hamilton, Marshal; W. R. Strick- 
land and Wm. McDonald, Trustees. 

Of the Police Department of San Francisco. John 
Kirkpatrick, President ; W. Y. Douglas, Vice-Presi- 
deut ; John Casey, Secretary ; William Cullen, Treas- 

every Friday at 10:30 A. M. at 118 Geary street. Free 
reading room for women. Mrs. F. D. Brown, Presi- 
dent ; Mrs. F. Ames, Secretary ; Mrs. P. S. William- 
son, Treasurer. 

YOUTHS' DIRECTORY— 1417 Howard street. Jas. 
R. Kelly, President; Gustave Touchard, Treasurer; 
Ambrose P. Dietz, Superintendent. Under the patron- 
age of Archbishop Alemany. A free intelligence office 
and temporary shelter for boys. 

TION— Dora Lewitsky, President ; Sarah Opershaw, 
Treasurer ; Rachel Cohen, Secretary ; Archie Levy, 
Business Manager and Lecturer. 

Sutter street. Jacob S. Taber, President; E. Irving 
Smith, Recording Secretary; B. K. Christopher, Cor- 
responding Secretary; Rev. H. Cox, D.D., Librarian. 

Military U. S. 

: Headquarters, 105 Stockton. Major-Generallrvin Mc- 
Dowell, U. S. A., Commanding Military Division of the 
Pacific and Department of California. Aid-de-Camps 
to General McDowell: J. H. Coster, Captain Eighth 
Cavalry; B. B. Keeler, Captain Eighteenth Infantry; 
Rufus Ingalls, Colonel and Assistant Quartermaster- 
General, Chief Quartermaster; Henry Prince, Lieut .- 
Colonel, Deputy Paymaster General, Chief Pay- 
master; W. W. Burns, Lieut .-Colonel Subsistance 
Department, Chief Commissary of Subsistence ; Bar- 



ton S. Alexander, Lieut. -Colonel Engineers, Senior 
Engineer Pacific Coast; Charles C. Keeney, Lieut.- 
Colonel Medical Department, Medical Director; Ed- 
mund Schriver, Colonel Inspector General, Inspector 
General; Charles S.Stewart, Lieut. -Colonel Engineers, 
in charge of Harbor Fortifications; George H. lien- 
dell, Major Engineers, in charge of Harbor 
cations; William Myers, Major Quartermaster Depart- 
ment, Depot Quartermaster; William A. Bucker, 
Major Pay Department, Paymaster Department of 
California ; Samuel Woods, Major Pay Department, 
Paymaster Department of California: Henry .John- 
son, Captain M. S. K., in Medical Purveyor's Office: 
Robert S. Williamson, Lieut. -Colonel I i 
Lighthouse Engineer Twelfth District; Van BureD 
Hubbard, Captain Medical Department, Attending 
Surgeon; George E. Cooper, Lieut. -C 
ant Medical Purveyor: Elijah H. Lndingtoil 
Assistant Inspector General; Albi it II. Payson, First 
Lieut. Corps of Engineers; George \V. Bradli 
tain: Samuel T. Cushing, Captain Subsistence De- 
partment; J. B. M. Potter, Major Pay Department; 
James R. Roche. Major Pay I » | C. Si,,i- 

fen, Major Pay Department. 

Keeney, Surgeon and Medical D teorge E, 

Cooper, Lieut. -Colonel, Assistant Medical Pui 
Captain V. B. Hubbard, At i {eon; Captain 

Henry Johnson . Medical Stan b 

PAY DEPARTMENT, U. S. A.— Lient.-Oolone] 

Henry Prince, Chief Paymaster; Major Samuel Woods, 
Major William A. Pucker, Major •!. B, M 
Major James R. Roach and Major 0. 0. Snitten. 

Colonel R. Tngaiio, Cfhied Quartermasti r; U 
liam Myer6, Depot Quartermaster; Captain 
W. Bradley. 

Colonel W. W. Burns, Chief Commissary oi - 
ence ; Captain Samuel T. Cushing, Depot Commis- 
sary of Subsistence. 

U. S. Naval Rendezvous. 

Captain Paul Shirley, Commanding — Office 504 
Washington street. 
U. S. Naval Pay Office— 434 California street. 


National Guard of California. 

Commander-in-Chief — William Irwin. Governor. 

Staff of Commander-in-Chief — Brigadier-General 
P. F. Walsh, Adjutant General ; Colonel Chalmers 
Scott, Chief Engineer ; Colonel William Harney, Pay- 
master General; Colonel Bernard D. Murphy, Judge 
Advocate ; Colonel J. CampbeU Shorb, Surgeon Gen- 
eral ; Lieut .-Colonel O. Livermore, Aid -de -Camp; 
Lieut, -Colonel James Logan, Aid-de-Camp ; Lieut. - 
Colonel J. Henley Smith, Aid-de-Camp; Lieut. -Colo- 
nel James H. Budd, Aid-de-Camp ; Lieut.-Colonel 
Charles E. Travers, Aid-de-Camp ; Lieut.-Colonel 
Abraham Newman, Aid-de-Camp. 

Major-General Commanding National Guard of Cal- 
ifornia — George R. Vernon. Headquarters, 220 San- 
some street. 

Staff of Major-General — Lieuten ant-Colonel Samuel 
D. Mayer, Assistant Adjutant-General ; Lieutenant- 
Colonel Frank J. Skelly, Ordnance Officer ; Lieutenant- 
Colonel A. W. Von Schmidt, Engineer Officer ; Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel Henry S. Smith, Quartermaster ; Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel Mark L. McDonald, Commissary of 
Subsistence ; Lieutenant-Colonel P. W. Black, Inspec- 
tor of Division ; Lieutenant-Colonel J. J. Tobin, Pay- 
master ; Lieutenant-Colonel C. M. Gilmore, Judge 
Advocate ■ Lieutenant-Colonel C. K. Breeze, Surgeon; 
Major G. H. Reynolds, Aid-de-Camp : Major W. H. 
Chamberlain, Aid-de-Camp. 

Second lirijfudc. 

Brigadier-General John " immandlng. 

StalT l -Gi ii< rul - Major s. \\ 

I o m ral; Lieut qj 
Mason Kinne, Judge Advi G. Smith, 

r; Major J. M. Lltchfli Id, Qua] 

t Prank 
P. McLennan, Engineer Officer ; Major Jol 
Commissary; Coltytcl It. II. Savage, Pa] 
Major David W. Laird, Ordnance Officer 
Sonntag, Aid-i at-Major M. Byrne, 

Staff Orderly; Sergeant - Major Ni. ' 
Staff Orderly. 

ni;~ m ini 'ANTSY Seadqaarten, 

north wi b1 and Howard 

i . \\ Udi r, 

i . James 

L. Field! W. I. SfOU master ; 

'. . - | . 

lb nijihiil, Chaplain. 
< ' 1 1 v (tr.Mii. [Oo. B)— Armory, John IJ. 

■ m. (ii Ann [0o. 0) - Armory, 
stuart, Oaptaln. 

1 ' l.n.iu Im <,-. iiiy (Co. D)— Armor 

md K- ii. 

Or ton, Captain. 

it GuaBD (OO. B) Armory, I 

oorner (fair Montgomery and Howard. B< 


bd (Co. F)— Armory, northwi -■ 
N w M ward. J.J. Hut!' 

tenant Commanding. 

Hewbtun Kiiii" (Oo. H)— Armor, 
corner New Montgi mery and Howard. II P. Bnafa, 

208 California, w Ion ! . H. H. 

Thrall, Lieut. -Colonel; James A. 1 
FranciB W. Bacon, Adjutant ; Wm. H. Bruhl 
termaster; T. S. Taylor. Payn 
vacant; Edwin J. Eraser, Surgeon; Herman 
ner, Sergeant-Major. 

Union Guard (Co. A)— Armory, corner Minna and 
Hew Montgomery. A. J. Fritz, Captain. 

Thompson Rifles (Co. B) — Armory, old Turn 
Verein Hall. F. W. Pierce, Captain. 

San Francisco Fusileehs (Co. C)— Armory, south- 
west corner Powell and Sutter. Ludu 

Germania Rifles (Co. D) — Armory. - 
ner Powell and Sutter. H. W. Brockhoff, Captain. 

Steuben Guard (Co. E) — Armory, Old Turn Verein 
Hall. Charles Wochatz, Captain. 

Sab Francisco Cadets (Co. H) — Armory, corner 
Minna and New Montgomery. George Bigley, Cap- 

Hibernia Hall, 246 Third. Archibald Was< >n, Colonel; 
M. C. Bateman, Lieut.-Colonel j J. J. Conliii, Major ; 
P. J. Tannian, Adjutant ; John Grant, Quartermaster ; 
J. W. Wallace, Commissary ; John J. McGeaghegan, 
Paymaster ; Thomas Green, Surgeon ; Rev. Thomas 
Larkin, Chaplain. 

Montgomery Guard (Co. A) — Armory, Hibernia 
Hall, 246 Third. Charles Quinn, Captain. 

Shields Guard (Co. B) — Armory, Irish-American 
HaU. M. J. Wrin, Captain. 

Wolfe Tone Guard (Co. C)— Armory, 24U Third. 
Thomas Fitzparrick, Captain. 

Meagher Guard (Co. D) — Armory, 134 Fourth. 
D. J. Sullivan, Captain. 

Emmet Lot Guard (Co. E) — Armory, Dish-Ameri- 
can Hall. Robert Cleary, Captain. 

McMahon GeenadIee Guard (Co. H) — Armory, 
Red Men's Hall, Post street. John H. McMenorny, 

corner Minna and New Montgomery. P. R. O'Brien, 
Major; J. P. Rafferty, Adjutant; Wm. Corcoran, 
Quartermaster ; Paymaster, vacant; A. J. Stewart, 

First Light Dragoons (Co. A) — Armory, south- 
east corner Minna and New Montgomery. H. W. 
Gray, Captain. 

San Fbanoisco Hussaes (Co. B) — Armory, south- 
east corner Minna and New Montgomery. C. C. 
Keene, Captain. 

Jackson Deagoons (Co. C)— Armory, southeast cor- 
ner Minna and New Montgomery. M. Greaney, Cap- 

A rtillery. 

Armory, Mechanics' Pavilion. R. G. Brush, Captain ; 
G. W, Chapin, First Lieutenant; H. R. Hart, Second 
Lieutenant; J. B. Weller, Third Lieutenant; W. R. 
G. Samuel, Surgeon. 

Independent Military Organizations. 

southwest corner Sutter and Powell. S. W. Shulock, 

CALIFORNIA JAEGER— Armory, southwest corner 
Powell and Sutter— 75 members. Henry Schmidt, 
Captain . 

FRENCH ZOUAVES — Armory, 730 Montgomery, 
F. Hoffer, Captain ; Leon Bine, First Lieutenant; F. 
Trebois, Second Lieutenant. 

GARIBALDI GUARD— Armory, 423 Broadway— 
400 Members. G. Malatesta, Captain. 

GERMAN DRAGOONS— Armory, Old Turn Verein 
Hall — 50 members. George Raabe, Captain. 

GERMAN FUSILEER GUARD— Armory, southwest 
corner Powell and Sutter. B. Frank, Captain. 

GUARDIA DE JUAREZ— Armory, south side Pa- 
cific, between Powell and Mason. A. de la Torre, 

GUARDIA LERDO— Armory, 1524 Stockton. Cap- 
taincy vacant. 

Hibernia Hall. Thomas Bryan, Captain. 


LAFAYETTE GUARD— Armory, 730 Montgomery— 
100 memoers. H. A. Chalvin, Captain. 

SCHUETZEN VEREIN— Armory, Old Turn Verein 
Hall — 150 members. John Wulzen, Captain. 

SWISS SHARPSHOOTERS — Armory, southwest 
corner Powell and Sutter, A. Rah wyler, Captain. 

rein Hall. George Cantus, Captain. 


ville. Andrew J. Binney, Superintendent. 


CALIFORNIA PACIFIC — San Francisco to Sacra- 
mento. Route, via Vallejo and Napa Junction. A. D. 
Wilder, Assistant Superintendent. Office, northeast 
corner of Fourth and Townsend streets . 

Napa Valley Beanch— Via Vallejo, Napa and St. 
Helena to Calistoga. 

Marysville Beanch— Sacramento to Knights' Land- 
ing (Marysville) . 

Noetheen Railway— Woodland to Williams' Sta- 

CENTRAL PACIFIC— San Francisco to Ogden. 
Principal office, corner Fourth and Townsend streets, 
San Francisco. Leland Stanford, President; C. P. 
Huntington, Vice-President ; E. H. Miller, jr., Secre- 
tary ; Mark Hopkins, Treasurer; W. H. Porter, Aud- 
itor ; S. S. Montague, Chief Engineer ; B. B. Redding, 
Land Commissioner ; A. N. Towne, General Superin- 
tendent ; John Corning, Assistant General Superin- 
tendent ; J. R. Watson, General Supply Agent ; F. L. 
Vandenburgh, Superintendent Telegraph; T. H. 
Goodman, General Passenger and Ticket Agent ; J. 
C. Stubbs, General Freight Agent ; O. C. Wheeler, 
General Baggage Agent. 

Amadoe Branch— Gait to lone. 

Visalia Division— Lathrop to Goshen. John Corn- 
ing, Assistant Genera 1 . Superintendent; E C. Fellows, 
Division Superintendent. 

Tulaee Division — Tulare to Mojave. 

Obegon Division — Sacramento to Redding, via 
Marysville, Chico and Red Bluff. J. A. Fillmore, 

Los Angeles and Independence — Santa Monica to 
Los Angeles. Wm. J. L. Moulton, Superintendent. 

Monteeey and Salinas Valley — Monterey to Sali- 
nas City. A. Gonzales, General Manager. 

NORTH PACIFIC COAST — San Francisco to Dun- 
can Mills, via San Quentin, San Rafael and Olema. 
General offices, 426 California street. Milton S. 
Latham, President; J. W. Fillmore, Assistant Super- 
intendent ; W. R. Price, Auditor and General Ticket 
Agent; John W. Doherty, General Manager; W. F. 
Russell, Secretary and General Freight Agent. 

Sacramento to Shingle Springs. Josiah Johnson, 

Francisco to Cloverdale, via Petaluma, Santa Rosa 
and Healdsburg. General office, 426 Montgomery 
street ; ticket office, Market Street Wharf. P. Dona- 
hue, President; P. E. Dougherty, General Passen- 
ger and Ticket Agent ; A. A. Bean, Petaluma, Super- 
intendent; A. Hughes, General Manager. 

Branch from Fulton to Guerneville. 

Obispo to Port Harford. Joseph W. Nesbitt, Super- 

SANTA CRUZ— Santa Cruz to Pajaro. F. A. Hihn, 
President; Titus Hale, Treasurer; George E. Logan, 
Secretary; C. C. Garcelon, Assistant Superintendent. 

SANTA CRUZ AND FELTON— Santa Cruz to Fel- 
ton. R. M. Garratt, Superintendent. 

SOUTHERN PACIFIC— Goshen Division— Goshen 
to Huron. 

Los Angeles Division— Mojave to Los Angeles. 

Yuma Division— Los Angeles to Colorado River. 

Wilmington Division— Los Angeles to Wilmington. 

San Diego Division— Florence to Anaheim. 

Noetheen Division— San Francisco to Soledad. A. 
C Bassett. Superintendent; A. N. Towne, General 
Superintendent, San Francisco ; E. E. Hewett, Assist- 
ant Superintendent. Los Angeles. 

Branch from Gilroy to Tres Pmos. 

Stockton to Oak Dale. W. G. Curtis, Superintendent. 



Street Railroads. 

Stanford, President; T. W. Hinchman. Superintend- 
ent and Secretary. From Kearny street to Fir6t ave- 
nue, a distance of over three miles. This road 
will convey passengers to within five blocks of Golden 
Gate Park, and will open up a large district for settle- 
ment. Office, corner of Larkin and California streets. 

CENTRAL— Reuben Morton, President ; John H. 
Hayes, Secretary. From Oakland Ferry to Lone 
Mountain. Sixth-st. Branch, from corner of Vallejo 
and Davis streets to corner of Sixth and Brannan. 
Office, 32 Turk street. 

CITY— R. B. Woodward, President; M. E. Willis, 
Secretary. From corner of Mission and Steuatt to 
Mission and Twenty-sixth streets. Dupont-st Branch, 
from Oakland Ferry to corner of Mission and Twen- 
tieth streets. Office, southwest corner of Mission and 
Fourteenth streets. 

CLAY STREET HILL— A. S. Hallidie, Pr. add) nt ; 
C. P. Campbell, Secretary. From comer of Kearny 
and Clay streets to corner of Van Ness avenue mid 
Claystreet; branch from Clay and Leavenworth to 
Chestnut and Larkin streets. Office, southwest cor- 
ner of Clay and Leavenworth streets. 

MARKET STREET— Leland Stanford, President; 
J. L. Willcutt, Secretary. From Oakland Ferry to 
corner of Valencia and Twenty-sixth streets. Branch, 
from Oakland Ferry to corner of Devi6adero and Ellis 
streets. Office, northeast corner of Fourth and Towns- 
end streets. 

President; H. W. Hathome, Secretary; M. Skelly, Su- 
perintendent ; Jerome Lincoln, Treasurer. From 
corner of Fourth and Townsend (via Kearny) to 
corner of Francisco and Mason streets. Brunch, 
from corner of Montgomery and California (via 
First) to corner of Folsom anil Twenty-sixth, Office, 
southwest corner of Louise and Fourth streets. 

OMNIBUS— Peter Donahue, President; W. S. Mason, 
Secretary and General Manager ; M. C. Jourdan, Su- 
perintendent. From comer of Townsend and Fourth 
to corner of Market and Montgomery (where trans- 
fers are given to Oakland Ferry), thence to corner 
of Powell and Prancisco streets. Branch, from cor- 
ner of Jackson and Montgomery to corner of Twenty- 
fifth and Howard ; transfer from North Beach and 
South Park at Third and Howard streets; transfer 
from Howard street at Third and Howard streets to 
North Beach and South Park. Office, 725 Howard 
street. This company has a franchise to construct a 
road on Montgomery avenue from Pacific to Stockton 

POTRERO AND BAY VIEW— J. L. Willcutt, Sec 
retary; Francis E. Flint, Superintendent. From 
corner of Berry and Fourth streets to Thirty-fourth 
avenue, South San Francisco. Branch, from Fourth 
and Bluxome via Fifth and Market to Oakland Ferrv. 
Office, northeast corner of Fourth and Townsend 
streets. This company has also a franchise to run on 
Dupont from Market to Post street, and down Post to 

SUTTER STREET-George C. Bode, President • A. 
K. Stevens, Secretary; H. Casebolt, Superintendent 
From Oakland Ferry to corner of Market and Sutter, 
by cable to Larkin street; thence to comer of Ceme- 
tery avenue and Point Lobos Road, with branches to 
corner of Fillmore and Pacific, Steiner and Union 
and Mission and Fourteenth streets. Office, north- 
east corner Sutter and Larkin streets 

FRANCISCO— Established by (he Board 
of State Harbor Commissioners, June 
7th, 1870. 



Vessels under 25 tons 36 

" 26 tons and under 60 tons 50 

" 50 tons and under 75 tona $1 00 

75 tons and under 100 tona 2 00 

" 100 tons and under 160 tons 8 00 

" 160 tons and under 'J(mi tuns 4(h) 

" 200 tons and und'T 'J.'in tuns 5 UU 

" 250 tons and under 800 tons 6 00 

800 tons and under 4ihi t<.ns 7 00 

" 400 tons and uno. i . ".uii t., ns 8(H) 

BOO tons and ondi r BOO tons 

■• 600 tons and under 700 tons 8 60 

" 700 tons and under 800 tona 10 60 

'• 800 tons and under 900 tons 11 00 

" 900 tons and under l.i ■on tuns 11 50 

•: 1,000 tons and under 1,100 tons 12 60 

1,100 tons and undi r 1,200 tuns 1:1 60 

1,200 tons and under 1,300 tuns 14 60 

1,800 tona and under 1,400 tons 15 50 

1.41 Hi tons and under l..".o0 tuns 16 60 

" 1,600 tons and under 1,600 tona 17 60 

1,600 tons and under 1,700 tuns 18 60 

1,700 tons and under 1,800 tona 18 60 

1,800 tuns and and r i tons 21 00 

1,900 tons and under 2,000 tana 22 60 

I under 2,200 tona 2:1 60 

2,200 tons and under 2,600 tona 

And .".ii ci uts fur i acb additional 100 tuns. 
Vc^i l- li lading ox ballasting, half the above rut' s. 
Vessels, alter beii i ed, may lie at the 

wharves at half rut. I to the orders "f the 

Chief Wharfinger. Vessels In outside berths, ur in 
the slips, or within premises In the possession and 
under the control of the Board of state Harbor Oom- 

rs, must pay half rates ,,f dockage. I 
to commence up n a vi aael making fast to a wharf, or 
Doming within said premises, and to pay fur I ach day 
or fractional part thereof as a lull day. No deduc- 
tions to be made for Sundays, holidays or rainy days. 


Vehicles drawn by one or more animals, 
with loads not exceeding twu tons 

weight or 80 cubic feet 12 % cents. 

Loads in excess of two tons, for each addi- 
tional ton or part tin n.i 6 1 .! " 

Grain, flour, potatoes and other vegetables, 

pay for each ton or part thereof 5 " 

Lumber, when hauled on the wharves in 

loads of 2.000 feet or less 1254 

Lumber landed upon the wharves or bulk- 
head, per 1,000 feet, board measure. .10 " 

Wood, per cord 12.'i 

Brick6, per 1.000 10 " 

Coal and asphaltum, per ton 10 " 

Salt per ton 5 " 

Iron, per ton 6' 4 " 

Ores, paving stone and ballast, per ton of 

2,000 pounds 6 J$ " 

Hay, per ton of 2,000 pounds 10 " 

Vehicles, for transportation 12 J< " 

Wool, in bags, 2 cents ; in bales, strapped. 3 " 

General merchandise, per cargo, subject to 
drayage, per ton of 40 cubic feet, or 

2,000 pounds 6% " 

Cattle and horses, for transportation, each. 5 " 

Calves, each 25$ " 

Sheep and hogs, each 1 J4 " 

Handcarts, each 5 " 

Dry hides, each \ " 


Any package of merchandise carried by hand on to 
any wharf «or landing (except domestic supplies for 
private individuals, intended for consumption and 



not for sale, weighing less than 100 pounds), 123$ 
cents . 

Milk wagons, butcher wagons, bakers', ice and 
laundry wagons, on their daily rounds, mav pass free 
of toll. 

Empty packages returned to the wharf or anytvessel 
pass free of toll. 

No toll will be charged on donkey engines or steve- 
dores' tools, going on to any wharf for the purpose of 
discharging or loading cargo. 

Loads must be estimated either by weight or meas- 
urement, as will yield the largest revenue — 2,000 
pounds or 40 cubic feet to constitute a ton, excepting 
coal, pig iron, asphaltum and stone, for which 2,240 
pounds will be a ton. 

Tolls must be paid on each load, as delivered or 
received. Provided, however, that owners or con- 
signees may pay in advance the tolls upon entire 
cargoes, at schedule rates. 

All merchandise landed upon wharves from vessels. 
and taken from thence in lighters or other vessels, or 
warehoused without drayage, must pay 6*4 cents per 
ton wharfage. 

All merchandise received or discharged from vessels 
lying at the wharves or within that portion of the 
harbor subject to the jurisdiction of the Board of 
the State Harbor Commissioners, into or from lighters 

or other vessels, must pay five cents per ton, and 
bricks, five cents per thousand. Lumber discharged 
into the water, must pay five cents per thousand feet, 
and piles three cents each. All timber and piles dis- 
charged into the slips, must be removed within twen- 
ty-four hours from the time of such discharge. 

All merchandise landed upon the wharves must be 
removed the same day landed ; provided, however, 
that by the consent of the Wharfinger, and at the risk 
of the owner, it may remain from day to day, subject 
to an additional toll for wharfage for every forty-eight 
hours, or part thereof. 

All merchandise remaining on the wharves after 
the owner, agent or consignee has been notified to re- 
move the same, will be removed by the wharfinger at 
the expense and risk of the owner. 

Vessels and their owners are liable for dockage, and 
all merchandise is liable for tolls and may be held by 
the wharfinger to secure the payment thereof. 

No load exceeding five tons shall be admitted on or 
off the wharves, except single packages. 

Driving on any wharf or thoroughfare faster than a 
walk, prohibited, and non-observance of this rule will 
subject the offender to prosecution for misdemeanor. 

Parties holding part of the water front, under lease 
from the Board of State Harbor Commissioners, are 
obligated to charge and collect the above rates, and 
any person violating said rules will forfeit his lease. 




Names. Tons. Mging Owner. 

Belvidere 1396...Chris'r Nelson 

Blue Jacket 1396. . . D. O. Mills 

Dashing Wave...l054....Chas. Han=on 

El Dorado 1147....Samuel Blair 

Germania 1216...P. B. Cornwall 

Grace Darling 1042.. .Geo Middlemas 

Lookout 1063....P. B. Cornwall 

Shirley 1049....Chas. Hanson 

War Hawk 1015.. .L. B. Mastick 

Wash. Libbv 1048... John Dolbeer 

Western Shore...U78...J. W. McAllep 
Yosemite 1154 ...Samuel Blair 


Adelaide Cooper.. 397.. . C. L. Dingley 

Adele 387....Jno. J. Friend 

Amelia 397...Chas. E. Foye 

Amethyst 356... P. B. Cornwall 

Amie 628...C. G. Athearu 

Antioch 646...C. L. Taylor 

Atalanta 868... A. J. Pope 

Aureola 822.. .Samuel Blair 

B. Aymer 517.V.C. S. Hobbs 

Bhering 280....WH Bordman 

Bohemia 248...E.Korbell Bros 

C. L. Taylor 367... C. L. Taylor 

California 796.. .A. J. Pope 

Caroline Keed 653...C. L. Taylor 

ClaraBell 197.. .R. S. Howland 

Constitution 248.. .N. Bichard 

Cyane 296...C.A.Low & Co 

Dawn 260...T. W. Williams 

D. C. Murray 454...A. J. Harris 

Discovery 416.. .J. Kentfield 

Dublin 706...Peter Taylor 

Ella 260...Chas. E. Eoye 

Emma Augusta... 285...S. B. Peterson 

Enoch Talbot 1242...J.Kentflld&Co 

Eureka 296...Chas. Nelson 

Florence 245...T. W.Williams 

Forest Queen 511. ..C. L. Dingley 

Frances Palmer.. 196...A.W.VSchmdt 

Names. Tons. Mana'g Owenr. 

Fremont 346...W. C. Lynde 

Gemot the Ocean 630... C. L. Dinglev 

Gen. Cobb 649...W. J. Adams 

Grace Koberts 269...S. B. Peterson 

Harrison 334.. .M. K. Boberts 

Harvest Home.... 598... J.J.McKinnon 
Helen W. Almy... 314.. .E. Freeman 

J. B. Bell 796...Sam'l B. Blair 

J. W. Seaver 230.... W. B. Godfrey 

John Jay 541... John C. Gunn 

Katie Fleckinger 472... J.H.Fleckinger 
Lizzie Williams.. 827.. .Samuel Blair 

Loch Lamar 579.... J. C.Merithew 

Malay 743.. .N. Bichard. 

Marmion 823...D. W. Gates 

Mary Bell Koberts 369...M. K. Koberts 

Mary Glover 738...S. L. Mastick 

Melancthon 298.. .A. M. Simpson 

Menschikoff 223...0rringtn Betts 

Metropolis 170... J. L. Curtis 

Modoc 452... Sivert Johnson 

Monitor 236...Chas. Nelson 

Montana 651.. .C. A. Nutsen 

North Bend 376... R. W. Simpson 

Northwest 515...G. A. Meigs 

Oak Hill 549...Renton,H&Co 

Oakland 534...G. A. Meigs 

Oregon 888.. .W. J. Adams 

Osmyn 483...Sam'l Blair 

Portland 494...Sam'l Perkins 

R. K. Ham 569...Renton,H &Co 

Revere 829.... J. Kentfield 

Rival 299... A. M. Simpson 

Samoset 633...Chas. Hanson 

Shooting Star 673... J.Birmingham 

Sierra Nevada 695....G. W. Hume 

Tarn O'Sbanter 592.. .A. M. Simpson 

Tanner 287... W. J.Adams 

Tidal Wave 630... G. A. Meigs 

W. H. Gawley 483...G. A. Meigs 

Webfoot 362...A. M. Simpson 

Whistler 518.. .A. W. Simpson 

Wildwood 1099...C.L.Tayrr&Co 

Zephyros 328.... 


Names. Tons. Mana'g Owner. 

Deacon 423.. .E. B. Mastic 

Glencoe 179.. .Jas. Caughell 

Hazard 396... Geo. W. Hume 

Hesperian 241...J.J.F. Winding 

Hidalgo 175... J. Kentfield 

J. B. Ford 197...C. Kirk 

Josephine 218...H. W. Kurlb'm 

NautiUus 173...M. Turner 

Orient 312...A. M. Simpson 

Percy Edward.. .. 219... M. Turner 

Sheet Anchor 212...N. Sonnichsen 

T. W. Lucas 307...J. Dolbeer 

W.H.Dietz 487.... J. S. Endicott 


A. P. Jordan 181.. .Peter Crack 

Abbie 146.. .J. G. Jackson 

Abrah'm Lincoln 66.. .C. J. Jorgensen 

Abe Lincoln 11... 

Active 15... W. A. Johnson 

Ada May 84...T. Jennings 

Ada McCune 25... J. N. McCune 

Adaline 18...J. Adams 

Addie Garcier 24...Pat'k Mallon 

Adrianna 96...Henry Cowell 

Ag. Nicolayson... 98... M. Wolters 

Agnes Jones 24...Thos. Jones 

Alameda 36... Phil. Caduc 

Alaska 139..J.A.C.Brnstmp 

Alaska 32.. .James Laflin 

Alaska 28... Philip Cadnc 

Albatross 21... J. Thorkelsen 

Alcatraz 35... 

Alexander 52....Alex. S. Tibbey 

Alexina 19...C.J.Balinsurale 

Alfred 96...R.T.Ackerman 

Alfred Adams 69... T. W. McCol'm 

Alice 232... J. A. Hooper 

Alice Kimball 107...B. H. Madson 

Amelia 25....Albert E. Hatt 

Amelia Martin... 19... 



Names. Ton' Oivner. 

America 39.. .Herman Alpen 

American Girl 229...S. J. Benson 

AnaBtasia 37...Thomp. Collie 

Andrew Jackson. 37.. .II. J. Ervin 

Angel Dolly 10... 1'. Price 

Ann 15.. .J. T. Smith 

Anna Hermlne ... 66...H. Alpin 

Anna Matilda 34... Peter Olsen 

Anna Thellen 16.. .0. Davis 

Annie 42... R. Poulson 

Annie Aden 35.. .R. J. S. Aden 

Annie Caroline... 29... Henry CHne 

Annie Gee 155... H. Winkelman 

Annie H. Johnson 39...Albcrt F. Dill 

Annie Harley 23.. .John Smith 

Annie Staffer 120... J G. Jackson 

Annie R. Forbes. 40... E. WlnslOW 

Apache 40.. .J. B. Piper 

Arab .....". 49... W. G. Hall 

Arago 186.. .S. Perkins 

Ariel 143... AWYnS. lnni't 

Arthur 48.. .J. B. Piper 

Augusta Johnson 24. ...John Johnson 

Aurora 193.. .E. P. Nisson 

Azalene 41... M. R. Roberts 

B. F. Lee 87.. ..I. Clemi nl 

B. G. Whiting.... 17...T.Abrahamson 

B. H. Ramsdell... 134... James Tullts 

Barbara 113... J. F.fllgglns 

Barkis 25.. ..Ins. li. Chase 

Bartlett Allen 26...II. i '. Beater 

Basqunine 20... W. Brown 

Bay City 41. ..C. A. Johnson 

Bella 35 [ohn 1'. M ill. r 

BeUe 30.. .J Mitchell 

Bessie Everding. 74. ..A. Dodd 

BuenaDla 13...A.C. Uothemer 

Big River 160...J. B. Ford 

Bill the Butcher. 85...1>.Chrlstlanscn 
Black Diamond... 41...C Krntzfeldt 

Black Swan 23... F. T. Lansdalo 

Bobolink 170.. .S. Perkins 

Bonanza 135.. .II. B. Williams 

C. H. Merrithew. 89... I!. II. Hansen 

Caleb Curtis 89... W. E. Domett 

California 120.. ..I. .1. Smith 

California 23... D. Irabarau 

California 56... N. Blchard 

Calistoga 29.. .(J. Barbhie 

Camilla 35... F. Tilford 

Caroline 40.. .Aug. Schultz 

Caroline 42.. .J. M. Avery 

Caroline E. Root. 120... E. II. 

Caroline Z 32...Bich. Johnson 

Caroline Medau... 73....Ias. J. Wmant 

Caroline Mills 48...\\'ui.G. Bluhm 

Carro True 21.. .H. 0. Clark 

Carrier Dove 54. ..Jacob Jansen 

Cassie Hay ward.. 198...H. M. Haywrd 

Cath. Miller 35...Ale.\. Keenan 

Cesar Brims 49... Wm. Matson 

Cecelia Maria 23„.Chu. Petersen 

Centennial 22...L.H.Terkleson 

Champion 42... C. W. Wilson 

Champion 44... H. C. Somers 

Chas.H.Merchant2S3....E. 13. Dean 
Chas. G. Wilson. 59.. .C. G. Wilson 
Chas. T.Winslow 43...H.P.Joig'nsen 

Charlotte 37.. .George Grav 

Christina Steffens 70.... Geo. H.Collins 

Cimeron 10.. .31. Osburn 

Cinderella 26... N. H. Wolff 

Clara 30... B. H. Madsen 

Clara Light 179.. .Ed. Havthorpe 

Cohasset 21. ..P. Hansen 

Columbia 90.. .B. H. Madsen 

Col. Baker 77... D. B. Jennings 

Columbus 36.. .J. B. Piper 

Compeer 347... E. J. Nissen 

Concordia 9S...P. Robinson 

Consuelo 26.. .M. Turner 

Convoy 16.. .C. Madsen 

Cora 155...J. G. Jackson 

Cordelia 25... F. Hansen 

Courser 358....HA Thompson 

Cygnet 28...H. F. Comst'ck 

D. C. Haskins 112:. .M. Pendergard 

D. S. Williams.... 340... C. G. Athearn 

D. W. Tietjen.... 49...R. Rasmussen 
Dashing Wave... 149.. .Andrew Hagan 
David and Ettie.. 69... Geo. H. Collins 

Dolphin 9...J. Mitchell 

Dora 42... Peter Jacobson 

Dreadnought 183.. .Fred Clay 

Dreadnought 40.. .J. B. Rider 

E. B. Buffandeau 37....Jas. Sherry 

E. J. McKinnon. 70.. . S. B. Peterson 

Same*. Tons. Mana'g Owner. 

Eclipse 234... John Dolbeer 

Eddy 39...E.K.Thomas'n 

Edith 98.. .s. Johnson. 

Fdward Louis. ... 47...TbOB. Nelson 
Edward Parke.... 148...N.C.Erlandson 

Eleetra 92... J. 15. lord 

Eliza in... A. Semez 

Eliza Blake 19... A. Mai 

Kiizuii Greenwood 82.JBL Greenwood 

Elko 148.. .A. \. i 

Ellen Adelia 33.. .T. n'Furpll 

Ellen Gunderson. 86.. .J. Kramke 

Ellen Maria 15...M. Wllliamsonl 

Ellnora 25. II. Pe 

Elnorah hk>. . . < ". Lass 

Elvenla 148... i . Gee 

Kniilie Kraut-en... B6...P. JooobSOn 

Kmilie Martin 19.. .C. [v< «on 

' r ier. 85... \. B. Jensen 

Emily F> Blchard 39...M.F. M'Klnna 
Emily Howard... :«.. ..\. W.BIUIngs 

Emllv Lundt 34. .11. J. Bpelman 

Emma 48...P.N. Remlllard 


Emma liter 279 B, £ bean 

Energy 24... H i ■ 

B9...C. II 

Enterprlsi ,J. W. McAUep 

Esplnosn 18 

Eudora 78 John F. Miller 

Euphemla 89... EL Botcher 

Eustace 184... I. Qutte 

Eureka 29.. .s. Daby 

40...H. Bemlllard 

Excelsior 34:s 

Excldere 48...Chn. Larat ti 

Express 85...J. B. I 

I . K. M. Bernard 26.. .B. Fernandez 

F. \\ . Crawford. 83...C. II. ! 

Kulrtii'ld 29...Thos. Collie 

Fairv Queen B9...Peter Peterson 

Fannie Ci. ..J. Mlchelson 

Fannie Hare 164...Geo. A. Mare 

Fannj a .8. M. Peterson 

I'anin QUmor ... 80 ..I. K. Davis 

Fanny Jane 120... P. CaogheTJ 

Favorite 23... 

Fearless 2S...J. F. MoQer 

Felicity 22... Wm. Borchen 

Flora Maybel 13...Jos. Mitchell 

Flying Eagle 80...L Gutte 

Flying Mist 67...A. S. I 

Forester r>....v<'. Hlcbborn 

Fortune Wolf) 

Fourth t f July... 50...Carl Hoysel 
Fourth ol July... 15...J. T. Smith 

Francis 16...G. Treschuren 

Fnttiiot 243...0. Hatuon 

Galatea B4...J. B. I 

G. r. 'I rain 27... 

G. W. Prescott... 113.. .Jos. Hanson 

Garibaldi 42... II. Tlnknam 

Gaslight 89... Wm Borchcrs 

Gen. Harney 56...F. S. I 

Gen. Miller 109...J. F. Miller 

Gen. Ord 98... N. Bruns 

Gen. Slgel 30...J. (i. Bmicrle 

Geo. Louis 41.. .A. Juchler 

Geo. P. Haub 123... H. Maybel 

Geo. Peabody 55.. .J. B. Jones 

Geo. Washington 24.. .A. Pc-temon 
Georgle Woods.... 60....). li. Piper 

Glide 13... P. > T orris 

Glory 14.. .J. N. Saucets 

Golden Fleece 127 1 II. Jacobson 

Golden Fleece 48... John Bernard 

Golden Gate 98... B. H. Madsen 

Golden Ride 61. ..H. Kihn 

Good Templar 126... C. F. Kroger 

Gotama 199.. .Jos. Madsen 

Granger 43...Thos. Collier 

Greenfield ::0...J. G. Jennings 

Greyhound 149.. .A. Crawford 

Gussic Klose 95... E. Higgins 

H. Beudel 74.. .X. Tank 

H. Caroline 22... 

H. C. Almy 12.. .W. A. Johnston 

H. L. Tiernan 143.. .A. Crawford 

H. K. Hadlow 24.. ,H. Casanova 

Helena Sutton 22.. .D. Smith 

Hamlet 25... Wm. Green 

Hannah Madison 134.. .B. H. Madison 

Harp 10.. .J. Bowers 

Harry 25.. .J. B. Piper 

Harvest Queen... 32.. .C. Thompson 

Hattie Porter 28...A.C.Wentw'th 

Hayes 194...G. H. Emerson 

Xiii/u s. Ton*. M'ninij Owtt&Tt 

Hi-cla 46... J. T. i 

Helen Merriam... 74... It. li. Madaeo 
Hera 889. <;. W. Hume 


Hite In ol ...II. ('. Wright 

I .Richard Ituiiis 

Homo- ■• i Lent 

Horn. eTempleton 43...J. L. K 
Howard LafllO 

Hueneme 856... W. (i. Ilni; 

Humboldt 139.. .Alex I 

Ida 16 / W 

Ida Floreni e 

Ida Jane 14... P. Marslaoo 

o ier 226...C. Schuaner 

[ndostry 72... Wm. Brown 

Industry 21. .1 B. I 

Ino - lt.G I 

Isabel 240... W. Kim kwood 

Island li. Ue 4i...Mutfw Turner 

Ivunhoe 120 .J. -i.« alworth 

I. 1!. Hinsdale 
i; G. B bee 

J. I . li isklns 33... 

.1. G. Wall 98 John* 

.1. II. RoS4 ■ ■ 80 I'. \ 

.1. M. Bi 

J. S. M C tn< . 28... 

J. P. Haven... I lYedikaon 

II. w etberbee 

James Byrnes B4...1 i ■ rkelson 

Jeannette . ... I . Murder 

I. B li. nn 

len ... 146 

-. Iiliildl 

Jessie N : inefleld 

Juhauni'M. Brock 134 

John and Saniui I 74.. > II N 

John Kn 

John Hancock,. 148... H. V etberbee 

John Hunter 84... Wm. Sparks 

Join, Lambert. ... 80...C. II. I 
John Mi i lullougb 72... I., i ilsei, 

i J Smith 
i 1 1 
Josepb Perkins 281 . K. Powc 11 


Josephine i- U.K. Anderson 

49... I>. W 

Kate Blaklxion... 17.. .J. M. I 

K :■ li Damon 

131... WmV It/, limn 
Kltturali 28...Claun t 

l.a Glrondc 205 B. < 'A 

nee 28... P. Jai 

I. aura M. Damon 21... Win. [I 

I, aura May 247 H. v k. rinun 

Laura Pike : W I. I 

Leader I stteraon 

Qg 33.. .J. 1> 

Leo 178...R, G I 


Llgurla - I I 

Liiiv Mav io... i:. a. Anderson 

Line- Point 20...F. Tllf«.nl 

Little Blver 97.„Jacob 

Lizzie Derby B8...P.Cbrlst'phrm 

Lizzie Madison... 132.. .A. Anderson 
Lizzie T. Adam-.. 27.. .J. A. I'luuincr 
Lizzie Thereea.. 66 G. E. 

Lola. l93...James Madden 

Loleta 120... W. II. Dlmont 

Lookout 19.. ..I. P.. 

Lorenzand Wm... 28... J. B. Piper 

Lottie Collins C9....I. Nelson 

Lotus 13... K. L. ngden 

Louise 25..E. R. I 

Louisa Morrison 9 r ... 

Louisa Simpson. _ 91...Aieir'w Hagen 

Louisa West 19...<;.fi. Williams n 

M. Man'-'els 41... N. Bruns 

Mau. v. Hartman 36.. .A. s. Hall 
Mabel and Edith. 49... R. Hansen 

Mabel Scott 77__Stepl . 

Madeline 84... Wm. ; 

Maggie 11... D. Splaine 

Maggie Douglass. 49...J.P.M 
Maggie Johnston 135.. .And. ( raw ford 

Magnolia 47.. .And. Anderson 

Margaret 18.... 

Marguerita 19... L. Holton 

Marietta 142.. ..I. L. I. 

Martha W. Tuft. ..173... J J> 
Martinez 24.. .W. A. Bray 



Names. Tons. M'ging Owner. 

Mary 8... 

Mary A. Femand'z 49.. .B. Fernandez 

Mary Alice 26...G. Barbirie 

Mary Buhne 147....A. H. Paul 

Mary Deleo 49.. .C. L. Dingley 

Mary Ellen 78.. .C. Goodall 

MaryE. Anderson 40.. .A. T.Anderson 
MaryE. Donivan 16...J. Lafiin 

Mary E. Hall 27.. .Francis Silver 

MaryF. Cruz 46... B. Fernandez 

Mary Francis 30....Aug. Steffens 

Mary Gould 22...Mich'ls Daneri 

Mary Gratwick... 33...F. M. Weise 

Marv E. Buss 235...B. H. Madison 

Maria H. Nelson. 39... H. Boy sen 

Mary Hart 49.. .A. Arens 

Mary Joseph 23.. .A. F. J. Klahn 

Mary Zephyr 49... Louis Zephyr 

Master Manner... 39.. .P. Hanson 
Matthew Turner 76....I. Gutte 

Matinee 37... Joshua Hendy 

Maxim 117.. .J. G. Jackson 

May Hare 64...Chas. Hare 

May Queen 123.. .8. B. Peterson 

Melrose 25... W. A. Bray 

Mendocino 93...J. F. Higgins 

Mendocino 14... T. W. Moore 

Merchant 19... G. W. Terrell 

Minette 24... Henry J. Irvin 

Mission Canal 48.. .Charles Davis 

Modoc 48....J. B. Piper 

Montana 93.. .F. C. Jacobson 

Mose 72... A. Brown 

Mountain View... 43... C. Sothmann 

Myrtle 18... 

N. B 18... 

North Beach 48.. .W.H. Johnston 

N. L. Drew 121...B. H. Madsen 

N. Van Bergen... 49.. .H. W. Lonnler 

Na Malole 59....A.P. Bliven 

Nagay 20...T.W.M'Colmm 

Napa City 47... A. Knudsen 

Nathalie 31... K. Johnson 

NedBeal 12...T. Olsen 

Nellie Carter 48.. .A. W. Mills 

Nelly Rich 46...Chas. Schiller 

New England 17... J. W. Childs 

New York 15... H. Cruz 

Newton Booth.... 91...Jashua Hendy 

Niantic 21...Frank Tllford 

Nicoline 69...H. F. Hogenah 

Nidaros 98...C. Streilburger 

Nimrod 28.. .Henry J. Irvin 

Norway 193...Sivert Johnson 

Norwester S9...John Lee 

Numanola ... 

0. S. Fowler 35.. .H. B. Bowen 

Ocean Pearl 196.. .W. S. Bowne 

Ocean Spray 83.. .A. McDonald 

Onward 35...C) Goodall 

Osceola 48.. .A. Crawford 

P. and R. No. 6... 25... J. B. Piper 
P. and R. No. 7... 25... J. B. Piper 

P. A.Owens 37.. .S. Johnson 

Pacific 149... Peter Crack 

Page 110... N. Bichard 

Pannonia 197.. .A. Kustel 

Parallel 148...J.C.M.Windi'g 

Patriot 57... L. A. Peterson 

Pauline Collins... 69... G. H. Collins 

Pet 49... H. L. Hey 

Phil. Sheridan.... 159... C. Brown 

Phcebe Fay.' 49.. Isaac Cook 

Pinol 44....H. K. Hewson 

Pike County 35...A. Ketelson 

Pioneer 12... A. W. Tinemon 

Piute 46.. .J. B. Piper 

Plow Boy 39... J. G. Jennings 

Precursor 74.. .J. C. Hawley 

Premier 308...Geo. Fritch 

Prosperous 34.. .0. Benfelt 

Queen of theBay 18... F. Malbrich 

R. B. Handy 74.. .L. Lorentz 

Rainbow 43.. .William Smith 

Rambler 23...RA. Tyler 

Reaper 17... J. A. H. Pritz 

Red Fish 25...C. Decker 

Redwood 27.. .Albert Dryer 

Reliance 387....J. Hodar 

Reliance 33.. .J. B. Stearns 

Reliance 8... 

Reliance 25...Sam'l Burnett 

Relief 8... 

Reporter 337... W. G. Hall 

Restless 74...F.Russelmann 

Ringleader... 41... F Russelmann 

Rival 35... C. C. Hill 

Names. Tons. Mana'g Owner. 
Robbie Hunter.... 57... Fritz Voight 
Robert & Minnie 99.. .J. Noylon 
Robert Emmet... 34.. .John Calway 

Rochester 15...M. R. Aden 

Rock of Cashel... 22.. .G. Barbiria 

Rosella 39...C. L. Place 

Rough and Ready 56... T. Thomsen 

S. E. Perry 39... D. Witgen 

S. M. Coombs 94.. .P. W. Gray 

Saccoro 21... Henry Platte 

Sacramento 98.. .Wm. Sparks 

Salamander 30... J. Olsen 

SanBuenavntura 181.. .J. J. Smith 

San Diego., 39.. .Peter Bishop 

San Lorenzo 24. ..A. Peterson 

San Mateo 15.. .R. Barron 

Santa Rosa 25... Peter Donahue 

Sarah 25... Hy W.Johnstn 

Sarah 8... 

Sarah 106... J. J.Smith 

Sarah Ann 21....J. Dobbrlaar 

Sarah Louise 49.. .Henry Corley 

Sea Foam 92... L. G. Peterson 

Sea Nymph 91...C. Goodall 

Serena Thayer.... 206... J. C. Gunn 

Settler 10... 

Seventy-Six 38... F. C. Jarvis 

Shooting Star 57...C. W. Reed 

Sierra 28.. .James Smith 

Sierra Nevada 22....Jos. Silvice 

Silver Cloud 32... "Wm. H. Stiner 

Sine Johnson 74... J. E. Chalt'ant 

Sonora 14... G. Barbieri 

Sophia Hager 35.. .Samuel Blythe 

Sophia Johnson.. 2y...\V.W.Dirgh'm 

Sparkling Sea 169... Geo. Fitch 

Sparrow 197.. .A. M.Simpson 

Speculat.on 16.. .F. Cairothers 

Speed 31.. .J. W. Holt 

Squibob 39...H. Remlllard 

St. Thomas 62... L. H. Larsen 

Staghound 137... A. Crawford 

Star 48.. .F. Russelman 

Star of Freedom. 24... T. Lem. Meyer 
Stina Nicalaison.. 45.. .J. B. Jurgens 

Stranger 125.. .John "W.Dodge 

Superior 205... T.D.Young 

Susan A.Uwens.. 30.. .M. Olsen 
Susan Farnham.. 9... 

Sycamore 35.. .H. Wetzendorf 

T. Alonzo 23... Eliza J. White 

Tafhe 14.. .T. Hanson 

Tartar 49... W. G. Hall 

Teutonia 94... J. H. Stuckmyr 

Theo. H. Allen... 48... W. N. Shelly 

Theresa 25.. .A. Doscher 

Therese 74...A.C. Segilhorst 

Three Brothers... 37...T. Oulue 

Three Sisters 62...MartinWolt'rs 

Tita 8...L. Storrey 

Trave er 33.. .J. G. Jennings 

Truckee 148...A. A. Cohen 

Twilight 185...E. P. Nissen 

Twin Sisters 74... C. A. Hooper 

Two Brothers 56.. .Daniel Dodge 

Una 200...H.B. Tichenor 

Undaunted 68.. .J. D. Jacobs 

Undine 144...A. Kustel 

Unga 20...TW.McGollum 

U. S. Grant 33...H. Kihn 

Valentine Alviso. 27.. .H. J. Jarvis 

Vanderbilt 98...Albert Meyer 

Venus 118...A. Dudd 

yeto 47.. .Henry Meyer 

W. F. March 96.. .Joshua Hendy 

W H. Meyer 246.. .Aug. Brown 

W. H. Prescott... 113... 

W. H. Stevens .... 147.. .A. Crawford 

W. S. Phelps 101... J. B. Ford 

War Eagle 34...E.R.Thompson 

West Wind 36...J. B. Piper 

Western Home... 135.. .Jos. Johnson 

Wild Gazelle 114...TW.McOoilum 

William and Albert 33... C. Parnow 

William Hicks 58.. .J. A. Pedler 

Wm. L. Beebe .... 296....I. I. Smith 

"Willow 15... J. Olsen 

Wintield Scott 50...T. Thompson 

Witch of the Bay 22...J. B. Piper 
Wm. Frederick... 42.. .Charles Davis 
Wm. Hamilton... 24... Dan'l Morrison 
Wm. H.Marcy.. 10S....U. S. Govt. 
Wm. L. Beebee.. 2y6...J. J. Smith 

Wonder 49...Enos Taylor 

Vosemite 28...L. Terkleson 

Z. B. Heywood... 107... S. H. Harmon 


Names. Tous. Mana'g Owner. 

Agua Caliente 9... J. Herman 

Alice Stoffen 18...H. Smith 

Amanda 14.. .P. Tranton 

AnnaB 8... 

Annie E. Winne. 17... 

Anna Heron 10... 

Annie 12.. .W. O. Leary 

Belle 15... J. G. Sachele 

Benita 9... 

Brisk *) 

Bud..;;;;;;;;;;;.".";;; i3;;;l. shan-on 

C. A. Kruger 9... 

C.Allison 44... F.Brown 

C.E.Long 17.. .N. Larco 

C. L. Place 29... J. B. Piper 

Ceres 17...A. Johnson 

Challenge 18... J. S. Morgan 

Chelsea Smith.... 8... 

Cleopatra 8... 

Colonel 9... 

Cynthia 29... P. Donahue 

Dirige 18... 

D. N. Darlington 21...P.C.MumBm'n 

Domingo 17... P. Norris 

Domino 6... 

Dorinda 25.. .A. A. L'derback 

Elcy J. Cline 14...-. Baldwin 

Echo 27... J. Anderson 

Emeliar 14...H. C. Clark 

Emerald 22... 

Emma 29.. .James Mollor 

Energetic 17.. .J. Noight 

Excelsior 9... 

Forest Prince 13... P. Hansen 

Francis Force 12.. .E. B. Baker 

Franklin 19.. .C. E. Hansen 

Gazelle 15...J. J. Stoffen 

Gen. Taylor. 11...H. Mohr 

Harvest Queen... 21... J. W. Reed 

Hector 23...Henry Piette 

Hero 14... E. O. Khodes 

Hector 16...M.C.Blanchard 

Hudson 11...E. C. Harford 

Ida 16... J. Dentra 

Impossible 12.. .E. Warmbuth 

Independence .... 9...I. Krashon 

Isabella 13... 

Isabella 7... 

Islander 7... 

J. A. McClelland 9...A. J. Strutse 

Jenny 9... J. Oberg 

Jilt 28...W.H.Chapm'n 

John Stilson 37.. .R. Karrasow 

Julia 17.. .P. Brown 

Knickerbocker... 5... 

Laura 20...August Pfeiffer 

Liberty 10...D. W. lolger 

Liberty 13... 

Lily Ma v 10... 

Lizzie R. A 19...R. J. R. Aden 

Louisa D.Merritt 16... Mary Anderson 

Maggie Robinson 16... H. Greenwood 

Mary Ann 8...H. Wilson 

Mary Hart 12...J. Ludlam 

Mary J. Shelly... 17...S. Sullivan 

May Flower 6... 

May Flower 15... J. Gomez 

McClellan 24...C. Davis 

Melvina 11...W. Lamping 

Mysterv 32... George Ellis 

National 14...A. Smith 

National 9...C. Giles 

Nelly 8...A. Dryer 

New Hope — ... 

Nicoline&Doretha 19.. .R. Jenson 

Norman 19...W. H. Nichols 

One Sun 12... 

Kavenswood 15... C. Moor 

Khodelsiand 10...P. Thomas 

Kincon Point 11... N. P. Beck 

Rochester 16... ' . 

Roman 8... J. B Frisbee 

Ruth ................. 15...Wm.Witzeman 

j{ \\r 5— ' ' 

Sa'lina" " 20.. .Charles Abel 

Sam Slick".'.'. 12...P. Norris 

Sari Tos6 • •*2„. 

Sarah Annie 21...Chas Hanson 

Sarah Pratt 14.. .F. Tilford 

Sappho ¥.— -„ ,»• 

Shooting Star 11...P. Minor 

Sierra H evada ... 16... J. H A. Stoffen 

Solano 71. ..J. J. Smith 

So ferino 20...M. Jeammchad 

Star 12...T.W.M'Collum 



Oames. Tons. Mana'g Owner. 

Startled Fawn.... 14... W. H. Rundel 

Swan 10... G. James 

T.G.Lamb 9...W. McGee 

Thomas Brown.. 29... F. N. Laughey 

Tomales 17.. .A. 0. Bogart 

Troublesome 11... G. Ellis 

Vigilance 13... J. Milton 

Vlolante 10.. .J. Nevis. 

Virginia 11... 

Vlxlng 6... 

AV. A. Winder... 5... N. Anderson 

West Wind 10... J. George 

Widgeon 13.. .J. Goodrldgc 

W. H. J 17... A. Peterson 

W. Whipple 29.. .C. II. Blanch'd 

Yaqulna 7... 

Young Greek 8... 

Young America.. 24...Jacob Kelting 


Ada 29.. .John Vance 

Alameda 813...C P R K Co 

Alex. Duncan.... 138... R. D. Hume 

Alice 74...Chas. McNeill 

Alice Garratt 285.. .T. ('.Walker 

Alpha 41. ..John Hackett 

Alvarado 49... I. Bnnu 

Amador 897.. .C P R R Co 

Amelia 885...0PB B « o 

Amelia 17... 

Anaeha 39... Harbor Com 

Ancon 1540.. .C. Goodall 

Antelope 581. ..Peter Donahue 

Areata 220.. .J. 0. Hawl. y 

Banner 175... 

Belle 95...Chas. Nnteen 

Boquet 9... 

Brisk 132... Wm. Sharon 

Bullion 147...Thos. Sclby 

0. M. Small 9K....I. R. Hid. •. .t 

California 674... P. B. Cornwall 

Capitol 1989.. .(' 1' B B 00 

Caroline 68...G. W. Booper 

Carqulnes 102... L. B. Mlzner 

Centennial 322... W. 0. Tyler 

Ceres 120...SFSI B&T Co 

Chin du Wan 182.. .C P R R Co 

Citv of Stockton. 486...Cal S N Co 

Clara BeU 54...H. McNeil 

Clara Crow 50...M. C. Fisher 

Columbia ill. ..A. M. Simpson 

Constance 148...And'w Nelson 

Constanttne 492... C. Goodall 

Continental 96...D. McMullen 

Contra Costa 449... M. S. Latham 

Coquille 246... Wm. C. Lynde 

Corda 298... C P R R Co 

Cordelia 60.. .Edward Erase 

D. E. Knight 168...D. E. Knight 

Donald 132...C. Goodall 

Dover 184...C P R R Co 

El Capitan 983...C P R R Co 

Namse. Tons. Manh'g Owner. 

Elaine 16.. .S. Mei 

Elizabeth Mary, 12... 

Elk 24...J. Kevee 

Ellen 48...Dennl« Jordan 

Emma 88...G.G. Pinkham 

Empire (s.r.'wi... 732...B.D. <'liatidl.-r 

Empire City 102... I' BG 

Enterprise 248... L. Stanford 

Express 86... J. C. \ 

Favorite 73... ll OGroeper 

Blora 224...0 P B B Oo 

Flora Temple 8M...0 P B B I 

82...A. ' ■.rnwall 


Geo Harl.v 72...'! I'HWhltelaw 


Goodman • 

Gov. Dana 800 I P B 

Gov. st..! J.M< M Shatter 

Ml 'Alpine. 17....'. Goodall 

i 'fair 413. i 

II. II. B ' I ■ . . ntlleld 

llallli- 7... 

Sarrlei 94.. .Louis Ha*- 

llattl.- Kl.k-tt.... S32...Stockl 

Hiawatha 10... 

Bope 71 .1. liarr.'ti 

H11111I...1.U 889 W. .1 

Idaho 1.177. ... . G lull 

.1. II. Redmond... 1- ..J. II. II 

.1. H D 1 P. Donohne 

Jennie Gawne.... 88... 

John L.Stephens.l837...< iwnd im Iregn 

Julia 620 .0 P B B I 

Kate 22... \. c. I 

Lark 271. 

Urkln -1 .( V I: 

Laura Ellen 26 ..< PB 

LillleJ..i I 

Lizzie 58...John ' 

I. ....k. .ut (tug) 64. ...1. Kentfleld 

Los Am odall 

Lottie odall 

Louisa ••- ' P 1. 

M. It. v llllams... I88...T. II. Williams 
Hilton S. Latham 264...P. Donahue 

Mar.- Island 888... H. T. I 

alary Anne 77... 11. II. Iiuhne 

Marv Taylor 47.. G.G.A 

Milieu Griffith.... 116.. P M 

Mmehaha 10...C. Goodall 

Mohongo I88L..C. <:-.<«lall 

Mojave UML..B.H.H'teh'rne 

Monarch 196...MUlen t Jrllllths 

Monterev 274. ..c. Goodall 

Monlton 2 *...( P 1. 

Mount 74... It. Barron 

bTeponsel 80.. .G. W. Chase 

Neptune ftngj 119... M. Griffith 

New WorW 58L..C P B 

Newbern W....! M Hartshorn 

Newport 1 5... Jas McFadden 

NlnaTilden 107...B.M.H'teh'me 

Oakland 1672.. .1' PBBOo 

Xames. Owner. 

olympia 49K...D. B. Finch 

t inward 389... Cal Ti 

Orlflamme 1982.. ■ 

Orizaba 1244...C. Goodall 

I'artln'iilus 294... Win. Sharon 

jviican .. 851...P. It. Cornwall 

Pet •■ . P 1. 


I'etalutna 249... R W 

Pilot • lt<fcT<\> 

Pioneer 187... N. Anderson 

Pioneer 23... L. Haitht 

Pioneer 1 2...G T. H 

U I 0] 

- 198... I. 1! 

- I: 'k 1 1. Coal Co 

ItedBlnil BOo 


Reliance 2 : 1 P B 

Belief 146 ' 

H _ H '.rlihth 


RUhardllohok.- 182., Wm. J. Adams 

Rival 2B._ \. a Gowln 

stick 194... L. B.Mastlck 

Salltm- 148 .( . '. lall 

san Joaquin.. . 24 I J. II 


San Itafa.l 802 ,M. 8. Latham 

San Luis ■ ■ ."loll 

Santa Cm/.... lall 

Santa It 

Sausallt.. ■ ' . II.Hrodlmrr 


S'l Thoi, John Kentfleld 

Sonoma 179.. .J. J. StuflVn 

SI Paul ..- ..J. I ' 


dker 2*;.. < PBBOo 

Thoroughlare.. 12...C 1* H 
Transit 28 I PBBI 


Vallejo ill ...I. II li 


Yarunu 176. .T. l»u\.r 

Virginia In... 

1 P 
Water \\ It. 1. 1 

Wizard odall 

Wm. Tob.-r 974...Jno. I 

Yosemlb 273 1 PBBOo 

Youkon 20...R.H.Wat'man 

Yuba City Belle 2 \ -. Bryant 

/.eultb 24... II. Wetherbec 


A, bet Point Lobos av and 
B fm First avW. 

A, South S F bet Ship and 
B I'm Fifth av SW to coun- 
ty line. 

Ada Court, bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde fm O'Far- 
rell N. 

Ads* Court. See Wells 

Adam, B H.Gift Map No 3 

Adams. See Seymour av 

Adelaide Place, bet 
Geary and Post fm Taylor 

Adela, B H,Gift Map No 4 

Adele Alley, bet Stock- 
ton and Powell fm Jackson 

Adler (formerly Dupont 
alley) fm Dupont E to 
Montgomery av 

Alabama, bet Columbia 
and Harrison fm Twenty- 
first S to Serpentine av 

Alameda, bet Merrimac 
and El Dorado fm the bay 
W to South and fm Eighth 
to Harrison. 

Alamo Square, bet 
Scott and Steiner, Hayes 
and Fulton. 

Alaska, bet Water Front 
and Mexico fm Water 
Front S to India. 

Alcatraz Square, bet 
Jefferson and N Point, 
Franklin and Gough. 

Alemany Avenue, bet 
Dolores and Church fm 
Seventeenth to Church 

Alger Place, bet Harri- 
son and Bryant fm First E 

Alice Alley, bet Taylor 
and Jones N from Post to 

Allen, bet Union and Fil- 
bert fm Hyde W. 

Allen, B H. 

Allison Avenue, San 
Miguel, W End Map No 1. 

Alta, bet Union and Fil- 
bert fm Sansome W. 

Alta Plaza, bet Scott and 
Steiner, Jackson and Clay. 

Amador, bet Islais and 
Calaveras fm the bay to 
First av. 

Amazon, Excelsior H 

Amherst, University H 

Anderson, B H. 

Andrew, bet Fifth and 
Sixth fm Folsom N. 

Ankeny Place, bet Sut- 
ter and Bush fm Powell E. 

Anna, bet Powell and Ma- 
son fm Eddy N. 

Annie, bet New Mont- 
gomery and Third fm Mar- 
ket to Mission. 

Anthony, see New An- 

Antonio, bet Ellis and 
O'Farrell fm Jones W. 

Arago, Belle Koche City. 

Arch, City Land Assn. 

Arizona, bet Colorado 
and Idaho fm Water Front 
S to India. 

Arkansas, bet Connecti- 
cut and Wisconsin fm Cen- 
ter S to Tulare. 

Arlington, Fairmount 

Army, bet Twenty-sixth 
and Twentv-seventh fm 
Old San Jos6 Road W to 

Ash, bet Fulton and McAl- 
lister fm Larkin to Fill- 

Ashburton Place, bet 
Post and Sutter fm Du- 
pont E. 

Ashbury, bet Masonic av 
and Clayton S fm Fulton. 

Athens, Excelsior HAssn 

Auburn, bet Mason and 
Taylor fm Jackson to Pa- 

August Alley, bet Pow- 
ell and Mason fm Green N. 

Augusta, South S F, S of 
Helena fm Silver av W to 

Austin, bet Pine and Bush 
fm Larkin to Octavia. 

Aztec, B H. 

B, bet A and C fm First av 

B, South S F, from Third av 
SW to county line. 

Bache, B H. 

Bacon,University H Assn 

Bagley Place, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton from 
O'Farrell N. 

Baker, bet Broderick and 
Lyon fm Haightto Lewis. 

Baker Avenue, Bernal 

Baldwin Court, bet 
Fremont and First fm Fol- 
som NE. 

Ballance, bet Sansome 
and Montgomery fm Jack- 
son to Gold. 

Banks, Bernal Heights. 

Bannam Place, bet 
Dupont and Stockton fm 
Green to Union. 

Bartlett, Fairmount 

Bartlett Alley, bet 
Kearny and Dupont fm 
Jackson to Pacific. 

Bartlett,bet Valencia and 
Mission fm Twenty-sec- 
ond S to Serpentine av. 

Bartol, bet Sansome and 
Montgomery fm Vallejo S. 

Battery, bet Front and 
Sansome fm Market to 
the Bay 
Street. E. side. 

Market and Bush 2 

Pine 100 

California 200 


Sacramento 300 


Clay 400 

Merchant , 

Washington 500 


Jackson 600 

Pacific 700 


Broadway 800 

Vallejo 900 

Green 1000 


Union 1100 


Filbert 1200 

Greenwich 1300 


Bauer, Academy Tract. 

Bay, bet Francisco and N 
Point fm Kearny to Pre- 
sidio Reservation. 

Bay "View Place, bet 
Jones and Leavenworth 
fm Union N. 

Beach, bet N Point and 
Jefferson fm Dupont to 
Presidio Reservation. 

Beacon, Fairmount Tract 

Beale, bet Main and Fre- 
mont fm Market SE to the 
Street. W. side. 

Market 2 

Mission.. 100 

Howard 200 

Folsom 300 

Harrison 400 

Bryant 500 


Beale Place, bet Fol- 
som and Harrison fm 
Main W. 

Beaver, bet Fifteenth and 
Sixteenth fm Noe W to 

Bedford Place, bet 
Stockton and Powell fm 
Jackson N. 

Beideman, bet Devisa- 
dero and Scott fm Ellis to 

Belden, bet Montgomery 
and Kearny fm Bush to 

Bellair Place, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton fm 
Chestnut to Francisco 

Bellevue, AV of Ellen fm 
Elizabeth to Thirtieth 

Bellevue Avenue, W 
End H Assn. 

Beinis, Fairmount Tract. 

Benton Avenue, B H. 

Bejiler, San Miguel, W 
End Map No 2. 

Berlin, University H 

Bernadotte, bet Islais 
and Schneider fm Islais 
Creek channel NE to Sixth 

Bernal, B H. 

Bernal Avenue, B H, 
Gift Map No 4. 

Bernard, bet Pacific and 
Broadway fm Taylor to 

Bernice, bet Folsom and 
Harrison fm Twelfth to 

Berry, bet King and Chan- 
nel SW fm Second to 
Street. -V. side. 

Second 2 

Hammond place 

Third 100 





Fourth 200 

Fifth 300 

Sixth 400 

Seventh 500 

Berry,bet Sutter and Bush 

fm Dupont E. 
Birch, bet Grove and Ful- 
ton fm Larkin W. 
Bisisaarck, San Miguel, 

W End Map No 2. 
Blossom, fm Valencia to 

Guerrero bet Quinn and 

Bluxome, bet Brannan 

and Townsend fin First 

Street. N. side. 

First... ) 

Second >- Not opened. 

Third ) 

Fourth 2 

Fifth 100 

Boardman Place, bet 

Sixth and Seventh fm 
Brannan to Bryant 

Boise, B H. 

Bond, bet Twelfth and 
Thirteenth fm Mission to 
Glen Park av. 

Bone Alley, bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny fm 
Green N. 

Bonita, bet Vallejo and 
Green fm Polk to Van Ness 

Boston Place, bet Fol- 
som and Harrison fm First 

Bourbon, bet Precita 
Creek and Norman fm Or- 
leans NE. 

Bourbon, bet Steiner and 
Pierce fm Eddy to Ellis 

Bourne, B H, Gift Map 
No 4. 

Bowdoin, University H 

Bower Place, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton fm 
Green S. 

Bowie Avenue, bet 
Howard and Folsom fm 
Eleventh E. 

Bowles Place, N s 
Howard bet Twelfth and 

Boyce, bet Cook and Wil- 
liamson fm Point Lobos 
av N. 

Boyd, bet Harrison and 
Bryant, Seventh and 
Eighth, and E and W sides 

Bradford, B H. 

Brady, bet Potter and 
Hermann fm Market SE to 

Brady Place, bet Green 
and Union fm Larkin E. 

Brannan,bet Bryant and 
Townsend SWfm Beale to 
Potrero av. 
Street. A", side. 

Beale 2 

Fremont 100 

First 200 

Second 300 


Central place . 

Thompson avenue 

Third 400 


Zoe „„ 

Fourth 500 

Fifth 600 

Sixth 700 





Boardman place 

Brannan place 


Seventh 800 



Eighth 900 


Ninth 1000 



Brannan Place, bet 
Sixth and Seventh fm 
Brannan SE. 
Brazil Avenue, Excel- 
sior H Assn. 
Brenliam Place, bet 
Kearny and Dupont fm 
Clay to Washington. 
Brewster, B H. 
Bridge, bet Leavenworth 
and Hyde fm Broad \va\ S. 
TJritrlif, City Land A.-mi. 
Broad, It It H Assn. 
Broad's Place, bet 
Hyde and Larkin fm Bush 
Broadway, bet Pacific 
and Vallejo >V to Davis. 
Street N. aide. 

Davis 2 

Front 100 

Battery 200 

Sansome 300 



Montgomery 400 

Rowland alley 

Kearny 500 


Montgomery avenue 

Dupont 600 

Pacific alley 

Duncan court 

Stockton 700 

Virginia place 

Morev alley 

Powell 800 

Scott place 

Mason 900 


Ilimmelman place 

Taylor 1000 



Jones 1100 

Leavenworth 1200 

Morse place 


Hyde 1300 

Morrell place 

Larkin 1400 

Polk 1500 

Van Ness avenue 1600 

Franklin 1700 

Gougn 1800 

Octavia 1900 

Laguna 2000 

Buchanan 2100 

Webster 2200 

Fillmore 2300 

Steiner 2400 

Pierce 2500 

Scott 2600 

Devisadero 2700 

Broderick 2800 

Baker 2900 

Lyon 3000 

Central avenue 3100 

Walnut 3200 

Laurel 3300 

Locust 3400 

Spruce 3500 

Maple 3600 

Cherry 3700 

First avenue 

Brodericfe, bet Devisa- 
dero and Baker fm Waller 
to Lewis. 
Brooklyn Place, bet 
Dupont and Stockton to 
N of Sacramento S. 
Brooks, bet Kearnv and 
Dupont fm Market to 

Brosnan. hot itidley and 
Fourteenth fm Valencia 
to Guerrero. 

Bromi'it Alley, bet 
Hyde and Larkin fin Mc- 
Allister N. 

Brunswick, W En 1 H 

Bryant, bet Harrison and 
Brannan SW fm Spear to 
Street. X.side. 

Spear 2 


Main 100 

Beale 200 


First 300 



Km' ''ii place 

Stanley place 


Central place 

Third 500 





<mk Grove avenue 

Park avenne 

sixth 900 


Boardman place 



Seventh !I00 1000 


1>"V. IP V 

White place 

Kate place 



Bryant avenue 


Ninth 1200 


Bryant Avenue, let 
York and Columbia fm 
Twenty-first s to Serpen- 
tine av. 

Bryant Avenue, bet 
Eighth and Ninth tin Brv- 
ant NW. 

Bryant Plaee. 
some and Montgomery im 
Bush N. 

Buelianan, bet Laguna 
and Webster N I'm Market 
to Lewis. 
Street. E. sidt. 

Market 2 

Kate 100 

Waller 200 

Halght 300 


Page 400 


Oak 500 


Fell 600 


Haves. 700 


Grove 800 


Fulton 900 


McAllister 1000 


Tyler 1100 

Elm avenue 

Turk 1200 

Lauiel avenue 

Eddy 1300 

Willow avenue 

Ellis 1400 

Olive avenue 

O'Farrell 1500 

Geary 1600 

Post 1700 

Sutter 1800 

Bush 1900 

Pine 2000 

California 2100 

Sacramento 2200 

Clay 2300 

Washington 2400 

Jackson 2500 






Filbert 3100 


Greenwich 3200 





North Point 

Jefferson 8900 


Itlll'li:iii:ill allc 

ard to 'I ehama 

Itiu'iia \ i«la. It II. 

Boena \ lata Park. 

Napa and 6 
Burcbaujn i*i.-><< . 

and 'fork 1: 
th w. 
Burftu) nc riiuc 

tin Pa 

Rurrou s. I .. . , r-:tv II 

Itu«li. t Sutter a 
W tm Market toOt ntralav 

-V. tide, 

and Front 2 


Sol, — Hi ■ 

Bryant plai ••..., 

Olery 300 




f'laru lane 


Duponl 500 

i Chatham place 




a place 

Powell 700 

Bush-street place 



Leavenworth lion 


Larkin 1800 

Polk 140U 

Van Ness avenue IGOO 

Franklin 1600 

Gougn 1700 

Octavia 1800 

Laguna 1900 

Buchanan 2000 

Webster 2100 

Fillmore 2200 

Steiner 2300 

Pierce 2400 


Devisadero 2600 

Broderick 2700 

Baker 280o 

Lyon 2'JOO 

Cemetery avenue 

Central avenue 

Bash-st Place, bet 

Powell and Mason to 

Bush X. 
Butler, B H. 
Butte, l. e; Solano and Napa 

fm the bav W to Harrison 
Byingrton, bet Ellis and 

O'Farrell fm Webster to 

Byrne, B H, Gift Map No 4 
Byron, B H. 
Byron, San Miguel. W 

End Map No 2. 

im Front av 

s\\ t nut \ line. 

C, bet It und D fm Klr.-t av 

Cabot, li II. 
« atlt-ll Alley, 
i".iit and Stockton tm 

«;il:n era*. 1 I \mador 
''1 • til, ■. iii" im the bav 
W to first av. 

M ratgomerj tm Green 

to \Mo. 

California, 1 1 1 Pine and 
tnento W fm N 

Market and linimin I 

Davis I'm 






St Ma: 


: plai e 


Pnut place 

■ tin . 




Taylor 1100 

Leaf , d worth i.tO 

I.arkln 15n0 

Van Nef, avenue I7oo 

I rankliii 







I' v sadero 




''einral avenue 

Laurel Hill Cemetery.... 


Laurel .''.400 

Locust 3600 




First avenue 

California Avenue, 

li II. 
Cambridge, University 

H Assn. 
tamp, bet Sixteenth and 

Seventeenth fm Guerrero 

Campbell, bet Sixteenth 

and Seventeenth fm Dole 

• B I.. 

Capitol, B K H Assn. 
Capp. bet Mission and 

Howard to Fifteenth S 

to Serpentine av. 
Street. W.side. 

Fifteenth 2 

Sixteenth 100 

Seventeenth 200 

Eighteenth 300 

Nineteenth 400 

Twentieth 500 

Twenty-first 600 

Twentv-second. 700 

Twenty-third 800 



Twenty-fourth 900 

Twentv-fifth 1000 

Twenty-sixth 1100 

Serpentine avenue 

Card Alley, bet Vallejo 
and Green fm Stockton W. 

Carl, bet Frederick and 
Sullivan fm Clayton W. 

Carlos Place, bet Pow- 
ell and Mason fm O'Farrell 

Carolina, bet Wisconsin 
and De Haro fm Eighth S 
to Napoleon. 

Caroliue, bet Sixth and 
Seventh I'm Folsom SE. 

Caroline Place, bet 
Jackson and Pacific fm 
Powell E. 

Carter, Vlsitaclon "Valley. 

Carver, B H. 

Case, B H, Gilt Map No 4. 

Castro, bet Noe and Dia- 
mond fm Ridley 8, 

Cayuga Avenue, San 
Miguel, W End Map No 1. 

Cedar, bet Davis and 
Front fm Clay to Wash- 

Cedar Avenue, bet 
Geary and Post fm Larkin 
to Laguna. 

Cedar Lane, bet Seven- 
teenth and Eighteenth fm 
Mission to Valencia. 

Cemetery Avenue, bet 
Lyon and Central av fm 
Bush S to Central av. 

Center, bet El Dorado and 
Santa Clara fm the bay W 
to Harrison. 

Central, City Land Assn 

Central Avenue, bet 
Lyon and Walnut fm 
Geary N to Presidio Reser- 

Central Place, bet 
Kearny and Dupont fm 
Pine S. 

Central Place, bet Sec- 
ond and Third fm Bryant 
to Brannan. 

Chambers, bet Pacific 
and Broadway fm Davis to 

Chambers Alley, bet 
Powell and Mason fm 
Greenwich to Lombard. 

Channel, bet Berry and 
Hooper SW fm the bay to 

Channel, R H, Gift Map 

Charity, B H, Gift Map 
No 4. 

Charles, Fainnount Tract 

Charles Place, bet First 
and Second fm Harrison to 
Essex pi. 

Chase, B H, Gift Map No 4. 

Chase, bet Williamson and 
Merrifleld fm Point Lobos 
av N. 

Chatham Place, bet 
Dupont and Stockton fm 
Bush N. 

Chattanooga, bet Dolo- 
res and Church fm Twen- 
ty-first S to Twenty-fourth 

Chelsea Place, bet 
Stockton and Powell fm 

C h e n e r y, Fairmount 

Chepultepec, B H. 

Cherry, bet Maple and 
First av fm California N. 

Cherubusco, B H. 

Chesley, bet Seventh and 

Eighth fm Harrison SE. 
Chestnut, bet Lombard 
»nd Francisco W fm San- 
some to Presidio Reserva- 
Street. N. side. 

Sansome 2 



Kearnv 100 

Dupont 200 

Bellair place 

Stockton 300 

Chestnut alley 

Powell 400 

Mason 500 

Montgomery avenue 

Taylor 600 

Jones 700 

Leavenworth 800 

Hyde 900 

Larkin 1000 

Polk 1100 

Van Ness avenue 1200 

Franklin 1300 

Gough 1400 

Octavia 1500 

Laguna 1600 

Lobos Square » 

Buchanan 1700 

Webster 1800 

Fillmore 1900 

Steiner 2000 

Pierce 2100 

Scott 2200 

Devisadero 2300 

Broderick 2400 

Baker 2500 

Presidio Reservation 

Chestnut Alley, bet 

Stockton and Powell fm 

Chestnut N. 
China, NW s Dry Dock 

Basin to Water Front. 
China Avenue, Excel- 
sior H Assn. 
Church, bet Dolores and 

Sanchez fm Ridley S to 

Church Lane, bet Six- 
teenth and Seventeenth fm 

Dolores W to Church. 
Church Place, bet 

Greenwich and Lombard 

fm Dupont W. 
City Hall Avenue, fm 

Market opp Eighth to Park 

Clairville Place. See 

Graham Place. 
Clara (Clary) bet Folsom 

and Harrison fm Bitch to 

Street. N. side. 

Ritch 2 

Fourth 100 

Hulbert Alley 

Fifth 200 

Clara Avenue, W of 

Douglass fm Eighteenth N 
Clara Lane, bet Kearny 

and Dupont fm Sutter to 

Clarence Place, bet 

Second and Third fm 

Townsend NW. 
Clark, bet Jackson and 

Pacific fm Drumm to 

Clay, bet Sacramento and 

Washington W fm East. 
Street. JST. side. 

East 2 

Drumm 100 

Davis 200 


Front 300 

Battery 400 

Sansome 500 


Montgomery 600 

Kearny 700 

Portsmouth Square 

Brenham place 

Dupont 800 

Waverly place 


Stockton 900 

Clay avenue 

Prospect place 

Powell 1000 

Fremont court 

Wetmore place 


Mason 1100 

Yerba Buena 

Taylor 1200 

Jones 1300 



Leavenworth 1400 

Hyde 1500 

Torrens court 

Larkin 1600 

Polk 1700 

Van Ness avenue 1800 

Franklin 1900 


Lafavette Park 

Laguna 2200 

Buchanan 2300 

Webster 2400 

Fillmore 2500 

Steiner 2600 

Alta Plaza 

Pierce 2700 

Scott 2800 

Devisadero 2900 

Broderick 3000 

Baker 3100 

Lyon 3200 

Central avenue 3300 

Walnut 3400 

Laurel 3500 

Locust 3600 

Spruce 3700 

Maple 3800 

Cherry 3900 

First avenue 

Clay Avenue, bet Stock- 
ton and Powell fm Clay N. 
Clayton, bet Ashbury and 

Cole S fm Fulton. 
Cleaveland, bet Folsom 
and Harrison fm Seventh 
to Columbia Square. 
Clement, bet •California 
and Point Lobos av fm 
First av W. 
Clement Place, bet 
Dupont and Stockton fm 
Green S. 
Clementina, bet How- 
ard and Folsom fm First 
Street. iV. side. 

First 2 


Second 100 

Third 200 

Fourth 300 

Fifth 400 


Sixth 500 

Seventh 600 


Eighth 700 

Clinton, bet Sixth and 
Seventh fm Bryant to SE 
of Brannan. 

Clinton Parte, bet Rid- 
ley and Fourteenth fm 
Guerrero W, 

Clipper, bet Twenty-fifth 
and Twenty-sixth I'm Old 
San Jose Road Wto Doug- 

Codman Place, bet 
Powell and Mason fm 
Washington S. 

Cohen Place, bet Leav- 
enworth and Hyde fm El- 
lis S. 

Cole, W of Clayton S fm 
Fulton to Carl. 

College, University H 

College Place, bet Lar- 
kin and Polk fm Hayes N. 

Collins, bet Wood and 
Ferrie fm Point Lobos av 

N. „ . 

Colorado, bet Mexico 

and Arizona fm Water 

Front S to India 
Colton, E s Brady bet 

Market and Mission 
Columbia, bet Nine- 
teenth and Twentieth fm 

Valencia W. 
Columbia, bet Sixth and 

Seventh fm Folsom to 


Columbia, bet Florida 
and Harrison fm Mission 
Creek S to Twenty-first, 
thence E to Florida, 
thence S to Serpentine av. 

Columbia Place, bet 
Brannan and Bryant fm 
Boardman Place W. 

Columbia Square, bet 
Folsom and Harrison, 
Sherman and Columbia 

Colusa, bet Yolo and 
Marin fm the bay W to 

Commerce, bet Green 
and Union fm the bay to 

Commercial, bet Sac- 
ramento and Clay fm East 
to Dupont 
Street. N. side. 

Ea6t 2 

Drumm 100 

Davis 200 

Front 300 

Battery 400 

Sansome 500 


Montgomery 600 

Kearny... 700 


Connecticut, bet Mis- 
souri and Arkansas fm 
Center S to Tulare. 

Converse, bet Eighth 
and Ninth fm Bryant S. 

Cook, bet Ferrie and 
Boyce fm Point Lobos av 

Cooper's Alley, bet 
Kearny and Dupont fm 
Jackson S. 

Cortez, B H. 

Cortland Avenue, B 

Coso Avenue, Bernal 

Cottage Place, bet 
Geary and Tost fm Jones 

Cottage Place, bet Clay 
and Washington fm Tay- 
lor W. 

Cotter, Academy Tract. 

Creek Lane, bet Thir- 
teenth and Fourteenth fm 
Howard to Folsom 

Crescent Avenue, B H 

Crocker, S s Stevenson 
avenue bet Brady and Her- 

Croke, Academy Tract. 

Crook, bet Third and 
Fourth fm Townsend 

Cross, San Miguel, WEnd 
Map No 1. 

Cushman, bet Mason 
and Taylor fm California 
to Sacramento. 

Custom House Place, 
bet Battery and Sansome 
fm Washington to Jack- 

D. bet C and Golden Gate 
Park fm First av west. 

J>, South S F, fm Water 
Front SW to County line. 

Dakotah, fm Water 
Fronts to India. 

Dale Place, bet Leav- 
enworth and Hyde fm Ty- 
ler S. 

Dame, Fairmount Tract. 

Dartmouth, University 

Davis, ' bet Drumm and 

Front N fm Market to 

Street, E. side. 

Market and Pine 2 

California 100 

Sacramento 200 


Clay 30 ° 


Washington 400 




Jackson 500 


Pacific 600 


Broadway 700 



Danaoii Place, bet Sac- 
ramento and Clay fin 
Mason E. 
Daj , bet Twenty-ninth 
and Thirtieth fm Old Sun 
Joee" Road W to Bellevue. 
Dc Boom, bet Bryant 
and Brannan fm Second 
DeMaro,bet Carolina ami 
Rhode Island I'm Eighth S 
to Precita Creek. 
DeHTalb, B H. 
Decatur, B H. 
Decatur, bet Seventh 
and Eighth fm Bryant to 
Delaware, University 

II Assn. 
Delaware, bet Massa- 
chusetts and Maryland fm 
Solano S to First av 
Delaware Avenue, 

City Land Assn. 
Delaware Avenue, 
San Miguel, V End Map 
No. 1. 
Delaware Court, bet 
Powell and Mason fim 
Sutter N. 
Delgado Place, bet 
Green and Union I'm 
Hvde E. 
Delta Place. Be Has D 

bet Sutter and Bush 
Devisadero. bet Scott 
and Broderiek N fm Rid- 
ley to Lewis. 
Street. E. side. 

Ridley 2 

Waller 100 

Haight 200 

Page 300 

Oak 400 

Fell 500 

Hayes 600 

Grove 700 

Pulton 800 

McAllister BOO 

Tvlor 1000 

Turk 1100 

Eddy 1-00 

Ellis 1300 

O'Farrell 1400 

Geary 1500 

Garden avenue 

Post 1600 

Sutter 1700 

Bush 1800 

Pine 1900 

California 2000 

Sacramento 2100 

Clay 2200 

Washington 2300 

Jackson 2400 

Pacific 2500 

Broad wav 2600 

Vallejo. 2700 

Green 2S00 

Union 2900 

Filbert 3000 

Greenwich 3100 

Lombard 3200 

Chestnut 3300 

Francisco 3400 

Bay 3500 

North Point 3600 

Beach 3700 

Jefferson 3S0u 

Toncrain 3900 


Dewey, bet Third and 
Fourth fm Kin? to Berry. 

Dexter, bet Spear arid 
Main fm Howard S. 

Diamond, bet Castro and 
Douglass fm Seventeenth 
S to Thirtieth. 

Diamond, Visitacion val- 

Dickinson, B II. GUI 

Map N" 4. 
Dikeman Place. 

Ellis and n'Farrell fm Ma- 
son W. 

Dock, bet Union and Fil- 
bert fm Battery B. 

Dock. Souths F.bel l 
and Ship fm Fitth av sw 
to countv Use. 

Dodge, bet Ilvde and 
Larkln fm Turk S. 

Dolores. iot Guerrero and 
Church fm Market E 
Sun Jose 1 Road. 
Street "'. ride. 

Market - 

Fourteenth i'<> 

fifteenth .. 200 

Wells avenue 

Sixteenth 300 

Church lane 

I lampbell 

Seventeenth -WO 

Railroad avenue 


Eighteenth GOO 

■ Dtb 600 

t iolumbla 

Twentieth 700 

i rl 


Twenty -set ond BOO 

Twenty-third iw«' 

-fourth 11(0 


Twenty-flfth 1200 


Twenty-sixth 1300 


Twenty-seventh 14"0 


Twenty-eighth IS00 


Twenty-ninth 1600 



Dora, bet Beventn and 
Eighth fm Foleom to Bry- 

Dore. bet Ninth and 
Tenth fin Harrison to 

Dore Alley, bet Powell 
and Mason fm Jackson s. 

Dorland. bet Seven- 
teenth and Eighteenth tin 
K ,.i Dolores ^ I 

Doodaii. bet Diamond 

and Ellen I'm Seventeenth 

S to Thirtieth, 
Dow Place, bel I 

and Harrison fm Second 
SW U) Hawthorne. 
Downe.v.bei Seventh and 

Eighth fm Bryant S. 
Drumiti. bet East and 

Davis N fm Mark 

Street. JC. side. 

Market and California... 2 

Sacramento 100 


Clay 200 


Washington 300 


Jack60n 400 



Drnry Folsom 
and Harrison fm Seventh 
to Dora. 

Dublin, Excelsior H. 

Dum combe Alley. 
bet Kearny and Dupont 
fin Jackson N. 

Dunbar Alley, bet 
Montgomery and Kearny 
fm Merchant to Washing- 

Duncan, bet Twenty- 
seventh and Twenty- 
eighth fm Old San JosS 
Road W to Belle vue. 

Duncan < ourf. bet Du- 
pont and Stockton fm I 
Broadway N. 

Dunne's Alley, bet 

Broadway and Vallejo fm 

Keanr- E. 
Dupont. lit Kearny and 
Stockton N fin Market to 

Market and O'Farrel 

Geary 100 



Stockton place 

A-bhiirton place 

Mills place 

Harlan place 


Slitter 300 

Mini. 400 


Virginia place 

California _ 600 

Sacramento 700 





I'acltlc 1100 



nierv avenui 


Vallejo 1300 



Noble's alley 


alley _ 

( leb 1700 

Church piui e 

Lombard 1800 




Point BOO 

Du|»oiil A lie* . lit 1 1J I 
and 1182 Dupont ton 

and 1182 1 1 


liiii t Place. 

ii House I 
Dwiicl't. University U 

A --H. 

E, South S F, I'm Klr.-t av S 

w to < ,,unt\ line. 
i.:ivi. fm ITolsoin N\v to 
. fronting the bay. 

Polaom i 

Howard 100 


Market 300 


Clay .400 


Washington 500 

1 iregon 

Jack6on 600 


Ecker, bet First and Sec- 
ond fm Market SK. 
Eddy, bet Turk and Ellis 
\V fm lunction Powell and 

Market and Powell 2 


Mason 100 

TaWor 200 

Jones 300 

Leavenworth 400 

Hyde 50o 

Larkin 600 

Polk 700 

Van Ness avenue 800 

Franklin 900 

Gough 1000 

Jefferson Square 

Octavia 1100 

Laguna 1200 

Buchanan 1300 

Webster 1400 

Fillmore 1500 

Sterner 1600 



Ian. i, avenue 

Scotl IH0O 


i uivarv Ceme • i 

Eddj IMlln. 

lason and Market 

I <! i ii I. ii i o 1 1 


nth fm 
llarri- nWI ! 
Btrt -V. *\dr. 

Harrison 8 

Treat avium- 

Folsom 100 


Howard 200 


■ 400 




Sum he?. 


t astro poo 


Diamond 1100 



EI|Cllt«-«'Mlll »'''>""'• 

Cre.k to \\ a 

Ei|Clllt-<-lllli l»ciiiic. 

III! I'' 

Eighth, H nth and 








Nunan'a alley. 

i ilementlna 


II Id 



d *00 



Eighth Aunuf, fm 

Presidio Beservat 

1 1. 
Eighth arenne, 

a i . ••■■ i- , - Oreek to 
\\ ater Front. 
El Dorado. Del Alameda 
and Center Im the bay to 
.iitli to 
Eleventh, bel Tenth and 
itb fm Mark 

eet. W. side. 

Market 2 

Mission 100 



: 200 

Henrietta Square 

Bowie avenue 

i 300 

Harrison 400 

1 Bryant 

Eleventh Avenue, fm 
Presidio Reservation s to 
I s. 
Eleventh Avenue, 
Souths F. fm I.-lais Creek 
to Water Front. 
Elgin Park Avenue, 
3 - Market bet Valencia 
and Guerrero. 
Eliza Place, bet Taylor 
and Jones fm Union N. 



Eliza Place, bet Taylor 
and .Tones fm Washington 
Elizabeth, bet Twenty- 
third and Twenty-fourth 
fm San Jos<5 av W. 
Elizabeth, bet Third and 
Fourth fm Folsom SE to 
Elfe, B H, Gift Map No 4. 
Ellen, bet Douglass and 
Bellevue fm Elizabeth S 
to Thirtieth 
Ellen, bet Seventh and 

Eighth fm Harrison S. 
Ellich Alley, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton fm Pa- 
cific N. 
Elliott Park, bet Geary 
and O'Farrell fm Steiner 
Ellis, bet Eddy and O'Far- 
rell W fm junction Stock- 
ton and Market 
Street. N. side- 

Market and Stockton 2 

Powell 100 


Mason 200 

Taylor 300 

Jones 400 

Leavenworth 500 

Cohen place 

Hvde 600 

Laikin 700 

Polk 800 

Van Ness avenue 900 

Franklin 1000 

Gough... 1100 

Octavia 1200 

Laguna 1300 

Buchanan 1400 


Webster 1500 

Fillmore 1600 

Steiner 1700 


Pierce 1800 

Scott 1900 


Devisadero 2000 

Broderick 2100 

Calvary Cemetery 

Ellsworth, B H. 
Elm Avenue, bet Tyler 
and Turk fm E s Polk W. 
Emma, bet Bush and 

Pine fm Stockton E. 
Emmet Mace, bet Cal- 
ifornia and Sacramento fm 
Stockton W. 
Erie, bet Thirteenth and 
Fourteenth fm Mission to 
Esmeralda Avenue, 
fm North Avenue NW. 
Essex, bet First and Sec- 
ond f m Folsom to Harrison 
Essex Place,bet Folsom 
and Harrison fm Essex W 
to Charles pi. 
Estefana, B H. Gift Map 

No 4 
Eugenia, bet Josephine 
and Wood fm Point Lobos 
av N. 
Eugenia, B H. 
Eureka, bet Diamond 
and Douglass fm Seven- 
teenth S to Twentv-third. 
Eureka, S of West Eldo- 
rado fm Sixth to Center. 
Eve, B H, Gift Map No 3. 
Everett, bet Mission and 
Howard fm Third to 
Ewer Place, bet Sacra- 
mento and Clay fm Mason 
F, South S F, fm Third av 

SW to county line. 
Eair Avenue, Bernal 

Eair Oaks, bet Guerrero 
and Dolores fm Eigh- 
teenth to Nineteenth and 
fm Twenty-first to Twen- 

Eairiuount, Fairmount 

Eaith, B H. 
Falcon Place, bet 

Broadway and Vallejo fm 
Taylor E. 
Farragut Avenue,San 
Miguel, W End Map No 2. 
Farralone»,RB H Assn 
Farren Avenue, bet 
Scott and Pierce fm Eddy 
Eell,bet Oak and Hayes W 
fm Junction Polk and Mar- 
Street. N. side. 

Market and Polk 2 

Van Ness avenue 100 

Franklm 200 

Gough 300 

Octavia...., 400 

Laguna 500 

Buchanan 600 

Webster 700 

Fillmore 800 

Steiner 900 

Pierce 1000 

Scott 1100 

Devisadero 1200 

Broderick 1300 

Baker 1400 

Golden Gate Park 

Lyon 1500 

Lott WOO 

Masonic avenue 1700 

Ashbury 1800 

Clayton 1900 

Cole 2000 

Shrader 2100 


Golden Gate Park 

Eella Place, bet Bush 

and Pine fm Powell E. 
Fern Avenue, bet Sutter 
and Bush fm Larkin to La- 
Ferrie, bet Collins and 
Cook tin Point Lobos av N. 
Fifteenth, bet Four- 
teenth and Sixteenth fin 
Harrison W to Castro. 

Harrison 2 

Treat avenue 

Folsom 100 


Howard 200 




Mission 300 

First avenue 

Hoff avenue 


Valencia 400 

Second avenue 

Guerrero 500 

Galindo alley 

Dolores 600 

Church 700 





Fifteenth Avenue, 
South S F. fm Islais Creek 
to Water Front. 
Fifteenth Avenue, fm 
Presidio Reservation S to 
Fifth, bet Fourth, and 
Sixth fm Market SE to the 
Street. W. side. 

Market ■ 2 



Mint avenue 

Mission 100 



Howard 200 



Folsom 300 



Harrison 400 


Bryant 500 

Brannan 600 


Townsend 700 



Berry 800 


Fifth Avenue, South S 
F, fm Islais to Water 
Fifth Avenue, fm Pre- 
sidio Reservation south to 
Fifth Avenue, bet Fifth 

and Sixth fm Harrison S. 
Figueroa, B H. 
Filbert, bet Union and 
Greenwich W f m Front to 
Presidio Reservation. 
Street. N. side. 

Front 2 

Battery 100 

Sansome 200 

Montgomery 300 

Kearny 400 

Filbert place 


Harwood alley (or Grand 


Dupont 500 

Medan place 

Jasper place 

Stockton 600 

Washington Square 

Powell 700 

Montgomery avenue 

Gaven place 


Mason 800 

Taylor 900 


Jones 1000 

Leavenworth 1100 

Hvde 1200 

Larkin 1300 

Polk 1400 

Van Ness avenue 1500 

Franklin 1600 

Gough 1700 

octavia 1800 

Laguna 1900 

Buchanan 2000 

Webster 2100 

Fillmore 2200 

Steiner 2300 

Pierce 2400 

Scott 2500 

Devisadero 2600 

Broderick 2700 

Baker 2800 

Presidio Reservation 

Filbert Place,bet Kear- 
ny and Dupont fm Union 
to Filbert. 
Fillmore, bet Webster 
and Steiner Nfm Ridley to 
Street . E- side. 

Ridley 2 

Kate 100 


Waller 200 

Haight 300 

Page 400 


Oak 500 

Fell 600 

Hayes '00 

Grove 800 

Birch „„ 

Fulton 900 

Ash ' 

McAllister 1000 

Locust „„ 

Tyler H00 


Turk 1200 

Eddy 1300 

Ellis. 1400 


O'Farrell 1500 

Geary 1600 

Post 1700 

Sutter 1800 

Bush 1900 


Pme 2000 

California 2100 

Sacramento 2200 

Clay 2300 

Washington 2400 

Jacksoa 2500 

Pacific 2600 

Broadway 2700 

Valle]o 2800 

Green 2900 

Union 3000 

Filbert 3100 


Greenwich 3200 

Moult on 

Lombard 3300 

Chestnut 3400 

Francisco 3500 

Bay 3600 

North Point 3700 

Beach 3800 

Jeft'srson 3900 

Tonquin 4000 


First, bet Fremont and 
Second fm Market SE to 
the bay. 
Street. W. side. 

Market 2 



Lick's allev 

Mission 100 



Howard 200 


Tehama place 


Folsom 300 

Guy place 

Boston place 

Laurel place 

Harrison 400 

Goodsell place 

Alger place 

Simpson place 

Bryant 500 


De Boom 

Brannan 600 



First Avenue, bet Mis- 
sion and Valencia fm 
Fourteenth to Sixteenth. 
First Avenue, fm Pre- 
sidio Reservation south to 
First Avenue, South S 

F, fm Islais to China. 

Florence, bet Taylor and 

Jones fm Broadway to 


Florence,City Land Assn 

Florida, bet York and 

Columbia fm Mission 

Creek S to Twenty-first. 

Flower, B H, Gift Map 

No 4. 
Folsom, bet Howard and 
Harrison SW from East to 
Thirteenth thence S. 
Street. N- side- 
East 2 


Spear 100 

Main 200 

Beale 300 

Zoe place 

Fremont 400 

Baldwin court 

Grant place 

First 500 


Essex . 

Second 600 


Hampton place 

Third 700 




Fourth 800 

Miller place 

Fifth 900 





Sixth 1000 




Columbia Square 



Mobs place 

Seventh 1100 



Hurrison avenue 

Folsom avenue 


Eifrhth 1200 

Ninth 1300 

Tenth 1400 


Eleventh 1500 


Twelfth Um 

Thirteenth 1700 

Creek lane (Erie street).. 

Fourteenth l*no 

Fifteenth 1900 

Sixteenth 2000 

Seventeenth 2100 

Eighteenth 'J. '00 

Nineteenth 2300 

Twentieth 2400 

Twenty-first 2600 

Twenty-second 2600 

Twenty-third 2700 


Twenty-fifth 2900 


Folsom Avciiiic. bet 
Seventh and Eighth tin 
Folsom BBS. 

Foote.San Miguel, \\ End 
Map No I. 

Ford, bet s<-\ enteentb and 
Eighteenth fin Sanchez \V 
to Castro. 

Ford, City Land A .--11. 

Fortieth Avciiiic, 
South S F, fm E, south (o 
county line. 

Fortieth Avenue, fm 
City Cemetery s. 

Forty-eisrhth Avenue 
fm City Cemetery S. 

For:;, -lift li Avenue, 
fm City Cemetery S. 

Forty-fifth Avenue, 
South S F, fm west of F, 
south to county line. 

Forty -first Avenne, 
tin City Cemetery S. 

Forty-first Avenue, 
South S F, fm west of E, 
south to county line. 

Forty - fourth Ave- 
nue, fm City Cemetery S. 

Forty-fourth Av- 
enue, South S F, fm west 
of F, south to county line. 

Forty-ninth Avenue, 
fm B, south to J. 

Forty-second Av- 
enue, fm City Cemetery 

Forty -second Av- 
enue, South S F, fm west 
of E, south to county line. 

Forty-sixth Avenue, 
fm City Cemetery S. 

Forty-seventh Av- 
enue, fm Citv Cemeterv 

Forty-third Avenue, 
fni City Cemetery S. 

Forty-third Avenue. 
South SF, fmwest of F, 
south to county line. 

Fountain, bet Ellen and 
Bellevue fm Twenty- 
fourth to Twentv-sixtb 

Fourteenth, bet Thir- 
teenth and Fifteenth fm 
Harrison W to Castro. 
Street. JV". side. 

Harrison 2 

Treat avenue 

Folsom 100 


Howard 200 



Mission 300 


Valencia MO 

Guerre ni 500 



Church 700 




Castro 1000 

I'irll ■■« «-«-ll 1 !■ Avenue. 

South s F. im lala 
to Water. Front, 
Fourteenth Avenue. 

fm l'i t> Besen aii"ii 

BOUth In V. 

Fourth, bet Third and 
Fifth mi Uarkel sE to the 

Street It'. ride. 

Market 2 

M 100 



Howard 200 

Tehama - 

( llementlna 

Folaom 300 







Bnnnl 600 


Iirannaii 600 


Townsond too 





Fourth Place, 

and Larkin rm Pai 
Fourth Avenue, fin 

Proiuio Reservation s to 

Fourth Avciiiic. 

s K, im [alala to Dry 
France Avenue, E\- 
celstor II A'-n. 

Francis. A< m 
Francisco, bet Chestnut 
and Buy \v fm Montgom- 
ery to Presidio B 

ST. tide. 

Montgomery 2 


Dupont _ 100 


Bellair place __ 

Stockton 200 


Powell 300 

Mason 400 

Taylor 500 

Montgomery avenue 

Jones 600 

Leavenworth Tiki 

Hyde 800 

Lark: n POO 

Polk 1000 

Van Ness avenue 1100 

Franklin 1200 

Gough 1300 

Octavla 400 


Lobos Square 

Webster 1700 

Fillmore 1800 

Steiner 1900 

Pierce 2000 

Scott 2100 

Devisadero 2200 

Broderick 2300 

Baker 2400 

Presidio Reservation 

Franconia, B H. 
Frank Flace, net Pine 
and California fm Mason W 

Franklin. !>■ t Vim Neat 
av and Gough N fm Mur- 
kei t.. Lew la. 

>!,. ■ '. K. 

Market and Page 2 


(>uk 100 


Fell 200 






- r 600 


Kim avenue 

Turk 800 

Laurel avenue 





Walnut avenue 

Sutler UOO 





. DtO 








Greenwli b 2800 




Gov 'I lie"' rvatlon 

I i:inl. tin V.,n:ii . . 
I'lurn and ■ 

ind Jersey, 
Frederick, I Bryant 

Hiel ItrmitiAii I'm Y 

Frederick, I I Carl and 

Waller W Id 
I iiimI I! il, I, lit Map 

N I. 

I i • • Ion, B H, Gift Mup 

Freelon. bel Bryant and 

linmiiBii im Zoe t 

Fremont, bet Beale and 

First fm Market BE to the 

street W. si-ie. 

Market 2 



Howard 200 

• d 300 

Harrison 100 

Bryant 500 


Fremont Court, bet 

Powell and Mason fm Clay 

Fresno, bet Plumas and 
India fm the bay W to 
First av. 

Friedman Place. 

Pacific and Broad way from 
Larkin E. 
Front, bet Davis and Bat- 
tery N Irom Market to 
Street. E. side. 

Market and Bush 2 

Pine 100 

California 200 


Sacramento 300 


Hay tOO 


Washington 100 

.In. k-..n 


Pacific TOO 







I'm. .ii lioo 


i ireenw li b 

From ivenae, 

\\ Stl ' Kr. .lil and I 

fill II. 
Fallen, be) Qi 

Mi Alllster W tin Larkin. 

Larkin I 




Hiu hnnan 



.Mam.. Square 








i India 
v alley. 
Gainci \ and 

:n.' fm Gn en to 

4. :»!<•. I ■ • 

tin Tow n-. lei O/.iind front- 
ing, tb 

Uallndo alley, 
errero aud Dolor ei itu Flf- 
teenth to Sixteenth. 


<;urdcn, bet sixth and 
ih fm Harrison to 
Uarilrn Avenue, bet 
and Post in. 
adero t.. Broderti k 
(larilncr. I Kearnyand 

Imp. .nt tin J 
l.arilncr lMncc. 

and Washington im 

D W. 

Gates, I', II. 

liaven, fjnrverattj H 

Oaten, bet Powell and 
Mason fm Filbert t.. 
a |< li. 
Geary, bet u'Farrell and 
Post W fm lunctlon Kear- 
ny and Market until 
merged In Central av. 

If. side. 

Market and Kearny 2 


Dupont I no 

>n 200 

Union Square 

PoweU 300 

Mason 400 

Metcalfe place 

Martha place... 

Tavlor 500 


Geary place 

Jones 600 

Leavenworth 700 



Hyde 800 

Larkin 900 

Polk 1000 

Van Ness avenue 1100 

Franklin 1200 

Gough 1300 

Octavia 1400 

Laguna. 1500 

Buchanan 1600 

"Webster 1700 

Fillmore 1800 

Steiner 1900 

Hamilton Square 

Fierce 2000 

Scott 2100 

Devisadero 2200 

Broderick 2300 

Baker 2400 

Lyon 2500 

Merged in Point Lobos 
av at Cemetery and 
Central avs. 
Geary Place, bet Taylor 

and Jones fm Geary S. 
Geneva, bet Sixth and 

Seventh fm Brannan SE. 
Geneva Avenue, San 
Miguel, W End Map No 1. 
George, bet Fifth and 
Sixth fm Hooper to Hub- 
Georgia, bet Louisiana 
and Michigan fm Solano S 
to First av. 
Gerke Alley, bet Filbert 
and Greenwich fm Dupont 
Germania, bet Kate and 
Waller fm Webster to Fill- 
Gertrudis, B H.Gift Map 

No 4. 
G i bbs,bet Washington and 
Jackson fm Montgomery 
av W. 
Gibson, bet Green and 

Union fm Larkin E. 
Gilbert, bet Sixth and 
Seventh fm Bryant to 
Girard, University H 

Glen Park Avenue, 
S s of Twelfth bet Mission 
and Howard. 
Glover,bet Broadway and 

Vallejo fm Jones W. 
Goat Alley, bet Battery 
and Sansome fm Vallejo 
to Green. 
Goethe, San Miguel, W 

End Map No 2. 
Goettingen, University 

H Assn. 
Gold, bet Jackson and Pa- 
cific fm Sansome to Mont- 
Golden Conrt,bet Jones 
and Leavenworth fm Sac- 
ramento S. 
Golden Gate Park, 
bet D and H fm the ocean 
to Stanyan and bet Fell 
and Oak to Baker. 
Goldman Place, bet 
Sixteenth and Seven- 
teenth fm Mission E. 
Good - Children, bet 
Kearny and Dupont fm 
Greenwich to Lombard. 
Goodsell Place, bet 
Harrison and Bryant fm 
First E. 
Gordon, bet Eighth and 
Ninth from Harrison NW. 
Gough, bet Franklin and 
( Ictavia N fm. Market to 
Street. E. side. 

Market and Haight 2 


Page 100 


Oak 200 


Fell ; 300 


Hayes 400 


Giove 500 

Fulton 600 


McAllister 700 


Tyler 800 

Jefferson Square 

Turk 900 

Laurel avenue 

Eddy. 1000 

Willow avenue 

EUiB 1100 

Olive avenue 

O'Farrell 1200 

Myrtle avenue 

Geary 1300 

Cedar avenue 

Post 1400 

Walnut avenue 

Sutter 1500 

Fern avenue 

Bush 1600 


Pine 1700 

California 1800 

Sacramento 1900 

Lafayette Park 

Clay 2000 

Washington 2100 

Jackson 2200 

Pacific 2?00 

Broadwav 2400 

Vallejo 2500 

Green 2600 

Union 2700 

Filbert 2800 

Greenwich 2900 

Lombard 3000 

Chestnut 3100 

Francisco 3200 


Government Preservation 
Grace Terrace, S s Cali- 
fornia bet Dupont and 
Graham Place, bet 
Stockton and Dupont fm 
Union to Green, 
Grand Avenue, bet 
Ninth and Tenth fm Mis- 
sion to Howard. 
Grand Place, bet Du- 
pont and Kearny fm Fil- 
bert S, 
Grant,University H Assn. 
Grant Place, bet Fre- 
mont and First fm Folsom 
G rat tan. S of Sullivan fm 

Stanyan W. 
Green, bet Vallejo and 
Union Wfm Front to Pre- 
sidio Reservation. 
Street. -V. side. 

Front 2 

Battery 100 

Goat alley 


Sansome 200 


Montgomery 300 


Bone alley 

Kohler's place 

Reed place 

Kearny 400 


Lafayette place 

Dupont 500 

Bannam place 

Union place 

Graham place 

Clement place 

Bower place 

Montgomery avenue 

Stockton 600 

Powell 700 

August alley 

Mason 800 

Tavlor 900 

Jones 1000 

Leavenworth 1100 

New Orleans alley 



West End alley 1200 

Larkin 1300 

Polk 1400 

Van Ness avenue 1500 

Franklin 1600 

Gough 1700 

Octavia 1800 

Laguna 1900 

Buchanan 2000 

Webster 2100 

Fillmore 2200 

Steiner 2300 

Pierce 2400 

Scott 2500 

Devisadero 2600 

Broderick 2700 

Baker 2800 

Lyon 2900 

Central avenue 3000 

Walnut 3100 

Presidio Reservation 

Green's Court, bet 
Mission and Howard, 
Spear and Steuart 
Greenwich, bet Filbert 
and Lombard W fm Front 
to Presidio Reservation. 
Street. JST. side. 

Front 2 

Battery 100 

Sansome 200 

Pringle court 

Montgomery 300 

Kearnv 400 

Good-Children (Tele- 
graph place) 

Dupont 500 

Kramer place 

Stockton 600 

Powell 700 

Gaven place 

Chamber's alley 

Montgomery avenue 


Mason 800 



Taylor 900 


Jones 1000 

Leavenworth 1100 


Hyde 1200 

Larkin 1300 

Polk 1400 

Van Ness avenue 1500 

Franklin 1600 

Gough 1700 

Octavia 1800 

Laguna 1900 

Buchanan 2000 

Webster 2100 

Fillmore 2200 

Steiner 2300 

Pierce 2400 

Scott 2500 

Devisadero 2600 

Broderick 2700 

Baker 2800 

Presidio Reservation 

Grisar, bet Union and 
Filbert fm Octavia to La- 
Grove, bet Hayes and 
Fulton W fm Larkin. 
Street. M. side. 

Larkin 2 

Polk 100 

Van Ness avenue 200 

Franklin 300 

Gough 400 

Octavia 500 

Laguna 600 

Buchanan 700 

Webster 800 

Fillmore 900 


Alamo Square 

Scott ; 1200 

Devisadero 1300 

Broderick 1400 

Baker 1500 

Lyon 1600 

Lott "00 

Masonic avenue 1800 

Ashbury 1800 

Clayton 2060 

Cole 2100 

Shrader 2200 


Golden Gate Park 

Grove The, see Brook. 
Guerrero, bet Valencia 

and Dolores fm Market S 

to Old San Jos6 Road. 
Street. W. side. 

Market 2 

Ridley 100 

Clinton Park 



Fourteenth 200 

Fifteenth 300 

Sixteenth 400 


Seventeenth 500 


Eighteenth 600 

Nineteenth 700 


Twentieth '. 800 


Twenty-first 900 

Twenty-second 1000 


Twenty-third 1100 


Twenty-fourth 1200 

Jersey 1200 

Twenty-fifth 1300 


Twenty-sixth 1400 


Twenty-seventh 1500 



Gustavus, bet Powell and 

Mason fm California to Sac- 
Guttenberg, W End H 

Guy Place, bet Folsom 

and Harrison fm First SW. 
H, bet Golden Gate Park 

and I fm First av west 
H, South S F, fm Fourth av 

SW to Visitacion Valley. 
Haggin, bet Third and 

Fourth fm King to Berry. 
Haight, bet Waller and 

Page W fm Junction Gough 

and Market. 
Street. N. side. 

Market and Gough 2 

Octavia 100 

Laguna 200 

Buchanan 300 

Webster 400 

Fillmore 500 

Steiner 600 

Pierce 700 

Scott 800 

Devisadero 900 

Broderick 1000 

Baker 1100 

Lyon 1200 

Lott 1300 

Masonic avenue 1400 

Ashbury 1500 

Clayton 1600 

Cole 1700 

Shrader 1800 


Golden Gate Park 

Hale, University H 

Hall Alley, bet Sansome 
and Montgomery fm Val- 
lejo S. 

Hall Place, bet Leav- 
enworth and Hyde fm 
Jackson N. 

Halleck, bet California 
and Sacramento fm Front 
to Leidesdorfi". 

Hamilton, University H 

Hamilton Square, bet 

Scott and Steiner, Post and 

Hamlin, bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde fm Green 

Hamlin Place, bet 
Broadway and Valejo fm 
Larkin E. 



Hammond Place, bet 

Second and Third fm 

Townsend to Berry. 
Hampshire, bet Potrero 

av and Tors I'm Mission 

Creek S to Twenty-tirft, 

thence E to Jersey, thence 

thence 8 to Serpentine av, 

and fin Islals ('reek S, 

South S F. 
II :c !>!!>< on i ourt, II 

Hawthorne and Third fm 

Harrison Nw, 
Ham]>ton Place, bet 

Second and Third fin Fol- 

som SE 
Hancock,bct Eighteenth 

and Nineteenth, from 

Church to Noe 
Hanover, W End II Assn. 
Uarclie Place, bet Sut- 
ter and Bush fm Kearny 

Harlan Place. I 

ter and Bush fm liupmit 

Harriet, bid Sixtli and 

Seventh fm Howard to 

Harrington. Academy 

HarriNon, hot Folsom 

and Bryant SW fm Btenart 

to Fourteenth, thence t" 

Serpentine nv. 
s/r, i 1. N. side. 

Steuart 2 


Spear 100 


Main 200 

Beale MO 

Fremont 400 

First 500 

Rlncon place 


Stanley place 

Charles place 

Second 600 

Vnssar place 


Hampton court 

Third 700 


Fourth S00 

Filth 900 

Fifth avenue 

Oak Grove avenue 

Park avenue 

Sixth 1000 



Columbia Square 


Seventh 1100 



Mariposa Terrace 

Hay ward 


Eighth 1200 


Ninth 1300 


Tenth 1400 


Eleventh 1500 


Twelfth 1600 


Fourteenth 1700 


Fifteenth ISOO 


Sixteenth 1900 

Santa Clara 

Seventeenth 2000 


Eighteenth 2100 


Nineteenth 2200 


Twentieth 2300 

Twenty-first 2400 

Twenty-second 2500 

Twenty-third 2600 

Twenty-fourth 2700 

Twenty-fifth 2800 

Twenty-sixth 2900 

Serpentine av 

Harrison Avenue, bet 

Reventh and Eighth fm 

Folsom si-;. 
Harry, Fairmount Trni t. 
Harry Place, bet Fil- 
bert and Greenwich fm 

Laguna E. 
Haiifonl. bet Noe and 

<'n-tr>, fm Elghh enth S to 


and Taylor 6 

to Montgomery av. 
Harvard, University 11 

Harttoort Alio.', bet 

Kearnv and Dupont fm 

Havens, bet Union and 

Filbert tea Leai • aworth 

BUTOU Place, bet 

Stmk 1 roll fm 

Washington s. 

and Third lin Ful.-mii t" 

HarrN' .11. 
H»jres,bet Fell and Grove 

W fin Junction Market and 


X. tide. 

Market and I.nrkln 1 


Polk 100 

Van Ne~s avenne '-"on 


Octavla 600 

Ea.'ima 600 




Bteiner 1000 

Alamo Square 

Pierce 11m 

Scott 1200 


Br.derlck Hon 

Uaker 1600 

Lyon ifii«i 

Lot! 1700 

Masonic avenue He 

Ashburv iflOO 





Golden Gate Park 

Ilainaid. bet Seventh 
and Eighth fm Harrison 

Haywood, bet Thlnl and 
Fonrth im Folsom to Lou- 

Heath, II II. 

Uecker, fm Islai- 

Helen Place, bet Leav- 
enworth and Hvde fm Cal- 
ifornia S. 

Helena, South S F, S Df 
Islals Creek fm Nebraska 
W to York. 

Henrietta, AV End H 

Henrietta, B H. 

Henrietta Square, bet 
Howard and Folsom fm 
Eleventh E. 

Henry, Belle Boche City. 

Heiiry,Cniversity 11 Assn 

Henry, bet Fourteenth 
and Fifteenth fm Noe W. 

Heriuann.te: Bradvand 
Kidley fm Market B to 

Heron, bet Folsom. and 
Harrison fm Eighth NE. 

Hickory, bet Oak and 
Fell ftu Van Ness av to 

Highland Terrace, 
N s California bet Jone6 
and Leavenworth 

Hill, bet Twenty-first and 
Twenty-second fm Valen- 
■ la \v to 1 lastro. 

Hill. 1; K 11 A--11. 

Himmelmann Place 
' ; «on and Tie |0I ODD 

to Broadv a] . 
Hincklci. b 1 Broadway 

and Vallejo fm Kearn> to 

Ili>"!::e> Alley, 

: • r\ III! 
VaUeJ 1 V 
HoflTi ivenae, 
11 and Valem 


Ilollio. bel Buchanan and 



Iloliokc. University II 

HoHMtead, Doug- 

;. 1111 Twenty- 
i.nirih to Twenty-sixth. 
Hooper, bet Channel and 
irw ;n >\\ im Kentucky to 


Hope, B ai Heights, 
llopeton Terniri-. 

11 and Powell ten 

Houston, be) I bestnot 

ani Francisco ten 

to Jones, 

Hon :«iil. M ■ "Hand 

m sw im Basl t.. 
Thirteenth, them 








First BOO 






: court 

Fifth '.Hid 


sixth 1000 


Seventh 1100 




Eighth 1200 

Ninth .1300 

Washington avenue 

Grand av. une 

Tenth 1400 

Hi 1600 


Twelfth 1600 

Bowles place 

Thirteenth 1700 

Creek lane 


Fourteenth POO 

Fifteenth 1HO0 

Sixteenth 2000 

Seventeenth 2100 

Eighteenth.. 2200 


Twentieth 2400 

Twenty -first 2500 

Twenty-second 2600 

Twentv-third 2700 


Twenty-fifth 21*0 

Twenty-sixth 3000 

Howard Court, bet 

Fourth and Fifth fm 

Howard NW. 
Ho wth. San Miguel, W 

End Map Xo 1. 
Hubbard, bet Second and 

Third fm Howard SE. 
Hubbell, bet Irwin and 

South SWim Kentucky to 



Hudson, let Fourth an 

Fifth fin Channel I 
HikIsoii. B 11, '. 

v 1. 
■ luiiM-ri Alley. and Fifth 

N\\ fm 1 Harm, 

and Nevada ten Wan 
Iliiiuboldl. W I 1 


Howard im Third \ 1: 
Hunter, 11 II, oil': Ma 

Huron Avenui 

\\ I . V 
H.i «l« 

and I. ark In Nil: Mesj 

Mi \ -t 



Hyde pis 




Suit, r 



"II 1 










< Ihestnut 


North Point 

Beat ii 


H.i €le Place, • Tu 


I. II and .1 fill First t 

I. - - • : tfci ond 1 

s\v to Vlsltaclon \ alley, 
Idaho. Berns 
Idaho, bet Arizona ai 

I 'a. ten Water Ero 


Illinois, bet Mlchlgt 

and Kentucky fm Four 
-t av. 
India. S, W and K 

dla l: 
India Avenue, Exa 

slor II A .-.-11. 
Indiana, bet M 

and Iowa fm Cenl 

Ion, Onlverslty H A--.-n. 
Iowa, bet 1 1 

i'c-nusvlvania fm 1 

b> Tulare. 
Irwin, bet ! 

m K. 11 tu. 

to Eiehth. 
Isaac, bet I 

Isabel, Berna 

channel fm the bay W. 
Italy Avenue, Excel 

or II Assn. 
Ivy, bet Haves and Gro 

fm Polk W. 
J. bet I and K fm First 






South S F, fm First av 
SW to Visitacion Valley. 
ackson,bet Washington 
and Pacific W fm East. 

Street. JS T . side. 
ist 2 


■hvis 100 

•ont 200 

ittery 300 

stom House place 

nsome 400 


j Lies alley 

ontgomery 500 


earny 600 

>oper's alley 

ashington place 


upont 700 

Louis alley 

illivan alley 

out's or Ross alley 

ockton 800 

idford place 



lele alley 

swell 900 

ore alley 

ason 1000 

anion place 


lylor 1100 

>nee 1200 

javenworth 1300 

r all place 

yde 1400 

arkin 1500 

>lk 1600 

an Ness avenue 1700 

ranklin 1800 

ough 1900 

ctavia 2000 

agumi 2100 

uchanan 2200 

,'ebster 2300 

illmore 2400 

,einer 2500 

lta Plaza 

ierce 2600 

:ott 2700 

levisadero 2800 

roderick 2900 

aker 3000 

yon 3100 

entral avenue 3200 

/alnut...'. 3300 

aurel 3400 

ocust 3500 

pruce 3600 

aple 3700 

herry 3800 

irst avenue 

ackson Park:, bet 

Santa Clara and Mariposa, 
Carolina and Arkansas. 

rackson Mace, bet 
Green and Vallejo fm 
Montgomery E. 

racotoy, bet Leavenworth 
and Hyde fm California N. 

fane Place, bet Mason 
and Taylor fm Pine N 

ransen, bet Mason and 
Taylor fm Greenwich to 

(apan, S s Bryant bet 
First and Second. 

[apan Avenue, Excel- 
sior H Assn. 

f arnac, Belle Roche City. 

rasper Alley, bet Union 
and Filbert fm Jasper place 

rasper Place, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton fm 
Union to Filbert. 

lefTerson, Ber. Heights. 

Jefferson, bet Beach and 
Tonquin W fm Powell to 
Presidio Reservation. 

fefferson Square, bet 
Tyler and Eddy, Laguna 
and Gough. 

Jersey, bet Potrero av and 
Hampshire fm Mission 
Creek S to Twenty-first. 
Jersey,bet Twenty-fourth 
and Twenty-fifth fm Old 
San Jose Road W to Doug- 
Jessie, bet Market and 
Mission fm First SW. 
Street. 2V. side. 

First 2 


New Anthony 

Second 100 

New Montgomery 


Third 200 

Fourth 300 

Fifth 400 

Mint avenue 

8ixth 500 

Seventh 600 

There are also in this 
block numbers from 1 
to 30 inclusive. 

Eighth 700 

Ninth S00 

Willow avenue lfiOO 

Eighteenth 1700 

Nineteenth 1800 

Twentieth 1900 


Je welt, bet Townsend and 
King fm Fourth to Fifth. 
John, bet Jackson and Pa- 
cific fin Powell to Mason. 
John, bet First and Second 
fm Rincon pi S to Town- 
Johnston, bet Spear and 
Main fm Harrison to Bry- 
Jones, bet Taylor and 
Leavenworth N fm Mar- 
ket to Jefferson. 
Street. E. side. 

Market and McAllister... 2 

Tyler 100 

Turk 200 

McDermott place 

Eddy 300 

Ellis 400 


Steveloe place 

O'Farrell 500 

Geary 600 

Maggie alley 

Cottage place 

Post 700 


Sutter 800 

White's place 

Bush 900 

Pine 1000 

California 1100 

Sacramento 1200 


Clay 1300 

Washington 1400 

Jackson 1500 

Pacific 1600 

Bernard v 

Broadway .*. 1700 


Vallejo 1800 


Green 1900 


Union 2000 

Filbert 2100 


Greenwich 2200 

Lombard 2300 

Chestnut 2400 


Francisco 2500 

Bay 2600 

North Point 2700 

Beach 2800 


Jones Alley, bet San- 
some and Montgomery fm 
Washington to Jackson. 

Josephine, bet Central 
av and Eugenia fm Point 
Lobos av N. 

Joy, Bernal Heights. 

Julia, bet Seventh and 

Eighth fm Mission S. 
Julius, bet Kearny and 

Dupont fm Lombard N. 

Juniper, bet Tenth and 

Eleventh fm Folsom to 


K, bet J and L fm Fourth 

av west. 
K, South S F, fm First av 

SW to Railroad av. 
Kansas,bet Rhode Island 
and Vermont fm Mission 
Creek S to Precita Creek, 
and 1m R south, South S 
Kappeler Court, bet 
Geary and Post fm Mason 
Kate, bet Ridley and Wal- 
ler W fm Junction Market 
and Laguna to Steinerand 
bet Frederick and Waller 
fm Cole W to Stanyan. 
Kate Place, bet Seventh 
and Eighth fm Brvant 
Kearny,bet Montgomery 
and Dupont N fm Market 
to North Point. 
Street. E. side. 

Market and Geary 2 


Post 100 

Vermehr place 

Sutter 200 

Hardie place 

Bush 300 

Pine 400 


California 500 

Sacramento 600 


Clay 700 

Portsmouth Square 


Washington 800 

Jackson 900 

Montgomery avenue 

Pacific 1000 

St Charles 

Broadway 1100 

Dunne's alley 


Vallejo 1200 

St Charles place 

Green 1300 

Union 1400 

Filbert 1500 

Greenwich 1600 

Lombard 1700 

Chestnut 1800 

Francisco : 1900 

Bay 2000 

North Point 

Kent, bet Union and Fil- 
bert fm Mason W. 

Kentucky, bet Illinois 
and Tennessee fm Chan- 
nel S to Second av. 

Keyes Alley, bet Pow- 
ell and Mason fm Pacific 

Kimball Place, bet 
Leavenworth and Hyde fm 
S s Sacramento N. 

King, bet Townsend and 
Berry SW fm the bay to 

Kissling Place, bet 
Folsom and Harrison, 
Thirteenth and Four- 

Knight's Place, San 
Miguel, W End Map No 1. 

Knox, University HAssn. 

Kohler's Place, bet 
Kearny and Montgomery 
fm GreenS. 

Kosciusko, B H. 

Kossuth, B H, Gift Map 
No 4. 

Kramer Place, bet 
Dupont and Stockton 1m 
Greenwich S. 

Ii, bet K and M fm Seventh 
av west 

I*, South S F, fm First av 

SW to Twentv-eighth av. 
Lafayette, W End H 

Iiaffayette, bet Eleventh 

and Twelfth fm Mission lo 

liafayette Part, bet 

Sacramento and Washing- 
ton, Gough and Laguna. 
liafayette Place, bet 

Kearny and Dupont fm 

Green to Union. 
liafayette Square, bet 

Sacramento, Washington, 

Gough and Laguna. 
Lagnna, bet Octavia and 

Buchanan N fm Market to 

Street. E. side. 

Market and Kate 2 

Waller 100 

Haight 200 


Page 300 


Oak 400 


Fell 500 


Hayes 600 


Grove 700 


Fulton 800 


McAllister 900 


Tyler 1000 

Jefferson Square 

Elm avenue 

Turk 1100 

Laurel avenue 

Eddy 1200 

Willow avenue 

Ellis 1300 

Olive avenue 

O'Farrell 1400 

Myrtle avenue 

Geary 1500 

Cedar avenue 

Post 1600 

Walnut avenue 

Metcalf place 

Sutter 1700 

Fern avenue 

Bush 1800 

Pine 1900 

California 2000 

Sacramento 2100 

Lafayette Park 

Clay 2200 

Washington 2300 

Jackson 2400 

Pacific 2500 

Broadway 2600 

Vallejo 2700 

Green 2800 

Union 2900 


Filbert 3000 

Harry place 

Greenwich 3100 

Lombard 3200 

Chestnut 3300 

Lobos Square 

Francisco 3400 

Bay 3500 

North Point 3600 

Beach 3700 

Jefferson 3800 

Tonquin 3900 


taidley, Fairmount 

landers, crosses Market 

at junction of Fourteenth 

and Church. 
JLanglon, bet Seventh 

and Eighth fm Howard to 

lark in, bet Hyde and 

Polk N fm Market to 

Street. E. side. 

Market and Hayes 2 

Park avenue 

Grove 100 




Fulton 200 


McAlliBter 300 


Tyler 400 

Turk 500 

Laurel avenue 

Eddy GOO 

Willow avenue 

Ellis 700 

Olive avenue , 

O'Farreli 800 

Mvrtle avenue 

Geary 900 

Cedar avenue 

Post 1000 

Walnut avenue 

Suffer 1100 

Fern avenue 

Bush 1200 


Vorrath place 

Pine 1300 

California MOO 

Sacramento 1500 

Clay 1600 

Washington 1700 

Jackson 1800 

Pacific 1U00 

Friedman place 

Broadway 2000 

Hamlin place 

Vallejo 2100 

Green 2200 


Brady place 

Union 2300 

Filbert 2-100 

Greenwich 2500 

Lombard 2600 

Chestnut 2700 

Francisco 2800 

Bay 2!>00 

North Point 3000 

Beach 3100 

Jefferson 3200 


Laskie, oet Eighth and 

Ninth fn< Mission NW. 
Latkan* Place, bet El- 
lis and O'Farreli fm Ma- 
son W. 
Laura Place, bet San- 
some and Montgomery fm 
Pine S. 
Laurel, bet Walnut and 

Locust fm California N. 
Laurel Avenue. B II . 
Laurel Avenue, bet 
Turk and Eddy fm Larkln 
to Webster. 
Laurel Place, bet Fol- 
som and Harrison fm First 
to Essex. 
Leavenworth, bet 
Jones and Hyde N fm Mc- 
Allister to Jefferson. 
Street. E. side. 

McAllister 2 

Tyler 100 

Burcham place 

Turk 200 

Eddy 300 

Ellis 400 

O'Fanell 500 

Geary 600 

Post _ 700 

Sutter 800 

Bush 900 

Pine 1000 

California 1100 

Sacramento 1200 

Clay 1300 

Washington 1408 

Jackson 1500 

Pacific 1600 



Broadway 170 


Vallejo 1800 


Green 1900 


Union 2000 


Filbert 2100 

Greenwich 2200 

Lombard 2800 

Chestnut 2100 

Francisco 2800 

Bav 2iiOO 

North Point 2700 

Montgomery avenue 

Beach 2800 


Lee, 1! II. 

LeidesdorfT, bet Son- 
some and Montgomery fm 
N s Pine to Clay. 
Street. E.side. 

Pine 2 

California 100 


Sacramento 200 



Leroy Place, bel .1 ! 

and Leavenworth Km Sac- 
ramento N. and s. 
■"ifiaaing, Ban Miguel, W 

Km! Map No 2. 
Lewi*. Falrmount Tract. 
!.«•» is, fm Polk WtO IT.-- 

Bldio Reservation fronting 

lh'- bay. 
LeuiH. bet Posl and Sut- 

] nea 
Liberty, bet Third and 

rmirth fm Townsend 

N w . 
Libert.r, bet Twentieth 

and Twentj -first tin Yui- 

encla w to Castro. 
Lick Alley, bel Market 

and Mission im Kir.-t \v. 
Liek Place, bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny tin 

Post to Sutter. 
Liek Place, bel fjn'on 

und Filbert tm Taylor W. 
Lida Place, bel Mission 

and Valencia fm Sixteenth 

Licit!?, Ban Miguel. \v 

End Map No '-'. 
Lily, bet Page and Oak fin 

franklin W. 
Lincoln. B H. 
Lincoln Avenue, bet 

Green and I'nion fm 

Jones W. 
Lincoln Place, bet 

Union and Filbe rt fm Hyde 

Linden, bet Fell and 

Hayes fm E s Vai 

av to Webster. 
Lisbon, Excelsior II Asa 
Lizzie, B II. 
Lobos, R R H Assn. 
Lobos Square, bet 

Webster and Laguna. 

Chestnut and Bay. 
Locust, bet Laurel and 

Spruce fm California N. 
Locust, bet McAllister 

and Tyler fm Larkin to 

Logan, University 11 Asa 
Lombard, bet Green- 
wich and Chestnut W fm 

Battery to Presidio Reser- 
Street. A T . side. 

Battery 2 


Montgomery 100 


Kearny 200 

Good-Children (Tele- 
graph place) 


Dupont 300 

Wells court 

Stockton 400 

Lombard place 

Powell 500 

Chambers alley. 

Mason 600 


Montgomery avenue 


Taylor 700 

Jones 800 

Leavenworth 900 

Hyde 1000 

Larkln 1100 


Van Ness avenue 1300 

Franklin 1400 

Gough 1600 

Octavla I©*' 

Laguna 1700 

Buchanan isoo 

w.i Bter 

Fillmore MOO 

Stelner 2100 

Pierce 2200 

Sootl 2300 

Devlsadero 2400 


Baker 2000 

I'residio Reservation 

Lombard Place, bet 
Sl< •« kt . -ii and Powell tin 

Lombard B. 
London, Excelsior II 

Lou. bel Lyon and M« 

'. im Waller to 

Louise, i>ot Folaom and 

llnrrlM-ii fin liiteli to 

I isiana. l»-t .Mary- 
land and Georgia fm Sola- 
no S t" Kirht avenue. 

Luck, tin in leans to lier- 

nii i av. 
I. no . " av and 

il ary fm Waller & 

lilllllll *» Lam-. I! II. 
■ .mil Avenue. betTyll r 

and McAllister fm I 
Lynda, i.i Pacific and 
Broadway fa Leaven- 
worth to Hyde. 
I. yon, bet linker and Lott 
N .iu Balght to Presidio 

K- ■ i ■ nil' '11. 

Lyons. B II. 
I.y sol l*la<-«-. 

and Leavenworth Cm sa> - 
ramento s. 
31. bel L and N fm Bei antfa 

av v.. -i a 

M, South S K,fm KirSt av 

sw i . ' tb av. 

.'I. nd and 

Twenty-third fm Sanchez 
to Dial 

Maceiliini.-i. B 11. 
Maclca taurl. 1» t Har- 
rison and Brvautim Ninth 

Madden, bet Third and 

Fourth im King to Berry. 
Madison. fjnlven 

Madrid, Excelsior H \--n 
Majjar.v, bet Sanchez and 

No- fin M south to Clipper. 
Maggie Geary 

and Post fm Jones E. 
Maiden Lane,bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny fm 

Montgomery av s. 
Maiden Lane, bet 

Stockton and Powell fm 

Vallejo N. 
Main, bet Spear and Beale 

fm Market SE to the bay. 
Street. W. side. 

Market _. 2 

Mission 100 

Howard 200 

Folsom 300 

Rincon court 

Harrison 400 


Malvina Place, bet 

Sacramento and Clav fm 

Mason W. 
Mansell, University H 

Mansfield, University H 

Mansion House 

Place, bet California and 

Sacramento fm Dupont W. 
Maple, bet Spruce and 

Cherry fm California N. 

Marengo. I! II. I 

No i. 
Marengo. I. It II 
Margaret Place 

Kearnv and Dup.iiit tin 

Vallejo V 
Margaret Place, bel 

.Mo', nan. I TavlnrfiuTitrk 

Maria, bet Harrti 

Bryant and 8eventb and 
I. K and w - 

Marin. I- I 

Tulare fm the bay W t.i 

Pennsj Ivanla, 
Marlpona, bet Santa 
and Solano fm the 
i i Harrison, 

Mari|>o»a Tcrr:i<-<-. 
tin Harrlsot N 
Market, tin Hart BM <■■ 
i orner Castro and S 

Bast 2 

Sm riim--liti> 

Drnmm 100 

: ida 




Battery -too 

Sansome and Sutter 500 

tnery and Pi 



n and Kllif .- 

Powell and Rddj i'»« 

rk Mm 

Taylor and Tyl< i IBM 

Jones and McAUUb 
■ It j Hall avenue „ 
Lafklnand Ha 

p. .ik and Fell i7uo 

it »v and Oa 

Franklin and Page i*.h» 

Gougfa und Hatglit.. 

Octavla and Waiter.. 
Laguna and Kate... 

. .Ill 




Sixteenth and N< ■ 2600 

•nth and Gael 

8. side. 



Spear 101 



Fremont 401 

Kirst 501 



New Montgomery 



Fourth 801 

Fifth S01 

Sixth 1001 

Seventh H01 

Eighth 1201 

Ninth 1301 

Tenth H01 

Eleventh 1501 

Potter 1601 

Bradv 1701 

Valencia Wil 


Elgin Park avenue 


Guerrero 1901 


Dolores 2001 

Fourteenth and Church2101 


Fifteenth and Sanchez.. .2201 

Sixteenth and Noe 2301 

Seventeenth and Castro. 
Martha Place, bet Ma- 
son and Taylor fm Geary 8. 



martin. Visitacion Valley 
Mary, Bernal Heights. 
Mary, bet Fifth and Sixth 

fm Mission to Howard. 
Mary. See Maria. 
Mary Lane, bet Kearny 

and Dupont fm Bush S. 
Maryland, bet Delaware 

and Louisiana fm Solano 

S to First av. 
Mason, bet Powell and 

Taylor N fm Market to Jef- 
Street. E. side. 

Market and Turk 2 

Eddy 100 

Ellis 200 

Latham place 

Dikeman place 

O'Farrell 300 

O'Farrell alley 

Geary 400 

Oak place 

Kappeler court 

Post 500 

Scheerer place 

Sutter 600 

Bush 700 

Pine 800 

Frank place 

California 900 

Sacramento 1000 

Ewer Place 

Malvina place 

Dawson place 

Clay 1100 

Truett (or Gardner place) 

Sheppard place 

Washington 1200 

Jackson 1300 

; John 

, Pacific 1400 

Broadway 1500 

Vallejo 1600 

I Green 1700 

Webb place 

Winter's lane 

, Union 1800 


Filbert 1900 


Greenwich 2000 

Montgomery avenue 

,Lombard 2100 

Chestnut 2200 


Francisco 2300 


Bav 2400 

NorthPoint 2500 

Beach 2600 


Masonic Avenue, bet 

Lott and Ashbury S fm 

Point Lobos av. 
Massachusetts, bet 

New York and Delaware 

fm Sonoma S to First av. 
Massasoit, B H. 
Mateo, Fairmount Tract. 
Mayflower, B. H. 
Mazzini, E of Orleans 

fm Precita Creek SE to 

McAllister, bet Fulton 

and Tyler W fm Junction 
: Jones and Market. 

Street. iV. side. 

Market and Jones 2 

Park avenue 

Leavenworth 100 

Hyde 200 

Brown's alley 

Larkin 300 

Polk 400 

Van Ness avenue 500 

Franklin 6>.0 

Gough 700 

Octavia 800 

Laguna S00 

Buchanan 1000 

Webster ] 100 

■ Fillmore 1200 

Steiner 1300 

Pierce 1400 

Scott 1500 

'Devisadero 1600 

Broderick 1700 

Baker 1800 

Lyon 1900 

Lott 2000 

Masonic avenue 

Masonic Cemetery 

Met lellan, B H. 

McCormick, bet Hyde 
and Larkin fm Pacific S. 

MeS>erniott Place, 
bet Turk and Eddy fm 
Jones W. 

Meacham Place, bet 
Hyde and Larkin fm Post 

Mears, bet Merrifield and 
First av fm Point Lobos 
av N. 

Medau Place, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton fm Fil- 
bert N. 

Mendocino, bet Calave- 
ras and Plumas fm the bay 
W to first av. 

Merced, Fairmount Tract 

Mercer, B. H. 

Merchant, bet Clay and 
Washington Wfm East to 
Street. 2f. side. 

East 2 

Front 300 

Battery 400 

Sansome 500 

Montgomery 600 

Dunbar alley 


Merrifield, bet Chase 
and Mears fm Point Lobos 
av N. 

Merrill, bet Vallejo and 
Green fm Jones to Leav- 

M«-rrill, B. H. 

MerrimacN of Alameda 
fm the bav to Tennessee. 

Metcalf Place,bet Post 
and Sutter fm Laguna W. 

Metcalfe Place, bet 
Mason and Taylor tm 
Geary N. 

Mexico, bet Alaska and 
Colorado fm Wate rFront 
S to India. 

Michigan, bet Georgia 
and Illinois fm Solano S to 
First av. 

Micklick, Visitacion Val- 

Middle, bet Fillmore and 
Webster fm Pine to Cali- 

Midway, bet Dupont and 
Stockton fm Francisco to 

Midway East, bet Kear- 
ny and Dupont fm Fran- 
cisco to Bay. 

Mid way "West ,bet Stock- 
ton and Powell fm Fran- 
cisco to Bay. 

Miguel, Fairmount Tract. 

Miles < aiirt. bet Stock- 
ton and Powell fm Califor- 
nia N. 

Miles Place, bet Stock- 
ton and Powell fm Sacra- 
mento N. 

Miller Place, bet 
Fourth and Fifth fm Fol- 
som S. 

Mills Place, bet Post 
and Sutter fm Dunont W. 

Milton, San Miguel W 
End Map No 2. 

Minerva, BBH Assn. 

Minna, bet Mission and 
Howard fm First SW. 
Street. -2V. side. 

First 2 

Sullivan alley 

Second 100 

New Montgomery 

Third 200 

Fourth 300 

Fifth 400 


Sixth 500 


Seventh 600 


Eighth 700 

Eleventh 1000 

Lafayette place 

Fourteenth 1300 

Minnesota, bet Tennes- 
see and Indiana fm South 
south to Tulare. 
Minnie, bet Ashbury and 

Clayton fn> Waller S. 

Mint Avenue, bet Fifth 

and Sixth fm Mission to 

Jessie and bet Market and 

Mission fm Fifth to Jessie 

Mission, bet Market and 

Howard SW fm East to 

Thirteenth, thence S to 

County Road. 

Street. JV. side. 

East 2 


Spear 100 

Main 200 

Beale 300 

Fremont 400 

First..... 500 


Sullivan alley 

New Anthony 

Second 600 

New Montgomery 


Third 700 

Fourth 800 

Fifth 900 

Mint avenue 


Sixth 1000 

Seventh 1100 


Eighth 1200 


Ninth 1300 

Washington avenue 

Grand avenue 

Tenth 1400 

Eleventh 1500 



Twelfth 1600 

West Mission 

Hermann : 

Thirteenth 1700 



Fourteenth 1800 

Fifteenth 1SO0 

Sixteenth 2000 

Goldman place 

Seventeenth 2100 

Willows avenue 

Cedar lane 

Eighteenth 2200 

Nineteenth 2300 

Twentieth 2400 

Twenty-first 2500 

Twenty-second 2600 

Twenty-third 2700 

Twenty-fourth 2800 

Twenty-fifth 2900 

Twenty-sixth 3000 

Mission and Ocean 
Road, fm terminus of 
Mission W. 
Mission Avenue, bet 
Valencia and Guerrero fm 
Seventeenth S. 
Mississippi, bet Penn- 
sylvania and Texas fm 
Center S to Tulare. 
Missouri, bet Texas and 
Connecticut fm Center S to 
Mohawk Avenue, San 
Miguel. W End Map No 1. 
Montana, R R H Assn. 
Montcalm, B H. 
Montezuma, B H. 
Montieello, City Land 

Montgomery, bet San- 
some and Kearny N fm 
Market to Francisco. 
Street. E. side. 

Market and Post 2 

Sutter 100 

Bush 200 

Pine 300 


California 400 

Sacramento 500 


Clay 600 


Washington 700 

Montgomery avenue 

Jackson. .„ 800 

Gold _„ 

Pacific 900 

Montgomery alley 

Montgomery court 

Broadway lOOO 

Vallejo 1100 

Jackson place 

Green 1200 

Moulton place 

Union 1300 

Montgomery place 


Filbert 1400 

Greenwich 1500 

Lombard 1600 

Chestnut 1700 


Montgomery Alley, 
bet Pacific and Broadway 
fm Montgomery W. 
Montgomery Av- 
enue, fm SW cor Mont- 
gomery and Washington 
NW to Beach. 
Street. JS. side. 
Washington and Mont- 
gomery 2 

Maiden lane 


Jackson 100 


Pacific 200 


Broadway 300 


Vallejo 400 


Green 500 

Union 600 

Washington Square 


Filbert 700 

Gaven place ' 


Greenwich 800 



Lombard 900 


Jansen ' 


Chestnut 1000 


Francisco 1200 


Bay 1200 

North Point 1300 



Montgomery Court, 
bet Pacific and Broadway 
fm Montgomery W. 
Montgomery Place, 
bet Union and Filbert fm 
Montgomery N. 
Moore Place, bet Hyde 

and Larkin fm Union N. 
Morey Alley, or Noon- 
an's alley, bet Stockton 
and Powell fm Broadway 
to Vallejo. 
Morrel Place, bet 
Hyde and Larkin fm Pa- 
cific N. 
Morse, bet Dupont and 

Kearny fm Bush to Pine 
Morse, SanMiguel.WEnd 

Map No 1. 
Morse Place, bet Leav- 
enworth and Hyde fm 
Broadway S. 
Morton, bet Geary and 
Post I'm Kearny to Stock- 
Morton, B H, Gift Map 

No 4. 
Moscow, Excelsior H 



Moss, bet Sixth and Sev- 
enth fm Howard to Fol- 

Muiillon. bet Greenwich 
and Lombard fm Buchan- 
an to Steiner. 

91 ou It on Place, bet 
Green and Union fm Mont- 
gomery W. 

Moultrie. B H. 

Mount Vernon Av- 
enue. San Miguel. W End 
Map No 1. 

Munich, Excelsior II Abb 

Mnnroe, bet Stockton 
and Powell fm Bush to 

Myrtle Avenue, bet 
O'Farrell and Geary fm 
Larkin to Laguna. 

Bf , bet M and fm Seventh 
av west 

BT, South S F, fm First av 
SW to Twenty-ninth av. 

Bfajslee Avenue, San 
Miguel, W End Map No '2. 

Najia. bet Butte and Sierra 
fm the bay W to Harrison. 

Naples, Excelsior II Assn. 

Napoleon, bet Norman 
ami Tulare fm Biggs SW to 

Naloma, bet Mission and 

Howard fm Fremont SW. 

Street. -V. sidt. 


First 2 

Second 100 

New Montgomery 

Fifth 400 


Sixth 500 


Seventh 600 

Eighth 700 

Eleventh 1000 

Lafayette place 

Fourteenth 1300 

Nebraska, bet Vermont 
and Utah fm Mission 
Creek S to Precita Creek, 
and fm Helena S, South S F 

Nebraska, B J I. 

Nevada. bet Eleventh and 
Twelfth fm Folsom SE to 

Nevada, bet Sierra and 
Yolo fm the bay W to Po- 
trero av. 

Nevada Avenue, B H. 

Ne\»' Anthony, bet First 
and Second fm Mission N. 

New Montgomery, bet 
Second and Third fm Mar- 
ket SE to Howard. 

New Orleans Alley, 
bet Leavenworth and 
Hyde fm Green N. 

New York, bet Virginia 
and Massachusetts fm 
Water Front S to First av. 

Newell, bet Mason and 
Taylor fm Lombard N. 

Newball, bet Lombard 
and Chestnut fm Stockton 
to Powell. 

Niagara Avenne, San 
Miguel, W End Map No 1. 

Nineteenth, bet Eight- 
eenth and Twentieth fm 
Harrison W to Douglass 

Nineteenth Avenue, 
f m Presidio Reservation S. 

Nineteenth Avenue, 
South S F, fm Islais Creek 
to Water Front. 

Ninth, bet Eighth and 
Tenth fm Market SE to 
Street. W. side. 

Market 2 


Jessie ..'.". 

Mission 100 

Minna " 

Natoma ". 

Howard ~'" m " 200 



Folsom 300 


Harrison 400 

Bryant.. 500 

Brannan 609 

Ninth Avenue, from 

Presidio Reservation S to 

Ninth Avenne, South S 

F.Xin Islais Creek to Water 


Noble, bet Fifth and Sixth 

Hi) Hiiblicll to South. 
Noble Place, tut How- 
ard uHd Folsom fm Third 
Noble's Alley, bet 
Union and Filbert fm Du- 
pont E. 
Noe. bet Sanchez and Cas- 
tro fm Ridley S to Thir- 
Noonan Avenue, bel 
Howard and Clementina 
fm Eighth K. 
Noonan's Alley, 
More; alley, bel Stockton 
and Powell no Vallejo 8. 
Norman, b>t BonrboD 
and Napoleon (m Precita 
i hreek Sw to I Means, 
North, Bernal Heights. 
North Park l.unc 

B • Park Lane north.) 
Nortb Point, bet Bay 
and Beach W on Kearny 
to Presidio Beservatlon. 
Norton, Academy Tract. 
Norton Court, 
ciith and Eighth liu Brnii- 
nan S. 
Norwlrb. BE 
Nye, i( II, Gift Map No 4 
o, bet N and P tin Eighth 

av west. 
©"«'onnel Plare. 
Mason and Powell, from 
Vallejo N. 
O'Farrell, bet Ellis and 
Geary W fm Junction Du- 
pont and Market. 
Street. AT. side. 

Market and Dupont 2 

Baglev place 

Stockton 100 

Powell ZOO 


O'Farrell alley 

Mason 300 

Raphael place 

Tavlor 400 


Jones 500 

Leavenworth 600 

Ada court 

Hvde 700 

Larkin 800 

Polk 'J00 

Van Ness avenue 1000 

Franklin 1100 

Gough 1200 

Octavia 1300 

Laguna 1400 

Buchanan 1500 


Webster 1600 

Fillmore 1T00 

Steiner 1800 

Pierce 1900 

Scott 20U0 

Devisadero 2100 

Broderick 2200 

Calvarv Cemeterv 

O'Farrell Alley, bet 
Powell and Mason fm 
O'Farrell N. and bet O'Far- 
rell and Geary f m Mason E. 
Oak, bet Page and Fell W 
fm junction Van Ness av 
and Market. 
Street. If. side. 

Van Ness avenue 2 

Franklin 100 

Gough 203 

Octavia 300 

Laguna 400 

Buchanan 500 

Webster 600 

Fillmore too 

Steiner 800 

Pierce 900 

Bcotl 1000 

Devisadero lloO 

Broderick 1200 

Baker 1300 

Golden Gate Park 

Lvon 1400 


Masonic avenue 1600 

Ashburv IToO 


Cole 1900 

Snrader 2000 

Man- an 

Golden Gate Park 

OnK <;■■«> ve Au'iiur, 
bel Hftb and Sixth fm 
Harri«on to Bryant. 

Oak Plaee. bet Geary 
and Post tin Maputo Tay- 

Oeean Itoad, fin Eureka 
or Twenty-first W. 

Oelavla, be) Gongh and 
Laguna N I'm Market to 

E. side. 

Mnrki-t and Walh-r 2 

Hatght 100 

B • 


oak 300 


Fell 400 


lluws 500 



Fulton 700 


•;-r 800 

Loi ;i*t 

Tyler 900 

Jefferson i-.piar.- 


Willow avenne 


ullve avenue 

O'Farrell 1300 

Mj rtle avenue 


Cedar avenue 

Post ia00 

Walnut avenne 

Sutter 1600 

Fern avenne 

Bush ITOO 


Pirn- 1800 

California 1900 


Lalavette 1'aik 

Washington 2200 

Jackson 2300 

Pacific 2400 

Broadway 2500 

Vallejo 2600 

Green 2700 

Union 2800 


Filbert 2000 

Greenwich 3000 

Lombard 3100 

Chestnut 3200 

Francisco 3300 


Gov't Reservation 

Ohio, bet Sonsome and 
Montgomery fm Pacific to 

Ohio, bet Wyoming and 
Virginia fm Water Front 
S to First av. 

Old Hickory, B H. 

Olive Avenne, bet El- 
lis and O'Farrell fm Lar- 
kin to Buchanan. 

Olive Court, bet Lacuna 
and Buchanan fm Union S. 

Oliver, W End H Assn. 

Olmstead, University H 

Olney Plaee, bet Town- 

send and King fm Ham- 
mond sw. 

Oneida Avenue. San 
ip N»L 
Oneida l>in<< 

Btockton and Uupont fm 

s«< nun 

Onondaga in 

Mlgnel, \\ End Map 

No 1. 
Oregon, bet Wasl 

and Jackson w im Bast to 

Orizaba Avenue, city 

Land Assn. 

Orleans, bet Vermont 

and Mazzlnl fm Kansas 

BVJ i Tulare. 
OrseaUua, it ii. ctft Map 

No i. 
<>t»«-(fO Avenue, San 

Miguel, W En i Map Mo i. 
Ottawa, Ban Mlgnel, W 

Map No I. 

Ottllla,Ylsltaclon Valley. 
oxford. Dnlven 

A 'Ml. 

P. bel '> andy fin Ninth av 

P, - ith 8 I', fm Klrst av 

s\\ to Potrero ar, 
Pneilie, bet Jackson and 

Broadway w im Bast, 

tf. side. 

Drumm 2 


Pronl MM 


Bansome 400 


Montgomery 800 

Montgomery avenne 

K'urm 600 


Dnpont 700 


Sullivan allev 

EUlck alley 

:, 800 

i place 


Powell 900 

Ed - alley 

. luce 

Mason 1000 



lliiiimelmaiin pluce 

TaWor lino 


1, . a v. n worth 1300 

Bnrgoyne place 


Mi ' ormick 

.Morrill place 

Fourth place 

Larkin 1500 

Polk 1000 

Van Ness avenue 1700 

Franklin 1800 

Gongfa 1900 

octavia 2000 

Laguna. 2100 

Buchanan 2200 

r 2800 

Fillmore 2400 

Steiner 2500 

Pierce 2600 



Broderick 2!*X» 

Baker 3000 

Lyon 3100 

Central avenue... 3200 

Walnut 3300 

Laurel 3400 

Locust 3500 

Spruce 3600 

Maple 3700 

Cherry 3800 

First avenue 

Pacific Alley, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton fm 
Broadway S. 



Pacific Place, bet Du- 

pont and Stockton fm Pa- 
cific N. 
Page, bet Haight and Oak 
W fm Junction Franklin 
and Market. 
Street. iV. side. 

Market and Franklin 2 

Gough 100 

Octavia 200 

Laguna 300 

Buchanan 400 

Webster 500 

Fillmore 600 

Steiner 700 

Pierce 800 

Scott 900 

Devisadero 1000 

Broderick 1100 

Baker '. 1200 

Lyon 1300 

Lott 1400 

Masonic avenue 1500 

Ashbury 1600 

Clayton 1700 

Cole 1800 

Sbrader 1900 


Golden Gate Park 

Palmer, Fairmount 

Paris, Excelsior H Assn. 
Parle Avenue, bet Fifth 
and Sixth fm Harrison to 
Park Avenue, bet Mar- 
ket and the City Hall SW 
fm McAllister to Larkin. 
Park Lane, bet 
Bryant and Brannan fm 
Second to Third. 
Park JLane South, bet 
Bryant and Brannan fm 
Third to Central pi. 
Park Place, bet Folsom 
and Harrison fm Second E. 
Parker Avenue, bet 
Odd Fellows', Calvary and 
Masonic Cemeteries fm 
Fulton N. to Point Lobos 
Parker, Bernal Heights. 
Patterson, B H. Gift 

Map No 4. 
Pan, Belle Boche City. 
Paul, B H, Gift Map No 4. 
Pearl, bet Valencia and 
Guerrero fm Market to 
Pennsylvania Av- 
enue, bet Iowa and Mis- 
sissippi fm Center S to 
Pcrine, bet California and 
Sacramento tm Steiner to 
Perry, bet Harrison and 
Bryant fm SE of Third to 
Persia Avenue, Excel- 
sior H Assn. 
Pieiffler, bet Chestnut 
, and Francisco fm E s Du- 

pont to Stockton. 
Phantom Alley, bet 
Pine and California from 
Leavenworth E. 
Pierce, bet Steiner and 
Scott N fm Waller to 
Street. E. side. 

Waller 2 

Haight 100 

Page 200 

Oak 300 

Fell 400 


Alamo Square 

Fulton 700 

McAllister 800 

Tyler 900 

Turk 1000 

Eddy 1100 

Ellis 1200 

O'Farrell 1300 


Hamilton Square 

Post 1500 

Sutter 1600 

Bush 1700 

Pine 1800 

California 1900 


Sacramento 2000 


Alta Plaza 

Jackson 2300 

Pacific 2400 

Broadway 2500 

Vallelo 2600 

Green 2700 

Union 2800 

Filbert 2900 

Greenwich 3000 

Lombard 3100 

Chestnut 3200 

Francisco 3300 

Bay 3400 

NorthPoint 3500 

Beach 3600 

Jefferson 3700 

Tonquin 3800 


Pine, bet Bush and Cali- 
fornia W fm Market to 
Central av. 
Street. N. side. 

Market and Davis 2 

Front 100 

Battery 200 

Sansome 300 


Laura place 

Montgomery 400 


Buss alley 

Kearny 500 


St Mary's place 

Central place 


Quincy place 

Dnpont 600 

Stockton 700 


Prospect place 

Powell S00 

Mason 900 

Jane place 

Taylor 1000 

Jones 1100 


Leavenworth 1200 

Hyde 1300 

Larkin 1400 

Polk 1500 

Van Ness avenue 1600 

Franklin 1700 

Gough 1800 

Octavia 1900 

Laguna 2000 

Buchanan 2100 

Webster 2200 


Fillmore 2300 

Steiner 2400 

Pierce 2500 

Scott 2600 

Devisadero 2700 

Broderick 2S0O 

Baker 2900 

Lyon 3000 

Central avenue 

Pinkney Place, bet 

Kearny and Dupont fm 

Broadway to Vallejo. 
Pioneer Park, top of 

Telegraph Hill. 
Pixley, bet Filbert and 

Greenwich fm Buchanan 

to Steiner. 
Pleasant, bet Sacra- 
mento and Clay fm Taylor 

to Jones. 
Plumas, bet Mendocino 

and Fresno fm the bay W 

to First av. 
Pocahontas, B H. 
Point Lottos Avenue, 

bet Clement and A fm 

Central av west. 
Polk, bet Larkin and Van 

Ness Ave N fm Market to 


Street. E. side. 

Market and Fell 2 

Hayes 100 


Grove 200 


Fulton 300 


McAllister 400 


Tyler 500 

Elm Avenue 

Turk 600 

Laurel avenue 

Eddy 700 

Willow avenue 

Ellis 800 

Olive avenue 

O'Farrell 900 

Myrtle avenue 

Geary 1000 

Cedar avenue 

Post 1100 

Walnut avenue 

Sutter 1200 

Fern avenue 

Bush 1300 


Pine 1400 

California 1500 

Sacrameato 1600 

Clay 1700 

Washington 1800 

Jackson 1900 

Pacific 2000 

Broadway 2100 

Vallejo 2200 


Green 2300 

Union 2400 

Filbert 2500 

Greenwich 2600 

Lombard 2700 

Chestnut 2800 

Francisco 2900 

Bay 3000 

NorthPoint 3100 

Beach 3200 

Jefferson 3300 

Tonquin 3400 


Polk Lane, bet Pacific 
and Broadway fm Stockton 
Pollard Place, bet 
Kearny and Dupont fm 
Vallejo N. 
Pollock, South S F, bet 
Water Front and Von 
Schmidt fm Twenty- 
fourth av SW to county 
Pope, San Miguel, W End 

Map No 1. 
Porter, B H. 
Porter Avenue, San 
Miguel, W End Map No 2. 
Portsmouth Square, 
bet Clay and Washington, 
Kearny and Brenham pi. 
Post, bet Geary and Sutter 
Wfm Junction Market and 
Montgomery to Central av 
Street. AC side. 
Market and Montgom- 
ery 2 

Lick place 

Kearny 100 


Dupont 200 

StocktOD 300 

Union Square 

Powell 400 

Mason 500 

Taylor 600 


Jones 700 

Leavenworth 800 

Hyde 900 

Meacham place 

Larkin 1000 

Polk HOO 

Van Ness avenue 1200 

Franklin 1300 

Gough 1400 

Octavia 1500 

Laguna 1600 

Buchanan 1/00 

Webster 1800 

Fillmore 1900 

Steiner 2000 

Hamilton Square 

Pierce 2100 

Scott 2200 

Devisadero 2300 

Broderick 2400 

Baker 2500 

Lyon 2600 

Cemetery avenue 

Central avenue 

Post ©mice Place. See 

Custom House Place. 
Pother© Avenue, bet 

Utah and Hampshire fm 
Brannan S to Precita 
Creek and fm Islais Creek 
S, South S F. 
Potter, bet Eleventh and 
Brady fm Market SE to 
Powell, bet Stockton and 
Mason fm Market to Jef- 
Street. E. side. 

Market and Eddy 2 

Ellis 100 

O'Farrell 200 

Geary 300 

Union Square 

Post 400 

Sutter 500 

Ankeny place 

Bush 600 

Fella place 

Pine 700 

California 800 

Sacramento 900 

Clav 1000 

Washington 1100 

Jackson 1200 


Caroline place 

Pacific 1300 

Broadway 1400 

Vallejo 1500 

Green 1600 

Union 1700 

Montgomery avenue 

Filbert 1800 

Greenwich 1900 

Lombard 2000 


Chestnut 2100 

Francisco 2200 


Bay .2300 

North Point 2400 

Beach 2500 


Powhattan, B H. 

Prague, Excelsior H Ass, 
Pratt, bet Brannan and 

Townsend fm Seventh 

Pratt Place, N s Cali- 
fornia bet Stockton and 

Precita Avenue, B H. 
Precita Place, B H. 
Prentiss, B H. 
Priest, bet Jones and 

Leavenworth fm Clay to 

Prim, San Miguel, W End 

Map No 2. 
Princeton, University H 

Primgle Court, bet 

Sansome and Montgomery 

fm Greenwich N. 
Prospect Avenue, B H 
Prospect Place, B H. 
Prospect Place, bet 

Stockton and Powell fm 

Pine to Clay. 
Pulaski, B H. 
Putnam, B H, 
Q, South S F, fm First ar 

SW to Potrero av. 
«t, bet P and B fm Tenth 

av west. 
Quincy, bet Kearny and 

Dupont fm Pine to Cali- 



Qnincy Place, bet 

Kearny and Dupont ftn 
Pine S. 

Quinn, bet Ridley and 
Fourteenth fm E of Valen- 
cia W to Guerrero. 

B, bet Q and 8 fm Eleventh 
av west 

B, South S F, fm Tslais SW 
to Silver av. 

Railroad Avenue, 
South S F, fm second av 
SW to San Bruno av nr 

Railroad Avenue. 
South SF.fmKailroadand 
Twentieth avs W to San 
Bruno av bet Henry and 

Railroad Avenue, fm 
Bernal av S. 

Railroad Avenue, bet 
Seventeenth and Eight- 
eenth fm Dolores E. 

Randall, Falrmount 

Randall, bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde fm Green- 
wich N. 

Randolph, City Land 

Raphael Place, bet 
Taylor and Mason fm 
O'Farrell N. 

Bausch, bet Seventh an.l 
Eighth fm Howard to Fol- 

Ray no Ids, Vlsltaclon 

Reed, bet Jones and Leav- 
enworth fm Clay to Wash- 

Reed Place, bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny fm 
Green S. 

Reservoir, bet Kate and 
Fourteenth fm .Market W. 

Rhine, San Miguel, W End 
Map No 2. 

Rhode Island, bet Pe 
Haro and Kansas fm 
Eighth S to Preclta Creek. 

Rice. San Miguel. W End 
Map No. 2. 

Richmond (see Halleck) 

Richard, University H 

Ridley, bet Hermann and 
Fourteenth fm Mission W 
to Pevlsadero. 

Rincon Avenue, bet 
Brannan and Townsend 
fm Second to Japan. 

Rincon Court, bet Fol- 
som and Harrison fm Main 

Rincon Place, bet First 
and Second fm Harrison to 

Ringold, bet Folsom and 
Harrison fm Eighth to 

Ritch, bet Third and 
Fourth fm Folsom SE. 
Street. W. side. 

Folsom 2 



Bryant 200 

Brannan 300 


Ritter, bet Seventh and 
Eighth SE fm Harrison. 

Roach, bet Taylor and 
Jones fm Filbert to Green- 

Roanoke, Fairmount 

Rondell Place, bet 
Mission and Valencia fm 
Sixteenth to Seventeenth 

Rose, Fairmount Tract 

Rose, B H, Gilt Map No 4. 

Rose, bet Haight and 
Page fm Market W. 

Rosencrans, Bernal 

Ross Alley. See Stout's 

Rowland Alley, bet 

Montgomery and Keatny 
fm Broadway s. 
Rusw, bet Sixth and Sev- 
enth fm Minna to Folsom. 
Russ Alley, bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny fm 
Pine to Bush. 
Russell, bet Green and 

Union lm Hyde \\ . 
Russia Avenue, Excel- 

slor II As.-n. 
Rut ledge Avenue, B 

S, South S F, fm Third av 

SW tn Nebraska. 
S, but B and T fm east of 

Twelfth av west. 
Sacramento, bet Cali- 
fornia and Clay v. 

.V. lids. 

Market and East 

Drunim 100 

Davis 200 

Front 300 

Battery 400 

Sansome 500 


Montgomery 600 

Kearoj 700 

Dupont 800 

Waverly place 

Oneida place 

Brooklyn place 

D 900 

Prospect i'K. e 

Miles place 

Powell ..1000 

• iustavus 


Blaeon 1100 


Yerba Buena 

Tavlor 1200 

Joins 1300 

Leroy place 

Golden court 

Leavenworth 1400 

Kimball plate 

Hyde looo 

Larkln 1600 

Polk 1700 

Van Ness avenue 1800 


Gough 2000 

Lafayette Park 




Mobster 2100 


Steiner 2600 

Pierce 2700 


Devisadero 2900 

Broderick 3000 

Baker 3100 

Lyon 3200 

Central avenue _.3300 

Walnut 3400 

Laurel 3500 

Locust 3600 

Spruce 3700 

Maple 3800 

Cherry 3900 

First av 

Sadowa, K R H Assn. 
Sagamore, R R H Assn. 
Salmon, bet Mason and 
Taylor I'm Pacific to Broad- 
Salome. B H, Gift Map 

No 4. 
Sam oses. Bernal Heights. 
San Bruno Avenue, 
South S F, bet Potrero av 
and Girard fm Islais 
Creek S. 
San Bruno Avenue, 
San Miguel, W End Map 
San Bruno Boad (Old) 
fm Precita Creek nr Ne- 
braska S. 

San Jose Avenue, fm 

Castro (Fairmount Tract i 

county line. 

San Jose Avenue, fm 

Twenty-second bet Valen- 
cia and Guenvr ■ SW. 

Sanchez, bet Church and 
\ !; 3 to Thir- 


Sansome, bet Batterj 
and Montgomery N ftn 
Market to Chestnut 
Street E. side. 

Market and Sutter 2 

Bush 1"' 

California 300 

Sacramento _ 400 


Clay 500 


ogton 600 

Jackson 700 

Pacific 800 



Green mm 

Union 1200 


Filbert 1800 

Greenwich Hf«' 

Lombard USO0 


Santa tiara. I < 

and Mariposa fm the bav 
\v to Han 

Kcli<« icr riaei. 

ind Sutter in 

Schiller. Ban H 

Kelineidcr. S I H' run 

nel N B to Seventh av, 

Seliuylcr.15 -rna B 
Krlinerin, \ • 

Scotland, bet Powell and 

D fm Filbert t- 


Scot I. bl t Pli r- ■■ and De- 
lia N fm B 


Ridley 2 



dak 400 

Hayes 600 

Alamo Square 

Grove 700 

Fulton 800 


Tyler 1000 

Turk 1100 


Ellis 1300 

O'Farrell 1400 

Geary 1500 

Hamilton Square 

Post 1600 

Sutter 1700 

Bush 1800 

Pine 1900 

California 2000 

Sacramento 2100 

Clav 2200 

Washington 2300 

Jackson 2400 

Pacific 2500 

Broadway 2600 

Vallejo 2700 

Green. 2800 

Union 2900 

Filbert KOOO 

Greenwich 3100 

Lombard 3200 

Chestnut 3300 

Francisco 3400 

Bav 3500 

North Point >.6O0 

Beach 3700 

Jefferson 3800 

Tonquln 3900 

Scott Avenue, tin Rail- 
road avenue N \V. ; 

avenue, Potrero. 
Scott. B . if bts. 
scoti Piaesi 

ttason fm P* 

Si'niiiil. I • First and 
Third fin Market SK to the 

IK side. 

Market 2 



Howard 200 



Folsoin 300 

\ ernon plan- 

Dow place 

I'ark place 

ii 400 

Bryant 500 

North r«rk lam- 


i ■ Boom 

Braiiiian 600 


Second At cnu< 
\ ai' n. in and i iuerrero ttn 
u ' nth. 
Second a venae, 

SiiiuiJ A ten ue. tn i Pro- 
Reservation - 
Scllnn Place, I 

' -: ■ ■ D Ho Cul- 
Itornla N. 
Senator, bet Ilroadway 

I root. 
Seneca A t enn, 

Serpentlate Atcnuc, 

lm I tab nr Yolo W 


Sex nil i mil. 1 it Slx- 
rith fm 
Harrison W to Clara av. 

n 2 

Treat avenue 



Howard 200 




a 400 

id avenue 


ro 500 


Alemany avenue 




Castro 1000 





Clara avenue 

Seventeenth A venue, 

Soutli S F, tm Islais Cretk 

to Water Front. 
Seventeenth A venue, 

fm Presidio Reservation S. 

Seventh, bet Sixth and 

ii im Market to 

Pennsylvania av 
Street. W. side. 

Market 2 



Mission 100 


Howurd 200 

FolS' m 300 

Drury lane 




Harrison 400 

Bryant 500 

Brannan 600 


Townsend 700 


Berry 800 


Seventh Avenue,South 

S F, fm Islais Creek to 

Water Front. 
Seventh Avenue, fm 

Presidio Reservation south 

Seymour Avenue, bet 

Scott and Devisadero fm 

Tyler to Turk. 
Shakespeare, Bernai 

Shakespeare, Snn Mi- 
guel, W End Map No 2. 
Sharon, bet Church and 

Market fm Fifteenth SE. 
Sharp Place, bet Leav- 
enworth and Hyde fm 

Union S. 
Shasta, bet Napa and 

Sierra fm the bay W to 

Delaware and fm Vermont 

to Utah 
Sheppard Place, bet 

Clay and Washington fm 

Mason E. 
Sheridan, bet Folsom 

and Harrison fm Tenth 

Sherman, bet Sixth and 

Seventh fm Folsom to 

Sherman, bet Castro and 

Diamond fm Seventeenth 

S to Twenty-second 
Sherman, City Land Ass. 
Sherman Avenue, San 

Miguel, W End Map No 2. 
Sherwood Place, bet 

Mission and Howard fm 

Third NE. 
Shields. City Land Assn. 
Ship, South S F, bet Dock 

and A fm Fifth av SW to 

county line. 
Shipley, bet Folsom and 

Harrison fm Fourth SW. 
Street. AT. side. 

Fourth 2 

Fifth 100 


Harrison avenue 300 


Shot well, bet Howard 

and Folsom fm Fourteenth 

S to Serpentine av. 
Street. W. side. 

Fourteenth 2 

Fifteenth 100 

Sixteenth 200 

Seventeenth 300 

Eighteenth 400 

Nineteenth 500 

Twentieth 600 

Twenty-first 700 

Twenty-second.... 800 

Twenty-third 900 

Twenty-fourth 1000 

Twentv-fifth Ii00 

Twenty-sixth 1200 

Serpentine avenue 

Shrader, bet Cole and 

Stanyan S fm Fulton to 

Sickles Avenue, San 

Miguel, W End Map No 2. 
Siegel, B H. 
Sierra, bet Napa and Ne- 
vada fm the bay W to Po- 

trero av. 
Silliman, University H 

Silver, bet Harrison and 

Bryant fm Second to 

Silver Avenue, South 

S F, fm Fifteenth av nr Q 

W to county road. 
Simpson Place, bet 

Harrison and Bryant fm 

First west 

Sixteenth, bet Fifteenth 
and Seventeenth fm Har- 
rison W to Castro. 
Street. JV. side. 

Harrison 800 

Treat avenue.... 

Folsom 700 


Howard 600 


Mission 500 

Hoff avenue 

Lida place 

First avenue 

Rondell place 

Valencia 3000 

Second avenue 


Galindo alley 


Sixteenth Avenue, 

Souths F. fm Islais Creek 
to Water Front. 
Sixteenth Avenue, 

fm Presidio Reservations. 
Sixth, bet Fifth and Sev- 
enth frn Market SE to Ten- 
Street. W. side. 

Market 2 



Mission 100 



Howard 200 



Folsom 300 



Harrison 400 

Brvant 500 


Brannan 600 


Townsend 700 


Berry 800 


Sixth Avenue, fm Pre- 
sidio Reservation south to 

Sixth Avenue, South S 

F, fm Islais Creek to 

Water Front. 
Solano, betMariposa and 

Butte fm the bay W to 

Sonoma, bet Nevada and 

Yolo fri the bay W to 

Sonoma Place, bet 

Kearny and Dupont fm 

Vallejo N. 
Sonora, bet Kearny and 

Dupont fm Green to 

Sophie Terrace, bet 

Dupont and Stockton fm 

Pine N. 
South, S of Hubbell SW 

fm Kentucky to Center. 
South Avenue, B H. 
South Park, bet Bryant, 

Brannan, Second and 

South Park Alley, 

bet South Park and Bran- 
ran fm Third E. 
South Park Lane, 

bet Bryant and Brannan 

fin Central pi to Third. 
Spear, bet Steuart and 

Main fm Market SE to the 

Street. W. side. 

Market 2 

Mission 100 

Howard 200 

Folsom 300 

Harrison 400 


Spotford, bet Dupont and 

Stockton fm Clay to Wash- 

Spring, bet Montgomery 

and Kearny fm California 

to Summer. 
Spruce, bet Locust and 

Maple fm California N. 
St. Charles, bet Pacific 

and Broadway fm Kearnv 

St. Charles Place, bet 

Vallejo and Green fm 

Kearny W 
St. Louis Alley, bet 

Dupont and Stockton fm 

Jackson S. 
St. Mark's Place (See 

Morton Street) 
St. Mary's Place, bet 

Kearny and Dupont fm 

Pine to California. 
St. Vincent (See Vincent"' 
Standish, B H. 
Stanford, bet Second and 

Third fm Brannan to 

Stanley, City Land Assn. 
Stanley Court, E s 

Stanley pi bet Harrison 

and Bryant. 
Stanley Place, bet 

First and Second fm Har- 
rison to S of Bryant. 
Stanyan, betShrader and 

Golden Gate Park fm Ful- 
ton S 
Star, Bernai Heights 
State, City Land Assn. 
Steiner, betFillmore and 

Pierce N fm Ridley to 

Street. E side. 

Ridley 2 

Kate 100 

AValler 200 

Haieht 300 

Page 400 

Oak 500 

Fell 600 

Hayes 700 

Alamo Square 

Grove 800 

Fulton S00 

McAllister 1000 

Tyler 1100 

Turk 1200 

Eddy 1300 

Ellis 1400 


O'Farrell 1500 

Geary 1600 

Hamilton Square 

Post 1700 

Sutter 1800 

Bush 1900 


Pine 2000 

California 2100 


Sacramento 2200 

Clay 2300 

Alta Plaza 

Washington 2400 

Jackson 2500 

Pacific 2600 

Broadway 2700 

Vallejo 2800 

Green 2900 

Union 3000 

Filbert 3100 


Greenwich 3200 


Lombard 3300 

Chestnut 3400 

Francisco 3500 

Bav 36(10 

NorthPoint 3700 

Beach 3800 

Jefferson 3900 

Tonquin 4000 

Steuart, bet East and 

Spear fm MarketSE to the 

bay- ™ 

Street. W. side. 

Market 2 

Mission 100 

Howard 200 

Folsom 300 


Steveloe Place, bet 

Ellis and O'Farrell fm 

Jones E. 
Stevenson, bet Market 

and Mission fm First SW. 
Street. N. side. 

First 2 


Second 100 

New Montgomery 


Third 200 


Fifth 400 

Sixth 500 

Seventh 600 

Eighth 700 

AVillow avenue 1600 

Eighteenth 1700 

Nineteenth 1800 

Twentieth lyoo 


Stevenson Avenue, 

>S s Valencia bet Hermann 

and Brady. 
Stockton, bet Dupont 

and Powell N fm Market 

to Beach. 
Street. JE. side. 

Market and Ellis 2 

O'Farrell 100 

Geary 200 

Union Square 


Post 300 

Stockton place 

Sutter 400 

Bush 500 


Pine 600 

California 700 

Emmet place 


Clay 900 

Washington 1000 

Jackson 1:00 

Pacific .....1200 

Polk lane 

Broadwav 1300 

Vallejo 1400 

Card's alley 

Montgomery avenue 

Green 1500 

Union 1600 

Washington Square 

Filbert 1700 

Greenwich 1800 

Lombard 1900 


Chestnut 2000 


Francisco 2100 

Bay 2200 

NorthPoint 2300 


Stockton Place, bet 

Post and Sutter fm Fleet 
to Stockton. 

Stone, bet Stockton and 
Powell fm Washington to 

Stout's Alley, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton fm 
Washington to Jackson. 

Stringrhani, B H, Gift 
Map No 4. 

Sullivan, bet Carl and 
Grattan fm Cole W. 

Sullivan, B H. 

Sullivan, Visitation Val- 

Sullivan Alley, bet 
Dupont and Stockton fm 
Pacific to Jackson. 

Sullivan Alley, bet 
First and Second fm Mis- 
sion to Minna. 

Summer, bet Pine and 
California Cm Montgomery 
to Kearny 

Sunnier, B H. 

Sumner, bet Seventh and 
Eighth fm Howard SE. 

Sutter, bet Post and Bush 
W fm Market to Central. 



Street. N. aide. 

Sansome and Market 2 

Montgomery 100 


Lick place 

Kearny 200 

Clara lane 

Dupont 300 

Stockton 400 

Powell 500 

Mason 600 

Taylor 700 

Jones 800 

Leavenworth 900 

Hyde 1000 

Larkin 1100 

Polls 1200 

Van Ness avenue 1300 

Franklin MOO 

Gouph 1500 

Octavia 1600 

Lagruna 1700 

Buchanan 1800 

Webster 1900 

Fillmore 2000 

Stelner 2100 

Pierce 2200 

Scott 2300 

Devisadero 2400 

Broderick 2500 

Baker 2600 

Lyon 2700 

Cemetery avenue 

Central avenue 

Swan, B H, Gift Map No 

Sweeny, University II 

Sweet, bet Taylor and 

Jones fm Broadway to 

T, South S F, fm Seventh 

av SW to Tenth av. 
T, bet S and U fm Twelfth 

av west. 
Tara, San Miguel, W end 

Map No 1. 
Taj, bet Powell and 

Mason fm Sacramento to 

Taylor, bet Mason and 

Jones N fm Market to 


Street. E. side. 

Market and Tvler 2 

Turk 100 

Eddy 200 

Ellis 300 

O'Farrell 400 

Geary 500 

Oak place 

Taylor place 

Adelaide plaee 

Post 600 


Sutter 700 

Bush 800 

Pine 900 

California 1000 

Sacramento 1100 


Clay 1200 

Washington 1300 

Jackson _1400 

Pacific 1500 


Broadway 1600 

Falcon place 

Vallejo 1700 

Green 1800 


Union J900 

Filbert 2000 


Greenwich ..."2100 

Lombard 2200 

Montgomery avenue 

Chestnut 2300 



Francisco .."2400 


Bay 2500 

North Point 2600 

Beach 2700 


Taylor Place, bet'post 
and Geary fm Taylor E. 

Taylor Place, bet 

Union and Filbert fm Tay- 
lor E. and W. 
Tehama. bet Howard and 

Folsom fm First BW. 
Street. A*, side. 

Fir?r „ 2 

Second 100 


Third 200 

Fourth 300 

Fifth 400 

Eighth 7no 

Tehama. BernalB 
Tehama Place, bet 

Howard and Folsom fm 

First N E. 
Telegraph Place, bet 

Qreenwli b and Lombard 

fin Good-Children B. 
Temple, in 
Tenn cWcc bi i Kentucky 

and Minnesota frn - 

to Tulare. 
Tenth, bet Ninth and 

i. entn fm .Market SB 

to Mi- - Bl 

Street W.itde. 

Market 2 

Mission lm 


Warren avenue 

Folsom 300 


D 40u 


Tenth Avenue. 8 

F, fm Islais Creek to Water 

Tenth Avenue, fm Pre- 
sidio Reservation south to 

Terrace View. S s i'ran- 
bet Kearny and 

Tens, South s F, bet Von 

Schmidt and Dock fm 

Mater Front SW to county 

TeviH, bet Third and 

Fourth fm Kim.' to Berry. 
Texas, bet Mlsc 

aud Missouri fm Center 8 

to Tulare. 
Theresa, Academy Tract. 
Third, bet Second and 

Fourth fm Market SE to 

Street. IP. side. 

Market 2 



Mission 100 


Sherwood place 



Howard 200 



Noble place 

Folsom 300 


Harrison 400 



Bryant 500 

Park lane north 

South Park 

Park lane south 

Brannan 600 

Townsend 700 


Berry 800 


Third Avenue, fm Pre- 
sidio Reservation south to 

Third Avenue, South 
S F,fm Islais to Drv Dock. 

Thirteenth, bet Twelfth 
and Fourteenth fm Mis- 
sion easterly to Treat av. 

Thirteenth Avenue, 
fm Presidio Reservation 
south to U 

Thirteenth Avenue, 

South S F,fm Islais Creek 

to Water (front. 
Thirtieth. 8 of i av fm 

Mission W to Bellevne. 
Thirtieth Avenue, fm 

Presidio Beservatli 
Thirtieth Avenue, 

South S !'. fm 1'otrero av 
B to county [Inc. 
Thi rl.v-(>i|;lilli A v. 

nine, fm City Cemetery 

T li i r t y-e i g h t li Av 

en lie. South 8 1', tin Rail- 
road av s to county line. 

Thirl.' -tilth Avenue, 
fm City < Semeterj 8. 

Ihiii liftli Avenue, 
South S K, tm Uuilroud av 
s to , ountj line, 

Thirt > -lirsl Atniue, 


Thirt.i-lirM A ten lie. 

South 8 1'. iim Railroad av 
s to ' ountj 

Thirl J - foil rlli At- 
enue. in, i '.u i'.-meterv 

Thlrtv - fourth Av- 
enue. - F, i in 
Kallroad av S to i 


Tliiit> - ninth Av 

enue, ;in City < lemetery 

Thirl? - ninth Av- 
enue. South S I", lm 

Thirty - second Av- 
enue, mi Presidio Be* 
ervatlon s. 

Thirty - neeond At- 
en lie. Boutb 8 K, fm 
Kallroad av s to count v 

Thirty - neventh At- 
enue, fm i 'itv Cemetery 

Thirt.v - neventh Av- 
enue, Sooth s F, lm 
Railroad av S to count v 

in, ( itv Cemetery S. 

South 8 F, fm Bailroad av 
s to county line. 

Thirt.v - third Av- 
enue, lm City Cemetery 

Thirty - third Av- 

enue. South B F, lm 

Railroad av S to count v 
Thompson Avenue, 

Second and Third fm 

Brannan S. 
Thornton, City Land 

Tilford, bet Bryant and 

Brannan fm Sixth SE. 
Tinglev. Academy Tract. 
Tohin, Yisitacion Valley " 
Tomasa, B H. 
Tonquin, bet Jefferson 

and Lewis W fm Larkin 

to Presidio Reservation 
Torrens Court, bet 

Hyde and Larkin fm Clay 

Touchard, bet Jones and 

Leavenworth fm Pine S. 
Townsend, bet Brannan 

and King SW from First 

to Eighth. 
Street. AT. side. 

First 2 



Second _ 100 


Hammond place 

Clarence place 

Third 200 




Fourth 300 

Filth 400 

Sixth 500 

Seventh 600 

■. Creek 

Treat At enue. . 
som and Barrleon Dm 
Thirteenth 8 to Serpentine 
Trinit -> . 
and lv arm im Sutter to 
Truell. be! Clay and 

Tulare . M in and 

ael fm 
the bay W to Oi ' ana, 
Turk, bet Tyler and Eddy 
W im Junction Mat 

A', ttde. 

Mink,. 2 

Margaret place 

Taylor 100 

i worth •'«») 


Larkin 500 


one 700 

Franklin 800 

Jefferson Square 

Lacuna 1100 

Miii'haiian 1200 

i 1300 

Fillmore MOO 


i 1600 

Scotl 1700 

Sej mour avenue 

lero \^») 

Broderu k I9O0 


Lyon JloO 

Lott 2200 

Masonic m enue 


l'arki-r avenue 

■ ".v.. 

First avenue 

Twelfth, bet Eleventh 

' li fm Mission 
BE to Harrison. 
Street. W. tide 


Glen I'ark avenue 

Howard 100 



Twelfth A » enue, fm 
iio Reservation 

south to T. 
Twelfth Avenue, 

to Water Front. 

Twentieth, bet Nine- 
teenth and Twenty-first 
fm Harrison W to Dong- 

Twentieth Avenue, 
fm Presidio Reservation 

Twentieth Avenue, 
South 8 F, I'm A north to 

Twenty-eighth, bet 
Duncan and Valley lm Old 
San Jo^e Road W to Bel- 

Twenty-eighth Av- 
enue, tm Presidio Reser- 
vation S 

Twenty-eighth Av- 
enue, South 8 F, fm Po- 
trero av S to county line, 

Twenty -Ofth, bet Twen- 
ty-fourth and Twenty- 
sixth fm Potrero av W to 

Twenty-fifth Avenue 
fm Presidio Reservation 



Twenty-fifth Avenue 
South S F,fm WaterFront 
N to Railroad av. 
Twenty-first, bet Twen- 
tieth and Twenty-second 
fm Potrero av W to Eu- 
Twenty -flrstA venue, 
fm Presidio Reservations. 
Twenty -Sci-stA venue, 
South S F, fm A north to 
Silver av. 
Twenty - fourth, bet 
Twenty-third and Twen- 
ty-fifth fm Potrero av "W 
to Belle vue 
Twenty - fourth Av- 
enue, fm Presidio Res- 
ervation S. 
Twenty - fourth Av- 
enue, South S F, fm 
Water Front N to Rai:road 
Twenty-ninth, bet Val- 
ley and Day fm Mission 
W to Bellevue. 
Twenty - ninth Av- 
enue, fm Presidio Res- 
ervation S. 
Twenty - ninth Av- 
enue, South S F, fm Po- 
trero av S to county line. 
Twenty - second, bet 
Twenty-first and Twenty- 
third fm Potrero av W to 
Ocean Road. 
Twenty - second Av- 
enue, fm Pre6idio Res- 
ervation S. 
Twenty - second Av- 
enue, South S F, fm A 
north to Silver av. 
Twenty - seventh, bet 
Army and Duncan fm Old 
San Jose Road W to Belle- 
Twenty-seventh Av- 
enue, fm Presidio Res- 
ervation S. 
Twenty-seventh Av- 
enue, South S F, fm 
Railroad av S to County 
Twenty - sixth. bet 
Twenty-fifth and Army 
fm York to Ocean Road. 
Twenty - sixth Av- 
enue, fm Presidio Res- 
ervation S. 
Twenty - sixth Av- 
enue, South S F, fm 
Water Front N to Rail- 
road av. 
Twenty - third, bet 
Twenty-second and Twen- 
ty-fourth fm Potrero av W 
to Douglass. 
Twenty - third Av- 
enue, fm Presidio Res- 
ervation S. 
Twenty - third Av- 
enue, South S F. fm A 
north to Q. 
Tyler, bet JlcAlllster and 
Turk W fm Junction Tay- 
lor and Market. 
Street. N. side. 

Market and Taylor 2 

Jones 100 

Leavenworth 200 

Dale place. ..», 

Hyde 300 

Larkin , 400 

Polk 500 

Van Ness avenue 600 

Franklin 700 

Gough 800 

Jefferson Square 

Octavia 900 

Laguna 1000 

Buchanan 1100 

Webster 1200 

Fillmore .....1300 

Steiner 1400 

Pierce 1500 

Scott 1600 

Seymour avenue 

Devisadero 1700 

Broderick 1800 

Baker 1900 

Lyon 2000 

Lott 2100 

Masonic avenue 

Masonic Cemetery 

Tyson Place, bet Stock- 
ton and Powell fm Wash- 
ington S. 
U, bet T and V fm Thir- 
teenth av west. 
Unadilla Avenue,San 
Miguel, W end Map No 1. 
Union, bet Green and 
Filbert W fm Front to 
Presidio Reservation. 
Street. JV. side. 

Front 2 

Battery 100 


Sansome 200 


Montgomery 300 


Kearny 400 

Filbert place 


Lafayette place 


Dupont 500 

Cadell avenue 

Union place 

Bannam place - 

Jasper place 

Graham place 

Stockton 600 

Washington Square 

Montgomery avenue 

Powell 700 

Mason 800 

Taylor 900 

Eliza place 

Jones 1000 

Bay View place 

Leavenworth 1100 

Sharp place 

Hvde 1200 

West End alley 

Moore place 

Larkin 1300 

Polk 1400 

Van Ness avenue 1500 

Franklin 1600 

Gough 1700 

Octavia 1800 

Laguna 1900 

Buchanan 2000 

Webster 2100 

Fillmore 2200 

Steiner 2300 

Pierce 2400 

Scott 2500 

Devisadero 2600 

Broderick 2700 

Baker 2800 

Presidio Reservation.... 
Union Avenue, Bernai 

Union Place, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton fm 
Green to Union. 
Union Square, bet 
Powell, Stockton, Post and 
University, University 

H Assn. 
Utah, bet Nebraska and 
Potrero av fm Mission 
Creek S to Precita Creek 
and fm Islais Creek south. 
South S. F. 
V, bet U and W fm Four- 
teenth av west. 
"Valencia, bet Guerrero 
and Mission fm Market S 
to Twenty-ninth. 
Street. W. side. 

Market 2 

Stevenson avenue 

Hermann 100 

Ridley 200 



Fourteenth 300 

Fifteenth 400 

Sixteenth 500 

Seventeenth 600 

Cedar lane 

Willows avenue 

Eighteenth 700 

Nineteenth 800 


Twentieth 900 


Twenty-first 1000 

Twenty-second 1100 

Twentv-third 1200 

Twenty-fourth 1300 

Twenty-fifth 140o 

Twenty-sixth 1500 

Vallejo, bet Broadway 
and Green W fm Davis. 
Street. 2V. side. 

Davis 2 


Battery 100 

Goat alley 

Sansome 200 

Hall alley 


Hodges alley 


Montgomery 300 

Kearny 400 


Sonoma place 

Pollard place 

Margaret place 

Dupont 500 

Montgomery avenue .. .. 

Vallejo place 

Stockton „.. 600 

Maiden lane 

Noonan's or Morey alley 

Wheelock place 

Powell , 700 

O'Connell place 

Washoe place 

Mason , 800 

Vallejo court 

Taylor 900 



Jones 1000 

Leavenworth 1100 

Hvde 1200 

White 1300 


Polk 1400 

Van Ness avenue 1500 

Franklin 1600 

Gough 1700 

Octavia 1800 

Laguna 1900 

Buchanan 2000 

Webster 2100 

Fillmore 2200 

Steiner 2300 

Pierce 2400 

Scott 2500 

Devisadero 2600 

Broderick 2700 

Baker 2S00 

Lyon 2900 

Central avenue 3000 

Walnut 3100 

Laurel 3200 

iocust 3300 


Vallejo Court, (or Ter- 
race) bet Mason and Tay- 
lor fm Vallejo S. 
Vallejo Place, bet 
Montgomery av and Stock- 
Ion fm Vallejo S. 
Valley, bet Twenty 
eighth and Twenty-ninth 
fm Old San Jose Road W 
to Bellevue. 
Valparaiso, bet Filbert 
and Greenwich fm Mason 
to Jones. 
Van Ness Avenue, bet 
Polk and Franklin N fm 
Market to Lewis. 
Street. E. side. 

Market and Oak..... 2 

Hickory „„ 

Fell WO 




Birch 300 

Fulton 400 


McAllister 500 


Tyler 608 

Elm avenue 

Turk 700 

Laurel avenue 

Eddy 800 

Willow avenue 

Ellis 900 

Olive avenue 

O'Farrell ..1000 

Myrtle avenue 

Geary noo 

Cedar avenue 

Post „ 1200 

Walnut avenue 

Sutter 1300 

Fern avenue 

Bush 1400 


Pine .'...'.'.".1500 

California 1600 

Sacramento 1700 

Clay 1800 

Washington 1900 

Jackson 2000 

Pacific 2100 

Broadway 2200 

Vallejo 2300 


Green 2400 

Union 2500 

Filbert 2600 

Greenwich 2700 

Lombard 2800 

Chestnut 2900 

Francisco. 3000 

Bay 3100 

Government Res 

North Point 3200 

Beach 3300 

Jefferson 3400 

Tonquin 3500 


Vandewater, bet Fran- 
cisco and Bay fm Powell 
to Taylor. 

Varennes, bet Kearny 
and Dupont fm Union to 

Vassar Place, bet Sec- 
ond and Third fm Harri- 
son SE. 

Vermehr Place, fm 
Post and Sutter fm Kearny 

Vermont, bet Kansas 
and Nebraska fm Mission 
Creek to Precita Creek and 
fm Silver av N, South S. F. 

Vernon, City Land Assn. 

Vernon Place, bet Fol- 
som and Harrison fm Sec- 
ond W. 

Vernon Place, bet 
Green and Union fm Hyde 

Vernon Place, bet 
Mason and Taylor fm 
Jackson S. 

Verona, bet Folsom and 
Harrison fm Third NE. 

Vic&sBmrg, bet Church 
and Sanchez fm Twenty- 
first S to Twenty-fifth. 

Victoria, City Laud Ass. 

Vienna, Excelsior H 

Vincent, bet Montgom- 
ery and Kearny fin Green 
to Union. 

Virginia, bet Ohio and 
New York fm Water Front 
S to First av. 

Virginia, bet Stockton 
and Powell fm Washing- 
ton to Pacific. 

Virginia Avenue,BH. 

Virginia Place, bet 
Pine and California fm 
Dupont W. 

Virginia Place, bet 
Powell and Stockton fm 
Broadway to Pacific. 

Visitacion, Visitacion 



Von Schmidt, South S 
F, bet Pollock and Tevis 
fin Water Front SW to 
county line. 

Yorrath Plaee, bet 
Bush and Pine fin Larkin 

W,' south of V fin Fifteenth 

av west. 
Walbridgc, Visitacion 

Valley. • 
Wall Place, bet Leav- 
enworth and Hyde fin 

.lack son N. 
Waller, bet Ridley and 

Haight W fin Octavia and 

Walnut, bet Central av 

and Laurel fm Calltornia 

Walnut, City Land Assn. 
Walunt Avenue, b t 

Post and Sutter I'm Larkin 

to Laguna. 
Ward, B H. 
Warden, bet Stockton 

and Powell fm Francisco 

to Bay. 
Warren, Fairmount 

Warren Avenue, bet 

Howard and Folsom fm 

Ten ih NE. 
Washington, bet Clay 

and Jackson W fm East. 
Street. N. tide. 

East 2 

Drumm 100 

Davis 200 


Front 300 

Battery 400 

Custom House place 

SaDsome 500 

Jones alley 

Montgomery 60fj 

Montgomery avenue 

Dunbar alley 

Kearny 700 

Portsmouth Square 

Brenbam place 

Washington alley 

Dupont 800 

Waverly place 

Stout's or Boss alley 

Spo fiord 

Stockton 900 

Havens place 


Hopeton Terrace 


Powell 1000 

Codman place 

Wetmore place 

Mason 1100 

Taylor 1200 

Eliza place 

Jones 1300 



Leavenworth 1140 

Hyde 1500 

Larkin 1600 

Polk 1700 

Van Ness avenue 1800 

Franklin 1900 

Gough 2000 

Lafavette Park 

Octavia 2100 

Laguna 2200 

Buchanan 2 00 

Webster 2400 

Fillmore 2.500 


Alta Plaza 

Scott _ 2<!00 

Devisadero 2 00 

Broderkk 3000 

Baker 3100 

Lyon 3200 

Central avenue 8HD0 

Walnut 3400 

Laurel 3500 

Locust 3600 

Spruce :i7oo 

Maple 8800 


Flrel a\ enue 

Washington alley, 
bet Kearny and Duj oni 
tin Washington to Jet k« 


Washington Avenue 

bet Ninth and Tenth mi 
Mission t.. Howard. 

Washington Atruue 
B 11. 

Washington Square 
bi t Powell, Btoi kton, Fil- 
bert and l 

Washoe l'laco, bet 
fin Vui- 

Water, B U, Gilt Map No 

Water, bel Chestnnt and 
Francisco im Ma 

Water Front, fm Coun- 
ty Line northerly along 
the bav to Shasta. 

Waterloo, B H, Clft 
Map No. 4. 

Watson Plaee, San 
Mlgu.-l W End Map Nol. 

Watt Avenue, W End 
II Assn. 

Waverly Place, bet 
Dupont and Stockton fm 
Sacramento to Wa.-hiug- 

Warland, University II 

Wayne, B H. 

Webb, bet Montgomery 
and .Kearny fm California 
to Sacramento. 

Webb Place, bet Green 
and Union fm Mason W. 

Webster, bet Montgom- 
ery and Kearny im Lom- 
bard to Chestnut. 

Webster, bet Buchanan 
and Fillmore N fin Kate 
to Lewis. 

Street. E. side- 
Kate 2 


Waller 100 

Haight 200 


Page 300 


Oak 400 


Fell 500 

i ' 

Hayes 600 


Grove „ 70o 


Fulton 800 


rter 900 


Tyler 1000 

Bam avenu • 

Turk 1100 

Laurel avenue 

Eddy 1200 



II 1400 


Post 1HO 

Butter IT'" 1 

Bush IHui 


Pine 1900 






I • 

<;r..-n _ 





Ohestnut :«oo 

i. Square 


Bav 35uu 

North Point 



Tonouln 3"J00 

Wcldon, B 11. QUI Map 

No 4. 
Well* Avenue, bet 

Tin I)olore6 to Church. 

Wella Court, bat Du- 
pont and Stockton fm 
Lombard S. 

Welsh, bet Bryant and 
Brannan fm ZSoe to SW of 

West Avenue. B H. 

West Eldorado, bet 
Booth and Eureka 8w fm 
Sixth to Center 

West Mission, Ws Mis- 
sion bet Twelfth and 

West-End Alley, bet 
Hyde and Larkin fm 
Green to Union. 

Wetmore Place, bet 
Powell and Mason fm Clay 
to Washington. 

Wheelock Place, bet 
Stockton and Powell lm 
i Vallejo N. 

While, bet llv.b- and 
Larkin fm Vniiejo N. 

White Platee, I 
enth and Eighth I'm 

Br\ant BE. 

White's Place, bet Bui 


and < Ibesfnutfm Duponl E. 

and Howard Cm 1- Itteentb 
Whitney, Falrmouiit 

I rai i. 

Wlldey, I • i n. and 
tm Webstei to 

Willnrd Alli',1 , \V ol 

im Qrattan N to Golden 

Gate I'ark 
William, bel Taylor and 

Jones im O'Farrell to 

Williams. Unlv.-rsltv 

II \--n. 
Williamson, bi 

mil i al Lobos 

Willow, bel Fifth and 

Sixth im Folsom to ship. 

\l illnn 1 , i"iui.. 

Ills fm Larkin 
Willows Arenoi 

teentli fm 

Wlnalow.Beraal 1 1 
Winter Lane, 

! : : .i, fm M. 

Wisconsin, i Arkan- 

s in. 
Wolf. Bernal nights. 
\l im.:. nla and 

,. Ijos uv 

Wool, Bernal Heights, 
Woolsey, University 11 

M orden Avenue, San 

Miguel, W End Man No 2, 
Wyoming, Ban tflguuel 

W End Map No2. 
Wyoming, bet liacotah 
and Ohio tin Islais S to 
First av. 
Yale, University II Assn. 
Verba Ituena, b>-t Ma- 
and Taylor tm Sacra- 
Yolo, bet Nevada and Co- 
lusa tm the bay W to Po 
York, bet Hampshire and 
Florida tm v 

; wi-nty-nrst. thence 
Hamehlre, tb 
Yuba, bei Colusa and Yolo 

lm the bay W to Iowa. 
Zoe, bet Third and Fourth 

fm Bryant to Brannan. 
Zoe Place, bet Beale 
and Fremont lm Folsom 


Received too late for Regular Insertion. 



Abbott G. S., Rev., pastor First Baptist Church, r. 614 

Abranis Thos., r. 613 Gough 
ADAMS JOHN Q,. , atty-at-law, 522 Montgomery, 

r. 1028 Vallejo 
Allan P. Macdonald, physician and surgeon, 55 Second 
Allen Henry F., salesman with Allen & Lawis, r. 31 

Allen Robert E., r. 808 Leavenworth, rear 
Altaian John jr., r. Baldwin Hotel 
Altschul Leopold (Altschul, Seller & Anspacher) r. 

748 Howard 
Altschul, Seller & Anspacher (Leopold Altschul, 

Samuel Seller and Phillip Anspacher) crockery 

and glassware, 8 Battery 
Alvarez F., cook, r. 74 Minna 
Alvois Fred., teamster Eureka Hair Works, r. cor 15th 

and Dolores 
Anderson Robert, with Tax Collector, r. 225 Bush 
Anspacher Phillip (Altschul, Seller & Anspacher) r. 

Baldwin Hotel 
Antony Frank, saloon, 1042 Folsom 
Ardoin Edouard, cook, r. 606 Stockton 
Argenta M. Co. (Elko Co., Nev.) R. H. Brown sec, 20- 

21 8. F. Stock Exchange bldg 
Armknecht Louis, poultry, game and produce, 37-38 

Grand Western Market, r. nw. cor Polk and Pine 
Armstrong Lizzie, domestic, 218 Eleventh 
Asztalos Samuel (Pac. Furn. Co.) 736 Brannan 
Austin M. E., real estate broker, 639 Kearny, r. East 

Ayer J. K., painter, 219 Post, r. 413 Minna 
Ayres John G., capitalist, 515 California, r. 822 Geary 

Baettge & Brugge (Peter Baettge and G. Brugge) 

proprs Nevada Boarding and Sale Stable,110 Wash 
Baettge Peter (Baettge & Brugge) r. 110 Washington 
Bagot Frederick, agent with L. M. McKenney, r. 

Baldwin's Arcade Market, James Lintott propr, 

Robert S. Kinney supt, 914 Market 
Ball Charles, cook United States Restaurant, r. cor 

Pine and Kearny 
Ball M. J., merchant, r. 74 Minna 
Barango Giuseppe, propr Pompeii Restaurant, 315 

Barfield J. T., student, r. 225 Bush 
Barrows Thomas, with Victor Sewing Machine Co. 
Bartleson E., waiter, r. 74 Minna 

BAKTMANN J. A. (Bartmann & Co.) r. 223 Ritch 
Barto Harrison (Spaulding, Barto & Co.) r. 16 Reed i 

Battersby R., geologist, r. 225 Bush 

Beadle Donald, real estate agent, 137 Montgomery , 
rm 8, r. nw. cor Fulton and Laguna 

Beals J. T., broker, r. 1017 Sutter 

Beasley John R., r. 1709 Stockton, rear 

Beckwith L. F., propr Daily Echo, 211 Kearny 

Behrendt H. & Co. (Herman Behrendt) trunk mnfrs, 
513 Market, factory Crook bet Townsend and 

Bellevue Medical Institute, Dr. L. R. Williams & 
Co. proprs, 217 Post 

Bennett Harry, drayman with Nourse & Mitchell 

Berry & Cary (James L. Berry and C. B. Cary) proprs 
hacks, nw. cor Montgomery and Bush 

Berry James L (Berry & Cary) r. nw. cor Montgom- 
ery and Bush 

BEBBYMAN H. B. & CO (H. B. Berryman, 
W. N. Diggle and R. Dunsmuir) agents Welling- 
ton Coal Co., bulkhead East bet Jackson and Pac 

Berryman Henry B. (H. B. Berryman & Co.) r. Berk- 

BERTON F & CO (Francis Berton and Edouard 
Galliard) bankers and assayers, 527 Clay 

BIBBINS & CO (T. L. Bibbins) real estate and 
mining, 415 Montgomery 

Bigger J. A., cabinetmkr, 135 Post, r. 227 Post 

Bingham C. E., r. 74 Minna 

Birdsall Samuel T., atty-at-law, 402 Montgomery, r. 
427 Sutter 

BLACKMAR & DAVIS (Anion E. Blackmar 
and L. S. Davis) music and pianos, 213 Kearny 

Blake Geo. B., drayman with P. N. Tryon, r. 305 

BIiANDEVG GORDON (Greathouse & Blanding) 
atty-at-law, 46 Nevada blk, r. 1316 Taylor 

BRANDING "WTL.1.XAM, atty-at-law, 507 Mont- 
gomery, and State Harbor Commissioner, r. 804 
Van Ness av 

Bloomer J. G. ( supt Supply Dept W. U. Tel. Co., r. 
1534 Clay 

Blucher Joseph, bartdr, r. United States Hotel 

Blitz Caroline Mrs., boarding, 501 Geary 

Bobst C. E., clerk with Anderson & Irving, r. 24 Ellis 

Bohan John J., pressman with G. K. Hilton, r. Oak- 

Bonteiller Louis, vegetables, 23-24 Grand Western 
Market, r. 3 Austin 

Bowles J. M. (Watson & Bowles) r. 1062 Mission 

Boyle Ferry, bartdr, r, 225 Bush 

Bradley — , r. 225 Bush 

Bragg Wm., propr Golden City and Blanganese Mills, 
Brannan bet Fourth and Fifth 

Braid Alice G. Mrs., millinery, 512 Hayes 

Braid David C, r. 512 Hayes 

Brarusleadt John, clerk with F. Heimings, r. nw. cor 

Vallejo and Stockton 
Bracnan Thos., clerk, r. 726 Brannan 
Brastow Solomon D., asst siuit Wells, Fargo & Co. '8 

Express, r. 1802 Van Ness av 
Braunschweiger Hermann (Fenkhausen k Braun- 
schweiger) r. 104 Seventh 
Bristerfeld Dittniar (Landschneider k Bristerfeld) 

r. Fourth Street Hotel 
Brod Marcus (Kahn i\: Brod) r. New York 
BRODY J. R. <fc CO. (James R. Br 

Samuel Valleau) book and job printers. 4'ju Clay 
BROWN JOHN F., book and job printer, 635 

Clay, r. East Oakland 
Brown Rutherford H., mining sec, 20 S. F. Stock Ex- 
change bldg, r. 220:! Bteiner 
BROWNE CARL, manager Daily Open Litter, 

819 Market 
Brugge G. (Baettge& Brugge) 110 "Washington 
Bryan Dennis F., medical student, r. 662 Mission 
Buckley & Ward (D. J. Buckley and M. J. Ward) 

proprs Terminal Hotel, COO Fourth 
Buckley Dennis, proprSteil House, 647 Mi 
Buckley D. J. (Buckley k Ward) r. 606 Fourth 
Buena & Co. (Chinese) cigar mnfrs, ITS Sacramento 
Buhr & Bandy (Benj. F. Buhr. Aaron N. Bandy and 

Edwin Hayden) com mchts, no. COX Front and 

Bulson John, engineer, r. 353 Eleventh 
Bunker & Hiester (W. M. Bunker and A. C. I 

pubs and proprs Daily and Weekly Stock Kepi ft 

and pubs Official List S. F. Stock and LxchanKi- 

Board, 16 Leidesdorff 
Bunker W. M. (Bunker .v HieBter) r. Oakland 
Burnett G. S. (G. S. Burnet & Co.) r. 111'.' l.arkin 
Burnett G. S. & Co. (G. S. Burnett and N. F. Daily) 

groceries and provisions, 19-20 Grand Western 

Bush David, imp gas fixtures, plumber's ware and 

sanitary supplies, 27-29 New Montgomery 
Bush F. A., mining operator, 826 Fine, r. 231 Tehama 
Buss J. (Hensler & Buss) 20!l Treat av 
Butler A. B., livery and sale stable, 408 Bush, r. Russ 


California Glove Co. (P. & F. G.Conklin) 28 Sansome 

California Scandinav (Danish weekly) The California 
Scandinav Publishing Co. pubs, Louis Bennin ed- 
itor, 409 Washington 

Callahan John, lab, r. 74 Minna 

Camniet W. F. (James E. Gordon k Co.) r. ne. cor 
Howard and 13th 

Campbell Joseph T, cutter Mint, r. Oakland 

Carroll Chas, gardener, r. 74 Minna 

Carstons J. "W., barber, 716 Brannan 

Carver Kossuth, waiter, r. 636 Commercial 

Cary C. B. (Berry & Cary) r. nw. cor Mont and Bush 

Catania Joseph (Pardini & Catania) r. 718 Green 

Chaffee Win. R., r. 1506 Larkin 

Chester M. T., master schr Eclipse, off. 22 California 

CHILD & YOST (E. F. Child and Daniel Z. Yost) 
stockbrokers, 322 Montgomery 

Child E. F. (Child & Yost) r. Oakland 

City of Paris Pioneer Dyeing and Scouring Establish- 
ment, R. Rolland is Co. proprs, 1409 Mason, off- 
221 Dupont 

Claidat Louis, painter, r. 1523 Mason 

Clark John, saloon, sw. cor Clay and Waverly pi 

Clark M. W., salesman with Edward C. Rowe, r. 720 

Clawson L. Edward, patent ehimnevs, cor Tavlor and 
Tyler, r. Ill Polk 

CLAY STREET RESORT, wines and liquors, 
"Win. Hagenah propr, 420 Clay 

Clay Street Restaurant, A. "Wilson propr, 614 Clay 

Clement Edward, upholsterer, r. 1337 Dupont, rear 

Coffey Win. J., compositor, r. Oakland 

Coffin Oliver C, printer Daily Stock Report, r. 410 

Cohlogar John, molder Fulton Foundry, r. 307 Fre- 

Collier Win. H., butcher with Henry Hlckaon 
Colton A. O. (Thompson atty-at-law, 40 

Lfornia, r. 1423 W< beta r 
Conkliu P. & F. G. (Piatt and Frank G. Coiiklin) 

proprs California Glov< ..>unie 

Council Patrick, lab, r. 74 Minna 

arptr, r. 7i Minus 
Cook A. O.. natural Bowel * Chen 



Coy. t Harrison U [Kllli] ' 

■ Join, W., buttonhole • 
Cowan R. H., ehirO] I ish, r. cor :uth and 

Treat av 

\ , r : ) Minna 
cue W. <;.. with Pacific Life Printing Co., SISOlay 
(tLP .» vmkn i). J. D. Culp * Oo.)r. Bi 
tri. P J. i>. .^ < <> ilp and W. i 

whol. dial ai 1;« t 

Carrey John, atty-at-law. 402 Mont, r. Palao 11 i> 1 

Dacy Con., fireman 8. V. Wm rworks, I.arlnii nr Bay 
Daley John H., dep. sheriff, r. West End B 
I r. 11131 
I) \il.Y I < no. I 

editorial t mmerdaJ 

OAII.Y OP1 \ I.I. i 1 III. l'ub. Co., 

pr oprBi Carl Browne managi r, 819 U 
Danlchefl Glove tfanutai 

lnana^" r, 1 I i . I 

i , mi] it s, I', and Pac. Glassworks, r. 
. Isoni 
Davis W. W., real est ". I r. Oakland 

i r, r. 1318 G 
DeLuoa Oarlo, butcher with i>. D< Luca, r. 4. 

—, r. 74 Mmna 

Deli ran J bn, cli rk, r. 836 i nion 

Demartinl Paul P., lab, r. cor Margaret pi and Vallejo 

Derbi c Blue • travel M. Co., 


Deuwel Joseph, hak' r, r. 61 » < -n enwloh 

Diggle W. N. (H. B. Berryman h Oo.l r. 8au<-clito 

re J. Pitman, homeopathic physloian, 118 

Dixon Thoe., carptr, r. 621 Greenwich, p »r 

Docking Joel, propr Docking's Hall, r. 684 Orel n 

Ducking's BUI, Joel Docking pi t av 

Dee Alonzo C clerk P. O., r. 1626 X Pine 

Doe Elizabeth, widow, r. 1626 X Pine 

Dolbeerftj Carson (John Dolbeer and Wm. Carson) 
mnfrs and dealers Inn I ruia 

Dold Chas. Y. (Kittelbergi r & Dold) r. 1.'48 Mission ' 

Donalan Michael, lab, r. 726 Brannan, rear 

Donahue O., bricklayer, r. 74 Minna 

Dondero G. B., r. 718 Greenwich 

Donohue Michael, lab, r. 320 Chestnut 

Donovan Daniel, a6st engineer 6tmr C. M. Small, r. 7 
Jasper pi 

Dorrler Bernhard, cook with F. Conrades.r. 428 Green 

Dorher H«;nry, cook with Schroth & Westerfeld 

Dorgan Wm., 6courer S. F. Pioneer Woolen Factory, r. 
Pioneer Boarding House 

Dosset Edward, porter Palace Hotel 

Dougherty Hannah, domestic, 1802 Yan Ness av 

Doyle Peter, carptr, r. 320 Chestnut 

Dunbar Wm. jr., horse shoer, r. 770 Mission 

Duncan Thos., painter, r. 74 Minna 

Dunn A Miss, r. w.s. Larkin bet Francisco and Bay 

Dunn Thos., carptr, r. 74 Minna 

Dunnigau Mary Miss. r. 1314 Filbert 

Dunsmuir R. (H. B. Berryman & Co.) r. Vancou- 
ver's Island 

Dussoi Gustave, pres French Savings and Loan Soci- 
ety. 411 Bush, and atty-at-law, 522 Montgomery, 
r. 730 Sutter 

Dwyer Maggie Miss, r. 2 Russell 

Dwyer Michael, spinner S. F. Pioneer Woolen Fac- 
tory, r. n.s. North Point nr Larkin 

Dwyer Thos., trimmer S. F. Pioneer Woolen Factory 

Eagan John, lab, r. 74 Minna 

EBELING & RICHTBR (Philip Ebeling and 

Adolph Richter) innfg jewelers, 618 Merchant 
Ebeling Philip (Ebeling & Richter) r. 1305 Broadway 
ECHO (daily newspaper) L. F. Beckwith propr, 211 

Kearny, editorial rooms, C15 Commercial 
Emell Conrad, drayman with Nourse & Mitchell, r. 

47 Clementina 
Ereks Chas., tanner with A. B. Patrick & Co., r. nw. 

cor 19th and Folsom 
Errico F. A., jewelry, 230 Kearny 
Etna Cigarette Co. (Chinese) 527 Mont av 
Evangel (The) (Baptist weekly) I. S. Kalloch D. D., 

editor, ne, cor Jessie and Fifth 
Evans Sarah, widow, r. 1109 Green 
Evers A. C, clerk with J. F. Schottler 

Fabry Celestine, butcher, cor 24th and Potrero av 
Fahrbach & Seidl (C. F. Fahrbach and J. Seidl) whol 

confectioners, 405 Davis 
Fahrbach C.F. (Fahrbach & Seidl) r. 113 Taylor 
Fannon Annie Miss, lash braider with Main & Win- 
chester, r. 30th nr San Bruno Road 
Farnfield Chas P., actuary Union Ins. Co., r. Alameda 
Farnham Chas, medical student, r. 625 Mission 
Faulhaber Geo., locksmith with Will & Finck, r cor 

Broadway and Dupont 
Fehnemann & Hess (Benj. Fehnemann and Joseph 
Hess) prod, dealers, 17-18 Grand Western Market 
Fehnemann Benj. (Febnemann & Hess) r. nw. cor 

Larkin and Green 
Felch Frank L., student with Gray & Haven, r. 502 

Felker Henry, carptr aDd builder, r. 2015 Howard 
Fennessy Win., saloon, nw. cor Howard and 25th 
Finn Wm., lab, r. 74 Minna 

Finnegan John, groceries, r. sw. cor Dolores and 29th 
Fitzpatrick John E., clerk with H. S. Crocker & Co., 

r. 722 Sixteenth 
Fitzpatrick T. J., civil engineer, r. 722 Sixteenth 
Flaherty John, groceries, 18 Fifth 
Flanders & Mack (Geo. C. Flanders and W. S. Mack) 

restaurant, 222-224 Sixteenth 
Fletcher Thos. (Fletcher & Raith) r. 1259 Bryant 
Flint Geo., agent L. M. McKenney, r. Hyde bet Bush 

and Sutter 
Floyd Chas. B., r. n.s. North Point nr Larkin 
Flynn John N., clerk, r. 502 Taylor 
Flynn Wm. G.. architect, 1013 Market, r. Belmont 

Fogarty H. P., foreman S. P. R. R., r. Dolores nr R. 

R. av 
Fogarty Michael, lab, r. 74 Minna 
Folger J. A. (Folger, Schilling & Co.) r. West Oak- 
Folger, Schilling & Co. (J. A. Folger aud August 
m Schilling) steam coffee and spice mills, 104-106 

Fontana M. J, (G. Ginocchio & Co.) r. 1419 Hyde 
Footlight, daily dramatic newspaper, office 525 Market 
Footlight Publishing Co. (J. D. Robertson and Clark 

Shelly) office 525 Market 
Foster Arthur W. (S. B. Wakefield & Co.) r. 521 Post 
Fouratt Enos (Ziegenfuss & Fouratt) r. 1209 Union 
Fouratt Enos jr., clerk, r. 1209 Union 
Fouratt Isaac R., pilot, r. 1209 Union 
Foye Chas. E., master mariner, r. 831 Fulton 
Franklin James, lab, r. 74 Minna 
Fraser J. W. (J. W. Fraser & Co.) r. 604 Montgomery 
Fraser J. W. & Co. (J. W. Fraser and Neil McDonald) 

saloon, 604 Montgomery 
FrontinE. A. Miss, teacher Rincon Grammar School, 

r. 1515 Jackson 
Fry Thos. J. (Hamilton & Fry) r. 132 Sutter 
Fuller Geo., pedlar, r. 114 Hayes 

Gamble James, lab, r. 74 Minna 
Garay Leonore G. Miss, r. 732 Vallejo 
Garland Milton Henry, confectionery and restaurant, 
765 Mission, r. 32 Ellis 

Garvey James jr., bellhanger with Will & Finck, r. 

769 Market 
Gathers P., sign painter with Edward C. Rowe, r. 115 

Gautin G., gardener, 1316 Taylor 
Geile Henry, butcher with E. Strauss, r. 315 Sutter 
Geismar Edward A, manager Danicheff Glove Mnf ry, 

r. 502 Bush 
Ginocchio G. (G. Ginocchio & Co.) r. 1103 Powell 
Ginocchio G. & Co. (G. Ginocchio and M.J. Fontana) 

com. mchts, 314 Commercial 
Giorgiani A. (estate of) whol. fruits, 419-421 Wash 
Gleeson John R., agent L. M. McKenney, r. Hyde bet 

Bush and Sutter 
Glenn M. J., carriage blacksmith, r. 74 Minna 
Glidden Chas. A., drayman with Nourse & Mitchell, 

r. 18 Bluxome 
Goldberg & Stamper (Aaron Goldberg and Joseph 

Stamper) rnnfrs spring mattrasses, 215 Bush 
Golden City Mills, W. Bragg propr, Brannan bet 

Fourth and Fifth 
GOLDENERA (The) J. M. Bassett editor and prop, 

615 Commercial 
Golden Gate Park Commissioners, Thos. D. Mortee 

sec, 22 Safe Deposit bldg 
Gordon James E. & Co. (James E. Gordon and W. F. 

Cammet) whol. hardware, 254-256 Market and 

8-10 Front 
Gorman Michael, lab, r. 726 Brannan, rear 
Goss John, atty-at-law, 402 Montgomery, r.427 Sutter 
Graham Mary, domestic, 1802 Van Ness av 
Grainger Samuel, machinist with W. T. Garratt, r. 116 

Grand Western Market, ne. cor Polk and Bush 
Gray E. G., saloon, ne. cor Kearny and Broadway 
Gray Geo. D., bookpr with Dolbeer & Carson, and 

sec North Pac. Tel. Co., r. Oakland 

Greathouse and Gordon Blanding) attys-at-law, 

46 Nevada blk 

and Blanding) atty-at law, 46 Nevada blk, r. 515 

Green J., gentlemen's nurse, r. 520 Stockton 
Green — , Mrs., r. 726 Brannan 
Greene E. W. (Randolph Saw Co.) r. Oakland 
Greentree Mary E., widow, r. 221 Linden 
Gregory Wm, gardener, 2720 Mission 
Griffith John W, gilder, r. 717 Grove 
Gros Alfred, druggist, 702 Washington and 111 Du- 
pont, r. 818 Broadway 
Guvvany Adolph, cooper Cal. Sugar Ref ., r. cor Ninth 

and Brannan 

Haas Joseph E., toolmkr with F. Krajewski, r. 113 

HAGENAH WM. , propr Clay-st Resort, 420 Clay 
Haight Robert & Co. (Robert Haight) com. mchts, 226 

Haight Robert (Robert Haight & Co.) and Supervisor 

Tenth Ward, r. 130 Second 
Hall Francis, leather and shoe findings, 506 Market, 

r. 6 Munroe . 

Hall Gilbert C, salesman with Tobm, Davisson & 

Co., r. Alameda 
Hall Louis L., woodcarver with Strahan Bros. & Co., 

r. 418 Capp 
Halls M. A. Mrs., lodgings, 427 Bush 
Hally Wy lie, lab, r. 74 Minna 
Hamburg American Packet Co. (West India Line) 

Hy Balzer & Co. agents, 213 Sansome 
Hamburg American S. S. Co., John F. Meinke agent, 

sw. cor California and Sansome 
Hamilton & Fry (Joseph Hamilton and Thos. J. Fry) 

hacks, 132 Sutter 
Hamilton Joseph, (Hamilton & Fry) r. cor Third and 

Harrison „„„,«■■ 

Hammond James, gasfitter, 427 Pine, r 172 Minna 
Hammond John, millwright and practical engineer, 

209-211 Market, r. 427 Oak 
Hammond H. Otis, porter with Howe & Hall, 408 


Hanson Wm., master snip TV. Libbey, off. 22 Cal 
Harnett B. H., clerk, r. 731 Bryant 
Harney James, fruits, 408 Davis, r. Oakland 
Hasting & Co. (Chinese) cigar mnfre, 734 Com 
Haugh Gibson, clerk, r. e.s. Chattanooga bet 21st and 

Havens Martha Mies, teacher, r. Guerrero bet 25th 

and 26th 
Havlin Hugh, expressman, r. 25th bet Dolores and 

Hay T. J., bookpr with J. D. Fry, r. cor Jackson and 

Hayden Edwin (Buhr& Bandy) r. Oakland 
Hayes James, lab, r. 3 Cleaveland 
Hayes Park Laundry, E. Bonglet propr, 527 Hayes 
Hayes Valley Brewery, Wahmuth & Co. proprs, 514 

Hayes Valley Livery Stable, P. J. Corbett propr, 518 

Hayden Win. E., pressman with Bacon & Co., r. cor 

Bartlett and 26th 
Haynert Clemans, upholsterer and decorator,? 11 Posl 
Hayward H. M., master schr Cassie Haywurd, off. 22 

California, r. 821 Howard 
Haywood Thos. W., shoemkr with Buckingham k 

Hecht, r. 64 West Mission 
Hazleton & Leale (C. H. Hazleton and R. A. Leale) 

dairy prod., 21-22 Grand Western Market 
Hazleton C. H. (Hazleton & Leale) r. cor Broadway 

and Fillmore 
HEBREW OBSERVER, Wm. Saalburg pub and 

propr, 622 Clay 
Heimann Jonas, r. 732 McAllister 
Hellmann Bros. & Co. (Richard and Horace Geo. 

Hellmann) imps and com. mchts, 52C I l 
HENDERSON P. D., gen. agent FnlK? Portabli 

Fire Escape, nw. cor Market and Beale, r. Cos- 
mopolitan Hotel 
Hensel Fred., blacksmith with Will & Finck, r. 629 

Heotzel Joseph, machinist with Will & Finck, r. 160 

Hepp Florentine A. carptr, r. 2619 Mission 
Herr James J, stockbroker, 411 California, r. i.'C 

Hess Joseph (Fehnemann & Hess) r. ne. cor Well- 
ington and LarUiu 
Hewston Geo., physician, 224 Kearny 
Heyermann August, blacksmith, r. San Bruu" Road 

bet 28th and 29th 
Hickok H. D., printer, r. 419 Stockton 
Hickson Henry, butcher, 27-28 Grand Western Mar- 
ket, r. 564 Mission 
Higgings M. C, r. 74 Minna 

Hildebrand Frederick A., r.cor Seventh andNatoma 
Hildebrand Hermann F., r. cor 19th and Howard 
Hilton Geo. K., job printer and stationer, 11 Geary 
HirsteinChas., special police, r. 2719 Mission 
Hitchcock C. M., pres. Sausalito Land and Ferry 

Co., 320 Sansome, rm 15, r. Palace Hotel 
Hittel Theodore H.,, 504 Kearny, r. 808 

Hoffman Louise, dressmkr and costumer, 603 Post 
Hofman Henry, r. 639 California 
Hofman I. L. & Co. (I. L. Hofman and Emil Worne) 

pork packers and sausage mnfrs, 11-12 Grand 

Western Market 
Hogan Daniel, dairyman, r. Bush bet Pierce and 

Holbrook O. H., r. 74 Minna 
Holloway Wm. H., bookpr, r. 531 California 
Hoisted Tyler, propr Clay Lodging House, 625}* Clay 
Hook Archibald J., car builder, r. Liberty nr Guer- 
Horeish John, teamster, r. sw. cor Howard and Beale 
Horn Henry F., shoemkr with I. M. Wentworth & 

Co., r. 27 San Bruno Road 
Hornung F., pork, 9-10 Grand Western Market 
Hoss John B., bartdr witn John Hoss, r. 620 Hayes 
Howard & Montano (H. Howard and James M. Mon- 

tano) proprs Cammet's Restaurant, 57-59 Third 
Howard H. (Howard & Montano) 57 Third 
Howard Street Presbyterian Church, Rev. Asa S. Fisk 

pastor, e.s. Howard bet 21st and22d 
Hubbard Timothy W., r. Lick House 
Hughes — , waiter, r. 74 Minna 

Humbert 1. An '. /. Pierre, minium and i-ivil < mi- 

neers, 320 California, rm '.» 
Humbnidt Buy Packets, Dolbeer h Carson agents, 

22 California 
Humburg August, batcher, r. 124 Firei «v 
Humburg Conrad, upholsterer, r. 124 First av 
Humhurg Maw. widow, r. 121 First av 
HUNTER JAMES A., physician, 321 Sutter 

Iglauer Siginund, bookpr with Schollo Bros, r. 308 

• 11 
[ncell Ada Mrs, dressmkr, 213 Doponl 
ISAACS W. It. (J.D.I r. 1428 Post 

Lara I Isaao, crockery, 1823 st . 
Israel Solomon, glove mnfr, 887 K< amy, r. 502 Bush 
Isson Samuel, watchmkr. r. L626 Dnponl 

Jackson Andrew R., widow, r. 722 ( 'app 

JtoobflV. I.,l kprwitli I r. M'.iir m 

Jaoqoelln l". II.. accountant, 810 Montgomery 
irrd, bartdr BacramentO ExcEangl 

Jarmaii H. &., palnl • ntli 

Jaussand Jean, I r< acb laundrj 
Jewell O. H„ agent Remington Bewlnj 
Market, r. 1018 Mission 

Jolmi • rk, r. 7 1 Minna 

.■id J. W. 1" 
painters, whitening, gralninj 
Jones T. . 1 Umpton) 1 138 * ; 

Jordan Erni St Is. I " ■< 'kpr, r. Wells av nr Di 
>1 •) .. r. 7 i Minna 

KAHN & BROD (Henry Kahn and 

optical, mathematical, philosophical and sur- 
veying instruments. 335 Bush 

Kahn Heuiy (Kahn k Brod) r. 335 Bush 

Eatz 8. J., real estate and com. agent, lit y. 
ery, rm B 

Kean Joseph, silversmith, r. 208 Chestnut 

Kean Michael, carptr. r. 208 Ohestnni 

Kearney M. Theodore, manager Central California 
Colony, 306 Pine, r. Palace Hot 1 

Keleher Michael, fireman Mission Woolen Mill, r. 
Guerrero bet 22d and '-'3d 

Keller Henry & Co. (H. W. Cadman) pubs, booksel- 
lers and subscription agents, 1 1 f . ] . 

Kelly .S: Golden, fish, 31-32 Grand Western Market 

Kelly John, coachman, r. ue. cor Sutter and Bteini r 

Kelly John W., teamster, r. 913 Bi 

Kemp John W. jr, boottreer with U. W. Boot and 
Shoe Co., r. 206 Union, rear 

Kempin6ki H., tailor with Lancaster & Northon, r. 
500 Stockton 

Kempkey Augustus, salesman with Stone & Hayden. 
r. Oakland 

Kene Catherine Mrs., shoefitter, r. 15 Nevada 

Kene James, shoemkr, r. 15 Nevada 

Kennedy Thos., seaman, r. 2611 Pine 

Kenney John, groceries, sw. cor Minna and Seventh 

Keogh John, shoemkr with Buckingham & Hecht, r. 
se. cor Quinn and Guerrero 

Kerig P., cooper, r, S19 Montgomery 

Kern John, real estate, r. 231 Pacific 

Kerr S. R., bookpr with Wm. Kerr, r. 903 Battery 

Kerrigan Edward, carptr, r. 1017 Battery 

Keuseher Louisa Mrs., cook, r. 514 Greenwich 

Kidd Mary Miss, forewoman Standard Shirt Factory 

King Geo. O. (King & Wilber) r. Oakland 

KING & WILBER (Geo. O. King and R. E. Wil- 
ber) agents King's Patent Portable Engine, 250- 
252 Market and 12-14 Front 

Killoran John H., teamster, r. nw. cor 24th and Mis 
Kinney Chas., stockbroker, r. 615 Lombard 
KINNEY M. J., propr Kinney's Astoria Fishery 

(Oregon) off. 22 California, r. Palace Hotel 
Kinney Rubert S., supt Baldwin's Arcade Market, r. 


Oregon) M. J. Kinney propr, 22 California 
Kirchner Adolph, tailor, r. 104 Jackson 
Konzelmaun Andreas Rev., pastor St. Paul's German 

M. E. Church, r. 624 Filbert 
Koopman Thos., butcher with F. Hornung, r. 1507 

Kraemer Isaac, stockbroker, r. 722 Tyler 
Kramer Chrs. W., cutler with Will & Fink, r. 513 

Kryanowsky John, deacon Greek-Russian Church, r. 

2318 Washington 
Kusel Isaac N., cutter with 3. A. Kusel, r. 806M Va- 

Lachele Eliza, widow, r. 410 Francisco 

Lachman Geo., waiter Grand Hotel 

Laird John Rev., r. Hancock House 

Landers David, drygoods, se. cor Sutter and Kearny, 

r. 1929 Geary 
Leale R. A. (Hazleton & Leale) r. cor Broadway and 

Leim Julius, salesman with Will & Finck, r. 766 

Leiser Pauline Mrs, crockery, 936 Folsom 
Leland Herman D., master stmr Santa Cruz, r. 2104 

Levet J. B.Mrs., r. 414 Post 
Levy B., shoemkr, r. 420 Hayes 
Levy Simon, clerk with John S. Bowman & Co., r. 

732 Grove 
Lewald Samuel, r. 415 Grove 
Lewis Sol., with D. Lewis, r. 334 Hayes 
LippertOtto, plumber with J. Quast & Son, r. 512 

Lockwood Edward, carptr, r. 74 Minna 
Long Lewis E., carver, r. cor 18th and Castro 
Longshore James, trunks, 26 New Montgomery, and 

propr Eureka Trunk Store, nw. cor Sutter and 

Montgomery, r. 420 Shotwell 
Lorbacher Andrew, cutler with Will & Finck, r. 407 

Lottritz Thos., sawyer, r. 510 Sixteenth 
Luesmann Henry (Cook & Co.) r. ne. cor Stockton 

and Francisco 
Luxich Fillipe, r. 36 Geary 
Lyons W. H., carptr, r. 8 Rose 

MaCauley & Co. (Mrs. S. MaCauley) female employ- 
ment office, 737 Market 
MaCauley S Mrs. (MaCauley & Co.) 737 Market 
Magner Jennie, widow, r. 454 Tehama 
Maillard Leopold (Trihel & Maillard) r. 102 Spear 
Mainer Abraham, candymkr with Fahrbach & Seidl, 

r. 124 Hayes 
Malar John, engineei, r. nw. cor Diamond and 23d 
Malloy John, miner, r. 1706 Howard 
Malone B. J., carptr, r. 1719 Jessie 
Marcus Bros. & Co. (Ernest F. and Alfred J. Marcus) 

imps glue, chemicals, dye stuffs, etc., 421-423 

Marron John, clerk with J. C. Cooney, r. cor Eleventh 

and Bowie av 
Martin D. H., bookpr with Weed & Gorie, r. Grand 

Central Hotel 
Martin E., supt Pac. Oil Works Co., r. 1237 Stockton 
Mason Samuel, r. 434 Twenty-second 
MATTOON Si DANGfliADA (Joseph S. Mattoon 

and J. Danglada) Custom House broker's, 502 Bat 
Mattoon J S. (Mattoon & Danglada) r. 2223 Taylor 
McClosky John, drayman with Nourse & Mitchell, r. 

Ill Perry 

McCombe John, collector and note broker, 411 }g Cali- 
fornia, r. 219 Stevenson 
McConnell Geo. H., compositor with A. L. Bancroft 

& Co., r. 1316 Sacramento 
McDonald Neil (J. W. Fraser & Co.) 604 Mont 
McGovern P. J. & Co. (P. J. McGovern) groceries, 

sw. cor Hoff av and 16th 
McKenney Lafayette M., publisher, 109 Montgomery, 

r. Sacramento City 
McMahon Chas., driver O. R. R., r. 325 Tehama 
McNamee Maurice, propr Palace Match Factory, r. 

1634 Mission 
Merishew Joseph L., clerk with A. L. Bancroft & Co., 

r. Oakland 
Merrin Cornelius, whitener, r. 1850 Stevenson, rear 
Merzbach J & Co. (J. Merzbach) prod, poultry and 

eggs, 325 Washington 
Metcalf Chas. T., blindmkrS. F.Milhr. Ill Franklin 
Metropolitan Telegraph Co., James Gamble pres, 
Geo. S. Laddvice-pres, John I. Sabin supt, S.D. 
Field sec, M. Greenwood treas, 222 Sansome 
Mexican and Central American Packet Line, Bal- 
thazar Hefti agent, 500 Battery 
Miller Robert S. , clerk with Eugene Casserly 
Miller Wm., baker with James McDevitt, r. cor Sixth 

and Minna 
Mitchell H. v7. (Nourse & Mitchell) r. 664 Harrison 
Montano James M. (Howard & Montano) r. 106 Mc- 
Moore Frank B., clerk, r. 2116 Howard 
More John, cook with Trihel & Maillard, r. 102 Spear 
Moroney John, salesman with R. C. Carroll & Co., r. 

1710 Bush 
Mott Julius H., editor Sherman & Hyde's Musical 

Review, r. 317 Mason 
Morse Fanny A. Miss, with Mrs. A. Ogden, r. 402 

Moulthrop J. L., bookpr, r. 1426 Howard 
Murfey Samuul S., notary public and commissioner 

of deeds, 607 Montgomery, r. 1614 Washington 
Murphy W. H., butcher, r. 1929 Howard 
Myer David, clerk with Samuel Levit, r. 718 Turk 

Nelan Martin, hostler, r. 436 Jessie 
Newell Daniel, blacksmith, r. 723 Valencia 
North Pacific Tel. Co., Geo. D. Gray sec, off. 22 Cal 
Nutting John F., stonecutter, r. nw. cor California 

and Devisadero 
Nyham Johanna, bootfitter, r. 350 Eleventh 

O'Connor Daniel, with S. Mosgrove & Co. 

O'Sullivan Daniel, r. 8 Commercial 

Oakland and S. F. Express Co., Meader & Co. proprs, 

off. 333 East 
Oman John, carptr, r. 19 Commercial 
Open Letter Publishing Co., A. A. Stout sec, Carl 

Browne manager, 819 Market 

Page W. M., physician, 636 Post 

Pacific Glove Works, Shoenberg & Co. proprs, 511 

Palace Match Factory, Maurice McNamee propr, 1634 
Mission . . 

PARDINI & CATANIA (Narcizo Pardini and Jo- 
seph Catania) fresh, salt and smoked fish, 27 
Washington Market 

Pardini Narcizo (Pardini & Catania) r. 318 Bdway 

Park Commissioners, Thos. D. Mortee sec, 22 Sate 
Deposit bldg 

Parry Geo., with Mint, r. Oakland 

ParshallR. F., r. 415 Minna , 

Paul John L., harnessmkr with Main & Winchester, 
r. 9 Stockton pi 




Pedersen & Simonsson (Neils Johan Pedersen and Si- 
mon Simonsson) proprs Trade Wind Coffee Sa- 
loon, sw. cor Harrison and Main 


McLean gen agent, 605 Sacramento 
Phillips James B., saloon, 1144 Market, r. 1142% 

Pilot Office, U. S. Court bldg 

Pioneer Broom Factory, Tlios. Ward propr, 27 Drumm 
Pitman H. C. (Pitman, Middleton & Co.) r. Oakland 
Plimton J. W. (Jones & Plimton) 1138 Market 
Pritchard Frederick L., tinsmith with Holbrook, 
Merrill & Stetson, r. 231 Green 

Beimers Glaus, foreman Turk-st Stable, r. 1415 De- 

Richter Adolph (Ebeling & Richter) r. 912 Bryant 

Kick Fredrica Mrs., propr Germania Hall, 608 Six- 

Riley John, plumber, r. 2014 Mission 

Ring Annie, widow, r. nw. cor Greenwich and Web- 

Rittore A. & Co. (Antonio Rittore) fresh, smoked and 
salt fish, 5 New Clay-st Mark'-t 

Rittore Antonio (A. Rittore & Co) r. 511 Greenwich 

Roberts Wm., tailor, 8 New Montgomery, r. 721 Shot- 

Robertson T. H. S., chief clerk Mint r. 322 Ellis 

Roes C. L., real estate, 109 Montgon. 

Boss Win. T., teacher elocution, 78-79 8t. Ann's bldg 

Rossbach H., pork packer, 513-521 Washington, r. 

1617 Hyde 
Sachs, Strassburger & Co. (Samuel Sachs, and Sig- 

nmnd and Isaac Strassburger) fancy and nill- 

linery goods, se. cor Sansomu und Pino 
SARCJKXTK'H TIIOS., propr Sazerac Eichango, 

B10 Eearny, r. 141"> Stockton 
BcanlandJ. M., lournalist, r. 30 Kearny 
Schaumloefi l Martin, propr Willow! Hotel, ho. r,,r 

18th and •!• 
Schottler J. P., real estate broker, r. Treat av bet 

22d ai: 
Bhelly T. c, manager Fbotligbt, 536 Market 
Bkelton E. W., Insurance lir^k'-r, ."•l". California 
Smith B. T., r. 637 Stevenson 
S],v.a ■ »1 estate and insurance broker, 137 

Montgomery, run 8 
Strain Row rt i;., carptr and builder, r. 104 Mason 

sburgtr Isaac (Sachs, Strassburger & Co.) r. 428 

T.l. r 
Sullivan Janus F., physiciau^lOO Stockton, r. 7 Van 

^668 flV 

Tbibaull Btlenne, salooD, 1029 !< Dup.nt 
Thretton Henry, lab, r. 106 Vallejo, r. h r 
Von Schmidt Julius H., draughtsman, U. 8. Sur- 
veyor-General's off., r. 304 Grove 
Wakeheld S. B. & Co. (8. B. Wakelhld and A. W. 

Foster) stock mid exchange brokers, 814 Pine 
Wentworth Eben C, master brig T. W. Lucas, off. 22 








C. P. Van Schaack & Co. r^K^^S. 716 } Established 1862 


San Francisco Directory 

FOR 1878. 


al alley 

assn association 

atty attorney 

av avenue 

Benj Benjamin 

B. H Bernal Heights 

bet between 

bookpr bookkeeper 

bldg building 

blk block 

bartdr bartender 

carptr carpenter 

Chas Charles 

com commission 

cor corner 

crt court 

dep deputy 

dept department 

e east 

e.s east side 

frwdg forwarding 

Geo George 

imp importer 

int. rev internal revenue 

lab laborer 

mcht merchant 

mdse merchandise 

mkr maker 

mnfg manufacturing 

mnfr manufacturer 

mrkt market 

n north 

nr near 

n.s north side 

nw northwest 

off. office 

opp opposite 

pi place 

P. postofhce 

pres president 

prin principal 

prod produce 

propr proprietor 

pub publisher 

r residence 

rm room 

s south 

se southeast 

sec secretary 

s.s south side 

stmr steamer — steamship 

supt superintendent 

Thos Thomas 

treas treasurer 

w west 

w.s west side 

whol wholesale 

Wm William 


Bat Battery 

Bdway Broadway 

Bran Brannan 

Cal California 

Clem Clementina 

Com Commercial 

Dupt Dupont 

Fol Folsom 

Har Harrison 

How Howard 

Jack Jackson 

Kear Kearny 

Leav Leavenworth 

Leid Leidesdorff 

Lorn Lombard 

Mis Mission 

Mont Montgomery 

O'Far O'Farrell 

Pac Pacific 

R, R. av .Railroad avenue 

Sac Sacramento 

San Sansome 

Stev Stevenson 

Stock Stockton 

Sut Sutter 

Wash Washington 



Aaron Aaron, clerk with Selig Kohlberg, r. 532 Turk 
Aaron David, lrtnf'r stamping blocks, 915 Stockton 
Aaron J., salesman, r. 44 Third 
Aaron Joseph, barber, 534 Third, r. 253 Perry- 
Aaron Louis, salesman with Simon Held & Co., r. 

854 Folsom 
Aaron Mary Mrs., dressmkr, r. 915 Stockton 
Aaron Simon, pedlar, r. 354 Folsom 
Aaronson Leon, clerk with Toklas, Brown & Co., r. 

824 O'Farrell 
Aarvoll Axel H., seaman, r. 506 Folsom 
Abact Donardo, blindmkr, r. 20 Scott pi 
Abadie E. Mine., midwife, r. 636 Green 
Abadie Emile (Vincent Sevin & Co.) r. 636 Green 
Abbeg Arnold, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Abbes Frank, painter, r. 1416 Pacific 
Abbiati Albino, saloon, 1108 Stockton 
Abbiati Caesar, bartdr with Albino Abbiati, 

Abbott C. S., r. 212 Twelfth 
Abbot, Downing Co., Carriage Depository, 

Eastman agent, 413-415 Battery 
Abbot George (E. Grisar & Co.) r. 2012 Pacific av 
Abbot Samuel L. jr., clerk with Wallace Everson, r. 

26 Essex 
Abbot Thos. , bartdr, r. 231 First 
Abbot Wm., master U. S. stmr Hassler, r. 104 Steuart 
Abbotsi'ord House, Michael Brogan propr, n.s. 

Broadway bet Larkin and Polk 
Abbott C. A., carptr, r. 423 Green 
Abbott Chas. H. (Van Blarcom & Abbott) r. 528 Pine 
Abbott Chas. M., bookpr with Newton Bros. & Co., 

r. 611 Mason 


T. S. 

Abbott Eliza A., bakery, 124% Eighth 

Abbott F. B. Mrs., dressmkr, r. 1557 33 Market 

Abbott Frank, cook, r. 273 Minna 

Abbott Geo. H., clerk with Newton Bros. & Co., r. 

611 Mason 
Abbott Geo. W. & Co. (Geo. W. Abbott and James 

Frost) exchange and gold brokers, 310 California 
Abbott Geo. W. (Geo. W. Abbott & Co.) r. 221 Capp 
Abbott Hannibal H., clerk, r. 222 O'Farrell 
Abbott J. Miss, teacher music, r. 1557% Market 
Abbott J. M. Mrs., r. 611 Mason 
Abbott John F., cook Cammet's Restaurant, r. 273 

Abbott Margaret Mrs., bakery, 124 Freelon 
Abbott Mark L., agent, r. American Exchange Hotel 
Abbott Martha Miss, nurse, r. 806JS Valencia 
Abbott Moses A., inspector Custom House, r. 2314 

Abbott Osborn, broker, 319 California, r. 916 Howard 
Abbott Robert W., clerk with James Munsell jr., r. 

1557 Market 
Abbott Samuel S., carptr Woodward's Gardens, r. 

213 Fifteenth 
Abbott T., seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Abbott Thos. G., cleaner with J. F. Snow & Co., r. 

1623 Mission 
Abbott Tracy, clerk with J. S. Fernald, r. 2314 Wash 
Abbott Wm., bookpr Methodist Book Depository, r. 

811% Tyler 
Abbott William, seaman, r. 54 Sacramento 
Abcrombia James, lab, r. cor Cole and Waller 
Abel C. Mrs., furnished rooms, 15 Sixth 
Abel Geo. A., shipping clerk with Elisha Ransom & 

Co., r. West Oakland 
Abel Halvor C, hassockmkr, r. 18 Oak Grove av 
Abel Louis, bookpr with L. Ryan & Co., r. 1123 Post 
B^" See also Abell and Able 


«J f» TOT A R.KTF.T west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer In 
r, *ZJJ, ., f»,^»T«Vand Manufactured all kinds of Window Shades 
PAPER HANGINGS, and dealer In all kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%£»} Established 1862 

Abeling Theodore, saloon. 319 Jsi Fifth 

BS™ See also Ebeling 

Abell Alexander G., grand sec. F. & A. M., Masonic 

Temple, r. 1027 Washington 
Abell Edward, clerk, r. 1027 Washington 
ABELL, I. Li., general writer, 518 Clay, r. Oakland 
Abels Herman, cabinetmkr S. F. Furniture Factory, 

r. 6 Cleaveland 
ABELS S. E., atty-at-law, 3(". Montgomery blk, r. 

Abbots! ord House 
ABEND POST (German daily and weekly) Abend 

Post Pub. Co. pub. and proprs., 535 California 
Abend Post Pub. Co., Stephen Ruf pres., Adolph 

Samuels sec, H. Herzer tres., pubs. Abend Post, 

535 California 
Abendroth Frederick, tailor, 1157 Folsoni 
Abendroth Simon, tailor with Fred. Abendroth, r. 

F157 Folsom 
Abenheimer Julius, com. mer. and irnpr. calf skins, 

22 Sansome, r. Oakland 
Aber William, r. COS) ^ Howard 
Abernathy Martin, r. 034 Post 
Abila Ceuobia Mrs., r. 813 Vallejo 
Able Albert, deck hand stmr Transit, r. 318 Brannan 
BE?" See also Abel and Abell 

Abies Hermann, cabinetmkr, r. Cleaveland, rear 
Abner Chas., r. 753 Howard 
Abner Frank, bookpr, r. 753 Howard 
Abraham Abraham, clothing, MO Pacific 
Abraham Christian, driver Cal. Soda Works, r '11 

Abraham Jacob, clerk with Aaron Solomon, r. 4'-'J Pac 
Abraham Jacob, tailor with William Plagemaim, r. 

319 Tehama 
Abraham J. B., waiter Occidental Hotel 
Abraham Joseph, clothing, 721 Sansome 
Abraham Marcus, clerk with Uncle Harris, r. 2 

Hopeton Terrace 
Abraham Nathan (P. Abraham & Son) r. 9 Seventh 
Abraham Otto, tailor, 1 Elizabeth 
Abraham P. & Son (Philip and Nathan Abraham) 

dry goods, 44 Sixth 
Abraham Philip (P. Abraham & Son) r. 9 Seventh 
66?" See also Abrahams, Abram and Abranis 
Abrahams & Spiro (Louis Abrahams and M. Bplro) 

brokers and dealers watches, diamonds, etc., 534 

Abrahams Edward C, trimmer with Haas & Co., r. 

2032 Folsom 
Abrahams Isaac, clothing, 433 Pacific 
Abrahams Jonas, r. 128 Olive av 
Abrahams Louis (Abrahams & Spiro) r. Warschauer 

Abrahams Louis, clothing, 6 Clay, r. 605 McAllister 
Abrahams Max, clerk with Abrahams & Spiro 
Abrahams Meyers, tailor, r. 427 M Green 
Abrahams Morris, clerk with Lemos & Meyer, r. 810 

Abrahams Samuel, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Abrahamsick A., tailor, 14233 Fifth 
Abrahamson Gustave, salesman with D. Magnes, r. 

415 Eddy 
Abrahamson Hermann, clerk with Emanuel Mans- 

bach, r. 415 Eddy 
Abrahamson Hugo, salesman with D. Magnes, r. 415 

Abrahamson Jacob, capitalist, r. 415 Eddy 
Abrahamson Julius, clerk with Buver, Reich & Co., 

r. 415 Eddy 
Abrahamson Niel, liquors, 420 53 Sixth 
Abrahamson Peter, stoves and tinware, 939 Market, 

r. 1022 Hyde 
8£?" See also Abramson 
Abram H., fruits and vegetables, 238 Fourth, r. 248 

Abram Isaac, clerk with Weil & Woodleaf , r. sw. cor 

Bush and Kearny 
Abram Marks, r. 248 Clementina 
Abram Robert, machinist Grand Opera House, r. 613 

Abram Thos., printer with A. L. Bancroft & Co., r. 

613 Gough 
Abram Win., teamster, r. 247 Clementina 
J8SF" See also Abraham, Abrams and Abrahams 
Abramovich Bros. (Dracho and John Abramovich) 

fruits and cigars, 1322 Polk 

Abramovich Dracho (Abramovich Bros.) r. 1332 Polk 
Abramovich John (Abramovich Bros.) r. 1829 Polk 
Abrams & Can-oil (John a) >nuns and Geo. L. Carroll) 

whol. druggists. 3-5 Front 
Abrams Adolph J., barber with N. 0. Busand, r. 1438 

Sacra im !,t o 
Abrams Baron D.. salesman with Chas. Kalisky, r. 

sw. cor Van Ness av and Tyler 
Abrams David, merchant, r. 531 Van Ness av 
Abrams Harry, print) c with Wm, Johnstone ft Co., r. 

Grand Hotel 
Abrams John (Abrams & Carroll) r.21 Powell 
Abrams Joseph 1>.. clerk with A. Andrews, r. sw. cor 

Van Ness av and T . U C 
Abrams Julius, r. 1367 I 
Abrams I... jeweler, r. n Third 
Abrams Lords, clerk, r is Eddy 
Aliruins Nathan, salesman with B. Isuacs A: Pro., r. 

433 Pacific 
Abrams Bachael, widow, r. 1359 Post 
Abrams Samuel, r< al estate . 810 Mont. r. 501 Lomb 
Abrams Simon, barbi r, B60 Howard 
AHKAMSOV iV UAt ()V I i...,i. 

Bacon] proprc Terminus Drag Store, 

717 May 
Abramson \. { .\. Zadik & Co.) r. Guatemala. I '■ ntral 

Abr amson Edward (Abramson k Bacon) r. 89 
far Bee also Abrahamson 

■ smael, salesman with Hnntlngt a, Hopkins 

& Co., r. Oakland 
ij Bulldin 
Academy of Notre Dame, Dolores bet 16th and 17th 
Academy of B i it>s, sw. cor 

Oallfornla and Dnpont 
Accidental Don. G. & s. if. Co. (Btorey Co. Hi 

lletchke aec, 426 Montgomery 
AccoltJ M A. !:• v.. clergyman st. Ignatius College, 

r. "11 Market 
Ad n t Jacob, gardener Laurel Hill Cemetery, r. <;i<; 

Aceves Alexander, finisher with Buckingham k 

Bi oht, r. 7 Calhoun 
Acheson Robert, hop ami gen broker. 403 Front . nn 10 
ACHESOX THOS. S.. with A. I 

Supervisor Eighth Ward, off 816 Fine, r. ■ 
Achmet Joseph, r. 24 Varona 

Achorn Albin, carpenter, r. Parker iir Oolnmbla pi 
Acker Frank V. (Acker, Lotl .v Oo.) r. I2ti7 Polk 
ACKER, LOTT <Si CO. (Frank V. A 

Wm. S. Lott) carpenters and builders, 1207 Polk 
Acker V. Mrs., dressmkr, 317 Sutter 
Acker Wm., bookpr with Wm. S. Townsend, r. 133 

ACKERMAX BROS. (Samuel S., Hart 8., Isidor 

S.,and Isidor H. Ackerman and D.Hauser) fancy 

goods, crockery and glassware, 123 Kearny and 

209 Sutter 
Ackerman A., with Hall & Lachman, r. 1309 Larkin 
Ackerman Chas., r. 734 Tehama 

Ackerman David, butcher, 6 New Metropolitan Mar- 
ket, r. cor Stockton and Clay 
Ackerman Edward, salesman with Hall & La -hman, 

r. 1309 Larkin 
Ackerman Hart S. (Ackerman Bros.) r. New York 
Ackerman Henry, jeweler Geo. Finck, r. 520 Eddy 
Ackerman Hyman S., cashier with Ackerman Bros., 

r. 420 Eddy 
Ackerman Isidor H. (Ackerman Bros.) r. 832 O'Far 
Ackerman Isidor S. (Ackerman Bros.) r. 832 0'Farrell 
Ackerman Jacob, driver Clay-st R. R. 
Ackerman L. Mrs., r. 225 Chestnut 
Ackerman Robert, master mariner, r. 4833 Zoe 
Ackerman Samuel, with D. N. & E. Walter & Co., r. 

1309 Larkin 
Ackerman Samuel S. (Ackerman Bros.) r. 832 O'Far 
Ackerman SigesmondH., entry clerk with Ackerman 

Bros., r. 832 O'Farrell 
Ackerman Sigmund, bookpr with Reeb & Weiden- 

reich, r. 520 Eddy 
Ackerman — , r. 413 Jones 

Ackermann Hermann, master mariner, r. 2719 Mis 
Ackerson Chas. H., carpenter and builder, 230 Kate, 

r. 215 Kearny 
Ackerson J. W. (Hanson, Ackerson & Co.) r. Tacoma, 

W. T. 


. UUI I InrlU 06 V/VJ,, For their French Chocolates. 

C. P. Van Schaaok & 

[706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716 ) 


Ackerson Wm. E., chief repairer Fire Alarm and 

Police Tel., r. 6 Brenhani pi 
Acocks Geo., cook P. M. S. S. Co. 
Acors A. G., widow, r. 316 O'Farrell 
Acton M. J., expressman, r. 15 Elliott park 
Acton Kichard, harnessmkr 2738 Mission, r. n.s. M 

bet 22d and 23d 
Acton Robert, shoemkr with Einstein Bros. & Co., 

r. 6 Rose 
Adair R. G., machinist Pac. Iron Works, r. 700 

Adair W. H., plumber with Sweeny & Vance, r. 923 

ADAM ifc KIBBE (Thos. Adam and Millard 

Kibbe) saloon junction Kearny and Market and 

516 Montgomery 
Adam A. M., locksmith, r. Amherst nr Silver av 
Adam George, r. 754 Mission 
Adam John, painter, r. 13 O'Farrell 
Adam John, teamster, r. 515 Hyde 
Adam Louis, res 19 Lafayette pi 
Adam Louis, shepherd, r. Visitacion Valley 
Adam Thos. (Adam & Kibbe) r. 507 Gough 
Adama Wm., melter U. S. Mint, r. Tehama 
ADAMS & BUTLER (James Adams and Thos. J. 

Butler) hay and grain, 42-44 Clay 
Adams &Co. (A. M. Adams) lock factory, 220 Fremont 
ADAMS & HORTON (John Q. Adams and Mary 

Horton) groceries, nw. cor Shipley and Eighth 
Adams & Nelson (Adolph Adams and John Nelson) 

groceries, sw. cor Mason and Greenwich 
Adams & Taylor (Wm. J. Adams and Peter J. 

Taylor) proprs South Point Warehouse Berry, 

bet Third and Fourth, and lumber dealers, 17 

Adams Adolph (Adams & Nelson) r. 801 Greenwich 
Adams A. L., clerk newspaper dept P. O., r. Oak- 
Adams Albert F., dep collector U. S. Int. Rev., r. 

1298 Mission 
Adams Albert F., wagonmkr, r. 1731 Mission 
Adams Alexander P., propr Compressed Coffee fac- 
tory, ne. cor Mission and Fremont, r. 543 Second 
Adams A.M. (Adams & Co.) r. San Bruno Road nr 

Five-mile House 
Adams Amos, sec State Grange, 40 California, rm 6, 

r. Brunswick House 
ADAMS AMOS C, atty-at-law, 40 Montgomery 

blk, r. Oakland 
Adams Andrew L., carptr with Harrison & Dickson, 

r. 512 Fourth 
Adams Annie Miss, actress Bush-Street Theatre 
Adams Carrie Miss, dressmkr, r. 14 Geary 
Adams Charles, seaman, r. sw. cor Pennsylvania av 

and Solano 
Adams Chas. D., porter with O. F. Willey & Co., r. 

ne. cor Laguna and Market 
Adams Chas. F., with Cross & Co., r. 1910 Hyde 
ADAMS CHR., gunsmith, locksmith and cut- 
ler, 508 Commercial, r. 119 Francisco 
Adams Clara A. Miss, teacher Broadway Grammar 

School, r. 1910 Hyde 
Adam6 C. W., carptr C. P. R. R., r. 624 Fourth 
Adams Cyrus & Co. (Cyrus Adams and Enos Smith) 

imp and jobbers leaf tobacco, 419-421 Jackson 
Adams Cyrus (Cyrus Adams & Co.) r. 1527 Sutter 
Adams Daniel T„ stock dealer, r. 1107 Pine 
Adams E. D., r. Baldwin Hotel 
Adams Emerson, butcher, 6 Pearl, r. ne. cor Laguna 

and Market 
Adams Frank, r. Isthmus House 
Adams Frank, cutter with I. M. Wentworth & Co., r. 

205 % Fell 
Adams Frank V., mining expert, r. 542 Minna 
Adams F. P., teamster, r. 127 Clara 
Adams Frederick R., blacksmith with E. Soule, r. 

1731 Mission 
Adams Geo., expressman, r. 636 Pacific 
Adams Geo., salesman with Chas. Adams, r. 119 

Adams Geo. F.. compositor Mail, r. 811 Jackson 
Adams Geo. R., lumber mcht, r. 1296 Van Ness av 
Adams Geo. W., lumber surveyor, pier 4 Steuart, r. 
' 812 California 
Adams Geo. W., printer with C. W. Gordon, r. 1910 


Adams G. M., foreman cutting room TJ. S. Mint, r. 

586 Buchanan 
Adams H., off 305 Pine 
Adams H. A., clerk with Williams, Blanchard & Co 

r. 825 Bush 
Adams Henry Burton, gunsmith with Liddle & Kaed- 

ing, r. West Oakland 
Adams Hermann, tailor, r. 17 Ellis 
Adams Henry G., foreman bottomer with Rosenthal, 

Feder & Co., r. 519 Union 
Adams H. H., carptr, r. 2708 Mission 
Adams Hill M. Co. (Nevada) W. W. Tray lor sec, 37 

Nevada blk 
Adams Horace, with Harbor Commissioners, r. 502 

Adams House, John C. Beach propr, 537 Sacramento 
Adams Howard N., carptr O. R. R., r. 439 Jessie 
Adams I. M. Miss, saleslady Singer Mnfg Co., r. 502 

Adams Isaac, barber with Geo. Obenaur, r. 17 Ellis 
Adams Jacob, propr Broadway Brewery 637 Broad- 
way, r. 519 ¥2, Greenwich 
Adams James (Adams & Butler) r. 416 Larkin 
Adams Jas. H., r. 1910 Hyde 
Adams J. B., master bark Rival, off 305 East 
Adams John, boxmkr withHobbs, Pomeroy & Co., r. 

414 V 2 Post 
Adams John, carptr, r. 8 Clementina 
Adams John, expressman, r. 113 Virginia 
Adams John, laborer, r. Empire House, South S. F. 
Adams, John, waiter Lick House 
Adams John George, brewer with Jacob Adams, r. 10 

Polk lane 
Adams John Helm, clerk with A. A. Webber, r. 1910 

Adams John M., fireman, r. 1 Crook 
Adams John M., mining engineer, r. 1611 Larkin 
Adams John P., steward Hose No. 3 S. F. Fire Dept., 

r. Folsom bet 21st and 22d 
Adams John Q. (Adams & Horton) r. nw. cor Ship- 
ley and Eighth 
Adams John Q., atty-at-law, 526 Mont, r. 1028 Vallejo 
Adams John Q., blacksmith with A. D. Carvill, r. 

Guerrero bet 25th and 26th 
Adams John Q., mining, 238 Mont., r. 1149 Market 
Adams John Quincy, noteteller Merchants' Exchange 

Bank, r. 734 Sutter 
Adams John S., driver with Wells, Fargo & Co., r. 8 

Jessie bet Seventh and Eighth 
Adams Joseph, r. 512 Larkin 
Adams Joseph B., bookpr, r. sw. cor Pennsylvania 

av and Solano 
Adams Joseph L., lab Cal Sugar Ref, r. 119 H Gilbert 
Adams Kate, widow, r. 736 Geary 
Adams Laura A. Miss, r. 713 % Bush 
Adams Lawson S., (Adams, McNeill & Co., Sacra- 
mento) off 405 Front, rm 6, r. 825 Bush 
Adams Lemuel, salesman, r. 816 Powell 
Adams Lorenzo O., plumber with E. T. Buckman, r. 

514 Sixth 
Adams Martin H., carriage blacksmith with C. J. 

Moyes, r. 1636 Tyler 
Adams, McNeil & Co., (Sacramento) off 405 Front 
Adams Nelson, solicitor, r. cor 15th av and G, South 

S. F. 
Adams Otis, machinist, r. 11th av nr P, South S. F. 
Adams Rhoda, widow, r. 1317 Pacific 
Adams Richard, packer with Michaelssen, Brown & 

Co., r. 1079 Brannan 
Adams Ross Milton, hatter with P. Noriega, r. 1117 

Adams Sarah, domestic, 1314 Tyler 
Adams Samuel, druggist, 622 Washington, r. 1533 Sut 
Adams Samuel, shipwright, r. n.s. Twenty-eighth 

bet Church and Sanchez 
Adams Samuel H., salesman with Robinson, Fowler 

& Co., r. cor N and 13th av, South S. F. 
Adams Samuel W., blacksmith Woodwards Gardens, 

r. 1731 Mission , 

Adams Timothy W., sawmkr with Randolph Saw 

Co., r. 508 Ninth 
Adams W., laborer with Hancock & Kelso, r. cor 

16th and Columbia 
Adams W. H., r. 120 Sixth. 

Adams Wm., brakesman, C. P. R. R-, r. 610 Fourth 
Adams William, first mate ship Jamestown 

MARST0N & ADAMS, Agents. (Loans Negotiated.) 
Cor. 7th and Washington Sts., Oakland. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%£*} Established 1862 

Adams Wm., salesman with Taber, Harker k Co., r. 

Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Adams Wm., with Smith, Eichter &Co.,r. 516 Mason 
Adams Wm. A., stevedore, r. 331 Green 
Adams Win. H., reporter Bulletin, r. 1805 Jones 
Adams Wm. H., porter with Hahn & Roche, r. w.s. 

Guerrero bet 25th and 20th 
Adams Wm. J. (Adams & Taylor) r. Fair Oaks 
Adams Z. B., salesman with Main & Winchester, r. 

sw. cor Fillmore and Ellis 
Adams — , clerk P. O., r. 206 Kearny 
&?" See also Adam and McAdams 
Adamson John, lab, r. Mission bet 29th and 30th 
Adamson Joseph, teamster with John Smith, r. 

Hansa Hotel 
Adamson Richard, salesman with Hoffman k Oo., r. 

3 Natoma 
Adamson W. R. H., bookpr with Sullivan, Kelly & 

Co., r. East Oakland 
Adcock Edwin, polisher with James W. Buruham & 

& Co., r. 134 Perry 
Adcock John T., bookpr with Knowland & Doe, r. 

208 Second 
Adcock Robert A., clerk with A. M. Simpson & Bro., 

r. Powell av nr California av 
Adcock Wm., r. 5i; Tehama 

Addicks Chas.. bartdr, Edward Scott, r. 106 Bteuari 
Addison Geo., steward, r. 13i7 Jackson, rear 
Addison Walter, cook with Wilson, Merry & Go., r. 

ne. cor Bay and Webster 
Addoms Samuel K., salesman with Robins. • 

ler & Co., r. cor 13th av and N, South S. F. 
Addy Frank, waiter P. M. S. S. Co. 
Adelphi Theatre, Ned Buckley propr, C07 California 
Adelsdorfer c, mcht, r. 1605 Qough 
Adelsdorfer Ernest (Ordenstein ,v 00.) r. 1(505 Gough 
Adelsdorfer Isaac, r. 627 Larkiu 
Adelsdorfer Joseph, salesman with Frankenthal & 

Co., r. 501 Van Ness av 
Adelsdorfer Zacharias, r. 1606 Gough 
Adelstein Barnet, pedlar, r. 39 Willow av 
Ader & Giznoux (John L. Ader and P. L. Giznoux) 

furnished rooms, 736 Pacific 
Ader John L. (Ader & Giznoux) r. 736 Pacific 
Aderton Frank, harnessmkr. r. 26 Willow av 
Ades John S., messman P. M. S. S. Co. 
Adin George, student Hcald's Business College 

V. S. A., off 105 Stockton 
Adler & Newman (David Adler and Philip Newman) 

butchers, 701 Battery 
Adler Aaron, r. 1113 Post 

Adler Adolph, bookpr. Hart & Goodman, r. 526 Pine 
Adler Alexander, bookpr with Ordenstein & Co., r. 

513 Post 
Adler Bar, real estate, r. 718 Howard 
Adler B. jr. (Adler Bros.) r. 718 Howard 
Adler Bros. (B. jr. and S. Adler) money brokers, 818 

Adler Carrie Miss, r. 729 Geary 
Adler Chas., carpenter, r. Post bet Baker and Lyon 
Adler Chas., salesman with Fechheimer, Goodkind 

& Co., r. 135 Bush 
Adler Chas. (W. & I. Steinhart & Co.) r. 1113 Post 
Adler Chas. (Wm. E. Hale & Co.) r. 1019 Sutter 
Adler David (Adler & Newman) r. 119 Hayes 
Adler David, butcher, cor Beale and Fol'som, r. 315 

Adler Elkan, branch bakery, 936 Howard 
Adler Henry H., messenger Merchants' Protective 

Association, r. 729 Geary 
Adler Hermann, bookpr with Simon Held & Co., r. 

309 Powell 
Adler Jacob, clerk with Fechheimer, Goodkind & 

Co., r. 936 Howard 
Adler Jacob, clerk, Berggren & Louthan, r. 513 Post 
Adler John, stevedore P. M. S. S. Co. 
Adler Joseph, clerk with A. Roman & Co., r. 315 

Adler Julius, local agent Union Ins. Co., r. 513 Post 
Adler Leopold, r. 910 Geary 

Adler Leopold (Schwerdt & Adler) r. 561 Stevenson 
Adler L. M., shoemaker with Einstein Bros. & Co., 

r. 315 Fulton 
Adler Louise, r. 18 % Freelon 
Adler Max, cigarmkr, r. Brooks nr Geary 

Adler Max, upholsterer with J. Lindo h «'".. r. 696 

Adler Bforrle, clerk with Bfayneld \ Oo, r. 748 How 
Adler Morris, butcher, r. 816 Fulton 
Adler Moses, dry goods, r. 13 Hopi ton Terrace 
Adler Moses, r. 1 1 18 Post 
Adler Robert, r. 3i:. Pulton 
Adler Sigmund, student Barnard's Business College, 

r. 618 Posl 
Adler Solomon (Adler Bros.) r. 74s Howard 
Adler Solomon, r. 729 Qeaxy 
Adllngton David M.. carpenter, r. 1186 Kearny 
Adlington Frank, bartdr. r. Overland House 
AdocB Thos., shipwright, r. 13 Tehama 
Adolph Jacob, w in tener and house cleaner, r. Quincy 

p] nr Pine 
Adontgb Parsons, boatbnllder witli J. F. Penney, 

r. n.s. 12th av. > : - I 

Adree Henry, deckhand *tmr San Joaonln 

Adrian h Stoer (Frank Adrian ami QeO 

bntcbers, aw. cor Twenty-fourth and Bryant 
Adrian Frank (Adrll t 1319 V'>rk 

Adrian Geo., ladies' hairdresser with Lamps Broa, 
Adrian Win., mcht, r. 639 California 
Adiintte Uargan t. r. 1930 Powell 
Adrli n B., r. 609 Broadway 
Adrons Murks, barber, r. 721 s«! 
Advance 8. II. Oo, (Alpini Oo. Gal.) B. Llngley aeo, 

• lallfornla 
Advent Christian Chapel, a.s, Bddj bei Taylor and 

Advent Ohnrcl a bel Tj li r and McAllister 

Sollan Hall, ne. cor Bush and Polk 

Aengures An1 i Vah acla bet 

and 30th 

Aengures Vincent, milker with Ben ■'. aengures, r. 

QOla bi t 29th and BOth 

At nkena P< t. r, at aman, r. North Pa 
Aeschllmann John Henry, coachman, lin Pine 

.Etna Fire Ins. Oo. (of I I -mi.) GOO. 0. 

Boardman managi r, Henrj Carlton ir.. agent, 
SU OaHfornla 

.Etna iron Works, Pendergaat \ siuitii proprs, 217- 

221 Fren 
.Etna Lit. In- ■ Hartford, Oonn.) r. W. Dan- 

nals agent, .""■! 1 1 Ki amy 
Afeld Joseph, muaic, 806 Larkin 
Afflerbacb Edward, clerk with T. M. Autiscll & Co., 

r. 127 Kearny 
Aford Charles D., carptr Onion Box Factory, r. 4 

< hand ill 
Agauia I. A., widow, r. 403 Onion 
Agan John, shoeinkr u ith Harr\ Grove, r. 141 
Agard Oeo. E., saleanuui with M. Rosenhine .\ Bro, 

1 ront 
Agard (ieo. L., clerk, r. 311 <lreen 
Agard John A., clerk, r. 311 Green 
Agard Wm. A. T.. civil engim it. r. 311 Green 
Agard Wm. B., bookpr with S. F. Gaslight Co., r. 

311 Green 
Agat James, machinist, r. 89 Fifth 
Agee Chas. F., student Heald's Business College 
Agee Robert, pedlar, r. 29th nr Columbia pi 
Ager Elisha C. grain cleaning machinery, 25 Ste- 
venson, r. Nucleus House 
Ager James E. (Bacon & Co.) r. 134 Twenty-sixth 
Ager John E., accountant with A. B. Forbes, r. 2812 

Aggard Benj.. waiter Palace Hotel 
Agniar J., painter, r. 2815 California 
Agnew E., waiter stmr Humboldt 
Agnew Francis L., clerk S. F. and N. P. R. R. Co., r. 

10 Ridley 
Agnew Gilmore, compositor Chronicle, r. 739 How 
Agnew James P., clerk S. F. and N. P. B. R. Co., r. 10 

Agnew John, r. 117 Valencia 
Agnew John J., foreman S. F. Gaslight Co., r. 311 

Agnew Samuel, porter with Wilson, Merry & Co., 

r. n.s. Dolores nr 29th 
Agnew Thos.. surveyor State Investment and In- 
surance Co., r. 2202 Pine 
Agnew Wm. C, teamster with S. F. Gaslight Co.', 

r. 2526 Bryant 
Agonies Thos., machinist, r. 525 Broadway 

LMli iflin I IL. O and Dyspepsia. Price 25 cts. per box. A 

PILL cures Biliousness 
All Druggists keep tftem. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. { 

706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716 

} Established 1862 

Agren Oscar, seaman, r. Ancon Hotel 

Agricultural Fair Grounds, n. s. Point Lobos av bet 

24th and 28th avs 
Agricultural Fire Insurance Co. (of New York) Pot- 
ter, Jacobs & Easton, agents, 216 Sansonie 
Agton Emil, butcher, cor Fifth and Bryant, r. 723 

Aguilar Antonio, seaman, r. 15 Union pi 
Aguilar Francisco F., barber with Creamer & Deck- 

elman, r. 1508 Dupont 
Aguirre John M., capitalist, r. 2 Gardener pi 
Aguirre Martin J., money broker, r. 329 Kearny 
Aguirre Peter A., hats and caps, 329 Kearny, r. 1508 

Agustino Casassa, vegetable gardener, r. Sanchez bet 

14th and 15th 
Ah Can (Chinese) mnfr cigars, 744 Washington 
Ah Chan Co. (Chinese) cigars, 500 Merchant 
Ah Foo (Chinese) groceries, 609 Dupont 
Ah Foy, solicitor stmr Amador 
Ah John (Chinese) cigars, 522 East 
Ah Quin (Chinese) cigars, 610 Montgomery 
Ah Quing (Chinese) mnfr cigars, 307 Battery 
Ah Sam (Chinese) laundry, 621 California 
Ah Sam (Chinese) laundry, 1513 Leavenworth 
Ah Sing (Chinese) cigars, 212 Drumm 
Ah Sing (Chinese) laundry, 1024 Battery 
Ah Wars (Chinese) laundry, 833% Geary 
Ah Wing (Chinese) laundry, 151 Shipley 
Ah Yeak (Chinese) mnfr slippers, 816 Jackson 
Ah Yong (Chinese) cigars, 541 Pacific 
Ah Yue (Chinese) cigars, 229 Pacific 
Ah Yung (Chinese) laundry, 707 Howard 
Ahearn James, upholsterer, r. 536 Mission 
Ahearn John, deckhand stmr City of Stockton 
Ahearn John, miner, r. 331 Third 
Ahearn Elizabeth, r. 15 Boardman pi 
Ahearn Ellen, widow, nurse, r. 1420% Broadway 
Ahearn Kate, domestic, 830 California 
Ahearn Michael, shoemkr with Buckingham & Hecht, 

r. 1820 Ellis 
Ahearn Timothy, laborer, r. 125 Dora 
Aherene Joseph M., atty-at-law, r. 528 Geary 
Ahern & Co. (Martin Ahern and Dennis W. Long) 

com mchts, 208 Washington 
Ahern Ann, widow, r. 727 Minna, rear 
Ahern Daniel, bakery and notions, 316 Folsom 
Ahern Daniel, laborer, r. 1605 Broderick 
Ahern Ellen, widow, r. 414% Post 
Ahern James, seaman, r. 919 Folsom 
Ahern James J., coachman with Mrs. J. P. Buckley, 

r. 10 Lewis 
Ahern Jeremiah, foreman, r. 415 Minna 
Ahern John M., saloon, nw. cor Ash and Larkin 
Ahern Martin (Ahern & Co.) r. 803 Montgomery 
Ahern Mary A., Miss, teacher Eighth-st. Primary 

School, r. 213 Larkin 
Ahern Maurice, lab, r. Central avbet Post and Sutter 
Ahern Michael, laborer, r. 10 Boardman pi, rear 
Ahern Patrick, cardriver, r. 3038% Sixteenth 
Ahern Peter, carpenter, r. nw. cor Ash and Larkin 
Ahern Patrick O., laborer, r. 421 Fulton 
Ahern Patrick, lamplighter S. F. Gaslight Co. 
Ahern Patrick, tailor w th Dennis Mahoney, r. 2021 

Ahern Thomas, blacksmith Union Iron Works, r. 

German Hotel 
Ahern Timothy, blacksmith helper Union Iron 

Works, r. 219 First 
Ahern William C, oysterman, r. 509 Washington 
Aherns Patrick, dock hand C. P. R. R., r. 911 Harrison 
Ahlbach Jacob, tinsmith, plumber and gasfitter, 231 

Fourth, r. 10% Louise 
Ahlborn Henry, expressman,, cor Fleet and Post. r. 

cor Johnston av and Rose" 
Ahlborn William, expressman, r. 5 Mason 
Ahlenfeldt Morris D., stationery and cigars, 103% 

Ahlerd Frederick, r. s.s. Post bet Scott and Devisa- 

AHLERS & BOCKMANN (Joseph A. Ahlers 

and D. H. Bockmann) groceries, nw. cor Polk 

and Austin 
Ahlers Diedrich, brtdr with S. P. Collins, r. 113 

Ahlers Henry (Sturken & Ahlers) r. 229 Spear 

Ahlers Joseph A. (Ahlers & Bockmann) r. 107 Austin 
Ahlers John D., groceries, sw. cor 23d and Valencia 
Ahlers William, lab Cal. Sugar Bef ., r. w.s. Dore nr 

Ahlert Henry, jeweler, r. 9 Buss 
Ahlert John, cellarman with Lachman & Jacobi, r. 

2215 Post 
Ahlert Joseph, plumber with Wm. F. Wilson, r. s.s. 

Post nr Scott 
Ahlf Bichard, hog ranch, 5th av nr K, South S. F. 
Ahlgrain C, baker Brooklyn Hotel 
Ahlstrom Chas. & Co. (Chas. Ahlstrom and Chas. A. 

Bosendahl) proprs. and pub. Vikingen, 409 Wash 
Ahlstrom Chas. (Chas. Ahlstrom & Co.) r. 1417 Kear 
Ahm Powell, waiter Saddle Rock Oyster Saloon, r. 

408 Clementina 
Ahms Hermann, carptr, r. 1017 Market 
Ahnert August, junk dealer, r. 317 Francisco 
Ahnsberg Charles, butcher, r. 715 Filbert 
Ahpel Adolph, salesman with Henry Ahpel & Co, r. 

328 Fell 
Ahpel Carl, bookpr with D. Samuels, r. 838 Mc- 
Ahpel Henry & Co. (Henry Ahpel) prod, and com. 

mcht, 209 Washington 
Ahpel Henry (Henry Ahpel & Co.) r. 326 Fell 
AHRENS & SHATTUCK (Nicholas Ahrens and 

Orville J. Shattuck) groceries, nw. cor Minna 

and Second 
AHRENS & WINDT (Henry Ahrens and 

Henry Windt) groceries, ne. cor Broadway and 

Hyde and 1026 Sutter 
Ahrens Chas. F., cabinetmkr with C. Klemm, r. 148 

Ahrens Christian, jeweler, 843 Dupont 
Ahrens D . & G. (Diedrich and George Ahrens) saloon, 

sw. cor Main and Mission 
Ahrens Diedrich, clerk with Von Soosten & Ahrens, 

r. sw. cor 16th and Folsom 
Ahrens Diedrich (D. & G. Ahrens) r. sw. cor Main 

and Mission 
Ahrens Fabian, clerk with Von Soosten & Ahrens, r. 

sw. cor 16th and Folsom 
Ahrens Geo. (D. & G. Ahrens) i. sw. cor Main and 

Ahrens Henry (Ahrens & Windt) r. 1026 Sutter 
AHRENS HENRY & CO. (Henry Abrens, Wm. 

D. Koch, Henry Tietjen and Max J. Bechtel) 

proprs Chicago Brewery, 1428 Pine 
Ahrens Henry (Henry Ahrens & Co.) r.1515 Larkin 
Ahrens Henry Mrs., r. 520 Broadway 
Ahrens Jacob (Bordt & Ahrens) r. 1011 Harrison 
Ahrens Jacob H., saloon, sw. cor Commercial and 

Davis, r. 3 Kohler's pi 
Ahrens John, farmer, r. Keystone House 
Ahrens Martin, clerk with Chas. Hartman, r. 550 

Ahrens Nicholas (Ahrens & Shattuck) r. 106 Minna 
Ahrens Rudolph, clerk with John Drucker, r. ne. 

cor Sixth and Mission 
Ahrens Segelke, waiter with M. H. Garland, r. 277 

Ahrens Wm. (Von Soosten & Ahrens) r. sw. cor lbtn 

and Folsom 
Ahumada Joseph M., real estate agent, 631 Sacra- 
mento, rm 8 
Aibischer Bruno, real estate, r. 1337 Dupont 
Aibischer Joseph, carptr, r. 1337 Dupont, rear 
Aibischer Louis, actor, r. 1337 Dupont, rear 
Aid Union Hildise Bund, Wm. Kaufman manager, 29 

Aigeltinger Leopold, furrier, r. 1069 Howard 
Aiken Addie E. Mrs., teacher Broadway Grammaj 

School, r. 311 Stockton 
Aiken Andrew, stevedore with Chase & Wolff, r. cor 

Filbert and Battery 
Aiken James, teamster with Wm. Kerr, r. 911 Battery 
Aiken John H., foreman knitting room Mission Wool- 
en Mills, r. 274 Clementina 
Aiken John, sailmkr, r. 714 Shotwell 
AIKEN WM. H., atty-at-law, 34 Montgomery blk, 

r. 311 Stockton 
Aiken Robert, porter with Robert M. Black, r. 1325 

Aikens Peter, seaman schr Martha W. Tuft 
Ainsa B. Miss, r. 11 Silver 

f\T~f\ \kl /M ini/ A4S 1W AR HFX west of Palace Hotel, wholesaleand retail dealer in 
1-ihll W I I AeJK T '* 'and Manufacturerofall kinds of Window Shade* 

ULU. VY, UL/AniX, PAPER HANGINGS, and dealer mankinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%£&•} Established 1862 

Ainsley Anna Miss, furnished rooms, 24 Sixth 

Ainsley James E., compositor, r. 24 Sixth 

Ainsley John, cutter U. W. C. Boot and Shoe Co., r. 

24 Sixth 
Ainsley Wm., painter, r. 1135 Folsom 
Ainsley Mrs., teacher elocution Mme. Zeitska's 

Institute, r. 731% Natoma 
B^"See also Inslee 
Ainslie M., r. 686 Commercial 

Ainsworth Chas., mate schr W. H. Meyer, r. 914 Har 
Ainsworth F. W., manager with A. D. Remington 

r. Oakland 
Aird Darling, blacksmith, r. 129 Welsh 
Aird David, carptr, r. 9 Lafayette pi 
Aird James, blacksmith Pac. Iron Wks, r. 129 Welsh 
Aisher Frank, machinist, r. 1618 Stockton 
Aitchisou John, carptr with Moore, Wilkie k Gray, 

r. Army nr Sanchez 
Aitchison Thos., stocks, 330 M<'nt. r. 314 Bush 
Aitken A. E., shipping off, 86 Steuart 
Aitken Chas. Mrs., r. 1514 Broadway 
AITKEN CHAS. H., fresh and salt meats and 

produce, 5 Jackson, r. 208 Ellis 
Aitken James, boilermkr, r. 264 Clementina 
Aitken James C, machinist, r. 217 Devlsadera 
Aitken James (Moynihau k Aitken) r. 217 Devisa- 

Aitken J. K., butcher with T. P. Hayes, r. 149 
Aitken R. H. & Co. (R. H. Aitken and C. L. 1 

general business agency, 662 Market 
Aitken R. H. (R. H. Aitken & Oo.J r. 663 Market 
Aitken Samuel Mrs., r. uw. cor Capp and 26th 
Aitken Wm., butcher with Chas. H. Aitken, r. 602 

Aitwood Thos., lab, r. Tanners' Home 
Ajusto Pellegrino di, gardener, Oolma Station, r. 717 

Akerblat Joseph, tanner, r. R. R. av nr Doll 
Akerman Benj. J., dep. U. S. Marshall, r. 413 Jones 
Akerman L. M., r. 715 Howard 
Akeroyd James, wool grader, r. 608 Sixth 
Akers Edward, r. Myrtle av nr Gough 
Akers Henry, teamster, r. Myrtle av nr Gkragb 
Akin Martha, widow, r. 69 Shipley 
Akmann Wui. (Meyer .v. Akmann) r. 31 Drumin 
Akstoru C, porter with Hopkins & Co.. r. 310 Mont- 
gomery av 
Alabama and Humboldt Con. M. Co. (Storey Co. 

Nev.) W.H.Watson sec, 302 ICont., rmt 
Alabama M. Co. (Storey Co. Nev.) W. \V. McGlin- 

tock sec, 330 Pine, rm 5 
Alacran S. M. Co. (Mexico) L. L. Robinson pres, 

320 Sansome, rm 23 
Alameda Frank, seaman, r. Sansome bet Green and 

Alameda Lumber Yard, Edward M. Derbv propr., 

off 226 Clay 
Alameda M. Co. (White Pine Co. Nev.) Frederick R. 

Bunker sec, 606 Montgomery, rms 3-4 
Alameda Real Estate Agency, Frank Coy manager, 

430 Montgomery 
Alamo Square, bet Fulton and Haves, Steiner and 

Alaska Commercial Co., John F. Miller pres, E. 

Neuman sec, furs, off 310-312 Sansome 
Alaska Con. M. Co. (Lyon Co. Nev.) Geo. R. Spin- 
ney sec, 310 Pine, rm 44 
Alatorre Damian, stripper with Bertz & Alonso, r. 

813 Vallejo 
Alatorre Guillermo Z., barber with J. Eiefer, r. 1120 

Alatorre Prisiliano, cigarmkr with Bertz & Alonso, 

r. 813 Vallejo 
Alavia Peter, cook with N. Antunovich, r. cor East 

and Commercial 
Alban W. G., r. Abbotsford House 
Alban W. J., conductor Sutter-st R. R., r. 1212 Larkin 
Albany Brewery, Spreckles & Co. proprs, 75 Everett 
Albars John, foreman, r. 314 Sansome 
Albavado P. Mrs., r. 5 Prospect pi 
Albee Chas., driver Underwriters' Fire Patrol, r. sw. 

cor Stevenson and Ecker 
Albemarle House, Mrs. Mary F. Collins propr, 8 

Alben Louis, cigardealer, r. sw. cor 22d and Potr. av 
Alber John, harnessmkr, r. 411 Jackson 

Alberga G. B., porter Pac. Stork Exchange, r. 1019 

Albergo De Succo Hotel, G. Bertolnool k Oo. proprs, 

305-309 Broadway 
Abberigi Demetrio (G. Glampaoli & Co.) r. 91 
Albers August, foreman with <;• o. Ifayi . r. Oakland 
Albera Henry, lab Cal. Sugar Bef, r. 10 Bryant 
Albers Herman, butcher with John Erasing, r. lsiU 

Albers J. H., extraiuan Hook and Ladder No. 1, 8. F. 

Fire Dept, r. Truck House 
Albers Marcus, groceries, ae. cor Fourth and Clara 

also Alpi bs 
AH" rt Hi ii i -. . farmer, r. Sacramento Hotel 
Albert Henry, oysterman Phils Saloon, r. l( 
albert Henry F., oysterman Phil's Saloon, r. 1008 


Albert J. H. (Boblnson k Albert) r. 4is Drumm 
Albert i.< wia l.< wia k Oo I r. 1 i* T( 
Albert Wm., I kpr Pac. Boiling Mill. r. i 

nessee bet Butte and Solano 
Alb< rt- Wm„ bookpr, r. 21 ' Jessie 
Albi rlsonJost ph l., homeopathic physician 
Albey Anna Mies, talloreoa with Louis Oohen, r. 19 

Albion Brewery, BurnellA Slmpklns i 

av and (i, South - 
Alborelli Antonio, upholsterer, r. 933 sa. ramento 
Alborn Wm., r. 6 U 

Albrecht Albert, waiter American Exchange Hotel 
Albrecht August, bottler with McMillan k Ei iti r. 

r. 700 I 
Albrecht liroder k Albrecht) r. Oakland 

Albrecht Chas., walfa r Humboldt ii 
Albrecht Fred., with Pac. Boiling Mill. r. . .-. Illi- 

ii- -i r- bet 20th and - 
Albrecht Oeo., blacksmith, l.'tli av nr P, South 8.F. 
All.n cht J., tailor, 628 Bush 
Albn cht Jan r. 23 Clara 

Albrecht James, driver with Fred, Eats, r. 1006 

AI.KKIX 111' JOHN It., gi liquors, 

n\v. o.r 24th and Church 
Albrecht Joseph, cleri with -i. II. BhotweU, r. 23 

( lara 
Albrecht Martin, si a man. r. 119 Jackl 
Albrecht B., bookpr with Edwards k Irvine, r. s-j:s 

Twi | ' 
Albrecht Richard, ■ ery and bakery, 109 

Albright v. Mrs., dn Bsmaker, r. Overland B 
Alburns Andrew, cutter with k. D< hrl 

AlburyJos) ph 8. with Callender k Brown, r. 5 Bdway 

Alcayaga Jos.-. Mexli an store, 521 Broadway 

Alden Fruit Preserving Co., Geo. W. Deltzler pres, 
426 Montgomery 

Alden Samuel li.. polio . r. i B< rnard 

Alder Gottlieb, bookpr SwIbs Hoti 1 

Alderman Oscar, lodgings, k41 Clay 

Abb rm y Dairy, W. A. Bateman propr, 858 Tehama 

Aldine Co. (Chinese) cigar maufr. 425 Commercial 

Aldred Michael •!.. foreman Fulton Foundrj r. bi7 

Aldred Robert, laborer, r. 22 Jessie 

Aldrich B. L.. r. Brunswick House 

Aldrich Byron L.. teacher Lincoln Grammar School, 
r. 903 Mission 

Aldrich C, widow, r. 210 Third 

Aldrich Frank J., operator A. and P. Tel. Co., r. 514 

Aldrich Frederick, hospital nurse Alms House 

Aldrich Geo., fireman S. P B. R. 

Aldrich Louis, attv-at-law, 21-22 Montgomery blk, r. 
1225 Filbert 

Aldrich Stuart, machinist Union Iron Works, r. 1225 

ALDRICH W. A., capitalist, 202 Sansome, r. 
Grand Hotel 

Aldrich — , widow, r. 1057 Mission 

Aldridge Albert, carptr and builder, r. 623 Fulton 

Aldridge C. M., barber with Lampe Bros., r. 515 Na- 

Aldridge Robert, laborer, r. 29 Jessie 

Aldridge Robert, laborer S. F. Gaslight Co., r. Isth- 
mus House 


Infallible Yeast Powder. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

f 706, 708, 710, 718, 714 and 716 ) 


Established 1862 

Aldridge — , carptr, r 238 Minna 

Aleck Robert, butcher, r. 9th av bet K and L, South 

S. F. 
Aleco Masten, actor, r. mv. cor 13th and Harrison 
Alecq E., drover, r. 308 Sutter 

Alegre Manuel Ma, clerk with W. Loaiza, r. 809 Turk 
AL.EMANY JOSEPH S., Most Rev. Arch-Bishop 

of California, r. 628 California 
Alers August, physician, 10 Ellis 
Alevin T. E., r. Occidental Hotel 
Alex Joseph P., oyster and chop house, 1408 Stock- 
ton, r. 644 Natoma 
Alexander Adolph, tailor, 303 Stockton, r. 44 Third 
Alexander A. P., shipwright, r. 4 Boston pi 
Alexander Barton S., lieut-col. engineers U. S. A., 

pres. Board Engineers Mil. Div. Pacific, off 533 

Kearny, r. Palace Hotel 
Alexander Benj., salesman with M. Simon & Sons, 

r. 70(3 Vallejo 
Alexander C, master mariner P. C. S. S. Co. 
Alexander Chas., cigars and tobacco, 957 Market, r. 

500 Jessie 
Alexander Chas., cook, r. 31 Clara, rear 
Alexander C. M., salesman with Whittier, Fuller & 

Co., r. Alameda 
Alexander Chas. M., stoves and tinware, 211 Fourth, 

r. 313 Fifth 
Alexander C. Mrs., r. 234 Beale 
Alexander D. & Co. (David Alexander) mnfrs Havana 

cigars, 222 Battery 
Alexander David (D. Alexander & Co.) r. 1047 Har 
Alexander David, bookpr, r. 1612 Post 
Alexander D. N., pub. The Occident, 757 Market, r. 

1426 Mason 
Alexander E., miner, r. Keystone House 
Alexander Edw. L., special agent P. O. Dept., 716 

Montgomery, r. 405 Turk 
Alexander Edwin C, printer, r. 1210 Pacific 
Alexander Eli, Mrs., bakery and fancy goods, 608 

Alexander Elizabeth, widow, pedlar, r. 322 Seventh, 

Alexander Eva Miss, teacher fancy work, r. 608 

Alexander F. A., printer with Cubery & Co., r. 227 

Alexander Flora Mrs., r. 519 Jones 
Alexander Gaudio, engineer Mission Woolen Mills, 

r. 223 Shotwell 
Alexander George, salesman with S. Laventhal, r. 

519 Jones 
Alexander Goodman, glazier, r. 077 Clementina 
Alexander Geo. W. (Osborn & Alexander) r. 128 Tyler 
Alexander Harry, salesman with W. Cohen & Co., 

r. 774 Howard 
Alexander Henry, brass finisher with Joseph Roy- 
lance, r. 718 Howard 
Alexander Herman, clothier, 774 Howard 
Alexander I. E., carptr and builder, 38 Morton, 

r. 108% Powell 
Alexander I. E. Mrs., dressmkr, 108 3<j Powell 
Alexander Isaac, shoemkr, 364 Pacific 
Alexander Jacob A., hide broker, 218 Washington, 

r. 2513 Clay 
Alexander James, laborer, r. s.s. 26th bet Sanchez 

and Noe 
Alexander James, tailor, r. 281 Stevenson 
Alexander James, wholwood, se cor Ritch and Berry, 

r. 642 Sixth 
Alexander Jas. R., student Heald's Business College 
Alexander Jane, widow, r. ne cor Dolores and 16th 
Alexander John, laborer, r. 12 Clementina 
Alexander John E., bellman Baldwin Hotel 
Alexander Joseph, salesman with Godchaux Bros. 

& Co., r. 617 Green 
Alexander Joseph D., melter Pac. Ref. and Bullion 

Ex., r. 1016 Green 
Alexander Lyman (Konigshofer & Alexander) 305 

Alexander Leopold, stationery, 224 % Fifth 
Alexander M., shoemkr, r. 2603 Mission 
Alexander Mary, domestic, 918 Larkin 
Alexander Orlando, mdse broker, 221 Front, r. 725 

Alexander Otto, clerk with D. Alexander & Co., r. 

1047 Harrison 

Alexander Philip, dry and fancy goods, 2764 Mission 

Alexander R., r. 608 Larkin 

Alexander Richard, clerk with D. Alexander & Co. 

r. 1047 Harrison 
Alexander Richard S., shipwright, r. 110 Sixth 
Alexander Robert, shipwright, r. 1612 Post 
Alexander Samuel, tailor, 706 Vallejo 
Alexander Samuel O. (S. O.Alexander & Co.) r 125 

Alexander S. Cameron, bookpr Bank of British Co- 
lumbia, r. cor Lombard and Kearny 
Alexander Seigfried, salesman with M. Hart, r. 

Washoe House 
Alexander S. O. & Co. (Samuel O. Alexander and A. 

Marcus) imps clothing, 4 Battery 
Alexander Theodore, clerk, r. 1113 Stockton 
Alexander Thos., lab, r. 172 Minna 
Alexander T. Mrs., r. 2 Cedar av 
Alexander Wallace, clerk with Higgins & Conkling, 

r. 1016 Green 
Alexander W. H. Mrs., hairdresser, r. 21 Bernard 
Alexander Win., clerk with J. H. Sayre, r. 1612 Post 
Alexander Wm. F., painter, r. sw. cor Vallejo and 

Alexander Wm. H., porter with Colman Bros., r. 21 

Alexander Y. Mrs., r. 18 Turk 
Alexander — , clerk with L. & A. F. Patten 
Alexis Magliore, laundry, r. 35 Turk 
Alfear Joseph, baker, 1515 Dupont, r. 422 Broadway 
Alferitz Peter (Dellepiane & Co.) r. 620 Green 
Alffs Louisa, domestic, 336 Thirteenth 
Alfred Chas., coalpasser O. S. S. Co. 
Alfred John N., compositor with Bacon & Co., r. 1003 

Alfs Frank, clerk, r, 269% Clara 
Alfs John, saloon, sw. cor Anne and Stevenson 
Alfs Wm. (Brand, Naber & Co.) r. Alameda 
Algao James, shoemkr with Wm. Day, r. se. cor 

Third and Stevenson 
Alge John, carptr, r. Sacramento Hotel 
Algeo James, drayman with Baker & Hamilton, r. 

Bluxome bet Fourth and Fifth 
Alger E. H., widow, teacher music, r. 428 Hayes 
Alger Hiram, carptr with Nichols, Blum & Co., r. 21 

Morey al 
Algern August, cook Palace Hotel Restaurant 
Alhambra Building, 319 Bush 
Alhambra M. Co. (Lyon Co. Nev.) R. Wegener sec, 

414 California 
Alhambra Q. S. M. Co., A. L. Fuller sec, 310 Cal 
Alhambra Saloon, Blackburn & Fallon proprs, 323 

Alison Chas., engineer P. M. S. S. Co., r. 2120 Mis 
Alison Wm., oiler P. M. S. S. Co. 
Aljovin H. physician, r. 1312 Hyde 
All Nations Hotel, F. Joseph Bertrand prop, 432-434 

All Right S. M. Co. (Ormsby Co. Nev.) J. W. Morgan 

sec, 318 Pine, rm 32 
Alladyce Adam, salesman with S. Mosgrove & Co., r. 

cor Powell and Sacramento 
Allan James, hostler Howard-st Stables, r. 850 How 
Allan John, seal engraver, 408 Bush 
Allan John, tailor with John Kavanagh, r. 1513 Bdway 
Allan Wm., asst. sec City Cab and Transfer Co., r. 

659 Howard 
Allard E. J., millman Pac. Barrel and Keg Co. 
Allard Thos., lab, r. 54 Minna 

Allardt G. F.. civil and hydraulic engineer, 432 Mont- 
gomery, rm 9, r. Oakland 
Allardyce Edward, messenger with Latham & King, 

r. San Rafael 
Allardyce John, clerk with Murphy, Grant & Co., r. 

822 Powell 
Allari Joseph, clerk with Joseph A. Allan, r. 9 Le- 

roy pi 
Allari Joseph A., poultry, 53-54 Cal. Market, r. 9 Le- 

roy pi 
Allbright John H ., bookpr, r. 511 Bryant 
ALLDACK JOSEPH, groceries, hay, grain, feed, 

coal, etc., sw. cor Bush and Devisadero 
ALIiDACK'S HAUL, sw. cor Bush and Devisa- 
dero . „._ _, 
Allee Daniel, clerk with C. V. Gillespie, r. 245 Ste- 

MARSTON & ADAMS A « E % p .reS 

and Sale of OAKLAND REAL 
Rent and Rents Collected. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market 9t. {%£#} Established 1862 

Allen & Co. (Chas. C. and Chas. E. Allen) bird cage 

mnl'rs and wirewkrs, 574 Braunan 
Allen & Lowis (Lucius H. Allen and C. H. Lewis) 

shipping and com mcht S. F. and Portland, Or., 

off 202 California 
Allen & Young (Theodore H. Allen and Thos. Young) 

stevedores, 821 Battery 
Allen A. (G. Reese & Co.) r. 427 Hayes 
Allen A. C, driver Sutter-st R. R., r. 1712 Polk 
Allen Addison F. , clerk with W. T. Garratt, r. 2050 

Allen A. J., supt Market-st R. R. Stables, r. ICth bet 

Valencia and 2d av 
Allen Albert W., heater Pac. Rolling Mill, r. e.B. 

Louisiana nr Shasta 
Allen Alexander, lab Cal. Sugar Refinery, r. 514 Shot- 
Allen Alexander H., weaver, r. 514 Shotwell 
Allen Alfred, mining, r. 906 McAllister 
Allen Annie, domestic, 2114 Larkiu 
Allen Asa, barber, r. e.s. Fillmore bet Sutter and Post 
Allen Bennett G. (Wing & Allen) r. 1711 Eddy 
Allen Chas., tanner with S. F. Tannery, r. San Bruno 

Road bet 27th and 28th 
Allen Chas. C. (Allen & Co.) r. 729 Bryant 
Allen Chas. E. (Allen & Co.) r. 618 Mission 
Allen Chas. E., actor Grand Optra House, r. 
Allen Chas. R.,ngentPittsburg Coal M. Oo., ISO Bt all . 

r. 501 Geary 
Allen Chas. W., solicitor Willcox& Gibbs Sewing M. 

Co., 124 Post 
Allen Charlotte Mis., r. 1*2 Jessie * 
Allen Charlotte, widow, r. 1234 '-. Bush 
Allen Con. M. Co. (Storey Co. New) J. W. Pew sec, 

310 Pine, rm 15 
Allen C. S., lab, r. 030 Sacramento 
Allen C. W., brakemau S. P. E. B. 
Allen Daclan, blacksmith, r. SO Knusch 
Allen David H., salesman, r. 1412 Sacramento 
Allen E. Mrs., actress Bush-st Theatre 
Allen Ethan (J. G. Mhoon & Co.) r. 311 Stockton 
Allen Ethan, plumber, r. 552 Mission 
Allen Edgar L., bookpr with F. P. J: J. A. Hooper, r. 

1031 Market 
Allen Edward, sawfiler, r. 1207 Montgomery 
Allen Edward O. H., surgeon P. M. S. S. Co., r. 808 

Allen Edward T..mnfrs agent. 515 Mrkt, r. 19 Guy pi 
Allen Elizabeth Miss, asst matron S. F. P: 

Orphan Asylum 
Allen Elizabeth, widow, r. 313 Beale 
Allen F. E., brakemau S. P. R. R. 
Allen Frances, widow, branch bakery, 326 Sixteenth 
Allen Frank H., bookpr with Bowen Bros., r. 320 

Allen G., carptr, r. 15 V. Rausch 

Allen Geo., blacksmith with F. Moller, r. 2C4 Jessie 
Allen Geo., longshoreman ,r. cor Front and Oregon 
Allen Geo., master stmr Harriet 
Allen Geo. W., miller with J. A. Folger & Co., r. ne. 

cor Fillmore and Post 
Allen Geo. S., cashier with N. S. Arnold & Co., r. 

Allen Harry, barber, r. 12343* Bush 
Allen Henry, bookpr, r. 445 Bartlett 
Allen Henry, confectioner with Geo. Haas & Co., r. 

711 California 
Allen Henry, lab Cal. Sugar Ref , r. North German 

Allen Henry F., clerk with Allen & Lewis, r. 570 

Allen Henry S., salesman with Abrams & Carroll, r. 

cor Bush and Stockton 
Allen H. F., mcht, r. Palace Hotel 
Allen H. H., miner, 318 Pine, rm 17, r. 825 Post 
Allen Hugh, florist, r. sw. cor McAllister and Bu- 
Allen Ida Miss, actress Adelphi Theatre 
Allen I. S., r. 1028 Pine 
Allen Isaac, farmer, r. Keystone House 
Allen Isaac P., exchange and bullion teller Bank 

of California, r. 1010 Bush 
Allen Isaac P., shipwright, r. 126 Perry 
Allen James, carriage painter Kimball Mnfg Co., r. 

39 Rausch 
Allen James, engineer stmr Newark, r. 18 Ridley 

Allen James, expressman, sw. cor 8tocktou and Pa. 

elflo, r. 1918 Pacific 
Allen James, mcht, r, d.s. Bay b< t Hyde ami Lcav 
Allen James, purifier. Potrero Gfu \\ ks, r. d.b, 7th 

av bet M and N, Smith S. F. 
Allen James, seaman, r. Greenwich bet Sansome and 

All' n James, tailor, r. 237 Minna, rear 
Allen James H., bootblack with I>. C. Lei , r. 719 

Allen James M., atty-at-law, 12 NYvada blk, r. San 

Allen James Monroe, propr Charter Oak Livery 

Stebh s. 77:. Mark< t, t 183 J< 
Allen ■!.. laboi ■ Sugar Bel 

Allen. i. K.. boarding, 129 Polsom 
Allen i. <;.. mastr schr Alice Kimball, off 806 East 
Allen John, drayman, r. 1207 Montgomery 
Alb n John, gr ■ or Bauscb and Folsom 

Allen John, hardware and crockery, 1899 Btookton, 

r. 1st av I., t Mil. and 16th 
Allen .!. p., local police, r. 711 California 
Alb ii John, musician, r. :tos sixth 
Allen John, roofer with James Magulre, r. 99 Turk 
Allen John, saloon, nw. cor Hyde and Hay 
Allen John, b< aman, r. 23H steuart 
Allen John, tailor, r. 1816 Broadway 
Allen Ji hn. with Wilm. i i 1186 Fork 

ah. n John He Witt H . .1. rk with All. n ft i.. wis, r. 

. r '7n Harrison 
Albn John P., r. Cambi 

Allen John W., finisher With I. A Thistle, r. Isthmus 

All. n John w., bootblack with D. 0. Lee, r. 719 Clay 
All) ii .1. I '.. st. v .Li. P. M. s, - 
Allen L, Mr-.. Ladies' nurse, r. 320 Howard 
Allen Lih Mi--, frlngemkr with Alfred Oolombat, 

r. 90 Oak Grove av 
Allen Lizzie, shlrtmkr Btandard shirt Factory, r. 8 

ALLKX I.OKIN/.O I)., who] and retail ooal, 

121 Jackson, r. 9818 California 
Allen L. 8. A Co. [Lumber B. Allen) shipwrights, 

builders and ■ a ramento 

Allen Lin ins ii. (Aliens) Lewis) r. 670 Han 
Allen Lumber B [L. 8. Allen At Oo.) r. 1907 Mission 
Alien Margaret Miss, boarding, 89 Bauscb 
Allen Mary Miss, paymlstress with A. Wald 

21 Qough 
Allen Mary Mrs., dresamkr, r. 734 Howard 
All. n M. E., r. 11 Ev( i' it 
Allen Michael, groceries, se. cor Geary and L> \ is- 

Allen N., t. amster, r. 697 Sacramento 
Allen N. F.. teamster, r. 1242 Eolsom 
Allen Oliver P., bookpr Bank of California, r. 30H 

Eight, enth 
Allen Patrick McD., physician and surgeon, 131 

Allen Reese B., collector Main-st Wharf, r. 445 Bart- 

1' tt 
Allen Richard, metal roofer with Conlin k Roberts, 

r. 234 Fourth 
Allen Robert, r. 1117 Stockton 
Allen Robert, Colonel and asst Quartermaster-Gen. 

I". S.A.,r 724 California 
Allen Robert, cooper Pac. Barrel and Keg Co., 

r. 611 Seventh 
Allen Robert I., millman Pac. Barrel and Keg Co., 

r. 611 Seventh 
Allen S., off 535 Clay, r. Oakland 
Allen Samuel, engineer with Wilson, Merry & Co., 

r. ne. cor Bay and Webster 
Allen Samuel I., collector with Frank Barnard & Co., 

r. 230 O'Farrell 
Allen Scott, farmer, r. Keystone House 
Allen S. K. Mrs., furnished rooms, 935 Howard 
Allen Sophie, domestic, 17 Hyde 
Allen Stanton P., clerk, r. Keystone House 
Allen Theodore H. (Allen & Young) r. 712 Greenwich 
Allen Theodore H. jr., clerk with E. F. Clark, r. 712 

Allen Thomas, driver Potrero and Bay View R. R., 

r. w.s. Kentucky bet Sierra and Nevada 
Allen Thomas, gasfitter and extraman Hook and 

Ladder No. 1, S. F. Fire Dept, r. 112 Fourth 

NFPURI-'TIPt IM isthe greatest Kidney and Bladder Remedy in the World. 
MLrnnL I I b U IYI Druggists keep it Price $1.25 


per bottle 

I P. Van Schaack & Co 

f 706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716 1 


Allen Thomas, deckhand stmr Emma 

Allen Thomas, stonecutter, r. 1121 Mission 

Allen Thomas J., tel. operator, r. 223 Minna 

Allen Thomas K., r. Isthnras House 

Allen Thomas S., shipwright, r. 208 Eighteenth 

Allen W. A., freight clerk P. M. S. S. Co. 

Allen Wm., bookpr, r. 659 Howard 

Allen "Wm., carptr, r. 204 Ellis 

Allen Wm., clerk with Stoutenborough & Hall 

Allen Wm., contractor and builder, 407 Brannan, r. 

409 % Brannan 
Allen Wm., master brig Hidalgo, pier 9 Steuart 
Allen Wm., watchman Sutter-st. R. R., r. 2213 Pine 
Allen Wm. B., clerk Real Estate Associales, r. 1010 

Allen Wm. F., clerk Cliff House 
Allen Wm. G. jr., law clerk, r. 1001 Powell 
Allen Wm. H., atty-at-law, 34 Montgomery blk, r. 

206 Ellis 
Allen Wm. H. jr., mining sec, 419 California, rm 11, 

r 450 Bartlett 
Allen Wm. H. (White & Allen) r. 23 Twelfth 
Allen W. R., plumber and gasfitter, 819 Market, r. 

913 Tyler 
Allen — agent, r. 537 Third 
US" See also Allan 
Allenberg Chas., mining sec, 438 California, r. 309 

Allenberg Leopold, bookpr with Schweitzer, Sachs 

& Co., r. 309 Hyde 
Allep J. W., off 44 Market 
Allerdyce A., r. 822 Powell 
Allerdyce John, clerk, r. 822 Powell 
Alley Obed F., clerk Tax Collector, r. 910 Buchanan 
Alley Wm. H., stevedore, r. Greenwich bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
Allfrey S. F., r. 923 Harrison 
Allgemeine Deutsche Unterstiitzungs Gesellschaft, 

General German Benevolent Society, E. Roemer 

agent, 732 Washington 
Allione Frank (Stathopolis & Allione) r. 9 Harlan pi 
Allione Henry, waiter with Stathopolis & Allione, r. 

518 Union 
Allis & Lennon (Samuel Allis and John Lennon) 

general blacksmiths, 53 Beale 
Allis John M. Rev., pastor Larkin-st Presbyterian 

Church, r. Abbotsford House 
Allis Samuel (Allis & Lennon) r. Mexico 
Allison Chas., lab., P. M. S. S. Co 
Allison Chris., brass founder, r. Montgomery's Hotel 
Allison David E. (D. E. Allison & Co.) r. 807 Cal 
Allison D. D., fornian Pacific Ice Co., r. 445 Bryant 
Allison D. E. & Co. (David E. Allison and Chas. Nau- 

man) com nichts and produce, 309-311 Wash 
Allison E. C, r. cor Union and Fillmore 
Allison Emma Miss, correspondent, r. 944 Howard 
Allison Frank J., salesman with Braverinan & Levy, 

r. 601 Stockton 
Allison Henry H., carptr, r. 42 Everett 
Allison James, carptr, r. 2423 Howard 
Allison James, engineers' storekpr O. & O. S. S. Co 
Allison Jennie, domestic, 1316 Geary 
Allison John C, compositor with Bacon & Co., r. 

812 Powell 
Allison Matthew, physician, r. 11 Glen Park av 
Allison Thos., stevedore P. M. S. S. Co 
Allkire Samuel H., collector with Pardee & Paugh, 

r. 1515 Stockton 
Allison Thos R., bookpr Pac. Ice Co., r. 718 Battery 
Allman Geo., inspector customs, r. 120 Turk 
Allman John (Prentice & Co.) r. Oakland 
Allman John, U. S. mail contractor, off 318 Kearny, 

r. San Rafael 
Allman M., track repairer Sutter-st R. R. 
Allman Timothy, stevedore P. M. S. S. Co., r. 35 

Allman Wm., clerk, r. 611 Natoma 
8©" See also Allmon 
Allmayer Aaron, boots and shoes, 29 Battery, r. 1531 

Allmayer Marcus, extraman Hook and Ladder No. 3, 

S. F. Fire Dept, r. s.s. Market bet Tenth and 

Allmon D. & Co. (David Allmon and Wm. Herbert) 

repackers of oils and dealers second hand bar- 
rels, 38 Commercial 

Allmon David (D. Allman & Co.) r. es Dore bet Bry- 
ant and Brannan 
Allmroth Bertha, domestic, 718 McAllister 
Allwains George, billiard tablemkr, r. w.s. Fifth nr 

Allwood Henry, wood carving, sw. cor Fifth and 

Allyne & White (John W. Allyne and Wm.H. White) 

imps and jobbers paints, oils, lamps, etc., 112-114 

Front, and proprs Pac. Oil Works, cor Chestnut 

and Taylor 
Allyne John W. (Allyne & White) r. nw. cor Gough 

and Green 
Alma Rodhe, domestic, 307 Van Ness av 
Almada Gregorio, r. 21 South Park 
Almone Matthias, r. 132 Fifth 
Almoner G. and S. M. Co. (Pima Co. Arizona) John 

D. Graham sec, 302 Montgomery, rms 14-15 
Almshouse, M. J. Keating supt, Mission and Ocean 

Beach Road, 433 miles from City Hall 
Almy Alfred, seaman P. M. S. S. Co. 
Almy Mary, widow, r. 110 O'Farrell 
Alntz Louisa, widow, r. 25633 Jessie 
Alois Wm., tanner with H. Royer, r. 512 Fourth 
Aloncle Julien, boxmkr with Hobbs, Pomeroy & Co., 

r. 13 Anthony 
Alonso Jose (Bertz & Alonso) r. 723 Broadway 
Alpen — , r. 320 Clementina 
Alpen Hermann, master mariner, r. 1419 Mason 
Alpers Chas. (Potrero Co.) and musician, 228 Bush, 

r. sw. cor G$ove and Buchanan 
Alpers Chas. W., musician, r. 1623 Powell, rear 
Alpers John, musician, r. 811 Union 
Alpers Matilda Mrs., midwife, r. 811 Union 
Alpers Peter, porter Capitol Mills, r. 327 Jessie 
<£?* See also Albers 

Alpha Con. M. Co. (Nevada) Wm. Willis sec, 29 Ne- 
vada blk 
Alpine G. and S. M. Co. (Storey Co. Nev.) A. P. Kluit 

sec, 328 Montgomery, rm 24 
Alps S. M. Co. (Pioche, Nev.) 0. D. Squire sec, 28 

Stevenson bldg 
Alsberg Sigmund, clerk, r. 102033 Pacific 
Alsenz Jacob, shoemkr, 521 Hyde, r. 1614 Post 
Alsop John S., umbrella and parasol mnfr, 341 Bush, 

r. 8 Virginia pi 
Alsop Wm., varnisher, r. 28 Minna 
Alstrin Frank, machinist with Savage & Son, r. 15 

Fifth av 
Alstrin Richard, machinist, r. 15 Fifth av 
Alsup James R., bookpr with Meeker, James & Co., 

r. Ill Taylor 
Alt Bernard, porter with S.Levy & Co., r. 608 Vallejo 
Alt Christopher, shoemkr, 608 Vallejo 
Alt John, machinist, r. Alabama nr Prospect av 
Alt Joseph, with H. Royer, r. 608 Vallejo 
ALTA CALIFORNIA (daily and weekly) F. 

MacCrellish & Co. pubs and proprs, 529 Cal 
Alta S. M. Co. (Storey Co. Nev.) W. H. Watson sec, 

302 Montgomery, rms 5-6 
Alta Soap Co. (Wm. A. Engwer, John W. Thurman 

and Saml Weintraub) mnfrs soap, 109-111 Oregon 
Altaro Joseph, r. 6 Pollard pi 
Altemus John, bakery, 2542 Folsom 
Altemus Wm. E., clerk with Greenebaum & Co., r. 616 

Alten Henry, waitei, r. 315 Third 
Altenbergh P. F., lab, r. 73 Fourth 
Altenburg Chas., r. 228 Kearny 
Altenburg E., mcht, r. 924 Greenwich 
Altendorf Julius, saw grinder Pac. Saw Mnfg Co., r. 

Altfield Amelia Miss, r. 522 Natoma 
ALTHOF & BAHLS (Hermann Althof and J. F. 

W. Bahls) blankbook mnfrs, 423 Clay 
Althof Bros. (Theodore and Ernst Althof) proprs 

Bay Oyster House, 626 Market 
Althof Ernst (Althof Bros.) r. 684 Mission 
Althof Hermann (Althof & Bahls) r. Oakland 
Althof Theodore (Althof Bros.) r. 53633 Jessie 
Althoff John, clerk, r. Larkin nr Bush 
Altman Chas., agent, r. Park Hotel 
Altman Jacob, mcht tailor, 1205 Polk 
Altman Louis, painter, r. 144 Shipley 
Altmark Louis L., boots and shoes, 19 Third, r. 44 



west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer la 

and Manufacturer of all kindu of Window Shades 

and dealer in all kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%££?} Established 1862 

Altmayer Aaron (Einstein Bros. &Co.) r. 1531 Sutter 
Altmayer Abraham (Einstein Bros. & Co.) r. 909 La- 

guna , 

Alton Chas., with Keagan & Hyslop 
Alton Louis, blacksmith helper Union Iron Wks, 

r. 219 First 
Altoona Quicksilver M. Co. (Trinity Co. Cal.) Chas. 

Allenberg, sec, 438 California 
Altpeter Chas., r. 22b Oak 

Altpeter Geo., lab Philadelphia Brewery, 232 Sec- 
Altreuter & McCord (Win. Altreuter and E. MeCord) 

lodgings, 004 Pine 
Altreuter Win. (Altreuter & McCord) r. 004 Pine 
Altreuter Wm., chief steward International Hotel 
Altschul Chas., bookpr with Lazard Freres, r. 1427 

Altschul Leopold (Mayfield & Co.) r. 748 Howurd 
Altschul Louis, r. 1427 Post 

Altschuler Levi, dry and fancy goods, 337 Sixteenth 
Altube B., capitalist, r. 1508 Powell 
Altube Pedro (L. Penes & Co.) off 535 Clay 
Altvater Frank, clerk with A. J. Plate, r. B.B. 24th 

bet. San Jose av. and Guerrero 
Altwater David, lab National Flour Mills, r. Ala- 
Alva Miguel, porter with Barrett & Sherwood, r. 1231 

Alvarado Alberto, compositor, r. 8 Auburn 
Alvarado Foundrv, Geo. H. Tay \ <'•. jroprs, off 

614-018 Battery 
Alvarado Geo., r. 8 Auburn 

Alvarado J. C, atty-at-law, 19 Thurlow Mk, r. Pal- 
ace Hotel 
Alvarado Victor, printer with F. Korbel & Bros., r. 

8 Auburn 
Alvarez Antonio, tinsmith with Holbrook, Merrill & 

Co., r. 1000 Mason 
Alvarez Cayetano, salesman with A. Ramon, r. 13 

Alveraz Chas., bartdr with F. Braga, r. 415 Drumm 
Alverding John, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Alverson D. W., machinist r. is Twelfth 
Alverson Stephen H., refiner Pac. Ref. and Bullion 

Ex., r. 1230 Mission 
Alverson Wm. A. Mrs. r. 1230 Mission 
Alves Joseph, seaman, r. 54 Sacramento 
Alvey Chas. W., stoves and tinware, 535 Pacific, r. 

1813 Stockton 
Alvin M. Mrs., clairvoyant, r. 306 J* Third 
Alviso Joseph B., clerk, r. 113 Franklin 
Alvord Henry, route' agent Railway Mail Bervioe, r. 

Government House 
Alvord Lester K., teamster, r. cor Geary and Larkin 
Alvord M. J., trimmings. 1219 Pacific 
ALVORD WLLLIAM, pres Pac. Rolling Mill Co., 

and vice-pres Bank of California, r. 546 Folsom 
Alward Catherine, widow, r. 812 Valencia 
Alward James, lab, r. McGrath's Hotel 
Alweins Geo., billiard tablemkr with P. Liesenfeld, 

r. 049 Folsom 
Alyamoora J., stevedore P. M. S. S. Co. 
Amadee C, hay and grain, r. 1040 West Mission 
Aruador Canal and Mining Co. (Amador Co. Cal.) 

J. W. Clark sec, 418 California 
Amador Con. S. M. Co. (Lyon Co. Nev.) J. M. 

Buffington sec, 309 California 
Amador M. Co. (Globe Dist, Arizona) L. V. B. 

Howell sec, 318 Pine, rm 27 
AMADOR MARKET, Geo. Werner prop. sw. cor 

Clay and Polk 
Amanda Chas., clerk, r. 125 Second 
Amare Jean, r. Hotel de Paris 
Aniarein Henry M., tailor, r. 030 Brannan 
Amarum Moritz, notions, 521 Washington, r. 764 

Amark Fred., imp and mnfr cigars and tobacco, 518 

Battery, r. 22d bet Valencia and Guerrero 
Amas Robert, clerk, r. 235 Seventh 
Amazon Con. M. Co. (Storey Co. Nev.) John Crockett 

sec. 419 California, rm 21 
AMAZON INSURANCE CO., fire (of Cincinnati) 

A. D. Smith manager, 310 California 
Ambler Benj., clerk with Chas. Langlev & Co., r. 

719 Clementina 
Ambler Samuel, lab, r. 28th nr Sanchez 

Ambrose & Dilla (D. Ambrose and W. D. Dillal fish, 

poultry and game. 237 Sixth 
Ambrose & Horan (James Ambrose and J. J. Horan) 

poultry and gain, itre Market 

Ambrose D. (Ambrose k Dilla r. s5n 11. ward 
Ambrose Edward, r. Green bet Mont and Kearny 
Ambrose James (Ambrose & Horan) r. MO Birch 
Ambrose John, carptr, r. s.s. Lombard hit Polk and 

Ambrose Samuel, butcher, 18 Stevenson bldg, r. B25 

Amco i... with l). Ghirardelll, r. 2 Cadell al 
Aniedee Pierre, r. 109 Post 
Amelunj i ■ i -. r. 986 U Issli m 
Amende Ohas, 11., porter with Geo. w. Clark, r. 125 

Amendt Kinil. carptr, 709 Pacific 

Ann-lit \V. H.. cook Go] 'I ■ t • ■ 1 

Ami roan and European Line Steamers, A. A. En- 

quist agent, 486 Montgomery 
American and Bed Star Steamship Line, N. Giam- 

lo .11 i ,v Oo. agents, 520 < lay 
American Bakery, Wm. lb Baler propr, 71B i 
Ann roan Baptist Publication Society, n< 

and J< 
American Oentral [nsuran 

I;. Eamilton manager, 221 s«i 
A.MKitlC W CLOCK CO., H. Moh n.ux agent, 

'. Montgomery 
American Oommercial Agency, wm. 0. Quinby pres, 

\v. ii. Mnrraj bbc, hi Olaj 
amikk w DISTRICT I i:li:«.k MMl CO. 

Geo. 8. Ladd vi i n I trass., 

Andrew Whits sec, John I. Babln rapt, Louis 

Jacob! mangr, general offlc< 22 - , branch 

office* 966 Mission, 21] Kearny, cor 

in and 20th and cor California and Fillmore 

American Exohangi Hotel, Thos. Bryan propr, 819- 

American Fire Insun i F Philadelpl 

athan Hunt fc Boi California 

American Flag M. ami M <■ 

Geo. B. Spi an m 4i 

American Blai M. and D >'••. Nev.) 

W. K. Watson -<••.. 206 I 

ii l'lat M. « . iia-. A. Sankey sec, 

i nson bldg 
American House, Movers 4 Cagnej |.r • j -r- . - 1 Kfatoms 
American Kindergarten, Mrs. E. L. Man-hall prln., 

American M. and Dredging Co., Geo. W. Deitzler 

pres., 426 Montgomery 
American M. Oo. (Storey Co. Nev.) P.D. U 

432 Montgomc ry, rm l 

ii Missionary Association (Chinese) Bren- 

ham pi, nr ('lay 
American Pipe Co.,P.T. Dickerson general manager, 

22 California 
American Protestant Association Hall, Henry Ches- 
ter agent, 713 Mission 
American Russian Commercial Co. (ice) J. Mora 

Moss pres., 718Batt' ry 
American Samson, physician, r. 1506 Howard 
American Sewing Machine Co., G. R. Wood, mana- 
ger, 124 Fifth 
American Sunday School Union, Rev. F. E. Shearer 

agent, 757 Market 
American Tobacco Factory. V. Baumgarten & Bohls, 

proprs., 21-23 Seventh. 
American Tract Society, Rev. F. E. Shearer sec, 757 

American Union (The) Union Pub. Co. pubs., .J. 

S. McCue editor, uw. cor. Wash, and Sansome 
Amerman C. F., messenger, Mint, r. San Leandro 
Ames Benj. F., teamster with Davis &: Cowell, r. 

541 Stevenson 
Ames Chas., printer with A. Roman & Co., r. 541 

Ames Fisher, attv-at-law, 17 Citv Hall, 3d floor, r. 

722 Turk 
Ames F. M., salesman with O. Lawton & Co., r. 

Grand Hotel 
Ames Frederick F., salesman, with J. W. Burnham k 

Co., r. 430 Montgomery av. 
Ames George, engineer, r. 2633 K Harrison 
Ames Henry Mrs., r. 111M Minna 

Lo UUl lAnU CX, L»U., Importers Japan and China I LAb. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

f706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716 1 

Established 1862 

Ames Henry M. (H. M. Ames & Co.,) r. Oakland 
Ames Henry M. jr. with H. M. Ames & Co., r. 923 

Ames H. M. & Co. (Henry M. Ames) whol. but- 
chers, se. cor. Clay and Leidesdorff 
Ames H. K., manager The Howe Machine Co., 873 

Market, r. 6 Camp 
Ames John, lab., r. 130 Hickory 
Ames John T., millwright, r. 1506 Leavenworth 
Ames J. "W., D. S. Surveyor-General for Cal., office, 

610 Commercial, r. San Bafael 
Ames Martha Miss, teacher Valencia-st. Grammer 

School, r. 218 Eddy 
Ames Mary E., ladies nurse, r. 213 Chatanooga 
Ames Oscar A., carpenter, r. 213 Chatanooga 
Ames Oscar H., carpenter, r. 213 Chatanooga 
Ames Pelham W., sec Sutro Tunnel Co., 320 Cal. rrn. 

8, r. 1312 Taylor 
Ames Zacharia with A B Patrick & Co., r. 415 Van 

Ness av. 

Ames , r. 613 Turk 

Amgott S., r. 722 Filbert 

Amhalt Julius, r. 121 Francisco 

Amhold Hugo, salesman with Lilienthal & Co., r. 

527 Turk 
Arnidon Simeon, driver with Meader & Co., r. Oak- 
Amiott Fred., carptr, r. Philadelphia House 
Amiraux Peter, sec Mechanics' Real Estate Assn, 513 

Amiroux E., clerk, r. 416 Howard 
Amman Frederick, saloonkpr, r. 508 Broadway 
Ammann Alfred, confectioner with Rothschild & 

Ehrenpfort, r. Siegfried's Hotel 
Aniniann Adolph (Dedevky & Ammann) r. Everett nr 

Ammerup G., paints and oils, 1138 Market, r. 1140 

Ammon Bernhard von (Amnion, Caspari & Co.) r. 

1713 Bush 
Ammon, Caspari & Co. (Bernhard von Ammon and 

Harrold Holderness) com nichts, 123 California 
Ammond David St., varnisher, r. 949 Bryant 
Amo Cigar Co. (Chinese) 304 Market 
Amond C, shoemkr, r. cor 25th and Bartlett 
Amos G. W. Mrs., r. 107 Tehama 
Amos J. D., paper ruler with J. Jennings, r. 208 Oc- 

Amos John, janitor Supreme Court. 640 Clay 
Amos John, silversmith with W. K. Vanderslice & 

Co., 136 Sutter 
Amos John T., r. 1506 Leavenworth 
Amos Markel, carrier Chronicle, r. 528 Pine 
Amos Robert C, salesman with Peixotto & Silver- 
man, r. 235 Seventh 
Amright Cornelius, lab S.F. Grading Co., Long Bridge 
Amrine Henry, tailor with Levy Herman, r. 630 Bran 
Amsburg B., butcher with E. Meneseni.r. 715 Filbert 
Amstutz H. L. (Graf & Amstutz) r. 331 Kearny 
Amundsen August, upholsterer, r. 722 Shotwell 
Amy Gustavus, salesman with Hoffman & Co., r. 572 

Anagnostopoolus Athanasius, bartdr with Samuel 

Martinovich, r. cor East and Market 
Anaheim and Sonoma "Wine Depot, John Prinz propr, 

49 Second 
Anatomical Museum, Isaac Rowe sec, 9 Hardie pi 
Anaxter Abram, milkman, r. 517 Grove 
Ancel Augustus, clerk with J. M. Lhez, r. 1120 Dupt 
Ancell Win,, waiter, r. 1036 Folsom 
Anchick John C, sash and blindmkr with B. & J. S. 

Anchor Restaurant, J. E. Gibson propr, 10 Sac 
Anchor Saloon, M. Detels & Co., proprs, 8 Sac 
Anchor Shirt Factory, Mendelsohn & Co., proprs, 

202 Bush 

& Co. agents, 603 "Washington 
Anchutz Julia, domestic, 627 Geary 

F. Hinrichs propr, 9-11 Pacific 
ANCON SALOON, John F. Hinrichs, propr, se 

cor Drumm and Pacific 
Andee Pinibole, waiter Baldwin Hotel, r. 24 Sixth 
Andel Fred, lab Cal. Sugar Ref ., r. ne cor Eighth and 


Andelund Herman, carptr Main-st Mill, r. 635 How 
Andepa Pana, chicken ranch, r. s.s. Bernal Heights 

nr San Bruno road 
Anderan Joseph S., pork and sausages, 51 Centre 

Market, r. 1517 Leavenworth 
Anderen Chas. C, seaman, r. 316 Ritch 
Anderfuren Chas. A., patternmkr with J. M. Stock- 
man, r. 208 Nineteenth 
Anderfuren John, tailor, r. 208 Nineteenth 
Anderfuren Wm. J., patternmkr with J. M. Stock- 
man, r. 208 Nineteenth 
Anderle A., with F. C. Hagerup & Co., r. 533 Minna 
Anderlund Andrew, carptr, r. 535 Howard, rear 
Anders Albert Alonzo, driver Potrero & Bay View 

R. R., r. e. Iowa bet Yolo and Yuba 
Andersan Emil, painter, r. Bush nr Buchanan 
Andersan Ms, cigar mkr, 720 Brannan 
Andersen Anton, painter, r. 625 Fulton 
Andersen A. W., seaman, r. 415 East 
Andersen Geo. L., 2d Lieut. Battery B, 4th Artillery, 

U. S. A., Presidio 
Andersen Nels P., seaman, r. 415 East 
Andersen Svan A., seaman, r. 415 East 
Anderson & Co. (Geo. "W. Anderson and Albert 

Hatch) proprs Oakland and S.F. Express, 331 East 
ANDERSON «& IRVING (Samuel Irving) gents' 

furnishing goods, 219 Montgomery 
Anderson & Paderes (Herman Anderson and Michael 

Paderes) chop house, 156 Steuart 
Anderson & Randolph (W. C. Randolph) jewelers, 

101-103 Montgomery 
Anderson A., carptr, r. 221% Clara, rear 
Anderson A., clerk with A. Roman & Co., r. 415 Hayes 
Anderson A., longshoreman, r. 426 Folsom 
Anderson A., sec Cal. Transportation Co., r. 10 Oak 

Grove av 
Anderson A. B. Mrs., teacher Lincoln Grammar 

School, r. 3044 Sixteenth 
Anderson Abraham, cabinetnikr, r. n.s. Market bet 

15th and 16th 
Anderson A. G., seaman, r. 117 Drumm 
Anderson A. J., r. 29 Turk 
Anderson Albert P., salesman with Palmer Bros., 

r. 730 Market 
Anderson Albert J., gilder with Louis Dampf, r. 632 

Anderson Alfred, steward stmr Sonoma 
Anderson Alfred, tanner with Funcke & Co., r. Tan- 
ners' Home 
Anderson Andrew, cabinetmkr with E. K. Howes & 

Co., r. 721 Broadway 
Anderson Andrew, carpenter S. P. R. R., r. 418 Bran 
Anderson Andrew, cooper, r. 49 Clementina 
Anderson Andrew, fireman stmr Oakland, r. Oakland 
Anderson Andrew, master mariner, r. 126 Capp 
ANDERSON ANDREW, propr Pony Exchange, 

212 Drumm 
Anderson Andrew, saloon and restaurant, 250 Spear 
Anderson Andrew, seaman, r. 26 Sacramento 
Anderson Andrew, seaman, r. 8 Berry 
Anderson Andrew, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Anderson Andrew, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Anderson Andrew, shoemkr with Peter Kehoe, r. 238 

Anderson Andrew, shoemkr with A. Andrews, r. 10% 

Sherwood pi 
Anderson Andrew (Smith & Anderson) r. 138 Folsom 
Anderson Andrew, tailor, 8 August al 
Anderson Andrew, with C. P. R. R., r. 624 Fourth 
Anderson Andrew A., carriagemkr with Edwin Falk- 

ingham, r. 1906 Mission 
Anderson Andrew M., boatswain P. M. S. S. Co. 
Anderson Andrew P., packer National Flour Mills, 

r. 406 Vallejo 
Anderson Annette Miss, r. 10 Commercial 
Anderson Anna, widow, r. 2213 Polk 
Anderson Annie C. Miss, dressmkr, r. 728 Harrison 
Anderson Anton, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Anderson Antone, harness cleaner City Cab and 

Transfer Co., r. 174 Jessie 
Anderson August, mate schr Champion . 
Anderson August, tailor, 3 Noble pi 
Anderson B., tanner, r. Tanners' Home 
Anderson Benj., lab, r. Blue Forrest, Bernal Station 
Anderson Benj. F., waiter Palace Hotel 
Anderson Bennett, deckhand stmr Capital, r. 415 East 

OAKLAND PROPERTY '°' s ^ r \T^£^h^S^" ts ' 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%£'?} Established 1862 

Anderson Bernard, seaman, r. 415 East 

Anderson C. A. Mrs., teacher Lincoln Grammar 

School, r. 29 Turk 
Anderson C. A., waiter, r. siv. cor Battery and Vallejo 
Anderson C. G., deckhand stmr Capital, r. Oakland 
Anderson C. H., gardener, r. Keystone House 
Anderson Chas., r. 12 Virginia 
Anderson Chas., r. 19 Commercial 
Anderson Chas., lab, r. 329 Bitch, rear 
Anderson Chas., lumberman, r. Keystone House 
Anderson Chas., milker with Wm. Hall 
Anderson Chas., painter, r. 231 Six*h • 

Anderson Chas., porter Nevada blk, r. 12 Green 
Anderson Chas., seaman P. M. S. S. Co. 
Anderson Chas., seaman, r. 26 Sacramento 
Anderson Chas., seaman, r. 8 Berry 
Anderson Chas., seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Anderson Chas., tanner with A. B. Patrick & Co., r. 

se. cor 18th and Folsom 
Anderson Chas. A., cuptr, r. 22 Isaac 
Anderson Chas. A., steward Bohemian Club, r. 366 

Anderson Chas. E., local police, r. 9 Perry 
Anderson Chas. G., groceries, uw. cor Vallejo and 

Morey al 
Anderson Chas. H., driver City R. B., r. cur 18th and 

Anderson Chas. J., tailor, r. 3 Gcrke al 
Anderson Chris., r. 428 Drurnni 
Anderson Chris., lab, r. 1j7 Lombard 
Anderson Christ, carptr, r. German H. 'ti l 
Anderson Christian, night watchman, r. 227 - 
Anderson Christopher, night watchman, r. :tJ7 Bry- 
Anderson C. J., widow, r. 506 Folsom 
Anderson Conrad, cook, r. 62 Bernard 
Anderson David C, comedian, r. BOO Bnah 
Anderson E., local police, r. Potrero 
Anderson Edward, bootfitter with (■<■<>. Botenkolber, 

r. 507 Minna 
Anderson Edward, watchman S. P. R. P., r. 13 / • 
Anderson Edward E.. tailor, r. 326 O'Farrell 
Anderson E. J., ship architect and journaUBt, r. 746 

Anderson Elizabeth, domestic, 602 Oapp 
Anderson Elizabeth, domestic, 2221 Taylor 
Anderson Elizabeth, widow, r. cur be Haro and 

Anderson Emanuel, carptr, r. 20 Hermann 
Anderson E. R., clerk with Dewey & Co., r. Oakland 
Anderson Eva S. Miss, teacher Market-st Primary 

School, r. 8 Essex 
Anderson Francis Mrs., furnished rooms, 318 Sutter 
Anderson Frank, r. Hughes House 
Anderson Frank, clerk with C. H. Faucher, r. 408 

Anderson Frank, speculator, r. 215 Kearny 
Anderson Frank P., market inspector, 124 Geary, r. 

411 Hayes 
Anderson Fred, shipwright, r. cor 5th av and I, 

South S. F. 
Anderson Frederick, frarnernkr, r. 1901 Hyde 
Anderson Frederick, cabinetmkr. r. San Bruno Boad 

bet 29th and 30th 
Anderson Frederick P., mate, r. 12 Sacramento 
Anderson Gabriel, lab Empire Lodging House 
Anderson Geo., lab Cal. Sugar Ret'., r. nw. cor Eighth 

and Bryant 
Anderson Geo., miner, r. 919 Sacramento 
Anderson Geo. A., police, r. 141 Fifth 
Anderson Geo. H., r. 325 Harrison 
Anderson Geo., J., carpenter, r. 323 Oak 
Anderson Geo. W. (Anderson & Co.) r. Oakland 
Anderson Gertrude C, r. sw. cor Bay and Kearny 
Anderson Gustave, cook with John H. Burns, r. 1221 

Anderson H.'bartdr, r. 418 Drumm 
Anderson H., plasterer, r. 102 Austin 
Anderson Hans, r. 428 Drumm 

Anderson Hans, conductor Sutter-st R. R., r. 34 Aus- 
Anderson Hans, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Anderson Harry, seaman schr Mary Ellen 
Anderson Henry, cigar boxnikr with A. Waldstein, 

r. 636 Commercial 
Anderson Henry, inventor, r. 2016 Van Ness av 

Anderson Henry, master schr Matthew Turner, r. 9 

Beale pi 
Anderson Henry A., printer with J. V. Brown, r. 302 

Anderson Henry C. r. 916 Greenwich 
Anderson Henry J., engine) t Woodward's 1 1 

r. 318 Fifteenth 
Anderson Herman [Anderson A Paderes] r. ne. cor 

Steuari and Howard 
Anderson Herman, lab, r. 31 Minna 
Andersen Hllder Mrs., milliner] . 316 Stockton 
Anderson Hugh, photographer, r. s.s, Diamond bei 

l-th and 19th 
Audi rs..n Isaac, porter with E. Martin, r. Brooklyn 
Anderson Isaac, shipwright, r. Hngbi - ii 
Anderson J., Int. l'ry Dock 
Anders. in J., sliirtmkr. r. 1039 Olay 
Anders. .n Jacob, coachman, r. B40 Mark< t 

n Jacob, horse clipper, r. ne. cor Hyde and 

Anderson Jacob H. v., salesman \\ i 1 1 1 Bamuel n. 

Harmon, r. *17 Oapp 
Andei i uise 

Anderson Tames, longBhon man. r. 703 < \n enwicb 
Anderson James, magazlnekpr Duponi Powi 

r. w.s. Michigan bet Shasta and sj< rrn 
a ■Tiunes. nnrse City and Count] Hi 
'i James, painter, r.n.s. Birch avbet Lug una 

nini Bnchanan 
Anderson Jai 
Anderson JamesH.,1 kpr with Bamnel H. Harmon, 

r. M7 Oapp 
Andi rson James B., candymkr with D. Cam 

r. io7 Montgomi ry 
Anderson James W., i« «< ler, r. 3318 Poll 
AXDKi(s(i\ JAMES Hr., prln Boring Valley 

Grammar School, r. 3044 Sixteenth 
Andersen Jane, widow, r. 408 Greenwich 

Anderson J. I". It.v., r. 11 Sn.1t pi 

Anderson John, cabinetmkr, r ■ 

Anderson John, carptr, r. 4 Martha pi 

Anderson John, oarptr La Grande Laundry 

Anderson John, carptr, r. 160 Jackson 

Anderson John, ooopi r. r. 668 aClsalon 

Anderson John, lab, r. :il Minna 

Anderson John, lab, r. cor 18th and Columbia 

Anderson John, lab with Nathan Bogers, r. sw. oox 

Batten and Valh jo 
Anderson John, lithographer, r. 368 Olementina 
Anders. .n John, longshoreman, r. :)19 Harrison 
Anderson John, machine hand Main-st Hill, r. 1813 

Anderson John, master srhr Little 305 East 
Anderson John, master schr Bilver Cloud, r. 35 
Anderson John, quartermaster P. M. B. 3. Co. 
Anderson John, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Anderson John, seaman, r. 206 Steuart 
Anderson John, seaman, r. M" Brannan 
Anderson John, seaman, r. Easton 11 
Anderson John, seaman, r. Ancon Hotel 
Anderson John, seaman, r. Bailors' Home 
Anderson John, seaman s. hr Mary Ellen 
Anderson John, tailor, r. 7 August al 
Anderson John, tailor, r. 1111 Kearny, rear 
Anderson John Victor, tailor, r. 410 Vallejo 
Anderson John, varnisher, r. 685 Fourth 
Anderson John, waiter Sailor's Home 
Anderson John A., clerk with A. Berge. r. 218 Green 
Anderson John A., Silverman Palace Hot< 1 
Anderson John Wm., wagonmkr, r. 1906 Mission 
Anderson Joseph, gardener, r. West End Homestead, 

San Jose Road 
Anderson Joseph, local police, r. Magdalen Asylum 
Anderson J. \\\, mining, 324k. California, r. :i04 Cal 
Anderson Joseph D., stationery and school books, 

120 Fourth 
Anderson Lars, seaman, r. 26 Sacramento 
Anderson Louis, cabinetmkr S. F. Furn. Factory, r. 

139 Clara 
Anderson Louis jr., blacksmith, r. 1313 Jackson 
Anderson Louis, driver with Zodoc AV. Moore, r. 31 

Anderson Louis, grainer, r. 531 Linden 
Anderson Louis, laundry, r. 1313 Jackson 
Anderson Louis, seaman schr Nellie Carter 
Anderson M., master schr Mary E. Anderson 

[YD U/lj POV'^ SUPPOSITORIES FOR PILES give immediate 
URi YYIL.V^\JA O per box. For sale by all Druggists. 

relief. Price $2.00 

f 706, 708, 710, 713, 714 and 716 1 

Established 1862 

Anderson M., miner, r. 527 Sacramento 
Anderson M. A., teacher music, r. 15 Guerrero 
Anderson Mardin, waiter, r. Clipper Hotel 
Anderson Margaret, cook, 739 Post 
Anderson Martin, lab Cal. Sugar Kef., r. nw. cor 

Eighth and Bryant 
Anderson Martin, tanner, r. Tanners' Home 
Anderson Mary, cook, 901 Sutter 
Anderson Mary, domestic, 897 Fulton 
Anderson Mary, domestic, 60(3 Mission 
Anderson Mary, domestic, 739 Ellis 
Anderson Mary, widow, r. Nucleus House 
Anderson Mary, widow, r. 6 Hinckley 
Anderson Mary, widow, r. Sansome bet Green and 

Anderson Mary, widow, r. 1 Moulton pi 
Anderson Mary Ann, widow, r. 652 Mission 
Anderson Matilda, domestic, 1520 Van Ness av 
Anderson Matilda, domestic, Grand Hotel 
Anderson Matilda, domestic, sw. cor Greenwich and 

Anderson M. O., nurse City and County Hospital 
Anderson N. Miss, teacher Spring Valley Primary 

Anderson N. A., cooper with Reuben N. Norton, r. 19 

Anderson N. E., sec. Cal. Transportation Co., r. 10 

Oak Grove av 
Anderson Nelse M., tanner with Funcke & Co., r. 

Tanners' Home 
Anderson Nelson, waiter, 620 Folsom 
Anderson Nicholas, waiter Palace Hotel 
Anderson Nicholas, seaman schr Mary Ellen 
Anderson Niels, seaman, r. Sailors' Home 
Anderson O. (Munson & Anderson) r. 423 Kearny 
Anderson O. J., r 9 Spear 

Anderson Oli, stairbuilder, r. Concordia Hotel 
Anderson Oliver, tanner, r. cor R. R. and Salinas avs 
Anderson O. O., porter with Hahn & Roche 
Anderson Peter, carptr, r. Easton House 
Anderson Peter, cellarman with Kohler & Frohling, 

r. 2208 Mason 
Anderson Peter, coachman, r. 451 Bryant 
Anderson Peter, cooper, r. 79 Jessie 
Anderson Peter, cooper with O. Madsen, r. 563 Mis 
Anderson Peter, editor and propr The Pacific Ap- 
peal, 511 Sansome, r. 1407 Powell 
Anderson Peter, lab, r. 10 Vandewater, rear 
Anderson Peter, night cook E. J. Schuur, r. 625 Pac 
Anderson Peter, seaman, r. Easton House 
Anderson Peter, seaman, r. 430 Drumm 
Anderson Peter J., seaman, r. Ancon Hotel 
Anderson R. B., physician, 408 Third 
Anderson Richard, coppersmith with Wagner & 

Todt, r. Potrero av 
Anderson Richard K., carptr, r. 10 Verona 
Anderson Robert W., mate O. S. S. Co. 
Anderson Robert W., seaman, r. 1029 Alabama 
Anderson Rollin C. stationer and news dealer, 

408 Third 
Anderson Samuel S., salesman with Cohnreich 

Bros., r. 281 Stevenson 
Anderson — Scott, r. 810 Jackson 
Anderson Simon, with Thos. Anderson, r. Oakland 
Anderson Sven, carptr, r. 1014 Union 
Anderson Thos., engineer stmr. Oakland, r. 

Anderson Thos., carptr, P. M. S. S. Co. 
Anderson Thos., whol. coal, 16 Drumm, r. 410 Eddy 
Anderson Thos., printer, r. 1609 Mason 
Anderson Thos. C, pantryman P. M. S. S'. Co. 
Anderson Thos. W., bookpr., with F. Barnard & Co., 

r. 415 Haves 
Anderson T. K. Yard master, S. P. R. R., r. 520 

Anderson Tufore, foreman Carmen Island Salt 

Works, r. 8 Anthony 
Anderson Walter, bookpr, with Thos. Anderson, r. 

410 Eddy 
Anderson Walter B., police, r. 502 Stockton 
Anderson Wm., bartdr., with A. Peterson, r. 26 Steu- 

Anderson Wm., dishwasher, r. 940 Bryant 
Anderson Wm., engineer, r. 41 Clementina 
Anderson Wm., engineer, S. F. Cordage Co., r. w. s. 
Indiana nr. Sierra 

Anderson Wm., hostler with J. F. Willson, r. 126 

Anderson Wm., longshoreman, r. 41 Clementina 
Anderson Wm., seaman, r. 415 East 
Anderson Wm., seaman, r. 5 Broadway 
Anderson Wm., wood carver, r. 347 Brannan 
Anderson Wm. B., carriage mkr, r. 10 Verona 
Anderson Wm. B. (W. S. Ray & Co.,) r. 2631 Howard 
Anderson W. F., atty-at law, r 625 Third 
Anderson Wm. R. porter, r. 6 Laskie, rear 
Anderson Wm. T., broommkr, with Harrison & 

Dickson, r. 207 Minna 
Anderson Wm. W. prop Commercial Advocate, r. 

1028 Market 
Anderson — , r. 408 Francisco 
Anderson — , r. 423 Second 
Anderson — , carptr, r. 1608 Jones 
Anderson — , clerk, r. 603 Geary 
Anderson — , lab, r. s.s. Frederick nr First 
Anderson — , shipwright, r. 1714 Dupont, rear 
Anderson — , widow, r. 415 Hayes 
B^_ See also Andersen 
Anderton F. C, r. 15th av nr P, South S. F. 
Andes S. M. Co. (Storey Co. Nev.) M. Landers sec, 2 

Nevada blk 
Andlauer Jacques, carptr, r. 428 Tenth 
Andlauer James V., carptr, r. 227 Tenth 
Andoe Wm., r. 612 Polk 
Andornetti Celestin, compositor Courrier de San 

Francisco, r. 18 Vi Lafayette 
Andornetti, G. B., carver, r. 818 Sansome 
Andornetti Julia Mrs., nurse, r. 1833 Lafayette pi 
Andornetti Paul, r. 1833 Lafayette pi 
Andrade Chas. K., lab, r. 1308 Montgomery 
Andrade J. H., barber, 529 Broadway 
Andrade Joaquin D., lab, r. 1308 Montgomery 
Andrade Sylvester, agent, r. 7 Lafayette pi 
Andrade Wm., r. 658 Folsom 

Andrade Wm. C, clerk with W. Loaiza, r. 656 Fol 
Andrazzy Louis, cook, P. M. S. S. Co., r. 268 Bran 
Andre Alex., ironer with Mme Bradent, r. 724 Filbert 
Andre John Louis, porter Pac. Ref. and Bullion Ex., 

r. 416 Montgomery 
Andre Ravini, fruit, ne. cor Greenwich and Mont- 
gomery av 
Andrea Florian, hostler with Nicholas Hochguertel, 

Long Branch House 
Andreacetti Daniel, shoemkr, r. 307 Broadway 
Andreani G. & Co. (Giuseppe Andreani and John 

Cook) proprs Cosmopolitan Restaurant, 533 Wash 
Andreani Giuseppe (G. Andreani & Co.) r. White 

House Hotel 
Andreas J. G., machinist Risdon Iron Works, r. 209 

Andreas Mary Miss, matron, Lying-in-Hospital and 

Foundling ASylum, 762 Mission 
Andrejewski S., match factory, r. Precita av nr San 

Bruno Road 
Andres Chris., musician, Cal. Theatre, r. 345 Jessie 
Andres J. P., clerk with A, M. Simpson & Bro., r. 

132 Clara 
Andresen Bros. (Christian and John G. Andresen) 

carriage rnkrs, 607 Battery 
Andresen Christian (Andresen Bros.) r. Oakland 
Andresen Henry P., cabinetmkr, 1007 Folsom 
Andresen Inghory, tailoress, r. 54 Everett 
Andresen John G. (Andresen Bros.) r. Oakland 
Andresen Nicklaus, seaman, r. 119 Jackson 
Andresen Nicolay, seaman, schr Mary Ellen 
Andresen O., watchman P. M. S. S. Co 
Andresen P., seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Andrew Alfred G., carptr with William Simon, r. 

1224 Union . 

Andrew Carrie E. Miss, imp human hair, 251 Third 
Andrew George, machinist Risdon Iron Works, r. 

German Hotel 
Andrew George B. T., carptr with William Simon, 

r. 1224 Union 
Andrew Gravil, fish, cor Liedesdorff and Clay, r. 

Union pi 
Andrew Hannah Miss, branch bakery, 1332 Pacific 
Andrew James, boilermkr, r. 260 Clementina 
Andrew John, clerk, r. 803 Hyde 
Andrew Joseph, machinist, r. 209 Minna 
Andrew Reginold J., carptr, r. 1224 Union 
Andrew Robert, waiter Baldwin Hotel 


west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer In 
and Manufactnrerof all kinds of Window Shade* 

" "" and dealer in all kinda of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market SWrrK 5 } Established 1862 

Andrew Win., gardener, r. s.s. Geary bet Devisadero 

and Broderick 
Andrews A., propr Diamond Palace, jeweler and 

watchmkr, 221 Montgomery, r. 639 Tyler 
Andrews A. B., inspector Custom House, r. Oakland 
Andrews Alexander, engineer Odd Fellows Cemetery, 

r. Johnston av e. s. Point Lobos av 
Andrews Charles, driver with J. A. Shepston, r. cor 

San Jose av and 26th 
Andrews Chas. N., woodturner s. e. cor Mission and 

Beale, r. 841 Mission 
Andrews Chas. S. law student with M. C. Blake, r. 2 

Chelsea pi 
Andrews Chester, marble polisher with J. & F. Kee- 

eler, r. Claasen's Hotel 
Andrews E. O., salesman with C. H. Fancher, r. 534 

Andrews Ellen, widow, r. 1208 Pacific 
Andrews Frank & Co. (Frank Andrews and Carlton 

C. Crane) general collectors and real estate agts, 

436 Montgomery. 
Andrews Frank (Frank Andrews & Co.) r. Alameda 
Andrews Frank P.. watchmkr. r. 734 Folsom 
Andrews Fred. J., lab Enterprise Mills, r. w.s. Treat 

av bet 22d and 23d 
Andrews Geo., painter with Frost & Richards, r. 309 

Andrews Hannah Mrs., propr Occidental Lodging 

House, 536 Market 
Andrews Harry, publisher, r. 312 Bartlctt 
Andrews H. H.. master stmr l'etaluma 
Andrews J., r. 420 Jackson 
Andrews James, painter, r. 263 Minna 
Andrews James, painter with S. M. Hills, r. 20 Clem- 
Andrews James Douglas, teacher, r. oor Henry and 

Andrews John, lab with Wilson, Merry k Co., r. ne. 

cor Bay and Webster 
Andrews John, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Andrews John, steward, r. 1 Broadway 
Andrews John, waiter P. C. S. S. Co 
Andrews Oliver, whol butcher, r. cor 6th av and 

L, South S. F. 
Andrews Otis, compositor Grocer and Country M> r- 

chant, r. 7 Glen Park av 
Andrews Otis C, hackman, r. 55 Second 
Andrews Porter H. workman Mint. r. 28 O'Farrell 
Andrews Reuben C, watchman West Coast Furn. 

Co., r. 623 Harrison 
Andrews Richard, stevedore, r. San Jose Boad nr 

West End School-house 
Andrews R. J., porter with Baker & Hamilton, r. 

1224 Union 
Andrews Susan, widow, r. 221 Shotwell 
Andrews Thos. J., foreman Figaro, r. w.s. Mason bet 

Vallejo and Green 
Andrews Thos. N., r. Minna bet Third and Fourth 
Andrews Thomas S., with California Theatre, r. 1208 

Andrews T. J., maltster, r. 436 Brannan 
Andrews Wm., paperhanger, r. 36 Russ 
Andrews Wm., stonecutter, r. 523 Sixth 
Andrews Wm. jr., vice-pres Pac. Land and Trust 

Co., 405 California, r. Nucleus House 
8^"* See also Andrew 

Audrey M. Miss, saleswoman, r. 311 Stockton 
Andrioli Marcelini, fresco painter, r. 4 Tay 
ANDROS & PAGE (Milton Andros and Chas. 

Page) attvs-at-law, 18-20 U. S. Court bldg 
ANDROS MILTON (Andros & Page) atty-at-law. 

18-20 U. S. Court bldg, r. 301 Van Ness av 
Andross P. H., clerk Coiners' Dept Mint. r. 28 O'Far 
Andross — , clerk P. O., r. 206 Kearny 
Andrus George, bookpr. r. 39 Moss 
Andrus J. B., off 524 Sansome 

Andruss Geo. H., with Tallant & Co., r. 1313 Tallejo 
Andrzejowski Madeline, widow, r. 702 Bush 
Anduran C. & Co. (Chas. Andnran, Chas. Carpy and 

P. Van Bever) imps and dealers wines, liquors, 

cider and wine vinegar. 515-517 Sacramento 
Anduran Chas. (C. Anduran & Co.) r. 738 Pacific 
Ang Une (Chinese) larindry, 756 Brvant 
Angel A. E. collector with S. L. Mastick & Co., r. 

Angel James M., carpenter, r. 613 Mission 

AXGEL MVROX, mining sec, 24 Merchants' Kx- 

chant-'c . r. 628 Fell 
Angel Texas, atty-at-law, 310 Pine, nn 45, r. Alameda 
Angeline A. L.. compositor with La Voce del Popolo, 

r. 1067 Towel 1 
Angelis August, tinsmith, r. 1333 N stoma 

- Wilhelmlna, widow, r. 1623 Powell, rear 
Angelina Dlederich l... teamster Albany I 

r. 766 Howard 
Angell A. J., stockbroker, r. 241 
Angel] Kllniur. painter, r. 2416 Poa1 
Angi U li. B. (Goldi i. Mat'- and Miners' Iron Works) 

p. 11 cl> ii.i utina 
Angel] 3. < .. r. ''■'■■■ Pine 
AXGELh JONATHAN AV., druggist, nw. oar 

Firsl and Folsom, r. : : 1 t i irei 
Angel] Otis li.. clerk Qolden state and Htm 

Works, r. li Clementina 

Angelo I'. A., widow, r. 217 Mason 

Angela Pledmonte, dishwasher Oosmopolitao Bea- 
tanrant, r. 1118 Kearny, reHr 

Angela B. (Pioneer Bode Works | r. 1607 Dai 

Angeloa Letro, gardener, r.Old s:. I nr Five- 

mile it 

Anger Victor, tanner with Main A; Wlnohi ster. r. 780 
Foui th 
dud H, rman, seaman, i 

Angerstein Chaa., lab with Knorp, Bohiller A: Co., r. 
513 Howard. n nr 

Angler A. A. Mi — , privat - o'Farrell 

Angier Anne H . Mr- . r. 616 < 'T'arrell 

i ■ rollne L., with Miss A. A. Angier, r. 618 


Michael, eabinitinkr, r. 4. r ,'.'\ Tehama 
Anglande John, dairyman, cor Webster and Bay 
Anglln Patrick, lab, p. e.8, Bryant bel 24th ami 26tb 
Anglln Thos., porter Cal. Furu. Mnl'g Co., r. 721 

\.\(.l,(l-( Ahll'OKMAX BANK Th I I 

Low and [gnatz Steinhart managers, 1'. N . Lilian- 

thai ,a>hier, 422 California 
Angluni Frank, with Pac, Boiling Mill 
Anglnn John, lab, r. 796 Fourth 
Angoune Frank, French laundry, 717 Stockton 
Angulo Coustancia, shirtmkr with E. Cohlcntz. r. 

Greenwich bet Stockton ami Powell 
Anhoru Frank, lab with 1'. D. OonrO & Son, r. M, tr, - 

politan Hotel 
Ankel Bernhard. r. 9CC Folsom 
Ankele Augusta Mrs., r. loth av nr R. R. av, South 

S. F. 
Ankers Christ, show-case mnfr, 40h Tehama 
Ankner Christian, propertyman Theatre Comlqoe, r. 

Olympic Lodging House 
Anness James, carptr, r. 651 Folsom 
Anneville Alcide, cook Diner Parisien Ri staurant, r. 

634 Pacific 
Anuis C, widow, r. 327 Bryant 
AnnisC.with F. Korbel k Bros., r. 1319 Si 

Annis John, hackman, r. 78 Natoma 
Anoury Alfred, butcher with Baraty & Coutol. do, r. 

1817 Broadway 
Anschell Levi, tailor, 48 Sacramento 
Anschutz Emily, widow, r. 1330 Broadway 
Anselm Otto, upholsterer, r. w.s. Laguna bet Grove 

and Hayes 
Anselmo Casara, machinist .Etna Iron Works, r. 1217 

Ansen John, cabinetmkr with Thomas & Benton, r. 

146 Silver 
Anshel Samuel, fancy goods. 214 Sixth 
Anslinger Geo., cooper with J. Gundlach k Co., r. 

35 Stevenson 
Ansley Barzillia, ballastman, r. 2017 Dupont. rear 
Anslorough Edward, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Ansolabehere John, boarding, 8 Ashburton pi 
Ansolito Antonio, r. 314 Pacific 
Anson Byron, coachman. 1215 Sutter 
Anson G., r. 215 Sixth 
Anson I. X., r. 118 Prospect pi 
Anson John. r. 909 Geary 
Anson Patrick F., painter with Wason & Morris, r. 

5 crt. 
Anson Richard, painter, r. 909 Geary 


405 and 407 SANSOME ST., sole Manufacturers of the 
Patented Cafe ties Gourmands. 

'706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716 

} Established 1862 

Anspacher & Co. (Livercnore) Abram Anspacher 

agent, 219 Sansome 
Anspacher Abram, purchasing agent with Anspacher 

& Co., Livermore, 219 Sansome, r. Baldwin Hotel 
Anstett Armand Mrs. (Grogan & Anstett) r. 725 

Anstey Chas. T., clerk with Balfour, Guthrie & Co., 

r. 228 Shotwell 
Antelope Oyster Saloon and Chop House, Frederick 

Conrades propr, 612 Market 
Anthes Louis N., clerk with Marks & Bheinhardt, r. 

Sophie Terrace 
Anthes Fred. F., musician and branch bakery, 510 

Anthes Peter, saloon 2-8 Leidesdorff, r. Sophie Ter- 
Anthonison H., lab Bay Sugar Ref. 
ANTHONY & MA ASS (Henry Anthony and 

Christopher Maass) groceries, 6 Clara Lane 
Anthony Albert, butcher with C. M. Sutherland, r. 

1061 Folsom 
Anthony A. P., carptr, r. 1827 Howard 
Anthony D. L., seaman ship Davy Crockett 
Anthony Edwin R., clerk Asst Treasurer's off C. 

P. B. B., r. Alameda 
Anthony Edward T. (E. T. Anthony & Co.) and 

leather and cut bottom stock, 416 Market, r. 124 

ANTHONY E. T. & CO. (Edward T. Anthony 

and Adam T. Green) re-packers, 407-409 Com 
Anthony Ferdinand, bookfmisher with Bartling & 

Kimball, r. 1506 Buchanan 
Anthony Frank, saloon, 1042 Folsom 
Anthony Geo. W. (G. W. Anthony & Co.) se. cor Bush 

and Kearny 
Anthony G. W. & Co. (Geo. W. Anthony) money 

brokers, se. cor Bush and Kearny 
Anthony Henry (Anthony & Maass) r. 6 Clara lane 
Anthony Hyman, pedlar, r. 4 Kate 
Anthony John A., local agent C. P. B. R., r Alameda 
Anthony Sarah, widow, r. 1 Haight 
Anthony Wm. T., with E. T. Anthony, r. Oakland 
Anthony's Hall, 417 Bush 

Anti-Coolie Laundry, John Duclos propr, 1721 Market 
Antirrus Jesus, r. ne. cor Dupont and Vallejo 
Antisell Thos. M. (T. M. Antisell & Co.) r. Berkeley 
Antisell T. M. & Co. (Thos. M. Antisell) pianos and 

organs, 865 Market 
Antisell Wm. C, clerk with T. M. Antisell & Co., r. 

865 Market 
Antognelli David, artist, r. 15 Cadell al 
Antoine Clemence Miss, laundress, r. 1524 Polk 
Antoine Frank, dishwasher Clipper Restaurant, r. 

306 Pacific 

Anton Henry, machinist with Will&Finck, r. Stock- 
ton bet Lombard and Greenwich 
Anton Joseph, r. 314 Pacific 
Anton Manuel, steward C. P. R. R., r. Oakland 
Antone August, cigarmkr, r. 48 Minna 
Antone Manuel, r. 106 Commercial 
Antoni Edward, salesman with Pardini Catania, r. 

307 Broadway 

Antonia Michael, messman P. M. S. S. Co. 

Antonio & Co. (Chinese) cigar factory, 1404 Stockton 

Antonio Andrew, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 

Antonio Chas., fruits, 204 Third 

Antonio John, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 

Antonio Nicholas, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 

Antpeter Chas., r. 226 Oak 

Antron Peter, r. 1211 Powell 

Antube Peter, whol butcher, r. 23 Oak Grove av 

Antunovich A. & Co. (A. Autunovich) coffee saloon, 

403 East 
Antunovich A. (A. Antunovich & Co.) r. 403 East 
Antunovich Florio, r. 712 Green 
Antunovich Nicholas, coffee saloon, cor Commercial 

and East, r. 533 Union 
Antz Henry, butcher, nw. cor Larkin and Geary 
Anzel Mary, widow, dyeing and scouring, 1005 Mis 
Anzoli Anselmo, milker with C. Solari, r. Clara av 

bet 18th and 19th 
Ape Domenico, fruits and vegetables, 604 Post 
Apelt Chas. M., shirtcutter with Louis Lengfeld, r. 

605 Greenwich 
Apgar Geo. M., lab Custom House, r. 571 Bryant 
Apgar Richard M., bailiff Police Court, r. 1224 Bush 

Api Egg (Chinese) laundry, 53 Clara 

Apollo House, Leon Pieper propr, 807 Kearny 

Apothecaries' Hall, Wm. J.Bryan propr, se.cor Mar- 
ket and New Montgomery 

Appel Abe, clerk with Mrs. S. Appel, r. 406 Sixth 

Appel John, r. 729 Pine 

Appel Jacob, bookpr with John G. Hodge & Co., r 
406 Sixth 

Appel Julia Miss, clerk with Mrs. S. Appel, r. 406 

Appel Samuel, auctioneer, r. 527 Tehama 

Appel Sarah Mrs., dry and fancy goods, 28 Sixth, r. 
406 Sixth 

Appel Simon, tailor, 786 Folsom 

Appel William, finisher with H. Granz, r. 678 Fol- 

Appel Wolf, with Mrs. Sarah Appel, r. 406 Sixth 

Appell John C, cabinetmkr with Thomas & Benton, 
r. sw. cor Main and Mission 

Appell S., extraman Hook and Ladder No. 3, S. F. Fire 
Dept, r. 225 Fifth 

Appenzeller Jacob, wheelwright, r. 2 Kohler's pi 

Appenzeller T., tailor, r. 1522 Stockton 

Appiarius Henry (Lohse & Appiarius) r. junction 
Hayes and Market 

Appiarius Wm., driver Union Pac. Pickel Factory, r. 
504 Filbert 

Appin Chas., teacher music, r. 616 California 

Applebee Win., whitener, r. 24 Oak 

APPLEBY WM., florist and nurseryman, cor 
Mission and 20th., r. 2325 Mission 

Appleby Wm., wool carder with Price & Lee, r. Ex- 
celsior Hotel 

Applegarth Edward, mining, 302 Montgomery, rm. 
30, r. Oakland 

Applegarth Wm., farmer off, 302 Montgomery, 
rm. 30, r. Oakland 

Applegate J. Henry, jr., reporter Commercial Her- 
ald, r. 1119 Geary 

Applegate John J. clerk, tax collector's office, r. 53 

APPLEGATE JOSIAH H., atty-at-law, 729 
Montgomery, rm. 2, r. Grand Hotel 

Appleton Aaron, r. 235 Clara 

Appleton Abram, pedlar, r. 235 Clara 

Appleton Jacob, shoemkr., with Einstein Bros. & 
Co., r. 235 Clara 

Appo Georgiana Mrs., hairdresser, r. 722 Broadway 

Appo J. B., porter P. C. S. S. Co. 

Appy H. J., Mrs., r. 530 Pine 

Aprin J. shoemkr, r. 359 Clementina 

Apted Walter, boatman, r. 216^ Francisco 

Ar Hing (Chinese) laundry, 1224 Dupont 

Ar Quong (Chinese) laundry, 822 Sansome 

Araen P. widow, r 1412 % Powell 

Arager S. Bev., rabbi, r. 905 Folsom 

Arata Andrea, lab, r. 619 Bay 

Arata Angelo, pedlar, r. 3 Margaret pi. 

Arata Bortolomeo, (Segui & Arata) r. 629 Davis 

Arata Enriche, bootblack with Louis Badaracco, r. 
3 Stockton 

Arata F. & Co. (Francisco Arata and Domonico Brig- 
noni) hay and grain, 620 Broadway 

Arata Felicina Mrs., dressmkr., r. 533 Vallejo 

Arata Francisco (F. Arata k Co.) r. 517 Greenwich 

Arata G. B. prod., r. 9 Lafayette pi. 

Arata Giovanni, gardener, 31-32 Colombo mkt,, 
r. Alms House road e. of Ocean House Road 

Arata John, cartman, r. 3 Maiden lane 

Arata Joseph, bootblack, 23 Leid., r. 1510 Dupont 

Arata Louis, com. mcht., 203-205 Washington, r. 
1126 Turk 

Arata Louis, lab., r. 423 Filbert 

Arata Luigi, marble polisher, with Chas. Bianchi, r. 
Gaven pi. 

Arata Luigi (Pastene & Arata) r. 1119 Tyler 

Arata Michael, bootblack, 23 Leid, r. 1510 Dupont 

Arata Nicolo, lab, r. 12 Union pi 

Arata Paleo, pedlar, r. 3 Margaret pi 

Arata Pietro, lab with Ghirardelli & Danzel, r. 13 
Union pi 

Arata S., pedlar, r. 736 Vallejo, rear 

Arata Andro, fruits and vegetables, 519 Fourth 

Arata Joseph, fruits and vegetables, 519 Fourth, r. 
804 Third 

Arbiddson Chas., machinist, r. 641 Folsom 


vHrliALIOlO will do well to call on MARST0N & ADAMS, Real Estate Agents, Oakland. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market SLABCST) Established 1862 

Arbogast Fred., upholsterer with Frank G. Edwards, 

r. Blundell House 
Arbuckle Catharine, domestic, s.s. Liberty bet Guer- 
rero and Dolores 
Arbuckle Henry, miner, r. s.e. cor Kentucky and 

Arbuckle Mrs., janitress Potrero School 
Arcade House, A. Hartuiann propr, 45 Sacramento 
Arcade House, John A. Hudnall propr, 930 Market 
Arcadian Bazar, J. J. Stevenson & Co. pioprs, imps 

pictures, chromos, mirrors, etc., 130 Sixth 
Arch Julia, domestic, 1918 Sacramento 
Archambault J. B., cabinetmkr, West Coast Furn. 

Co., s. 152 Silver 
Archbald John, surveyor S. F. Savings Union, r. 1312 

Archer A., student, r. 218 Fourth 
Archer Catherine, widow, r. 10 Haywood 
Archer Chas. H., machinist with Tait ft Hainque, r. 

415 Fifth 
Archer E., steerage steward P. M. S. S. Co. 
Archer H. R., actor Bella Union Theater 
Archer H. R. Mrs., actress Bella Union Theatw 
Archer James, machinist with Pac. Iron Works, r. 

Archer Win., machinist Phils. Br< \\ i rj . r. H7 Fifth 
Archer — Miss, dressmkr, r. 24 Sixth 
Archibald James Wilson, molder Kisdon Iron Works. 

r. 101 Tehama 
Archibald Jesse Gh, stableman with Record Livery 

Stable, r. 1324 Market 
Archibald P. L. & Co. (Prescott L. Archibald and A. 
J. Jeffers) livery and boarding stable, 1824 1326 
Archibald Prescott L. (P. L.Archibald k Co.) r. 1232 

Archibald W. Robinson, foreman with P. L. Archi- 
bald & Co., r. 1232 Mission 
Archibald Thos., saloon, i Valencia 
Archie Mary Miss, cigar bux paster with A. Wald- 

stein, r. Third bet Harrison and Folsom 
Ardery James A., salesman with Johnston ft Veasey, 

r. 1211 Clay 
Arendt Edward, upholsterer S. P. R. K., r. 729 Clem- 
Arens Otto H., shaper Beale-st Mills, r. 402 Bdway 
Arensberg Hermann, physician, r. 322 Third 
Arey Chas., master mariner, r. 2207'.. Pine 
Arey E. F., widow, r. 2326 Mission 
Arey Joseph, mate ship Blue Jacket 
Arey Walter W., bookpr, r. 2225 California 
Arfman Henry, baker, r. ne. cor Eleventh and Mis 
Arfort John B., blacksmith and wheelwright, 218 

Post, r. 623 Geary 
Arfsten Arfst J., canvasser, r. 1028 Market 
Argall John (Birch, Argall & Oo.) r. 221 Elm av 
Argenta Leon, cook Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Argentina G. and S. M. Co. (Lyon Co. Nev.) Thad. S. 

Fitch sec, 240 Montgomery, rm 1 
Argenti Jerome, compositor with Kane & Cook.r. 

2929 Mission 
Argenti Tullio, stonecutter with Larseneur & Shee- 

iin, r. 2929 Mission 
Arguello Albert, clerk with Mayers & Hirsht'eld. r. 

26 Turk 
Arguello Chas., clerk with A. Baumgarten, r. Park 

Arnold Hugo, traveling agent, r. 527 Turk 
Arias Benancio, expressman London and S. F. Bank, 

r. 18 Washington av 
Arighi Giovanni, vegetable gardener, 70 Colombo 

Arina Santo, bartdr, r. 30 Ohio 
Arineau L., cfrptr, r. 327 Montgomery av 
Ariola Elizabeth, widow, r. 621 Union 
Ariola Herminia, portrait painter, r. 621 Union 
Arion Halle, Henry Grimm propr, ne. cor Kearny 

and Slitter 
Arion House, Julius Heinecke propr, 13-15 Page 
Aris Gertrude, dressmkr, r. 343 Jessie 
Arizona M. and M. Co., E. G. Freeland sec, 19 Mer- 
chants' Exchange 
Arizona S. M. Co. (Nevada) Wm, Willis sec, 29 Ne- 
vada blk 
Arizona Stage Line, David B. Jackson agent, 214 

Arliug Isaac, lab freight depot C. P. B, K., r. 669 

Bryant, rear 
Arlington I'. 1'. Mrs., r. 317 Mason 
Arlington House, K. UcLeod propr, 127 Kearny and 

- itter 

Axmager chas. W., police, r. 1010 Vallejo 

Armand Boyenval, foreman with I. Landsberger & 

0o., r. Oakland 
armand <>.. cook French Hospital 
Annaim ft Mielnielis (Edward Armann and Ernest 

Michaeiisi barbers and baths, Bit Wash 
Armann Edward (Armann A: UUchaells) r. Bote] 

Armbrewster Julius, engraver C'al. Jewelry c ... r. S88 

Armbrnster Adolph, saloon, '.'47 Folsom, r. 148 


Armbrnster Daniel, oarpti B. P. i; ic. r. ll Hickory 
Armer Sermann, Balesman with Kullman A: Aimer, 

r. 2203 Plllmi re 
Armer rosepb L., bookpr with Kullman i: Armer, 

r. 1U) linsh 
Armer L. M. Pine 

Armer Max (Kullimin ft Armer] r. 1424 Bu-h 

Thos., cook with J. E. Gibson, r. ID Bac 
ABtfES »* l)\l.l.\M Q W. and Ohai 

Armes and Blchard B> l'allami wood and willow 

ware, '-'i"> 217 Baoranu nto 
Armes Ohaa. W. [Armes ft Dallam) r. Oakland 
Armes Geo. W, Irmes ft Dallam) r. Oakland 
Ariiin nta P., printer, r. 920 Washington 
Armlngton Edward J., compositor with A. L. Ban- 

•■roit ft 0o., r. 88 
Armlngton Edward B., tailor with Nicholas - 

Armlngton Geo. II.. t. se. OOI Sixth and Minna 
Armlngton Wm., seaman, r. 14 Salmon 
Armltage John, aallmkr, r. 1008 Mc 11 
Armltage Joseph, apotheoary, e..r Dnpont and 

Armite Morris, Book Palace Hotel 

Armonio Pi< b ■. \> g< tabli bo Market 

Armor Wm., bartdr with M. i'lanigan. r. 2<mi Pacific 
Armory Hall, 1 rMoi tgomery and Baoramento 

Arms Moms. poliCt . r. 2 Hopi ton Terrace 
Armstead John Wesley, waiter Palace Hotel, r. 998 

Armstrelm Joseph, e,„,k Baldwin Hotel 
Armstrom — . r. 1417 Kearny 
Armstrong ft Harrington (John H. Armstrong and w. 

H. Harrington) saloon l"..: Hew afOBtgOB 
Armstrong A., s. aman, r. k' ystone House 
Armstrong Andrew J., r. 1824 Baoranu nto 
Armstrong B. ¥., salesman With J. W. Shaelfer ft 0o., 

r. 12 Height 
Armstrong Catherine m. Mrs., upholston 

Cal. i'urn ttnfg Co., r. 522 O i'arell. rear 
Armstrong Chris., sign painter, r. 1602 Mission 
Armstrong Christopher, clerk with M. Connell, r. 

1018 Folsom 
Armstrong David, com mebt, r. 522 u'Karrell. rear 
Armstrong Edward J. M., clerk with B. 8. Brooks, r. 

1103 Montgomery 
Armstrong E. I., r. 2224 Howard 
Armstrong E. J., clerk, r. Warschauer Hoi. 
Armstrong Elizabeth, domestic 1014 Jackson 
ARMSTRONG FRANCIS T., teamster, r. 522 

O'Farrell, rear 
Armstrong George, clerk with Jason Springer & Co., 

r. East Oakland 
Armstrong George P., mining sec, 328 Montgomery, 

rm 13, r. Oakland 
Armstrong H., watchman O. S. S. Co 
Armstrong Hiram, carptr, r. 10 Franklin 
Armstrong Hugh, salesman with Lilienthal & Co., r. 

527 Turk 
Armstrong James, gatekpr City and County Hospital 
Armstrong James, propr Eagle Brewery, r. sw. cor 

Folsom and 14th 
Armstrong John, r. 458 Guerrero 
Armstrong John, asphaltum roofer, r. 670)$ Clem 
Armstrong John, bartdr with O. Hokanson, r. 527 

Armstrong John, clerk, r. 1 Tay 
Armstrong John, cooper, r. 612 Powell 
Armstrong John, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 

A. E. MINTIE, M. D. 

11 Kearny Street, sole Agent for Sir Aatley Cooper'* Vital 
Restorative — the frreat English Remedy for Nervous Debility, 
Exhausted Vitality and Premature Decline. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. {'"^S&SStftt^™} Established 1862 

Armstrong John, tailor, 335 Bush, r. Lick House 
Armstrong John, varnisher, r. Rausch nr Howard 
Armstrong John G., cooper with K. Armstrong, r. 

212 Paul 
Armstrong John H. (Armstrong & Harrington) r. 14}£ 

Armstrong John L,. stockbroker, r. 1626 Eddy 
Armstrong, Jno. K. delivery clerk P. M. S. S. Co., r. 

cor Third and Howard 
Armstrong Kate Miss, cojpyist with County Clerk, r. 

2224- Howard 
Armstrong M., r. Franklin Hotel 
Armstrong M. Jennie, Miss, r. 2120 Union 
Armstrong Martin, cigars, 529 % East 
Armstrong Mary Mrs., r. 176 Minna 
Armstrong M. T., clerk, r. 1049 Howard 
Armstrong B., cooper, 72 Oregon, r. 22 Hampshire 
Armstrong Robert B., bookpr IXL Auction House, r. 

417 Powell 
Armstrong Samuel C, salesman with Geo. W. Miller, 

r. 564 Bryant 
Armstrong Samuel P., teamster with H. Dutton jr, 

r. 303 Bartlett 
Armstrong Thos., bartdr, r. Ocean House Flat nr 

Lake Merced 
Armstrong Thos., propr Armstrong's Hayward Ex- 
press, 1 Commercial, r. Hayward 
Armstrong Thos. H., shoemkr, r. Stanford Hotel 
Armstrong Truman B., tinner with Holbrook, Mer- 
rill & Co., r. 921 Jackson 
Armstrong Wm., compositor Chronicle, r. 219 Minna 
Armstrong Win., grainer, r. 664 Howard 
Armstrong Wm., grainer, r. 307 Eighteenth 
Armstrong Wm. jr, grainer, r. 307 Eighteenth 
Armstrong Wm... lab, r. 490 Brannan 
Armstrong Wm., porter Franklin Hotel 
Armstrong W. G., compositor Bulletin, r. 2224 How 
Armstrong Wm. H., clerk Medical Directors' Office 

U. S. A., r. 1827 O'Farrell 
Armstrong Wm. H., watchman P. M. S. S. Co. 
Armstrong W. J., salesman with Keane, O'Connor & 

Co., r. Warschauer House 
Armstrong W. W., accountant, r. 1115 Sutter 
Armstrong — , r. 614 Kearny 
Armstrong — , speculator, r. 603 Geary 
Armstrong's Express (Hayward and San Francisco) 

Thos. Armstrong propr, off 1 Commercial 
Armsworthy John, mate, r. Sailors' Home 
Arnaud Albert, bartdr with Mrs. M. Sajous, r. 221 

Arnaud Albert A., r. 652 Washington 
Arnaud Paul, upholsterer, r. 726 Union 
Arnaud Pierre, boxmkr Pac. Box Factory, r. 12 Wil- 
Arnaud R. lime., r. 636 Pacific, rear 
Arnberger Frank, musician, r. 1305 Montgomery 
Arnd Margaret, lodgings, 719 Clay 
Arndt Rudolinh, lab Bay Sugar Refinery 
Arnell W. J., milk dealer, r. Golden Gate Hotel 
Arnesen Soren, packer with E. C. Slorah, r. 916 Fil- 
Arnest John, operator with Bradley & Rulofson, r. 

Wall's Tract, Oakland 
Arnett N. H., driver Hose No. 5, S. F. Fire Dept, r. 

s.s. Market bet Tenth and Eleventh 
Arnett Henry F., r. 23 Fell 

Arnheim Aaron, clerk with R. Arnheim, r. 2112 How- 
Arnheim Abram, clerk with Banner Bros. 
Arnheim Gustave S., jeweler with R. W. Jackson, r. 

1333^ Ninth 
Arnheim Herman, bookpr, r. 8 Steuart 
Arnheim Julias S. (S. S. Arnheim & Son) r. 24 Steu- 
Arnheim R. Mrs., drygoods, 297 Sixteenth, r. 2112 

ARNHEIM SAMUEL. S., stationery and notions, 

8 Steuart 
Arnheim Saul, clothing, r. 2112 Howard 
Arnheim S. S. & Son (Samuel S. and Julias S. Arn- 
heim) druggists, 24 Steuart 
Arnheim Wm. S., watchmkr and jeweler, 8 Steuart 
Arnhold Benj., clerk with Brown & Desmond, r. 527 

Arnhold Hugo, salesman with Lilienthal & Co., r. 527 

ARNOLD A., fancy goods and millinery, 1400 

Polk, r. 1532 Polk 
Arnold Adam, butcher, r. 14th av nr P, South S. F. 
Arnold Adolph, steward with J. Casimir, r. 3 Hardie 

Arnold Amanda, widow, r. 207 Fair Oaks 
Arnold Anna, widow, r. Powell av nr California av 
Arnold Austin, cashier with Marcus C. Hawley & Co., 

r. 413 Van Ness av 
Arnold Benjamin E., whol butcher, 4th av and M, 

South S. F., r. 212 Fair Oaks 
ARNOLD BROS. (Cyrus M. and Gilbert C. Ar- 
nold) real estate and money brokers, 211 Kear 
Arnold Casper, hatter, r. 135 Post 
Arnold Chas., actor Grand Opera House 
Arnold Chas., compositor with H. S. Crocker & Co. 
Arnold Chas. H., r. 202 Hyde 
Arnold Chas. W., bookpr with E. B. Perrin, r. 120 

Arnold Cyrus M. (Arnold Bros.) r. 757 Mission 
Arnold Edward H., gardener, 915 Leavenworth 
Arnold Elbridge F., optician, 427 Kearny, r. 822 

Arnold Ella Miss, cigar boxmkr with A. Waldstein, 

r. 649 Mission 
Arnold Ferdinand D., letter carrier Station C, P. O., 

r. 20th bet Guerrero and Valencia 
Arnold Francis W., cooperage, 116 Oregon and 3 

Chambers, r. 523 Octavia 
Arnold Fraud, milker with J. & H. Schaefer, Ocean 

Beach Road nr toll gate 
Arnold G. and S. M. Co., C. H. Waterman sec, 230 

Arnold Geo. A., tanner with Bloch & Davidson, r. 

243 Dora 
Arnold Geo. C, teacher languages, r. 1425 Howard 
Arnold Geo. H., clerk Occidental Hotel 
Arnold Geo. W., teamster withStarbird & Goldstone, 

r. 26 Columbia 
Arnold Geo. AV. B., teamster, r. 309 Twenty-sixth 
Arnold Gilbert C. (Arnold Bros.) r. 220 Sixteenth 
Arnold Gottlieb, butcher, cor Mission and 30th 
Arnold Henry A., salesman with N. S. Arnold & Co., 

r. 11 Hampton pi 
Arnold H. H., local police, r. Sailors' Home 
Arnold James W., local police, r. cor Beale and How 
Arnold John, cook Baldwin Hotel 
Arnold John F., conductor Clay-st. R. R., r. 1503 

ARNOLD JOSEPH, wood and coal, 333 Third, r. 

331 Third 
Arnold Julia T., dressmkr, r. Delgado pi nr Hyde 
Arnold Marcus P., carrier P. O., r. 1503 Leavenworth 
Arnold Matthew A., foreman machinist Union Iron 

Works, r. 82 Natoma 
Arnold Mary, dressmkr, r. Delgado pi nr Hyde 
ARNOLD N. S. <Ss CO. (Noah S. Arnold) hard- 
ware, com. mcht and mnf rs' agents, 310 California 
Arnold Noah S. (N. S. Arnold & Co.) r. 1521 Geary 
Arnold Otto, collector London and S. F. Bank, r. 719 

Arnold Otto, lab Philadelphia Brewery, 232 Second 
Arnold Peter, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Arnold Rebecca H., widow, r. s.s. 20th nr Guerrero 
Arnold Richard, stone mason, r. 415 Harrison 
Arnold Rufus, teamster, r. 2104 Folsom 
Arnold Rufus AV., teamster with Sedgley & Davis, r. 

1622 Jessie 
Arnold Thos. C, salesman with Hecht Bros. & Co., 

r. 611 Stockton 
Arnold Thos., bricklayer, r. 415 Harrison 
Arnold T. J., chief engineer State Harbor Commis- 
sioners, 10 California, r. Oakland 
Arnold Uriah K., bookpr with Greenebaum Bros., r. 

1017 Polk 
Arnold Wm., steamboating, r. 522 Filbert 
Arnold AVm. H., mnfr Paragon stoves, 44 Fourth, r. 

1226 Mission ^ t <,_ 

Arnold Wm. T., photographic printer New York 

Photograph Gallery, r. 1226 Mission 
Arnot N. D. jr., bookpr Vulcan Iron Works, r. 261o 

Mission , 

AENOTT THOMAS, expressman, r. 4 Park av 
Arnoudts Constant, sign painter with St. Denis & 

Chesney, r. 815 Bush 
Arnoudts L. Mrs., mnfr artificial flowers, 815 Bush 


' west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer in 
'and Manufacturerof all kinds of Window Shades 
and dealer in all kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St.{%2ST} Established 1862 

Arnstein Eugene (Stein, Simon & Co.) r. 332 Eddy 

Arnstein I., r. 332 Eddy 

Arnstein Ludwig, bookpr with Stein, Simon & Co., 

r. 1012 Bush 
Arnsworth John, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Aron Isidor, salesman with Bornstein Bros., r. 44 

Aronsen John, shipwright, r. n.s. 28th bet Church 

and Sanchez 
Aronsohn Bernard (Friedman & Aronsohn) r. 252 

Aronsohn I. & Co. (Isidor Aronsohn, M. Levi ami If. 

Golnick) fruits and vegetables, sw. cor Sixth 

and Jessie 
Aronsohn Isidor (I. Aronsohn & Co.) r. 626 Stevenson 
Aronsohn Sigmund, ins agent, r. 3 Munroe 
Arenson Abraham, furniture, 1326 Stockton, r. 310 

Montgomery av 
Aronson David, r. 444 Clementina 
Aronson Frank, clerk with J. Franklin, r. 502 Bush 
Aronson Geo. & Co. (Geo. Aronson and A. P. Crauer) 

loan office, 110 Kearny 
Aronson Geo. (Geo. Aronson & Co.; r. 514 Eddy 
Aronson J. & Co. (Jacob Aronson) mufrs ladles' 

underwear, 125 Sansome 
Aronson Jacob (J. Aronson & Co.) r. 215 Sixth 
Aronson Julius, porter with Column Bros., i 
Aronson P. Moses, shoemkr with Einstein 

Co.) r. 444 Clementina 
(JSP* See also Aronsohn 

Aronstein Adolf, physician, 29 Kearny, r.520Jones 
Aroza Joseph, r. 1510 Dupont 
Arper Albert D., planer, r. 2132 Howard 
Arper Geo., moldings and fancy work. r. 2182 Howard 
Arper Thos., machinist, r. 2132 Howard 
Arper Walter, planer, r. 2132 Howard 
Arppera A., fruits, 1006 Stockton 
Arps Katherina, domestic, sw. cor Eddy and Polk 
Arques Clemente, real estate, 4-5 Montgomcrv ldk, 

r. 1234 Stockton 
Arrambide John B., money broker, Gil Montgomery, 

r. 024 O'Farrell 
Arrigoni Naplanoni, fresco painter, r. 606 Vallejo 
Arrillaga Santiage, teacher music, r. 129 Third 
Arrington Nicholas T., bookpr with Wilson, M< rrv \- 

Co., r. 1820 O'Farrell 
Arrington N. O., law and collection office, 619 Mer- 
Arrington W. B., clerk auditor's dept Wells, Fargo & 

Co., r. 643 Folsom 
Arrinson Morris, waiter New York Bakery, r. 1029 

Arrong C, seaman P. C. S. S. Co. 
Arrouge Eugene, French laundry, 1514 Polk 
Arrowsmith Augustus T., bookpr with T. Whitely & 

Co., r. 461 Natoma 
Arrowsmith J., stevedore P. M. S. S. Co. 
Arroyo Yanuario (J. Trejos & Co.) r. 11 Second av 
Arsin John, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Arteche Frank, boxmkr Union Box Factory, r. 220 

Arthur Chas. S., r. 2 Hoff av 
Arthur E. M., paying teller The Nevada Bank of San 

Francisco, r. Oakland 
Arthur E. S., widow, r. 2 Hoff av 
Arthur Frank, tinner with James B. Stetson, r. 318 

Arthur Wm. S., bakery, 259 Third 

Artigues A., tripe factory, 5th av nr R. B. av, South 

S. F. 
Artigues E. & Co. (Emile, John and Louis Artigues) 

tripe, calves heads and feet, 14 S. F. Market 
Artigues Emile (E. Artigues & Co.) r. 207 Valencia 
Artigues John (E. Artigues & Co.) r. 7 Montgomery 

Artigues Louis (E. Artigues & Co.) r. France 
Artz Henry, r. 507 Jackson 
Artzberger Martin, painter, r. 1614 Bush 
Asal Adolph, carptr, r. 746 Minna 
Asbridge Thos., engineer O. and O. S. S. Co. 
Asbury Frank H., steam fitter with Bush & Milne, r. 

136 Sixth 
Asch Benj., barber with D. W. A. Schnoor r. 417 

Asch Wm., r. 417 Clementina 
Ascheck Henry F., marblecurter, r. 209 Minna 

Aschen Ernest F. (Heinemaun & Aschen) r. sw. cor 

Leavenworth and Vallejo 
Ascher Bosie, widow, r. 434 Seventh 
Ascherson Emil, bookpr, r. 448 Clementina 
A.schheim Israel J., jobber and com mcht, 824 
A.-i'iiian Henry, blacksmith with Louis Graff, r. L2th 

avnr R. R. av, South s. F. 
Ash Bros. (Herrm&n, Leo and Jacob Ashi who! dotrr- 

ing, 13-15 Battery 
Ash Edward, portei I 
Ash Gegory, porter with \v. H. Bichards, r. id. 

A<h Harriot Is., widow, I Harrison 

Ash Hirruiau (Ash Bros.) r. 135C 
Asli Isadore, furrier and dyer, r. 315 Hayes 

Ash Jao I' [Ash I ■ ■> ork 

r. 18 I'' rrj 
Ash Mary, widow, r. in Natoma 
Ash Matthew, bartdx with W, H. Richards, c 

I and 30th 

• i< r. Lab, r. 661 Minna, rear 
Ash Bobl it. atlyat-law. 607 K. amy. r. 28 Taylor 
Ash Simon, clerk with s. [saw - \ Bro., r. ii; Clem 

Ashburner Wm.. mining en| Ini er, 240 Monl 

rm s. r. ion Pine 
Asburj Geo. T., lab, r. :: jt FIUm rt . i ■ 
Ashborj Mnnroe, capitalist, r. Oosmopolitan Hotel 
Ashby E. w.. atty-at-law, 538 Kearny 
Asht.y Mark T., real estal rm8,r. North 


• i Henry, r. T06 Val< ncia 
Ashcroft Joseph, mechanic Enterprise Mills 
Ashcrofi Win., r. 921 iaokson 
Ashcrofl Wm.. master r. s. stmr Gen. Mel 

r. 1208 Jackson 
ASHDOW'X ARCHIBALD, accountant. 501 

Mi mtgomi rj . rm :( 
Ashe Caroline L.. widow, r. 512 Eddy 
Ashe Ja' DOmi r. r. 1060 Howard 

Ashe Wm. L., farmer, r. 512 Eddy 
Asher & Co. (Simon Asber and Hyman Smitlu lnnlrs 

oiled clothing, 326 Davis 
Asher A. !•'.. clothing, 108 Fourth 
Asher Alexander B., police, r. 13 Willow av 
Asher C. L., compositor Call 
Asher Colman, cigars, 130C Polk 
A6her Edward, waiter St. Nicholas Hotel 
Asher Jacob, glovemkr with Shoenberg & Co., r. 408 

Asher Maur L., with L. Kutner, r. 1306 Polk 
Asher S., with C. Ash. i . r. 1806 Polk 
Asher Simon (Asher k Co) r. 107 Virginia 
■Asherson Emil, business manager Hebrew Observer, 

r. 448 Clementina 
Ashford J. W., student with W. F. McNutt, r. May- 
Ashlev Delos R., clerk, r. 712 Bush 
Ashley D. R. Mrs., r. 712 Bush 
Ashley John, pantryman Brooklyn Hotel 
Ashley L. W., painter with E. H. Gadsby, r. 20 Fifth 
Ashley Pacific L., extraman Engine No. 3, S. F. Fire 

Dept. r. 1813 CaUfornia 
Ashley P. Lawson, cabinetmkr, r. 712 Bush 
Ashlev Warren, law student, r. 712 Bush 
Ashlev W. H. Mrs., dressmkr, 120 Sutter 
Ashley W. H., clerk, r. 120 Sutter 
Ashley Samuel, painter with Wason & Morris 
Ashman Charles, machinist, r. Isthmus House 
Ashman Richard T., machinist, r. nw. cor Sierra and 

Ashman William, stevedore, r. 212 Steuart 
Ashmann Wm., r. 734 Vallejo 
Ashmead & Kellum (Gustavus S. Ashmead and Chas. 

D. Kelluin) builders, 415 Montgomery 
Ashmead Gustavus (Ashmead & Kellum) r. Bryant 

bet Mariposa and Solano 
Ashmore Thomas, with Joseph Marshall, r. 314 Sut 
Ashmore Wm. E., with John Titcomb, r. 314 Sutter 
Ashoh Gee (Chinese) laundry, 709 Front 
Ashton Chas., real estate agent, 138 Montgomery, r. 

9 Hubbard 
Ashton Chas. S., with S. F. Stock Board, r. 2912 Fill- 

UUI I I AnU & KjO.j Importers Japan and China I LAb. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. P t %3&3^^K^. 7M } Established 1862 

Ashton Geo., r. 100 Shotwell 

Ashton Geo. F.. clerk Cal. Ins. Co., r. 106 Post 

Ashton J., engineer with Holmes & Davis 

Ashton John machinist, r. 117 Drumm 

Ashton Wm. C, r. 408 Bryant 

Ashworth Thomas, real estate, r. 806 McAllister 

Ask Him (Chinese) laundry, r. 9 Jasper pi 

Askey Armstrong, wharfinger, North Point Dock, r. 

106 Francisco 
ASM ANN ADOLPH & CO. ( Adolph Asrnann and 

and J. Johannsen) importers German Delicacies, 

mnfrs caviar, 32 California Mkt. 
Asmann Adolph (Adolph Asmann & Co.) r. e.s. Jer- 
sey bet Alameda and Eldorado 
Asmos John, farmer, r. Excelsior Homestead, s. s. 

San Jose road 
Asmus John, lab National Flour Mills, r. 1529 Turk 
Asmussen Wm. A., fancy goods, cor Eighth and Har. 
Asmussen Wm., clerk with Wm. A. Asmussen, r. 

n.w. cor Eighth and Bryant 
Aspe Martin, shipwright, r. 18 Freelon 
Aspey John, seaman, r. 26 Sacramento 
Assalino Nicola, tailor with Henry Harmon, r. 27th 

bet Folsom and Harrison 
Assalino B., tailor with Henry Harmon, r. 27th bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Assalino Salvatore, chief cook Brooklyn Hotel 
Assell John, carptr, California Mill, r. 51 Natoma 
Assell Peter, chief cook Golden Eagle Hotel 
Asseln John, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Assessment Guide, C. E. Pfeifer manager, 423 Wash 
ASSESSORS OFFICE (City and County) 

Alex. Badlam assessor, City Hall, Washington 

st. entrance. 
Assion H., tailor, r. 730 Vallejo 
Assion Henry, bookbinder with Bartling & Kimball, 

r. 730 Vallejo 
Assion Joseph, mcht tailor, 205 Montgomery, r. 

348 Third 
Associated Veterans Mexican War, Thos. J. Knipe, 

pres., H. L. Van Geistefield sec, Hall 516 Bry- 
Astbury Edward, bricklayer, r. Columbia House 
Astell Bobert E., r. 2624 Sacramento 
Aster George, bookbinder with Ludwig Badius, r. 

410 Capp 
Aster Waltimer, seaman, r. 331 East 
Aster losch S., carptr, r. 529 Greenwich 
Aston James Mrs., r. 461 Jessie 
Aston John, expressman, r. Ancon Hotel 
Astor Block, s. e. cor Sacramento and Webb 
Astor Geo., bookbinder, r. 410 Capp 
Astor House, Adolph Segelke propr, 509 Broadway 
Astorg Alphonse (Astorg Bros.) r. 312 Fifth 
Astorg* Bros. (Alphonse and Marcellin Astorg ) 

butchers, 312 Fifth 
Astorg Marcellin (Astorg Bros.) r. 312 Fifth 
Astral W., r. Waldo Lodging House 
Astredo Anthony, saloon, 635 Wash, r. 914 Vallejo 
Atchinson B. M. & Co. (B. M. Atchinson and Edward 

L. Cutten) dairy prod., 16-17 28-30 Centre Mrkt 
Atchinson B. M. (B.M. Atchinson & Co.) r. Brooklyn 
Atchinson Thos., r. 314 Bush 

Atchison Bobert, driver Sutter-st BE, r. 34 Austin 
Atchison Silas A., r. 411 Sansome 
Atchison Silas M., mining, r. 411 Sansome 
Atchison Thos. A., student Pac. Business College, 

r. 1208 Powell 
Atco Cigar Co. (Chinese) cigar mnfrs, 647 Pacific 
ATHEARN <& CO. (Chas. G. and Joseph H. 

Athearn) groceries, provisions, ship stores, etc., 

6 Steuart 
Athearn Chas. G. (Athearn & Co.) r. 815 Laguna 
Athearn C. M., milkman, r. 1313 Larkin 
Athearn Frank, clerk del. dept. Wells, Fargo & Co., 

r. 1707 Leavenworth 
Athearn Joseph H. (Athearn & Co.) r. 17 Second av 
Athearn Wm., chief clerk coll. dept Wells, Fargo & 

Co., r. 1707 Leavenworth 
Athens M. Co. (Pinal Co. Arizona) B. S. Kellogg 

sec, 302 Montgomery, rm 4 
Atherstone T. S., bookpr Singer Mnfg Co., r. 510 

Atherton F., harnessmkr Market-st E. B. 
Atherton F. T., widow, r. 2220 Broadway 
Atherton G. H. B., broker, r. 2220 Broadway 

Athey Andrew, lab, r. Montgomery's Hotel 

Athol Frank, with Bartlett Burr & Co., r. cor Dorland 

and Dolores 
Atkins E., dummyman Clay-st E. E. 
Atkins E., porter'with Yates & Co., r. 621 California 
Atkins Henry B., groceries and real estate agent, se. 

cor Jones and O'Farrell, r. 1 Pearl 
Atkins James, with Sanitarium Baths, r. 2210 Powell 
Atkins John, r. 120 Perry 
Atkins John J., molder Union Iron Works, r. 346 

Atkins John E., teamster, r. 1816 Jessie 
Atkins Joseph, engineer P. M. S. S. Co., r. Ill Silver 
Atkins Bobert C. (Orr & Atkins) r. 608 Geary 
Atkinson & Cheever (Chas. B. Atkinson and Wm. H. 

Cheever) horse blankets, 605 Montgomery 
Atkinson Chas. B. (Atkinson & Cheever) 605 Mont 
Atkinson David, propr Cal. Laundry, Buss al, r. nw. 

cor Church and Elizabeth 
Atkinson, Doud & Co. (Thos. T. Atkinson and Aaron 

Doud) stockbrokers, 337 Pine 
Atkinson Frank, boilermkr and extraman Engine No. 

6, S. F. Fire Dept, r. 311 Sixth 
Atkinson George, carptr with Wm. Kerr, r. Oakland 
Atkinson Geo., clerk general freight agent's office C. 

P. E. E. r. East Oakland 
Atkinson George, salesman, r. 315 Third 
Atkinson Geo., wheelwright with Wm. Kerr, r. Oak- 
Atkinson Geo. F., mnfr Cal. Wood Jewelry, 259 First, 

r. 569 % Minnie 
Atkinson Henry, carptr Union Box Factory, r. Oak- 
Atkinson Henry, seaman, r. 806 Kearny 
Atkinson James, imp and dealer wines and liquors, 

1021 Market, r. 41 Tehama 
Atkinson J. B. (L. Atkinson & Co.) r. Philadelphia, 

Atkinson Joseph, plumber, r. 81 Natoma 
Atkinson Joseph H., r. 1032 Broadway 
Atkinson J. P., boilermkr, r. Isthmus House 
Atkinson L. & Co. (Lewis and J. B. Atkinson) imp 

shirts, 22 Sansome 
Atkinson Lewis (L. Atkinson & Co. ( r. 728 Sutter 
Atkinson Nathan, real estate, 507 Mont, r. 807 Tyler 
Atkinson Philip, collarmkr with Main & Winchester, 

r. 371 Minna 
Atkinson B. E., r. Abbotsford House 
Atkinson Eose H., widow, r. 371 Minna 
Atkinson Thos., r. w.s. Church bet 23d and 24th 
Atkinson Thos., real estate, r. 24 Howard, rear 
ATKINSON THOS. E., mining and mining sec, 

310 Pine, rms 10-12, r. 208 Eighteenth 
Atkinson Thos. T. (Atkinson, Doud & Co.) r. 112 

Atkinson Wm., sailmkr with J. S. Blakiston, 6 Clay 
Atkinson — , shipwright, r. Doyle House 
Atkisson Belle, widow, r. 566% Linden 
Atkisson Benjamin, gasfitter, r. 566% Linden 
Atkisson Bobert, steamboat watchman, r. 566% 

Atlantic Bottling Co., Weiner & Cohen, proprs, 414 


Atlantic Con. M. Co. (Storey, Co. Nev) P. Eobertson 

sec, 330 Pine, rms 57-58 
Atlantic Garden, C. Hildebrand & Co. proprs, 310 

Atlantic Giant Powder Co., H. Pichoir sec, 10 Cal 
Atlantic Straw Works, Forest & Co. proprs, 132 

Atlas A., crockery, 1059 Folsom 
Atlas Iron Works, Husing, Jardine & Co. proprs, 

135 Beale 
Atmospheric Letter Copying Press, Hopkins, Taylor 

& Co. proprs, 419 Sansome 
Attal Max, jeweler, 1102 Folsom 
Attell Seymour, tailor, r. 318 Third 
Attenger C, r. 270 First 
Attenger C. Mrs., lodgings, 270 First 
Attenger Daniel, foreman Stanford's wine cellar, 

Mission San Jose, r. 270 First 
Atterbery Alex. N., bookpr with J. N. McCune, r. 617 

Attinger Frederick, tailor, 24 Fleet 
Attinger Geo., cabinetmkr with Goodwin & Co., r. 

24 Fleet 


MARST0N & ADAMS, Agents. (Loans Negotiated. 
Cor. 7th and Washington Sts., Oakland. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market SUWrk*} Established 1862 


Attinger Gotlieb, bootrnkr , 117 Leidesdorff, r. 24 Fleet 

Attridge A., domestic, 711 Pine 

Attridge Arthur, shoemkr. r. Noe bet 15th and Market 

Attridge Edward, lab, r. 1010 Filbert 

Attridge James, lab Front-st Warehouse, r. nw. cor 

Union and Leavenworth 
Attridge Lizzie domestic, 315 Hyde 
Attridge Thos., lab, r. 134 Fourth 
Attridge Thos., porter with Lewis P. Sage, r. 1307 

Attvater Thos., propr fruit and bootblack stand, 

nw. cor Sansome and Sutter 
Attwood Geo., teamster with Samuel H. Harmon, r. 

9% Decatur 
Attwood Geo. E. (Nichols & Attwood) r. 169 Perry 
^jttw'ood Melville, mining engineer, r. 722 Bush 
AJttwill & Darius (Joseph F. Attwill and li. Darius) 

'batchers, 12 Union Market 
Atwill Joseph F. (Atwill .fc Darius) r. 745 Howard 
Atwoo'd Gajrie L. Mrs., teacher Girls' High School, 
, r.' 1511 Clay 
Atwood EtJiestC, machinist with W, T. Gurratt. r. 

349 Jessie 
Atwood Geo. A., machinist, r. -107 Third 
Atwood H. O., wagoner, r. 1436 Mission 
Atwood Thos., lab, r. Tanners' Home 
Atwood Wm., lab, r. cor Cole and Waller 
Atwood Wm., stockbroker, r. J 1 -" Kearny 
Atzeroth & Ienson (Frederick Atzeroth and C. Ienson) 

livery stable, 111) "Washington 
Atzeroth Frederick (Atzeroth & Ienson) 110 Wash 
Atzoroth Henry, salesman with Henry Mesenburg, 

r. 34 Jessie 
Au Chung (Chinese) laundry, 4 Twelfth 
Aub Philip D., stockbroker, r. 2621 Howard 
Auber Alfred, fringemkr, r. 31 Moss 
Aubert Albert, pork packer, 10 S. F. Market, r. 8 

Graham pi 
Aubert Eugene, cook, r. 687 Pacific 
Aubert Felix, cook French Hospital 
Aubert Peter J., jeweler, r. 020 Fulton 
Aubert P. L., jeweler, 318 Kearny, r. 1314 O'Farrell 
Aubrey Chas. B., clerk C. P. R. R., r. e.s. Chatta- 
nooga bet 22d and 23d 
Aubrey Oliver F., coutracter and builder, r. e.s. 

Chattanooga bet 22d and 23d 
Auburn Fred., sheetironwkr with Geo. Hayes & 

Co., r. 563 Linden 
Audemard C. Mme, French laundry, 332 Sutter 
Audemard Emanuel, porter with Henry Schroder & 

Co., r. 332 Sutter 
Audet Louis., machinist Pac. Rolling Mill, r. 509 

Audette Louis, lab, r. 506 Third 
Audiffred Felix, dishwasher, r. 717 Pacific 
Audiffred Rippolyte, wood and charcoal, 3 Mis- 
sion, r. 1824 Bush 
Audway — Miss, teacher Clark's Institute, r. 1026 

Auerbach & Michael (Louis Auerbach and Joseph 

Michael) cigars and tobacco, 539 Clay 
Auerbach Alfred, fringemkr with Wm. Englander, 

r. 31 Moss 
Auerbach L. & Co. (Louis Auerbach and Simon L. 

Goldberg) cigars and tobacco, 309 East 
Auerbach Leopold, r. 1516 Post 
Auerbach Louis (Auerbach & Michael) r. Oakland 
Auerbach Louis (L. Auerbach & Co.) r. 223 V> Austin 
Auerbach J. J., physician, r. Brunswick House 
Aufrichtig Morris, mnfg jeweller, 124 S> Sixth 
Augee Henry L. M., shoemkr with Porter, Oppen- 

heimer & Slessinger, r. New Wisconsin Hotel 
Auger B. E. & Co. (B. Eugene Auger) imps and com 

rnehts and agents Buena Vista Vinicultural So- 
ciety, 409 Battery 
Auger B. Eugene (B. E. Auger & Co.) r. 826 Howard 
Auger Eugene A., with B. E. Auger & Co., r. 826 

Auger Flora Mme., milliner, r. 121 Stockton 
Auger John, bakery, 911 Pacific, r. 121 Stockton 
Auger Lewis S., r. 537 Octavia 
Auger Louis T., carptr, r. 1857 Stevenson, rear 
Augerman Herman, seaman, r. 415 East 
Auglin C, lab Cap., Sugar Ref., r. 522 Eighth 
Auglin M., cabinetnikr Eureka Furn. Co., r. 459 M 


Augoulnt Ziene Miss, r. 114 Virginia 

Augsburgh Frederick (Fawcett & Augsburgh) r. 63 

August F., lab P. M. S. S. Co. 
August John, lab s. f. Grading Co., Long Bridge 
Augusta Kindergarten, Mrs. H. Bemler prin. 618 Turk 
Augusta Matin ■■/.. surv< yor and draughtsman, 116 

Leidesdorff, rm 10 
Augustine Adolph. seaman, r. 238 Bteuart 
Augustine Michael, lab with H. H. Hixson St Co., r. 

n.s. Broadway bet Stockton and Montgomery av 
Augustine Morris, bookpr with Koscnbauin b I ne.l- 

luan, r. 28 Kearny 
Augustlny John (Saggan & Augustiny) r. 20 Page 
Augusto Felippe, cook Lisbon B 

i is Frank, r. 106 Minna 
Augustas Joseph, painter, r. 1119 Montgomery 
Aulburn Alice Miss, talloress with J. Qutman, r. 188 

1 ll i:< 
Aull John, baker, r. 117 William 
Aull Mary Mrs., r. 864 Folsom 
Auld James, sab sman with Da\ id Porter, r. 2210 

Auliffe Patrick, plast. n r. r. B16 lirvant 
Ault ('. ii. Mr.-., r. 139 J( 

Ault H. w.. conductor B. P. l: EL, r. 541 Fourth 
Ault Joai ph. driv< r with E. Thurber, r. 169 Tehama 

Ault Mathias, miller National Flour Mil! ■ 

Ault M. M. Mrs., adjuster Mint, r. L039 Mai 
Auiii.-.ini Frederick, saloon. 610 Jaokson 
Aungst Henry, porter, r. .'•! Minna 
Auradou .<c Tortell (A. L. Auradou and Wm. - 

poultry and game, SOT Merchant 
Auradou A*. L. (Auradou ,^ T' rtell) r. L309 Powell 
Aureola ii. ami s. M. Co. [Lyon Co. Nev.) ThadB. 

Fitch si.-. 240 Montgomery, rm l 
Auriek Chas., Beaman, r. ik> i 
Aurlgnac Marcelin, llorist. front Lies B 
Aurouae Man us .v. Oo. i Marius Aurouzeand Edquard 

Fllcourt) barbers, 208 Montgomery av 
Aurou/.e Marius (Marius Aurouze A: Co.) r. 788 '•:■! 

Anrray Frank, clerk with Vermeil ft Wellington, r. 

Ausli in Arthur, lnaehinist i ity IrOE Wks. r. Oakland 
Ausman Otto H.. varnisher with J. A. shal" r ft C . 

r. 260 Tehama, rear 
Auster Peter Henry, draymau, 407 Battery, r. nw. 

cor Union and Larkin 
Austermuhle Chas., cook with Bchramm .v Bchnabi I, 

r. 218 Prospect pi 

Austin Jam) s. lab. r. n.s. Silver av nr Sweeny 
Austin A A., atty-at-law. r. 121 Sixth 
Austin Alexander [J. M. Walker ft Co.) r. San Mateo 
AUSTIN B. c, tin can and box factory, i l-t Mer- 
chant, r. 126 Tenth 
Austin i has., clerk, r. Long Bridge 
Austin Chas., seaman, r. North Pacific I! t' 1 
Austin Chas. G., paper boxmkr with Wempe Bros., 

r. 31 Park av 
Austin D. S., master mariner P. M. S. S. Co. 
Austin Edward C, r. 961 Harrison 
Austin Emmet, bookpr with S. L. Mastick & Co., r. 

Austin Frank B.. editor New Age, r. Grand Hotel 
Austin Henry, dentist, 634 Washington 
Austin Henry S. (Thos. H. Selby & Co.) r. Stockton 
Austin James, plumber and gasfitter, 950 Mission, r. 

461 Jessie 
Austin Joseph, drayman, 427 Front, r. 717 Natoma 
Austin Joseph, port warden, 525 Front, r. Palace 

Austin Marv E. Mrs., branch bakery, 961?i Howard 
Austin M. F. Miss, prin Clarke Institute, r. 228 Capp 
Austin Orlando H., plasterer, r. 227 Second 
Austin Sampson jr., packer with E. A. Swain, r. 1614 

Austin Thad. T., letter carrier Station A, P. O., r. 

2020 Pine 
Austin Theo., clerk with Wm. Drury,r. 961 % Mission 
Austin Thos., miner, r. 411 Sansome 
Austin — , masou, r, 520 Folsom 
Austrian Benevolent Society, 71 New Montgomery 
Austrian Military Company, armory sw. cor Sutter 

and Powell 

L/fla IV a Si 1 I I L. O and Dyspepsia. Price 25 cts. per box. All Druggists keep them. 

G. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

C706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716 1 


Established 1862 

Autocrat M. Co. (Storey Co. Nev.) Chas. W. Crane 

sec, Safe Deposit Bldg 
Auxellary Samuel, jobber, r. 929 Washington 
Avan John, police, r. 13 Tebama 
Aveignier Alexis, baker -with Leon P. Jagou, r. 522 

Averell Wilson, drayman with James Moore & Co., r. 

564% Howard 
Averill Etta Miss. r. 1023 Mission 
Averill Jackson L., bookpr with H. M. Black & Co., 

r. 923 Harrison 
Averill J. W., r. 935 Howard 

Avery A. N. Mrs., homeopathic physician, 530 Pine 
Avery Arthur, turner with Wood & Bowcher, r. 548% 

Avery Augustus, bellman Baldwin Hotel 
Avery Chas., carpenter, r. 1609 Clay 
Avery Clark, carpenter, r. 1C09 Clay 
Avery Dean K.. (D. R. Avery & Co.) r. 1911 Polk 
Avery D. K. & Co. (D. R. Avery) fruits and vegeta- 
bles, 18-19 Centre Market 
Avery Edgar O., clerk Rincon Wharf Warehouse, r. 

Minnesota bet Mariposa and Solano 
Avery Eunice, widow, r. nw. cor Iowa and Solano 
Avery Francis, sec Sausalito Land and Ferry Co., 

r. 1509 Washington 
Avery Geo. H., carpenter, r. 1609 Clay 
Avery J. A., widow, r. 959 Folsom 
Avery James, mechanic Mechanics' Mills, r. Oakland 

Avery James O., printer, r. cor Iowa and Solano 
Avery John F. (Fox & Avery) r. 840 Market 
Avery John H., dealer hops, r. 37 Second 
Avery Judson, clerk with D. R. Avery & Co., r. w.s. 

Minnesota bet Mariposa and Solano 
Avery J. W., carpenter, r. 1609 Clay 
Avery Robert J,, foreman with R. C. Hanson & Co., 

r. 675 Mission 
Avisseau Heloise, ladies' nurse, r. 513 Stockton, rear 
Avy Eugene, off 320 Sansome, rm 7 
Axel Maggie Miss, r. 20 Stevenson av 
Axel Mary, widow, r. 20% Stevenson 
Axford Wm., molder Columbia Foundry, r. nw. cor 

25th and Noe 
Axt Ludwig, r. 562 Natoma 
Axtell John, cook Baldwin Hotel, r. 416 Fifth 
Axtell Walter M., signpainter with Mansell & Co., 

r. 909 Kearny 
Axthilm Herman W., wagonmkr with John W. Far- 

ren, r. 212 Gough 
Axtman Leopold, bakery, 500 Hayes 
Axtmann F., butcher, 337 Hayes 
Ayala Electro, steward P. M. S. S. Co. 
Ayer Clarence E., milkman, r. 224 Page 
Ayer Jonathan R., painter, 630 Sacramento, r. 413 

Ayer Joseph S., r. 724 Seventeenth 
Ayer Joseph Y., contractor, r. 724 Seventeenth 
Ayer L. B., land atty, Marysville, r. 228 Turk 
Ayer Washington, physician, 410 Kearny, r. 705 Post 
Ayers & Boynton (H. Ayers and C. Boynton) carriage 

mnfrs, 127 Fifth 
Ayers E. H., painter, r. 920 Dolores 
Ayers Frances Miss, tailoresswith Henry Harmon, r. 

466 Clementina 
Ayers Frederick, painter, r. 932 Howard 
Ayers Frederick, saloon, 840 Market, r. 278 Jessie 
Ayers Geo., tinsmith with Taylor Goodrich, r. 22 

Ayers Geo. W. S., tinner, r. e.s. Carolina nr Santa 

Ayers Grosvenor P., salesman with James B. Stet- 
son, r. 1605 Tyler 
Ayers H. (Ayers & Boynton) r. 1129 Howard 
Ayers Harry, saloon, nw. cor Stockton and Ellis, r. 

25% Stockton 
Ayers Ira jr., with Geo. F. Bragg & Co., r. Oakland 
Ayers James, longshoreman, r. 466 Clementina 
Ayers J. B., with Long Bridge Swimming Baths, r. 

cor Corolina and Santa Clara 
Ayers John C, police, r. 504% Hyde 
Ayers John C, widow, r. e.s. Carolina nr Santa Clara 
Ayers Robert E., machinist, r. e.s. Carolina nr Santa 

Ayers Wm. H., carpenter, r. se. cor Carolina and 

Santa Clara 

Ayles Thos. W., conductor N. B. and M. R. R. 

Aylward John, machinist Golden State and Miners' 
Iron Works, r. 37 Minna 

Aylward Michael, machinist Golden State and 
Miners' Iron Works, r. 37 Minna 

Aylwood Mary, domestic, 8 Sonoma pi 

Ayres and Hopkins S. M. Co. (Ormsby Co. Nev.) J. 
W. Morgan sec, 318 Pine, rm 32 

Ayres Con. S. M. Co. (Ormsby Co. Nev.) J. W. Mor- 
gan sec, 318 Pine, rm. 32 

Ayres Emma, widow, r. 615 Taylor 

Ayres Henry, machinist, r. 1016 Minna 

AYRES JOHN &., capitalist, off. Real Estate 
Associates' bldg, r. 822 Geary 

Ayres Joshua I., mining, 318 Pine, rms 32-33, r. Oak- 

Ayres Wm., r. 1303 Broadway 

Ayres Wm., shipwright, r. 12th av be_ , 
South S. F. 

Ayton A. W., tel. operator W. U. Tel. Co.j r. 965 Mis 

Aztec Co., Ira Marden & Co. proprs, 218 Sacramento 

Aztec G. and S. M. Co. (Pima Co. Arizona) John D. 
Graham sec, 302 Montgomery, rms 14-15 


Baab Charles, tailor, with G. Meyers, r. 722 Mission 
Baagoe Hans, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Babb Claus, soapinkr., r. 7% Decatur 
Babb Clement E. Rev., editor The Occident, r. 759 

Babb E. F., atty-at-law, r. Linden House 
Batt Jacob, speculator, r. 590 Stevenson 
Babb Milton E., law student with Hugh K. McJun- 

kin, r. 220 Third 
Babbit John Henry, teamster, Pac Rolling Mill, r. 

e.s. Tennessee bet Solano and Butte 
Babcock Benj. E., r. 1134 McAllister 
Babcock Charles, carriage trimmer, r. 20 Anna 
Babcock John, r. 130 Tyler 
Babcock John, special watchman, r. 439 Jessie 
Babcock Nancy T., widow, r. 313% Elm av. 
Babcock Silas, lab, r. 504 First 
Babcock Wm., r. 17 Stanley pi 
Babcock Wm., (Parrott & Co.) r. 11 Essex 
Babcock Wm. F., jr., (Parrott & Co.,) r. 11 Essex 
Babea Jose, r. 516 Vallejo 
Baber Edward J., barkpr, with Hageman & Ha- 

quette, r. 575 Minna 
Baber Fannie Mrs., r. 215 Green 
Babin L. C, chief collector with N. Landry, r. 319 

Babkirk Frederick, engineer, r. nw. cor Vallejo 

and Octavia 
Babson Edward jr. (C. L. Taylor & Co.) r. Boston 
BABSON SETH, architect, 310 Pine, rm. 47, r. 

Babt Alex. L. bookpr with P. Berwinfe Bro., r. 1305 

Babylon George P., engineer Fulton Foundry, r. 

77 West Mission 
BACA & CASTANOS (Pablo Baca and Bartolo 

Castanos) whol. butchers, 5th av nr. R. R. av, 

S. S. F., off, 535 Clay 
Baca Pablo (Baca & Castanos) r. 8 Russ 
Bacardeus Catharine, tailoress with Gus. Harshall, 

r. 14 Sumner 
Baccala Louis (Bocken & Baccala) r. 630 Sac 
Baccia Antone, restaurant, 212 Brannan 
Baccott Thomas, lab, r. cor Cole and Waller 
Bacchus Henry F., bookbinder with Wm. B. Cooke 

& Co., r. 22% Louise 
Baccus F. W. Benjamin, butcher with R. T. Baccus, 

r. 321% O'Farrell, rear 
Baccus Richard T., butcher, sw. cor O'Farrell and 

Mason, r. 528 O'Farrell 
Bach & May (Ike Back and Louis May) proprs Golden 

Gate Laundry, e.s. 16th nr Valencia 
Bach August, weaver, r. cor Octavia and Union 
Bach Chas., bookpr with F. Scherr, r. 1583 Folsom 
Bach E. W. (Green & Co.) 314 Montgomery, rm 4 
Bach Frederick W., bookpr with Kline & Co., r. 735 


ATA 14/ Al mi/ 64R m ARRET, 'west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer in 
(t!-(| W I ARK *.*„ „fr,7^»r«Vand Manufacturer of all kinds of Window Shade. 

ULUi Wo l/LnllfX, PAPER HANGINGS, and dealer In all kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%SST} Established 1862 

Bach Harry P., barber with Karamerer & Kock, r. 

1116 Leavenworth 
Bach Henry, porter, Lick House 
Bach Herman, salesman, r. Washington nr Taylor 
Bach Isaac (Bach & May) r. 2031 Mission 
Bach John, manager United Anaheim Wine Growers 

Assn, 321 Montgomery, r. 2022 Mission 
Bach Eudolph, machinist, r. 233 Montgomery av 
Bach Win., seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Bachelder Frank J., salesman American Clock Co., 

r. 1111 Pacific 
Bachelder Harry E., boxmkr, r. w.s. Whitney nr 

Bachelder Horace W., stock clerk with Zadig & 

Weil, r. w.s. Whitney nr Palmer 
Bachelder James W., pressman with C. W. Gordon, 

r. cor 31st and Whitney 
BACHELDER JOHX W., atty-at-law, 025 Mer- 
chant, r. lior, Kearny 
BACHELDER THOS. P., atty-at-law, 022 Clay, 

rm 3, r. 307 Lombard 
Bachelle La Louise Mrs., lodgings, 630 Sacramento 
Bacher E. Mrs., milliner, 405 Kearny 
Bacher Frank, milker with McGilllgan k Clark, r. 

nr Industrial School, old San Jose 1 Iload 
Bacher Frank A., r. 400 Kearny 
Bachert August, salesman with B. Nathan & Co., r. 

1357 Post 
Bachhausen Theodore, r. B21 Filbert 
Bachigalupi G., cartman, r. 1 Grand pi 
Bachler Chas., restaurant, r. 630 Bacramento 
Bachiufon Bros. (Herman S., Natliaii S., Dai I 

Leopold S. Baconian) Imps dry goods, 10 12 Bai 
Bachmnn Chas., salesman with A. L. Bancroft ,<c Co., 

r. 502 Bush 
Bachman David S. (Bachman Bros.) r. 1107 Van 

Ness av 
Bachman Edward, clerk with Bachman Bros., r. 418 

Bachman Felix (Falkcnstcin h Co.) r. 819 Tyler 
Bachman Herman S. (Bachman Bros.) r. New York 
Bachman Leopold S. (Bachman Bros.) r. 619 Leav 
Bachman Louis, waiter Martin's Restaurant, r. 327 

Bachman Nathan S. (Bachman Bros.) r. 1109 Van 

Ness av 
Bachman Simon (Esberg, Bachman & Co.) r. 1042 

Van Ness av 
Bachmann Ernest, clerk with Hy Balzer & Co., r. 

Bachmann Ida, domestic, 1515 Gough 
Bachmann Jacob, locksmith, 758 Clay 
Bachmann John, cabinetmkr West Coast Furn. Co. 
Bachrach Martin, opera singer, r. 922 Washington 
Bachrach Simon, editor The Progress, 414 Market, r. 

503 Mason 
Bacigalupi A. L. & Co. (Antonio L. Bacigalupi and 

Stefano Casassa) fruits and vegetables, 507 Wash 
Bacigalupi Antonio, vegetable gardener. Bay View 
Bacigalupi Antonio L. (A. L. Bacigalupi k Co.) r. 426 

Bacigalupi Carlo, teamster California Market 
Bacigalupi Francisco, lab, r. 14 Union pi 
Bacigalupi Giovanni, boots and shoes, 1404 Dupont 
Bacigalupi John, r. 1117 l + Kearny 
Bacigalupi Joseph, wood carver, r. 1805 Mason 
Bacigalupi Juan, fisherman, r. 9 Calhoun 
Bacigalupi Louis (G. B. Sturla & Co.) r. 517 Union 
Bacigalupi Paolo, painter, r. 14 Pollard's pi 
Bacigalupi Paul, bootblack. (552 Market, r. 9 Calhoun 
Bacigalupi Peter, clerk with David A. Jennings, r. 

1805 Mason 
Bacigalupi Serafino, bootblack. 220 Montgomery 
Bacigalupi Stephen, marblecutter. r. 1805 Mason 
Bacigalupo James, melter Mint, r. 524 Filbert 
Bacigalupo T. D., saloon, 1419 Dupont, r. 121 Bran- 
nan pi 
Bacius Peter, tailor, r. 820 Battery 
Back Geo., gardener, r. German Hotel 
Backe Frank, upholsterer, r. 5 Latham pi 
Backel Henry, clerk, r. 915 Howard 
Backer Christian, restaurant, r. 517 Stevenson 
Backer Geo., brewer Philadelphia Brewery, r. 232 

BS~ See also Bacher, Bakker, Baker. Becker 
Backes Michael, bartdr with Louis Wilke, r. 242 Sut 

Backman F., freight clerk P. C. S. S. Co. 

Backnall Freeman, Bhoemkr, r. 777'-, Mission, rear 

Bat kstiilt Wm., hanicssmkr. r. BW. cor 16th and Fol 

Backus Chas., seaman, r. 222 Francisco, rear 

Backus Frederick P., clerk with L. Herman, r. 725 Cal 

Backus Geo., r. 1100 Powell 

Backus Henry, bookbinder with W. B. Cooke It 

Co., r. 28 Louise 
Backus Jerome H., real estate agent, r. 1103 Butter 
Backus P. M.. accountant. 309 California, r. 726 Oal. 
Backus Bamuel W., mcht, off 44 California, r. 904 

By See also Baccufl 

Bacon i ( lo. (Jacob Bacon and James E. Ag< r* book 
and Job printers, 508 < lay 

Ldelini a.. Mrs., teacher Market and Seveuth- 
Bl Prlmarj Bi bool, r. I L5 Stockton 
Bacon B. Mrs.. Lodgings, 6 Qulncy p] 
Bacon Chas. B., Baldwin's Theater, r, 511 Jones 
Bacon Edward T.. r. 635 I 

rank, coachman, 2120 J* 
Bacon F. w . (Brash, 

I l( mi Minn 
mpl "> B. and M. B. 11.. r. 808 

B D., off 9 r. OaklnndJ 

Bi nrv i>., r. 818 Kearny 
Hi ory J., clerk Hank of B. i '.. r. 108 Eddy 
Bacon Horace, d< p 0. B. Marshal, r. 765 Mission 

Jacob (Bai na 112 Taylor 

Bacon Jam* -. casting cl( aw i 

Mini rs" iron \\ • i toma 

baton Jane Ml tei Mint, r. Ml I 

Bacon Joim. miner, r. sin Mission 

BA4 ON JOHN II.. aali D M . r. 410 


Baton John P., 1 kpt with 1 r. L6U2 

l'a. lac av 

Bacon j .,,\ of Under- 

writers, 818 California, and member Board of 
Education, r. 1827 Leavenworth 

Bacon l. iter with Joseph W. Wi 

Be. cor Oapp and 19th 

bacon Martin (Bandolpfa Mackintosh k Oo.) r. Oak- 

Bacon M. Oo. (Ell 0. B. Bui U 

stt \ enson bldg 

Bacon Pyam B., r. 730 Sixteenth 

bacon S. B. Mrs., r. 406 I 

Wm., cabinetmkr, r. 1281 Howard 

Bacon Wm., cook tug Neptune, r. 103 Bacramento 

Bacon Win., hostler O. B. B., r itina 

Bacon — , with S. F. Q-asUgbt O .. r. 120 Ellis 

Bacquie' A O Henry Bacquie and Henry Letro- 
adec) wines ainl liquors, L310 Btockton 

Bacquie Henry (Bactjuie .v Co.) r. 1810 Stockton 

Bacuelli L., baker with M. Bacuelli, r. 1524 Dupont 

Bacuelli M., bakery, 1624 Dupont 

BocueUi M.. baker with M. Bacuelli. r. 1524 Dupont 

Badaracco Anton, wood and coal, 1616 Stockton, r. 
Green bet Dupont and Btocl 

Badaracco David, bootblack, 702 Montgomery, r. 5 
Maiden lane 

Badaracco Louis, bootblack, 515 Cal, r. Union pi 

Badarous S. B., collector with Madison k Burke, r. 
432 Twenty-second 

Baddeley Wm!, conductor Cent. R. R., r. 1208 Eddy 

Bader Frederick J., with Eagle Soap Works, r. Ala- 

Bader Henry, compositor Mail, r. 007 Bush 

Badger Hill and Cherokee Gravel M. Co., H. Pichoir 
sec. io California 

Badger James, expressman, cor Eddy and Market, r. 
33 3*; Langton 

Badger John, shoemkr with Girard & Morley, r. 503 

Badger Thos. G., pilot commissioner, 34 Merchants' 

Badger Thos. W.. propr Badger's Park, off. ne. cor 
Bash and Kearnv 

BADGER TVM. G. <!te. CO. (Wm. G. Badger and 
Chas. Underwood) whol dealers clothing and 
furnishing goods, and agents Brownsville (Ore- 
gon) Woolen Mills, Hallet, Davis & Co's pianos, 
and Geo. Woods' organs, 7 Sansome 



Infallible Yeast Powder. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

f 706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716 T 

Established 1862 

Badger Wm. G. (Win. G. Badger & Co.) r. Fruit Vale, 

Alameda Co. 
Badger Wm. K., salesman with 1/ M. Wentworth & 

Co., r. Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Badgley E. F., salesman with A. Andrews, k-Russ 

Badgley Wm., tailor, r. 6 Clara lane 
Badlam Alexander jr., City and County Assessor, City 

Hall, Washington-st entrance, r. 708 California 
Badlam Alexander, r. 926 Clay 
Badlam Ezra B., dep assessor, r. 1008 Union 
Badousin August, patternmkr, r. 325 Folsom 
Badt Alexander L.,bookpr with P.Berwin & Bros.,r. 

1305 Gough 
Badt Morris, mcht (Wells, Nev.) r. 307 Turk 
Baebenroth Frederick, books, r. Prescott House 
Baechler Chas., compositor California Journal, r. 4 

Taylor pi 
Baehr Henry, jeweler with Wm. Baehr, r. 1721 Sac 
Baehr John M., saloon, 414 Sansome, r. 5 Hartman al 
Baehr Wm., mnfg jeweler, 649 Sacramento, r 1721 

Baejoe H. Forgen, cook with Christian Brown, r 640 

Baer Isaac, cigars and tobacco and money broker, 

200 Sixth, r. 434 ^ Clementina 
Baer Max, salesman with J. Leszynsky, r. 822 Post 
Baerne J. (Lauffer & Baerne) r. Niagara House 
Baffigo Gie, lab, r. 717 Sansome 
Bagala Leo, baker, r. 2327 Bryant 
Bage Robert, cabinetmkr, 1654 Mission 
Bageley A., saw mnfr, r. 613 Mission 
Bagga Annie, childrens' nurse, r. 818 O'Farrell 
Bagge Theodore F. (C. James King of Wm. & Co.) 

r. Oakland 
Baggett Wm. T., editor S. F. Law Journal, r. 961 Mis 
Baggs Alexander L., clerk with I. Baggs, r. 220 Third 
Baggs Ellen T., widow, groceries, 122 William 
BAGGS ISAAC, atty-at-law, 636 Clay, rm 23, r. 220 

Baggs Wm., lab, r. 122 William 
Baggy Thos., seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Bagley A. D. Mrs., r. 935 Valencia 
Bagley Chas. O., sawmkr with Randolph Saw Co., 

r. 613 Mission 
Bagley David T. (Bagley, McPherson & Pickens) r. 

28 Liberty 
Bagley James, tailor with Augustus C. Imbrie, r. 

115 Geary 
Bagley Jeremiah, stableman, r. 229 Minna 
Bagley John, lab with Hancock & Kelso, r. 16th bet 

Jersey and Hampshire 
Bagley John W., r. 1717 Mason 
Bagley, McPherson & Pickens (David T. Bagley, H. 

McPherson, and J. A. Pickens) general com 

mchts, 202 Sansome, rm 4 
Bagley Samuel A., lumberman, r. Keystone House 
Bagley Wm. P., contractor, r. 1065 Howard 
Bagley — Mrs., r. 1624 Jackson 
Bagnall John, teacher Geary-st Grammar School and 

Evening School, r. 356 Jessie 
Bagnasco Paolicarpo, photographer with C. E.Wat- 
kins, r. 417 Sutter, rear 
Bagner Annie, widow, r. 982% Harrison 
Bagot Fred., solicitor with L. M. McKenney, r. Mor- 
ton House 
Bagovich John, servant, 1435 Taylor 
Bagus — , r. 813 Montgomery 
Bahan Patrick, driver O. R. R., r. 721 Howard 
Bahan Thos., lab Pac. Rolling Mill, r. n.s. Shasta 

bet Illinois and Michigan 
Bahlmann Henry, clerk Philadelphia Brewery, r. 

2231 Howard 
Bahls J. F. W. (Althof k Bahls) r. Oakland 
Bahmann Nettie, domestic, 1002 Van Ness av 
Bahne Fred., lithographic transferer with G. T. 

Brown & Co., r. Hotel Rhein 
Bahr Fred., clerk with C. Hook, r. 805 Union 
Bahr Wm. A., boots and shoes, 107 Sixth 
Bahrs Andrew, r. 814 Vallejo 
Bahrs John, teamster with E. S. Moulton & Co., r. 

1216 Pacific 
Bahrt Martin, groceries, ne. cor Cleaveland and Fol 
BAICHEZ PAUL J., propr Grand Restaurant 

Du progress, 5-7-11 Montgomery av 
Bai ens Thos. F.,bartdr with K. Kenny, r. 128 Fifth 

Baier Florian, shoemkr, 432 Pacific, r. 316 Pacific 
Bail Adolf, clerk, r. 222 Fifth 
Bail Paul, tailor with Adolf Wirtner, r. 317 Bush 
Bailano L., bootblack with Lipman & Hayman, r. 5 

Chatham pi 
Bailey & McLane (George Bailey and Wm. McLane) 

proprs Railroad Lodging House, 525 Commercial 
Bailey A. H., capitalist, r. 309 Fell 
Bailey A. H. jr., carptr, r. 309 Fell 
Bailey Alexander S., mate stnir Continental, r. 982 

Bailey Ann, widow, r. 25 DeBoom 
Bailey Ann, widow, r.242 Clementina 
Bailey Byron, carptr, r. 168 Tehama 
Bailey C. E. Mrs., cashier Palace Hotel Restaurant 
Bailey Chas., extraman Engine No. 2, S.F.Fire Dept, 

r. 412 Bush 
Bailey Chas. A., carptr Enterprise Mill.r. 114Natoma 
Bailey Chas. A., sec Standard Soap Co., 240 Sacra- 
mento, r. Oakland 
Bailey Chas. E., driver with People's Ice Co., r. 312 

Bailey Chas. P. (Cannon & Bailey) r. 250 Sutter 
Bailey C. L., liquor agent, r. Welbon House 
Bailey D. Mrs., r. Lick House 
Bailey David, carptr, r. 309 Fell 
Bailey Fanny Miss, caner West Coast Furn. Co. 
Bailey F. Mrs., teacher music, r. 1005 % Mission 
Bailey Frank, carptr, r. 168 Tehama 
Bailey Frank, clerk with M. S. Martin, r. Oakland 
Bailey Frank F., r. 1005% Mission 
Bailey Geo. (Bailey & McLane) r. 525 Commercial 
Bailey Geo. G., bookpr with Moore, Wilkie & Gray, 

r. 408 Eddy 
Bailey Geo. W., lab, r. 325 Twenty-second 
Bailey G. W., master U. S. stmr Richard Rush r. 

510 Third 
Baily H. A., waiter P. M. S. S. Co. 
Bailey Hammond, r. 303 Eddy 
Bailey Henry, barrel dealer, r. 1013 Howard 
Bailey Henry, painter with John Brewster, r. s.s. 

Lombard bet Larkin and Polk 
Bailey Henry, wood and coal, 128 O'Farrell 
Bailey Henry M., r. 222 Anna 
Bailey Isaac L., carpenter, r. 911 Harrison 
Bailey James, blacksmith, r. 13 White 
Bailey James, mining, r. Grand Hotel 
Bailey James D., agent Union Insurance Co, 416 Cali- 
fornia, r. 1915 Franklin 
Bailey James S., machinist Risdon Iron Works, r. 

209 Langton 
Bailey John, painter, r. 522 Turk, rear 
Bailey John, waiter, Palace Hotel 
Bailey John, teamster with Cutter & Co., r. Harrison 

nr Fifth 
Bailey Joseph C, with Falkner, Bell & Co., r. Bald- 
win Hotel 
Bailey Joseph H., hardware and stationery, 1513 

Stockton, r. 830 Union 
Bailey Lewis H., propr Cameron House, 519 Sac 
Bailey L. H. jr., mnfr saw mill machinery, 215 First, 

r. 317 Eddy 
Bailey N. J., butcher, 515 Bryant 
Bailey Oliver E., entry clerk with James B. Stetson, 

r. 4 Martha pi 
Bailey Orrin, upholsterer with James W. Burnham 

& Co., r. 1423 Kearny 
Bailey Patrick, barrel dealer, r. 719 Brannan, rear 
Bailey Patrick, waiter Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Bailey Peter, morrocco finisher, r. 611 Bush 
Bailey S., showman, r. 959 Market 
Bailey Samuel C, gasfitter with Cook & Littell, r. 

1307 Fillmore 
Bailey Sarah M., widow, r. 522 Turk, rear 
Bailey S. M., widow, r. 757 Howard 
Bailey Sylvanus, mnfr, r. 325 Twenty-second 
Bailey Thos. & Co. (Thos. Bailey and Wm. P. Pyne) 

props. Pacific Wool. Depot, se. cor Kingjand Fifth 
Bailey Thos. (Thos. Bailey & Co.) r. 224 Fourth 
Bailey Thos., plumber with Joseph Packscher, r. 

279 Minna 
Bailey W. F. produce, 947 Bryant _ 

Bailey Wm. H., painter, r. s.s. Lombard bet Larkin 

and Polk 
Bailey William I., porter with Thos. W. McCollam 

&Co., r. Oakland 


flue Purchase and Sale of OAKLAND REAL 
Houses to Rent and Rents Collected. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%££?} Established 1862 

Bailey Win. J., prop. Isthmus House, 5-1 First 

Bailey William M., tailor, r. 816 Jessie 

Bailey W. W., asst supt. Pacific Iron Works, r. 501 

Bailey — Mrs., teacher English lime Zeitska'slnsti- 

B3" see also Baley,Baillie, Bailly and Baily 
Bailie Thomas, seaman, r. w.s. Kentucky bet Sants 

Clara and 16th 
Bailies d'Err Joseph, baker with John Auger 
Baillie E. P. Mrs., r. 502 Taylor 
Bailly Achille (Bailly Bros.) r. 514 Filbert 
Bailly Arthur (Bailly Bros.) r. 514 Filbert 
Bailly Bros. (Arthur and Achille Bailly) ham, bacon 

and sausages, 71 California Mkt. 
Bailly Julius, butcher with Bailly Bros., r. 514 Fil- 
Bailly Leon, engineer with Morris fc Darling, r. 514 

Bailly Louis, salesman, r. 933 Kearny 
Baily C. B., waiter O. S. S. Co. 
Baily Henry, mnfr curled hair, r. e.s. Missouri bet 

Santa Clara and Mariposa 
Baily William, whitewasher, r. e.s. Minnesota nr. 

Baily Wm. A., watertender O. 8. S. Co. 
Bain James S., engineer and cxtraman Hose No. 6, 

S. F. Fire Dept., r. 1004 McAllister 
Bain James, machinist with Pacific Iron Worka, r. 

668 Harrison 
Bain John, blacksmith, r. 31 Perry 
Bain N. H., conductor O. R. R., r. 640 Howard 
BS r See also McBain 
Bainbridge Arnop, record clerk Police Office, r. ill 

Bainbridge Peter, com. agent, ee. cur First and 

Market, r. 73:i Markel 
Baine Kate M. Mrs., adjuster Mint. r. 137 Kearny 
Baird Alexander, milker with J. A. Sbepstou, r. cor 

San Jose av and 26th 
Baird Andrew, broker, 304 California, r. East Oakland 
Baird C. W., clerk C. P. R. R., r. 1U7 Ol'mr. 11 
Baird James M., printer with C. A. Murdoi 

r. 1224 Broadway 
Baird John A., pres Cal. Powder Works, r. Palace 

Baird Robert, weigher Custom House, r. 26 

av, rear 
Baird Robert W., carpenter with J. Robinson, r. 211 

Baizley S., shipwright, r. 490 Brannan 
Bak Henri, physician, 20 Montgomery, r. 54<i Turk 
BAKER & HAMILTON (Livingston L. Baker 

and Robert M. Hamilton) runfrs and imps bard- 
ware and agricultural implements, 13-19 Front 

and 109-111 Pine 
Baker & James (Osborne F. Baker and Richard 

James) saloon, 825 Montgomery 
Baker A. & A. (Albert and Augustus Baker) dealers 

pictures, mirrors, frames, etc.. 74J Mission 
Baker Abby W. Miss, dress reform undergarments, 

422 Sutter, r. 803 Mason 
Baker Adam, driver with R. R. Swain & Co., r. 115 

Baker A. D., porter with Garrett & Bartlett, r. 1204 

Baker Albert (A. & A. Baker) r. Fair Oaks bet 21st 

and 22d 
Baker Albert, r. 429 Chestnut 
Baker Andrew F.. clerk with Stevens, Baker & Co., 

r. 316 Fremont 
Baker Arthur S., accountant Oregon Stock and 

Butchering Co., r. 1926 Howard 
Baker Augustus (A. & A. Baker) r. Fair Oaks bet 21st 

and 22d 
Baker A. W., clerk Custom House, r. 742 Washington 
Baker B. F. (W. C. Wilcox & Co.) r. Alameda 
Baker Chas., r. 46 Everett 
Baker Chas., clerk with Chas. Meyer, r. ne. cor 

Folsom and Beale 
Baker Chas., cooper, r. 721 Broadway, rear 
Baker Chas., lumberman, r. Keystone House 
Baker Chas., porter Brunswick House 
Baker Chas., bakery, 16th bet Guerrero and Dolores 
Baker Chas., waiter with P. Johnson, r. 726 Stev 
Baker Chas., with Craig & Sons, r. 24 Mint av 

Baker Chas. C, miner, r. 60S Geary 

Baker Chas. E., shipping clerk with Haas Bros., r. 

909 Bryant 
Baker Chas. II.. lab with Samuel Tetlow, r. Point 

Lobos av opp Cliff House 
Baker Chas. H., gardener, r. 14 Sumner 
Baker Colgate, r. B50 Van Ness av 
Baker Conrad, assayer Pac. Bef. and Bullion 1\ . 

r. Oakland 
Baker C. S., porter Capitol Mills, r. 001 Yalh-jo and 

Baker David, r. 777 V Mission 
Baker Edward, seaman, r. Sailors' Home 
Baker Ed war. 1 1'. Bev., pastor Third OongH 

Obnrob, r. 1908 J< 
Baker E. J., student Heald'a Busint 
i ■ . or Bn ■ ■ Jow ph. draj num. r. 22 1 1 
Baker F. B. Mi byler-al Primaxj School 

Baker Geo., bartdr, r. 888 Tehama 

o D., lab Oal. Br< m r\ • r\ bet 

Jackson and Pacific 
Baker Qeo., ma - 1- r mariner, r. 610 Ninth 

■ ., moldei Rladon Iron Works, r. 7ui QroTe 
linker 1 <■ an slop America 

Baker Qeo., teamster with Max BnglaoderA 

712 T\h r 

• Bote] 

liak< r I CI hand tug Monareh 

bak' r lb... ip. lithographer, 108 afontgoi 

Oroo n bet i. ■ and I 
Baki r Geo. 11.. with John I 

melter Pac. Bef. and Bullloi 
16 I.;: 

leo \\ .. pedlar, r. 61 1 tTStoma 
Baker Geo. W., vail 
Baki r <;. i... sab siimii witii Bobart, W 

n :. . ii Hint, r. Oakland 

Baker II. E., widow, nur-e. r . ills 1 -. Folaom 
Baker Henry, r. - 

::• nry, wait' r with H. Ben 
Baker B U AUlatei 

Baker Horace, i kpr, Bwan Br< 

and I ' 
baker Irene, a< fan u Ad< Iphi Tl 
Baker Isaac If., groceries, nv. cor Eddy Hn>: 
Baker Isalab (Freeman I 16 Kearny 

Baker J., lumber inc , r. 333 v, 

liakc r O'Fai nil 

Baker Janu - B., sprlngmkr Oal. Bprli 

7;;T Howard 
Baker .lames \V.. 1 k]>r with II. ('. Bgerton, r. 

Grand Hob l 
Baker Ji 716 Howard 

Baker J. B., bookpr, r. 1626 Bacramento 
Baker J. 0., deckhand tog Monarch 
Baker J. H., conductor Mark* t-.-t R. K., r. Ciucin- 

natti Hob 1 
Baker J. Harry, usst. supt. Boys' and Girls' Aid So- 
ciety. r . 68 I !1< meiitiiia 
Baker John, clerk P. M. S. S. Co., r. 4iis Bryant 
Baker John, gatckpr 1'. M. S. S. Co., r. Bryant nr 

Baker John, messenger U. S. Marine Hospital 
Baker John, watchman stinr Mohongo 
Baker John, whitener. r. 168 ■!■ 
Baker John B., stoekbr< ker, r. 1626 Sacramento 
Baker John C. with Homer WilUams k, Co., r. 65 

New Montgomery 
Baker John G., paymaster Western Dev. Co., r. Oak- 

• land 
Baker John H., clerk with Baker & Hamilton, r. Val- 

lejo nr Fillmore 
Baker John H., local police, r. 951 Bryant 
Baker John H., farmer Point Lobos Road, r. 36 

White pi 
Baker Joseph, propr Mint Market, 1207 Mission 
Baker Joseph H., capt harbor poUce, r. 710 Vallejo 
Baker Judah jr. (Stevens, Baker & Co.) r. 316 Fremont 
Baker L. B., off. 534 California, r. Oakland 
Baker L. E., widow, seamstress, r. 565 Bryant 
Baker L. X.. carpenter, r. 1171 Market 
Baker Louis, r. German Hotel 
Baker Louis, blacksmith with H. W. Rice, r. Third 

nr Brannan 

NFPUDjrTIPI IM isthe greatest Kidney and Bladder Remedy in the World. All 
nL_r nnL I I^UIVI Druggists keep it. Price $1.25 per bottle. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. {™&££&PH2ZS&? U } Established 1862 

Baker Louis F., prod, and com. mcht, 113 Washing- 
ton, r. n.s. Vallejo bet Fillmore and Steiner 
Baker Louis F. jr., bookpr with Lowry & Co., r. n.s. 

Vallejo bet Fillmore and Steiner 
Baker Louisa Miss, milliner, r. 421% O'Farrell 
Baker Louise, widow, r. 28 Hinckley 
Baker L. S. A., prof, telegraphy, r. 522 "Minna 
Baker Lucy A., widow, r. 1090 Union 
Baker Livingston L. (Baker & Hamilton) r. Fruit Vale 
Baker Maggie Miss, compositor Cal. Farmer, r. 963 

Baker Marion, domestic, 1011 Pine 
Baker Mary, widow, r. 107 Grove 
Baker Mary, widow, r. 4213^ O'Farrell 
Baker Morris, police, r. 113 Eleventh 
Baker Nellie Miss, with Miss M. E. Pollard, r. 565 

Baker O. S., atty-at-law, 526 Montgomery 
Baker Osborn F. (Baker & James) and extraman En- 
gine No. 1, S. F. Fire Dept, r. 419 Pacific 
Baker Peter, cook, r. 228 Minna 
Baker P. H., patternmkr Kisdon Ironworks, r. 13 

Baker Robert, coachman, 1011 Pine 
Baker Robert, teamster, r. 421% O'Farrell 
Baker Robert B., machinist Union Iron Works, r - 

2517 Larkin 
Baker Robert G., express, cor Market and Front, r. 

421% O'Farrell 
Baker Rush D., clerk C. P. R. R., Market-st. wharf, 

r. Oakland 
Baker S„ porter, r. Overland House 
Baker Samuel, bookpr with Stevens, Baker & Co., 

(and Nickerson & Co) , r. 16 Guy pi 
Baker Samuel, coffee saloon and chop house, 221 

Leidesdorff, r. 919 Clay 
Baker Samuel, salesman with A. Andrews, r. 329 

Baker Samuel, salesman with Gibson & Preston, .r 

1322 O'Farrell 
Baker Sanford C, compositor Bulletin, r. 11 Heron 
Baker Sarah, widow, r. 329 O'Farrell 
Baker Schuyler, jiorter with J. S. Jones & Co., r. 703 

Baker W., r. 636 Commercial 
Baker W. A., student, Barnard's Business College, r. 

cor Leavenworth and Union 
Baker Win., bakery, 1036 Clay 

Baker William, carptr, r. Beaver bet Noe and Castro 
Baker W. M., student, Heald's Business College 
Baker William T., bartdr with James H. Stoddard, r. 

1 Commercial 
&?" See also Bacher, Backer, Becker 
Bakker Reyer E., 104 Steurt 
BE5™ See also Backer, Baker, Becker 
Bakofsky Chas., lab Cal. Sugar Ref ., r. 6 Bryant av, 

Balagar Jean, baker r. cor Pacific and Montgomery 
Balagnan Francois, bookpr Gailhard's Hotel 
Balanesi Angelo, boarding, 115 Clark 
Balanesi Joseph, produce, 117 Clark 
Balastre Antonio, gardener, r. 1021 Sutter 
Balcear E. J. Mdme, scalp and hair doctress, 532 

Balch Daniel AV., assayer, r. 848 Van Ness av 
Balch F. K., storekpr, r. 612 Taylor 
Balch H. M., repairer musical instruments, 432 

Kearny, r. 614 Taylor 
Balch S. M., widow, r. 1112 Hyde 
Balcom Carl F., bookpr, r. 2205 Pine 
Balcon L. E. Mrs., seamstress Home of the Ladies' 

Protection and Relief Society 
Bald Hermann, collector and real estate agent, r. 153 

Bald Louisa Mrs., branch bakery, 153 Fifteenth 
Balding Arthur, porter with C. H. Dexter, 313 Pine 
Baldisone Giovanni, laborer with Ghirardelli &Dan- 

sel, r. 415 Jackson 
Baldissone John, musician, r. 1108 Stockton 
Baldo Seich, lab with L. G. Sresovich, r. 64 Brady 
Baldridge John E., stock broker, 316 Montgomery, 

r. 1812 Pine 
BALDRIDGE MICHABIi, stock broker, 314 

Montgomery, rm 8, r. 1812 Pine - 
Baldwin Addison S. (Pebbles & Baldwin) r. Oak- 

Baldwin Alex. R., capitalist, 111% Leidesdorff, r. sw. 

cor Union and Pierce 
Baldwin Alfred W., foreman with Porter, Oppen- 

heimer & Slessinger, r. 418 Minna 
Baldwin Caroline McC. Miss, r. 719 Post 
Baldwin C. H. (C. Adolphe Low & Co.) r. New York 
Baldwin C. W., local police, r. 514 Sixth 
Baldwin Edwin, conductor Sutter-st. R. R., r. 324 

Baldwin E. F., r. 107 Hayes 
Baldwin Elias J., capitalist, ?31 Ellis, r. Baldwin 

Baldwin Frederick A., salesman with B. L. Solomon 

& Sons, r. 424 O'Farrell 
Baldwin Henry, prod dealer, r. 311 Twenty-sixth 
Baldwin Hiram S., physician and surgeon, 612 Clay, 

r. 925 Geary 
BALDWIN HOTEL (The) John A. Rice lessee, 

ne. cor Market and Powell 
Baldwin J. E. Miss, teacher Spring Valley Primary 

School, r. 2215 Fillmore 
Baldwin James, carptr, r. Ill Geary 
Baldwin James M. (Donaldson & Baldwin, r. Ill 

Baldwin James W., carptr, r. 22 Mary 
Baldwin Jeremiah, bellman Palace Hotel 
Baldwin J. M., r. Waldo Lodging House 
Baldwin L., driver City R. R., r. sw. cor 16th and 

Baldwin L. J., photograph printer with Robert A. 

Marden & Co.,r. 533 Howard 
Baldwin Lloyd, atty-at-law, 606 Montgomery, rms 

17-18, r. Oakland 
Baldwin Nellie S. Miss, teacher Union Grammar 

School, r. 1409 Bush 
Baldwin Orville D., propr Baldwin's Restaurant, 519 

Clay, r. 6 Hopeton Terrace 
Baldwin Rosanna, widow, r. 12th av bet L and M, 

South S. F. 
Baldwin S. C, physician, 906 Market, r. 959 Mission 
Baldwin Thos., painter, r. Tiger Hotel 
Baldwin W. H., shipwright, r. 3 Liberty 
Baldwin Wm. H., foreman with Hancock & Kelso, r. 

cor Hampshire and 16th 
Baldwin — , r. 114% Park av 
Baldwin's Restaurant, Orville D. Baldwin propr, 519 

Baldwin's Theatre, Thos. Maguire manager, 934-938 

Bale James, waiter, r. Coso House 
Bale Valentine, butcher, r. cor Front and L, South S.F. 
Baley Chas. H., saloon, bartdr with L. Radovich & 

Co,, r. 109 Turk 
Balfe M. J., bartdr Occidental Hotel 
Balfour Elizabeth, widow, r. 7 Yerba Buena 
Balfour, Guthrie & Co. (Robert Balfour, Alexander 

Guthrie and R. B. Forman) ins. agents and com 

mchts, 230 California 
Balfour Robert (Balfour, Guthrie & Co.) r. 327 Ellis 
Balfrey John, janitor Industrial School 
Balge Henry A., carver with L. & E. Emanuel, r. 624 

Balger James, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Baliss Frederick, longshoreman, r. 150 Steuart 
Balk Estelle Mrs., domestic, 807 Bush 
Balk Fred., master mariner, r. 1505 Dupont 
Balk Governeur S., clerk with Kohler & Chase, r. 

2017 Jackson 
Balk P. Miss, lashmkr with Main & Winchester, r. 

2311 Larkin 
Balk Stephen S., clerk, r. 2311 Larkin 
Balke Wm., propr Telegraph House, 921 Battery- 
Ball &. Julian (Gardner Ball and George N. Julian) 

proprs Occidental Wool Depot, n.s. Townsend 

bet Fifth -and Sixth 
Ball A. E. (Sawyer & Ball) atty-at-law, 502 Mont- 
gomery, rms 3-5 
Ball Chas., carptr, r. 2840 Mission 
Ball Chas., porter, r. 24% Langton, rear 
Ball Chas. S., harnessmkr, r. 1030 McAllister 
Ball Edward, blindmkr, r. 354 Eleventh 
Ball Elizabeth, widow, r. n.s. Mariposa bet Pennsyl- 
vania and Mississippi 
Ball Francis J., whitener, r. 1850 Stevenson 
Ball Frank H., entry clerk with Crane & Brigham, r. 

320 Fulton 


RASi W A RHET west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer In 
°*° ™*» nl ' * » and Manufacturer of all kinds of Window Shade* 

and dealer In all kinds of Shade Materials- 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {VJEft'} Established 1862 

Ball Frederick, janitor, r. 1216 Powell 

Ball Gardner (Ball & Julian) r. Baldwin Hotel 

Ball Geo., lumberman, r. 132 Steuart 

Ball Geo. A., bookpr with Adams & Taylor, r. 112 

Ball H. J. (Whitney & Co.) r. 1037 Howard 
Ball H. W., clerk with auditor M. P. and M. Dept 

C. P. K. R., r. West Oakland 
Ball Isaac Warren, prof, mathematics and classics 

evening schools, r. 2353 Howard 
Ball James E., conductor N. B. and M. B. R., r. 112 

Ball J. E., wool dealer, r. The Baldwin 
Ball Jessie S., widow, r. 133 Page 
Ball James, lumberman, r. New Wisconsin Hotel 
Ball Joel, stockbroker, r. 1210 Union 
Ball John, watchmkr with T. D. Hall, r. 37 Sixth 
Ball John C, cashier with Haggiu & Tevis, r. Lick 

Ball John S., machinist, r. 1030 McAllister 
Ball M. S. Mrs., r. 155 New Montgomery 
Ball Robert C, architect, 120 Sutter, rms 59-GO, r. 

Ball Wm., gardener Eureka Nursery, Stanyan ur 

Golden Gate Park 
Ball Wm. K., clerk with Chas. E. Gibbs, r. 133 Page 
Ball — , mcht, r. 214 Powell 
Ballaeng Chas., bricklayer, r. 1 Reed pi 
Ballagh John L., molder O. K. Foundry, r. 668 Fol 
Ballagh Robert C, moulder O. K. Foundry, r. 658 

Ballard & Hall (Duane Ballard and Isaac R. Hall) 

wool, grain, flour and com mcht, 320 San, rm 3 
Ballard Duane (Ballard & Hall) r. 1601 Tyler 
Ballard Geo. carptr, r. Mission opp Voodmrd'l 

Ballard Geo., signpainter with Wason & Morris, r. 

31 Everett 
Ballard Geo., tinsmith, 215 Second, r. Branch House 
Ballard John (W. H. Martin & Co.) r. 2432 Mission 
Ballard Joseph H., shipping, r. 1020 Jackson 
BALLARD LAURA A., homeopathic physician, 

205 Powell 
Ballenberg, Nathan O., leader Ballenberg's Band, r. 

711 California 
Ballenger Andrew, lab, r. 19}«S Gilbert 
Balletto Giovanni, pedlar, r. Roma Hotel 
Bailey Edward J., agent, 504 Battery, r. Oakland 
Ballhaus Frederick, miner, r. 2209 Leavenworth 
Ballhaus Frederick jr, blacksmith, r. 2209 Leav 
Ballheimer Chas., porter with Levi Strauss & Co., 

r. Alameda 
Balling F. A., turner with Wood & Bowcher, r. 547 

Ballinger Frank J., reporter Chronicle, r. 5 Glen 

Park av 
Ballinger John J., paints, ne. cor Oak and Van 

Ness av 
Ballinger Patrick, r. 5 Glen Park av 
Ballinger Richard, r. 5 Glen Park av 
Ballinger Stephen B., guard Golden Gate Park 
Ballinger William G., driver United Carriage Co., r. 

1311 Sacramento 
Ballmeyer Herman, butcher with Wilson, Merry & 

Co., r. ne. cor Webster and Bay 
Ballstedt John, engineer S. F. Sugar Ref ., r. 10th av 

nr P, South S. F. 
Balmer Andrew L., carptr Cal. Mill, r. 409 Stevenson 
BALNY A. J., imp and mnfr ostrich and fancy 

feathers, 60S Market, r. 1005 Buchanan 
BALOXJN JOSEPH L., merchant tailor, 613 

Washington, r. 2119 Jones 
Balscera Marie, laundress with Michael Labarere,r. 

1118 Howard 
Balser John, sheet ironwrkr with Francis Smith & 

Co., r. 51S Howard 
Balthasar Oertle, woodcarver, r. San Bruno Road bet 

29th and 30th 
Balthrop Wm. Louis, carptr, r. se. cor 24th and Utah 
BALTIC HOUSE, Wm. Fowler propr, 13 Steuart 
Baltic M. Co. (Storey Co. Nev.) Joseph Maguire sec, 

419 California, rm 26 
Baltimore Con. M. Co. (Nev.) C. A. Sankey sec, 20 

Stevenson bldg 
Baltimore Gold Quartz M. Co. (El Dorado Co. Cal.) 

Wm. Small sec, 531 California 

Balvina Mary Miss, r. 420 Broadway 

Balz Adolph, clerk Subsistence Dept. U. S. A., 

r. Webster nr Haight 
Balz Valentine, butcher with M. Soli g, r. Batch* rtOWZJ 
Balzarini C. (N. Giamboiu -I* Sansome 

Balzer Henry (Hy Balzer & Co.) r. 718 Tyler 
Balzer Hy & Co. (Henry Balzer) iniprs and com. 

mchte ins. agents and agents Bremen i adi r 

writers, 213 Sansome 
Bambaner ('has., carptr, r. 29 Freelon 
Bamber & Thompson (John Bamber and Jam. a D. 

Thompson) proprs Banibcr's Exprt -s, 1 (' 
Bamber John (Hainber A: Thompson.) r. Oakland 
Bamber Joseph •!.. propr Mermaid Baths, r. ft. Lar- 

kin. North Beach 
Bamber W. I)., attendant Mermaid Baths 
Brmber's Express, Bamber t Thompson propr, l 

Bamberger Ban! s.. bookpr with H. E. Leszyusky, r. 

1612 California 
Bamberger Sigismund B., Bp< onlator, 102 Uontgom- 

i rj . rm -t. r. 1612 California 
Bammann Annie. d<>iii< >tic n> Posi 
Bammann Henry H , teamster with Horace Davis & 

r. 962 Clara 
Banahan Alice Miss, furnished rooms. 118 I 
Banahan Henry, hostler ITasnlon Stables, r. it:* Clara 
Banahan Patrick, with Boutb Park Livery Btable, r. 

113 Perry 
Bancs August. BOB] passer S V. Waterworks, i 

nut nr Powell 

lohn A., r. 786 1'olHom 
BANCROFT A. L. »v CO. (Hub. rt H. and Al- 
bert L. Bancroft) pubs, boi tatloners 

and mnfrs, 721 U 
Bancroft Albert i. and Ban- 

croft, Knight b Co.) r. 1606 Franklin 
Bancroft 0. a. Mr-., r. 616 Jones 
Bancroft (has. B., manager Bdaoattonal Dept with 

A. L. Bancroft ic < .... r. 616 1 
Bancroft Geo, H.,Jclerk with A. L. Bancroft . 

616 3 
Bancroft H. P., clerk with A. L. Bancroft & Co., r. 

616 .1 
Bancroft Hubert H. (A. L. Bancroft ft Co. and Ban- 

CTOft, Knight ft CO.) r. Oakland 
BANCROFT, KNICtHT dc CO. (Albert L. and 

Hubert H. Bauer. .it and \v. H. Knight) dealers 

music, 788 Market 
Bancroft W. B., manager Printing and Lithographic 

J- it \. I. Ban ■ us khi.s 

Bancroft W. H., physician, r. 618 Taylor 
Band H. P., special agl nt Mutual Life Ins. Co., r. 

1730 Bdiiy 
Band John, stevedore, r. 31 Alta 
Band Joseph, butcher, Valencia nr l*th 
Handheld Albert, clerk with John Lnhrs & Co., r. se. 

cor Fourth and Mission 
Bandholdt Fred., farmer, r. 7:»i Minna 
Bandman Christine, domestic, 619 Tyler 
Bandmann Julius (Bandmann, Nielsen k C 

Bandmann, Nielsen & Co. ( Julius Bandmann and 

Henry Nielsen) comments and gen. agents Giant 

Powder Co.. •Jin 1 
Bandy Aaron N. (Buhr & Bandy) r. 221 Oak 
Bane Alexander, engineer, r. 425 Greenwich 
Bane James, painter, r. n.s. 23d bet Alabama and 

Bane James, tinsmith with James B. Stetson, r. 229 

Bane Joseph, foreman Cal. Mill, r. 2039 Mission 
Bane Patrick, plumber with Prendergast & Doherty, 

r. Brannan bet Gilbert and Seventh 
Bang Geo. A., machinist with Birch, Argall& Co. r. 

25 % Stockton 
Bangs Edward, propr Mission Bay Warehouse, r. 

1936 Stevenson 
Bangs H. Frank, clerk Home Mutual Ins. Co., r. Oak- 
Bangson Erich, laundryman, r. 28 Anthony 
Bangtsen John A., seaman, r. 415 East 
Bank Exchange Saloon, Brown & Perkins, proprs, 

se. cor Washington and Montgomery 
Bank Joseph, bottler with Jacob Deuzler, r. 5 Cedar 

EfMIITTAPn 8, CC\ 405 and 407 SANSOME ST., sole Manufacturers of 
. UUM l/inU Oi KjKJ., Patented Cafe des Gourmands, 


("706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716 1 


Established 1862 


linghast, manager, se. cor Cal. and Sansome 

McKinley and H. W. Glenny, agents, 221 San 

pres., Wm. Alvordviee-prPS.,Thos. Brown cash- 
ier, Byron Murray jr. asst. cashier, Stephen 

Franklin sec, nw. cor Sansome and California 

pres., A. W. Preston cashier, 421 California 
Bank of San Francisco, N. P. Cole pres., Jacob L. 

Browne manager, 436 California 
Banker A., helper with Calvin Nutting & Son, r. 56 

Banker G. E., helper with Calvin Nutting & Son, r. 

56 Tehama 
Banker Isaac, patternmkr, r. 43 Tehama 
Banks Catherine, widow, r. 1228 Mission 
Banks Chas. W., bookpr with Wells, Fargo & Co., r. 

Banks Cyrus, porter with James W. Burnham & Co., 

r. Anthony pi 
Banks Geo. S., livery stable, 709 Jones, r. 830M Har 
Banks Harry D., cigars and tobacco, 1034 Market, r. 

524 Jones 
Banks James, cook stmr S. M. Whipple, r. 13 Scott pi 
Banks James, lodgings, 318 Davis 
Banks J. H., conductor Sutter-st R. R., r. cor Sixth 

and Market 
Banks John, cigars, 997 Market, r. 995 Market 
Banks John W., wharfinger, r. 1228 Mission 
Banks Joseph, waiter Palace Hotel 
Ranks Lily Miss, teacher, Geary-st Grammar School, 

r. 1419 Washington 
Banks Lizzie M. Miss, teacher, Spring Valley Gram- 
mar School, r. 1419 Washington 
Banks Margaret, widow, r. 1419 Washington 
Banks Bobert, local police, r. 125 Main 
Banks Silas, r. Ankeny pi 
Banks T. C, money broker, 25 Merchants' Exchange, 

r. 724 California 
Banks Wm., engineer iEtna Iron Works, r. n.s. 22d 

bet Church and Chattanooga 
Banks Wm. O. (Meeker & Banks) r. 1419 Washington 
Banks, canvasser, r. 1020 Market 
S3" See also Bank 

Bankson Joseph R., saloon, 208 First 
Banmann Sigmund, salesman with Levi Strauss & 

Co., r. 309 Powell 
Bannan B. Miss, teacher, Spring Valley Primary 

Bannan Bridget, widow, r. 2012 Pierce 
Bannan Chas., r. 461 Clementina 
Bannan Francis, stevedore P. M. S. S. Co 
Bannan Frank P., bottler with Hoboken Brewery, r. 

461 Clementina 
JBannan Jane, widow, r. 82 Francisco 
Bannan M. F. Miss, teacher Jackson-st Primary 

School, r. 2012 Pierce 
Bannan Patrick, engineer with Sedgley & Davis, r. 

Florida nr 18th 
Bannatyne James, clerk with Balfour, Guthrie & 

Co., i>. 923 Hyde 
BANNER BROS. (Peter and Samuel Banner) 

imp clothing, ne. cor Market and Sansome 
Banner Henry, engineer, r. 1 August al, rear 
Banner N., seaman, r. 10 Berry 
Banner Peter (Banner Bros.) r.614 Sutter 
Banner Raphael, dealer, 1025 Harrison 
Banner Samuel (Banner Bros.) r. New York 
Bannerman John, bandsawyer Centennial Mill 
Baunerot Eugene A., machinist with Garcia, Son & 

Co. r. 2141 Mission 
Bannett Harris, boarding, 17 Ellis 
Bannett Louis, jeweler with D. W. Laird, r. 17 Ellis 
Bannick Christian, with H. F. Freese, r. 8 Anthony 
Bannick Johannes, salesman with Wm. Haker & 

Hinz, r. 506 Hayes 
Banning Frances A. Mrs., prin Castro-st Primary 

School, r. Castro bet 19th and 20th 
Banning Henrietta, domestic, 1032 McAllister 
Banning John, r. w.s. Castro bet 19th and 20th 
Banning John, lab C. P. R. R., r. 226 Ritch 
Bannister Albert (Starr & Co.) r. Liverpool Eng. 
Bannister Alfred, draughtsman U. S. Surveyor-Gen- 
eral's office, r. Alameda 

Bannister Fred., seaman, r. 104 Steuart 

Bannister Geo. W., bellowsmkr with W. E. Edwards, 
r. 324 Beale 

Bannister John C, upholsterer with F. S. Chad- 
bourne & Co., r. 227 Geary 

Bannister John H., shipwright, r. s.s. Townsend nr 

BANNISTER LOUISA MRS., boarding, 623 

BANNISTER WM., r. 623 Davis 

Bannon Hugh, lab, r. 214 Prospect pi 

Bannon John, porter, r. 26 Glover 

Bansch M. Mrs., midwife, r. 141 Minna 

Bansen Martin, seaman, r. 415 East 

Banta & Smith (L. S. Banta and S. H. Smith) mnfrs' 
agents, 223 Sacramento 

Banta L. S. (Banta & Smith) r. 120 Ellis 

Bantel Chas., confectioner with P. J. Kalb, r. 501 

Banz John, shoemkr, r. Ill Park av 

Banz Joseph, carptr with Albert Washburn, r. Ill 
Park av 

Banz Louis, with Wm. Kettle, r. Ill Park av 

BAPTIS JOHN H., mnfr gold pens, 328 Bush, r. 

Baptist Antoni, deckhand stmr Oakland, r. 13 Clay 

Baptist Chinese Mission, Rev. John Francis mission- 
ary, 924 Stockton 

Baptist Mission Chapel, ne. cor G and 11th av, South 
S. F. 

Baptist Leon, cook Palace Hotel 

Baptista Jose, clerk with John Cordoza & Co., 415 

Baptiste Caleb, bootblack, r. 342 Union 

Barabino Carl, washer Cutting Packing Co., r. 335 

Barnabino James, pickle packer Cutting Packing Co. 

Baraco & Mussante (A Baraco and C. Mussante) but- 
ter, cheese and eggs, 76-77 Centre Market 

Baraco A. (Baraco & Mussante) r. 33 Turk 

Baraco Siro, rigger, r. 15 Union plj 

Barada Laurant, traveling agent, r". 754 Bryant 

Barate Peter, fisherman, r. 641 Broadway 

Baratti Louis, upholsterer with A. Berson, & Son 
r. 1220 Powell 

Barattini Lorenzo, porter with John Siebe & Bro., 
r. 9 Lafayette pi 

Baraty & Coutolenc (G. M. Baraty andD. Coutolenc) 
butchers and porkpackers, 303 Montgomery av 

Baraty Francois, r. 203 Valencia 

Baraty George E., clerk with John Saulnier & Co., 
t 203 Val.62ic.ifi 

Baraty G. M. (Baraty & Coutolenc) r. 303 Mont, av 

Baravella Elizabeth, widow, r. 10 Auburn 

Barbara Paul, fruits, butter and eggs, 303 Fourth, r. 
128 Perry 

Barbarin Gratien, baker, r. 327 Montgomery av 

Barbaste A. Mmme, laundry, 838 Clay 

BARBAT JOHN, physician and druggist, 910 

Barbat John H., clerk with J. Barbat, r. 910 Pacific 
Barbee John, moneybroker, 512 Mont., r. 1090 Union 
Barber Adam, coachman, r. Central Pacific Hotel 
Barber A. H., r. 729 Green 

Barber Chas., hostler Central R. R., r. 2420 Post 
Barber Chas., baggage master N. P. R. R. r. 817}$ 

Barber Chas. L., messenger Wells, Fargo & Co., r. 

635 Stevenson , 

Barber E. J. Miss, teacher Union Primary School, 

r. 1222 Pacific 
Barber Elizabeth, widow, r. 1625 Webster 
Barber James B., porter with Wilmerdmg & Co., r. 

27 Oak 
Barber John, gardener, r. n.e. cor Bush and Baker 
Barber John A., plasterer, r. 24 Bernard 
BARBER JOHNN., ins. broker, 531 Cal., rm. 4 
Barber Joseph P., barber, 1231 Dupont 
Barber Peter (Thompson & Co.) r. 24 Everett 
Barber Thomas, pilot, r. 1222 Pacific 
Barber Wm. (Doyle, Barber & Scripture) atty-at-law, 

323 California, r. San Rafael 
Barber Wm., wharfinger Meiggs Wharf 
Barber Zachary P.. driver, r. 555 Stevenson 
Barberi Frank, bartdr with H.Muller,r.l5J<> Clinton 
Barbetta Frederick, fisherman, r. 49 Clay 

A AS/I AMH DDADCDTV for Sale by IWARST0N & ADAMS, Real Estate Agents, 
UAKLAINU rnUrtn I Y cor. 7th and Washington Sts., Oakland. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%£*} Established 1862 

Barbier Armand K., local police, r. 9 Taylor 
Barbier Eugenie Mme., teacher French, r. 648 Minna 
Barbier Paul L., r. 119 Seventh 
Barbier Steve, niarblecutter with Morris & Darling, 

r. 114 Shipley 
Barbiere & Motroni (G. Barbiere and A. Motroni) 

hay and grain, 515-517 Green 
Barbiere G. (Barbiere & Motroni) r. 517 Green 
Barbieri Paul (G. B. Levaggi & Co.) r. 128 Perry 
Barbour Paul, ins agent, r. 217 Geary 
Barcelona Central S.M. Co. (Belmont, Nev.) Chas.E. 

■ Buckingham sec, 320 Sansome, rm 10 
Barcelona Con. M. Co. (Belmont, Nev.) J. P. Moore 

sec, 320 Sansome, rm 9 
Barchi Csesar Rev., clergyman St. Ignatius College, 

r. 841 Market 
Barchi Giovanni , waiter Campi 's Restaurant, 520 Clay 
Barchus John H., clerk forwarding dept Wells, Fargo 

& Co., r. 622 Grove 
Barci Lorenzo, with D. Giovannini, r. 81(1 Pacific 
Bareilles Emile, lab, r. 5th av nr K, South S. F. 
Barckhausen Bertha, widow, r. 710 Franklin 
Barclay J., helper Mint, r. 777 % Mission 
Barclay Mary, widow, r. 1117 Howard 
Barclay Peter T., bookpr with H. Logan k Co., r. 

Barclay Robert H., carriagemkr Kimball Mnfg Co., 

r. 029 Rausch 
Barclay Roderick, blacksmith with F. A. Huntington, 

r. 35 Eleventh 
Barclay W. H., engineer P. M. S. S. Co. 
Bareroi't Win., carpenter, r. 1126 Alabama 
Bard Cephas L., physician and surgeon, 30 Kearny, 

r. 1218 Clay 
Barden Patrick, carptr, r. 11th av nr P, South 8. F. 
Barden Thos. J., porter with Liusley & Co., r. 371 

Bardenhagen Henry (Waruecke & Bardeuhagen) r. 

sw. cor Sacramento and DromiD 
Bardenwerper C. P., porter, r. 9 Stockton pi 
Bardes Phillip, butcher with P. Belbel, r. 725 O'Far 
Bardet Alexander, shipping clerk, r. '.' l'mkncy pi 
Bardet C, milliner, 225 Montgomery av 
Bardin James, student Heald's Business College 
Bardina Daniel, morocco dresser with C. O'Donnell, 

r. 454 Sixth 
Bardlow Herman, carptr, r. 117 Bernard 
Bardwell Chas. YS - ., sawyer with Wood & Bowcher, r. 

648% Mission 
Bare Brothers (Edward and Solomon Bare) uphol- 
sterers, 1200 Polk 
Bare Edward (Bare Bros.) r. 1707 Sacramento 
Bare Fannie, r. 1707 Sacramento 
Bare Gustavus, furrier with Lachman & Sternfels, 

r. 1707 Sacramento 
Bare Julia, r. 1707 Sacramento 
Bare Solomon (Bare Bros.) r. 1707 Sacramento 
Bareilles Thos., dairyman, r. e.s. Octavia bet Filbert 

and Greenwich 
Bareilles Thos. (Lindrob & Co.) r. sw. cor Silver 

and Girard 
Bareis Adolph, butcher, r. 1405 Stockton, rear 
Barrell Samuel, stocks, r. Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Barenkamp Elizabeth, widow, furnished rooms, 640 

Barenton Edouard, confectioner with Masson 

Freres, r. ne. cor Broadway and Kearny 
Baretta John, machinist, r. 39 Natoma 
Barfree Frank, waiter, r. 15% Clinton 
Barg John C, teamster with Joost Brothers, r. ne. 

cor Eleventh and Mission 
Bargagliotti Paulo (Garziglia & Bargagliotti) r. 

511% Broadway 
Bargen Andrew, carptr, r. 1062 Howard 
Bargestream J. Geo., printer, r. 608 Stevenson 
Barghorn August, cook schr Patriot 
Bargion AA r alter P., operator American Dist. Tel. Co., 

r. 830 Folsom 
Bargon Martin, tailor, r. Hansa Hotel 
Bargones James, saloon, r. 2218 Mason 
Bargones Leonardo, porter with Pascal, Dubedat & 

Co., r. 2218 Mason 
Barie Louis Win., engineer Bay Brewery, r. 7 Mor- 
Barinds Barnett E. (Geo. M. Lederer & Co.) r. 27 


Barini Chas., marblecutter. r. 522 Broadway 

Bark Edward, lab, r. 1 19 Becond 

Bark John, carptr I'. M. S. S. Co. 

Barkan Adolph, physician, oculist ami auri.-t. SOS 

Kearny, r. 433 Geary 
Barkaloo John, real estate, r. 1114 Poet 
Barker & Snow (James L. Barker and Roland W. 

Snow) imps pomp material, 408 Market 
Barker B. P., contractor, r. 700 Broadway 
Barker Lunula Mrs., furnished rooms. Kiln Powell 
Barker Frank, Carptr, r. 16th av nr «.,>. South S. I. 
Barker Grace, widow, r. 1421 Folsom 
Barker Henry L., briekmkr. r. 309 Capp 
Barker Henry L.. carptr and builder, r. 191H Onion 
Barker Henry N., trunkmkr with H. Behn ml t ft Oo., 

r. Bernal Heights 
Barker Isaac, briekmkr. r. 309 Capp 
Barker James, foreman painter with st. Denis A 

Ohesney, r. 1011 Stockton 
Barker James L. (Barker .v. snow) r. Berkeley 
Barker John, painter, r. Arion House 
Barker Joshua, bookpr with Lohman, Obghlll ,v: 

Bonntree, r. Oakland 
Barker M. H.. widow, r. 2238 1 
Barki c N< tio Mr-., r. 241 B< cond 
Barker Squire, molder Dnion iron Works, r. in 

Barker Stephen, streel contractor, r, 609 Seventeenth 
Barker Timothy L. (Wellman, Peek & Co.) r. Oak- 
Bark) t — . physician, r. Arion House 

also Bacher 
Barkhaxu i». IF. w , A D. Barkham r. L0 Turk 
Barkhaus P. W. I . w. ,>c n. Barkhans) r. loot Butt( t 
BARKHAV8F, W.&D. I tatlonery, 

: ■ amy 
Bar khausen Otto A., salesman with Bohafer A Co., 

r. 718 Franklin 
Barklage Wm. <;., bowling alley, se. cor K< amy and 

Jackson, r. ij:i Greenwich 
Berkley H. M., tinner with « 1 Bdei 

Barkley James, with Mint, r. 777! Mi 
Barkley Bobert, hostler with Joseph smith, r. 849 

Barkley Simon T., r. Franklin Hot) 1 
Barkley Thos., seaman, r. 288 st. narl 
Barkley Win. H.. bookpr with Poo] A Harris, r. 1019 

Barlage Henry, cablnetmkr, r. 8. Oushman 

Wm. A., collector Farmer- and Meehanicw' 

Bank of Savings, r. :i Oushman 
Barley Patrick, stair builder with B. H. Fp • man A 

('".. r. Liberty nr Dol 

Soj. liia, domes tie. -j:; i I'FarreU 
Barli A., merchant tailor, -ill Mont, r. 846 Market 
Barling Horatio H.. money and stock broker, 434 

M< ntgomery, r. 631 Wi 
Barlow Carrie B. Miss, principal Broadway Primary 

Sell, ii ami teacher evening school, r. 909 Clay 
Barlow Char Mint, r. Oakland 

Barlow Edwin, dyer, r. 1 1 1 ."■ Filbert 
Barlow E. T., cariitr. COT Channel and Eleventh 
Barlow John, lab with Chase A: Wolff, r.' Nevada 

Barlow John, machinist Pacific Iron Works, r. 31 

Barlow Martin, lab, r. 713 Front 
Barlow Mary, widow, r. 50% Zoe 
Barlow Samuel, watchman Marine Hospital 
Barlow W., pile driver, r. 013 Mission 
Barman Isaac, with Lithauer & Co. r. 405 Powell 
Barman Isaac, with W. T. Garratt, r. 410 Sixth 
Barman Jonas, real estate, '.i43 Folsom 
Barman Jonas S., inspector customs, r. 410 Sixth 
Barman Mayo, r. 943 Folsom 
Barnacle James, sawmkr, r. 537 Hayes 
Barnard Express (The) S. F. and San Rafael, Wm. 

M. White propr. 1 Commercial 
BARNARD FRANK & CO. '(Frank Barnard 

and Henrv Voorman) imps and jobbers coal, 

213-217 Jackson 
Barnard Frank (Frank Barnard & Co.) r. 418 Eddy 
Barnard Geo., teamster with Calvin Nutting & Son, 

r. 529 Linden 
Barnard Geo. B., tel. operator and instructor Bar- 
nard's Business College, r. 617 Eddy 

HO \A/|| PHY'Q SUPPOSITORIES FOR PILES give immediate relief 
L/lli VYILl^V/A O per box. For sale by all Druggists. 

Price $2.00 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. r^iU^giS^™} Established 1862 

BARNARD HENRY, pres Barnard's Business 

College, 120 Sutter, r. 617 Eddy 
BARNARD ISAAC D. (S. H. Seymour & Co.) r. 

Buss House 
Barnard Matthew, shoemkr, r. 1613 % Stevenson 
Barnard Moses S., cooper, r. ".a. 24th bet Vermont 

and Kansas 
Barnard T., seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Barnard Thos. &., contractor and builder, r. 32 Bin- 

cou pi 

Barnard pres, 120 Sutter 
B®~ See also Bernard and Bernhard 
Barnekoff Frederick, carptr, r. 507% Leav, rear 
Barner Louis, clerk with Diedrich Kuhlman, r. nw. 

cor Fourth and Brannan 
Barner ¥m., groceries, ne. cor Natorna and Ninth 
Barnert Meyer, pressman with Spaulding & Barto, 

r. Devisadero bet Hayes and Grove 
Barnes Benj. J., lab Betts Spring Co., r. 812 Dolores 
Barnes Chas. A., plasterer, r. sw. cor Howard and 

Barnes Chas. E., engineer and draughtsman. 609 Mis- 
sion, r. 1510 Tyler 
Barnes David, tailor, 1 Codman pi 
Barnes D. H., quartermaster P. M. S. S. Co. 
Barnes E. B. Miss, teacher drawing public schools, 

r. 311 Stockton 
Barnes Euclid T., general agent Cal. Ins. Co., r. 607 

Barnes Frederick, carptr South Point Mills, r. 44% 

Barnes Geo. E., journalist Call, r. Commercial Hotel 
Barnes H., mining, 324% Montgomery, r. Buss House 
Barnes Henry C, atty-at-law, r. 609 Bush 
Barnes H. L., carptr with Albert Washburn, r. 1153 

Barnes James, horseshoe nailmkr, r. 1226 Green 
Barnes J. B., mining, 438 California, rm 1, r. San 

Barnes John, teamster Pae. Boiling Mill, r. se. cor 

Minnesota and Mariposa 
Barnes J. S., carptr W. D. Co. 
Barnes Louis, musician Theater Comique, r. Albion 

Barnes Minnie, widow, r. 518 Natoma 
Barnes Bobert L. C, printer Call, r. 1023 Stockton 
Barnes W., seaman, r. 20 Clementina 
Barnes W. D., solicitor Commercial Advocate, r. 

Brooklyn Hotel 
Barnes Win., carptr and builder, ne. cor Ellis and 

Barnes Wm., teamster Pac. Barrel and Keg Co., r. 

Telegraph Hill 
Barnes Wm. H., special correspondent and general 

agent New Age 
Barnes Wm. H. L., atty-at-law, 426 California, r. sw. 

cor McAllister and Fillmore 
Barnes Wm. P., clerk with Sherman, Hyde & Co., r. 

923 Geary 
Barnes W. P., r. Arlington House 
Barnes — , carptr, r. 39 Bausch 
Barnefc Geo. Mrs., r. 1533 Geary 
Barnet Joseph, clothing, r. 1626 Sutter 
Barnet B., tailor, 146 Third 
Barnet Wm. Y., dairyman, r. 212 Twelfth 
Barnett Absalom J., draughtsman, 315 California, r. 

Barnett B. N. (Barnett, Drake & Co.) r. 413 Post 
Barnett, Drake & Co. (B. N. Barnett and F. G. Drake) 

mercantile adjusters, 206 Front 
Barrett Edward, seaman, r. 110 Berry 
Barnett Geo. A., supt Jersey Farm Milk Depot, r. 350 

Barnett Joseph, crockery and glassware, 39 Fourth, 

r. 507 Stevenson 
Barnett Joseph P., money broker, 521 Montgomery, 

r. 28 Geary 
Barnett Louis, bookbinder with Althof & Bahls, r. 

810 Union 
Barnett Max, waiter Baldwin Hotel 
Barnett Morris S. (S. A. Gyle & Co., Tehama) off 210 

Davis, r. 1021 % Market 
Barnett N. W., milkman, r. 322 Fulton 
Barnett Thos., butcher with Donnelley, Dunne & 

Co., r. 10th av nr E. R. av, South S. F. 

Barnett Wm., salesman with Buyer, Beich & Co., r. 

se. cor Bush and Devisadero 
Barney Alfred Stevenson, chief dep U. S. Shipping 

Commissioner, r. 2437 Buchanan 
Barney Aurielius, r. 1004 Market 
Barney Benj. A., with James M. Barney, r. 817 Van 

Ness av 
BARNEY BENJ. GRIFFIN, dep U. S. Shipping 

Commissioner, off P. M. S. S. Co.'s wharf, r. 2209 

Barney James, quartermaster P. M. S. S. Co. 
Barney James M., com mcht, 304 Cal, r. Yuma, A. T. 
Barney M. L., photographer, r. 1324 Polk 
Barney Sophia Mrs., r. 32 Sixth 
Barney Viola, widow, r. 215 O'Farrell 
Barney — , colonel U. S. A., r. Baldwin Hotel 
Barnhart Chas., helper with Nelson & Doble, r. 416% 

Barnhart Christian, lab, r. 416 % Shipley 
Barnhart Geo. W., salesman with A. L. Bancroft & 

Co., r. 509 O'Farrell 
Barnhisel E. M. Mrs., furnished rooms, 704% Mis 
Barnhisel E. R., carrier Alta, r. 1634 West Mission 
Barnhisel Henry, salesman with Toklas, Brown & 

Co., r. 704% Mission 
Barnical J., filer with Hobbs, Pomeroy & Co., r. 537 

Barnstead T. D., dealer dairy prod, r. 211 Sixteenth 
Barnum E. K., keeper Farrallones Lighthouse 
Barnum Henry Mrs., r. 15 Bussell 
Barnum Howard, lab Woodward's Gardens, r. s.s. 

Waller bet Webster and Fillmore 
Barnum J. A., sawyer withA. Waldstein.r. 512Fourth 
Barnwell GilbertT., cashier Cal. Pac. B. B. off, r. 552 

Baron Abraham, second hand clothing, 31 Pacific, r. 

181 Perry 
Baron H., hostler Market-st B. B. 
Baron I., r. 1728 Eddy 

Baron John (J. Dupuy & Co.) r. 630 Broadway 
Baron Samuel, butcher, r. 181 Perry 
Baron Wm., barber with F. Mitchell, r. 181 Perry 
Baronidis G. M., botanic physician, 12 Brenham pi 
Barr Daniel, carptr with Price & Lee, r. 615 Bran 
Barr Fanny A. Miss, r. 610 Ellis 
Barr H. K, widow, r. 318 Oak 
Barr Jacob, teamster, r. B. B. av nr Sixth, South 

S. F. 
Barr John, foreman machinist Potrero Gasworks, r. 

918 Twentieth 
BARR J. D. & CO. (John D. Barr and David 

Samuels) umbrellas and parasols, 323 Bush 
Barr John D. (J. D. Barr & Co.) r. 610 Ellis 
Barr John G., quartermaster P. M. S. S. Co. 
Barr Neil, molder Eureka Foundry, r. se. cor Harri- 
son and 23d 
Barr Bose Mrs., furnished rooms, 202 Second 
Barr Sarah A. Miss, teacher Girls' High School, r. 

330 Geary 
Barr Stewart A., with J. D. Barr & Co., r. 610 Ellis 
BARRA EZEKIEIi I., real estate, 116 First, r. 4 

Barraillac Adolph C, clerk with Burr & Fink, r. 3 

Meacham pi 
Barraillac Chas., basketmkr, r. 3 Meacham pi 
Barrallao Lena, seamstress with Mary Chorr, r. cor 

Green and Powell 
Barraque John, engineer Steam Soda Works 
Barratt George, hostler with O. C. Mundell, r. South 

Park House 
Barraud Louis, cabinetmkr and watchman Lafayette 

Barrea Chas., lab, r. Greenwich |bet Sansome and 

Barreau Auguste, cook with H. Bogelet, r. 516 Mis 
Barreda F. L., manager S. F. agency, D. de Castro & 

Co., New York, 213 Sansome, r. 610 Folsom 
Barrell Edward, clerk with Wells, Fargo & Co., r. 600 

Barrell Samuel, stocks, r. 209 Powell 
Barren G., baker, r. German Hotel 
Barren H., butcher, r. German Hotel 
Barren Budolph, cook, r. German Hotel 
Barrer Nathan, pedlar, r. 19 Garden 
Barrera Carmen, r. 609 Broadway 
Barrera M., waiter P. M. S. S. Co 


T?ff &RKV.T west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer In 
iUAjnnu m. , and Manufncturerofall k i n(is of Window Shades 

HANGINGS, and dealer la all kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%£&'} Established 1862 

Barres Adolph, butcher with E. E. Vie, r. 1622 Stock- 
Barret Chas., tailor, r. 802 Howard 
Barreto — , r. 609 Broadway 
Barrett & Sherwood (Robert Sherwood) watchmkrs 

and jewelers, 517 Montgomery 
Barrett Alfred, lab Centennial Mill, r. 51 Jessie 
Barrett Alfred, watchmkr and jeweler, 62 Second, r. 

236 Seventh 
Barrett Chas. F. (Deming & Barrett) r. 1000 Pine 
Barrett Chas., expressman, cor Kearny and Calif or- 

nia, r. se. cor Buchanan and Grove 
Barrett Chas. W., plumber with Cm W. Snook, r. 

17th av, South S. F. 
Barrett Cornelius, lab, r. 104 Polk 
Barrett C. P., cutter with Brodeck >*c Co., r. sw. cor 

Howard and Fourth 
Barrett Edward, lab, r. 24 Clementina 
Barrett Edward, lab, r. 609 Minna 
Barrett Edward, painter with Wason & Morris 
Barrett Edward, shoemkr, 15 Stevenson 
Barrett Edward, shoemkr. r. 302 I rrcll 
Barrett Edward, waiter Lick House 
Barrett Edward J., expressman ud and 

Tehama, r. Montgomery's n 
Barrett Edward J., with E. Chenot, r. B02 Poison 
Barrett Francis A., carptr with E, K. 1! 

cor 17th av and J, Smith S. i. 
Barrett Geo., maltster Mason's Brewery, r. 61 

Barrett Hannah, widow, r Q80D 

Barrett Hannah, widow, r. w.s. Kansas bet SieiTa and 

Barrett James, lab, r. Waller or Gold* d Gate Park 
Barrett James, rjainter, r. 112 Bora, rear 
Barrett J. F., steward scbr H. L. Tlerhan 
Barrett John, baker Roman Catholic Orphan 
Barrett John, carptr. r. 2921 Mission 
Barrett John, currier, r. 14th av nr P, Soutl 
Barrett John J., baker, r. ti.'i Freelon 
Barrett John s., stockbroker, 326 Pini . r. 1601 Gough 
Barrett J. S., boots and shoes, 1208 Market 
Barrett Lizzie, domestic, 1309 Gough 
Barrett Lizzie Miss, dressmkr, r. 853J{ Poison 
Barrett Lizzie, tailoress with Nicoll the Tailor, r. 528 

Barrett Margaret, domestic, 927 Bush 
Barrett Margaret, widow, r. 782 Harrison 
Barrett Mathew, blacksmith with Patrick H. Burns, 

r. 27 Minna 
Barrett Michael, boilermkr, Risdon Iron Works, r. 

318 Clementina 
Barrett Michael, calker, r. 168 Silver 
Barrett Michael, lab, C. P. R. R.. r. 808 Third 
Barrett Nellie, domestic, r. 1510 Folsom 
Barrett Patrick, driver N. B. and M. R. R., r. 316 

Barrett, Patrick, paper carrier, r. 26 Perry 
Barrett Patrick, quartermaster O. and O. S. S. Co 
Barrett Patrick V., clerk with Kennedy & Durr, r. 24 

Barrett Richard, carptr, r. 423 Stevenson 
Barrett Richard, lab, r. 2520 Sutter 
Barrett Robert, soapmkr with Richard Brown, r. 

122% Gilbert 
Barrett Theresa, domestic, 507 Harrison 
Barrett Thomas, stonemason, r. cor Third and Town- 
Barrett Wra. (Brown & Barrett) 16th bet Guerrero 

and Dolores 
Barrett William, driver United Carriage Co., r. 143 

Barrett Wm., fireman, r. Philadelphia House 
Barrett William, lab, r. 7 Laurel av 
Barrett William, teamster with Geo. Morrow & Co., 

r. cor Washington and Drurnm 
Barrett William Francis, molder, r. 18 Tehama 
Barrett Wm. G., cashier S. F. Gaslight Co., r. 1000 

Barrett Wm. H., foreman carptr The Real Estate 

Associates, r. 7 Alemany av 
Barrett Wm. N., teamster with M. Eagan. r. 812^ 

Barrey Richard, lab with Weed & Kingwell. r. 260 V 

Barricklow Geo. R., carptr, r. 1937 Stevenson 

Barrilis Diego Count, Consul for Italy, 69! 

r. Oakland 
Barring Mitchell, lab, r. 126 Onion 
Barringer Benjamin, baker, r. 1211 Powell 
BarrlngerJ. Mr-., dressmkr, 1211 Powell 
Barrington ( 'has. L . dm 
Banington Geo. P., clerk Custom lions,-, r. 1609 

Harrington John, night clerk P. O., r. 8011 

Barrlous Fermln, musical Instrument mnfr D 

Mojica, r. 1027 Kearny 
Barrlf Prank T.. batcher with s. A. i 

Banii l... mining, 802 Montgomery, rm. 80 
Barritf Arthur J., barkpr, r I 
Barrollhel Henrj [Bi Hoc .\ <j. .] r. kfenlo Park 
Barron A. \\'.. asst supt Pifth st. it. it., i Sal 

Barrow 0. J., paint* r. r. 816 M:irki t. i 
Barron Cornelius, Baloon, nw. <-..r Georgia and Menu 
Barron Ell, n. widow, r. 518 T< I 
Ban irth 

Barron Georgi . compositor Mail 
Barron [., capitalist, r. 606 Stoi kton 
Barron James, masti r stmr Hope 
Barron J. C. i Boiling* r & I tlejo 

Barron Michael, carptr California Mill. 


wlneroom man Lick Hi rasi 
BARBONWH., i Powell and 

Barron — . conductor, r. I 
Barron's bldg., nw. cor Montgomery and ■£< 
Barrotl Edward, expressman, r. 582 s. cond 
Barn Ion 

Harrow Chas. W. [Hopkins, Taylor \ Co.) r. 419 

Barron iv d., bi aman, r. U6 I 

Barrow Libbj If. Miss., teacher Horn) ofth< Ladles 

it:. ■ Ui d and Bu 11 1 I Society, r. 1919 Jessie 
Harrow s Edward c .. pressman with A. L. Bancroft k 

i 310 Taylor 
Barrows Frank P. (Sadler BI Harrow-) 1 . 183 McAUia- 

fa r 
Harrows .lames. lainidryinaii Lick Houae 
Barrows J. 0., actor Grand Opt ra II 
Harrows John, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 

Barrows John, traveling salesman with I. M Went- 

Harrows Laura If. Hiss, teacher Qreenwi* 

mary School, r. 816 Taylor 
Harrows Marv. widow, r. 316 Tavlor 
Barrows B., <i n \ . r S.F. Cracker Co.. r. 357 Eleventh 
Barrows Steven S., contractor, r. 927 Folsom 
Harrows Wm.H. (Lawler fc Barrows) atty-at-law , 607 

M Dtgomery, mis 18-11, r. 1681 Tyler 
Barruth Henry, groci rles, 1900 Mission 
BARKY ib HAKTXKTT (James Barry and 

Daniel Hartnett) proprs Golden Eagle Hotel, 

402-406 Broadway 
Barry A., mate P. M.'S. S. Co. 
Barry Aaron, boxmkr with Hobbs, Pomeroy & Co., 

r. 14 Bourbon pi 
Barrv B., dockhand C. P. R. R. Co., r. Oakland 
Barry B. B., stocks, r. Ill Twelfth 
Barry Bridget, r. 33 Everett 
Barry Catherine, widow, r. 1327 California 
Barry Chas.. teamster, r. 415 Clementina 
Barry Chas. E.. searcher records. 619 Montgomery, 

r. 1307 Gru n 
Barry Chas. O., carpenter Union Box Factory, r. 103 

Barry Bros. (David and Richard Barry) butchers, 

n.s.22d bet Dolores and Chattani 
Barry David (Barry Bros.; r. n.s. 22d bet Dolores 

and Chattanooga 
Barry David, lab. r. 18 Washington av 
Barry David, .saloon, cor Eighth and Heron, r. 1 

Barry Delia, domestic, 914 O'Farrell 
Barry D. H., r. 1517 California 
Barry Edward, actor Adelphi Theater 
Barry Edward, carriagemkr, r. 24 Ridley 
Barry Edward, dairy, r. n.s. San Bruno Road, B. H. 
Barrv Edward, lab, r. 567 Mission 

E. GUITTARD & C0., 405and . 

For their French Chocolates. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

("706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716 1 


Established 1862 

Barry Edward, molder Union Iron Works, r. 6 Free- 
Barry Edward, stock and real estate broker, 415 

Montgomery, r. Oakland 
Barry Edward S., clerk Auditor's off C. P. R. K., r. 

1621 Washington 
Barry E. H., widow, r. 923 Pacific 
Barry Ellen Mrs., shirtnikr, 2214 Pine 
Barry Fanny, domestic, 1814 Taylor 
Barry Frank, butcher with Edwin Swett, r. 2111 Fill- 
Barry Hannah, domestic, 1004 Powell 
Barry James, bricklayer, r. 504 Linden 
Barry James, clerk, r. Railroad House 
Barry James, engineer, r. 171 Minna 
Barry James, feeder Pioneer Woolen Factory, r. 8 

Barry James, foreman with Nelson & Doble, r. 211 

Barry James (Barry & Hartnett) r. 402 Broadway 
Barry James, junk, r. Dore bet Bryant and Brannan 
Barry James, lab, r. 818 Folsom 
Barry James, lab, r. 266 Stevenson 
Barry James, machine hand Beale-st Mills, r. Do- 
lores nr 29th 
Barry James, tailor, r. 11 Montgomery Crt 
Barry James H., compositor with Spaulding & Barto, 

r. 1224 Broadway 
Barry James J., receiving clerk New City Hall, r. 20 

Barry John, baker with Robert Stein, r. 1137 Folsom 
Barry Jerry, bartdr with D. Barry, r. 4 Heron 
Barry John, brass moulder with Greenberg & Co., r. 

3 Maria 
Barry Bohn, bricklayer, r. 360 Clementina 
Barry John, coachman with Wm. F. Babcock jr., r. 

325 Folsom 
Barry John, driver City Cab and Transfer Co., r. 174 

Barry John, expressman, r. 10 Byington 
Barry John, lab Fulton Iron Works, r. 2523 Sac 
Barry John, painter, r. 361 Clementina 
Barry John, porter with Straus, Kohnstamm & Co., 

r. 8 Glover 
Barry John, seaman, r. 2 Welsh 
Barry John, shoemkr with Einstein Bros. & Co., 

r. 361 Clementina 
Barry John, shoemkr with Buckingham & Hecht, r. 

644 Seventeenth 
Barry John, stevedore P. M. S. S. Co. 
Barry John, r. 19 Gilbert 
BARRY JOHN D., civil engineer, 330 Pine, rm 

17, r. 619 Pine 
Barry John H., delivery clerk W. U. Tel. Co., r. 211 

Barry John H., painter with A. D. Carvill, r. 134 

Barry John S., r. 923 Pacific 

Barry John T., jailor Branch Jail, r. 919 Green- 
Barry Joseph, driver with M. Focchetti, r. Francisco 

bet Pierce and Steiner 
Barry Joseph, lab, r. 242 Ritch 
Barry Julia, widow, r. 613 Greenwich, rear 
Barry Julia Mrs., r. 263 Third 
Barry L., lab with Supt Streets 
Barry Mark J., salesman with J. J. O'Brien & Co., r. 

609 Post 
Barry Martin, tailor, r. 1932 Bush 
Barry Mary, widow, r. 35 Valparaiso 
Barry Mary, widow, r. 11 Maria 
Barry Matthew B., produce, sw. cor R. R. and 16th 

avs, South S. F. 
Barry M. C. Miss, teacher Market and Seventh-st 

Primary School, r. 211 Taylor 
Barry Michael, cabinetmkr, r. w.s. Scott bet O'Far- 

rell and Ellis 
Barry Michael, carptr, r. 2214 Pine 
Barry Michael, carptr Centennial Mill 
Barry Michael, clerk with Straus, Kohnstamm & Co., 

r. 8 Glover 
Barry Michael, coachman, 1801 California 
Barry Michael, cook, r. 552 Mission 
Barry Michael, lab, r. Precita av nr Mission 
Barry Michael, lab, r. 414 Folsom. 
Barry Michael, lab, r. Nevada Hotel 

Barry Michael, lab Union Iron Works, r.&Powell av 
bet 27th and 28th 

Barry Michael, molder Union Iron Works 

Barry Michael, shoemkr with Buckingham & Hecht, 
r. cor Mission and 31st 

Barry Owen, lab, r. 724 Octavia 

Barry Owen, lab Golden Gate Park 

Barry Patrick, boilermkr and extraman Engine No. 
3, S. F. Fire Dept, and janitor City Criminal 
Court, r. 1327 California 

Barry Patrick, groceries, sw. cor Russ and Natoma, 
r. 422 Natoma 

Barry Patrick, groceries, se. cor Hayes and Fillmore 

Barry Patrick, lab, r. cor Point Lobos and 1st avs 

Barry Patrick, lab City Iron Works, r. 120 Shipley 

Barry Patrick, lab Pac. Rolling Mill 

Barry Patrick, lab Eagle, Soap Works, r. w.s. Utah 
bet 16th and Santa Clara 

Barry Patrick, plumber, r. 1028 Market 

Barry Patrick, watchman with Michelssen, Brown 
& Co., r. w.s. Utah bet 16th and Santa Clara 

Barry Patrick O.. clerk with Wm. A. Plunkett. r. 
1215 Pacific 

Barry Peter, boilermkr, r. 1016 Pacific 

Barry Richard (Barry Bros.) r. n.s. 22d bet Dolores 
and Chattanooga 

Barry Richard, fioorhand Pac. Oil and Lead Works, 
r. 48 Silver 

Barry Richard, lab Golden Gate Park, r. Hayes nr 
Golden Gate Park 

Barry Richard, housemover, r. 27 Park av 

Barry Richard, lab, r. 260% Clara 

Barry Robert, ropemkr, r. 16th bet Guerrero and 

Barry Robert, r. 21 Prospect pi 

Barry Sarah D., prin. Park-st Primary School, Ala- 
meda, r. 1226 Broadway 

Barry T., teacher evening schools 

Barry Teresa, widow, r. 360 Clementina 

Barry Theodore A., wines and liquors, 413 Mont- 
gomery, r. 709 Geary 

Barry Thos., molder Union Iron Works 

Barry Thos., polisher with Chas. Roche, r. 324 Fifth 

Barry Thos., shoemkr with Buckingham & Hecht, r. 
2 Eddy pi 

Barry Thos. F., atty-at-law, 302 Montgomery, rm 7, r. 
35 Valparaiso 

Barry Thos. T., salesman with M. Heller & Bros., r. 
415 Mason 

Barry Wm., barber, r. 148 Natoma 

Barry Wm., carptr, r. 2116 Steiner 

Barry Wm., foreman repairs O. R. R. track, r. 630 

Barry Wm., hackman, 442 California, r."809 Filbert 

Barry Wm., helper with W. T. Garratt, r. 513 Howard 

Barry Wm., horseshoer with Nelson & Doble, r. 211 

Barry Wm., lab Union Iron Works 

Barry Wm. F., pressman with P. J. Thomas, r. 1224 

Barry Wm. H., shipwright, r. 21 Rausch 

Barry Wm. I., bookpr with Donnelly, Dunne & Co., 
r. 609 Post 

Barry Wm. J., butcher with H. Whitman, r. 35 Val- 

Barry Wm. McGill, copying clerk 15th Dist Court, r. 
609 Post 

fi^" See also Berry and O'Barry 

Bars Chas., machinist with H. W. Thain, r. 820 Mont 

Barsel Wm., lab, r. 415 Francisco 

Barsolti Virgil, wood and coal, r. 413 Union 

Barstow Alfred, atty-at-law, 330 Pine, rm 50, r. Oak- 

Barstow David P., atty-at-law, 12 Stock Exchange 
Bldg, r. Oakland 

Barstow F. O., dentist, 1811 Polk 

Barstow Geo., atty-at-law, 309 California, r. 927 Pine 

Barstow John L., stock speculator, r. American Ex- 
change Hotel 

Barstow Wm., shipwright, r."18 Tehama 

Barta Joseph (Lotus Leveroni & Co.) r. 1510 Bdway 

Barta Karl, waiter Martin's Restaurant, r. 327 Minna 

Bartel Robert, waiter, 502 Bush 

Bartell T. P. jr., r. 328 O'Farrell 

Bartels Catherine, widow, r. 9 Sonora 

Bartels Max, teacher music, r. 915 Stockton 


Vrt n InLIO I O will do well to call on MARST0N & ADAMS, Real Estate Agents, Oakland. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market 8L{7SSST} Established 1862 

Bartels Peter Henry, liquors and cigars, sw. cor 
Front and Union 

Bartels S., wagonmkr, r. 207 Post 

Bartelsen John, lab with Peterson & Co., r. Union 
Soap Works 

Barter A. B. Mrs., vapor baths, r. 417 O'Farrell 

Barterson Edward, waiter, r. 58 Minna 

Bartes Philip, butcher with F. Seibel, r. 735 O'Far 

Bartet — , Mrue., r. 4 Scotland 

Bartey G. H., waiter P. M. S. S. Co. 

Barth Chas., metal roofer with Conlin & Roberts, r. 
10% Cleaveland 

Barth Isidor, locksmith Jackson Foundry, r. 3G Val- 
paraiso, rear 

Barth L. L., r. 710 Hayes 

Barth Philip, clerk with I. Glazier, r. 511 Stockton 

Barthen A., widow, r. 12 Cedar av 

Barthen Fanny Miss, teacher music, r. 12 Cedar av 

Barthol A., r. 465 Minna 

Barthold Adolph, butcher, se. cor Mason and Lom- 
bard, r. 2001 Powell 

Bartholdt Max, driver S. F. Stock Brewery, r. 3321 

Bartholome John, saloon and restaurant, 1017 Bat 

Bartholome Joseph, cabinetmkr Union Furn. Mnfg 
Co., r. 35ii Jessie 

Bartholomew Henry G., expressman se. cor Front 
and Pine, r. 2106 Devisadero 

Bartholow W. E. B., bookpr with Dunham, Carrigan 
& Co., r. 835 McAllister 

Barthrop Edward (Lewis & Baturop) r. 15 Board- 
man pi 

Barthwick Chas., bookpr, r. 1313 Kearny 

Bartler Henry, trunkmkr, r. Courtland av nr Schuy- 

Bartleson Christopher, shoemkr, r. n.s. Berry Del 
Fourth and Fifth 

Bartlett A. & Co. (A. Bartlett) books and Stationery, 
411 Kearny 

Bartlett A. (A. Bartlett & Co.) r. Berkeley 

Bartlett A., carptr, r. cor 16th and Sanchez 

Bartlett A. C, Bulletin editorial rooms, r. Oakland 

Bartlett Alfred, real estate, r. 2300 California 

Bartlett Columbus, atty-at-law, 230 Montgomery, rm 
18, r. 1131 Ellis 

Bartlett Earl, atty-at-law, r. cor Point Lobos and 15th 

Bartlett Edward C, r. 612 Mason 

Bartlett E. E.. master tug Rival, W. D. Co. 

Bartlett Frank, with August Frick, r. 919 Post 

Bartlett Geo. G., quartermaster P. M. S. S. Co. 

Bartlett Harry E., driver Contra Costa Laundry 
Assn, r. Oakland 

Bartlett Hazen W., salesman with J. Springer k Co., 
r. 610 l a Nineteenth 

Bartlett James H., carptr, r. nw. cor 16th and San- 

Bartlett Jerry, shipwright, r. 312 Beale 

Bartlett Job 0., drayman, r. 132 Eddy 

Bartlett John P., collector Commercial News, r. 328 

Bartlett John P. jr., reporter Commercial News, r. 
328 O'Farrell 

Bartlett Joseph L., fruit pedlar, r. 29th nr Sanchez 

Bartlett Lewis W., clerk with Columbus Bartlett, r. 
1010 Clay 

Bartlett Nathaniel, packer Golden Age Mills, r. 1012 

Bartlett Pliny (Hallett, Bartlett & Dalton) r. Oak- 

Bartlett R. B. (Garrett & Bartlett) r. 36 Moss 

Bartlett Thos., steward Occidental Hotel, r. 67 Clem- 
entina, rear 

Bartlett W. A., agent Davis Sewing Machine Co., 130 
Post, r. 246 Fourth 

Bartlett Walter, machinist, r. 246 Fourth 

Bartlett Ward S., waiter Occidental Hotel, r. 11 

Bartlett Washington, real estate broker, 12 Mont- 
gomery, v. 725 Pine 
Bartlett Wm., butcher with James Lintott, r. 25 La- 
Bartlett W. S., r. Lick House 
Bartlett — , r. 609 Post 
Bartley Frank, boilermkr, r. 125 Dora 
Bartley Geo., lab, r. cor Douglas and 20th 

BARTLING & KIMBALL (Win. Bartliug and 
Henry Kimball) bookbinders and blank book 
mnfrs, 505 Clay 
Bartliug Hf-nrv, milling, r. 24 Glen Park av 
Bartliug Wm. "(Bartling & Kimball) r. Oakland 
Bartlow Wm. K.. bootblack, 108 Sutter, r. 112 Vir- 
Bartly Geo., with Pac. Rolling Mill, r. cor Shasta 

and Louisiana 
BARTMAX.V iV CO. (J. A. Bartmann) ship, han- 
dlers and junk dealt re, 647 Third 
Bartmann Anton, carptr. r. s.s. Birch bet Buchanan 

and Lagmia 
Bartmann Ferdinand, carptr, r. 739 Grove 
Bartmann J. A. (Bartmann A: Co.] r. 647 Third 
Barto Harrison [Spaulding & Bartoj r. 16 Reed 
Barto Mary, widow, r. :; Caroline pi 
Bam i.i < i loc... druggist, r. 618 Vallejo 
Bartolaccl Sebaetlano, Interpreter, r. 618 Vallejo 

lich Lnka, waiter with F. Cosmo, r. 6 Fourth 
Barto lomeo Horzette, dairyman, cor Pierce and 

< inc nwich 
| Barton Arthur, r. 314 Bush 
. Barton B. I Oj. I'. Barton I Pioneer Salt 

Works, 'Jii 313 Sacramento 
Barton linn. I . 1;. I . Barton & ' 0.) r. Ala: 
Barton I l Bush 

Bart i C, salt Bman, r. : 

Barton Frank, salesman i\l. taction Souse, r. 648 

Barton Oeo., civil engineer, r. us Brannan 
Barton Hi] l< Sal i, r. Point Loboa 

Barton James, Bhoemkr, 819 Batti rj 
Barton Jam< a B., engineer, r. -us Brannan 

- Howard 
Barton John, manager Onion Pao. Salt Works, 216 

Sacramento, r. Alameda 
Barton John, waiter Palace Hotel 
Barton John B., wheelwright, r. 611 li 
Barton Nathan, coachman, 31 South Bark 
Barb m P., \\ Idow, r. 610 Van H< 
Barton Pblneaa v7., clerk Fireman's Fund Ins. Co.,r. 

Barton Bobert, mining engineer, it Nevada blk, r. 

nw. cor Jackson and Qough 
Barton Robert, painter, r. 1333 Onion 
bartons. BL & CO. (8. M. Barton and C. K. 

Carleton) Btook brok( i 
BARTON S. BL [8. ML Barl I'm. 

Barton Thos. S., clerk with Coffin bEi ndry.r. 113534 

Barton Willard T.. sec 8. F. Stock and Exchange 

Board, r. Oakland 
Barton Wm.. dep Tax Collector, r. 1332 I'liion 
Barton Wm. H.. oil 130 California, nu .".. r. i 

Barton Willie W., bookpr with J. S. McCut . i 243C 

Bartram Ernest, Clerk with Carstensen k I 

r. 523 Jones 
Bartram John, clerk, r. 88 Everett 
Bartsch chas.. blacksmith, r. 207 Post 
Bartslon <.'.. Bhoemkr, 133 Berry 
Bartus Phillip, driver with Phillip Seibel, r. 735 

Baruch Fred., salesman with Buyer, Reich k Co.. r. 

Baruch Pauline Mrs., midwife, r. 252 Minna 
Baruch Simon, salesman with Sam Leszynski k Bros., 

r. 657 Harrison 
Baruh Moses, bookpr with S. Levy k Co., r. 1524 Post 
Barut A., clerk with N. Ten Bosch & Co.,r. 1 I 
Barut Aug., butcher with R. Barut. r. 1402 Stockton 
Barut Raymond, butcher, 1402 Stockton 
Baruth Ernest F., groceries and liquors, -v. . cor Post 

and Fillmore 
Baruth Wilhelm, groceries, nw. cor Hyde and Sutter 
Barz August, blacksmith with San Francisco Forge, 

r. 11 First av 
Basalt Co. (The) F. L. Palmer sec, 302 Cal, rm 4 
Basch Hugo, barber with H . Bernard, r. 636 Coin 
Basch John S., with Castle Bros., r. 14 Hawthorne 
Basch Joseph, boarding, 421 Drumni 
Basch Louis, r. 405 Leavenworth 
B.^cizza Geo., chop house, 358 % Third, r. 356 Third 

A. E. MINTIE. M. D. 

11 Kearny Street, sole Agent for Sir AMIe.v Cooper's Vital 
Restorative — the great English Remedy for Nervous Debility, 
Exhausted Vitality and Premature Decline. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. { 70S ^\ 7 d^ 

. 12, 714 and 716" 

Established 1862 

Bascora D. N. (Diggins & Bascora) r. Fell bet Scott 

Bascom Henry, hostler, r. 10 Bourbon 
Bascom Henry B., upholsterer, r. 27 Stone 
Bascombe A. Miss., r. 32 Turk 
Bascombe Frank, machinist, S. P. B. R., r. 1935 

Bascombe Fred. A., machinist S. P. R. R., r. cor 

16th and Howard 
Basford John F. (Cain & Basford) r. 18 Tyler 
Basford AV. L., local police, r. cor Bush and Filmore 
BS?" See also Bassford. 
Bash Abraham, tailor with Nicoll the Tailor, r. 

East Oakland 
Bash Hyman, tailor, 2 Bryant pi", r. 549 Tehama 
Bashan F. Mrs., r. 731 Turk 
Basilauski Alphonse, fruits, 1427 Dupont 
Basler Geo. A., foreman painter The Real Estate 

Associates, r. 29 Pearl 
Basquele M. Mrs., carpet sewer, r. 18 Seventh 
Basquir Louis, waiter with J. Casino 
Bass Chas., mate schooner Martha W. Tuft 
Bass T. J. & Co. (Thomas J. Bass) paints, oils and 

varnishes, 26 Geary 
Bass Thos. J. (T. J. Bass & Co.) r. se. cor Fifteenth 

and Noe 
Bassano G. B., lab with C. R. Splivalo 
Bassaro John, with Cal Italian Paste Co., r. 222 

Bassart Charles E., master schr Neveroes, r. 8 Rin- 

con av 
Bassen Joseph, maltster Albany Brewery, r. 75 

Bassermann Robert, broker, 230 Cal, r. 507 Stockton 
BASSETT A. C, supt, S. P. R. R., r. 421 Bryant 
Bassett C. mate P. M. S. S. Co. 
Bassett C, miner, r. 636 Commercial 
Bassett Chas. F. & Co. (Chas F. Bassett) com. mchts. 

304 Davis 
Bassett Charles F. (Chas. F. Bassett & Co.) r. 1630 

West Mission 
Bassett E., widow, r., 39 Clementina 
Bassett Henry, cooper with Lawrence Felvey, r. 

Liberty bet 20th and 21st 
Bassett Henry D., clerk with John Kentfield, r. 2606 

BASSETT JAMES M. (J. M. Bassett & Co.) 

and propr aud pub The Portico, 615 Commercial, 

r. The. Windsor 
BASSETT J. M. & CO. (J. M. Bassett) book and 

job printers, 615 Commercial 
Bassett J. J., seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Bassett John, longshoreman, r. 225 Perry, rear 
Bassett Joseph, flour, grain and produce, 221-223 

Clay, r. Fruit Vale 
Bassett Madison H., teamster, r. 235 Eighth 
Bassett Martin L., carptr, r. n.s. Liberty bet Guer- 
rero and Dolores 
Bassett N., widow, r. 1711 Howard 
Bassett Randolph S. (Nichols & Bassett) r. R. R. av 

bet 12th and 13th avs, South S. F. 
Bassett Wm. H* clerk with D. L. Hadley, r. 1107 

Bassford Howard, carptr, r. 507 Stevenson 
Bassford J. K., physician, r. 2133 Bush 
Bassford Julia, widow, r. 1009 Mason 
Bassford Win. J., plumbing, r. 1009 Mason 
Bassi Carrie, widow, r. 616 Post, rear 
Bassi Joseph, r. 616 Post, rear 
Bassi Louis, lab, r. 616 Post, rear 
Bassillio Joseph, lab, r. 216 Union 
Bassim B., collector S. F. Gaslight Co. 
Bassity James Edward, plasterer, r. 113 Jones 
Bassity Matthew F., plasterer, r. sw. cor Steiner and 

Basso Salvado, gardner, r. San Jose Road, s. St. 

Mary's College 
Bassy Louis, boilermkr with Moynihan & Aitken, 

r. 10 Lewis 
Bast Anthony F., plumber and gasfitter with Wm. 

Mclntyre, r. 112 Valparaiso 
Bast E., mason contractor, r. 112 Valparaiso 
Bast John H., bricklayer, r. 112 Valparaiso 
Bastheim Joseph (Einstein Bros. & Co.) r. 1509 

Bastian B., tailor, r. 1112 Kearny, rear 

Baston Abner F., expressman with Kohler & Chase 

r. 1026 McAllister 
Baston J. G., salesman with Waterhouse & Lester, r. 

29 Fremont 
Batchelder John R., carptr, r. 1012 Webster 
Batchelder Levi P., clerk with Edmund F. Clark, r 

1026 Clay 
Batchelder N. R., seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Batchelder T. F., r. 307 Lombard 
Batchelder Wm. H., carptr, r. 114 Austin 
Batchelder Wm. H. jr., butcher, r. 114 Austin 
Batchelder Wm. S., clerk, r. 1026 Clay 
Bateman Francis, groceries, 62 % West Mission 
Bateman I. C, capitalist, 318 Pine, rm 17, r. 555 Har 
Bateman John, carptr, r. 101 Minna 
Bateman John, carptr, r. 1912 Pacific av 
Bateman Joseph E., carptr, r. s.s. Green bet Gough 

and Octavia 
Bateman M. C, capitalist, r. 1912 Pacific av 
Bateman Michael jr., carptr, r. 1912 Pacific av 
Bateman Miles, carptr, r. 659 Natoma 
Bateman Wm. A., propr Alderney Dairy, 853 Tehama, 

r. 810 Mission 
Bates Alfred, teacher mathematics Mme. Zeitska's 

Institute, r. Belgravia House 
Bates Alfred, machinist, r. 132 Oak 
Bates Alfred, engineer O. and O. S. S. Co 
Bates Catherine M:, widow, r. 764 Harrison 
Bates C. M., visiting physician City and County 

Hospital and Commissioner Insanity, off 224 

Kearny, r. Oakland 
Bates Courtien Piatt, dentist with Davis & Sanger, 

r. Berkeley 
Bates D. C. (S. B. Boswell & Co.) r. 1705 Octavia 
Bates D. S., inspector Custom House, r. 113 Eleventh 
Bates Dudley C, stock broker, r. 1705 Octavia 
Bates D. W., driver Sutter-st R. R., r. 1425 Pine 
Bates E. K., r. 1136 Market 
Bates Eugene J., bookpr with Crane & Brigham, r. 

764 Harrison 
Bates Frank, parcel clerk with S. Mosgrove & Co., 

r. 546 Mission 
Bates Frank M., shipjoiner, r. New Washington 

Bates Geo., prin University School, 320 Eddy, r. 1404 

Van Ness av 
Bates Geo., atty-at-law, r. 1010 Powell 
Bates James, shipwright, r. 606 Fourth 
Bates J. H., engineer C. P. R. R., r. Morton House 
Bates John S., gardener and sexton Jewish Cemetery, 

r. cor Columbia and Dolores 
Bates Joseph C, atty-at-law, 434 California, rms 8-9, 

r. 2412 Pine 
Bates L. J. Mrs., r. 945 Mission 
Bates Lotta Miss, r. 412 Shipley, rear 
Bates Marshall A., clerk with W. J. Callingham & 

Co., r. 114 Powell 
Bates Morris U. (Bates, Woods & Co.) r. 1516 Cal 
Bates Samuel P., master bark Amethyst, r. 205 Hyde 
Bates T. D., clerk with J. M. Walker & Co., 303 Mont 
Bates Thaddeus, salesman West Coast Furn. Co., r. 

623 Harrison 
Bates Thos., com. agent, r. Linden House 
Bates Thos. H., grainer, r. 118 Eddy, rear 
Bates, Woods & Co. (Morris U. Bates and Chas. 

Woods) proprs and pubs Daily Commercial News, 

423 Washington 
Bates — , r. M bet 22d and 23d 
Bateson M., widow, r. 9 Tehama 
Bathurst Edwin W., r. n.s. Germania bet Webster 

and Fillmore 
Bathurst Wm., painter with A. D. Carvill, r. 663 

Batori Francisco, tailor with F. Ghio, r. 12 Bdway 
Batsere John, cook with Wittman & Eigne 
Battaglia Luigi, vegetable gardener, 73 Colombo 

Battams Wm., salesman with W. W. Montague & Co., 

r. Occidental Hotel 
Battelle G. E., agt John A. Riley & Co. and Geo. O. 

Street & Son, off. 126 Kearny r. Saucelito 
Battelle Geo. L., carptr with Truman S. Clark & Co., 

r. Oakland 
Battels Henry, upholsterer, r. 19 Lewis, rear 
Batten & Mullen (Sampson Batten and Michael Mul- 
len) stone yard, cor Point Lobos and Masonic avs 



fi-AK Hff4R,KF.T west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer In 
",„.„ KJ Z fl.TTiMot and Manufacturer of all kinds of Wf m<I«mv Shades 
j PAPER HANGINGS, and dealer in all kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {<&££} Established 1862 

Batten Evans, tiunknikr with. John Morgrove, r. 

California bet Baker and Brodenck 
Batten Sampson (Batten & Mullen) r. s.s. California 

bet Broderick and Baker 
Battenberg G. A., barber with J. V. Silveira.r. Stev- 
enson bet Third and Fourth 
Battermann Edward, baker with B. Stumpf , r. 226 

Batters Samuel A., upholsterer with Frank G. Ed- 
wards, r. 1713 Polk 
Battersby Frederick, wagonmkr with T. Hawkins 
Battersby James, watchmkr, 737k Mission, r. 759 

Batterton Wm. H., teamster, r. Jackson bet Steiner 

and Fillmore 
Battery-st U. S. Bonded Warehouse, Geo. C. Bode 

propr, nw. cor Battery and Filbert 
Battery-st Wharf, cor Battery and Greenwich 
Batteux Caroline, widow, r. 106 Park av 
Battieu John, fisherman, r. 813 Vallejo 
Batties Sarah J. Miss, dressmkr, r. l'j:il J6 Union 
Battista Ginardini, milker with M. Focohettl, r. 

Francisco bet Pierce and Steiner 
Battle Ellen, fruits and cigars, 325 Pacific 
Battles & Gilleran (Luke Battles and Edward Qil- 

leran) groceries, 211 Fourth 
Battles John, propr King Street House, :i K 
Battles Luke (Battles & Gilleran) r. 299k Oil m 
Battles Ward, student Barnard's Business College, r. 

1109 Post 
Battles W. W., meat (China) r. L109 1' ll 
Battu Hippolyte jr., painter, r. 1112 Hyde 
Batturs Edward T., gen manager with Frank G. 

Edwards, r. 525 Turk 
Batturs Samuel A., upholsterer with Frank G. Ed- 
wards, r. 1713 Polk 
Batty Anna, domestic, r. 13 Glen Park av 
Batty Chas., pantryman Phil's Saloon, r. cor Folsora 

and Steuart 
Batty J. J., painter, r. Hancock House 
Bauch Luigi, fisherman, r. cor San Bruno Road and 

Bauch Peter G., Custom House broker, 500 Battery, 

r. 719 Union 
Bauchou Bernard, gardener, r. Mountain Lake, nr 

Marine Hospital 
Bauck Maggie, domestic, 814 Ellis 
Baud Frank, brass foundry, 522 Fulton 
Baudoin Louis, porter with Louis Sloss & Co., r. 15 

Baudouin August, patternrnkr City Iron Works, r. 

cor Fremont and Folsom 
Bauer & Gehrig (John Bauer and George Gehrig) 

Milwaukie Brewery Co., 612-616 Seventh 
Bauer Abraham (Bauer, Tobriner & Co.)r. Paris 
Bauer Chas., dairyman, nw. cor 17th and Eureka 
Bauer Charles, police, r. 717 Clementina 
Bauer Charles, waiter Maine Restaurant, r. 611 

Bauer Charles A., wines and liquors, 114.3 Mission 
Bauer Christ., brewery (Nevada) r. 519 Franklin 
Bauer Christian (Schmidt & Bauer) r. cor Green- 
wich and Lyon 
Bauer Emil, lab Cal. Sugar Ref, r. 1741 Mission, rear 
Bauer Emile, manager S. F. News Co., r. 1838 Geary 
Bauer Frederick C, clerk with J. A. Bauer, r. 508 Post 
Bauer Fred. W., seaman, r. Ancon Hotel 
Bauer G. A., shirt mnfr, 706 k Natoma 
Bauer Geo., barber with J. Heilfronn, r. 421 Linden 
Bauer Geo., wines and liquors, 870 Folsom 
Bauer Henry, uj)holsterer with Frank G. Edwards, r. 

1511 California 
Bauer Henry C, paper boxnikr with M. Waizman, r. 

fill Natoma 
Bauer Isadore, butcher Palace Hotel 
Bauer Jacob, butcher with J. C. Lutz, r. 616 Seventh 
Bauer Jacob, shoemkr, r. 421 Linden 
Bauer John (Bauer & Gehrig) r. 616 Seventh 
Bauer John, cutler with M. Price, r. 538 Jessie 
Bauer John, blacksmith, r. German Hotel 
Bauer John A., druggist, 101 Post, r. 509 Post 
Bauer Joseph, lab Cal. Sugar Ref, r. Gilbert nr Bryant 
Bauer Joseph, real estate, r. 1042 Folsom 
Bauer L., cook What Cheer Restaurant 
Bauer Leopold, stonemason, r. e.s. Gougli bet Val- 
lejo and Green 

Bauer Louis, bookpr with W. P. Curtis, r. 708 Hayi B 

Bauer Louis, salesman with D. Samut 1 

Bauer Martin, coppersmith, r. 45'. Clara. 

Bauer Moses, salesman with Bauer, Tobriner Jt Co., 

r. 532 Turk 
Bauer Otto, barber with H. Hochbrunn, r. 411 
Bauer Piter, capitalist, r. 1321k Btockton 
Bauer Samuel, fancy goods, r. 532 Turk 
BATTER, TOBH1XER t!fc CO. (Abraham Bauer 

anil Matthew Tobriner) Imps fancy got 

Bauer Wm. Henry, upholsfc rer, r. 1511 California 
Bauerle John, master schr Geneial Bigel, r. Oakland 
Baugli Theodore K.. v. 2405 Howard 

Bauglm Stanford S., br amkr with Han 

son, r. 207 Minna 
Bauich Isaac, real estate, ■ 535 O'Farrell 
Bankins Burn 11. carpenter, r. 1231 Pilbi it 
Banish J. K.. st< <. ■ dor< P. M. 8. B. Co. 
Baulsix Nlmrod (it. C. HanBon .'. Co.) r. 1332 v, -,-h 
Baum Chas. (Chas. Baum and Chas. Edward Eelse) 

Bhip and Custom Hou SlOBatterj 

Baum Chas. [Chas. Baum) and consul Arj ■ atlne Re- 

public, 510 Batti ry 
Baum David a., clerk Liveri 1 and London and 

eil, i i i 614 Bush 

BAUM (ilST.VVi:, carpets an<l furniture, 740 

Washington, r. 171B Larkln 
Baum Hyman, cli rk with c. Baum, r. 1715 Larklo 

Baum J. ft Co. (JoliUS liauin. Morris mid Henry 

Bhrler] whol clothing, 521 523 Market 
Baum John, furniture, r. 1815 California 

liiium John, bartdr with J ,1m Butler, r. 1815 ''"1 
Baum Julius (J. Baum .v. Co.) r. nil Vau N< 
BAUM SIMON «fc CO. (Simon Bauin) imps gents' 

furnishing Goods, in? Bani 
Baum Simon (Simon Baum & C Turk 

Baum Wm.. bartdr with W. E. Rogers, r. L15 Ellis 
Bauman Ferdinand, milker with J. & H. Bcbaefer, 

r. Ocean Beach Boad nr toll 
Bauinan Jacob, lab, r. cor Walbridge and Out' r 
Buunian Joseph, milker, r. cor 17th av und J, South 

S. F. 
Bauman Katie, domi Btic, 1 < '< ttage pi 
Bauman Louis, tailor with Henry I'lanz, r. 702 Har- 
Bauman Tobias, milker with Wm. Hall 
Baumann Bertha Mrs., fortune teller, r. 11'.' I at 

Baumanu H. H., agent, 502 Montgomery, rm 8, r, sau 

Baumann, John, musician, r. 707 McAllister 
Baumann Joseph, cooler with Michelsson, Brown 

& Co., r. w.s. Kate pi nr Bryant 
Baumann Joseph, milker with (Jerig & Bennett, r. 

w.s Clara av nr 17th 
Baumann S., salesman with Levi Strauss & Co 
Baumanu Wm.. machinist with Walkington & Wag- 
ner, r. 309 Fulton 
Baumberger James, bookpr with Breeze & Lough- 
ran, r. 1328 Tyler 
Baumeister Bernard H., r. 740 Ho'vard 
Baumeister Chas., tailor, r. 608k Locust 
Baumeister John, tailor, r. 608k Locust 
Baumeister Joseph cabinetmkr, r. 34 Harriet 
Baumeister P. A., with Chas. D. Zeile, r. 533 Green- 
Baumgard Henry, molder Empire Foundry, r. 247 

Baumgardner E. M. Mrs., vice-prin. Denman Gram- 
mar School, r. 810 Taylor 
Baumgardner S. J., stockbroker, r. 810 Taylor 
Baumgarten A., cloths, etc., 601-603 Market and 10 

Second, r. 310 k Stockton 
Baumgarten John, milker with J. A. Shepston, r. 

cor San Jose av and 26th 
Baumgarten Joseph, salesman with A. Baumgarten, 

r. 310 k Stockton 
Baumgarten Joseph, shoemkr, 426 Fourth, r. 109 Te- 
Baumgarten Otto, master mariner, r. 40 Jackson 
Baumgartner V. & Bohls (Valentine Baumgartner 
and J. H. Bohls) proprs American Tobacco Fac- 
tory, 21-23 Seventh 
Baumgartner Valentine (V. Baumgartner & Bohls) 

r. 126 Seventh 
Baun Gasper, groceries s.s. 18th nr Hartford 


; For their French Chocolates. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

f 706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716 > 

Established 1862 

Baur John G., cabinetrnkr Union Furn. Manf. Co. r. 

512 Fourth 
Baur Otto, clerk with Michalitschke Bros., r. 31 John 
Baurhyte Isaac, engineer, r. Greenwich bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
Baurhyte Wm. H. M., clerk with "Woods & Freeborn, 

r. 13 Van Ness av 
Bauser Ferdinand, distiller, r. 13th av nr P, South 

S. F. 
Bausman Wm., journalist Call, r. 552 Minna 
Bautz Leon, soda water mnfr, Broadway nr Powell, 

r. 1507 Dupont 
Bauville Mary, widow, r. 531 Mission 
Bavaria Brewery, Frauenholz & Co. proprs, Mont- 
gomery av bet Vallejo and Green 
Barraud Philippe (Girard & Barraud) r. Keyes al 
Bawden Samuel, blacksmith, r. 64 First 
Bawden W. G. (F. W. Croudaee & Co.) r. Overland 

Bawer Chas., cabinetmkr, r. 611 Natoma 
Baxter & Hopkins (W. H. Baxter and Geo. E. Hop- 
kins) Metropolitan Chemical Roofing, 226 Beale 
Baxter C. E. A., clerk, r. 923 Tylerjj 
Baxter Edward H. (Crane & Brigham) r. 1109 How 
Baxter Eugene, cook with J. Bartholome, r. 1017 Bat 
Baxter F. C., retoucher with I. W. Taber & Co., r. 

209 Powell 
Baxter Geo., fireman P. C. S. S. Co. 
Baxter Hall W., cashier with Crane & Brigham, r. 

Baxter James, engineer, r. 129 M Clara 
Baxter James, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Baxter James C, nightwatchman, r. Coso House 
Baxter John, painter and whitener, 56 Tehama 
Baxter Joseph P., local police, r. 917 Filbert 
Baxter L. L., widow, r. 1109 Howard 
Baxter Patrick, r. 521 Seventh, rear 
Baxter W. H. (Baxter & Hopkins) , r. 1616 Clay 
Baxter Wm., harnessmkr with Hancock & Kelso, r. 

cor 16th and Columbia 
Baxter Wm. S., clerk Pac. Ref. and Bullion Ex., r. 

Baxton John A., capitalist, r. Palace Hotel 
Bay and Coast R. R. Co. (narrow guage) A. E. Davis 

pres, B. B. Minor sec, 20-22 Nevada blk 
Bay Brewery, Weyand & Michel proprs, 608-610 

BAY CENTRAL. SALOON, Cord Wrede propr, 

419 East 
Bay City (weekly) M. D. Merrick & Co. proprs, 525 

Bay City Soda Water Co., John Grennan supt, 87-89 

Bay City Real Estate Assn, Geo. A. Hill sec, 19 New 

Bay District Fair Ground Assn, T. W. Hinchman 

sec, sw. cor Larkin and California 
Bay Exchange, John Bortholome propr, 1017 Battery 
Bay Oyster House, Althof Bros, proprs, 626 Market 
Bay State S. M. Co. (Lincoln Co. Nev.) J. W. Pew 

sec, 310 Pine, rm 15 
Bay Sugar Refinery, H. Meese pres, Peter Meyer sec, 

sw. cor Union and Battery 
Bay View Distillery, L. C. Louderback propr, bet 

18th and 19th and G and H, South S. F. 
RANT, Geo. J. Becker propr, sw. cor Fourth 

and Berry 
Bay View Nursery, A Broco propr, cor J and 21st av, 

South S. F. 
Bay View Tallow Works, Milly Bros, proprs, 28th av 

opp Bay View Park, South S. F. 
Bay Warehouse, John Melville propr, Sansome bet 

Greenwich and Lombard 
Bayer Joseph, r. 221 Minna, 
Bayle John, tripe, 70 Cal. Market, r. 5th av, South 

S. F. 
Bayless Chas. H., draughtsman with Wm. H. Bayless, 

r. 8 Geneva 
Bayless Joseph, draughtsman with Dewey & Co., r. 

8 Geneva 
Bayless Wm. H., architect, 106 Leidesdorff, rm 4, r. 

8 Geneva 
Bayley Alexander, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
BAYLEY, C. A., wines and liquors, 659 Clay, r. 

813 Broadway 

Bayley Chas. H., salesman with L. Atkinson & Co 
r. 813 Broadway 

Bayley Edward A., salesman with Chas. Otto 

Bayley Geo., lab, r. 230 Dora 

Bayley Geo. B., note teller Nevada Bank, r. Oakland 

Bayley Thos., master mariner, r. 231 First 

Bayly Chas. A., apothecary, se. cor Sixth and Howard 

Bayly G., master mariner, r. 1324 Pacific 

Bayma Joseph Rev., prof, mathematics St. Ignatius 
College, r. 841 Market 

Bayiner Rosa, widow, r. nw. cor Brannan and Sixth 

Baynosco P., photographic printer with C. E. Wat- 
kins, r. 417 Sutter 

Bayreuther Gustave, tinsmith with P. Abrahamson, r. 
1810 Webster 

Bays Chas. H., spinner S. F. Cordage Co., r. e.s. Min- 
nesota nr Nevada 

Bays John, street contractor, r. s.s. Wildey bet Fill- 
more and Steiner 

Bays Rebecca, widow, r. 7 Crook 

BAZAN E. , physician and surgeon, r. 1633 Mis 

Bazear Lozea, cigarmkr, r. 213 Howard 

Bazin L. Mrs., propr Infant School, 1639 Mission 

Bazin Victor, teacher languages, r. 1639 Mission 

Baziodoli August, r. 624 California 

Bazzano G., lab, r. Roma Hotel 

Bazzini Marco, waiter Sorbier Restaurant, r, se, cor 
Sacramento and Stockton 

Bazzuro Frank, restaurant, 105 Pacific 

Beach and Paxton G. and S. M. Co. (Storey Co. Nev.) 
Michael Landers sec, 2 Nevada blk 

Beach Andrew, clerk with P. Comerford, r. sw. cor 
Hyde and Russell 

Beach C. A. , widow, r. Grand Hotel 

Beach Chas. J., carptr, r. 1725 Stevenson 

Beach Chilion, books and stationery, 5 Montgomery, 
r. 1011 Washington 

Beach C. W., with Cal. Paint Co., r. Oakland 

Beach E. Mrs., r. 514 Sutter 

Beach Gardner E., tel. operator, r. 463 Minna 

Beach Geo. D., salesman Cal. Paint Co., r. 27 Steven- 

Beach Henry H., accountant with Wellman, Peck & 
Co., r. Oakland 

Beach H. M., widow, r. 1109 Stockton 

Beach Horace, cashier Mint, r. 534 Bush 

Beach Isaac, local police, r. 917 Polk 

Beach John C, propr Adams House. 537 Sacramento 

Beach John H., brtdr with W. A. Jordan, r. 705 

Beach Thomas P., mining sec, 84 Montgomery blk, 
r. 810 Mission 

Beach Tyler, pres Cal. Paint Co., 27 Stevenson r. San 

Beachey H. (Chas. H. Sykes & Co.) 647 Mission 

Beadel Martin, longshoreman, r. 24 Howard 

Beadle Donald, real estate, r. nw. cor Fulton and 

Beadon John, lab C. P. R. R., r. 1405 Mason 

Beady Fannie E., domestic, 1814 Sutter 

Beady John, laborer, r. Empire House, South S. F. 

Beahan John, butcher, r. e.s. Dolores nr 16th 

Beahn Thos., r. 7 Laskie 

Beahon Thos., with Pac. Rolling Mill 

Beakley Absolom, canewkr, r. 6 Mills pi 

Beakley J. S., physician, 310 Stockton 

Beakley Maud, widow, r. 134 Sixth 

Beal David, driver O. R. R., r. 251 Tehama 

Beal Frederick N., student Heald's Business College, 
r. 819 Dolores 

Beal Samuel, mattressmkr, se. cor New Montgomery 
and Mission, r. 2526 Clay 

Beal Una Miss, student Barnard's Business College 

Beal Wm. A., mining, 328 Mont, rm 24, r. 1211 York 

Beal Wm. B., r. 675 Mission 

Beale John J., machinist with Walkington & Wag- 
ner, r. 555 Natoma 
Beale Martin S., clerk with Weyl Bros., r. Oakland 
Beale Street Mill, Holland & Ruppel proprs, nw. 

cor Beale and Mission 
Beale Street Warehouse, John McHugh propr, nw. 

cor Beale and Bryant 
Beale Wm., ship rigger, r. 555 Natoma 
Beales Rosia Mrs., r. 1017 Sutter 
Beall James L., watchman P. M. S. S. Co. 

Beall R. B., fruit and prod, 442 Hayes 


MARST0N & ADAMS, Agents. (Loans Negotiated 
Cor. 7th and Washington Sts., Oakland. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market StttRKSKT} Established 1862 

Beals Caroline R. Mrs., vice-prin Girls' High School, 

r. 923 Powell 
Beals Chas. W., reporter Evening Post, r. 2101 Cal 
Beals Edward, wood carver with Warren k McKinne, 

r. 1207 Clay 
Beals Edward C, wood carver, r. 1207 Clay 
Beals Edward C, clerk with Williams, Blanchard & 

Co., r. 2101 California 
Beals Henry Channing, editor Commercial Herald, r. 

2101 California 
Beals John P., music engraver and printer with IX. 

Gray, r. East Oakland 
Beals Joseph, steward stmr Newbern 
Beam Peter G., gen agent Michigan Central R. R., 

140 Montgomery 
Beaman Henry, foreman Hercules Powder Works, r. 

Alms House Road nr Golden Gate Park 
Beanie Joseph W., carptr California Mills, r. 2039 

Beamish Abraham, hostler, r. 1211 Fillmore 
Beamish John (Hanson & Beamish) r. 7143$ Grove 
BEAMISH PERCY, gents' furnishing goods, 698 

Market, factory 19 Morton, r. 2180 Howard 
Bean Anton, seaman, r. Sailors Home 
Bean David F., porter with Haas Bros., r. 15 Ade- 
laide pi 
Bean E. C, widow, r. 910 Greenwich 
Bean E.F., dep U. S. Marshall, r. Oakland 
Bean &., cooper, r. 44 Clementina 
Bean Geo. H., stevedore with Samuel H. Harmon, r. 

pier 13 Steuart 
Bean John, plasterer, r. 1333 J<. Natoma 
Bean Joseph, hosth r, r. Laguna bet Sutter and Post 
Bean Mark, lub,r. 762 Brannan, rear 
Beau Redmond, stevedore, r. 629 Second 
Beau Wesley P., upholsterer Cal. Furu. Co., r. 1437)6 

Bean Wm., teamster with Davis k Cowell 
Bean Wm. F., clerk, r. Occidi utnl Hotel 
Bean Wm. M., painter, r. 2117 Market 
IK?" See also McBean 
Beane Edward, brushmkr with R. W. Simpson, r. 

Howard nr 24th 
Beane — , drayman, r. 35 Park av 
Beans Maurice, r. 888 Vallejo 
Beanscis J., baker, r. 1513 Dupont 
Beanston Geo., sec Board of Education, 22 City Hall, 

r. 1316 Webster 
Beanston Peter, carriagemkr, r. 13 Hollis 
Bear Camille, master-at-arms training ship James- 
Bear Frank, clerk with Wm. Simpson, r. C09 Davis 
BEAR SOLOMON, moneybroker, 140 Montgom- 
ery, r. 1018 Sutter 
Beard Alfred. ,iob printer, 1 Hardie pi 
Beard Chas., clerk Veranda Lodging House, r. 806 

Beard Geo., janitor Justices' Court, r. 522 Howard 
Beard Geo., lab, r. Greenwich bet San and Mont 
Beard J. H., r. Palace Hotel 
Beard John, boilermkr, r. 17 Welsh 
Beard Sarah, widow, r. 17 Welsh 
Beard — , carptr, r. 211 Minna 
Beardslee Cyrus W., carptr, r. 436 Union 
Beardsley James, engineer, r. ne. cor Fulton and 

Beardsley John H., accountant, 636 Clav, rm 5, r. 910 

Beardsley Paul F., stockbroker, 318 Montgomerv, r. 

1419 Larkin 
Beardsley S. A., purser P. M. S. S. Co. 
Beardsley Sophia Mrs., r. (S31 Geary 
Bearen John, com mcht, r. 517 Bryant 
Bearman T. H., collector, r. 202 Minna 
Bear's Headquarters, 309 Pine, Wm. J. Ford, propr 
Bearne Bartholomew Mrs., groceries, 41 Jessie 
Bearneus Frederick, special police, r. sw. cor Beale 

and Bryant 
Bearwald Jacob, compositor with E. Bosqui & Co., r. 

922 Minna 
Bearwald Marks, cutter with J. Lucier, r. 729 

Bearwalt Geo., beer pedlar, r. 922 Minna 
Beasen Fredrick, teamster, r. s.s. Wildey bet Fill- 
more and Steiner 
Beasey Joseph, painter, r. 638 Natoma 

Beasey William, painter with James Donovan, r. 688 

Beasley E. C, teacher University Scool, 820 Eddy, r. 

Beasley Mary, widow, r. 11 Water 
Boaster William, cook, r. 206 Steuart 
Beat]) Adam, lab, r. Harmon; n 
Beath John M., contractor and builder, r. Palace 

Beatie John, clerk, r. 1056 Foil 
Bea tie Walter O., clerk with Dewej .\ Co., r. 1056 

Pi ilsoni 
Beaton Angus, shipwright, r. 812 Wall* r 
Beaton Daniel. driv< r. X. IS. and M. K. B., r. sw. COX 

Fourth and Fol80m 

Beaton Daniel, teamster, r. Arion House 

tlipwrlght, r. 32 P( rry 
Beaton Samuel, teamster, r. H Tw< lfth 
Beattii William, civil engineer, r. Internat'l Hotel 
Beattj Oalvin, plasterer, r. 327 Montgomery ai 
Bi a 1 1 > H< nry. longshoreman, r. 32 Tehama 

tan, r. :.? Pacific 
Beatt; James, teamsti r and hide house, ne. cor 7th 

av and N. r. 10th av nr U. B. av, South S. I 
Bi attj John, carptr with A. Washburn, r. 121 s. \ i nth 
BeattyJ. J., painte, oils and glass, 769 Mil 

Hancock House 
Beatty John, teamster with Btrei t Bust 
Beatt} Bebecca, domestic < hrand Hot* 1 
B< attj Salmon, salesman l\i. Am tlon Housi . r. Bill- 
more be! Bush and Pine 
Beattj Bamuel, ihoemkr with Porter, Oppenhelmer 

b Bleaslngi r. r. 848 Ji BSie 
Beattj Bamui l I <.. sec and managi r Safe Di posit bile, 

bo. cor California and M< nt, r. SOU J 
Beatty Wm., engineer steamer Georgi Harley, r. 238 

Beaty D., seaman, r. North Pacific Hi to] 
Beau Ernest, carptr, r. 268 
Beau Thi 

Carolini Miss, dressmkr, 403 Sixth 
Beauchamp Geo. W., salesman witb i>. A. Healey, r. 

435 Fnth 
Beauchamp Julia a., teacher music, • 
Bi aujardin Theo. G., professor music, r. 828 Bdway 
Beaulac F. F., shoemkr with Buckingham & Heohl 

r. 959 Market 
Beanlac J. J., shoemkr, r. 969 Mnrki t 
Beauman Louie W., iron agent, 128 California, r.u 

921 Powell 
Beaun-uard Ella, domi Btlc, 201 1 Taylor 
Beauregard Louis X . machinist Pao. Boiling Mill. 

r. 920 Harrison 
Beauregard Wm. H., roller Pac. Boiling Mill, r. 920 

Beaven .v Btone d>. B. Beaven and 0. P. Stem 

try. game and fish, 3J 36 Mission Marl.' t 
Beaven D. li. [Beaven & st ne) ne. cor Mission and 


Bi avi ii Jain- M.. furnished rooms, -">17 Bryant 
Geo. W., mining. ;]; Cal, r. 1300 Taylor 

Beavi r Henry, lab, r. Precita av nr Mission 

Beaver Samuel E.« currency teller Bunk of Califor- 
nia, r. 605 California 

Beaverly John A., clerk with Terwilliger & Fink. r. 
1914 Hyde 

Beban Rocco, coffee saloon, se. cor Dupont and 
Broadway, r. 1313 Kearny 

Bebbun W. J., trnnkmkr. r. 406 Minna 

Bee Bartholomew, capitalist, r. 1407 Stockton 

Bech August, blacksmith with Calvin Nutting A: 
Son, r. 644 H Folsom 

Becher Henry, cook Russ House, r. 622 Ash 

Becher J., machinist with Pac. Iron Works, r. 16h 

Becher Philip T., r. 936 Mission 

Becherer C, maltster National Brewery, r. se. cor 
Fulton and Webster 

Bechler Joseph H., salesman Capital Mills, r. 1845 

Bechner Gustav, capitalist, r. 229 Ellis 

Bechtel G. M. Co. (Mono Co. Cal.) W. H. Lent sec, 
53 Nevada blk 

Bechtel Max J. (Henry Ahrens & Co.) r. 219 Geary 

Bechtinger Joseph, physician and surgeon, 704 Sac- 
ramento, r. Commercial Hotel 

UR, IVMll I I L O and Dyspepsia. Price 25 cts. per box. All Druggists keep tftem. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. {'"^l&S^&g^.™} Established 1862 

Bechtinger — , r. se. cor Pacific and Mason 

Beck & Reiehardt (Anthony H. Beck and Win. Reich- 

ardt) saloon, 325 Bush 
Beck Albert, blacksmith, r. se. cor Ivy and Laguna 
Beck Albert, seaman P. M. S. S. Co. 
Beck Amanda Miss, cigarmkr with Holling Bros., r. 

134 Folsom 
Beck Anthony H. (Beck & Reiehardt) r. 106 Four- 
Beck August, gun and locksmith, 510 Broadway 
Beck Chas., r. sw. cor Francisco and Larkin 
Beck Chas., butcher, r. 615 Laguna 
Beck Clara M. Miss, compositor with D. Kerr, r. 303 

Beck David L., mdse broker, r. 18 Stanley pi 
Beck David L. jr., clerk with Jones & Co., r. 18 Stan- 
ley pi 
Beck Eugene B. (Jones & Co.) r. Oakland 
Beck Francis E., clerk Anglo-Californian Bank, r. 

1119 Sutter 
Beck Frederick, butcher with I. L. Hoffman, r. 119 

Beck Frederick, cabinetmkr, r. 508 Sixteenth 
Beck Fritz, waiter, r. 409 Pacific 
Beck Geo., blacksmith, r. nw. cor 19th and Shotwell 
Beck Geo., butcher with Henry Rock, r. cor 16th and 

Beck Geo., teamster, r. 2009 Folsom 
Beck Geo. F., machinist Union Iron Works, r. 533 Mis 
Beck Harry (Hansen & Beck) r. 538 Market 
Beck Henry, boot and shoemkr, 37 Sutter, r. 518 Jessie 
Beck Henry, tanner with Wolf Bloom, r. 504 Shot- 
Beck Henry, tinner, r. 29th av nr San Bruno Road 
Beck H. S., plasterer, r. 1127 Harrison 
Beck James, painter, r. Union Hotel, 
Beck James, saloon, cor Ninth and Brannan, r. Ninth 

nr Brannan 
Beck Johannes, brewer Willows Brewery 
Beck John, blacksmith, r. 504 Shotwell 
Beck John G., cooper, r. e.s. Devisadero bet Pine 

and California 
Beck John L., machinist West Coast Furn. Co., r. 747 

Beck Ludwig, manager with Hy Balzer & Co. 

Beck Ludwig, r. 422 Post, rear 
Beck N., student Heald's Business College, 

cleus House 
Beck Nat. A., currier, cor 19th and Folsom 
Beck Nelson, waiter Golden Eagle Hotel 
Beck Oscar, waiter Empire Restaurant, 146 Second 
Beck Reinhardt, confectioner with Tschurr & Din- 

geon, r. 772 Harrison 
Beck Rosana Miss, dressmkr, r. 967 Howard 
Beck Samuel B., master schr V. Alviso, r. 538 Market 
Beck Walter F., clerk S. F. Clearing House, r. 18 

Stanley pi 
Beckatt James, blacksmith Pac. Rolling Mill, r. n.s. 

Shasta near Louisiana 
Beckedorff Geo. H. C, drayman with Marcus Bros. 

& Co., r. 38 Russ 
Beckedorff Chris., teamster, r. 38 Russ 
Beckencraw Nellie, chambermaid, r.. 917 Stockton 
BECKER & BREMER (Nicholas Becker and 

Wm. Bremer) proprs St. Louis Hotel. 11-13 Pac 
Becker & Fischer (Joseph W. Becker and George 

Fischer) Teutonia Beer Hall, 1152 Market 
BECKER & JACOBY (Henry Becker and Julius 

Jacoby) imps, dry and fancy goods, 748 Market 
Becker & Moegling (Christian Becker and Charles 

Moegling) restaurant, 30 Sixth 
Becker & Niquet (Peter Becker and Chas. Niquet) 

saloon, 113 Sixth 
Becker Albert, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Becker August, cabinetmkr. r. cor Columbia and 18th 
Becker B. A., r. 901 Tyler 
BECKER BROS. (Chas. H. and Diedrich Becker) 

groceries, se, cor Turk and Larkin and se. cor 

Sutter and Leavenworth 
Becker Caspar, saloon, 335 Hayes. 
Becker Chas., driver City R. R., r. 127 Fifteenth 
Becker Chas H. (Becker Bros.) r. 420 Larkin 
Becker Chas. H., machine operator with Bucking- 
ham & Hecht, r. 519 % Hayes 
Becker Charles, shipwright, r. sw. cor Clay and East 



Becker Chas., willow works, 919 Market, r. 114 Turk 
Becker Christian (Becker & Moegling) r. 517 Stev 
Becker Christina, widow, r. 902 Filbert 
Becker Christopher, boxmkr with Hobbs, Pomeroy 

& Co., r. Alameda 
Becker Diedrich (Becker Bros.) r. 635 Sutter, rear 
Becker Edward, clerk, r. Olympic Lodging House 
Becker Frank, porter with Weil Bros. & Co., r. 1116 

Becker Frederick, barber with Chas. Streib, r. 1007 

Becker Frederick, tailor, 434 Bush 
Becker Frederick, wool sorter with Price & Lee, r. 

608 Sixth 
Becker F. W., cigars, 705 Davis 
Becker F. W. Mrs., r. 542 Jessie 
Becker Geo., bartdr with R. Postel 
Becker Geo., lab Philadelphia Brewery, 232 Second 
BECKER GEORGE J., Bay View Exchange 

and Restaurant, sw. cor Fourth and Berry 
Becker George Jacob, lodgings, 13 Harlan pi 
Becker Gustavus J., imp and dealer wines and li- 
quors, 548 Mission 
Becker Hannah, widow, r. 519 % Hayes 
Becker Henry (Becker & Jacoby) r. 915 Howard 
Becker Henry, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Becker Herman, cook with Hemme & Reuter, r. 228 

Becker John, clerk with Kahrs & Becker, r. 622 

Becker John, r. 959 Market 
Becker John H. (Kahrs & Becker) r. se. cor Taylor 

and Sutter 
Becker Joseph, boxmkr, r. 1118 Kearny, rear 
Becker Joseph, crockery, lamps, etc., 236 Sutter 
Becker Joseph W. (Becker & Fischer) r. 1011 How 
Becker Julius, barber, r. 647 Stevenson 
Becker Louis, baker with Wm. Hessler, r. 701 Pac 
Becker Louis, bartdr, r. 257 Minna 
Becker Marcus, baker, r. 409 Union 
Becker Martin, bartdr with L. B. W. Roes, r. 271 

Becker M. R. E., r. 901 Tyler 
Becker Nicholas (Becker & Bremer) r. 11 Pacific 
Becker Nicholas, porter with Rothschild & Ehren- 

pfort, r. ne. cor Gough and O'Farrell 
Becker Otto, cabinetmkr, r. 2327 Harrison 
Becker Otto, clerk Prescott House 
Becker OttoF., propr Prescott House, sw. cor Kearny 

and Montgomery av 
Becker Peter (Becker & Niquet) r. 25 Moss 
Becker Peter (Eisert & Becker) r. 216 Stevenson 
Becker Wm. groceries, nw. cor Mission and Spear 
Becker Wm., willow ware, 628 Market, r. 114 Turk 
6^" See also Backer, Baker and Bakker. 
Beckers Dennie, artist, r. 530 Howard 
Beckerton Chas., longshoreman, r. Keystone House 
Becket Henry, coachman. Sailor's Home 
Beckett H. B., widow, dry goods, 2002 Mission 
Beckett Jennie Z. Miss, r. 2002 Mission 
Beckett Samuel A., draughtsman Union Ironworks, 

r. Oakland 
Beckhoff Fred., seaman, r. Keystone House 
Beckit William, blacksmith Pacific Rolling Mill, 

r. ws. Georgia near Shasta 
Beckler & Hartman (Estate of J. C. Beckler and 
Henry Hartman) saloon, ne. cor Post and Kear 
Beckler J. C. Mrs., r. 252^ Tehama 
Beckman A. seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Beckman August, seaman, schr. Dreadnaught, r. 

Union nr. Dupont 
Beckman Augusta Mrs., ironer Standard Shirt Fac- 
tory, r. 456 Minna 
Beckman Chas., delivery clerk Rincon Point Ware- 
house, r. Oakland 
Beckman Jacob, cabinetmkr with R. J. Murray 
Beckman Jacob, stairbuilder, r. German Hotel 
Beckman J . N . , groceries ,nw . cor Folsom and Seventh , 

r. 244 Seventh 
Beckman John, seaman P. C. S. S. Co. 
Beckmann & Bro. (John and Wm. Beckmann) gro- 
ceries, nw. cor Greenwich and Taylor 
Beckmann C, bookpr, r. 1703 Webster 
Beckmann Chas., clerk with P. W. Beckmann, r. ne. 

cor 14th and Mission 
Beckmann Claus, mcht, r. 1703 Webster 

f\T-r\ \kl Al km/ fiJ.^ M4RKFT west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer in 
(21(1 lA/ PS API/ * AA Vand Manufacturer of all kinds of Window Shades 

ULU, VY. LrLAniX, PAPER HANGINGS, and dealer in all kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%££?} Established 1862 

Beckrnann John (Beckmann & Bro.) r. nw. cor 

Greenwich and Taylor 
Beckmann John, cellerinan Washington Brewery, r. 

se. cor Lombard and Taylor 
Beckmann Peter W., groceries, ne. cor 14th and Mis- 
Beckmann Win. (Beckmann & Bro.) r. nw. cor Green 

and Hyde 
Becknall — , shoemkr, r. 777 33 Mission 
Beckwith James K., driver with Wells, Fargo k Co., 

r. 706 Bush 
Beckwith John W., police, r. 565 Tehama 
Beckwith Seth L., boatbuilder, r. 719 Gough 
Become Wm., stableman O. R. R., r. 158 Clementina 
Becraft Almiran T., carriage blacksmith with J. P. 

Locke k Co., r. 559 Stevenson 
Becraft Henry, blacksmith with Wm. A. Mowry, r. 

617 Stevenson 
Becraft Henry L., machinist, r. 017 Stevenson 
Becsey J. A., French and Spanish interpreter Police 

Court, r. 426 Post 
Bedarf Bernard, lab, r. San Jose Road nr St. Mary's 

Bedbury James M., plasterer, r. 504 Sixth 
Bedbury Joseph, galvanized iron worker with Ford- 

erer «fc Hunter, r. 504 Sixth 
Bcddcncourt Nellie, domestic Palace Hotel 
Beddger Bertha, domestic. 1119 Poet 
Bede Cuthbert, waiter Iiiglis Restaurant, r. 11 Pros- 
pect pi 
Bedel Pedro, r. cor Broadway and Kearny 
Bedell Daniel C, manager Montreal Saloon, r. 503 

Bedell Robert J., with Owen McCabe 
Bedell W. E., edge toolmkr, r. 780 Fourth 
Bedell Wm., machinist Hope Iron Works, r. 1" Mis- 
sion av 
Bedford Wm. H., capitalist, r. 685 California 
Bednawski Alex., surveyor and draftsman with C. 

V. Gillespie, r. 157:i Folsom 
Bee Emile, tailor, 004 Vallejo 
Bee Frank M., sec with Special Agent P. O. Dept. r. 

620 Eddy 
BEE PRn,D. A., Chinese com and busint 

real estate, tire and marine ins broker, 880 Pine, 

rm 18, r. 620 Eddy 
Bee Joseph, police, r. 410 Kearny 
Bcc Samuel J., butcher with Miller & Lux, r. First 

Avenue Exchange, South S. F. 
Bee Theodore C, assayer Selby's Smelting Works, 

r. 2122 Jones 
Bee Theodore C. jr, assayer, r. 2122 Jones 
Bee Woo (Chinese) laundry, 1136 Folsom 
Beebe Chas. W. (R. J. Trumbull & Co.) r. Oakland 
Beebe Wm. 8., packer Cutting Packing Co., r. 135 

Beebe — , printer, r. Ill }-_■ Minna 
Beebee G. L., widow, r. 2200 Broadway 
Beebee Wallace S., dentist. 507 Montgomery, rm 10, 

r. 514 Bush 
Beecher & Newton (Andrew J. Beecher and Wm. G. 

Newton) carptrs und builders. 1149 Mission 
Beecher Andrew J. (Beecher & Newton) r. 21 Moss 
Beeching Robert, sec S. F. Benevolent Assu, r. M16 

Beeching Robert A., law student with J. H. Suivth, 

r. 1016 Taylor 
Beechinor Norman, teamster, r. 3 Cedar av 
Beecroft John P., r. se. cor Utah and Nevada 
Beegan James, glassblower S. F. andPac. Glassworks, 

r. 26 Bluxome 
Beegan John, salesman with Fratinger & Noll, r. 136 

Beegemann Fred., clerk with H. F. Kappke, r. 739 

Bsego Peter, master schr Sophia Johnson, r. 418 

Beehive Building, ne. cor Washington and Dupont 
Beehive Restaurant, A. H. Cousins, propr, 420-422 

Beek Christ., miner, r. Sacramento Hotel 
Beeker Henry, salesman IXL Auction House, r. 13 

Harlem pi 
Beekman Chas. W., seaman, r. Goettinger nr Silli- 

Beeman M., teacher music, r. 1217 Mason 

Beeman Wm., Elastic Cork Truss Co,. 331 Kearny, r. 

856 Folsom 
Beer & Wise (Bernard Beer and Slgmund Wise) com 

mchts, 224 Washington 
Beer Alfred John,, r. 1606 Stevenson 
Beer Bernard (Beer & W i .< r. 1624 <■■ ary 
Beer Chas., waiter with Hermann Popp, nw. cor 

Powell ami Chestnut 
Be< r John, with Noble k Gallagher, r. 206 Stevenson 
Beerk Chas., seaman, r. 41 
Beermanu Louis, cook with F. 11. Williams, r. Long 

Beers & Hubbard [Barrett Beers and Geo. A. Hub- 
bard i dentists, 280 Kearny 
Beers Barrett [Been .v Hubbard) r i 

Eli F. (Walk, r a l:. . re) r. ii: Post 
Been H. W. Rev., D. D., rector Trinity church, r. 

2U Powell 
i:> i ra J. B.. dentist, 230 Kearnj 
Bi • re Wm., Beaman, r. North Pacific Hi tt l 

cher c. .1 , atty-at-law, 607 Montgomery 
i rederlck P., drayman, r. tim i 
Beevan Isaac, porta r, J inas 9< hoenfeld, r. 19 White 

August, baker, r. 535 Pacific 
Beez Frei maufr, 816 Bush, r. 

120 Park av 
Bella P., bartdr < lampl's n ataurant, 620 Clay 
Began John. bib. r. 26 Blu 
B< Hugh, Pao. Boiling Mill 

Begga .Mark. stou< cutter, r. Poini Lobes \\ Balooo 
Beggs Martini, domestic, nw. cor i nion and 
Samuel, engineei P, U -. B. < • >. 
Beglay James, clerk with James Hartigan, i 

lu. nth and Fob 

•I., butcher, r. 529 Valencia 
Begley John, milkman, r. s.s. 17th nr Diamond 
Begle] John, shoemaker with Porter, Oppenhelmer 

& Blesslnger, r. 837 Cl< mentlna 
Begle] Michael, gr 17th nr 

Begley Perkins II., r. 248 Minna 
Bi gl< j P< h r, lab. r. 813 Bi 
Beguelin Fanny, widow, r. 1611 Lynch 
Begun! A. 1'.. fresco painter, 433 Butti r. r. California 

av nr Montcalm 
Behagbel A. B., atty-at-law, 408 Cal,r.274 Clementina 
liehan Chas. T., salesman with w. K. Vanderallce A: 
i . Chamberlain House 

Bi ban F< a ton, r. 74 J Minna 

Behan Geo., cli rk. r. 227 1 1 

Behlow Chas. J. (H. Liebi a a Co.) r. iw>7 Octsvla 

Behlow E. B., furrier with H. I . r. 1h07 

Behlow John c. r. ojT Locusi 
Behlow Robert B. C. upholsterer, r. 687 Locust 
Behn Walt) r, salesman with Tillman k Bendel, r. 

1712 Laguna 
Behnemann & Co. (Henry Behnemann and Martin 

Joosti ;jr" > rii b, sw. cor Taylor and O'Farrell 
Behnemann Henry (Behneniaim & Co.) r. 401 O'Fax 
Behnke John, eabinetnikr West Coast Furn. Co., r. 

116 Dora 
Behuken John, r. 1910 Polk 
Behnsen Henry J., eigannkr with Holling Bros., r. 

Turk-st Hotel 
Behorman Chas., solicitor German Demokrat, r. 312 

Behr A. M.. varnisher with L. & E. Emanuel 
Behr Hans, machinist Union Iron Works, r. 656 

Behr Herman H., physician, r. 656 Bryant 
Behr Otto, porter with Briekwedel k Co., r. Cook nr 

Point Lobos av 
Behre Frederick, foreman with E. Guittard k Co., 

r. 396 McAllister 
Behre Robert L., law student with Doyle, Barber & 

Scripture, r. 396 McAllister 
Behrend John, shoemkr, r. nw. cor Montgomery av 

and Lombard 
Behrends Dietrich, lab Cal. Sugar Ref.,r. 505 Eighth 
Behrends Maria, chambermaid Prescott House 
Behrendt H. & Co. (Hermann Behrendt and Michael 

Long) trunk mnfrs. 513 Market, factory Crook 

bet Townsend and Braiman 


Infallible Yeast Powder. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

f706, 708, 710, 718, 714 and 7161 

Established 1862 

Behrendt Hermann (H.Behrendt & Co.) r.1318 O'Far 

Behrendt Richard, clerk, 631 Clay, r. 430 Eddy 

Behrendt Wm., locksmith, r. New Atlantic Hotel 

Behrens Adrian G., clerk, r. 232 Oak 

Behrens Bros. (John and Fred. Behrens) groceries, 
ne. cor Sonoma and Potrero av 

Behrens Chas., clerk with F. Mohrmann, r. 501 

Behrens Diedrich, carptr, r. 2219 Powell 

Behrens E. T., saloon, 442 Ninth 

Behrens Fred. (Behrens Bros.) r. ne. cor Sonoma 
and Potrero av 

Behrens Fred., groceries, nw. cor 24th and Folsom 

Behrens H. C. F., physician, 417 Bush, r. 232 Oak 

Behrens James, com mcht and imp wines, 508 Jti Bat- 
tery, r. Saucelito 

Behrens James G., architect, 724M Market 

Behrens John (Behrens Bros.) r. ne. cor Sonoma 
and Potrero av 

Behrens John, master mariner, r. North Pacific Ho- 

Behrens John, shoemkr with Frederick Beez, r. 120 
Park av 

Behrens Sophia, lodgings, 1619 Powell 

Behrens W. C, second officer P. M. S. S. Co. 

Behrens Wm. C, master mariner, r. 36 South Park 

Behrens W. N. F., engineer, r. 232 Oak 

Behrens — , widow, r. 1619 Powell 

Behrmann Christian F., bakery, 1218 Powell 

Behrmann Frank E., collector German General Be- 
nevolent Society, r. 262 Minna 

Behrmann Henry (Moller & Behrmann) r. 836 Har 

Behrmann Henry, cooper, r. cor Filbert and Fill- 

Behrns Geo., machinist with W. T. Garratt, r. Oak- 

Beicke Louis, blacksmith, r. Treat av bet 22d and 

Beier William, blacksmith with Joshua Hendy, r. 
e.s. Illinois bet 20th and Sierra 

Beiler Adolph, tailor, r. 6 Quincy 

Beilhes & Co. (John Beilhes and Frank Laeua) bar- 
bers, 124 Montgomery av 

Beilhes John (Beilhes & Co.) r. s.s. Vallejo bet 
Kearny and Dupont 

Beilstein Leonard, r. Bran bet Seventh and Eighth 

Bein John, cook, r. 30 Everett, rear 

Bienbein Edward, lab, r. s.s. Bernal Heights nr San 
Bruno Road 

Beinert George, barber, r. 1912 Stevenson 

Beirieder Gus., driver Golden Gate Laundry 

Beirne Bernard, waiter Lick House 

Beirne Hugh L., gasman with S. F. Gaslight Co., r. 
234 Minna 

Beirne Patrick, groceries, 123 Shipley 

Beisel Jacob (Cook & Beisel) r. se. cor Mariposa and 

Bejeout — , butcher, r. 118 Virginia 

Bekeart Julius F., hardware, 346 Third 

Beket Gust., cook Palace Hotel 

Bekman John, porter, r. Hansa Hotel 

Belan Michael, tailor, r. 1318 Kearny 

Belan Otto, clerk with Greenebaum & Co., r. 1318 

Belando Peter & Co. (Peter Belando and Giovanni 
Daneri) wood and coal, 1210 Powell 

Belando Peter (P. Belando & Co.) r. 1210 Powell 

Belaney Wm., butcher, 1119 Harrison 

Belasco A., trader, r. 174 Clara 

Belasco Dave, actor, r. 944 Howard 

Belasco I, trunkmkr with H. Behrendt & Co., r. 174 

Belau Hugo, watchmkr with Herman J. Wenzel, r. 
1118 Kearny 

Belau Richard, apprentice with Hawkins & Cantrell 

Belcan George, lab. Wool Agency Warehouse 

Belcher Frederick P., drayman, 312 Cal, r. Oakland 

Belcher Philip, r. w.s. Michigan bet 20th and Shasta 

Belcher Robert H., teamster with F. P. Belcher, .r 
1015 Union 

Belcher S. M. Co. (Storey Co. Nev.) John Crockett 
sec, 419 California, rm 21 

Belcour Jules, chancellor French Consulate, 704 
Washington, r. San Mateo 

Belden & Orton (Henry K. Belden and R. H. Orton) 
ins. agents, 313 California 

Belden Block, sw. cor Bush and Montgomery 
Belden Chas. A. (W. W. Montague & Co.) r. Oakland 
Belden Edwin S., official reporter Fourth District 

Court, off 74 Nevada blk, r. Oakland 
Belden E. J., machinist Union Box Factory 
Belden F., r Commercial Hotel 
Belden Geo. F., r. Palace Hotel 
Belden Henry K. (Belden & Orton) r. 911 Bush 
Belden Joseph W., receiving teller Anglo-Calif ornian 

Bank, r. 1020 Geary . 
Belden Josiah, capitalist, 202 Sansome, r. San Jose 
Belden M. S., widow, r. 510 Mason 
Belding Bros. & Co., silk agency, W. S. Brown & Co. 

agents, 569 Market 
Belding C. Miss, teacher Turk-st School, r. 608 Hayes 
Belding Mary L. Miss, teacher South S. F. School, r. 

608 Hayes 
Belding Orrin supt mill, r. 608 Hayes 
Beldon James, teller Anglo-Californian Bank, r. 810 

Belduke Joseph, blacksmith, r. Fifth bet Folsom 

and Harrison 
Belender Chas., varnisher and polisher, r. 509 Oak 
Belesk Camille, r. 928 Jackson 
Beleto Mary Mrs., r. 7 Varennes 
Belfrage Robert, butler with O. F. Giffin, 1120 Pine 
Belgrave R. B., cashier Golden Rule Bazaar, r. 921 

Belgravia House, James J. Sanders propr, ne. cor 

Sutter and Polk 
Belhomnie Francois Nicholas, stoves and tinware, 

1602 Stockton 
Belinge F. A. A., physician and surgeon, 142 H Fourth 
Belitzer J., salesman with Edward Cohn & Co., r. 

225 Montgomery 
BELKNAP DAVID P. (Winans, Belknap & 

Godoy) attys-at-law, 604 Merchant, r. sw. cor 

Powell and Ellis 
Belknap Edwin S., clerk with Winans, Belknap & 

Godoy, r. nw. cor Powell and Ellis 
BELL «& CO. (H. G. Bell) booksellers and station- 
ers, 639 Kearny 
Bell Alexander D., manager Pac. Pneumatic Gas Co., 

127 First, r. Saucelito 
Bell Benj. C, carpt, r. 713 '4 Minna 
Bell Chas., fireman Engine No. 5, S. F. Fire Dept, r. 

Engine House 
Bell C H., r. 1421 Mason, rear 

Bell Chas. T., traveling agent S. F. Journal of Com- 
merce, 414 Clay 
Bell Conrad, restaurant, 29 Drumm 
Bell Conrad, upholsterer, r. 7 Card al 
Bell Daniel P., clerk with Tobin, Davisson & Co., r. 

915 s& McAllister 
Bell David B., fish, 31 Grand Central Market, r. 562 

Bell Ellen Mrs., nurse, r. 1011 Pacific 
Bell Emory F., r. 2609 Sacramento 
Bell F. Mrs., branch bakery, 219 Sixth 
Bell Frank, driver City R. R., r. 1452 Minna 
Bell F. P., student Heald's Business College 
Bell F. Vinton, clerk with W. H. L. Barnes, r. 2620 

Bell Geo., messenger Med. Director's off Mil. Div. 

Pac. and Dept Cal., r. 423 Shipley 
Bell Geo., painter, r. 33 Pleasant 
Bell Geo., scenic artist Bella Union Theater 
Bell Geo. W., porter with W. H. McClintock, r. 1011 

Bell, Gullixson & Co. (John Bell and Henry A. Gul- 

lixson) carpets and furniture, 653-655 Market 
Bell H. A., compositor Call, r. 272 Tehama 
Bell Henry, waiter Russ House, r. 260 Clem, rear 
Bell Henry, watchman U. S. Appraiser's Store, r. 

L-mrel av nr Larkin 
Bell H. G. (Bell & Co.) r. 639 Kearny 
Bell H. H. Mrs., dressmkr, r. 206 Powell 
Bell Jacob O., steward Sailors' Home 
Bell James, furnishing goods and notions, 1146 Mrkt 
Bell James H., barber with J. Kiefer, r. 14 Everett 
Bell Jane Miss, dressmkr, r. 743 Folsom 
Bell John (Bell, Gullixson & Co.) r. Occidental Hotel 
Bell John, carptr with Frank Kinsman, r. 900 Pa- 
Bell John, expressman, 18 Market, r. 19th bet Noe 
and Castro 


Agents for the Purchase and Sale of OAKLAND REAL 
ESTATE. Houses to Rent and Rents Collected. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%S8T} Established 1862 

Bell John, hackman, r. 153 Third 
Bell John, plumber with Thus. Day, r. 1111 Vallejo 
Bell John B., barber, 074 Mission, r. 9 Boardman p] 
Bell John C. jr.. cashier with Chaa. Gay, 523 Mont 
Bell John D., driver United Carriage Co., r. 302 

Bell John P., atty-at-law, 310 Pine, r. 2213 Steiner 
Bell John W., clerk N. Y. dept Wells. Fargo & Co., r. 

508 Third 
Bell Joseph, engineer Hammam Baths, r. 915 Powell 
Bell Margaret, widow, lodgings, 120 Seventh 
Bell Mary, widow, r. 769 Folsom 
Bell M. K., clerk coal yard, Mission bet 13th and 

14th. r. Greenwich nr \ an 
Bell Otto, roofer with Henry O. Fiskc. r. 351 Minna 
Bell Patrick, stableman with John Gllfoy, r. 1125 

Bell Paul, tailor, r. 317 Bush 
Bell Peter, painter with Jason Springer & 

Dashaway Hall 
BELL. PHILIP A., editor and prop The Elevafc r, 

610 Battery 
Bell Kobert, inspector Customs, r. 1210 Howard 
Bell Robert, porter P. C. 8. B. Co. 
Bell Samuel, carptr, r. 710' . Xatonia 
Bell Samuel, clerk Railway Mail ■ mklaud 

Bell Samuel collector Green-st Wharf, r. 16 J< Clara 
Bell Samuel L., carptr. r. 17 Clara 
Bell T., cigar boxmkr with A. Waldstcin, r. 207 

Bell Thomas, com mcht, 3o."> Bansome, r. H" : 
Bell Thos., hostler Dasha\\a\ Btabll B, r. 739 
Bell Thos., lather, r. l:il Fourth 
Bell Thos., stevedore, r. :t '■■: < Ulbert 
Bell Thos.. stevedore P, M. B. B 
Bell Thos., stevedore, r. 610 Fourth 
Bell Thos. H., clerk with W. Brewer, r. 33 

Bell T. P., widow, r. 1661 Octavia 
Bell Wm., bootblack, r. 21 Oak 
Bell W., cigar boxmkr with A. Waldsfe in, r. 207 

Bell W., machinist Pao. Iron Works, r. Bauoellto 
Bell Wm., clerk, r. 363 Minna 
Bell Wm., clerk Freight Auditor's off C. P. R. R., r. 

11 South Park 
Bell Wm., compositor Call, r. Overland House 
Bell Wm., lab, r. 32 Welsh, rear 
Bell Wm.. lab Pac. Rolling Mill, r. w.s. Michigan 

bet Shasta and Sierra 
Bell Wm.. machinist, r. Montgomery's Hot' 1 
Bell Wm., shipwright, r. n.s. Greenwich bet Polk 

and Van Ness av 
Bell Wm., seaman stmr Richard Holyoke, r. 20 

Bell Wm., shipwright, r. Be. cor Minnesota and 

Bell Wm., student Heald's Business College 
Bell Wm., wharfinger P. M. S. S. Co. 
Bell Wm., r. 13 \. Lafayette 

Bell Wm. D., printer with Crane & Raveley, r. Over- 
land House 
Bell Wm H., r. 514 Valencia 
Bell Wm. S., stockbroker, 430 Montgomery, rm 2, 

r. 1925 Geary 
Bell Willis A., lab. r. 1535 Mission 
Bell — , printer, r. Kappeler crt 
Bell — , jeweler, r. 915 % McAllister 
Bell — , Mrs., r. 507 Bush 
Bella Union Saloon. Tetlow & Skeantleburv proprs, 

803-S05 Kearny . I 

Bella Union S. M.*Co. (Napa Co. Cal.) A. Halsey sec, 

312 Montgomery 
Bella Union Theater, Tetlow & Skeantlebury proprs. 

803-805 Kearuy 
Bellamt John, waiter P. C. S. S. Co. 
Bellamy Henry, driver Cent. K. K.. r. 1310 Fillmore 
Bellay Francis, artist, r. 718 Greenwich 
Belle Isle Peter, shoemkr, r. Arion House 
Bellemere A., mnfg jeweler and diamond setter, 

208 Sutter 
Bellemere Anna B., widow, r. 1163 Mission 
Belleney John, diamond cutter and extraman En- 
gine No. 10, S. F. Fire Dept. r. 510 Bryant 
Bellingall & Miller (P. W. Bellingall and* Peter Mil- 
ler) Custom House brokers. 425 Batterv 

Bellingall Peter W. (Bellingall & Miller) 


Bellenger Chas., carptr, r. 169 ci< mentina 

Bellenot Jean. lab. r. 2536 Howard 

Bellerman Emil, 1 fcpr Merchants' Exchange Bank, 

r. lib". Bhotwell 
Bellet Frank, laundry. 712 Val ! 
BeUew & Laughlio (J. II. Bellew and James Laugh- 

lini aa B tt.ry 

Bellew James, upholsterer, r. 2 Hodgi b pi 
Bellew J. H. (Bellew ft LaughliJ 
Bellew John, capitalist, r. l- < »hio 

Bellew ThOS., p II. t With J. W. I>:,\, 
121 Olive av 

Belli Mai 

Belliaud Fran! .//.■• \- Co.) r. 311 Pacific 

Andrew, v. 

-lor Hotel 

Bellingham Bay Coal Co., P. B. Cornwall pr< 

Folsom and - 
Bellingham b l.rwithP. Kelly, r. 1120 H 

Bellini Antonio, umbrella mutr with T. T. S"c 

22.". I 

Bellisle Frank N. master carbuilder B. P. B. B-, r. 

w.s. Bryan! bel 24th and 25th 
Bellman Oliver, paint, r. r. 129 Third 
Bellman K. .v., machinist Hope lion Works 
Bellman Vim ■ ry, r. M 

Tl nie s-' . I" t So irii | 

Bellmer man with Mausahardt .v So- 

- . ■ nth 

B.iio .i. 8., watchman P i 

Belloc ,v < n (Hlppolyte B( Hoc, H. nrj Barrollh< t 

and A. < i. rmaiu d 
li. Hoc Hlppolyti i lai . H..i. 1 

Bellochlnl Charh -. wait* t Commercial Hotel 
Belloun Bmili i> cook Martin's Beetaurant, r. L8 

Bi lion > 

mi. r. :i7 Pa 
Billow v. naen, pedlar, r. 74 Ji 

John, bookpr If. E 
■ li. r. Tb. Wind 
Bellows Joseph, but. her. r. 1024 Btockton 

i .or 1' 

and 10th av. South s. T . 
B. Hue Oamille, cl< rk with 1a oormand I 

42.". PoW( 11 nr Sutter 
Bellue - adway 

B< lvilb KB. biooniiiikr with HarriHou k Di 

. -on 
Belmont Mary Mis*, citjar boxmkr with A. Wald- 

s t< in. r. 316 Bryant 

Pirn . rm 15 
Belmont M.Co. I al.J A. W. 1: 

-• c, 302 Monteomery, rm 4 
Belmon Nettie M Adelphl Theater 

Belmour Lous, actor Grand Opera Hou.-i . r. MX) 

Victoriano B., boot black with Heider A: Co., 

r. 6 Hinckley 
■ Julius, brlcklayi r, r. t" . Clara 
Belshaw M. W.. . apltallst, 102 Front, room 2, r. 1020 

Belstedt John, second engineer Cal. Sugar Bef.,r. 

North German H 
Belstein Kichard, butcher, 330 Broadway, r. 918 

Belt Alfred M. jr.. bookpr with Mayhew, Earnest k 

Co.. r. 1008 Bu^h 
Belt T. W. (Shields, Belt & Co.) r. Brooklyn Hotel 
Belton Philip M.. clerk, r. sw. cor Alabama and 23d 
Beltrand Jose, fisherman, r. 700 Front 
Belvidere House, A. Abbiati propr, 1108 Stockton 
Belvidere House. Begel .v. Ford proprs, 534 Third 
Belvidere M. Co. (Bodie District, Cal.) Andrew 

Baird sec, 304 Cal. 
Belz Henrv C, saloon, ne. cor Jackson and Kearny, 

r. 038 Pacific 
Belz J., tailor, r. Hansa Hotel 
Belz Julius, musician, r. 638 Pacific 
Beman E., waiter First-av Exchange. South S. F. 
Bemis Chas.C.U. S. Supervising Inspector Steam 

Vessels, 11 U. S. Court bldg, r. 449 Bryant 

NFPr-!R!-T!P8 |M is the greatest Kidney and Bladder Remedy 
lll_ I nilL I I \j U IYI Druggists keep it. Price $1.25 per bott 

in the World, All 

G. P. Van Schaack & Co 

/706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716 1 

Established 1862 

Bernis Frank A., rnachinehand Beale-st Mills, r. 

17 % Oak Grove av 
Bemis Louise H., "widow, r. 2408 Sacramento 
Bemler Chas., barber -with Huck & Conrad, r. 277 

Bemmerer & Klein (August Bemmerer and August 

Klein) cutlers and locksmiths, 753 Mission 
Bemmerer August (Bemmerer & Klein) r. 753 Mis 
BENAR1> AUGUSTE F., saloon, ne. cor Fifth 

and Howard, r. 918 Natoma 
Benard M. D., salesman, r. 1304% Montgomery 
Benard M. L., widow, r. 918 Natoma 
Benavides Alfred, tinsmith, r. 1300% Stockton 
Benavides Antonio, cigar dealer, r. 528 Green 
Benbow David, painter, r. 2309 Larkin 
Benchley Leonidas B., manager Pac. Rolling Mill, 

r. 653 Harrison 
Benckert Catherine, widow, r. 211 Franklin 
Bendel B. & Co. (estate of B. Bendel) proprs Empire 

Match Factory, off. 318 Front 
Bendel Hermann (Tillmaun & Bendel) r. Oakland 
Bendel Louis, clerk with H. Hollman, r. nw. cor 

Mission and 24th 
Bender Chas., leather and shoe findings, 42 Geary, r. 

30 Geary 
Bender Henry, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Bender Jacob, clerk with C. Goodwin, r. Hansa 

Bender Jacob E., contractor, r. 2729 Howard 
Bender Thos. L., driver with United Carriage Co., r. 

229 Jessie 
Bender Wm.'A., clerk with Win.H.Wright,r.2729How 
Bender — , carptr, r. 904 Jackson 
Bender — , widow, r. 1028 Market 
Benders Chas., carptr, r. 621 Pacific 
Bendit A. N., com. mcht, r. 221 Oak 
Bendit Benj., expressman, r. 1216 Pacific 
Bendit Henry, r. 400 McAllister 
Bendit J., shoecutter, r. 209 Fourth 
Bendit Louis, barber with Edward Wrede, 1310 Pac 
Bendit Morris, expressman, ne. cor Sacramento and 

Bendit Samuel, r. 400 McAllister 
Bendt Wm„ saloon, 123 Jackson, r. 105 Jackson 
Bendtt W., bartdr with Thos. Maitland, r. cor Jack- 
son and Davis 
Benecke H. D., groceries, 520 Broadway 
Benecke J. D., r. 520 Broadway 
Benedetti Matteo, woodsawyer, r. 16 Hinckley 
Benedetti Sebastian, r. 4 Sherwood pi 
BENEDICT & SMITH (Courtland S. Benedict 

and James R. Smith) mcht tailors and gents' fur- 
nishing goods, 136 Montgomery 
Benedict Chas, bakery, 317% Fifth 
Benedict Chas. E., driver Jersey Farm Milk Depot, 

r. 317 Fifth 
Benedict Chas. V., bookpr Excelsior Mill, r. 

549 Stevenson 
Benedict Courtland S. (Benedict & Smith) r. sw. 

cor Valencia and 15th 
Benedict C. W., widow, r. 420% Natoma 
Benedict E. L., salesman with H. P. Gregory & Co., 

r. 1604 Van Ness av 
Benedict Frank F., carriage trimmer Kimball Mnfg. 

Co., r. 311% Elm av 
Benedict Harry, laundryman S. F. Laundry Assn, r. 

nw. cor Turk and Fillmore 
Benedict Jacob, refiner Pac. Ref. and Bullion Ex. 

r. 12 Beaver 
Beneke Chas., bartdr with Geo. E. Brosi, r. 3 Hooper 
Beneken John, porter, r. 501 Broadway 
Benevant A., ironer, r. 830 Green 
Benfeld Conrad, master scow Prosperous, r. 14 

Bengstoff H., farmer, r. Clipper Hotel 
Benham A. M., salesman with Sherman, Hyde & Co., 

r. 923 Geary 
Benham Calhoun, atty-at-law, r. Commercial Hotel 
Benham Joseph, groceries, 941 Bryant 
Benham Mary L., r. 435 Bryant 
Benham R. S., agent, r. 2310 Howard 
Benhayon Jacob, traveling salesman with Living- 
ston & Co., r. 315 Hyde 
Benick Adrian W., printer, r. 1 Central pi 
Bening Geo. F., r. 1114 Webster 
Benita el de Ergi Maria, r. 1231 Stockton 

Benizen Henry F., clerk with Otto Schinkel, r. 925 

Benjaman Ben., clerk, r. 114 Fourth 
Benjamin Abraham F., collector with David H. Re- 

gensburger, r. 1505 Washington 
Benjamin Alex. E., with Joseph Marks r. 1505 

Benjamin A. M., with Granger's Business Assn 106 

Benjamin Asher L., conductor N. B. and M. R. R., r. 

1001 Market 
Benjamin Chas. E., bookpr, r. 211 Sixteenth 
Benjamin Charlotte, widow, propr Chelsea House, 

783 Market 
Benjamin Edward, cigars, 221 Sacramento, r. Com- 
mercial Hotel 
Benjamin Edward C, clerk with Crane, Hastings & 

Co., r. 109 Montgomery 
Benjamin Edward H., patternmkr, r. 2625 Mission 
Benjamin Erastus M., carptr, r. 2625 Mission 
Benjamin F. A., mining engineer, r. 220 Eleventh 
Benjamin Fred. Mrs., r. 120 Sixth 
Benjamin H. A. & Co. (Henry A. Benjamin and J. S. 

Henshaw) props. Pacific Congress Springs 

Depot, 162 New Montgomery 
Benjamin Henry, merchant, r. 910 Folsom 
Benjamin Henry A. (H. A. Benjamin & Co.) r. Russ 

Benjamin Jacob, capitalist, r. 1505 Washington 
Benjamin Joseph, tailor, 447 Bryant 
Benjamin Lucien, cook, r. 19 Stone 
Benjamin Nellie Mrs., with San Francisco Cigar 

Box Co. 
Benjamin Philip L., clerk with H. E. Highton, r. 

783 Market 
Benjamin Philix^ S., instrumentrnkr Cal. Electrical 

Works, r. 1505 Washington 
Benjamin S. Miss, nurse, r. 616 Harrison 
Benjamin W. K., r. 1825 Eddy 
Benjess John, brewer Philadelphia Brewery, r. 232 

Benkelman Adam, r. 15th av. nr. P, South S. F. 
Benkelman Rosalia Mrs., saloon, cor R. R. and 

9th avs, South S. F. 
Benn Geo. M., teamster with Dunn & Blucher, r. 

121 Bernard 
Benn James, driver Hibernia Brewery, r. 739% 

Benn John S., millwright, r. 28 Tehama 
Benn Thos., driver Hibernia Brewery, r. 739% Clem 
Bennadorn Geo., clerk, r. Overland House 
Benner Felix, cigar boxmkr with F. Korbel & Bros., 

r. 514 Sixth 
Benner F. M., melter Mint, r. Oakland 
Bennerscheidt Bruno (Giovannini & Bennerscheidt) 

r. 611 Howard 
Bennert John, messenger U. S. Quartermaster Dept., 

r. South S. F. 
Bennet Chas. A., druggist with H. W. Bennet.r. 1311 

Bennet Fred., hostler, r. Keystone House 
Bennet H. W., druggist, 21 Third, r. 1311 Gough 
Bennet John, hostler with Ed. Dolan, r. 1505 Folsom 
Bennett & Jones (Nathaniel Bennett and Dellett C. 

Jones) attys-at-law, 215 Sansome, rms 10-11 
Bennett A., widow, r. 2600 Mission 
Bennett A. B., bookpr, r. 516 Filbert 
Bennett Albert E., plumber, r. 1015 Clay 
Bennett A. J., jailor Branch Jail, r. 10 Anthony 
BENNETT ALBERT A. , architect, 302 Mont- 
gomery, rm 33, r. 232:i California 
Bennett Alfred, painter, r. 241 Eighth 
Bennett Alfred E., carptr Enterprise Mill, r. Oak- 
Bennett Annie, domestic, 712 Post 
Bennett B., poultry, r. 736 Vallejo, rear 
Bennett Bros. (John R. and Geo. Bennett) dairy 

prod, 35-36 California Market and 18-20 Mission 

Bennett C. D., bookpr with Crocker & Suydam, r. 

Bennett Chas., lab, r. Pacific House 
Bennett Clement C, shorthand reporter with Os- 

bourne & Jones, r. 1906 Eddy 
Bennett David A. (Harris & Bennett) r. Baldwin 


GEO. W. 

RASi US ARKET west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer In 
&>4lO a, Manuf acturerofall kinds of Window Shades 
ij PAPER HANGINGS, and dealer in all kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St.{%2$r] Established 1862 

Bennett Daniel L., fuller Mission Woolen Mills, r. 

1827 Howard 
Bennett Edward F., bookpr, r. 323 First 
Bennett Ed. S., foreman with McOord & Malone, r. 

Buss House 
Bennett Ellis, r. 305 Tyler 

Bennett Edna Mrs., inufr Pearl of Youth, r. 12 Tyler 
Bennett F., saloon, 230 Brannan 
Bennett Faulkner O., news agent, r. 908 Clay 
Bennett Frederick, foreman with G. Eggleston, r. 119 

Bennett Fred. , waiter Buss House 
Bennett Geo., (Bennett Bros.) r. 114 Lily 
Bennett Geo., helper Betts Spring Co., r. Oakland 
Bennett Geo. , lab with Street Supt 
Bennett Geo., lab with F. D. Oonro k Son, r. 908 San 
Bennett Geo., painter, r. 510 Davis 
Bennett Geo. C, saloon, 225Dupont 
Bennett (ieo. W., stock clerk with Levi Strauss & Co., 

r. Oakland 
Bennett Geo. W., substitute police, r. 208 Second 
Bennett H., r. 17 Ellis 

Bennett Harry E. , compositor Evening Post 
Bennett Harry W., student Heald's Business College 
Bennett Henrietta Mrs., teacher music, r. 452 Sixth 
Bennett Henry, painter, r. 241 Eighth 
Bennett H. E., r. 113Piospect pi 

Bennett Henry C. , sec National Labor Union and ed- 
itor Comet, 021 Sausome, rm 12, r. 220 SutU-r 
Bennett H. W. Mrs., r. 1039 Market 
Benneit James, clerk, r. 452 Sixth 
Bennett Johannes, clerk, r. 606 Hayes 
Bennett John, asstwith Nicoll the Tailor, r. I 
Bennett John, carptr, r. 507 Minna, rear 
Bennett John, porter, r. 30th av nr San Bruno Road 
Bennett John K. (Bennett Bros.) r. 1931 Suiter 
Bennett Joseph H., carptr, r. s.s. 26th betDi I 

Bennett L-, shoemkr with Dominick Gavin, r. 902 Sac 
Bennett Louis, r. 719 Ellis 

Bennett Lucy J. Mrs., furnished rooms, 919 Btookton 
Bennett Margaret A., widow, r. e.s. Iowa bet Mariposa 

and Solano 
Bennett Mary, propr Bennett's South Park Laundry, 

r. 555 Bryant 
Bennett Mary E. Miss, vice-prin Mission Grammar 

School, r" 2324 Folsom 
Bennett Maurice (Gerig k Bennett) r. w.s. Clara av 

nr 17th 
Bennett Maurice, house and sign painter, 705 Howard 
Bennett Matterson, carptr, r. 101 Fifteenth 
Bennett Miles W., purser P. M. S. S. Co., r. Grand 

Bennett Nathaniel (Bennett & Jones) atty-at-law, 215 

Sansome, rm 10-11, r. 1406 Howard 
Bennett Peter B. (Nicholas, Fabris & Co.) r. 4 
Bennett Philip, clerk with A. Hoy, r. 1106 Stockton 
Bennett Robert, carptr, r. 359 Brannan 
Bennett Robert H., commcht, 204 Clay, r. Fruit Vale 
Bennett Samuel, mining, r. 2017 Mission 
Bennetc Samuel, substitute police, r. 1427 Pacific 
Bennett Sauford S., salesman Grover & Baker and 

Domestic Sewing Machine Co's., r. 315 Geary 
Bennett Sophia S., widow, r. 1519 Stockton 
Bennett Tuos., physician, (320 Market, r. 716 Pine 
Bennett Thos., salesman with Keane, O'Connor & Co., 

r. Oakland 
Bennett Victor, carptr, r. w.s. Church bet 27th and 

Bennett Win., blacksmith, r. New Atlantic Hotel 
Bennett Win., bottler with E. C. Slorah, r. 1129 How- 
Bennett Win., compositor with J. H. Carmany & Co., 

r. 438 Green 
Bennett Win., plumber and gasfitter, 1015 Clay 
Bennett Win., physician, 452 Sixth 
Bennett W. O., clerk C. P. R.R. freight oft, r. 908 Clay 
Bennett's South Park Laundry, Mary Bennett propr, 

555 Bryant 
Benning A., groceries, sw. cor Taylor and Chestnut 
Benning Antnony, clerk, r. 52 Silver 
Benning Frederick Wilhelni, lab. r. 1517 Dupont.rear 
Benning Hermann, lab Cal. Sugar Ref., r. 105 Eighth 
Benning John, driver with Newell & Bro. 
Benning Wm., lab, r. 1517 Dupont, rear 
Benninghoff Geo., seaman Training Ship Jamestown 

Bennink Adrian W., compositor with H. S. Crocker 4 

Co., r. 1 Central pi 
Bennison Edward, mining Beo, 405 Cal,, r. Oakland 
Bennon Philipp, uightwatchnian Occidental Iron 

Works, r. 840 X Shipley 
Benny John, cook New York Bakery 
Benny Joseph, watchman Btmr Amador 
Benois Eusabe, brickmkr with Chas. Msxols, t. 9664 

Benoit amedee J., compositor Courrier de San Fran- 

cisco, r. BOS Montgomery 
Benoit Chas. H., tailor, r. DOS Montgomery 
Benovidis Albert, tinsmith with W. W. MOI 

(..., r . 1300 Btookton 
Benrlmo Jos ph, stock broker, r. 616 Kearny 
Bensabol Jacob, aaleeman with H< rman Boman, r. 214 

Bensel Ohmrles, tailor with Morris Levy, r. w.s. 

Kearny bel Sacrami nto and commercial 
Bensel J. 11. paper hanger, r. 828 Polaom 

I 'nra. i. groci or Polk and Broad waj 

Benson Elizabeth , dom< I Ullsfa r 

BBNSBN HKMIV (1 Ulentha] tt Benseu) r. ne. 

ooi sixth and Bryant 
Benson Henry, maltater Albany Brewery, r,7( 
Bi ns< nhofer Gottlob, carptr, r. Sacramento Hotel 
Benslnger Daniel, baker 0. B. 8 
Benson Andrew, lab, r. Fill 


\mii.- K. Mi--, teacher Ponrth-st Primary 

1, r. 8710 Howard 
Benson B.C., m««ti>r mariner, r. n.s. Bay bet Hydo 
and Larkin 

! B.F.M., bookpr Boos Bees Brewing 0o. f r. 

702 California 

. Chas. a.. Seaman, r. 26 Bacramento 

Bi nsoii Frank, seaman, r. 2 18 Bb uart 

Bene in Franklin R., clerk ( sa\ lugs Bank 

r. 271(1 Howard 

Oil rk. r. 19 Blzth 

Benson Geo., timber agent W. I 

Benson Henry, fnrn r.238BhotwaU 

Bens •!! Henry, miner, r. 568 Mission 
Benry, tailor, r. 275 Btevenson 

Benson Hi DiyC. tU v.. . dltor ' al, Christian Advocate, 
1041 Mark. t. r. Santa Clara 

Benson James, sec Odd Felloi Bank, r. 

8710 Howard 

Benson James B. B . pressman, r. 8710 Howard 
D John, capitalist, r. 80:: 

Benson John a., surveyor and engineer, 623 Commer- 
cial, r. Seminary l'ark 
a Lncy, wi.low, r. 411 Powell 

iret, domi -ti.-. 630 Eddy 

Benson M<rtin. teamster, r. 30 I 

Benson Mi hid, packer Wilson Sewing Machine Co., 
r. 402 Hay. s 

Benson Oliver, si-nman. r. 54 Sacramento 

Benson P., bellman Qrand Hotel 

Benson Richard, master tog Jmnie Gawne, r. 820 
Bath ry 

Benson Samuel H., foreman boikrmkr S. P. R. R.,r. 
1310 Vj Natoma 

Benson S. G., foreman Cal. Christian Advocate, r. 

Benson Simon G., master mariner, r. 1638 W 

Benson Thos., r. 29 Everett 

Benson Thos., stevedore, r. 550 Third 

Benson Thos. A., porter with Banner Bros. 

Benson W., waiter P. C. S. S. Co. 

Benson Win., r. 939 Mission 

Benson Wm. R., boot crimper with Porter, Oppen- 
heimer & Slessinger, r. 51 Brady 

Benson — , r. 614 Kearny 

Bent Chas., local police, Mission Woolen Mills 

Bent Edward F.. cashier with I. Friedlander, r. 323 

Bent John T., warehouseman, r. Wetherbee House 

Bent Silas, woodworker Carvill Mut'g Co., r. Colum- 
bia Hotel 

Bent Wm. W., carptr, r. 529 Valencia 

Benter Henry, spinner with Wm. Englander, r. Oak- 

Benthak Henry, lab Cal. Sugar Ref., r. 22 Decatur' 

Bentham Harry & Co. (Harry Bentham) Market Ex. 
Saloon, 538 Market 

Li UUl I I AhU (X vU s , Importers Japan and China I LAb, 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. { 79 *2£tiS&FS£&s&7 u } Established 

Bentham. Harry (Harry Bentham & Co.) r. n.s. M. bet 

22d and 23d 
Benthost Henry, night firenian Cal. Sugar Ref ., r. 

Decatur nr Bryant 
Bentley Fred, with N. Schwartz, r, 422 Post, rear 
Bentley Geo., local police, r. Potrero 
Bentley James, bootmkr with J. Sullivan, r. 509 

Bentley John, with N. Schwartz, r. 422 Post, rear 
Bentley W. Darley, vice consul for Brazil, 311 

Bentley Wm., painter, r. 1026 Montgomery 
Benton Antone, lab, r. cor. Sansonie and Filbert 
Benton Byron, cabiuetmkr with Wood & Bowcher, 

r. Oakland 
Benton Chas. J., collector, r. e.s. Howard bet 25th 

and 26th 
Benton Chas. L., bookpr with F. A. Woods, r. 1030 

Benton James Mrs., r. 955 3*. Harrison 
Benton J. A. Rev., editor The Pacific, 508 Clay, r. 

Benton Millard, printer with A. Beard, r. Oakland 
Benton M. Co. (Storey Co. New) W. H. Watson sec, 

302 Montgomery, rms 5-6 
Bentzen Edward, maltster with Spreekles & Co.,r. 

75 Everett 
Bentzen Henry, clerk with Otto Schinkel, r. cor. 

Bryant and Downey 
Benway Louis, r. 17 Sonora 
Benz John C, fish, 34 Grand Central Market, r. 7 

Card al 
Benzcery M., cigarmkr with Gordon & Burke, r. 46 

Benzinger Daniel, baker, 2409 Howard 
Beppler John, butcher, 1518 Dupont, r. 1510 Dupont 
Bequette Derville, millwright, r. 1206 Jackson 
Bera Antonia, widow, r. 314 Fifth 
Beral Jacob, r. 619 Union 
Berau Adolph, shoemkr, r. 2112 Powell 
Beran Emanuel, shoemkr, 629 Union 
Beran Frank, shoemkr, 1003 Pacific 
Beran Frank jr., shoemkr with Frank Beran, r. 1003 

Berand A., baker, r. 420 Jackson 
Berand F., baker, r. 420 Jackson 
Berango Joseph, cook Palace Hotel 
Berard Achille, laundry, r. O'Connell pi 
Berard Edward, pressman Courrier de San Francisco, 

r. nw cor. Stockton and Vallejo 
Berata Angelo, U. S. Suttler, Presidio 
Beraud Felix, hostler with Grant & Smith, r. 215 

Berba Henry, bookpr with Michelssen, Brown & Co., 

r. 9th av nr R. R. av, South S. F. 
Berberich A. (Eck & Berberich) r. 804 Greenwich 
Berbora John N., waiter with N. Antunovich, r. cor. 

East and Commercial 
Berbora Nicholas, porter with John Cappadacy, r. 

122 Leidesdorff 
Berck S., r. 1012 Van Ness av 
Bercyits Simon, shoemkr, r. 420 Pacific 
Berdan F. C, weigher coiners' dept. Mint, r. 

7 O'Farrell 
Berdan Geo. N., stairbuilder, r. 626 % Jessie 
Berdell Ida, glovemkr, r. 1 Jackson pi 
Berdman Gus, lumberman, r. 135 Townsend, rear. 
Berenth Otto, baker, r. Keystone House 
Beresford Geo., clerk Gen. Freight Agent's off. C. P. 

K. B., r. 204 Sutter 
BEBBTTA G-. , money broker and gen com agent, 

614 Washington, r. Oakland 
Beretta John, machinist Union Iron Works, r. 39 

Berg A., driver, r. 227 Stevenson - 
Berg Adolph, inspector Custom House, r. 2507 Fol 
Berg Alf, watches and jewelry, 23<j Sixth, r. 1039 

Berg Anthony, clerk with G. Ammerup 
Berg Antone, pilot, r. 820 Battery 
Berg Carl, physician, 618 California 
Berg Charles, cutler with J. H. Schintz, r. 315 Clem 
Berg Christian, seaman, r. 419 Francisco 
Berg Ferdinand, butcher, 1005 Folsom, r. 648 Sixth 
Berg Frederick K., clerk with Brown & Desmond 
Berg John, porter with Underwood & Kordmyer 

Berg John, porter Russ House, r. 10 Ash av 

Berg John A., clerk with P. A. Swansea, r. cor Clara 

and Bitch 
Berg Louis, bartdr with P. H. Hink, r. 1210 Kearny 
Berg Peter, molder Jackson's Foundry. 1016 Pacific 
Berg Rasmus, seaman, r. 722 % Clementina 
Bergan James S., machinist Union Iron Works, r. 19 

Park av 
Bergantz Peter, watchmkr, r. 1818 Pierce 
Bergdahl O., carptr, r. 19 Rausch 
Berge Astrid, groceries and liquors, 218 Green 
Berge Erick O., widow, r. 2 Calhoun 
Berge Fred. A., student Heald's Business College 
Bergen Adrian, bookpr, r. 902 Greenwich 
Bergen James, machinist, r. 18 Hubbard 
Bergen John, boilermkr, r. 21 Clementina 
Bergen Patrick, cook City Restaurant, r. cor Leaven- 
worth and Clay 
Bergenheim Otto M., clerk with Theo. Hermann & 

Co., r. 513 Chestnut 
Bergento F., dyer, r. Ill Geary 
Bergeot Alexander, r. 6 Central pi 
Berger Adolph, baker, r. 11 Harrison 
Berger C. A., agent with Raymond & Wilshire r. 

Occidental Hotel 
Berger C. G., apotheeary sw. cor Steiner and Eddy 
Berger C. O., r. Occidental Hotel 
Berger G. surveyor French Loan and Savings So- 
ciety, r. 4 Hyde 
Berger Gabriel, collector, r. 4 Hyde 
Berger Herman (Karston & Berger) r. 13th bet Har- 
rison and Folsom 
Berger Ja;:ob, gardener, 512 Franklin 
Berger Julius (Edward Cohn & Co.) r. Europe 
Berger Louis, stockbroker, r. Overland House 
Berger Martin L. Rev., pastor Westminster Pres- 
byterian Church, r. 136 Gough 
Berger Matilda, domestic, 1020 Larkin 
Berger Michael, carptr, r. 29 Columbia pi 
Bergerole Louis, printer with John Wallace, r. 421 

Bergerot John, prof French Academy, 61333 Stockton 
Berges' Branch Restaurant, P. B. Berges, & Co. 

proprs, 737 Market 
BERGES P. «St CO. (P. B. Berges, Auguste Dray- 
eur and Dominique Cazeaux) proprs, Miners' 
Bestaurant, 531-533 Commercial, and Berges' 
Branch Restauraut, 737 Market 
Berges P. B. (P. B. Berges & Co.) r. 411 Post 
Berges Nicholas, saloon, r. 350 Third 
Berges P., vegetable gardener, 22 Colombo Market 
Bergevin Nelson L . .[solicitor with John Renz, r . Min- 
na bet Fourth and Fifth 
Bergevin Peter, expressman, r. Rose bet Ferrie 

and Collins 

Bergez & Liebschutz(John Bergez and Charles Lieb- 

schutz) proprs Occidental Restaurant, 536 Wash 

Bergez John (Bergez & Liebschutz) res 1428 Jackson 

Bergfeld Robert, carptr and builder, r. es. Sanchez 

nr 28th 
Berggren & Louthan (August Berggren and Wm. H. 

Louthan) money brokers, 406 Montgomery 
Berggren August, Consul Sweden and Norway, 406 
Mont and (Berggren & Louthan) r. 1111 Stockton 
Bergh E., watchman West Coast Furn. Co. 
Berghofer Conrad, butcher, r. 542 % Folsom 
Bergin Dennis, carptr, 1306 Mission 
Bergin Ellen Miss, r. 1520 Powell 
Bergm Gustave, butcher, 1115 Jackson 
Bergin Henry, coal yard, Broadway nr Pacific, r. s.s. 

San Jose Road nr St. Mary's College 
Bergin John, lab, r. cor Santa Clara and Jersey 
Bergin John, marble cutter, r. ne. cor Ellis and De- 

Bergin Mary, widow, r. 1526 Powell 
Bergin Michael, atty-at-law, 79 Montgomery blk 
Bergin M. W., groceries, nw. cor Dora and Bryant 
Bergin Patrick, grocer, r. 1126 Pacific 
Bergin T. I. (McAllisters & Bergin) atty-at-law, 30 

Nevada blk 
Bergison Chas., master mariner, r. 303 Third 
Berglund Andrew, tailor, r. 1310 Jackson 
Berglund H., carptr, r. 38 Perry 
Berglund Johannis, seaman, r. 37 Pacific 
Berglund Nils, shoemaker, 518% Geary, r. 316 O'Far- 
reli, rear 

If* AS/ I AMH DDAnrDTV for Sale by MARST0N & ADAMS, Real Estate Agents, 
UAKLAINU r KUr Ln I Y cor. 7th and Washington Sts., Oakland. 

C. P, Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%£»} Established 1862 

Bergman Doretta, domestic, 1320 CVFarrell 

Bergman Geo., mess man stmr Pelican 

Bergman Henry, shoemkr, r. 25 Morton 

Bergman Samuel, butcher with Wilson, Merry & 

Co., r. 331 Kearny 
Bergmann Abraham, mnfg confectioner, 200 Washing- 
ton, r. 102 Bernard 
Bergmann Jacob (Frankentlial & Co.) r. 1003 Gough 
Bergmann Nathan, confectioner with A. Bergmann, r. 

102 Bernard 
Bergold Chas., salesman with John Beuz, r. 20 Har- 
rison av 
Bergonitch — , upholsterer, r. Clara lane 
Bergsen Ole, carptr, r. 312 Fulton 
Bergstein L., widow, r. 1439 Pine 
Bergstein S., conductor Sutter-st R It, r. 1439 Pine 
Bergstroui Jno., organ builder, se. cor 24th and Mis- 
sion, r. w.8. Lundy's lane, nr Esmeralda 
Bergstrorn — , r. 617 Broadway 
Bergvil Louis, liquors, r. 223 Minna 
Berham Delia, cook, 717 Post 
Berherns Richard, lab Cal. Sugar Ref., r. North 

German House 
Bering James E., mail clerk Bulk tin, r. 417 Fran- 
Bering John P., salesman with Cal. Wire Works, r. 

417 Francisco 
Beringer Emil, machinist Union Works, r. 08 Jessie 
Berio Pasquale, master mariner, r. 111k Kearnj . n ;ir 
Beritzhoff Alexander C, storekeepr U. S. Int 

636 Stevenson 
Berk Maurice G.. cigars, r. 702 California 
Berkeley Ferry and Railroad Co., Wm. Stoart Beo, 

113 Liedesdorff 
Berkeley Laud Town Improvement Asm. A. Ram- 

melsberg pres, s. a. Penwell sue-, tit Mont 
Berkeley Real Estate Onion, M. McDonn< 11 prea and 

manager, 422 Montgomery 
Berkeley Villa Assn. Win. Stuart sir. IIS Liedesdorff 
Berkemer Philip, carptr, r. 3lii Jessie 
Berkensell Geo., waiter P. M. B. - 
Berkhout Jacob, longshoreman, r. 1 Scotland 
Berkley Joseph M., whitener, r. 3 Valencia 
Berkowitz Meyer, with Mrs. R. Berkowitz, r. 732 

Berkowitz Rebecca Mrs., cloaks and mantillas, 1008 

Stockton, r. 732 Hayes 
Berkwick J., lab Pacific Iron Works 
Berl Harry, clerk with S. Bear, 140 Montgomery 
Berlenz Joseph, lab with Saulmann& Lauenstein, 518 

Berlin Chas., carptr, r. sw. cor 28th and Church 
Berlin Cologne Fire Ins. Co. (limited of Berlin) 

Tideman, Hirschfeld & Co. agtnt.-. 302 Sansome 
Berlin F. A., atty-at-law, 516 Cal., r. 509 Powell 
Berlin Henry, commercial traveler, r. 309k Elm av 
Berlin Simon N., bookpr with Ad. Lewis & Co., r. 

1023 Hyde 
Berliner Henry, bookpr. r. 1615 Broderick 
Berliner Herman N., r. 326 Minna 
Berliner I, A. tailor, 424 Third, r. 179 Perry 
Berliner Sarah, widow, r. 433 Clementina 
Berling & Resing (Richard Berling and Geo. Resing) 

butchers, sw. cor 29th and Sanchez 
Berling John, engineer r. 2 Adelaide pi 
Berling Richard (Berling & Resing) r. sw. cor 29th 

and Sanchez 
8=?~ See also Burling 
Bermann & Meyer (Otto Bsrmann and Lewis Meyer) 

gents' furnishing goods, 100 Third 
Bermann Otto (Bermann & Meyer) r. nw. cor Third 

aud Howard 
Bermingham Edmund R., dep assessor, r. 851 Har 
Bermingham Edward, compositor News Letter, r. 720 

Bermingham J. H., r. Baldwin Hotel 
Bermingham John, agent Cal. and Mexican S. S. 

Line andmember Board of Education, 10 Market, 

r. 611 Chestnut 
BermiDgham Lizzie, domestic, 8 Liberty 
Berua Frederick, collector, r. 049 Third ' 
BERNADOU JOSEPH, saloon, 223 Leidesdorff, 

r. 706 Montgomery 
Bernal G. R. de, widow, r. cor 17th and Church 
Bernal Manuel, clerk with LazardFreres, r. 806 Stock 
Bernal M., student Barnard's Business College 

Bernamav'.u p. ter, lal>. r. nw. cur 6th and R. B, avs. 

South S. F. 
Bernard & Pouzadouz (Julius Bernard aim L. Pouza- 

donx) furniture, carpets, curtains, i 
Bernard A., clerk with Simon Bainii & Co, r. 2211 

Bernard Annie, sboi utter with Porter, Oppenhelmer 

& Slessinger, r. 28 Rauscii 
rd Aug., Btudent Pacific I 
Bernard Bernard, upholsterer with Wolf ( Hr> >, r. 1131 

BERNARD < II vs., propr Charti 

Spice Mills, TilT-Tir.' Sans ime, r. 312 Oak 
Bernard Chas., stockbroker, r. 739 ban 
Bernard Chas. a., bouse uud sign painter, 639 Mer- 
chant, r. ion Clay 
Bernard Edward, butcher, r. 604 I 
Bernard Floi l I.ily 

Bernard Frank, carptr and builder. 516 Kearny, r. 1516 

Bernard Frederick, Bhoemkrwitb Wm. A.Bahr, r. 107 

Bernard Geo., bartdr, r. 604 Pine 

Bernard Geo. ii. • wm. Koe nr 19th 

Bernard Gustavus, cleric with Bimou Haum I 

Bernard Harris, bail I . r. 822 Minna 

Bernard Ida Mis-, t. achi r No< and Temple-sl Primary 

Sei,o..i. r. 1516 Hyde 
Bernard Isaac, hardware and crockery, n.8. 16th bet 

M ' Salon and Yah ncia 

Cd Jane, widow, r. B < lard al 
Bernard J. P., clerk with A. B. Ell'Ht A: Co., r. 900Leav 
Bernard John, masti r manner, r. 17 <> i 
Bernard John, mariner, r. 5 Driunm 
Bernard John S.. mi 11 hand Capito] Mill 

i Josi ph I'.. lab, r. '.'ii Pacific 
Bernard Juliu h Pouzadoui 

Bernard M. D., leathi r Inspector with Main k Win- 
Bernard P., carpets and furniture, 812 Butter, r. 1002 

Bernard Peter, barb r. r. 216 Prospx ot pi 

Bernard B., fruits, r. 6 Clara lane 

Bernard Th »., r 614 BJ amy 

Bernard Drlch, baker with Win. J. Davis, r. 28J4 

Bernard Vict >ria. widow, r. 627 I 

Bernard W. It., clerk with Geo. W. Oibbc ! 

Bernhard aud Barnard 

Bernbauiu Isaac, clerk with A.ckerman Bros., r. 735 

Bernel J., porter with Prospi rMay, 726 Clay 

B( rneii Thus., blacksmith, r. 22 Kan 

B< rner John, lab, r. Bhasl 

Berner John, seaman, r. - and Michigan 

Frederick, steward with A. B. Biggs k Co. 

Berneu Joseph, marblecutter, r. 441 Clementina 

Bernham — , letter carrier, r. 142 V. Fourth 

Bcmhamer Harry, restaurant, ne. cor Market and 
Taylor, r. 949 Mie 

Bernhard Bernhard (Stahle & Bernhard) r. 215 Pros- 
pect pi 

Bernhard Geo. jr.. bartdr with Dougherty k Harrison, 
r. 604 Pine ' 

Bernhard Henry, watchman National Mills, r. 117 

Bernhard Peter, foreman with Stahle k Bernhard, r. 
215 Prospect pi 

Ky See als > Bernard and Barnard 

Bernhardt C. clerk, r. 7:10 Vallejo 

Bernhardt Myer, lab Albany Brewery, r. 75 Everett 

Bernhart Alexander, turner, r. 409 Stevenson 

Bernheini Abraham (Einstein <k Bernheim) r. San 

Bernhartz M.. miner, r. German Hotel 

Bernius Frederick, restaurant, sw. corBealand Bry- 

Bernon J. B., cabinetmkr West Coast Furn. Co. 

Bernou John, cook with Wm. Weston, r. 441 Clem 

Bernstein Abraham, fruits, etc., 528 Third 

Bernstein Abraham, oysterman with Geo. Bernstein, 
r. 712 Ellis 

Bernstein Alexander, waiter with Geo. Bernstein r. 
712 Ellis 

Bernstein David, tailor, 729 Folsom 

URi YylLLfUA O per box. For sale by all Dn 

immediate relief. 

Price $2.00 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

f 706, 708, 710,712, 714 and 716 1 

Established 1862 

Bernstein E. & Son (Elias and Louis Bernstein) 

furniture, 315 Third 
Bernstein Elias (E. Bernstein & Son) r. 521 Eolsoru 
Bernstein Geo., oyster saloon, 312 Bush, r. 712 Ellis 
Bernstein Herman, gents' furnishing goods, 422 

Bernstein Henry B., r. 915 Howard 
Bernstein Isaac, oysternian with Geo. Bernstein-, r. 

712 Ellis 
Bernstein Julius C, saloon, 957 Market, r. 706 Har 
Bernstein Joseph, r. 232 Sixth 

Bernstein Louis (E. Bernstein & Son) r. 521 Folsom 
Bernstein Louis, cigars, 113 Sixth, r. 558 H Natoma 
Bernstein Louis, salesman with Henry Meyerstein, 

r. 33 Buss 
Bernstein Marks, plumber and gasfitter with Levy 

Bros., r. 712 Ellis 
Bernstein Morris, r. 1038 Howard 
Bernstein Samuel, silver show cases, 803 Larkin 
Bernstein Solomon, fancy goods, 38 Fourth, r. 807 

Bernstein Solomon, pedlar, r. 8Boardman pi 
Bernstieker Chas., bartdr with Geo. Schmidt, r. 211 

Berntsen Emanuel, milker, r. se. cor Vermont and 

Bernzott Frank, boarding and lodging, 20 Page 
Bernzott Frank, saloon, se. cor Main and Market, 

r. 318 Ivy 
Bero Orlena A. Mrs., adjuster Mint, r. 1021X Market 
Berolzhime Jonas, bookpr with Porter, Oppenheimer 

& Slessinger, r. 639 Tyler 
Beronio A., fruits, 1321 Larkin 
Beronio. Antonio, lab Bay Sugar Ref. 
Beronio G., propr Roma Hotel, 818 Sansome 
Berot B., gardener French Hospital, s.s. Bryant bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Berren Geo., printer, r. 217 H Tehama 
Berren Wrn. B., salesman with B. T. Carroll & Co., r. 

517 Bryant 
Berrerda — , molder Union Iron Works 
Berri James, dairyman, r. n.s. Lombard bet Franklin 

Berrian^Alonzo, hostler, r. 430 Valencia 
BERRY <& PLACE (W. O. M. Berry and J. F. 
Place) mill and mining machinery, engines, etc., 
sw. cor Market and Fremont 
Berry A., lab, r. Bran's Hotel 

Berry Augustus, clerk Sanders' Hotel, 823 Battery 
Berry August, expressman, r. ne. cor Lombard and 

Berry B., laundryman Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Berry C. A., seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Berry Chas., steward, r. 5 Broadway 
Berry Ed., carriagemkr, 1624 Mission, r. 24 Ridley 
Berry Edwin "W., foreman Spirit of the Times, r. 29 

Berry Enoch, carptr Beale-st Mill, r. 28 Glen Park av 
Berry Freedom S., with Merrill & Worth, r. South 

Park House 
Berry Geo., carptr with H. Granz, r. 520 Sixth 
Berry G. G., master mariner P. M. S. S. Co. 
Berry Geo. H., painter, r. 32Jti Langton 
Berry Gideon M., bookpr Sheriff's off, r. 1728 Tyler 
Beiry Geo. W., drayman, r. 10 Eleventh 
Berry Henry, waiter O. S. S. Co. 
Berry H. H., master schr James Townsend, r. 409 

Berry H. V., salesman, r. 705 Mission 
Berry James F., shipwright, r. 29 Frederick, rear 
Berry James F. jr., brassfinisher, r. 29 Frederick, rear 
Berry James L. & Co, (James L. Berry and C. B. 

Cary) hack proprs, sw. cor Bush and Mont 
Berry James L. (James L. Berry & Co.) r. 137 Mont 
Berry J. B. Mrs., furnished rooms, 109 Montgomery 
Berry John, carriage painter, r. Golden Gate Hotel 
Berry John, mining, r. 217 Minna 
Berry John, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Berry John, shoemkr, r. Church Lane nr Church 
Berry Mary, domestic, 1808 Bush 
Berry Michael, deckhand stmr Capitol, r. Oakland 
Berry Michael, engineer P. C. S. S. Co. 
Berry Nicholas B., compositor Mail, r. 811 Jackson 
Berry Patrick, freight collector C. P. R. R. r. 816 

Berry R., asst engineer stmr Newbern 

Berry Richard, paperhanger, r. 545 Howard, rear 

Berry Sarah A., widow, r. 1238 Bush 

Berry Street R. R. Co., D. A. McKinley pres, E. M. 

Herrick sec, off. pier 1 Steuart 
Berry Thos., carptr Cal. Mill, r. 1723 Jessie 
Berry Thos., lab, r. McGrath's Hotel 
Berry Thos., lodgings, 572 Folsom 
Berry Thos., seaman, r. 5j£ St. Mary 
Berry Thos. H., operator A. and P. Tel. Co., r. Lyon 

bet Sutter and Bush 
Berry Washington, assayer, r. 214 Powell 
Berry Wm. D., compositor Spirit of the Times, r. 29 

Berry Wm. Fitzhugh, delivery clerk A. and P. Tel. 

Co., r. 212 Powell 
Berry Wm. L., compositor Spirit of the Times, r. 

Berry W. O. M. (Berry & Place) r. Oakland 
B£?~See also Bery, Barry and O'Barry 
BERRYMAN & DOYLE (Henry B. Berryman) 

coal dealers, Bulkhead bet Pacific and Jackson 
Berryman A., lab with Whittier, Fuller & Co., r. cor 

Third and Clementina 
Berryman Arthur, capitalist, r. 21 Oak 
Berryman Frederick M., stockbroker, 334 Pine, r. 

406 Octavia 
Berryman Henry B. (Berryman & Boyle) r. Berkeley 
Berryman J. T., butcher, 47 Grand Central Mkt., r. 

961 Mission 
Berson A. & Son (Albert and Gustave Berson) oil 

cloths and furniture, 714 Washington 
Berson Albert ( A. Berson & Son) r. 429 Sutter 
Berson Alexandrine Mrs., laundry, 429 Sutter 
Berson Gustave (A Berson & Son) r. 429 Sutter 
Berson Victor, r. 429 Sutter 
Bert E. G., r. ne. cor Capp and 20th 
Bert Chas. R., compositor Echo, r. 1215 Pacific 
Berta Antoinetta, laundress, r. 1006 Clay 
Berta Atilio, teamster with Marchi & Co., r. 1714 

Berta Erminio, cook Sorbier's Restaurant, r. Tele- 
graph pi 
Bertel George, porter Humboldt House, 1309 Stock 
Bertelsen Otto, expressman, 317-319 Front, r. 319 

Berteand E. A., cook with J. V. Webster, r. Oakland 
Berth Chas., tinroofer, r. 10 14 Cleveland 
Berthaud Louis, brewer with Swiss Brewery, r. 18 

Stockton pi 
Berthelsen Chas., painter, r. 6 Central pi 
Berthelsen Peter, seaman, r. Keystone House 
Berthier Albert C, asst clerk Board of Supervisors, 

r. 16th nr. Mission 
Berthold Charles Louis, butcher with G. Cuneo, r. 

1116 Montgomery 
Berti Angelo, fruit, 1318 Jg Pacific 
Bertin Alexander, dyeing and scouring, 147 Third, 
cor Post and Dupont, 521 Filbert and cor Stock- 
ton and Pacific, r. 4 Virginia blk 
Bertin Prudencio, upholsterer with John Hoey, r. 

1312 Hyde 
Bertin P., jeweler with Bosq & Bretonnel, r. Oak- 
Bertini Amedeo, vegetable gardener, 74 Colombo 

Bertini Udrico (Menesini & Bertini) r. 619 Bdway 
BertmanJohn Chas., teacher music, r. 729 Grove 
Bertody Chas., physician, 1005 Stockton 
Bertola Fred., dishwasher, r. 11 Union pi 
Bertola Henry, cook, r. 1 Margaret pi 
Bertola Peter, cook, r. 1 Margaret pi 
Bertolani P., groceries, 142 Folsom 
Bertolucci G. & Co. (Giuseppe Bertolucci and Loz- 
zaro Granucci) props Albergo Be Succo Hotel, 
307-309 Broadway 
Bertolucci Giuseppe (G. Bertolucci & Co.) r. 309 

Berton David, with Swain's Bakery, r. 528 Bush 
Berton Francis, Consul for Portugal and Switzer- 
land and manager Swiss-American Bank, off., 
527 Clay, r. Union Club 
Bertram Chas. L saloon, 611 Jackson, r. 4 John 
Bertram Denis, waiter with Henry Hoesch, 728 Val- 

Bertram Ferdinand, cabinefmkr, r. 8 August al 
Bertram H., r. Gardner House 

GEO. W. 

G.A s» MlRUfT west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer In 
t>*» JMAKl&JC. ' * » and Manufoctnrero f all kinds of Window Shades 

it PAPER HANGINGS, and dealer In allkinda of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van SchaackA Co., 840 Market SUWffiT} Established 1862 

Bertram Henry, machinist Union Iron Works, r. 

515 Pine 
Bertram Thos., plumber, r. 219 Eleventh 
Bertrand & Schindler (F. Joseph Bertram! and Geo. 

Schindler) saloon, 1229 Dupont 
PERTRAND ALEXIS, Pacific Zinc Ornament 

Co., r. 519 Natoma 
Bertrand Andrew, furrier, r. 501 Kearny 
Bertrand B., with Tschurr b Dingeon, r. 636 Pacific 
Bertrand Denis, cook, r. 738 Vallejo. rear 
Bertrand F. Joseph (Bertrand b Schindler) and 

propr All Nations Hotel, r. 4:cj Broadway 
Bertrand Geo., chairmkr, r. IDs Virginia 
Bertrand Jacob, bartdr with Bertrand b BcMndler, 

r. 432 Broadway 
Bertrand Jean, fireman Baldwin Hotel 
Bertrand John B., cook, r. 636 Pacific 
Bertrand Jules, laundryman S. F. Laundry Assn., r. 

nw. cor Turk and Fillmore 
Bertrand Rosina R., widow, r. 18 Louise 
Berfrandias Alphonso, carptr. r. 409 Fourth 
Berts Albert, cabinetmkr with Wood b Bowcher, r. 

812 Pacific 
Berttey Geo., rail straightencr Pac. Boiling Mill, r. 

Louisiana nr Shasta 
BERTZ •& AL.ONSO (Jacob Bertz and J. Alonso) 

imps tobacco and mnfrs cigars, se, cor Market 

and Fremont 
Bertz Jacob (Bert/ b alonso) r. 2216 Fillmore 
Berwick Robert C, wireworker, r. 1212 Clay 
Berwick Thomas, sailmkr, r. 1126 Filbert 
Berwin Gabriel P., bookpr with P. Berwin \- Bro . r, 

1820 Tyler 
Berwin Herman, ins broker, lOii Battery, r. L320 Ty- 
Berwin H. R., clerk with Potter, Jacobs & Easton, r. 

1320 Tyler 
Berwin Morit/. (P. Berwin & Bro.) r. New fork 
Berwin P. & Bro. (Fincus and BCorltz Berwin) imps 

hats and caps, lOti Battery 
Berwin Pincus (P. Berwin * Bro.) r. 1320 Tvl. r 
Bery F., butcher, 105 Folsom, r. 168 Sixth 
Bery John, hostler, 301 Lombard 
Besaria Louis, teller Pacific Bank. r. 226 Page 
Besby Henry J., bartdr with Wm, Leege, r. 314 Ivy 
Besch John, r. 14 Hawthorne 

Beschormann Adolph, upholsterer, r. 503 O'Farrell 
Beschormann Augustus H., clerk, r. 5U3 O'Farrell 
Beschormann Ohas. F., mailing clerk Cal. Demokrat, 

r. 312 Post 
Beschormann Otto, upholsterer, r. 503 O'Farrell 
Besecke William (Wagener & Besecke) r. 1906 Larkin 
Besenthal H., baker P. M. S. S. Co. 
Beseo Anel, gardener, San Bruno Road, r. Six-mile 

Besh John, clerk, r. 14 Hawthorne 
Besse Joseph O., salesman with Kaindler & Co., r. 

2832 California 
Besse Samuel H., artist, r. 413 Fourth 
Bessert Frederick, carptr, r. 20 Page 
Bessey William., roofer with Henry G. Fiske, r. 44G 

Bessing Joseph, machinist, r. 959 Market 
Bessemer Henry L., chemist and perfumer, 1587 Turk 
Besson A., paper carrier, r. 526 Vallejo 
Besson C, widow, dressmkr, 1005 Mission, r. 7^ 

Besson Frederick, sash and blindnikr with N. W. 

Cole & Co., r. 1122 Mission 
Besson G. G., paper carrier, r. 526 Vallejo 
Best and Belcher M. Co. (Storey Co. Nev.JWm. Willis 

sec, 29 Nevada blk 
Best & McDade (Albert Best and Geo. McDade) car- 
riage painters, 69 Stevenson 
Best Albert (Best & McDade) r. 786 Folsom 
Best John T., chief clerk Lighthouse Engineer's off, 

Pith Dist. r. 319 Fremont 
Best Wm., stairbuilder, r. 516 Leavenworth 
Best W. Mrs., dressmkr, r. 516 Leavenwcrih 
Bester &Nomeus (John H.Bester and Chas. Nomens) 

saloon, 543 Jackson 
Bester John H. (Bester & Nomens) r. 4 Vallejo pi 
Besthorn Christ, 'r. German Hotel 
Besthorn Christopher, toolnikr Cal. Tool Works, r. 

126 Fourth 
Besthorn Geo., painter, r. 422 Leavenworth 

Besthorn Hermann, boot and shoemkr, 136 Post, r. 9 

Bestier Fritz, shoemkr, r. •.'"> Morton 
Beston B., stage carptr Ad< Iphi Theatre 
Boston Katie Idles, clerk with < '•. i . Botx rts, r. Bush 

bet Webster and Fillmore 
Bestor Ellen, widow, r. 1326 Washington 
Bestor Henry F., architect, 652 Market, r. 1921 Sutter 
Betanoue J. P., photograph operator with H. w. 

Vanghan, r. < lakland 
BETA l X EUGENE L., wines and liqi 

mnfr Centennial Stomach Bitters, 687 Third 
r Frank, pantryman P. M. 8. - 
i(. t {( r Edward, Bhoemkr, 646 Merchant, r. 7: Ghfl D 
Bethany Congregational Church, Bev. W. ( . Pond 

pastor, w.b, Bartl< n bi t 24th and 26th 
Be thei Belinda, domestic Palace Hotel 
Bethel Thoa. W.. city Prison I I FeU 

Bethje Theodore, clerk with anrena ft r. 1026 


!■ Sfartln, mar blec utter with Wm. Black, 

r. 620 st. \ enaon 
Betrlan Jos<£, clerk with Ygual .t Oo., r. ji s,.uth 

Betschi per with David Woemer, r. 109 

Betsche Ohas., Ironworker with John <;. in. r. .-• 

Maiden [ana 
H. ttelhelm k. S. K< v., D. D., rabbi 

Ohabal Bhalome, r. 1811 Larkin 
Betti lheim Paul, bookpr, r. 181 1 Lai 
li< ttc nb. nn. r Bobert, carptr, i . 188 Fifth 
B. ttenoourl J. 0. B., barber, 90 I lay 

- isa, physician, 232 Sutter, r, 907 


p.. u ncourl M. s., carptr, r. 600 k Birth 

);. ttl no Antonio, Ice-creammkr Palace Hotel 

Bertie Otii J., blacksmith, 1484 Jackson, r. 

Bettinan (iustav. bookpr with BlochmaO A- Oerf , P. 

- Eddy 
Bettinan Moses, soap mnfr and dealer cauatii soda 

and r> mil ii i Commercial, r. .'.us Bddy 
Bettinan Bigmund M.. ch rk with M. Bettinan, r. 608 

Betts James M.. insurance surveyor with rims. W. 

m n< . r. 420 California 
Ii. tt- J. M . widow, r. 320 Ellis 
l;. tt- Peter M., t1c< -pn - )'■• tta Bpriii 

Betts Bpring Co., Win. M. Betta prea, Edwin Fret- 
well Bi . -1 - I'r.-mont 
Betts Wm., Bprlngntter with Betts Bprln 

Betts Wm. M., pres Betts Spring Co., 21« Fremont, 

r. Oakland 
Betty Patrick, upholsterer, r. 531 Jj O'Farrell 
Betz John W., cigars and tobacco, 106 Bi 
Betz Joseph, foreman with L. Blebenhaner ' 

2216 Mason 
Betzel Isidor L., bookpr with Held Bros, b Co., r. 

537 O'Farrell 
Betzel Lcuis, clothing mnfrg, 109 Bansome, r. 687 

Betz. Id b Niemann (Mathias Betzold Ac Henry Nie- 
mann) bakery. 41s O'FarreU 
Betzold Mathias (Berzold and Niemann) r. 1 1 
Betzold Jacob, butcher with C. F. Wagner, r. let av 

South S. F. 
Beuck Katie, domestic, 1230 Post 
Beucler John, lab, r. 4 Jessie 
Beuro G.. waiter, r. 186 Van. i. water 
Beutler Emily, widow, r. 1016 California 
Beutler Frank B., foreman shade dept with Geo. V. 

Clark, r. 808 Bush 
BEITTER PHILIP, saloon, 535 Sacramento, r. 

217 Minna 
Bevan Washington J., mining operator, r. 400 Minna 
Bevans Isaac L., compositor with SpauldiugA: Barto, 

r. 1111 Mason 
Bevell Henry, machinist with P. M. S. S. Co., r. 29 

Park av 
Bevell Margaret, widow, r. 29 Park av 
Bever Geo. Benj., lodgings, 29 Second 
Beveridge Geo. F., clerk with King & Rodgers, r. 

2205 Devisadero 


405 and 407 SANS0ME ST., sole Manufacturers of the 
Patented Cafe des Gourmands. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

f 706, 70S, 710, 712, 714 and 716 \ 

Established 1862 

Beveridge Horatio, clerk with Falkner, Bell & Co., r. 

2006 Jackson 
Beverleigh & Co. (Chinese) cigar factory, 409 Corn 
Beverley Wm., driver Jersey Farm Milk Depot, r. 350 

Beverly R. M. Mrs., nurse, r. 334 Fremont 
Beversen & Bro. (Caisten and Martin Beversen) 

groceries, 1712 Eddy 
Beversen Carsten (Beversen & Bro.) r. 1712 Eddy 
BEVERSEN HENRY, groceries, 570 Mission 
Beversen Martin (Beversen & Bro.) r. 1712 Eddy 
Bevens Wm. M., r. 1207 Tyler 
Bewley Clifton L., salesman with Gedge & Thayer, r. 

927 Geary 
Bewley Wm. J., bookpr Cal. Market, r. R29 Cal 
BEYER & FORTMANN (A. Beyer and F. Fort- 

mann) saloon and billiards, 310 Sixteenth 
Beyer A. (Beyer & Fortmann) r. 310 Sixteenth 
Beyer Geo., saloon, nw. cor Vandewater and Powell 
Beyer Julius F., bottler and beer dealer, r. Folsom 

Beyer Louis, furnished rooms, 625 Vallejo 
Beyer Louis H., barber, 1330 Dupont, r. 605 Vallejo 
Beyer Otto, capitalist, r. 11 Laskie 
Beyer Sarah J., widow, r. 1623 % Eddy 
Beyer Wm., bartdr with A. H. Vaughn, r. 551% Minna 
Beyersorf Edward, bartdr, 517 Commercial, r. 768 

Beyersdorf Louis (Safferhill & Beyersdorf) r. 206 

Van Ness av 
Beynon David, with Pac. Boiling Mill, r. n.s. Shasta 

bet Illinois and Michigan 
Bez Chas., brass finisher with Joseph Roylance, r. 

438% Jessie 
Bezh August, blacksmith, r. 660 Folsom 
Bezi Bernard, lab with Frank Larroche, r. cor 5th av 

and M, South S. F. 
Bezzini G., waiter Campi's restaurant, 520 Clay 
Biaggio Diando, vegetable gardener, 58 Colombo 

Biagi & Co. (Dominico Biagi and Bartholomew N. Tro- 

bock) prod com mchts, nw. cor Washington and 

Biagi Dominico (Biagi & Co.) r. 1527 Powell 
Biagini Cazimiro, blacksmith with G. Massone, r. 4 pi 
Biagini Jacopo, blacksmith with G. Massone, r. 4 

Vallejo pi 
Bianca Martin, teamster, r. s.s. Bernal Heights nr 

San Bruno Boad 
Biancalana L. (L. Marsili & Co.) r. 320 Broadway 
Bianchi Angelo, stonecutter, r. 15 Union pi 
Bianchi Chas., marble works, 829 Market, r. 24 Wet- 
more pi 
Bianchi E., teacher music, r. 765 Market 
Bianchi G. B., carptr, r. Green bet Dupont and 

Bianchi Peter, foreman with G. Brignardello, r. 9 

Union pi 
Bianconi Innocente (John Mignola & Co.) r. 253 

Biarez A. Mine., French laundry, 918 Larkin 
Biart H. G. (Rhinehart & Biart) r. 511 Valencia 
-Biasignior Camille, cigarmkr with J. Perrazzo, r. 

Vallejo bet Dupont and Kearny 
Bibb A. H. Mrs., teacher Hayes Valley Grammar 

School, r. 239 Seventh 
Bibb Geo. H., carptr, r. 1240 Folsom 
Bibbens G. W., mining supt, r. 615 Post 
BIBBINS & CO. (Tracy L. Bibbins and T. E. 

Hughes, real estate agents, 415 Montgomery 
Bibbins Tracy L. (Bibbins & Co.) r. 1507 Leav 
BIBBY ALFRED, imp P. Centemeri kid gloves, 

nw. cor Kearny and Geary, r. Palace Hotel 
Bibeau Isai, blacksmith, e.s. Mission bet 28th and 

Biber Adam, cigarettemkr with John Bollrnan & Co., 

r. n.s. Broadway nr Kearny 
Biber Bertha Mrs., dressmkr, r. 914 Clay 
Bibo S., with S. Schoenholz & Co., r. 415 Hayes 
Bichard C. N., 'salesman with N. Bichard, r. 365 

Bichard N., coal, 16-18 Howard, r. 365 First 
Bick Aubert, upholsterer, 1023 Market, r. 604 Minna 
Bick — Mrs., ladies' nurse, r. 604 Minna 
Bickel C, widow, r. 26 Haight 

Bickerstaff Jonathan, carptr, r. 625 Vallejo 

Bickford Clarence E., clerk, r. 524 Jones 

Bickford Leonard H., pres. Ventura Rock Soap Co., 

r. cor Wayland and Girard, Bay View 
Bickelrnan F. B., millwright with Mackie & Moore, 

r. 212 Minna 
Bickmore Geo., carptr, r. 3 Dale pi 
Bicknell Annie Miss, dressmkr with Richmond & 

Graham, r. 1207% Laguna 
Bicknell B. A. Miss, teacher South Cosmopolitan 

Grammar School, r. 600 Jones 
Bicknell Freeman, shoemkr with Glanville & Field, 

r. 777 Mission 
Biddick James, carptr, r. 21 Rausch, rear 
Biddle Moody, r. 727 Vallejo 
BIDDOL.PH JAMES, collector, 609 Sacramento, 

rms 5-6, r. 619 Mission 
Eidinger Wm., clerk, r. 1144 Folsom 
Bidlack B. A., druggist, r. 407% Brannan 
Bidlack W. W., physician and surgeon, 411 Kearny 
Bidleman E. G., bookpr with E. Martin & Co., r. 

East Oakland 
Bidleman Wm. A., salesman with E. Martin & Co., 

r. 310 Ninth 
Bidwell Henry C, mining, 312 Mont r. Oakland 
Bidwell J. E., salesman with E. Mansbach, r. 15 

Rincon pi 
Bidwell Richard, bricklayer, r. 568 Mission * 
Bidwell Vincent, shipwright, 110 Jack, r. 427 Bush 
Biechel Ernst, shoemkr, 834 Kearny, r. 1118 Kearny, 

Biedaman L., butcher with E. Duane, r. 211 Seventh 
Biedenbach August, saloon, cor Third and Misson, 

r. 140 Silver 
Biedermann & Miller (Louis Biedermann and Fred- 
erick Miller) proprs New Western Restaurant, 

236 Sixth 
Biedermann E., widow, r. 1015 Leavenworth 
Biedermann Louis (Biedermann & Miller) r. 606 

Biegle Geo., clerk with Schlueter & Volberg, r. 

Biehl Hermann, seaman, r. Keystone House 
Biehl John A., bartdr with Chas. Fox, r. 1122 Sac 
Biehl John E., porter, r. 1122 Sacramento 
Bielawski C, draughtsman U. S. Surveyor-Genl's 

off., r. 1615 Clay 
Bieleck Hermina Mrs., midwife, r. 339 Sixth 
BIEIiENBERG PETER, groceries, 1137 Har 
Bielicke Carrie Mrs., r. 1305% Polk 
Bielski Max (Jacoby & Bielski) r. 34 Kearny 
Bien Abe J., with Joseph Bien, r. 1216 Pierce 
Bien Joseph, locksmith and machinist, 311 Battery, 

r. 1216 Pierce 
Bien Morris, student University of Cal., r. 1216 Pierce 
Bienenfeld Bernard, clerk with E. Bienenfeld, r. 

1015 Larkin 
Bienenfeld E., ladies' and gents' furnishing goods, 

1015 Larkin 
Bienenfeld Herman, clerk with E. Bienenfeld, r. 

1015 Larkin 
Bientz C, waiter, r. 221 Minna 
Biepar Chas., seaman, r. Sailors' Home 
Bierbrauer Carl, tinner with Sol. Wangenheiin & Co. 
Bierbrauer John, cabinetmkr West Coast Furn. Co., 

r. 1133 Harrison 
Bierce A. G., journalist Argonaut, r. San Rafael 
Bierce A. S., sweep cellar Mint, r. Oakland 
Bierce James, expressman, se. cor Fourth and Towns- 
end, r. cor Stevenson and Brady 
Bierhoff S. (Schoenholz & Bierhofi) r. 469 Minna 
Bierig Chas. (L. & M. Kahn & Co.) r. 1618 Bush 
Bierman Julius, bakery, 1216 Pacific 
Biers C. H., cabinetmkr Eureka Furn. Co., r. 10 Board- 
man pi 
Biershwald Chas., eabinetmkr, r. 30th avnr San Bruno 

Biesta Frederick, clerk Italian Consulate, r. 331 Mont- 
Bigaze L. A., sewing machines, 1404% Powell 
Bigelow C, machinist West Coast Furn. Co., r. 154 

Bigelow C. J. Mrs., teacher Columbia-st School, r. lo2 

Bigelow C. L. (Edwards & Bigelow) r. 222% Fourth 
Bigelow Francis, compositor Bulletin, r. 506 Bryant 

PAPITAI KTQ wishing to buy or sell Oakland property, 

Uttrl I ALIO I O will do well to call on MARST0N & ADAMS, Real Estate Agents, Oakland. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {°J2S?£r} Established 1862 

Bigelow H. B. (Holcomb Bros. & Co.) r. New Haven, 

Bigelow H. H., gen agent Home Mutual Ins. Co., r. 

Fairfax, Marin Co. 
Bigelow J. E., agent Cal. Farmers' Mutual Fire Ins. 

Co., r. 152 Perry 
Bigelow J. F., with Cross & Co., r. Oakland 
Bigelow J. K., modelmkr, 709 Market, rui :i 
Bigelow Louis, driver City R. 11., r. 1821 Mission 
Bigelow Samuel C, real estate, 202 Sansome, r. nw. 

cor Steiner and McAllister 
Bigelow S. H. Mrs., teacher Clement Grammar School, 

r. 523 Folsom 
Bigelow Wm., brakeman S. P. R. B, 
Bigens Maggie, widow, r.s.s. Sierra bet Michigan and 

Biggens Delia, domestic, 205 Turk 
Bigger Alexander, steward, r. 1806 Stevenson 
Bigger Wm. H., teamster with Buhr & Bandy, r. 24 

_ Lewis 
Biggin Thos. J., engineer Thurlow blk, r. 103 Clark 
Biggins John, lab, r. 3 King 
Biggins Patrick, boarding, G32 Brannan 
Biggs Abel R. (A. R. Biggs k Co.) r. 2922 Clay 
Biggs A. R. & Co. (A. R. Biggs and N. A. Lee) saloon, 

305 California 
Biggs Harry C, r. 2922 Clay 
Biggs Robert, stableman, r. 410 Jacks* m 
Biggy Daniel, stableman N. B. and M. R. R., r. 2114 

Biggy John, brassfinisher with Weed & Kingwell, r. 

2114 O'Farrell 
Biggy John, expressman, r. Ash bet Buchanan and 

Biggy Terrence, hostler N. B. and M. li. It., r. 2114 

Biggy Wm., brass molder S. F. Brass Works, r. 2114 

Bigham k Downer (John G. Bigham and P. E. 

Downer) groceries, so. cor Grove and Buchanan 
Bigham John G. (Bighain & Downer) r. 620 I 
Bigley Bros. (Daniel and Geo. Bigley) who] groceries 

and provisions, ne. oor Clay and Davis 
Bigley Daniel (Bigley Bros.) r. 203 Eleventh 
Bigley Geo. (Bigley Bros.) r. 203 Eleventh 
Bigley J. Miss, teacher Lincoln Grammar School, r. 

832 Mission 
Bigley John, r. Commercial Hotel 
Bigley John, r. 229 Capp 
BIGLEY T. tfe CO. (Thos. Bigley) shipwrights, 

calkers and spaimkrs, 13-15 Spear 
Bigley Thos. J., student Heald's Business College, r. 

832 Mission 
Bigley Thos. T. (T. Bigley & Co.) r. 832 Mission 
Billow D., lamplighter S. F. Gaslight Co. 
Biglow Daniel, lab, r. 210 Doru 
Bigne Vincent (Wittman & Bigue) r. 1000J* Wash 
Bigney A. H. Miss, seamstress, r. 213 Minna 
Bigue Peter, lab French Hospital 
Bihan Napoleon, porter with A. Levy & Co., r. llt> J<- 

Biiser Peter, cooper with O. Madsen, r. 327 Eeale 
Bilaskey John, colorer with Cahen Bros. & Co., r. 

Bilay Antone F., clerk with Lachman & Jacobi, r. 

12 Hoff av 
Bilay Hugo, silversmith with Schulz & Fischer, r. 

cor 13th and Mission 
Bill Geo. (Tyson & Bill) r. 427 Union 
Bill Jacob, butcher, r. 129 Clara 
Bill Philip, cabinetmkr, r. 29 Ritch 
Billar Frank, r. 17 Lafayette pi 
Billeck Paul, clerk with J. G. Mhoon & Co., r. 339 

Billetick — , r. Arion house 
Billing Gustaf, confectioner, r. 705 Mission 
Billinger — , domestic, 724 Green 
Billings A. D., actor Grand Opera House 
Billings Chas. E., painter, r. 729 Folsom 
BILLINGS O. R. & CO. (D. R. Billings and G. 

E. Cook) groceries, 1311 Stockton 
Billings D. R. (D. R. Billings & Co.)r. 7 Telegraph pi 
Billings Edward P., watchman Bank of San Francis- 
co, 43b California 
Billings E. P., clerk with Resources of California, r. 

426 California 

Billings Geo. E., salesman with A. Soman & Co., r. 

Hi 12 Clay 
Billings — , joiner, r. 547 Mission 
Billingsley Win. J., lab. r. 1031 Pacific 
BlllfiteiD Richard, butcher ne. cor Broadway and 

Montgomery, r. 918 Montgomery 
Billwilley David, tanner with Sigmund Kraus, r. 115 


& Wieboldt, proprs, 031 Davis and sw. cor Clay 

and East 
Bilse Adolph, bookpr, r. 9 August al 
Bilton Frederick, salesman with Moses & Co., r. 114 

Mrytle av 
Bilty Theodore G., mining, r. 1420 Powell 
Billum B. T.. contractor, r. cor Fillmore and Filbert 
Binaglla Jennie Mrs., r. L109 Montgomery 
Lilian David, roller, Pac. Boiling Mill 
Binder Chas. a., bartdr with Eckstein k B 

berg, r. 6 Central pi 
Binder Geo. J., bookpr with Ballard <fc Hall, r. 1935" 

Line .<v Gi r_ - I. on Bine and Blppolyte Georges) 
tailors, 113 Sutler 

Bini i i i Bin s I GK ary 

Kim- s.. r. 1006 Geary 

. Mary Alberta Mi.--, teacher music, r. 914 
Bing George, barber, r. 91fi I'owell 

■1 Christian, cooper, r. 6 Clementina 
Bingham A., wlreworker Cal. Wire Works, r. Boots 

Hot- 1 

Binghao ta Light- 


Bingham Dora Mrs., r. 110 Taylor 

Bingham E. T.. mnir mi . 181 Mont 

Bingham Frank, mail clers Post, r. sw. 001 Sacra- 

mento and Broderlck 
Bingham Benrj (Mi igham) r. 180 

Bingham Iff. McD. Mis., r. 606 B 
Bingle Wm., carptr, r. i*',:;;; Eddy 

Blni Giuseppe, lab, r. 322 Valli 
Link Anthony, oarriagemkr with B. Grave ■■- 

17 Minna 
Liiini Luigi. pedlar, r. Pine 1» t Franklin and Van 

Ness av 
Blnswanger Louis, gents' furnishing goods, 518 

Biuter Edward, watchman Potrero Dis. and Comp. 

r. I' 
Biocina Nicholas, porter with «.. Snirli k Co.. r. 

1309 Ellis 
Biorkman A., drayman, r. 654 
Bioruchu N> [son, seaman, r. 1J4 Gilbert 
Bippey Robert N.. master mariner, r. 310 Or. 1 n 
Birbe H. (..'.. foreman with MUchelssen, Brown & Co. 

r. R. R. av nr 10th av. South. South s. 1 . 
Birce Frank A., salesman With Hanson. A.'kerson k 

Co., r. 123 Page 
Birch, Argall & Co. (W. H. Birch. John Argall and 

Alexander Bteiger) proprs Cal. Machine Works, 

119 Beale 
Birch A., r. 420 JackBOn 
Birch Ann. widow, r. 104.S Folsom 
Birch Frank, dairyman, r. Bay View 
Birch Samuel, gardener, r. Castro, bet. 17th and 18th 
Birch Thomas J., bookpr Examiner, r. 804 Green 
Birch Wm., r. 949 Folsom 
Birch Wm., tinner with Conlin & Roberts, r. 48 

Birch Wm. A., bookpr H. H. Noble & Co., r. 913 

Birch Wm. H. (Birch, Argall & Co.) r. 1900Xaguna 
Birchell Edward, fruits, r. sw. cor Steiner and Eddy 
Bird Albert B., lab S. F. Gaslight Co., r. 710 Vallejo 
Bird Annie, domestic, 2028 Mission 
Bird Ann S., widow, r. 502 Shotwell 
Bird Daniel T. C, sash and blindmkr, r. 502 Shotwell 
Bird Edward, seaman P. C. S. S. Co. 
Bird E.'izabeth Mrs., dressmkr, r. 255 Beale 
Bird Frank, shipwright, r. 024 Fourth 
Bird Henry C, boltcutter Pac. Rolling Mill, r. w.s. 

Iowa bet Sierra and Nevada 
Bird James, patternmkr Union Iron Works, r. 17 


A. E. MINTIE. M. D. 

11 Kearny Street, sole Agent for Sir Astley 

Restorative — the great English R< 
Exhausted Vitality and Premature Decline 

Joper's Vilal 

Remedy for Nervous Debility, 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

("706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716 1 

Established 1862 




Bird J. W., upholsterer, r. 1238 Bush 

Bird Mary, widow, r. 17 Anthony 

Bird Nelson J., physician and surgeon, 1081 Mission 

Bird Patrick, gasfititer, r. 044 Jessie 

Bird Richard, lab C. P. K. K., r. 125 Clinton 

Bird Robert, jeweler, r. 1313 Pacific 

Bird Samuel, shoemkr, r. 345 Fourth 

Bird Susan Miss, r. 502 Shotwell 

Bird Tb03., painter, r. 2 Leroy pi 

BIRD THOMAS, propr Manchester Saloon, 521 

Bird Walter, janitor, r. 502 Shotwell 

Bird Wm., molder Industrial Iron Works, r. 5 Minna 

Bird Wm., tailor, r. 2 Leroy pi 

Bird Wilson, manager with E. Burnell, 209 Jackson 

Birdsall Aaron C, tinner with Holbrook, Merrill & 
Co., r. 911 Laguna 

Birdsall Belle Miss, upholsteress with Frank G. Ed- 
wards, r. Ralston House 

Birdsall D. H., agent Giant Powder Co., r. 911 La- 

Birdsall Elizabeth Mrs., lodgings, 319 Fourth 

Birdsall Geo., bartdrwith J. McDevitt, r. 241 Ritch 

Birdsall John W., fireman tug Rival, W. D. Co. 

Birdsall R. B. Miss, principal South End School 

Birdsall Samuel T., atty-at-law, 504 Kearny, r. Russ 

Birdsall Wm., driver United Carriage Co., r. 17 

Birdsall Z., wagon master with Wells, Fargo & Co., 
r. 821 Green 

Birdsell Maggie, dressmkr with Mrs. Charles Cryer, 
r. 1423 Pine 

Birdt Mary, domestic, 709 Mason 

Birge James J., dentist, 410 Kearny 

Birgham A. (Fusier & Birgham) r. 1023 Powell 

Birkholm Hans, master schr Compeer, r. 339 Bryant 

Birkmaier Geo. L., r. 1529 Post 

Birmingham Edward F., foreman with Thos.Day, r. 
sw. cor Montgomery and Broadway 

Birmingham John, glass blower S. F.andPac. Glass 
Works, r. 51 Louise 

Birmingham John, substitute police, r. 1248 Howard 

Birmingham Margaret, widow, r. 24 Ash 

Birmingham Peter Rev., r. 744 Mission 

Birmingham Thos., collarmkr with Main & Win- 
chester, r. 851 Harrison 

Birnbaum Herman B., clerk with C. P. Lolor, r. 914 

Birnbaum Isaac, delivery clerk with Ackerman 
Bros., r. 735 Ellis 

Birnda Jules, laundryman with James Lacome, r . 1511 

Birnie Robert, copyist and interpreter, 708 Mont- 
gomery, r. Oakland 

Birns Mary, domestic, 933 Post 

Birrell Andrew, real estate, r. 1525 Washington 

Birrell Geo. B., machinist, r. 1525 Washington 

Birringer Wm., carptr, r. 3 King 

Birsinger Adolph, asst supt with Louis Sloss & 
Co., r. 206 Kearny 

Birth Henry L., sash and blind mkr with Haskell & 
Bode, r. 5 Gilbert 

BISAGNO & BECARTE (J. Bisagno and D. H. 
Recarte) money brokers, 500 Kearny 

Bisagno Joseph (Bisagno & Recarte) r. 924 Pacific 

Bisagno Louis, real estate, 420 Battery, r. 924 Pacific 

Bisagno Victor, real estate, 420 Battery, r. 924 Pacific 

bee, John, Lewis, John J. and Benj. Williams) 
mining and metallurgy, 32 Merchant's Ex- 

BisbeeD. W. F. (Bisbee, Williams & Co.) r. 1616 

Bischofer Franz, butler, 1803 California 

Bischoff D. (Carstensen & Bischoff) r. 523 Jones 

Bischoff F., groceries, sw. cor Powell and Vallejo 

Bischoff Henry, stocks, r. 430 Brannan 

Bischoff Henry, salesman with Mrs. M.A.Mercer, 
r. 412 McAllister 

Bischoff John, conductor Cent. R. R., r. Turk bet 
Webster and Fillmore 

Biscio Joseph Rev., clergyman St. Ignatius College, 
841 Market 

Biser Jacob, tanner, r. se. cor Mariposa and Missis- 

Bishafer Franz, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 

Bishop & Co.) Edgar Bishop, A. S. Peterson and L, 
W. Palmer) groceries, 716 Market 

Bishop & Fifield (Thos. B. Bishop and Wm. H. 
Fifield) attys-at-law, 306 Pine 

Bishop Alonzo L., carptr, r. 1812 Laguna 

Bishop A. W. supt Custom House warehouses, r. 

Bishop Biddle, clerk, r. 516 Stevenson 

Bishop Chas., plaster decorator, r. 1043 Market 

Bishop Chas. B., actor Cal. Theater, r. 309 Turk 

Bishop Clarence, carptr, r. 142 Sixth 

BISHOP ». M. <& CO. (Duncan M. Bishop and 
Eugene Wiegand) compilers Bishop's San Fran- 
cisco, Oakland, San Jose, Stockton and Califor- 
nia State Business Directories, 518 Clay 

BISHOP DUNCAN M. (D . M. Bishop & Co.) r. 
742 Washington 

Bishop Edgar (Bishop & Co.) r. 513 Webster 

Bishop E. B., inventor, r. 1039 Valencia 

Bishop F. A., civil engineer, r. 34 Hawthorne 

Bishop Frank, r. 507 Fell 

Bishop Frank, mechanic, r. 607 % Linden 

Bishop G., r. Waldo Lodging House 

Bishop G., stonecutter, r, 27 Perry 

Bishop Geo. W., collector with Berryman & Doyle, 
r. 330 Geary 

Bishop Henry, saloon, 2 Clay, r. 1005 Capp 

Bishop Hilmer O., stairbuilder, 132 Main, r. 806% 

Bishop James H., carptr, r. 33 Russ 

Bishop James H., carptr, r. 1812 Laguna 

Bishop James W., machine hand Pac. Box Factory, 
r. 1146 Howard. 

Bishop John, mate training ship Jamestown 

Bishop John, molder, r. 316 Minna 

Bishop Mary, widow, r, 608 Locust 

Bishop Oliver, porter with Spruance, Stanley & Co., 
r. nw. cor 17th and Shotwell 

Bishop Susan, widow, r. 421 Vallejo 

Bishop Thomas B. (Bishop & Fifield) atty-at-law, 306 
Pine, r. 1503 Larkin 

Bishop W. Clarence, condvtetor Sutter-st R. R. 

Bishop W. D. Rev., missionary Mariners' Church, 
ne. cor Drumm and Sacramento. 

Bishop Wm. A., teamster, r. 421 Fifth. 

CISCO, Oakland, San Jose, Stockton, California 
State Business, etc., 518 Clay 

Bisil Aug.. cook, r. 15U6 Folsom, rear 

Bisphau W. H., cutter with Buckingham & Hecht, 
r. 16 Oak 

Bissell Eugene, compositor with C. W. Gordon, r. 

Bissell George R., teacher Boys' High School, r. 

Bissell W. A., chief clerk C. P. R. R., r. 710 Cal 

Bissert Henry W., clerk with Shirek & Co., r. 1004 

Bisset Andrew, stone cutter, r. 1027 Sutter 

Bisset J. P., freight clerk P. M. S. S. Co. 

Bissett Edward T., clerk with Stein, Simon & Co., 
r. 130 Tyler 

Bissett Horatio N., shipwright, r. 130 Tyler 

Bissett J. M., night watchman P. M. S. S. Co. 

Bissett M., driver with Bell, Gullixson & Co. 

Bissinger Adolph, salesman Alaska Fur Co., r. 200 

Bissonnette Geo. P., bartdr. r. 506 Third 

Bisten Louis, painter with Thos. Vorrath 

Bistrop William, tailor, r. 1213 Bush 

Bitche Chas., locksmith Jackson Foundry 

Biter John, florist and nurseryman, 3 Post, r. Waller 
bet Fillmore and Steiner 

Bithen Wm., seaman P. M. S. S. Co. 

Either G. W. Mrs., lodgings, 520 Bush 

Bitley Frank W., machinist Fulton Iron Works, r. 21 

Bittermann J. Chas. F., butcher with Henry Schil- 
ler, r. 618 California 

Bittin H. E., butcher P. M. S. S. Co. 

Bittner Geo., blacksmith, r. First-av Hotel, South I 
S. F. 

Bittner Therese, widow, furnished rooms, 257 Stev 

Bixby Llewellyn (B. P. Flint & Co, and Flint, Bixby 
& Co.) r. San Juan 


B4S HIARKHT west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer in 
«.;,.-., ... T,7w»r«7> and Manufacturerol'all kinds ofWimloiv SStatfes 
PAPER HANGINGS and dealer in all kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%SS?} Established 1862 

Bixby S. J. Miss, head nurse S. F. Prot. Orphan Asy- 
Bixler David (Williams & Bixler) r. Palace Hotel 
Biziou Louis, saloon, 1413 Dupout 
Bizzini Daniele, cook Sorbier Restaurant, r. 8 Tele- 
graph pi 
Bjernson Daniel, expressman, ne. cor Sacramento 

and Kearny, r. 410 Seventh 
Bjerremark Christian, saloon, 314 Third 
Bjorkman Alfred, lab Cal. Sugar Ref. r. nw. cor 

Eighth and Bryant 
Bjorkman August, drayman with Taber, Harkr-r ft 

Co., r. (i54Jv Natoiua 
Bjorkman Carl, r. 61G O'Farrell 
Bjorkman Katie, machine operator with E. Detrick 

& Co., r. 933 Folsom 
Bjorkman Mary Miss, shoefltter with Jory Bros., r. 

533 Folsom, rear 
Blach Chas., city physician, 514 Kearny, r. 1513 Cal 
Blach Edward, gilder with Morris, Schwab ft Co.. r. 

71 Water 
Blach M., clerk with L. Lebenbaum & Co., r. 1518 

Blachre Frank, clerk with Murphy. Grant ft Co., 1 2 

Black & Deering (Mrs. Kate J. Black and Miss Jane 

C. Deering) boarding, 534 Bush 
Black Adam, bootmkr, r. Til Minna 
Black A. J., laundryman, r. 121 Nineteenth 
Black Alexander, carptr, 7 Post 
Black Andrew, wagonmkr. r. 71 Water 
Black Ann Mrs., r. 709 Stockton 
Black Arthur L. , bookpr London & S. F. Bank. r. 

Black Bear Quartz M. Co.. Win. L. Oliv r Bec,316 Cal 
Black Daniel R., printer, r. 327 Beale 
Black Diamond Coal M. Co., P. B. Cornwall pres, se. 

cor Folsom and Spear 
Black E. H., house and sign painter, 51 1 Sixteenth 
Black Ellen M., with Cal. Furn. Mnfg Co., r. B. H. 
Black Geo. C, bricklayer, r. 20 Jansen 
Black Geo. W., cutter Standard Shirt Factory, r. 2324 

Black Hawk G.M. Co. (Mono Co., Cal.) B. S. Kellogg 

sec, 302 Montgomery, rm 4 
BLE, Boyd ft Lewis proprs, 1009-1V11 Valencia 
Black Henry, r. 2324 Mission 
Black Henry, bed and Furn. Spring Factory, 79 New 

Black Henry, clerk with J. J. Spencer, r. 530 How 
BLACK HENRY M. <& CO. (Henry M. Black) 

carriage mnfrs, 851-853-855 Market 
Black Henry M. (Henry M. Black <t Co.) r. 511 Gough 
Black Howard, shirt manfr, rms 3-4 Thurlow block, 

r. 2324 Mission 
Black J., watchman Gibbs' Bonded Warehouse, r. 

2229 Mission 
Black James, r. 334 Bush 
Black James S., r. sw. cor 20th and Mission 
Black Jane, domestic, 819 Grove 
Black J. J., journalist, r. 035 California 
Black J. M., r. 793 Mission 
Black John, gardener, r. 561 Mission 
Black John, longshoreman, r. 327 Beale 
Black John, teamster, r. 509 Grove 
Black John, waiter, r. nw. cor Dupont and Broadway 
Black John, w T ool sorter Mission Woolen Mills, r. cor 

Mariposa and Alabama 
Black John AV., collector with Selby Smelting & Lead 

Co.,r. 22 Elgin park 
Black John Win., boilermkr with Moynihan & 

Aitken, r. 12 Tehama 
Black Joseph, blacksmith, r. Garden Tract, 32d av 
Black Joseph, blacksmith, r. 663 Howard 
Black J. S., master mariner, r. 920 Montgomery 
Black Kate J. Mrs., lodgings. 534 Bush 
Black Mary, widow, r. 73 Water 
Black M. J., starter Market-st R. R. 
Black P., widow, r. 104 Eddy 
Black Patrick, cooper Cal. Sugar Ref., r. 307 >.; 

Black Patrick W., night watchman Mint, r. 408 Minna 
Black P. F. W., mining, 439 Cal 
Black Point Packing House Wilson, Merry & Co., 

proprs n.e. cor Bay and Webster 

BLACK ROBERT M., geute furnishing, 209 

Montgomery, r. 1100 Van Ness av 
Black Samuel, tailor, 1029 Sutter 
Black Sand Mining Co. (Coos Co. Oregon) Mercer 

Oley BBC, 17 Nevada blk 
Black Win., butoher with Joseph Baker, r. 71 1 Minna 

Black Win., dry and fancy g Is. 161 Ninth 

Black Win., lab. r. s.s. Sacramento 1" t 1 

and Devisadero 
Black Win., marble works, 1121 Market, r. (520 Stc-v 
Black Win. i. (Wheeler & Black) r. 2324 Mission 
Black Wm. K.. carptr. r. 663 Howard 
Black Wm. W.. cigar dealt r, r. :;i Willow av 
Black — . Mrs., teacher, r. Ocean House i. 

Lake Merci d 

Blackburn & Fallon (L. P. Blackburn and Matt. Pal- 
Ion) proprs Alhambra Saloon, 323 Hush 

Blackburn Allen H., salesman with white Bros., r. 
623 Natoma 

Blackburn B. P., cashier Post Pub. Co.. r. 811 Btow 

Blackburn Chas., salesman with Meeker, James & 
Co., r. 720 1 

Blackburn chas. J., dep. assessor, r. 1 [1 

Blackburn p. .\., teacher Ghret a, Boys' 

Elgb School 

'11 John, porter IXL Auction House, r. 611 

Blackburn Leslie F. (Blackburn .v Fallon) r. 710 

Blackburn Mason s.. boarding, 1211 Fillmore 

S;in.-. .ne 

Blackburn B. F., bookpr. r. Brooklyn Hotel 
Blackburn Sadie Mi- r with Alfred Oolom- 

bat. r. 380 O'Parrell 
Blackenburg Tli li re, bookpr with E, K. B 

r. 602 Franklin 
Blackett Luoretia, widow, r. 1112 Jackson 
Blacklesk D. W., 001 p t Pa . Barrel and £• 

nw. cor Bryant and Eighth 
Blackledge Robert, com agent. 402 Front, r. in. r. 107 

Blackman Abraham, r. 712 o'Farrell 
Blackman Cassius H., salesman with Wilmerding & 

Co.,r. 12 Ellis 
Blackman Geo. V., mining, 302 Montgomery, rm 14, 

r. Oakland 
Blackman Henry, bookpr with Julius Samuels, r. 712 

Blackman Horace, piano tuner, r. 317 Stockton 
Blackman Isaac, book agent, r. Coso House 
Blackman J. C. (Potter ft Blackman) r. K41 Valencia 
Blackman J. D., teacher, r. Cal. av nr Prospect pi 
Blackman Lazar, architect, 137 Montgomery, r. 1019 

Lark in 
Blackman M. J., tinsmith, r. 109 Hayes 
Blackman M. V., bartdr with John B. Bacon, r. 410 

Blackman R., waiter Russ House 
Blackmail 11 H., salesman with Hem me k Long 
Blackmar K Davis (Amou E. Blackmar and L. S.Davis) 

music and pianos, 950-952 Market 
Blackmar AmonE. (Blackmar & Davis) r. 230 Eleventh 
Blackmar R. C, clerk with C. J. Hawley & Co., r. 14 

Elgin Park 
Blackmer Lewis, sawver, r. Tiger Hotel 
Blackmoll J06., lab with Wm. H. White, r. C Erie 
Blackmore A. A., widow, r. 134 McAllister 
Blackmore Wm., bartdr with Wm. G. Jones, r. 213 

Blackner L., machinist West Coast Furn. Co., r. Tiger 

Blackson — , r. 736 McAllister 
Blackstaff Donovan widow, r. 1227 Green 
Blackstaff James D., blacksmith with Wm. E. Shaw, 

r. 1227 Green 
Blackstaff Jeremiah, bookpr, r. 1227 Green 
Blackstaff Maggie D. Miss, teacher Tehama Primary 

School, r. 1227 Green 
Blackwell Chas., clerk with C. Toohey & Co., r. 9 

Blackwell E. C. steward P. M. S. S. Co. 
Blackwell Edward S., clerk with C. Toohey & Co., r. 

17 CaroHne 
Blackwell Enoch, carriagetrimmer, r. 108 Seventh 
Blackwell Horatio S.. tinsmith with Geo. H. Tay & 

Co., r. 1001 Sutter 
Blackwell James, waiter What Cheer House 

L. UUl 1 I nfiSJ & LU., Importers Japan and China I LAb. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. { 

706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716 

} Established 1862 

Blaolrwell Sarah B., Mrs., fancy goods, 108 Seventh 
Blackwell Spencer W., seedsman with E. J. Bowen, 

r. sw. cor Green and Taylor 
Blackwell — , engineer, r. 872 Mission 
Blackwood A., driver Cent. R. K. r. 1211 Fillmore 
Blackwood James, cook, r. 50 Everett 
Blackwood Joseph, carptr, r. 530 Third 9 

Blackwood Wm., real estate, r. nw. cor Oak Grove 

av and Bryant 
Blackwood Wm. C, capitalist. 401 California, rm 7, 

or. 212 Twelfth 
Blackwood Wm. K., bookpr National Gold Bank'a'nd 

Trust Co., r. nw. cor Bryant and Oak Grove av 
Blade Arthur M., clerk with C. Herrmann, r. 1020 

Blaikie Andrew, draughtsman Risdon Iron Works, r. 

2413 Buchanan 
Blaikie Richard T., r. n.s. Henry bet Noe and Castro 
Blain R. P., salesman with Frederick Chester & Co., 

r. 1614 Leavenworth 
Blainue Geo., seaman, r. 1212 Bryant 
Blair & Chase (M. Blair and W. W. Chase) hay and 

grain, 1912 Market 
Blair A. J., mining, 330 Pine, rms 28-30 
Blair A. W., mining, 324% Mont, r, 304 California 
Blair Chas. M., manager Minietta mine, r. 2345 

Blair C. S., patternmkr Golden State and Miners' 

Iron Works, r. 322 Fremont 
Blair David, insurance agent, 321 California, r. 

Blair Frank B., coiner's dept Mint, r. 606 Mont 
Blair Henry, shaver Eureka Furn. Co., r. 220 Third 
Blair J., real estate, r. 12 Zoe, rear 
Blair James, engineer, r. 40 Tehama 
Blair J. B., cabinetmkr with Frederick Hufschmidt, 

r. 533 Commercial 
Blair James S., engineer Phoenix Iron Works, r. 25th 

nr Castro 
Blair J. A. W., packer with S. W. Rosenstock & Co., 

r. 37 Minna 
Blair Matthew (Blair & Chase) r. 224 Capp 
Blair Robert, machinist with Birch, Argall & Co., r. 

8 Zoe 
Blair Samuel, master mariner, r. 47 Tehama 
Blair Susan, widow, r. 606 Montgomery 
Blair Thompson, collector with M. Gray, r. 110 

Blair T. M., sergeant-at-arms S. F. Stock Board, r. 2 

Chatham pi 
Blair Walter P., accountant, r. 606 Montgomery 
BLAIR WILLIAM, propr Folsom House, 1135 

Blair Wm. B., salesman with Harrison & Dickson, r. 

403 Fourth 
Blair W. T., patternmkr, r. 322 Fremont 
Blaisdell E. F., widow, r. 1317 Gough 
Blaisdell J. P., shoemkr, 106 Dupont 
Blaitie Richard T., carptr, r. Henry bet Castro and 

Blake C. T. & Co. (C. T. Blake) dairy prod, 52 Centre 

Blake Calvin T. (C. T. Blake & Co.) r. ne. cor Dolores 

and 22cl 
Blake Chas. E,, dentist, cor Market and O'Farrell 
Blake Chas. E., physician, 406 Hayes 
Blake C. M., physician, 1057 Mission, r. 2123 Bush 
Blake C. T. (Oakland Paving Co.) r. 4 Vernon pi 
Blake E., foreman Ammonia Works S. F. Gaslight Co. 
Blake Edward P., salesman with Knowland & Doe, r. 

ne. cor Dolores and 22d 
Blake Elizabeth, widow, nurse, r. 121% Shipley 
Blake E. W., conductor Cent. R. R., r. Broderick bet 

Post and Geary 
Blake Frances, widow, r. 12 Auburn 
Blake Francis (Blake, Bobbins & Co) r. Oakland 
Blake Geo. E., planer, r. 797 Fourth 
Blake Geo. M., com. mcht and agent Devoe's and 

Chas. Pratt & Co's oils, 123 Cal, rm 13, r. 1601 

Van Ness av 
Blake Geo. W., hatter with Fisher & Co., r. 316 Third 
Blake H. A., whitener, r. 715% Natoma 
Blake Henry C, commissioner deeds and convey- 
ancer, 333 Montgomery, r. 627 Fulton 
Blake H. H., broker, 302 Montgomery, rm 2, r. 311 


Blake Isaac E., gen supt Continental Oil and Trans- 
portation Co., r. 409 Brannan 

Blake James, sailmkr with Neville & Co., r. 105 Clay 

Blake James K., pianotuner with Kohler & Chase, 
r. Oakland 

Blake J. H., master mariner, r. 608 Guerrero 

Blake John, boots and shoes, 226 Sixth, r. 974 Folsom 

Blai<e John, carptr and builder, r. 1713 Jessie, rear 

Blake John, harnessmkr, 612 Howard 

Blake John, tailor, 318 Post, r. 1223 Washington 

Blake Joseph W., foreman box factory, r. 14 O'Farrell 

Blake Julia, widow, r. 540 Natoma 

Blake J. W., physician, 1911 Geary 

Blake Lawrence, lab, r. Ellis bet Broderick and Devis- 

Blake Mary, widow, r. 142 Clara 

Blake Mary, r. 239 Minna, rear 

Blake Mary A., widow, r. 2008 Mission 

Blake Mary Lee, widow, r. 2 Leroy pi 

BLAKE MAURICE C, Judge Municipal Crimi- 
nal Court, chambers 729 Mont, r. 325 Seventeenth 

Blake Maurice B., atty-at-law, 729 Mont.r. San Rafael 

Blake Michael, carptr, r. 628 Minna 

Blake M. R. Mrs., concert singer, r. 18 Twelfth 

Blake Patrick, serviceman S. F. Gaslight Co., r. 628 

Blake Philip H., dep Assessor, r. ne. cor Point Lobos 
av and Ferrie 

Blake, Bobbins & Co. (Francis Blake, James Mofflt, 
Chas. F. Bobbins and James W. Towne) paper 
warehouse, and bag mnfrs, 516 Sacramento 

Blake S. B., r. 1203 Taylor 

Blake Sumner C, books and stationery, 617 Mont 

Blake T. W., lumberman, r. 416 Bryant 

Blake Walter, painter, r. 813 Harrison 

Blake W. H., pres. Elliott Literary Institute, 611 

Blake Wm. H. (Cary & Blake) r. 28 Stone 

Blake Wm. T., lab, r. 534 Folsom 

Blakeley Chas., lab S. F. Gaslight Co., r. 41 Natoma 

Blakely B. E., widow, r. 109 Powell 

Blakely Calvin, carptr, r. sw. cor Powell and Cali- 
fornia avs 

Blakely Edward J., chemist S. F. Gaslight Co., r. 25 

Blakeman James, dairyman, 463 Minna 

Blakeman O., carpenter, r. 31 Second 

Blakeney U. S., carptr, r. 519% Stevenson 

Blakeney Wm., carptr, r. 519% Stevenson 

Blaker Chas. H., lab, r. 567 Mission 

Blakeslee S. V. Rev.-, corresponding editor The Pa- 
cific, 508 Clay, r. Oakland 

Blakesley Frederick, painter, r. 652 Howard 

Blakey James, plumber's helper W. D. Co 

Blakey John, fireman S. F. Gaslight Co 

Blakey John, groceries, 525 Vallejo, r. 4 Sonoma pi 

Blakiston John E., sailmkr with J. S. Blakiston, 
r, 106 % Park av 

Blakiston John S., sailmkr, 6-8 Clay, r. 106% Park av 

Blakslee Chas. A. police, r. 144% Sixth 

Blamyer F. M. Miss, r. 1516 Broadway 

Blanc Alex, real estate, r. 837 California 

Blanc Amedee, carrier Guide and News Letter, r. 
107 Montgomery blk 

Blanc Henry, foreman with Chas. Roche, r. 35 
Boardman pi 

Blanc Paul, propr Cafe de Grenoble, 1125 Dupont, r. 
605 Broadway 

Blanc Stewart, boots and shoes, 214 Montgomery av, 
r. 609 Chestnut 

Blanch Bernard, carriagemkr, 843 Harrison, r. 314 

Blanch Christopher, boilermkr, cor Channel and 

Blanchar J. D., vice-pres. Country Beal Estate Asso- 
ciates, 40 California, r. 2115 Bush 

Blanchard Adrien F., salesman with J. Caire, r. 
1014 Pacific 

Blanchard C. H. Mrs., r. 511 Mason 

Blanchard Chas P., salesman with Davis Bros., r. 
230 Kearny 

Blanchard David (Ginty & Blanchard) r. 17 Langton 

Blanchard Edward, teamster, r. 1505 Pine 

Blanchard Frank, carptr, r. 103 Grove 

Blanchard Henry P. (Williams, Blanchard & Co.) r. 
1013 Van Ness av 

MARST0N & ADAMS, Agents. (Loans Negotiated. 
Cor. 7th and Washington Sts., Oakland. 

C. P. Van Schaack <& Co., 840 Market St.I^Tr'Sf} Established 1862 

Blanchard J. Mrs., r. 418 Vallejo 

Blanchard John, barber with Thos. J. Earl, r. 145 

BLANCHARD JOHN I., contractor, r. Geary 

bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Blanchard Jules, hardware and mnfr bed and furni- 
ture springs, 44 Fourth, r. 747 % Minna 
Blanchard Leopold, with J. Blanchard, r. 747% 

Blanchard Lot, messenger Custom House, r. 1212 

Blanchard M. C. master mariner, r. 511 Mason 
Blanchard Montie F., pilot, r. 511 Mason 
Blanchard Phineas V., dairyman, r. w.s. Kansas bet 

26th and 27th 
Blanchard Wm., r. 712 Hyde 
Blanchard Win. E., brakeman S. P. R. R. 
Blanchard — , bill poster with Keyt & 
Blanchet Henry, tailor, r. 639 Vallejo 
Blanchet Peter, molder City Iron Works, r. JIT 

Blanchette Louis, bootmkr, 510 Montgomery av 
Blanchfield Andrew, blacksmith, r. 17 College pi 
Blanchfield Edward, butcher, r. oor. Second and 

Blanchfield H., extraman Engine No. 7, 8. F. 

Fire Dept 
Blanchfield James, lab, r. 14 Baldwin crl 
Blanchfield Thos., carptr, r. s.s. Hickory bet Gougb. 

and Octavia 
Blanchon John (Dubois & Blanchon) r 
Blanckenburg Theodore, bookpr with E. K. Howes 

& Co., and sec Pac. Cordage Co., r. 609 Franklin 
Blanco Beuicio R., compositor La Socledad, r. 1117 

Blanco Teresa Mrs., r. ne cor. Dupont and Vallejo 
Bland Washington, waiter Palace Hotel, r. 21 : 
Blauden Lewis, blacksmith, r. 37 Second 
Blanding Edward J., ri al estate, r. 1015 Capp 
BLAA'DING GORDON (Wm. & G. Blanding) 

atty-at-law, 607 Montgomery, r. 1816 Taylor 
BLANDING WILLIAM (Wm. ft (.i. Blanding) 
' atty-at-law 507 Montgomery, and State Harbor 

Commissioner, r. 804 Van Ness av 
BLANDING AVJ>I. & G., attys-at-law, 507 Mont 
Blaney Edward W., atty-at-law, 520 Montgomery, 

mi 4, r. 507 Ellis 
Blaney J. A., saloon, sw. cor 4th and Mission, r. 1004 

Blaney James, tinner S. F. Gaslight Co 
Blaney James E. (Conway & Blaney) r. 505 Minna 
Blaney John, painter, r. 507 Ellis 
Blaney John Henry, asst bookpr The Hibernia Sav- 
ings and Loan Society, r. 530 Jessie 
Blangey Budd, glassblower S. F. and Pacific Glass 

Works, r. 300 Ritch 
Blangey Samuel, with S. F. and Pac. Glass Works, 

r. 024 Fourth 
Blank Charles C, baker with Thomas J. Chadbourne, 

r. 11 Glover 
Blank D. M., bookpr Singer Mnfg Co., r. 541 Fourth 
Blank Lizzie Miss, fringemkr with Alfred Colombat, 

r. 820 Larkin 
Blank Louis, jeweler arfd watehmkr, 932 Market, r. 

36 Welsh 
BlankardtOtto, musician, r. 1315 Larkin 
Blanken Henry, prop Six Mile House, San Bruno 

Blanken Herman, clerk with Chas. L. Steylaars, r. ne. 

cor Dupont and Montgomery av 
Blanken Jacob, fireman Pioneer Woolen Factory, r. 

North Point bet Polk and Larkin 
Blanken Nicholas, merchant, r. 501 Broadway 
Blankenhom Charles, butcher with Johnson & Cat- 
low, r. First av Hotel, South S. F. 
Blankenhorn Gottlieb, saloon, 735 Broadway 
Blankenship George E., printer, r. 113 Stockton 
Blankenstein Henry, clerk with D.Samuels, r. 226 

Blanknian Wm., dentist, 131 Montgomery 
Blann Dennis, longshoreman, r. 256 Clementina 
Blanney James, r. 806 Howard 
Blard Alphonse, saloon, 704 Pacific 
Blard Etienne. cook, r. 115 Morton 
Blarwelt George, waiter Metropolitan Restaurant, r. 

571 Howard 

Blarwelt Mary, domestic, 724 Turk 

Bias J., clerk with i lias. E. Barry, r. 619 Mont 

Blascoe Marcus, cigars, r. 1209 Bush 

Blasdel H. G., mining, r. Grand Hotel 

Blasdell <;c.>. B., bagmkr with Neville & Co., r, 876 

Slasdell L. B., jeweler with Hnbasfa ft Hirschman, r. 

.">i',i Howard 
Bias, r A. Mrs., dressmkr, 768 Mission 
Blaser C. H.. r. 1208 Turk 
Blaser Edward, clerk with Lenormand Bros., r. sw. 

cor Pine and Dupont 
Blassft Green (Meyer Blass and Samuel s. Groan] 

who! confectioners, n Second 
Blass ft Shew (GasBon Blass and Myi 

oral agents Madam Demorest's Patten 

Bickford Family knitting Machine.-. 118 . 
Blass Gasson [Blass ft 8hewJ r. 44 Third 

iry, barber, 116 fourth, r. -j.i sixth 

i Blasa ft Gri Harrison 

rrls, salesman with Blass ft Green, 

Blass N'., steward, r. lis Turk, rear 
Blattner Nicholas, (McNallv & Blattui-r) r. Ruhs 

Blattner W. J., candles and fruits, 809 Thirl, r. 690 

Blatz Julius, painter, r. 608 Sixth 
Blauvelt Bicnard i>. \t., dep recorder Hall of 

rds, r. :;i Eddy 
Blay Abraham, wholesale millinery, r. loll Mission 
Blaylock Win., conductor, r. L62334 Eddy 

Wm., farmer, r. Swi I QJ . B, II . 
BlechsmidtTJ musl lan,Tlvoll G 

r. 4(i0 Sutter 
Bledricfa Christian, bricklayer, r. 16 Harlan pi 
■ Chas., propr Wesl Coast Brush 1 
•j7 .i t 
Bleldorn B., cabinetmkr 

:il7 Bush 
Bleldorn John, bottli r, s. Lachn 111 Bush 

Bleily ft s-hult/. [Joseph Bleily and Phlllpp Schultz J 

barb> is. 90 I tap ml 
Bleily Joseph B. [Bleily .v Schuh 

Bleunerhassett John, i tmkr with Bosi nthal, Feder 

k Co.. r. I • 
Blennerhassett Bichard, bootmkr with Rosenthal, 
Feder ft Co., r. 22 Clara 

Jacob, patternmkr < ity Iron Wks, r. Oaklnd 
Blesslngton Nellie Miss, milliner, r. 2134 Howard 
Bletheu Chas., mattressmkr with Samuel Bea . 

Am. i age Bot( 1 

Blethen C. P., r. 2124 California 
Blethen Eugei anwith Holbrook, Merrill ft 

Co., r. 999 Tyler 
Blethen J. 11.. asst chic) wharfinger Clay-st bulkhead, 

r. 939 Tyler 
Bleuel E. A., carptr Enterprise Mill 
Bltwitt Annie Miss, tailoress, r. :>}■■ Willow 
Bhy Abram, millinery and straw goods, 006 Market 

and 7 Post, r. 1011 Mission 
Bliffens T. V., local police, r. 2096 Market 
Blight Geo., painter, r. 840 Third 
Blind Spring M. and M. Co. (Esmeralda Nev.) B. H. 

Brown, sec,, rms 20-21 Stock Exchangefbldg 
Blind Louis, coremkr City Iron Works, r. 16 Natoma 
Blinkcorn Joseph, doorman Occidental Stable, r. s.e. 

cor. Bush and Polk 
Blinn Chas. H., commercial reporter Alta, r. 1527 Post 
Blinn G. M., master mariner, r. 335 Seventeenth 
Bliss Geo. D., whol butcher, r. 1597 Pacific av 
Bliss John, cigar mnfr, 717 San, r. 7J4 Washington 
Bliven Samuel N., clerk accounts U. S. Surveyor- 
General's off, r. 1829 Bu6h 
Blixt Christina, domestic, 1026 Twenty-first 
Bloc Edward, cook Iuglis Restaurant, 'r. 537 Sac 
Bloch & Davidson (Isaac F. Bloch and James W. Da- 
vidson) morocco mnfrs, 317-319 Eleventh, off. 117 
Bloch Abraham B., clothing and furnishing goods, 

204 Montgomery av, r. 2106 Ma6on 
Bloch Constantine, dentist, 865Jg Market, r. 835 Hayes 
Bloch Henry M., morrocco dresser with Bloch &: .Da- 
vidson, r. 820 Larkin 
Bloch Isaac F., (Bloch & Davidson) r. 820 Larkin 
Bloch J., dry goods, r. 615 Green 


and Dyspepsia. Price 25 cts. per box. All Druggists keep them. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Go. 

f706, 70S, 710, 718, 714 and 716 T. 

Established 1862 




Bloch J., fancy goods, 1520 Post 

Bloch Maurice, money broker, 18 Sixth, r, 448% Jessie 

Bloch Wm., boots and shoes, 1032 Dupont, r. 631% 

Blochman & Cerf (Abraham Blochman and Moses 

Cerf) com mchts' and agents Santa Cruz IXL 

Lime Co., 24-26 California 
Blochman Abraham (Blochman & Cerf) r. 920 Eddy i 
Blochman L. B., draughtsman, 137 Montgomery, r. 

1019 Larkin 
Block Abram, pres Odd Fellows' Savings Bank 325 

Montgomery, r. 208 Jones 
Block Adolph, clerk with John Schussler, r . 324 Mason 
Block Amelia Miss, teacher music public schools, r. 

1105 Powell 
Block B. Miss, teacher Powell-st Primary School 
Block Bernard, stockbroker, r. 209 Turk 
Block D. (D. Block & Co., Virginia City, Nev.) off. 

24 Battery, r. 1326 Geary 
Block David, clerk, r. 907 Bush 

Block E. D., dry goods (Oakland) r. 1816 Sacramento 
Block Elias M., propr Carman Island Salt Works, 207 

Front, r. 619 Eddy 
Block Henry, lab Cal. Sugar Ref. 
Block Israel, cigars and tobacco, 228 Sut, r.206 Seventh 
Block J., lab Bay Sugar Bef . 
Block James N,, sec S. F. Pioneer Woolen Factory 

and Mission Woolen Mills, 115 Bat, r. 332 Ellis 
Block John, tailor, 603 Kearny, r. 324 Mason 
Block John, r. Sansome bet Green and Union 
Block Leon, clerk with Reiss Bros. & Co., r. 2 Cedar av 
Block Maurice, r. 448% Jessie 
Block R., lodgings, 1105 Powell 
Block Samuel, butcher, 519 Geary, r- 528 O'Farrell 
Block Wm., capitalist, r. 10 Quincy 
Blockhaus Frederick, groceries, 814 Jackson 
Blockman E. Mrs., millinery, 1019 Larkin 
Blodes Theodore, barber, 1239 Folsom 
Blodgett Edwin A., shipping clerk with Holbrook, 

Merrill & Co., r. 208 Ellis 
Blodgett Geo., distributor La Grande Laundry, r. 

2124 Howard 
Blohm & Gerkin (Peter Blohm and Claus Gerkin) 

groceries, ne. cor Mission and Beale 
Blohm August, solicitor Pacific Congress Water, r. 

n. s. North Clipper bet Dolores and Church 
Blohm Francisca, widow, teacher, r. 700 Broadway 
Blohni Frederick, drayman with Von Ronn & Hencke 

Bros., r. Henry bet Noe and Castro 
Blohm John (Doekuni & Blohm) r. 435 Broadway 
Blohm John, clerk with Mrs. F. Lankenau, r. 38 

Blohm John Henry, clerk with Henry Hacke, r. 

814 Clay ' 
BlAhm Peter (Blohm & Gerkin) r. Berkeley 
Blohm Peter Mrs., r. Prescott House 
Blohm Wm., master schr Caroline Mills 
Blohrne & Hagedorn (John Blohme and August Hage- 

dorn) groceries, ne. cor Second and Tehama 
Blohme H,. widow, r. 637 Minna 
Blohme John (Blohme & Hagedorn) and groceries, 

nw. cor Sutter and Polk, r. 217% Austin 
Blom Carl E., seaman, r. 415 East 
Blom John, seaman, r. 415 East 
Blomberg R. M., carptr P. M. S. S. Co. 
Blomqvist O., watehmkr with Geo. C. Shreve & Co., 

r. 612 Clay 
Blondeau Zacharias, foreman with Prosper May, r. 

8 Pratt pi 
Blondell Thomas, teamster, r. 606 Fulton 
Blondelle A., stock broker, r. 318 Minna 
Blondin John, calker, r. 3 Lafayette pi 
Blonn G. M., master ship Western Shore, off. 44 

Blood James, pilot, r. 116 Francisco 
Blood J. H., notary public and Commissioner Deeds, 

304 Montgomery, r. 608 Jones 
Blood Levi L., mining, 45 Merchants' Exchange, r. 

336 Oak 
Blood Wm., sailmkr, r. 1024 Montgomery 
Blood Wm. F. (Moody & Blood) r. Oakland 
Blood — Mrs., wardrobe lady Grand Opera House 
Bloom David (Hoffman & Co.) r. 535% O'Farrell 
Bloom Eliza Mrs., dressmkr, r 532 Jones 
Bloom Frederick, teamster, r. ss. Henry bet Noe and 


Bloom Geo., pedlar, r. 719 Ellis 

Bloom Isaac, pedlar, r. 505 Gough 

Bloom Jacob E., first lieut. Co. C. 4th U. S. Artillery 

Bloom Joseph (Straus, Kohnstarain & Co.) r. 716 Tyler 
Bloom Lizzie Miss, machine operator with ,W, & I. 

Steinhart & Co., r. 505 Gough 
Bloom Samuel, tanner, r. 1935 Howard 
Bloom Wolf, tannery, cor Fol and 19th, r. 408 Tyler 
8£?" See also Blum and Blume 
Bloomberg Joseph, saloon, r. 21 Stockton pi 
Bloomenthall Louis, tailor, r. 928 Folsom 
Bloomer J. G., manager W. U. Tel. Co., r. 1534 Clay 
Bloomer Margaret Mrs., r. Linden House 
Bloomer Theodore H., ins. manager with Richard B. 

Irwin & Co., r. 8th av bet L and M, South S. F. 
Bloomfield J. S. Mrs., hairdresser, 910 Powell 
Bloomfield M., messman P. C. S. S. Co. 
Bloomfield Mary G., widow, r. 212 Francisco 
Bloomfield Philip, seaman, r. 415 East 
Bloomingdale Emanuel, mcht, r. 1515 Gough 
Bloomraden & Zemansky (Moses Bloomraden and J. 

H. Zemansky) cigars, 986 Folsom 
Bloomraden Moses (Bloomraden & Zemansky) r. 986 

Bloor Geo. W., compositor Chronicle, r. 222% O'Far- 
Bloor James B., clerk with J. M. Pike & Co., r. 222% 

Bios Joseph A., expressman, r. se. cor Capp and 19th 
Bios Wm. J., harnessmkr with Main & Winchester, r. 

7 Nineteenth 
Blosk Henry, lab Cal. Sugar Ref. 
Blossom H. E., r. 518 Geary 
Blot Louis, waiter with Mme. Lantheaume, r. 333 

Blote Henry F. B., collector Chronicle, r. 1013 Wash 
Blow A. W. (Deane, Blow & Co.) r. Oakland 
Blow Robert, clerk with Deane, Blow & Co., r. Oak- 
Blow W. W. (Deane, Blow & Co.) r. Oakland 
Bloxham Chas., carptr Centennial Mill, r. 136 Perry 
Blucher Geo. (Dunne & Blucher) r. cor Greenwich 

and Fillmore 
Blucher H. A., baker with Schroth & Westerfeld, r. 

228 Kearny 
Blucher Joseph, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Blue Geo., seaman, r. 7 Hodges pi 
Blue Glass Saloon, Thos. Boland propr, 311 Pine 
Blue Line, through freight line from the Atlantic to 

the Pacific, James D. Carson agent, 140 Mont 
Blue Robert, seaman, r. 1210 Larkin, rear 
Bluhm Emma, domestic, 1106 Van Ness av 
Bluhm Wm., master mariner, r. 12 St. Charles pi 
Blurt John, lab, r. McGrath's Hotel 
Bluit Michael, heater Pac. Rolling Mill 
Blum & Co., (Winter, Cal.) mcht, off. 117 Battery 
Blum & Heyneman (Alfred Blum and H. Heyneman) 

imps brandies, wines, etc., 412 Clay 
Blum & Waner (John Blum and Carl Waner) shooting 

gallery, 824 % Sacramento 
Blum Adolph, cigars and tobacco, 7 Merchants' Ex- 
change, r. 1303 Gough 
Blum Alfred (Nichols, Blum & Co. and Blum & 

Heyneman) r. Ill Powell 
Blum August, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Blum Chas., bookpr, r. 1303 Gough 
Blum Chas., cook Premium Restaurant, r. sw. cor 

Tenth and R. R. av, South S. F. 
Blum Fanny, domestic, 801 Sutter 
Blum Fred, teamster, r. Henry bet Castro and Noe 
Blum H,, capitalist, r. 504 Powell 
Blum Harry, jeweler Cal. Jewelry Co., r. Westminster 

Blum Henry, r. 1226 Post 
Blum Henry, bakery, 1813 Powell 
Blum Henry jr., clerk National Clock Co., r. 1813 Pow 
Blum Henry, cook with Hacker Bros., r. 443 Fourth 
Blum Henry, student Pac. Business College 
Blum Isadore, broker, r. 428 Eddy 
Blum Jacob (Blum, Sons & Co. and Blum & Co.) r. 

1528 Sutter 
Blum Jacques, bookpr with Loewe Bros., r. 1117 

Blum J. N. (Hood & Blum) r. 1615 Bush 
Blum John, r. 435 Broadway 


645 MARKET, wesi of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer in 
„...„ ... .,„,..„„ and Mamifacturerofallkinds of Window Shades 
PAPER HANGINGS, and dealer In all kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St.{W„°;^} Established 1862 

Blum Joseph, collector with Ackernian Bros., r. 916 

Blum Leon (J. Schweitzer & Co.) r. 122(1 Post 
Blum Marcus, musician, r. 916 Larkin 
Blum Moses, r. 1303 Gough 
Blum Moses (Vacaville, Cal.) mcht, off. 117 Battery, 

r. 603 Eddy 
Blum Moses jr. (Blum, Sons & Co. and Blum & Co.) 

r. 1528 Stockton 
Blum Naneta Mrs.,r. 916 Larkiu 
Blum Roger, salesman with J. W. Davidson & Co., r . 

129 O'Farrell 
Blum, Sons & Co. (Dixon, Cal.) nichts, off. 117 Bat 
Blum — , r. 613 Broadway 
&F" See also Bloom and Blunie 
Blumberg Fred., clerk with Tideman & Hirsclifeld. 

r. 36 Twelfth 
Blumberg Gustav, seaman, r. 26 Sacramento 
Blumberg J. (J. Blumberg & Co.) r. 21 Stockton pi 
Blumberg J. & Co. (J. Blumberg) saloon, bw. 001 

Bush and Kearny 
Blumberg Julius P., com. mcht. 306 Montgomery, r. 

36 Twelfth 
Blume A. J., clerk, r. 550 Nutoma 
Blunie C, lab Bay Sugar Ref. 
Blume H., bootmkr, 649 Merchant 
Blume Louis, speculator, r. 472 Tehama 
Blum ell L., tailor, r. 1211 Colin 
Blumenberg Israel It., mining, 43S California, rm 1, 

r. 723 Bush 
Blumenburg S. Mrs., unfurnished rooms, 125 San- 
some and 305 Pine 
Blumenberg W. R., r. 723 Bush 
Blumencic Jacob, lab Cal. Sugar Ref., r. Harmouv 

Blumenthal A., mcht. r. 737 McAllister 
Blumenthal Adolph, with J. Blumenthal, r. 332 

Blumenthal Albert (Seeligsohn & Hayes 

Bluineuthal B., propr Chicago Auction House, r. T:;7 

Blumenthal Edward, pedlar, r. 1 Oodman pi 
Blumenthal Emil, jeweler with Louis Miller, r. 260 

Blumenthal Henry, butcher, r. 14 Hampshire 
Blumenthal H. M., whol. groceries and provisions, 

125 Washington, r. 326 Hayes 
Blumenthal Isaac, r. 737 McAllister 
Blumenthal Julius, drygoods, r. 332 Hayes 
Blumenthal Julius, ins. broker. 424 Mont, r. 621 Eddy 
Blumenthal Max (Max Blumenthal & Co.) r. SBushpl 
Blumenthal Max & Co. (Max Blumenthal) clocks, 

watches etc., 719 Clay 
Blumenthal Morris, pedlar, r. 427 Hayes 
Blumenthal Phineas, salesman with B. Blumenthal, 

r. 737 McAllister 
Blumenthal S.. r. 431 Hayes 

Blumgart F., with J. W. Lincoln & Co., r. 940 Folsom 
Blundell H., jeweler Cal. Jewelry Co., r. cor .Mar- 
ket and Fifth 
Blundell Henry, sailmkr with Harding & Brann. r. 

645 Folsom 
Blundell House, Mrs. Blundell propr, 1 Fifth 
Blundell J. AY., sailmkr with Harding & Brann, r. 

645 Folsom 
Blundell Mrs., propr Blundell House, 1 Fifth 
Blunkett Hannah, widow, r. 24 Telegraph pi 
Blunt B. E., asst storekpr Custom House, r. 210 

Blunt & Chapman (Win. Blunt and Henrv Chapman) 

naturalists, 602 California 
Blunt John P., clerk with Einstein Bros. & Co., r 

210 Jones 
Blunt P. U., asst storekpr Custom House, r. 210 

Blunt Wm. (Blunt & Chapman) r. 210 Jones 
Blute Michael, Pac. Rolling Mill, r. ns. Shasta bet 

Illinois and Michigan 
Bluxome & Co. (Isaac Bluxome) coal, ironandmetal. 

323 Front 
Bluxome Isaac (Bluxome & Co.) r. 736 McAllister 
Bluxome Joseph, physician, 306 Stockton 
Bly Henry, foreman machinery Excelsior Mill, r. 

811 Mason 
Bly Leander A., machinist, r. 811 Mason 
Blye Doniinick, lab, r. Arlington nr McGill 

Blymse BenJ., with Hobbs.Pomeroy&Co. 

Blyth Henry, salesman with Starbird As Goldatone, 
r. 251"> Sacramento 

Blythe Edward, waiter P. M. s. 8. Co, 

Blvthe Tims. II.. capitalist. 724' ■ Market, r. Palace 

Blythe Wm. l.. musician, r. 283 Stevenson 

Blywise elms., furniture Anient r B. F. Turn. Facto- 
ry, r. Seventh b< t Howard an 

Blywise M., sawyerS. F. Porn. Factory, r. 
bet Howard and Missi 

Boachen Katie, domi stlc, 919 P( -t 

Boag Hugh, foundryman, r. 18 Welsh. n u 
tin, earj tr, r. 20 Preelon 

Boali ii chris.. lab, r. n.s. San Jose Road nr Ononda- 
ga av 

Boalman G AnconH tel 

Boali John H. (Estee & Boalt) atty-at-law, 410 Mont- 
i. ry, r. Oakland 

Boamaxi driver with AjCkerman I 


Board of Duponl -t OommissionerB, A. J. Bryant 
pres. iiai.i. \v. p. Humphreya, h. B. 

Tiiiln v bbc, off City Hall 

BOARD OK BD1 < LTION, A. 0. Heister pre*, 
!i Clement, Joseph Leggett, Dr. A. a. 
O'Nell, J. P. Sullivan, J. J. Mountain, John w. 
Taylor, John Bermingham, 3 
H. M. Flake, W. a. Phillips and J. A 

I i H\ Hall 

Board of Bngim ere, U. 8 
Board of] i the MedJ 

Cal.) Henry Gibbons jr. M. D.,reoordln( 

M< lit on,, r y 

Board I 31i IB, E. Fla- 

herty, p.. Ordensfa In, C. Pi< Id and a. it. la, John 
.1. lie oretta cli rk, 23 Kearny 

Hoard of Fire Underwrite - i '., Chas. D. Ha- 

vens see. 4 is Call 

Hoard of Health. A. J. Hrvant mayor, ex-offlcio pr< B., 
James Simpson M. I)., H. H. Toland If. D. J. C. 
Bhorb M. l<.. w. <;. Wayman M. !>.. s. p. Ualway 
. off Maj or Hall 

Board of Inspectors of Bt< am Vessels (U.S.) ThoH. R. 
Oraigie clerk, n D. B. Court bldg 

Board ol Marh s. C. Willlstnn aec, 418 Cal 

Hoard of Marine Underwriters, ' . f. Hopld 
418 California 

Board of Pilot Conin bange 

Hoard ol Poit Wardens— Archie Harhe, Chas Wilson, 
Joseph Austin and W r . B. Norman. John P. 
Jour. nu 12 

Board of Regents University of California, I:. K. 0. 
Stearns Bee. 310 line, rms 3 

Hoard of Stafc mmissionere, J. A. McCtel- 

land sec. 10 California 

Ward ; Martin Mangels, 2d Ward; Horace L. Hill, 
3d Ward; E. Danforth, 4th Ward; J. Henley 
Smith. 5th Ward; James O. Bountree, 6th Ward ; 
John W. Farren, 7th Ward; Thos. 8. Acheson, 
8th Ward: A. W. Bcott, 9th Ward • Robt. Haight, 
10th Ward; Fred. A. Gibhs, 11th Ward; Henry 
Brickwedel, 12th Ward. John A. Russell, clerk; 
Sands W. Forman, dep. Chambers 4 City Hall. 

Boardman Geo. C, manager .Etna Fire Ins. I 
California, r. 1750 Franklin 

Boardman John H., salesman with Rebour k Co., 
r. 216 Fair Oaks 

Boardman J. M., r. 613 Mission 

Boardman John M., painter with Wm. Sinon, r. 8H 
Boardman pi 

Boardman Joseph, real estate, r. 3 Boardman pi 

Boardman Peter, seaman, r. 415 East 

Boarman Frank B.. collection clerk First National 
Gold Bank, r. 331 Ellis 

Boarman J. R., com mcht, 206 Front 

Boarman Mary, widow, r. 2318 Howard 

Boas Geo., teamster with N< ethig & Turk, r. Mission 
nr 15th 

Boas Judah, money broker, 436 Mont, r. 1005 Tyler 

Boass I., pedlar, r. 714 Natoma 

Bobet Leon, brassfinisher with Weed & Kingwell, r. 
1904 Ellis 

Bobier John, gardener, r. n.s. 27th bet Sanchez and 



Infallible Yeast Powder. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. { 7 <*£5£2<F&2&&™} Established 1862 

Bobus Mary Mrs., r. 7 Pollard pi 

Boca Brewing Co. (Boca, Cal.) Wm. Hesse supt, 

off 417 Sacramento 
Boccard F., cabinetmkr with Ales. Metral, r. 1015 Fol- 

Boccardo & Cavallo (Luigi Boccardo and Giovanni 

Cavallo) bakery, (528 Broadway 
Boccardo Luigi (Boccardo Cavallo) r. 628 Broadway 
Boch Friedrich, musician, r. 530 Chestnut 
Boch K., widow, variety store, 1407 California 
Bochers A., laborer, Bay Sugar Eef 
Bocieden Pierre, lab, r. Mansell nr Princeton 
Bock Henry, carptr, r. Keystone House 
Bock Henry, gilder, r. 434 Vallejo 
Bock Jacob, tailor with C. C. Hastings & Co., r. 20 

Bock Joseph, bakery, 988 Folsom 
Bock Lizzie, widow, with Cutting Packing Co.,r. 344 

Seventh, rear 
Bocken & Baccala (Henry Bocken and Louis Baccala) 

proprs Sorbier Kestaurant, 540 Commercial 
Bocken Henry (Bocken & Baccala) r. 811 Union, rear 
Bocker Edward, grocer, r. 1622 Stockton 
Bocker John, basket mkr with V. Navlett, r. 637 

Bockman Frederick, lab, California Sugar Bef, r. w.s. 

Ninth nr Brannan 
Bockrnann D. H. (Ahlers & Bockmann) r. 107 Austin 
Bockmann John C., groceries, 535 Fourth 
Bockmann Lizzie, domestic, 303 Tyler 
Bockmann Mary, widow, r. cor Fillmore and Filbert 
Bockmann — , r. 609 Broadway 
Bocqueraz Antoine (Shea, Bocqueraz & McKee) r. 

1108 Bush 
Bodd Fanny, domestic, 1602 Taylor 
Boddon Chas., helper King-st Gasworks, r. 27 Clar- 
ence pi 
Bode Adolph W. (Haskell & Bode) r. 1759 Howard 
Bode Frederick, clerk, r. 35 South Park. 
Bode Geo. C. (Searle & Bode) r. 1260 California 
Bode Henry, clerk with John C. Jakobs, r. sw. cor 

Jackson and Buchanan 
Bode Henry, saloonkpr,jr. 626 Fourth 
Bode Henry C. W., carptr with H. Diercks, r. 905 

Bode Louis, carptr, r. 18 Eleventh 
Bode Wm. H. C, steward, r. 803 Sansome 
Bodecker Louis, musician, r. 402 Green 
Bodecker Minna, widow, r. 402 Green 
Bodecker Wm., musician, r. 1522 Stockton 
Bodecin E., lab, r. 721 Pacific 
Bodefeldt Wm., salesman, r. 317 Bush 
Bodeker Herman, clerk with M. Siedenburg, r. 1301 

Bodell John, r. 446 Minna 
Boden E., lab with Street Supt. 
Boden John F., courtroom clerk Fourth District 

Court, r. 528 Greenwich 
Boden John H. & Co. (John H. Boden and Julius 

Quinchard) Custom House and Int. Rev. brokers 

and frwdg agents, 504 Battery 
Boden John H. (John H. Boden & Co.) r. 930 Filbert 
Boden P. Mrs., r. 705 Greenwich 
Boden — , seaman, r. 5 Broadway 
Boderson Christian, stevedore with R. Fries, r. 32 

Bodesto John, lab, r. 324 Vallejo 
Bodfish Wm. H., atty-at-law, 712 Montgomery 
Bodie G. M. Co. (Mono Co. Cal.) W. H. Lent sec, 53 

Nevada blk 
Bodien Adolph, upholsterer, r. 28 % Langton 
Bodien Ida Miss, r. 28% Langton 
Bodill J. (Frick & Bodill) r. 446 Minna 

Solomon Calderwood propr, 2611 Mission 
Bodkin Sarah Miss, dressmaking, r. 630% Post 
Bodkin Thos., plasterer, r. 119 Shipley 
Bodon John, mate, r. 1405 Mason 
Bodwell Etta M. Miss, teacher Shotwell-st Primary 

School, r. e.s. Bartlett bet 24th and 25th 
Bodwell H. H., mnfr windmills, r. e.s. Bartlett bet 

24th and 25th 
Bodwell John D., carptr, r. 1209% Bush, rear 
Bodwell Lizzie Miss, tailoress, r. 1230 Dupont ' 
Body Wm. W., artist, r. 1028 Market 
Boeckman Geo., r. Hansa Hotel 

Boeckmann Frederick, driver with Von Ronn & 

Hencke Bros., r. 144 Perry 
Boedefeldt Wm.. jeweler, r. 3X7 Bush 
Boeder Lorenz, nightwatchrnan with Eisen Bros..r. 

German Hotel 
Boege Henry, teamster with S. F. Packing and Pro- 
vision Co., r. 3 Friedman pi 
Boegli C. B., upholsterer, 630% Fulton 
Boehen John, driver with T. J. Bass & Co., r. se. cor 

15th and Noe 
Boehm Arthur, goldsmith, r. 27 Oak Grove av 
Boehm Max, clerk with B. Hirschfeld, r. 523 Taylor 
Boehme Fred, musician, r. 430 Green 
Boehn Augusta, widow, r. 1227 Folsom, rear 
Boehne Frederick J., barber with F. W. Miller, r. 9 

Boehringer Fritz J., tanner with Sigmund Kraus, r. 

cor Laura and Valley 
Boehringer Henry, instrumentmkr, r. Harlan pi 
Boell Chas. L., clerk with L. E. Bulkeley, r. Branch 

Boell Edward A., sash and blindmkr with B. & J. S. 

Doe, r. 354 Eleventh 
Boerarn Wm. P., broker, r. 515 Bryant 
BOERICKB <te TAFEL (F. E. Boericke and A. 

J. Tafel) homoeopathic pharmacy, 234 Sutter 
Boricke F. E. (Boericke & Tafel) r. Philadelphia 
BOERICKE WM., manager with Boericke & 

Tafel, 234 Sutter, r. 726 Bush 
Boes John, lab, r. w.s. Nebraska bet Ed Dorado and 

Boes John F. , bookpr with A. Roman & Co., r. 949 

Boes Thos., clerk with A. Roman & Co., r. 949 Folsom 
BOESCH & BERTRAND (Emile Boesch and 

Alexis Bertrand) proprs Pac. Zinc Ornament 

Works, 43 Fremont, off 569 Mission 
BOESCH EMILE (Boesch & Bertrand) and propr 

Pac. Lamp and Reflector Factory, 5rf9 Mission 
Boese B., seaman, r. 137 Townsend 
Boese Hermann, coachman with I. S. Van Winkle, r. 

317 Fulton 
Boese H. J., propr Golden Gate Market, se. cor Davis 

and Clark, r. 714 Broadway 
Boetigger Chris., musician, off 539 California, r. An- 
gel Island 
Boeton Juan, r. 17 Sonora 

Boettcher Paul, clerk with J. Samuels, r. 227 O'Far 
Bofinger Jacob, metal spinner, 10 Stevenson 
Bogan Chas., lab, r. 622 Sixth 
Bogan Chas., com mcht, 409 Davis, r. 1232 Bdway 
Bogan Christopher, lab, r. Delgado pi nr Hyde 
Bogan Nicholas, lab, r. McGrath's Hotel 
Bogan Philip H., longshoreman, r. 50 DeBoom 
Bogan W. F., folder LaGrande Laundry 
Bogardus J. P., editor and propr Figaro and Pacific 

Law Reporter, 532 Merchant, r. n.s. Delgado nr 

Bogardus Wm. H., engineer, r. 538 Folsom 
Bogart A. W., shoemkr with Buckingham &. Hecht, 

r. 520 Oak 
Bogart Edwin V., expressman, 15 Sansome, r. 1023% 

Bogart Joseph, wharf builder, r. 1718 Mission 
Bogart Orlando H., mining sec, 402 Montgomery rm 

1, r. Palace Hotel 
Bogart R. D.. editor Stock Exchange, r. 2423 Cal 
Bogart Wm. F., mining sec, 402 Montgomery, rm 1 
Bogel Chas. H., groceries, se. cor Turk and Franklin 
Bogel Joseph S., boatbuilder with Thos. Vice, r. 

1047% Folsom 
Bogen Wm., bookpr with M. & C. Mangels, r. 622 

SOGER BROS. (Wilhelm and F. Eduard Boger) 

groceries, nw cor. Stockton and Filbert 
Boger F. Eduard (Boger Bros.) r. 1622 Stockton 
Boger Wilhelm (Boger Bros.) r. nw. cor. Stockton 

and Filbert 
Bogert Wm. T., clerk with C. E. Kenyon & Co., r. 

109 Montgomery 
BOGGAN OWEN, groceries and liquors, ne cor. 

Bush and Buchanan 
Bogie Wm., gardener, r. Cemetery av nr Sutter 
Bogle E. A., widow, r. 543 Minna 
Bogle J. S., boatbuilder, r. 1057% Folsom 
Bogle Lawrence, local police, r. 127 Welsh 

M A DOTASVI 9 AHAMC Agents for the Purchase and Sale of OAKLAND REAL 
IVIAnolUlN 06 AUAIVIO ESTATE. Houses to Rent and Rents Collected. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St.{ 

rzZlL'} Established 1862 

Bogle Wm. H., local police, r. Cosmopolitan Hotel 

Bogler Fred., porter with Bachman Bros. 

Bogler Geo. P., shoemkr, 501 Howard 

Bogner B., engraver with Larsen & Wilson, r. 16 

Bogner Chas., tailor, 11 Sutter, r. 143-rt William 
Bogovich John, oyster house, 831 Kearny, r. 408 

Bogue Bernard, lab iEtna Iron Works, r. '20 Willow 
Bogue Hugh, lab with Savage & Son, r. 13 Welsh 
Bohan & Dowde (James A. Bohan and Francis Dowde) 

groceries, se. cor Fourth and Louise 
Bohan James, with John F. Hughes, r. Oakland 
Bohan James A. (Bohan & Dowde) r. se. cor Fourth 

and Louise 
Bohan John, salesman with S. Mosgrove & Co., r. 

511 O'Farrell 
Bohan Katie, domestic, 220 Turk 
Bohan P., teamster with Hancock & Kelso, r. cor 10th 

and Columbia 
Bohan Patrick, groceries, 20 Bausch 
Bohan Patrick, lab, r. 426 Shipley, rear 
Bohan Thos. lab, r. M bet 22d and 23d 
Bohan Wm., r. 214 Tehama 
Bohanan Anne, widow, r. 921 }£ Howard 
Bohannan John E., printer, r. Apollo House 
Bohemian Club, Henry Edwards pres., Stuart M. 

Taylor sec, 430 Pine 
Bohen Benj. F., detective police, r. 416 Van Ness av 
Bohen Geo. T., surveyor Union Ins. Co. and pres. 

Odd Fellows' Cemetery Assii, r. 617 Pine 
Bohen James, coachman with L. B. Mastiek, r. 512 

Bohen James T., salesman with H. S. Crock' l 

r. 617 Pine 
Bohen John, coachman, r, 2412 Howard 
Bohen Patrick, local police, r, 110 Bora 
Bohle J. E., baker P. M. S. S. Co. 
Bohlen Henry, clerk with Wm. Merz, r. 433 Butter 
Bohler H., carptr, r. 317 Bush 
Bohli Wm., seaman, r. 445 Fifth 

Bohling Cord, clerk with Becker Bros., r. 420 Larkin 
Bohling Louis, with Diedrich Bohrs, r. bw. oor Olaj 

and Mason 
BOHLEEN J. M., groceries, s\v. cor 16th and 

Bohlm Wm., cabinetmkr with Haskell & Bode 
Bohlmann Ehler, clerk with H. Ebbinhausen & ('".. 

r. nw. cor 21st and Mission 
Bohlman Herman, clerk withH. Ebbinghausen, r. s.e. 

cor. Third and Howard 
Bohlmann Louis, locksmith Pioneer Iron Works, r. 

624 Pacific 
Bohls J. Henry (V. Baunigartner & Bohls) r. 612 Minna 
Bohm Chas., cook, New Wisconsin Hotel 
Bohm John, tanner, r. Harmony Hotel 
Bohm John A., porter with Greenebaum Bros. r. 27 

Bohm Nicholas, tanner, r. Harmony Hotel 
Bohm Solomon H., stockbroker, r. 143 Third 
Bohm Wm., mnfg jeweler, 616 Merchant, r. 1410 Leav 
Bohmier Jacob, saloon, 1042 Howard 
Bonn Daniel, laundryman Hammam Baths, r. 7 Van- 

Bohn John, printer with G. K. Hilton, r. 429 Stev 
Bohn John, stoves and tinware, 112 Seventh 
Bohn John jr., tinner and plumber with John Bohn, 

r. 112 Seventh 
Bohn Mary Ann, widow, r. 7 Vandewater 
Bohn Patrick, shoemkr with Einstein Bros. & Co., r. 

426 Shipley 
Bohrmann Hermann (Henry Hagen & Co.) r. 90S 

Boice Chas. DeS., collector and solicitor Fireman's 

Fund Insurance Company, r. Oakland 
Boice Harriet L.. widow, r. 157 Seventh 
Boid Frank, pilot, r. 222 Tyler 
Boido Domenico, shoe store und money broker, 1304 

Boie Geo., packer with Horace Davis & Co., r. 12 Louise 
Boinelier E., bookpr, r. 327 Montgomery av 
Boise John, fireman Bay Sugar Ref., r. 9 Maria 
Boisse Eugene, barber, 526 Commercial r. 1706 Stock 
Boisseau & Son (Jean and Jean Emile Boisseau) mnfrs 

boots and shoes, 324 Dupont 
Boisseau Jean, (Boisseau & Son) r. 1 Chelsea pi 

Boisseau Jean Emile (Boisseau & Son) r. 1 Ok 1st 1 )>1 

Boisselier Edward, accountant, r. s.w. cor. Mont- 
gomery av and Vallejo 

Boissen Frank, master schr Arthur 

Boissevain Louis D., clerk Bank of British North 
America, r. 229 Geary 

Boisson & Pichon ( Francis Boisson and Pierre 
Pichon) game and poultry, 16-19 8. F. Market 

Boisson Francis (Boisson A: Pichon) r. Oakland 

Boitano Frank, lab with Anton Badaracco, r. 13 Un- 
ion pi 

Boitano Giovanni, bootblack and laundry off, 514 

Boitano Joseph, bloot black, 535 Clay, r. 5 St. Charles pi 

Boitard — , r. 613 Broadway 

Boivin A, steward Commercial Hotel 

Bokee D. M, clerk with Tax Collector, r. 2008 Pierce 

Bokmaun Harry, r. i."7 Stevenson 

Bolado Joaquin, real estate, 636 Clay, r. 626 Butter 

Bolau Geo., architect, r. 30 O'Farrell 

Bolan Hannah, Iaundn as Golden Eagle Hotel 

Bolan James, lab, r. 717 Lombard • 

Bolau John, storekjir American Exchange Hotel 

Bolan Lawrence, hostler wiih s. Qamble, r. jo Mary 

Bolau Michael, capitalist, r. 2012 Larkin 

Bolan M. ■!.. phj slcian, 402 II 

Boland Bridget, widow, r. I09j<j Shipley 

Boland Edward, with Bluxome A: Co., r. 109 Shipley 

Boland J. M. a. Bliss, teacher spring Valley Gram- 
mar School, r. Hi 1 .' Shipley 

Boland John, real estate, r. 819 Tyler 

Boland Michael C, harm ismkrwlth J. O'Kane, r. 564 
Tweuti. th 

Boland Patrick, salesman with Keane, O'Connor h 
Co., r. 414 Eddy 

Boland Bichard, sallmkr with C. C. Funk, r. 109 


Boland Robert .1. i Donni cliff k Boland) r. •.» Harriet 
Boland Thos., propr Blue Glass Saloon, 311 Pine, r. 

Boland Wm. H.. bookpr, r. Isthmus House 

Bolander C. Mr6., r. 788 M:;r et 

Bolander Henry jr.. storekpr P. M. S. S. Co. 

Bolander Henry N . r. 2616 Folsom 

Bolander Louis H., carptr Public School Dept., r. 

2616 Folsom 
Bolander L. P.. dork. r. 2616 Folsom 
Bolber A., driver < Itj i; K.. r. 1831 Mi 
Bold Valentine, bookpr with Geo. Ebert & Co., r. 5 

fi ctioner with D. Hirschfeld & 
Co.. r. 2624 Sutter 
Boldemann Adolph, carptr, r. 2624 Sutter 
Boldemann C, salesman with J». Hirschfeld fc Co., 

r. 2624 Sutter 
Bolden Richard, messenger 1". S. Chief Com. Sub- 
sistence, r. 106 Stockton 
Boldorare Guoin, waiter with M. Oressagllo, r. 15 

Boldt Fritz, master mariner, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Bole A. C, bookpr with Forbes Bros., r. 310 Fourth 
Bole Henrietta, fancy goods, 310 Fourth 
Bole John, stableman with Wm. Kerr, r. 911 Battery, 

Bolen John, coalpasser P. M. S. S. Co, 
Boler Henry, locksmith. 44 Jessie 
Boley Patrick, stevedore, r. 217 ?<j Clara 
Boley Susan Mrs., furnished rooms, 675 Mission 
Bolger Annie, widow, boarding, se. cor Sixth and 

Bolger Edward, morrocco dresser, r. 1419 Folsom 
Bolger John, boliermkr, r. 260 Clementina 
Bolger John, r. 446 Clementina 
Bolg-r John, plasterer, r. 819'i Dolores 
Bolger Miles, r. se. cor Sixth and Brannan 
Bolger Soloman, drayman, r. 22 Folsom av 
Bolger Thos., bookpr with McNaUy & Hawkins, r. 

Fell nr Devisadero 
Boliuger Wm. A., mining, off. 434 ;Montgomery 
Boliver — , r. 614 Kearny 
Bolk H.. farmer, r. German Hotel 
Boll Geo., clerk asst Adjutant-General, r. 433 Shipley 
Bollack Max, clerk with L. Goldsmith & Co., Port- 
land, O., off, 108 Sansome, r. 517 Franklin 
Bollding Chas., bricklayer, r. 1 Reed pi 
Bolle Henrv, wine grower, r. 2719 Folsom, rear 

is the greatest Kidney and Bladder Remedy in the World. 
Druggists keep it. Price $1.25 per bottle. 


C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

(706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716") 

Bollenhagen Henry, bartdr with S. P. Collins, r. 

Jones nr Pacific 
Boiler Fred. J., butcher 1220 Dupont, r. 430 Green- 
Bolles Fred., master mariner, O. S. S. 'Co., r. 702 

Bollier Joseph, glassblower S. F. and Pacific Glass 

Works, r. 12 Welsh 
Bollin Philip, porter Tivoli Garden, r. 512 Bush 
Bollinger F. & Co. (Francis Bollinger and J. C. Bar- 
ron) barbers, 115 Jg Jackson 
Bollinger Francis (F. Bollinger & Co.) r. 14 Salmon 
Bollinger J. C. & Co. (J. C. Bollinger and D. F. Le 

Gaye) collectors and gen. agents, 610 Merchant 
Bollinger J. C. (J. C. Bollinger & Co.) r. Oakland 
Bollinger M. S., broker, r. Gardner House 
Bollinger Nicholas, butcher with C. H. Aitkin, r. 

322 Broadway 
Bollinger Peter, r. 1113 % Kearny 
Bollinger Win., r. 607% Natonia 
Bollman Geo., clerk with John Bollman & Co.. r. 

1215 Clay 
BollmaD John (John Bollman & Co.) r. 1215 Clay 
BOLLMAN JOHN & CO. (John Bollman) m'nfrs 

Bussian cigaritos, 409 Washington 
Bolloc Max, bookpr, r. 517 Franklin 
Bolls Valentine, butcher with M. Selig, r. First 

Avenue Hotel, South S. F. 
Bolmar Albert, cook schr Emile Fransen 
Bolognesi Raffaello, marble statuary, 337 Kearny, r. 

cor Green and Dupont 
Bolshaw Wm. J., clerk Cliff House 
Bolster Thos., teamster Empire Brewery, r. 846 How 
BOLSTER THOS., handball and racket court, 

846 Howard 
BOLTE PETER, saloon and restaurant, ne. cor 

Chestnut and Montgomery, r. 428 Chestnut 
Bolte Wm. L., salesman with Sol. Wangenheim & 

Co., r. 923 Washington 
Bolten Adolph, capitalist, r. Lick House 
Bolten C. E., plumber, 3005 Mission, r. ne. cor Bart- 

lett and 25th 
Bolten Wm., clerk with Geo. Sammy, r. ne. cor Ty- 
ler and Larkin 
Boltman Albert, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Bolton Ellen, widow, r. ne. cor 15th and Dolores 
Bolton James R. , capitalist, 618 Merchant, r. 2201 

Bolton John H., cashier with Miller & Lux, r. 621 

Bolton John S., lab, r. 931 Folsom 
Bolton Olive, widow, r. 47 % Clara 
Bolton Thos., dentist, 120 Fourth 
Bolts John F. (Reichers & Bolts) r. 9 Park av 
Boltz Albert R., waiter with H. Hoesch, r. 523 Na- 
Bolz Louis, cooper with H. Lang, r. Cambrian House 
Boman Antone, milker with Wm. Schlothan, r. w.s. 

Minnesota bet Napa and Sierra 
Boman Chas. E., carptr and builder, 13 Stockton, r. 

Flint Tract Homestead 
Boman Jerry, barber, r. 45 Second 
Bomaster Henry, hostler S. F. Laundry Assn, r. nw. 

cor Turk and Fillmore 
Bomeisler Herman, upholsterer, 1244 Mission 
Bon Gusto Restaurant, Antonio Bonzi and Agustino 

Colonna proprs, 235 Montgomery av 
Bona A., widow, r. 1432 Geary 
Bonacina A., woodcarver, r. 1524 Dupont 
Bonacina Joseph M., foreman and designer with L. 

& E. Emanuel, r. se. cor Solano and Indiana 

torph proprs, 867-869 Market 
Bonanza S. M. Co., Wm. F. Bogart sec, 402 Montgom- 
ery, rm 1 
BOND & BRYAN (James Bond and Archie C. 

Bryan) carptrs and builders, 438 Broadway 
Bond Annie, domestic, 423 Fulton 
Bond Francis L. Miss, adjuster Mint, r. 22 Russ 
Bond Henry H., barber, cor 11th and R. R.avs, r. 

R. R. av bet 11th and 12th avs, South S. F. 
Bond James (Bond & Bryan) r. 438 Broadway 
Bond James, clerk with N. J. Bailey, r. 518 Bryant 
Bond John, hostler with A. J. Pope, r. 3 Guy pi 
Bond Thos., teamster, r. R. R. av bet 11th aud 12th 
avs, South S. F. 

Bondaz Paul, r. 425 Filbert 

Bondell Peter, chicken ranch, r. 10th av nr R R av 

South S. F. 
Bondelson James, butcher Grand Hotel 
Bondolfi Peter, r. 5 Margaret pi 
Bondu A., clerk with John W. Rule, r. 710 Folsom 
Bone John, seaman, r. 104 Steuart 
Bone Thos., lab, r. Broadway Hotel 
Bone Wm. H., delivery clerk C. P. R. R. freight 

warehouse, nw. Fifth and King 
Bone Works, N. Ohlandt & Co., proprs, second long 

Bridge, Potrero 
Bonebeck Luis, seaman, r. 206 Steuart 
Bonecina Angelo, carver with A Frei, r. 1524Dupont 
Bonefield S., master mariner, off. 305 East 
Bonelli Angelo, pianofortemkr with Henime & Lone. 

r. 727 Grove 
Boner A. Miss, lashmkr with Main & Winchester, r. 

423 Broadway, rear 
Boner Eliza Mrs., r. 423 Broadway, rear 
Bones J. W., architect, 603 Washington, r. Alameda 
Bonesteel J. A., assistant check clerk The Nevada 

Bank, r. 810 Leavenworth 
Bonestell ChesleyK., clerk with Stetson & Houghton, 

r. 512 Stockton 
Bonestell John T. (Levison Bros.) r. 606 Sutter 
Bonestell L. H., manager with John G. Hodge & Co., 

r. 512 Stockton 
Bonetti A., saloon, 304% Montgomery av, r. 502 

Bonet Laurence, r. 432 Vallejo 
Bonetti B., watchmkr, r. 604 Vallejo 
Bonetti Chas., lab, r. 14 Union pi 
Bongard Thos., seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Bonglet Edward, propr Hayes Park Laundry, r. 525 

Bonhani G. D., carptr, r. 636 Comercial 
Bonis Peter, veterinary surgeon, r. 214 Stevenson 
Bonissent G., widow, saloon, 458 Sixth 
Bonn Ernst, lab Cal. Sugar Ref., r. nw. cor Eighth 

and Bryant 
Bonn Henry, bookkpr, r. 210 Ellis 
Bonna Robert, singer, r. 202 Hyde 
Bonnard & Daly (F. A. Bonnard and B. H. Daly) 

printers, 609 Merchant 
Bonnard A. E. Miss, teacher Spring Valley Grammer 

School, r. 600 Bush 
Bonnard F. A. (Bonnard & Daly) r. 1409 Jackson 
Bonnard M. Miss, teacher Spring Valley Grammer 

School, r. 600 Bush 
Bonnefond A., dishwasher Cosmopolitan Restaurant 
Bonnefond Gustave, bkpr French Mutual Ben. 

Society, r. 280 Minna 
Bonnell Edwin, note clerk Savings and Loan So- 
ciety, r. 1709 Gough 
Bonnell Henry, r. 1527 Clay 
Bonnell John, traveling agent, r. sw. cor. Vicksburg 

and 22d 
Bonnell Kate Miss, teacher Valencia-st Grammar 

School, r. 1527 Clay 
Bonner Edward L., mcht, r. 2511 Clay 
Bonner Eugene (Lamar & Johnson) atty-at-law, r. 

Occidental Hotel 
Bonner Henry, blacksmith, r. ws. San Bruno Road 

and Islais Creek 
Bonner John, lab, r. 104 Steuart 
Bonner Wm., clerk with J. J. Stevenson & Co., r. 

307 O.Farrell 
Bonner Wm., fireman S. P. R. R.,r. HumboldtHotel 
Bonnet Barbara, widow, r. 810 Union 
Bonnet Laurent, lab with G. Venard, r. Vallejo bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Bonnet Leontine Mme, ladies hair dresser and 

dealer human hair, 27 Post 
Bonnet Paul, hair dealer, 27 Post 
Bonnet Robert, street contractor, 402 Montgom- 
ery, rm 6, r. cor 15th and Sharon 
Bonnette Katherina, domestic, 621 Leavenworth 
Bonney Chas. S., wood turner Main-st Mill, r. 81 

Bonney John F., engraver with Weyl Bros., r. 105 

Bonney Olpha, mnf , r. 525 Twenty-second 
Bonney O. jr., wood worker, 221 Mission 
Bonney — Mrs., r. Linden House 
Bonnia Olcide, miner, r. 721 Pacific 


645 MARKET, west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer Id 
ma nm ■• « >./.iune and Manufacturer of all kinds of Window Shade* 
PAPER HANGINGS, and dealer inallkinds of Shade Materials- 

). P, Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%££?} Established 1862 

Bonnifield James T., lumber stevedore, r. Oakland 

Bonnifield J. P., stevedore with Starbird & Gold- 
stone, r. Oakland 

Bonnifield J. S., stevedore with Starbird & Gold- 
stone, r. 768 Howard 

Bonnifield S., master schr Jessie Nickerson, r. 
516 Fell 

Bonnovilley David, hay and grain incht, r. 169 

Bonney George (George C. Shreve & Co.) r. Occi- 
dental Hotel 

Bontempi G., clerk with Collins, Wheaton & Luhrs, 
r. 205 Union 

Bonton Albert, with Union Iron Works, r. Oakland 

Bonville & Reaume (S. Bonville and A. Keaume) 
saloon, 711 M Howard 

Bonville S. (Bonville & Keaume and Bonville & 
Poirier) r. 159 Silver 

Bony Joseph, housemover, r. 554 y> Natoma 

Bonyfield S., r. 768 Howard 

Bonynge C. W., stockbroker, 402 Montgomery, rm 4 

Bonzi & Colonna (Antonio Bonzi and Agustino Col- 
onna) restaurant, 235 Montgomery av 

Bonzi Antonio (Bonzi & Colonna) 235 Montgomery av 

BOOBAR E. C, pile driver and wharf builder, 
14 Howard, r. 554 Folsom 

Boobar James G., with E. C. Boobar, r. 554 Folsom 

Boodar Thomas, lauudryman, r. 420 Sixth 

BoodyFred.F., cutterwithS.R. Rhodes, r. 34 White pi 

Booen John, lab, r. 53 Stevenson 

Booen Timothy, pedlar, r. 68 Stevenson 

Boohand John, coachman, r. 2243 Mission, rear 

Book Binders Assn, 539 California 

Book Henry, machinist, r. German Hotel 

Booker Geo. E., collector S. V. Waterworks, r. Oakland 

BOOKER W. LANE, H. B. M. Consul and ins. 
agent and atty, 319 California, r. Union Club 

Bookstaver Chas. Henry, butcher, r. 1405 Washington 

Bookstaver Mary J., widow, r. 1405 Washington 

Bookstaver Walter H., conductor Berry-st R. B., r. 
1317 Jackson 

Bool Nelson, tailor, r. 110 William, rear 

Boole & Webster (Geo. Boole and Artemus Webster) 
shipwrights, calkers and sparmkrs, 11 Spear 

Boole Frank A., cashier with Flint, Peabody k. Co., 
r. 712 Capp 

Boole Fred. W., clerk Humboldt S. S. Line.r. 712 Capp 

Boole Geo., with Barker & Snow, r. 712 Capp 

Boole Geo. (Boole & Webster) r. 712 Capp 

Boole Geo. jr., clerk with P. B. Cornwall, r. 712 Capp 

Boole L. L., furniture, r. 547 Jessie 

Boole Wm. A. (A. P. Patrick & Co. and Middlemas & 
Boole), r. 312 Fair Oaks 

Boomershine Jonathan, lab. r. 4 Sumner 

BOOMHOWER F. A. MRS., patterncutting, 
1112 Market, r. 10 Howard Court 

Boon Andrew, bartdr with J. J. Scarborough, r. 1 

BOON P. MRS., 519 % Dupont 

Boon Chas. H., barber with J. Kiefer, r. ne. cor How- 
ard and Fifth 

Boone Harvey, housemover, r. 116 Fell 

Boone John L. (Dewey & Co) and atty-at-law, ne. cor 
Pine and Sansome, r. 1018 Twenty-first 

Boos Henry, porter with Barrett & Sherwood, r. 18 

Boos Henry, cooper, r. 522 Filbert 

Boose Robert, waiter Palace Hotel, r. 24 Everett 

Boot Robert, tanner, r. se. cor Serpentine av and 

Booth & Millmeister (Thomas H. Booth and Henry 
F. Millmeister) grist mills, 19 Stevenson 

Booth & Co. (Sacramento) off nw. cor Clay and 

Booth Andrew G. (Gunnison & Booth) r. 2010 Mis- 
Booth C, coalpasser P. C. S. S. Co 
Booth Chas S., machinist Union iron Works, r. 11 

Booth David, carrier Evening Post, r. 11 Tehama 
Booth David C, r. Masonic Temple 
Booth Ella N., teacher Tehama Primary School, r. 

512 Shotwell 
Booth Geo., r. 704 Front 

Booth George H., confectioner with Frank Dexter, 
r. 2107 Bush 

Booth G. M Co. (Placer Co. Cal.) Geo. R. Spinney 
sec, 310 Pine, rm 44 

Booth H. J., prop Marysville Foundry, off. 419 Cali- 
fornia, rm. 12. r. Palace Hotel 

Booth John, seaman, r. cor Courtlaud avand Schuy- 

Booth John, shampooer Hammam Baths, r. 11-13 

Booth Lucius A., capitalist and mining, 402 Front, 
rm. 6, r. Piedmont 

Booth Newton (W. W. Dodge & Co.) and U. S. Sen- 
ator, r. Bacramento 

Booth Robert, r. 649 Howard 

Booth Samuel, coiners dept Mint, r. 619 Shotwell 

Booth Sydney, imp Eastern oysters and agent A. 
Booth & Co., Chicago, 402 Front, rm. B, r, 2107 

Booth Thos. H. (Booth & Millmeister) r. 640 Howard 

Booth Win., real estate, r. 7 Moulton pi 

Boothby Adolph F., groo rles, ne. cor Francisco and 

Boothby August, expressman, cor Powell and : 

Fillmore m 

August c, apprentice with w. T. Garratt, r. 

Fillmore bet Halghl and Page 
Boothby B. F., driver City B. it., r. 227 Fifteenth 
Boothby David M., Bhlrtoutter Standard Shirt Fac- 
tory, r. 7 ( I'Farrell 
Boothby Wm.. watchmkr, r. 7 O'F'irrell 
Boothby Win. T.. carrier FoOtlight, r. 7 O'Fam 11 
BootheWm.H..bookpr with J. M. Barmy and mining 

bi d, MM 1 lalifornla, r. Palaoe Hotel 
Boothroid — . r. 527 Birch 
Bootz Adam, r. ins 1 ,. FranolBCO 
Bootz Adam J., canvass, r. r. 1083$ Francisco 
Bootz Henry, plumber, r. 408 H Frani I 
Bootz Hotel, Adam Haekmek-r propr, 435 Pine 
Booz — , widow, r. 949 Folsom 
Borax and Metallurgical Refinery, E. K. Stevenot 

propr, 117 chestnut 
Borbeck John, cigars and tobacco, 503 Pacific 
Borchardt Bernhard, with Ackerman Bros., r. :wU- 

Borchardt Herman, stock clerk with Ackerman Bros., 

r. 31 Langton 
Borchelt Geo.*F., boxmkr Pac. Box Factory, r. 1209 

Borchelt John, carptr. r. 1209 Green 
Borchelt UTartin, boxmkr Pac. Box Factory, r. 1209 

Borchor Philip, butcher with F. Breiling 
Borcher Thos., bookpr, r. 550 Third 
Borchers August, with Bay Sugar Ref ., r. 2211 Powell 
Borchers Henry, cook with Hans W. Bruhns. r. se. cor 

Battery and Filbert 
Borchers J. C, baunscheidtist, 31 Eddy 
Borchers Mary, widow T , r. 915 Twenty-third 
Borchers Theo. W., porter with Frank Dallemand & 

Co., r. 334 Tenth, rear 
Borchers Wm., master schr Gaslight, r. Rincon crt 
Borchert W. Mrs., bakery, 26 Dupont 
Borchert Wm., musician, r. 322 O'Farrell 
Borchert Wm., teacher music, r. 51 Fifth 
Bordage J., bottler, r. 1413 Dupont' 
Borde Frederick, lab, r. 1616 Powell 
Borden Henry, patternmkr. r. 613 Howard 
Borden Jacob, carptr, r. 307 Minna 
Borden John, drayman, r. 2 y> Liberty 
Borden John, glasscutter with Thos. O'Neil, r. 911 

Borden John F., teamster, r. 1123 Bryant 
Borden Michael, helper Risdon Iron Works, r. 911 

Bordenave John (Chapot & Bordenave) r. cor 5th 

av and M, South S. F. 
Bordenave Peter, baker, 636 Pacific 
Borderes Delphin, coaohman, ne. cor Van Ness av 

and Post 
Bordes & Lassalle (J. L. Bordes and J. Lassalle) 

proprs Lafayette Hotel, 711 Commercial 
Bordes J. L. (Bordes «fe Lassalle) r. 711 Commercial 
Bordes Marie, ironer with Emile Quenell, r. 1209 Tyler 
Bordner J., carptr, 307 Minna 
Bordol B., carptr, r. 19 'V Rausch, rear 
Bordt & Ahrens (Henry Bordt and Jacob Ahrens) 

groceries, 1011 Harrison 

EPIIITTADH £, rC\ 405 and 407 SANSOME ST., sole Manufacturers of the 
• UUI I I MRU 06 \j\J,. Patented Cafe des Gourmands. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

P706, 708, 710, 71S, 714 and 716 1 

Established 1862 

Bordt Henry (Bordt & Ahrens) r. 1011 Harrison 
Bordt John, clerk with Vollnier & Bro., r. 123 Sacra- 
Bordwell Albert B., r. 103 Twenty -fourth 
Bordwell Geo., architect and supt, 515 California, r. 

103 Twenty-fourth 
Bordwell Geo. A., architect, 120 Sutter, r. 105 

Bordwell Henry W. (Bordwell, Malter & land) r. 109 

Bordwell, Malter & Lind (Henry W. Bordwell, Geo. 

H. Malter and Charles Bind) mill contractors, 

419 California, rms 10-12 
Bordwell Walter T., draughtsman with Geo. Bord- 
well, r. 103 Twenty -fourth 
Boredt Henry, r. 21 Fulton 

Borel Alfred & Co. (Antoine and Alfred Borel) bank- 
ers, 601 Montgomery 
Borel Alfred (Alfred Borel & Co.) r. Switzerland 
Borel Antoine (Alfred Borel & Co.) and Vice-Consul 

for Switzerland, nw. cor Clay and Montgomery, 

r. 929 Pine 
Borel Florentin, saloon, 637 Pacific 
Borel Joseph, iab with G. Venard, r. Vallejo bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Borella Angelo, bottles, etc., sw cor. Broadway and 

Kearny, r. 531 Vallejo 
Borella E., clerk with A. Borella, r. 531 Vallejo 
Borello Chas., carptr, r. New Atlantic Hotel 
Boreman F., tailor, r. Hansa Hotel 
Borer James, blacksmith Risdon Iron Works, r. n.s. 

Clipper bet Dolores and Church 
Borgeman Herman, foreman painter W. D. Co. 
Borger Louis, groceries, sw cor. Bryant and Bitch 
Borger Louis, expressman, r. 515 Bryant 
Borgerchug Henry, paper boxmkr with Wempe 

Bros., r. 119 Oak 
Borgeson E. A., seaman, r. 415 East 
Borggren Wm., tailor, r. Golden crt 
Borghgren Neilson, tailor, r. 120633 Howard, rear 
Borgstrom Gustave M., tailor, r. 122 Montgomery av 
Borgstrom Jenny Mrs., millinery, 122 Mont, av 
Borgstrom Minnie Miss, millinery, 311 Mont, av 
Borgue P., seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Borgward Herman, barber with Knoechel & Brand, 

r. Broadway nr Powell 
Borie Jules, hollow brickmkr, rs 121 Oak 
Borini G., r. Caroline pi bet Pacific and Jackson 
Boris Lambert, clothing, 1127 Dupont 
Borker Frederick, mate P. C. S. S. Co. r. 54 Sac 
Borkheim Henry, tailor, 532 % Polk 
Borkman Albert, barber with Bleily & Schultz, r. 

802 Stockton 
Borland M. Mrs., r. 670 Twentieth 
Borland S. H. Mrs., dressmkr, 16 Mason 
Borle Gustavus G., carptr, r. 545 Jessie 
Borle Lewis (Connelly & Borle) r. 547 Jessie 
Borm Ernst, lab Cal. Sugar Kef., r. nw cor Eighth 

and Bryant 
Bormann Henry (Bruns & Co.) r. nw. cor Main and 

Born Chas., barber, 417 Post 
Born Philip, collector, r. 1239 Folsom 
Born Susie Mrs., dressmkr, 2021 Mission 
Born Frederick, wood turner, r. 2021 Mission 
Borneman Francis G., cashier U. S. Treasurer's off, 

r. 235 Thirteenth 
Borneman Julia, widow, r. 235 Thirteenth 
Bornheimer Francis, tailor, r. se. cor Page and Web- 
Bornhost Herman (Lessman & Bornhorst) r. 1065 

Bornia Luigi, organ grinder, r. 328 Third 
Bornstein Bros. (Julius and Max Bornstein) gents 

furnishing goods and clothing, 822-844 Market 
Bornstein Fanny, widow, r. 821 Post 
Bornstein Julius (Bornstein Bros.) r. 1643 % Mission 
Bornstein Max (Bornstein Bros.) r. 408 Gough 
Bornstein Morris, salesman with Bornstein Bros., r. 

408 Gough 
Bornstein Philipine, widow, r. 408 Gough 
Borowsky Michael, saloon, 514 Hayes, r. 718 Octavia 
Borradaile Geo., salesman with Spruance, Stanley & 

Co., r. 111% Leavenworth 
Borrell Peter, porter with E. Guittard & Co., r. 638 


Borrella Angelo, seaman, r. 531 Vallejo 

Borremans Chas., drygoods, 1113 Stockton 

Borrernans Edward, engraver with Hubash & Hirsch- 
man, r. 1113 Stockton 

Borren Kormon, furniture dealer (Seattle, Washing- 
ton Territory) r. 26 Clementina 

BOERMANJOHNC, groceries, nw. oor How- 
ard and Eighth 

Borrmann W. G., agent Cal. Cracker Co., r. 16th nr 

Borroa Jesus, groceries and restaurant, 1336 Dupont 

Borromeo Augustino, shoemkr, 317 Pacific 

Borsch Bridget, widow, r. Miller pi 

Borst A., widow, r. 1032 Mission 

Borstel Henry, master mariner, r. North Pacific 

Bortfeld E. H. C, billiard tablemkr with J. G. H. 
Meyer, r. 213 Seventh 

Bortholome John, propr Bay Exchange, 1017 Battery 

Borthwick Chas., bookpr Pac. Saw Mnfg. Co., r. 1213 

Bortley James, r. 163 Jessie 

Borton A. E., boatbuilder, r. sw. cor Kentucky and 

BORTON REUBEN, boarding and lodging, sw. 
cor Kentucky and Butte 

Boruck Marcus D., editor Cal. Spirit of the Times 
and Underwriter's Journal, 621 Sansome, r. 714 

Boruck's Illustrated Pacific Coast Guide and Western 
Tourist, M. D. Boruck editor and propr, 621 San- 
some, rms 17-18 

Boscacci O., saloon, 1508% Powell 

Boschen Nicholas, groceries, ne. cor Fifth and Minna 

Bose August, clerk with Chas. W. Pick, r. 1012 Po- 
trero av 

Bose August, with Wahmuth & Co., r. 514 Grove 

Bose B., clerk with Shirek & Co., r. 51 Townsend 

Bose Chas. M., groceries, se. cor Ellis and Fillmore 

Bose Frederick, groceries, 731 Brannan 

Bose Henry, lab Cal. Sugar Ref., r. 505 Eighth 

Bose John H., lab Cal. Sugar Ref., r. 505 Eighth 

Bose Martin, stock cutter with Buckingham & Hecht, 
r. Nebraska bet 16th and El Dorado 

Bosivan Louis, r. 216 Powell 

Bosley — , r. 614 Kearny 

Bosnioff Chas., r. 614 Kearny 

Bosqfc Bretonnel (R.Bosq and J. V. Bretonnel) lapi- 
daries, 328 Bush 

Bosq & Co. (Rornain Bosq and John Schneider) sa- 
loon, 417 Bush 

Bosq Elizabeth, laundry, r. 1023% Sutter, rear 

Bosq Romain (Bosq & Co. and Bosq & Bretonnel) r. 
1023% Sutter 

Bosq Silvia, laundryman, r. 428 Vallejo 

Bosquet Andrew, porter with A. P. Hotaling & Co., 
r. 11% John 

BOSQUI EDWARD & CO. (Edward Bosqui) 
printers, bookbinders, blank book mnfrs and 
chromo-lithographers, se. cor Clay and Leidesdorff 

Bosqui Edward (Edward Bosqui & Co.) r. 814 Lom- 

Boss Frederick, locksmith Pioneer Iron Works, r. 16% 

Boss Henry, cabinetmkr, r. 16% Garden 

Bossadori Maurice, dairyman, San Bruno Road nr 

Bossadori Rafael, dairyman, nr. San Bruno Road nr 

Bossazo Chas., sausagemkr, r. 1326 Dupont 

Bosse Louis, clerk with Meyer Bros., r. 248 Fremont 

Bossi Felix, sculptor, r. Roma Hotel 

Bossi Frank, stonecutter, r. Roma Hotel 

Bossi G., sculptor, r. Roma Hotel 

Bossi Louis, fruits, ne. cor Clay and Powell 

Bossin Clement, laundry, 1056 Howard 

Bossisio Chas., sausagemkr, r. 11 Union pi 

Bossley — , r. 308 Sutter 

Bossowich Nichol, fruits, 802 Webster 

Bostick A. H., cashier IXL Auction House, r. 637 

Bostick Horace M., clerk with G. I. Ives, r. sw. cor 
Market and Third 

Bostin John, painter, r. 239 Stevenson 

Boston Board of Underwriters, J. S. Bacon agent, 
318,California, rm 4 

A A l/l AMH DDADFPTV for Sale by IWARSTQN & ADAMS, Real Estate Agents, 
UAlXLAINU rHUrLn I I cor. 7th and Washington Sts., Oakland. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

840 Market St. {^ri.*. } 

Established 1862 




Boston Cinnabar M. Co. (Trinity Co. Cal.) Chas. 

Allenberg sec, 438 California 
Boston Co. (Dea Chin & Co.) Chinese cigar mnfrs, 

1016 Stockton 
Boston Cracker Bakery, J. H, Clark propr, 704 San 
Boston Exchange Stable, D. McCarthy propr, 821-823 

Boston Underwriters' Ins. Co., Potter, Jacobs & 

Easton agents, 21(i Sansome 
Boston Wm. A., receiving teller Savings and Loan 

Society, r. 20 Erie 
Boston — , widow, r. 8 Welsh 
Bostwick Cornelia Mrs., boarding, 32 Ellis 
Bostwick John H., farmer, r. 1254 California 
Boswell S. B. & Co. (S. B. Boswell and D. C. Bates) 

stockbrokers, 318 California 
Boswell Solomon B. (S. B. Boswell & Co.) r. 927 Bush 
Boswell — , r. 614 Kearny 
Bosworth C. H., purser P. M. s. S. Co. 
Bosworth Chas., lab with Wilson, Merry & Co., r. ne. 

cor Bay and Webster 
Bosworth Chas. J., cleric with Chas. Langley & Co., 

r. 106 Post 
Bosworth Geo. H., compositor Examiner, r. 1012 

Bosworth Geo. M., student Pacific Busim ss College, 

r. 210 Eddy 
Bosworth Wm., mining, 432 Montgomery, rm 5, r. 

Commercial Hotel 
Botalla James, waiter St. Ignatius College, 841 

Botcher Albert, groceries, sw. cor Fell and Lagona 
Botcher Albert, upholsterer with Goodwin .v Co., r. 

308 McAllister 
Botcher Henry, mine sunt, r. 032 Folsom 
Botcher Henry, master mariner, r. 5 Seymour av 
Botefiihr Frank, porter with A. Fenkhausi n & Oo.,r. 

5th av nr Harrison 
Bothe Diedriek, teamster, r. sw. cor Bush and Pierce 
Bothe Louis, confectioner, 5 Martin's block 
Bothe Sophie Mrs., midwife, r. 1163 Market 
Bothermann — , r. 813 Montgomery 
Bothin Henry E., coffee and spice mills 21-23 Ste- 
venson, r. Commercial Hotel 
Bothman Henry, woodturner with H. Gran/., r. 2 

Grand pi 
Bothmann Frederick, expressman, r. 2 Brannan pi 
Botsford Harry, druggist with Joseph Axmitage, r. 

Pine bet Kearny and Dupont 
Botsford Wm., physician and Burgeon, 'St Powell 
Bott John, inaster'schr Phil Sheridan, oil' 305 East 
Bottcher H., waiter Wm. Tell House. 317 Bush 
BOTTGEB JOHN, groceries and liquors, se. cor 

17th and Mission, r. 233 Seventeenth 
Bottger John, clerk with John Plath. r. nw. cor Ellis 

and Steiner 
Botte W. L., agent with Sol. Wangenheim& Co., r. 923 

BOTTEVO THOMAS, whol and retail liquors, 

1119 Dupont 
Bottomley Chas., driver Cent. R. P., r. 2406 Post 
Botts & Sullivan (Chas. T. Botts and Daniel T. Sulli- 
van) attvs-at-law, 123 California, rm 2 
Botts Chas. T. (Botts & Sullivan) atty-at-law, 123 

California, rm 2. r. Oakland 
BOTZBACH & JANSEX (Peter C. Botzbach 

and Andrew Jansen) beer bottlers, 212 Fifteenth 
Botzbach Peter C. (Botzbach & Jansen) r. 212 Fif- 
Bouchard George, compositor Le Petit Journal r. 

Bouchard Peter, saloon, 1029 Dupont 
Boucher Albert, upholsterer with J. Lenoir, r. 933 

Boucher Chas., r. 3 Goodsell pi 
Boucher Eliza, widow, r. 409 J* Brannan 
Boucher Harriet, widow, r. 409 H Brannan 
Boucher Henry boilermkr, r. 3 Goodsell pi 
Boucher James, porter with Porter, Oppenheimer & 

Slessinger, r. 550 Stevenson 
Boucher John, carptr W. D. Co.. r. 828 California 
Boucher Joseph, boilermkr, r. 3 Goodsell pi 
Boucher Joseph, dver with F. Thomas & Co., r. 27 

Boucher Thos., boilermkr, r. 3 Goodsell pi 
Bouchet Jules (Boyer & Bouchet) r. 1126 Dupont 

Boudan A., laundry. 2111 Mason 

Boudien Nelson, batcher, r. 1002 McAllisti r 

Boudin Louis, upholsterer with James W. Burnhani 

& Co., r. w.s. Mission bet 23d and 24th 
Boudin Louis, bakery, r. 1112 \ Dupont 
Boudrve Mary Miss, ironer with F. Thomas & Co., 

r. 27 Tenth 
Boufle Clementina Mrs., dressmkr, r. 122 &< ary 
Boufle Ernest, waiter, r. 122 Geary 

r Kill;. 1h Miss. r. in Virginia 
Boughton B. F. Mrs., milliner, r. Linden House 
Boughton Nicholas, lab, r. cor Height and Baker 
Bougue John, carptr Industrial Iron Work-, r. 20 

I : I • Ion 

Boukofsky B., r. 1607 Post 

Boulan Thos., waiter p, m. s. 

Boulanger Pierre, mining aec, 621 Banaome, r. 325 

Montgomery in 
Bouldlne D. w.'. r. Occidental L 
Bonlin Peter, carptr, r. 19 Jasper pi 
Boullet Eugene, machinist, r. U23 Howard 
Boullet (i., widow, r. 1123 Howard 
Boullet Henry G., pr< Bsmao with W. P. Harrison, r. 

1123 Howard 
Boulht Joseph l;.. poli.e, r. IP 
Boulware M. A., student Heald'c 

Bounce D., tailor with Toklas, Brown & ('■.. 1 1 
I liiian pi 

ii 1:. .Mrs , Laundress, r. 788 Howard 
BourassoD Theodore, Laundryman, r. 738 Howard 
Bourde i man with John Bayle, r. Fifth 

av. South - 
Boardel Pet. r, r. 72n Minna 
Bourgeois Alexandi 1 rnloe 

Bourgeois Louis, lamplighter, r. 1882 California 
Bourgoln Adolph, y> neral mdst . in< ry av 

Bourguignou A., boot- .,,,,1 ..),, , - id:; t h, : 
Bourgulgnon Ernest, salesman with F. Koeuig, r 

Montgomery av 
Bourjade 0., Baloon, 1618 Dnpi 
Bourke John, packer Cal. Cracker Co., r. 820 Battery 
Bourn Richard A., shoe and bather findings, 39 

Bourn w". B., capitalist, r. Palace Hotel 

Bourne Andrew, milkman, r. nw. cor. Church and 

Bourne John B. (Ho*mer & Bourne) r. 2616 « al 
Bourne Wm., stevedore p. M. S - 
Bourquin ('has., dentist. 25 Montgomery av 
Bourquin Emile C. (Papillon Ac Bourquin) r. 639 

Bourquin Raphael, baker, r. 689 Broadway 
Bousfield V. H., a- '.nn rloao Bank, r. 

G21 Geary 
Bousquet Alice Mrs., r. * st. Charles 
BouBQuet A. M., widow, dyeing and cleaning, 72GM 

Bouteillier L01. r with Lemoine, Gambert 

81 Co., r. Jill Mason 
Bouterious Angel, butcher with James Lintott, r. 27 

Boutelle Annie M. Mrs., dressmkr, r. 12 O'Farrell 
Boutelle Wm. C, clerk, r. 12 O'Farrell 
Boutes James F., saloon, 511 Washington, r. 1210 Kear 
Bouton & Rourke (Francis G. Bouton and John 

Rourke) mcht tailors, 710 Montgomery. 
Bouton Francis G. (Bouton & Rourke) r. 1202 Leav 
Bouton Seth S., builder, r. 536 l>j Howard 
Bouton Wilson F., clerk with Geo. Howes & Co., r. 

1202 Leavenworth 
Bouvard N., jobbing, r. B23 Market 
Bouve Claude, shipwright, r. 219 Clara 
Bouvet Jules, capitalist, r. 1403 Stockton 
Bouvier Paul, watchmkr with Weyl Bros., r. Oakland 
Bouvy Firmin, artist, r. 1924 Mason 
Bovadt Henry, r. 21 Fulton, rear 
Bovana Joseph, gardener, r. Sanchez bet 14th and 

Bovee James S., engineer, r. 1214 Union 
Bovee N. C, clerk with Wm. H. Bovee, r. 1515 Cal 
Bovee Wm. H., real estate agent, 238 Montgomery, r. 

1515 California 
Bovee Wm. R., clerk U. S. Restaurant, r. 508 Taylor 
Bovo Gabriel, saloon, 1300-1302 Dupont 
Bovyer Wm. L., carptr and builder. 212 Leidesdorff, 

r. 1609 Washington 

HO \A/|| POY'Q SUPPOSITORIES FOR PILES give immediate relief. 
Ul\. YYII_^V/A O per box. For sale by all Druggists. 

Price $2.00 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. { 

706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716 \ 


Established 1862 

Bow Joseph, r. 736 Folsom 

Bow Margaret, widow, r. Ellis bet Fillmore and 

Bow Sue Tong & Co. (Chinese) mchts, 3 Washing- 
ton al 
Bow Wing & Co. (Chinese) groceries, 738 Commercial 
Bowas John, buggyrnan Pac. Boiling Mill 
Bowcher James (Wood & Bowcher) r. 705 Hyde 
Bowcher Louis, plumber with W. B. Allen, r. 728 

Bowden Joseph, painter with John Brewster, r. 1107 

Bowden Samuel H. N., master mariner, r. 48 Silver 
Bowden Wm., painter with John Brewster, r. 1120 

Bowden Wm. jr., painter, r. 1113 Filbert 
Bowdre P. E., bookpr with V. H. Sturm, r. 323 Front 
BOWE & PRICKE (Wm. H. Bowe and G. Fricke) 
groceries and liquors, s.e. cor 16th and Potrero 
Bowe H., clerk C. P. B. B., r. 618 Fourth 
Bowe John, lab Pac. Boiling Mill, r. n.e. cor Sierra 

and Michigan 
Bowe Wm. H. (Bowe & Fricke) r. se. cor 16th and 

Potrero av 
Bowen A. J., capitalist, r. 725 California 
Bowen A. J., stevedore, r. 1314 Montgomery 
Bowen Albert H., dealer in dry goods, notions, etc.. 

502 Valencia 
Bowen Alfred (Strahle & Bowen) r. 22 Lewis 
Bowen Asa, r. 1804 Mason 

BOWEN BROS. (Pardon M. and Chas. B. Bowen) 
groceries, teas and wines, 428-432 Pine, and. 
proprs Yeast Powder Factory, ne. cor California 
and Drumm 
Bowen Chas. B. (Bowen Bros.) r. 1139 Sutter 
Bowen Cornelius, lab, r. 720 Clementina 
Bowen Daniel, r. 148 Natoma 
Bowen Dennis, hostler with N. Gray & Co., r. 442 

Bowen Dennis, lab, r. 1 Ivy 

Bowen E. C, foreman pressroom Mint, r. 32 Sixth 
BOWEN EDGAR J., importer and dealer seeds, 

815-817 Sansome, r. 805 Tyler 
Bowen Elizabeth, domestic, 12 Hampton pi 
Bowen E. W., clerk Asst Treasurers off C. P. B. E., 

r. 829 Mission 
Bowen Frank Mrs., copyist, r. 13 Verona 
Bowen Frank W., clerk Pay off C. P. B. B., r. 829 

Bowen Geo., iron finisher with Savage & Son, r. 2 

Bowen Geo. H., miller Golden Gate Mills, r. 1112 

Bowen G. W., bookpr, r. 128 Silver 
Bowen Henry A., clerk with Bowen Bros., r. 1139 

Bowen J. J. (H. L. Tatum & Co.) r. 114 O'Farrell 
Bowen John, lab, r. 429 Chestnut 
Bowen John L., tinner with James B. Stetson, r. 1720 

Bowen Joseph, lab, r. 3 Codman pi 
Bowen Mary Mrs., r. 164 Clementina 
Bowen Matthew, r. 1818 Stockton 
Bowen Michael, lab, r. 421 Natoma 
Bowen Pardon M. (Bowen Bros.) r. Oakland 
Bowen S. B., retoucher with John D. Godeus, r. 115 

Bowen S. W., salesman with Dalton & Gray, r. Oak- 
Bowen Timothy, lamplighter, r. e.s. Goughbet Vallejo 

and Green 
Bowen T. James, trimmer with N. Gray & Co., r. 442 

Bowen Walter E., clerk with Bowen Bros., r. Oakland 
Bowen W. E., fresco-painter, r. Park Hotel 
Bowen W. H., student Heald's Business College 
Bowen W. M., carptr, r. Hewett Hotel 
Bowenbaum — , r. 813 Montgomery 
Bower Chas., teamster, r. 814 Union 
Bower John, cook, Brun's Hotel 
Bower John C, r. 782 Harrison 

Bower Joseph, barber with F. Eichhorn, r. 116 Post 
Bowers A. B., civil engineer, r. 613 Mission 
Bowers Francis T., waiter Palace Hotel, r. 24 Everett 
Bowers Geo., plasterer, r. 337 Natoma 

Bowers H., elevatorman Cosmopolitan Hotel 

Bowers J., cutler, r. 373 Brannan 

Bowers J. Milton, surgeon and oculist, 632 Market, 
r. Grand Hotel 

Bowers John, farmer, r. nr. Lake Merced 

Bowers John B., r. 525 Folsom 

Bowers John Taylor, collector, r. 1321 Washington 

Bowers Leonard, cabinetmkr, r. 11 Gilbert 

Bowers Bichard, miner, r. Sacramento Hotel 

Bowers Wm. H., steward with Meyer & Muche, r. 509 

Bowes F. C, steward, r. 227 Second 

Bowes John, shipwright, r. 331 Fourth 

Bowes John M., r. 53 Natoma 

Bowes W. C, waiter, r. 227 Second 

Bowie A. J., physician, 1016 Bush 

Bowie Augustus J. jr-, mining engineer, 217 San- 
some, r. 526 Harrison 

Bowie Henry P., atty-at-law, 318 California, rm 15, r. 
1016 Bush 

Bowie Hugh, molder Union Iron Works, r. 43 Clem 

Bowie John, with Greenberg & Co., r. 33 Clementina 

Bowie W. A., paper bags, r. 1210 Eddy 

Bowin A., r. Commercial Hotel 

Bowker James P., seaman stmr Empire 

Bowlan James, supt. United Carriage Co., r. 108 Pow 

Bowlan W. Nelson, r. 357 Sixteenth 

Bowland James D., master mariner, r. 144 Silver 

Bowlar John, plasterer, r. 264 Minna 

Bowlen Thos., r. 622 Stevenson 

Bowler James, stevedore, r. 31 De Boom 

Bowler John, lab S. F. Grading Co., Long bridge 

Bowles & Darrow (Geo. Bowles and Henry Darrow) 
carptrs and builders, 221 Post 

Bowles Geo. E. (Bowles & Darrow) r. 2306 Larkin 

Bowles Isaac, lab, r. 129 Capp 

BOWLES JAMES, imp. books, stationery and 
pocket cutlery, se. cor Leidesdorff and Com 

Bowles J. E. Miss, r. 1626 Howard 

Bowles J. M. (Watson & Bowles) r. 132 Sixth 

Bowles J. W., poulterer, r. 134 Sixth 

Bowley Henry L., bkpr with Crego & Bowley, r. 423 

Bowley Samuel C. (Crego & Bowley) r. 423 Bryant 

BOWMAN A. W. , real estate, 202 Sansome r. 

Bowman B., clerk Baldwin's Eestaurant, r. 6 Hope- 
ton Terrace 

Bowman Benj., bookpr, r. 1810 Bush 

Bowman Burnett, r. 572 Minna 

Bowman Chas., machinist Pac. Boiling Mill, r. 
Georgia nr Shasta 

Bowman C. H., clerk C. P. B. B. Stmr's off, r. Oak- 

Bowman Elizabeth Miss, r. 314 Bush 

Bowman Frank, stovemounter with Holbrook, Mer- 
rill & Co., r. 847 Harrison 

Bowman Frank E., machine hand California Mill, 
r. Buena Vista near Courtland av 

Bowman Fred., bookpr, r. 22 Valparaiso 

Bowman G. E., clerk, r. 14 Verona 

Bowman Geo. F., sec Pacific Power Co., 202 San- 
some, r. Oakland 

Bowman Jacob, bookpr, r. 1810 Bush 

Bowman James, hostler Market-st E. E., r. cor 15th 
and Valencia 

Bowman James M., clerk U.S. Shipping Com., r. 
1401 Powell 

Bowman James T., journalist, r. 707 Chestnut 

Bowman Jerry, barber, with Charles K. Zimmer, r. 
45 Second 

Bowman J. H., capitalist, r. Baldwin Hotel 

Bowman J. K., capitalist, r. 14 Verona 

Bowman John, cook, r. 509 Washington 

Bowman John S. (John S. Bowman & Co.) r. 403 
Van Ness av 

BOWMAN JOHN S. <& CO. (John S. Bowman) 
imps tobacco and mnfrs cigars, nw. cor Sacra- 
mento and Battery 

Bowman Joseph, cooper with Michelssen, Brown & 
Co., r. 36 Kate 

Bowman Julia N., teacher music, r. 122 Eleventh 

Bowman Louis, r. 1018 Webster 

Bowman Louis, tailor, 1810 Bush 

Bowman L. W., r. 921 Powell 

Bowman Michael (Lachman & Bowman) r. 1810 Bush 


« 1»I iRR'F.T west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer In 
Jr. ~-„ .. rT^^ft'and Manufacturer of all kinds of Window Shades 
• PAPER HANGINGS, and dealer inall kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%SHT} Established 1862 

Bowman P., widow, r. 614 Lombard 

Bowman Samuel, milk dairy, r. Fell nr. Scott 

Bowman Wm., shoemkr, r. 522 Grove 

Bowman — , r. 908 Greenwich 

Bowman — , broker, r. 030 Sacramento 

Bowman — , tailor, r. 1200 Stockton 

Bowne Emma L., widow, r. 107 Powell 

Bowne "William S., r. 2308 Mission 

Bowner Neil, lab, S. F. Gas Light Co 

Bownes George, expressman, r. nw. cor Tennessee 

and Butte 
Bowse E. F. Miss, teacher Rincon Grammar 

r. cor Alabama and 24th 
Bowsom Henry, cook with Ivemayer & Dunker, r. cor 

Fourth and Mission 
Bowtell Wm. C, clerk Railway Mail Service, r. 19 

Box Thos., molder, r. 12 Boardman 1>1 
Box Wm., contractor and builder, r. 438 Fulton 
Boyahn John, carriage trimmer with II. M. Black & 

Co., r. 445 Natoma 
Boyce Chas., waiter, r. 216 T< liaina 
Boyce DeUa Miss, saleslady with Mrs. M. Howard, r. 

' 1019 Howard 
Boyce Eliza M. Mrs., adjuster Mint. r. Oakland 
Boyce F. C, dishwasher New Wl stern U< st;uuai.t, r. 

232 Clementina 
Boyce Henry, clerk with V. Bugle, r. 130 O'Farrell 
Boyce J., fireman Bay Sugar R< f. 
Boyce James, deckhand stinr Amador 
Boyce James, teamster with Wm. Kerr. r. 

Boyce James E., street car advertiser. 526 Ml 

26th nr San Jose av 
Boyce John, seaman, r. Keystone House 
Bovce Nathaniel, local police, r. "J i Green 
BOYCE RICHARD, saloon, 2508 Bush 
Boyce Samuel, captain chain gang. r. 526 Bryant 
Boyce S. E., foreman Selby's Smelting Works, r. 1319 

BOYCE THOS., pres Motive Paddle Wheel and 

Steam Navigation Co., 436 Mont, r. 526 Bryant 
Boyce Win., team6ter with Wm. Kerr. r. '.ni:i Isatti-rv 
BOYD «& LEWIS (Wm. Boyd and Mori 

Lewis) proprs Black Hawk Livery and Sale Stable, 

1009-1011 Valencia 
Boyd A., carptr O. and O. S. S. Co. 
Boyd Alexander, r. 500 Sutter 
Boyd Annie, domestic, 821 Sutter 
Boyd Augusta Miss, r. 184 Sixth 
Boyd Chauncey W., dentist with Davis & Banger, r. 

614 O'Farrell 
Boyd Colin Iff., register clerk Third District Court, r. 

Morton House 
Boyd David, lab Cal. Mills, r. Pacific bet Taylor and 

Boyd D. W., porter with Lowry & Co., r. 14 Willow av 
Boyd Ellen Mrs., bakery, 309 Minna 
Boyd E. T., plumber and gasntter, 840 Clay, r, 8 

Boyd G., salesman with Murphy, Grant & Co., r. 19 

Boyd Geo., lab, r. 12 Lewis 
Boyd Grant H.. clerk with Murphy. Grant & Co., r. 

1122 Market 
Boyd G. W., master mariner, r. 19 Columbia 
Boyd Henry C, assistant clerk Alta. r. 917 Jones 
Boyd Henry C, bailiff Fifteenth District Court, r. 

1324 Montgomery 
Boyd James, stonecutter with Frank Williams, r. 

1404 Hycte 
Boyd James, engineer Kimball Mnfg Co., r. 8 

Park av 
Boyd James T. (Cope & Boyd) atty-at-law, 629 

Kearny, r. Pacific Club 
Boyd John, expressman, r. 14 Willow av 
Boyd John E., bookpr with T. H. King & Co., r. 

Columbia bet Guerrero and Dolores 
Boyd John F., capitalist, 53 Nevada blk. r. 127 

Boyd John H., engineer with A. J. Smith, r. 8 

Park av 
Boyd Joseph, local police, r- 1257 Montgomery 
Boyd Joseph C, miner, r. 810 Webster 
Boyd O. D., r. 821 Filbert 
Boyd Robert, bricklayer, r. 214 First 

BOYD T. H. (I. w. TaberA Co.) r. ss. 21st bet 

Guerrero and Valencia 

Boyd Tl lore 0., clerk with K. K. Byre, r. 6M 

Boyd Thos. yv., machinist .rtna Iron Wi 

Boyd Win., seaman. 1'. 0. B. B 
Boyd Wm. (Boyd \- Levis) r. 1009 Vali 
Wm. A., maltster, r. 528 Chestnut 
Boyd Wm. M., packer with J. A. Folger sC .. r. 

I lakland 
Boyd Wm, 'rims., farmer, r. Keystone House 

279 Minna 
Boyde liner, seaman, r. Ancon it- ■ t ■ l 
Boyden Arthur F., engineer with P. A. Hum 

\. II.. bookpr with If. nr\ St. il, r. 
Boyden W. B., r. Nucli as Bouse 
Boydstun .lane-. stndi nt Heald 
Boye into, police, r. 26 Howard crt 
Boye - . Lao, r. 718 Natoma 
Boyel J., teamster with Hancock A: Kelso, r. cor. 

i' i ii ami ( lolumbia 
Boyer .& Bouchet it rbaln Boyerand i 

i aloon, 1126 Dupont 
BOYISH \. .1. , editor and propr Mission Mirror. 

r. 586 Sixteenth 
Boyt r .1. B.. laundry, 88 Pel] 
Boyer Louis \\., clerk with Faulkner. Bell & Co., r. 

• ]:.: 

I . blacksmith with H. M 0o.,r. 34 

. rear 
Boyer Urbain (Boyer A Bouchet) r. 1126 Dili 
Boyer Wm., lamplighter - do., r. 34 

p u 

/. P. r. I' •■ Hob 1 
I I ii. si annul, r L9 « k mmi p la] 

Boyee James, driver Golden Gab Market, r. 10 
Tehama pi 

p, si .-11111111. r. 2'i6 Bteuaxi 
n John, carriagetrimmer, r. 445 Natoma 
Hoyingtoii ('. I . ] 

btoylan Bernard (Dooleyi Boylan) r. 8 Auburn 
Boylan Felix, shoemkr, r. 1010 Batterj 

Boylan Janus, lah. r. 711 A-h 

U .lam A. Mr-., r. i i 1 i'|. DM nt.mi 

Boylan Alary, widow, r. 611 Filbert 

Boyle Anne Mrs., r. 480 Tehama 

Boyle Bernard, with Belbj - elt ng Works, r. 1616 

Califoi nia 

■ rnard. lab, r. 11 Minna 

Boyle Chas., lab with chase & Wolff, r, Flint al bet. 
Batterj ami Bansomi 

Boyle C. B., clerk Gen. Freight Agent's off. 0. P. 
R. R., r. 109 Fifth 

Boyle Daniel, driver United Carriage Co.. r. lit; 

Boyle Dennis, blacksmith. 2HTurk 

Boyle Edward, carptr. r. 213 Seventh 

Boyle Edward, packer Cal. Cracker Co., r. 1031 Mont; 

Boyle Frank, painter with M. Girty, r. 1147 '.: 

Boyle Geo., fireman, r. 025 Davis 

Boyle Geo., lab, r. 12 Broadway 

Boyle Geo. S., dentist, 331 Kearny, rm 11, r. 1821 

Boylt Hannah, widow, r. 1819 Stockton 

Boyle Harlow, compositor Bulletin, r. 133 Ninth 

Boyle Henry, furniture, 1147 Mission, r. Watsouville, 

Boyle Hugh A., clerk with Tax Collector, r. Com- 
mercial Hotel 

Boyle James, expressman, cor Fourth and Market, r. 
233 Perry 

Boyle James, lab, r. 917 Capp 

Boyle James, night watchman Centennial Mill, r. 127 

Boyle James, plasterer, r. 16th nr Dolores 

Boyle John, r. 1205 Folsom 

Boyle John, collector street assessments. 521 Mont- 
gomery, r. se. cor Hayes and Pierce 

Boyle John, baker Cal. Cracker Co.,r. 1031 Mont 

Boyle John, lab, r. 450 Tehama 

Boyle John, lab with Hancock & Kelso, r. Folsom 
bet 16th and 17th 

Boyle John, plumber, r. ne. cor Sansome and Pacific 


For their French Chocolates. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

f 706, 70S, 710, 712, 714 and 716 1 

Boyle John J., clerk with A. MoBoyle & Co., r. 29 


Boyle John J., carptr, r. 27 First av 
Boyle Maggie Miss, dressmkr, r. 1205 Folsoni 
Boyle Maggie, domestic, 822 Turk 
Boyle M. Co. (Storey Co. Nev.) W. H. Watson sec, 

302 Montgomery, rms 5-6 
Boyle Mary, widow, r. 1031 Montgomery 
Boyle Mary Miss, teacher Mission Grammar School, 

r. 2549 Howard 
Boyle Michael, baker with T. J. Chadbourne, r. 1414 

Boyle Michael, heater Pac. Kolling Mill, r. ne. cor 

Michigan and Shasta 
Boyle Michael, lab, r. Waller nr Golden Gate Park 
Boyle Michael, lab, r. 54 Shipley, rear 
Boyle Michael, watchman Risdon Iron Works 
Boyle Michael, with Pac. Boiling Mill. r. e.s. Michi- 
gan nr Sierra 
Boyle Neal, teamster with Arthur M. Ebbets, r. Oak- 
Boyje Nellie, bootfitter with Porter, Oppenheimer & 

Boyle Olin M., compositor Bulletin, r. 28 McAllister 
Boyle Patrick, carptr, w.s. Ohio nr Vallejo 
Boyle Patrick, lab, r. 235 Dora 
Boyle Patrick, lab, S. P. R. R. 
Boyle Peter, machinist Risdon Iron Works, r. 415 Na- 

Boyle Peter T., stockbroker, r. cor Ritch and Town- 
Boyle Robert, bookpr, r. 229 Oak 
Boyle Robert, lab, r. 1205 Folsoni 
Boyle Sarah, domestic, 1021 Post 
Boyle S. J. Miss, teacher Hayes Valley Primary 

School, r. 1826 Eddy 
Boyle Thos., mattrassmkr with J. Rosenthal, r. 32 

Boyle Timothy, longshoreman, r. 9 Elizabeth 
Boyle W. H., r. Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Boyle W. L., r. Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Boyle Wm., cutter with S. W. Rosenstock & Co., r. 

1615 California 
Boyle. Wm., lab, r. w.s. Eureka bet 21st and 22dj 
Boyle Wm., molder, r. 74 Clementina 
Boyle Wm., waiter Sixth-st Restaurant, r. 42 Tehama 
Boyle Wm. P., with B. McQuillan, r. w.s. Ohio nr 

Boyle — , r. 109 Fifth 
8©" See also McBoyle 
Boylen Patrick, r. 333 Eddy 

Boyling Thos ., master mariner, r. 1807 Stevenson 
Boyne J. Geo., mail clerk Alta, r. 925% Washington 
Boyne Thos., propr Union Sailors' Home, 45 Vallejo 
Boyne Wm., baker, r. 1138 Folsom 
Boynston J. B., foreman Spear-st Mills, r. Berkeley 
Boynston J. W., r. 715 Howard 
Boynton A. B. Mrs., dressmkr, r. 1137 Mission 
Boynton C. (Ayers & Boynton) r. 1722 Eddy 
Boynton Lomour A., asst. cashier U. S. Treasurer's 

off, r. 604 Capp 
Boynton Underhill, supt. Union Market, r. 737 How 
Boys' and Girls' Aid Society, G. M. Johnson sec and 

supt, 116 Jackson and 68 Clementina 
Boys H., seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Boys' High School, W. T. Reid prin, n.s. Sutter bet 

Gough and Octavia 
Boys John, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Boysen C, widow, r. 313 Mason 
Boysen Carl, seaman, r. North German Hotel 
Boysen Chas. M., hatter with K. Meursdorffer, r. 1416 

Boysen Edward, hatter with Julius Boysen, r. 911 

Boysen Frank, master schr Arthur, r. 416 Francisco 
Boysen Hans, master mariner, r. 2315 Mason 
Boysen Julius, hatter, 604 Merchant, r. 911 Valencia 
Boysen Martin (Ravn & Boysen) r. 1431 Dupont 
Boysen Martin, drayman with Jones & Co., r. 771 Har 
Boyser Thos., painter, r. 334 Vallejo 
Boyson H., waiter, r. 234 Minna 
Boyson Hans A., driver with L. J. Ewell, r. se. cor 

Vermont and Nevada 
Boyson Henry, clerk with A. L. Lengfeld, r. 937 Sut 
Boyson Peter S., expressman, r. 9 Vassar pi, rear 
Boyson T. H., physician, 135 Kearny, r. 937 Sutter 

Boyston J., r. 715 Howard 

Boyston John S. (Fritz & Boyston) and State Sena- 
tor, r. 127 Perry 
Bozio & Leturc (Orlando Bozio and Auguste Leturc) 

wines and liquors, 149 Fourth 
Bozio Orlando (Bozio & Leturc) r. 419 Natoma 
Bozzo & Co. (Emanuel Bozzo and Frank Testa) wood 

and coal, 739 Vallejo 
Bozzo Chas., with Bozzo & Testa, r. 737 Vallejo 
Bozzo Emanuel (Bozzo & Testa) r. 737 Vallejo 
Brace Augusta Mrs., dressmkr, 328 Sixteenth 
Brace Nathan, plasterer, r. 328 Sixteenth 
Braceland Wm., with S. F. Gaslight Co., r. 3% Verona 
Bracelin — , carptr, r. 211 Minna 
Bracely Patrick, brassfinisher, r. 135 Tehama 
Brach B., confectionery, 522 Kearny 
Brach C, waiter Siegfried's Hotel 
Brach John, confectioner with B. Brach, r. 522 Kear 
Brack Oswald, leather and findings, 643 Merchant, r. 

1506 Franklin, rear 
Bracken Catherine Miss, r. Bryant bet 19th and 20th 
Bracken Geo. D., clerk with C. E. McCusker & Co., r. 

1046 Folsom 
Bracken John, propr Five-mile House, San Bruno Road 
Bracken Laurence, speculator, r. 729 Brannan 
Bracken Mary, domestic, 299 Hyde 
Brackenridge & Carroll (R. Brackenridge and P. Car- 
roll) , marble yard, Tenth bet Market and Mission 
Brackenridge Richard (Brackenridge & Carroll) , r. 

308 Linden 
Bracker Ernest, master mariner, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Brackett Anne, domestic, 1318 California 
Brackett Chas. A. B.,r. 624 California 
Brackett Edwin A., horseshoer with John W. Clough, 

r. 137% Perry 
Brackett Eugene, machinist with Thomson & Parker, 

r. 137 Montgomery 
Brackett Joseph Geo., broker, r. 1620 Clay 
Brackett Wm. K., clerk with S. B. Wakefield, r. 105 

Brackett Wm. L.,r. 105 Austin 
Bracktell Frances, widow, r. 212 Tyler 
Bracktell Walter, jeweler Cal. Jewelry Co., r. 212 Tyler 
Braclin Ellen, domestic, 15 South Park 
Bradbury Alfred W., bookpr with Crocker & Suydam, 

r. 1511 Clay 
Bradbury Andrew, salesman with John Wigmore, r. 

Bradbury Edward, student Barnard's Business College 
Bradbury Eliza Miss, student Barnard's Business 

Bradbury Geo. F., teacher evening schools, r. 2027 Mi 
BRADBURY GEO. H., pres O.and O. S. S. Co.s 

off. Fourth and Townsend, r. Palace Hotel 
Bradbury Maggie E. Miss, teacher Mission Primary 

School, r. 2027 Mission 
Bradbury Vesta Miss, teacher Pine and Larkin-sts 

Primary School, r. 1511 Clay 
Bradbury Wm., student Barnard's Business College 
Bradbury Wm. B., propr Centennial Planing Mills, 

556-572 Brannan, r. ne. cor Cal and Van Ness av 
Bradbury Wm. T., physician and surgeon, off. 704% 

Mission, r. 2027 Mission 
Bradbury — , mining, r. 2628 Sacramento 
Braadock F. H., carriage painter with W. J. Brad- 
dock, r. 119 Thirteenth 
Braddock Wm. J., carriage painter, 1062 Howard, r. 

119 Thirteenth 
Braden Olive r, lab, r. cor Central av and Sutter, rear 
Braden Rosa, widow, r. 914 Lyon 
Bradent — Mme., French laundry, 724 Filbert 
Brader Annie, widow, r. 740 Broadway 
Brader Henry, com. 'agent with Lachman & Jacobi, 

r. 738 Broadway 
Brader Louis, r. 740 Broadway 
Brader Peter, with Pioneer Soda Works, r. 1705 

Bradey P., waiter Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Bradfield Richard, miller with F. D. Conro & Son, r. 

1103 Montgomery 
Bradford & Spaulding (A. C. Bradford and Geo. W. 

Spaulding) attys-at-law, 66 Nevada blk 
Bradford A. C. (Bradford k Spaulding) atty-at-law, 

66 Nevada blk, and sec Cal. Pioneers, 808 Mont- 
gomery, r. 812 Stockton 
Bradford C. H., capitalist, r. Grand Hotel 

f APITAS RT<s wishing to buy or sell Oakland property, 

Vnl I InLlO I O will do well to cal! on MARST0N & ADAMS, Real Estate Agents, Oakland. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market SU%?;& C J Established 1862 

Bradford Chas. A., painter, r. Apollo House 
Bradford Chas. A., salesman with Chas. A. Hawley 

& Co.,r. 65 Tehama 
Bradford Edwin, plumber and gasfitter, r. 929 How 
Bradford Frances, widow, r. 2310 Howard 
Bradford Geo. B., real estate agent, 432 Montgomery, 

rm 4, r. 65 Tehama 
Bradford Geo. H., salesman with Dunham, Carrigan 

& Co., r. 431 Geary 
Bradford Geo. L., r. 05 Tehama 
Bradford Geo. L., shipwright, r. 709 Folsom 
Bradford Gershom W-, asst U. S. Coast Surrey, 214 

Stockton, r. 1014 Geary 
Bradford Joseph F., clerk with Geo. B. Bradford, r. 

65 Tehama 
Bradford Louis A., engineer, r. 315 Lombard 
Bradford Thaddeus D., mining and stocks, 600 Mont- 
gomery, r. 413 Hyde 
Bradford Thos. G., bookpr with Joseph W. Wesson, 

r. 155 New Montgomery 
Bradford Thos. H., r. 65 Tehama 
Bradford Wallace, salesman with C. M. Plum .'v Co., 

r. 2123 California 
Bradford Win., artist, r. Palace Hotel 
Bradford Win. B., com. mcht, 818 Front, r. San Rafael 
Bradford Woodbury, foreman Monitor and On 

r. 2123 California 
Bradford — , r. 711 California 
Bradich — , r. 607 Broadway 
Bradigan Nicholas, lab P. C. S. S. Co.'s wharf, r. 320 

Bradish Wm., paper hanger with Frank G. Edwards, 

r. 605 Union 
Bradlee S. H. Jr., butcher with Geo. Raabe, r. 1145 

Bradley & Lavalle (Wm. F. Bradley, and Sein La- 

valle) proprs Irving House, 568 Mission 
BRADLEY & Rt'LOFSOX ill. \\ . Bradley and 

Wm H. Kulofson) photographers, 420 Bloat 
Bradley A. D., stage manager Grain 1 Opera House, r. 

409 Stevenson 
Bradley A. G., miller, r. 636 Commercial 
Bradley Alfred O.. salesman with H. W. Bradley, r. 

915 Market 
Bradley Ambrose, lab, r. 26 Zoe 
Bradley Ann Miss, dressmkr, r. 1060 Howard 
Bradley A. S., driver City K. R. Co., r. 512 Valencia 
Bradley Asa M., porter Cal. Furn. Mnfg Co., r. 901 

Bradley Bernard, r. 2617 Sutter 

Bradley Bernard, painter, 933 Mission, r. 1222 Eddy 
Bradley Chas., lab with W. W. Montague A: Co,, r. 

528 Sacramento 
Bradley, Chas., longshoreman, r. 249 Perry 
Bradley Daniel, lab, r. 1104 Montgomery 
Bradley Daniel, longshoreman, r. se. cor Jones and 

Cottage pi 
Bradley Eliza Mrs., lodgings, 7V> Stockton 
Bradley E. P. Mrs., teacher drawing Public Schools, 

r. Alameda 
Bradley F. Millard, com mcht, r. 73»j Stockton 
Bradley Frank, clerk. 312 Pine 
Bradley Geo. L., mcht, r. 820 Sutter 
Bradley Geo. W., captain and Asst-Quartermaster, 

U. S. A., 105 Stockton, r. Palace Hotel 
Bradley Harry C, actor, r. 73>i Stockton 
Bradley H. C, r. Palace Hotel 
BRADLEY HENRY W. (Bradley & Rulofson) 

and imp photographic materials, 618-620 Clay, r. 

821 Grove .,-, 
Bradley James, teamster with Wm. Kerr, r. 909 Bat- 
tery, rear 
Bradley James J., painter with B. Bradley, r. 1222 

Bradley John, fireman stmr El Capitan, r. 528 How 
Bradley John, stableman Dashaway Stables, r. 1110 

Bradley Joseph, cooper, r. 320 Eighth 
Bradley Kate, domestic, 1115 Van Ness av 
Bradley Kate Miss, dressmkr, r. 1060 Howard 
Bradley L. L., stocks, r. 322 Taylor 
Bradley Margaret, laundress, r. 679 Harrison 
Bradley Mary, domestic, Brunswick House 
Bradley Michael, lab S. F. Gaslight Co. 
Bradley Michael, teamster, r. 523 Tehama 
Bradley M. J. Mrs., furnished rooms, 142 Sixth 

Bradley Newton (Harris.^ Bradley) r. 619 Mission 
Bradlev Patrick, bakerv. ns. 28th bet Do! 


Bradley Patrick, lab s. F. Grading do., Long Bridge 
Bradlc y Patrick, lab with Wm. Kerr, r. 908 Batter] 
Bradley Patrick, prod, 711 Brannau 
Bradley Peter, baker with 11. Cameron, r. cor 16th 
and Columbia 

Peter, furniture, 1614 Mission 
; radlev R., master mariner, r. 806 East 
Bradley Robert, lather, r. « Ridley 
Bradley s. A., driver city R, R. r. 512 Valencia 
Bradley Samuel, patternmkr with \v. !■'. Buswell, r. 

Bradley Sarah B., domestic, 611 Tyler 

Bradley Tl lore. r. 215 Tyler 

Bradley Thos., glassblower S. F. and Pac. (Has* 

Works, r. 249 Pi try 
Bradley Thos., teamster with Wm. Kerr, r. BOB Bal 
Bradley Tbos. B .. painter, r. 619 Merchant 
Bradley Walter, lab. r. I'll Broadway 
liradhy Wm., clerk, r. 56 Natoma 
Bradley Wm., harness oleaner with David Stewart, 

r. 180 Sixth 
Bradley Wm.. teimistcr wit!, Wilson. Merry ft Co., r. 

iard, in t Fillmore and st. Iner 
Bradley Wm. F. (Bradley & Lavall< | r. 568 Mission 
Bradley Wm. U.. 1'oliee. I., ' r. L206 Market 

Bradley Mrs., lodging, 224 Posl 

Bradlow Hermann, carptr with Frank Kin 

117 B< 
Bradrick Isaac, policeman, r. n 

Hrad.-haw C. Mr-., domestic, 1008 Vabie La 

Bradsbaw David, moulder Industrial Iron v. 


Bradshaw Geo. H., stockbroker, 118 Leld, r. 2107 Oa] 
Bradsbaw Patrick, waiter city :. Hospital 

Bradsbaw B. EL., widow, r. 2107 Oallfomla 
Bradshaw Robert, weaver Pioneer Woolen Factory, 

r. s.s. Francisco, bet Larkin and Polk 
Bradshaw Samuel C, clerk with (ieo. H. Bradshaw, 

r. -Jlo7 California 
Bradshaw Wm. H.. carptr, r. 259 Stevenson 
itniiisi ri-<-f .1. Ili*a, rubber moldings and weath- 
er strips, 609 Mission, r. 1510 T\ Lex 
BradstreetJ. M. 61 Son Co. (The) Improved Mer- 
cantile Agency, prin off uT'.' 288 Broadway, N. v.. 

L. B. Hilliard, supt. 230 California 
Bradwell Ohas., cabinetmkr, 1 Ion 

Brady Adolph, with Fred Berg. r. 1006 Folsom 
Brady Ann .Miss, r. 20 Willow av 
Brady Ann Mrs., dressmkr, 822 Valencia 
Brady Annie, fancy goods, 828 Hyde 
Brady Benj., com mcht, r. 1318 Broadway 
Brady Bernard F., carptr with Patrick Brady, r. 1416 

Ix visadero 
Bradv B. P., clerk C. P. R. R., r. 1223 Filbert 
Brady Catharine Mrs., fruit. 125 Fifth 
Brady Daniel, porter with Bachman Bros 
Brady David, shoemkr with Buckingham & Hecht, 

r. '244 Jessie 
Brady, Edward, plumber, r. 131 V t Dora 
Brady Edward M., dep Sheriff, r. 132 Turk 
Brady Edward R., clerk Assistant Treasurer's offC. 

P. R. R., r. 132 Turk 
Brady Francis, lab, r. w.s. Nebraska bet El Dorado 

and 16th 
Brady Frank, lab, r. 853 Harrison 
Brady Franklin R., machinist with Savage & Sod, r. 

39 Clementina 
Brady H.. drayman, r. 1005 Bryant 
Brady Henry J., S04 Mont, rms 12-13 
Brady J. cigar boxmkr with A. Waldstein, r. 516 

Brady James, carptr, r. 907 Folsom 
Brady James, coalpasser O. S. S. Co 
Brady James, gasntter with A. F. Nye & Co., r. 527 

Brady James, lab, r. Greenwich bet Sansome and 

Brady James, lab. Risdon Bron Works, r, 425 Fremont 
Brady James, local police, r. 515 Chestnut 
Brady James, plasterer, r. 207 Post 
Brady James, saloonkpr, r. 924 Twentieth 
Brady James, speculator, r. 1605 Mason 

A. E. MINTIE, M. D. 

11 Kearny Street, sole Agent for Sir As tier Cooper's Vital 

Restorative — the great English Remedy for Nervous Debility, 
Exhausted Vitality and Premature Decline. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

f 706, 708, 710, 718, 714 and 716") 

Established 1862 

Brady James K., lab, r. Dolores bet 18th and 19th 
Brt.dy James S., propr Occidental Restaurant, 530 

Market, r. 924 Twentieth 
Brady James W., tinsmith with Whittier, Fuller & 

Co., and extraman Hose No. 4, S. F. Fire Dept, r. 

2 Vincent 
Brady J. J., cooper, r. 715 Tehama 
Brady J. L., lab, r. 1615 Market 
Brady John, blacksmith, r. 1616 Mason 
Brady John, boiler mkr, r. 349 Tehama 
Brady John, cigar boxmkr with A. Waldstein, r, 130 

Brady John, water tender P. M. S. S. Co. 
Brady John jr., blacksmith's helper, r. 1616 Mason 
BRADY JOHN C, groceries, ne. cor Ivy and 

Brady John H., carptr with Whittier, Fuller & Co., r. 

1300 Stockton 
Brady John J., contractor, r. 309 Ritch 
Brady John J., janitor Union Grammar School, r. 715 

Brady John T. (Chas. Langley & Co.) r. 728 California 
Brady K. Miss, teacher Lincoln Primary School 
Brady Kate, domestic, sw. cor Eddy andPolfc 
Brady Kate Miss, upholsteress with Frank G. Ed- 
wards, r. 853 Harrison 
Brady Katie, domestic, 1005 Tyler 
Brady Maggie, domestic, 1315 Van Ness av 
Brady Margaret, r. 221 Clara 
Brady Margaret, domestic, 527 Capp 
Brady Martin, tanner, r. 333 Shipley 
Brady Mary Miss, bagmkr with H. Behrendt & Co., 

r. sw. cor Fulton and Franklin 
Brady Mary J., widow, r. 126 Eighth 
Brady Matthew, asst engineer S. F. Fire Dept, off 23 

Kearny, r. 1319 Powell 
Brady Matthew, lab, r. 701 Natoma 
Brady Matthew, steward North Pac. Trans. Co., r. 351 

Brady Michael, blacksmith, r. w.s. Columbia bet 25th 

and 26th 
Brady Michael, blacksmith with J. R. Sims, r. 517 

Brady Michael, lab S. F. Gaslight Co., r. 414 Jones, 

Brady Michael, stonecutter, r, 427 Francisco 
Brady Michael, packer with Michelssen, Brown &Co., 

,„, r. 7th av bet L and M, South S. F. 
Brady Nicholas, porter letter dept Wells, Fargo & 

Co., r. 416 Stevenson 
Brady Owen, hackman, r. 304 Mason 
Brady Owen, stonecutter, r. 255 Jessie 
Brady Owen E., builder, r. 822 Valencia 
Brady P., bookpr, r. 22 Washington av 
Brady Patrick, r. 15 Kate 
Brady Patrick, attendant Sanitarium Baths, r. 1711 

Brady Patrick, carptr and cemetery fence builder, 

cor Cemetery av and Post, r. 1416 Devisadero 
Brady Patrick, fireman S. F. Gaslight Co. 
Brady P., teamster with Street Supt 
Brady Patrick, lab, r. s.s. Francisco bet Larkin and 

Brady Patrick, metal roofer, 1326 Folsom 
Brady Prady, real estate, r. 336 Sixth 
Brady Patrick F., saloon, 610 Market, r. 625 Bush 
Brady Patrick L., with Eureka Foundry 
Brady Patrick T., porter with John Kenny, r. 351 

Brady Peter, saloon, ne. cor Tyler and Fillmore 
Brady Philip, blacksmith Risdon Iron Works, r. 207 

Brady Philip, cartman, r, 118 Gilbert 
Brady Philip, fireman P. M. S. S. Co. 
Brady Philip, lab, r. 46 Crocker 

Brady Philip, r. w.s. Nebraska bet El Dorado and 16th 
Brady Philip W., bookpr County Surveyor, r. 1812 

Brady P. W., extraman Engine No. 10, S. F. Fire 

Dept, r. Engine House 
Brady Richard, cook with Chas. Stirling, r. 526 Te- 
Brady Richard, teamster with A. P. Hotaling & Co., 

r. 1005 Bryant 
Brady Susan F, stationery, 1002 Pacific 
Brady S. M, Mrs., bakery, 414 Jones 

Brady Thos., bricklayer, r. 353 Clementina 
Brafiy Thos. (Finnegan & Brady) r. 273 Jessie 
Brady Thos., fireman tug Wizard 
Brady Thos., lab, r. 314% Union, rear 
Brady Thos., molder Risdon Iron Works, r. 422 Fre- 
Brady Thos. A. E., salesman Halls' Safe and Lock 

Co., r. 2104 Hyde 
Brady Thos. F., r. 1812 Webster 
Brady Thos. H., carptr with Patrick Brady, r. 1416 

Brady Wm. J., foreman boilermkr Risdon Iron 

Works, r. 34 Rausch 
Braendlein Geo., draughtsman West Coast Furn. Co., 

r. 9 Park av 
Braes Wm., seaman schr May Queen, r. North Pacific 

Braga Frank, saloon, 415 Drumm, r. 214 Vallejo 
Bragg Frank, machinist, r. cor Castro and Beaver 
Bragg Geo. F. & Co. (Geo. F. Bragg) imps and com. 

mchts, 116 Front 
Bragg Geo. F. (Geo. F. Bragg & Co.) r. Lick House 
Bragg Geo. H., salesman with Waterhouse & Lester, 

r. 316 Capp 
Bragg Mary J. Miss, teacher Girls' High School, r. 

cor Castro and Beaver 
Bragg Rebecca H. Miss, teacher Valencia-st Grammar 

School, r. cor Beaver and Castro 
Bragg Robert, shipjoiner, r. nw. cor 27th and Church 
Bragg Robert, steering wheelmkr, 322 Main, r. ne. 

cor Beaver and Castro 
Bragg Wm. (Ladd & Bragg) Brannan bet Fourth and 

Bragga Frank, groceries, r. 325 Vallejo 
Braghi Rinaldo, capitalist, r. Colombo Hotel 
Braham Annie Mrs., dressmkr, r. 1020 Kearny 
Braham Geo., supt Pac. Hebrew Orphan Asylum, 

Devisadero bet Grove and Hayes 
Braham Geo. Mrs., matron Pac. Hebrew Orphan 

Asylum, Devisadero bet Grove and Hayes 
Braham L., hatter, r. 121 Sixth 
Braham Michael, with Nathan R. Lowell, r. 564 

Brahaney James, Pedlar, r. 19 }£ Gilbert, rear 
Brahany Thos., r. e.s. Hampshire nr 26th 
Braid David, real estate, r. 637 Minna 
Braidwood Wm., bricklayer, r. 123 Dora. 
Braig Cresence, domestic, 403 Van Ness av 
Brainard John, coachman, 1314 Pacific av 
Brainard Richard, salesman with Lilienthal & Co., 

r. 1412 Howard 
Brajevich B.N., with J, Lacoste, r. 328 Turk 
Brakenwagen Henry, carptr, r. 434 Vallejo 
Brakmann Ferdinand, cabinetmkr, r. 64 First 
Brakwald Julius, seaman, r. 26 Sacramento 
Bralich & Kelley (Frederick Bralich and John Kelley) 

California Coffee Stand, 624 Kearny 
Bralich Frederick (Bralich & Kelley) r. 317 Filbert 
Bramstedt John H. , saloon, 251 Steuart, r. 3 Beale pi 
Bramwell Aaron, groceries and liquors, 201 Union 
Bramwick James, foreman basket shop West Coast 

Furniture Co. 
Bran J. B., baker, r. 327 Montgomery av 
Bran M. J., widow, r. 237 Eleventh 
Bran Thos., lab, r. Blue Forest, Bernal Station 
Branagan C, porter with Ellis & Co., r. 719 Clay 
Branagan Edward W., printer, r. 537 Natoma 
Branagan Patrick J., bakery, 1209 Bush 
Branan John, lab, S. F. Grading Co., Long Bridge 
Branch Geo. W., clerk Custom House, r. 921 Union 
Branch House, L. J. Ewell propr, 424 Sansome 
Branch Jail, cor Stockton and Francisco 
Branch R. D., messenger Wells, Fargo & Co., r. 205 

Branch P. O. Station A, A. M. Cox supt, 1305 Polk 
Branch P. O. Station B, H. W. Forbes supt, sw. cor 

Seventh and Market 
Branch P. O. Station C, G. C. Fillebrowne supt, nw. 

cor 20th and Mission 
Branch Wm., baker, r. 921 Union 
Brand Aristide, sec and cashier Franco-American 

Bank, 214 Bush, r. Alameda 
BranS Caroline, widow, r. 28 Park av 
Brand Ernest, propr Grand Hotel cigar store, and 

bookpr Humboldt Savings and Loan Society, r. 

28^ Park av 



A4-5 NARKflT west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer in 
«.«-., .. ».,Tr;««« and Manufactnrerofall kinds of Window Shades 
PAPER HANGINGS, and dealer in all kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%Sf } Established 1862 

Brand Helene N., domestic, 519 Van Ness av 

Brand Hermann, cigar mnfr , 301 Battery, r. 506 Frank- 

Brand Hermann J., mnfg jeweler, 235 Kearny, r. 509 

Brand Jacob, butcher with Geo. Werner, r. sw. cor 
Clay and Polk 

Brand James, seaman, r. 101 Steuart 

Brand Jolm, shoemkr, 501 Green, r. cor Montgomery 
av and Lombard 

Brand John G. (Knoechel & Brand) r. 1303 Kearny 

Brand Kate Mrs., actress California Theater, r. 18 

Brand Louis, shoemkr, r. 504 Grove 

Brand Lucien, clerk with A. E. Sabatie & Co., r. Ala- 

Brand Mary, widow, r. 524 Fulton 

Brand, Naber & Co. (Henry D. Naber and Wm. Alf) 
whol. dealers wines and liquors, 413 Front 

Brandberg Chas., lumberman, r. 135 Townsend, rear 

Brandan Emile A., architect, 120 Sutter 

Brandemann C. (Mohr & Brandemann) r. cor Santa 
Clara and Illinois 

Brandenstein Gustave, cutter with Einstein Bros. & 
Co., r. 112 Fell 

Brandenstein Hermann (Clayburgh & Brandenstein) 
r. 921 O'Farrell 

Brandenstein Herman H., bookpr with Bohweitser, 
Sachs & Co., r. cor Octavia and Lily 

Brandenstein Joseph (A. S. Ko6enbaum & Co.) r. 121 

BRANDENSTEIN M. & CO. (M. Brandenstein 
and L. Godchaux) whol butchers, 1st av nr R. 
R. av, South S. F., off. 529 Clay 

Brandenstein Meyer (M. Biandenstein & Co.) r. 709 

Brander & Co. (Geo. Hager) saloon, 225 Clay 

Brander Geo., lab, 735 Mission 

Brander Geo. L., accountant The Nevada Bank, r. 
413 Post 

Brandhofer M., tailor, r. se. cor Coso and Cal. av6 

Brandl Marguerita Miss, musician Tivoli Gardens, 
r. 400 Sutter 

Brandle Helena, with choir St. Patrick's Church, r. 
615 Post 

Brandle Margaret, teacher piano, r. 615 Post 

Brandline Frederick, carptr, r. 951 Bryant 

Brandly — , marble works, r. 921 Market 

Brandon & Miles (Win. M. Brandon and Joseph T. 
Miles) proprs Cal. State Land Agency, 130 Mont- 
gomery, rm 2 

Brandon Fred. D., clerk with H. K. Moore 

Brandon Joseph B., atty-at-law, 604 Merchant, r. 1308 

Brandon M., driver United Carriage Co. 

Brandon Owen, stevedore P. M. S. S. Co., r. 15 

Brandon Patrick, local police, r. 28 Clarence pi 

Brandon T. A. York, bookpr with Menzies & Bing- 
ham, r. 613 Turk 

Brandon Win. M. (Brandon & Miles) r. 1925 Geary 

Brandlow Peter, miner, r. sw. cor. 7th and Pt. Lobos 

Brandrup John, blacksmith, r. 490 Eighth 

BRANDT & MITCHELL (Otto Brandt and F. 
H. A. Mitchell) groceries and teas, 1038 Market 

Brandt A. (Johnson & Brandt) r. ne. cor. Seventh 
and Minna 

Brandt Adolph, tanner with Wolf Blum, r. Folsom 
nr 19th 

Brandt August W., cook Bay Oyster House, r. 19 

Brandt B. L., house and sign painter, 404 Montgom- 
ery, r. 641 Tyler 

Brandt Charles, seaman, r. Sailors' Home 

Brandt E. A., real estate and ins agent, 436 Montgom- 
ery, r. 648 Howard 

Brandt F., mate schr Mary Ellen, r. 17 Pacific 

Brandt Fred. (Fowler & Brandt) r. 538 Pacific 

BRANDT FREDERICK, groceries and liquors, 
417 Third 

Brandt Frederick, salesman with Herman Fried- 
lander, r. 124 Fourth 

Brandt George E., sailmkr, r. 929 Pacific. 

Brandt Henry (Brandt, Schumm & Co.) r. 1412 

Brandt Henry jr., salesman with W. Haker & Hinz, 

r. 313 Green 
Brandt Isaac B. L., atty-at-law, 215 Sansoine rm 5, r. 

Grand Hotel 
Brandt Jacob, foreman with Lewis Bros., r. 504 

Brandt L. J. Miss, teacher Tehama Primary School, 

r. 929 Pacific 
Brandt Morris, salesman with Colman Bros , r. 504 

Brandt Otto (Brandt & Mitchell) r. e.s. Valencia bet 

21st and 22d 
Brandt Otto, watchman, r. 530 Third 
Brandt Petf r, r. 4 Hardie pi 
Brand Philip, seaman schr Martha W. Tuft 
Brandt, Schumm & Co. (Henry Brandt, Geo. Bchumm 

anil F. Schuenemann-Pott) proprs Der Weoker, 

113 liedesdorff 
Brandt — ,r. 509 Mason 
Brandt it-n John, saloon, 430 Fourth, and groceries, 

•nil Third 
Branft Peter, cook with Frederick Conrad. 

Branger John, r. 1826 Leavenworth 
Branham Betty, widow, r. 5lu Guerrero 
Bruiii^au James, hostler with James Craig, r. 713 

Branigan Edward w.. pressman with Hughes & 

Grossman, r. 537 Natoma 
Brann Frank B., clerk with C. 8. Capp & Co.. r. Co- 
lumbia bet Guerrero and Dolor. - 
Brann Joseph, contractor, r, 327 Jessie 
Brann Robert C. (Harding & Brann) r. 23 Columbia 
Brannan Anna, widow, r. 1239 Folsom 
Brannan Cecelia, domestic, r. 388 Oak 
Brannan Chas., lab. r. IB Natoma 
Brannan Daniel S., butcher with G. Cuneo, r. Win- 
chester Hotel 
Brannan Dennis, lab, r. Harmony Hotel 
Brannan E<lward, cardriver with O. It. R., r. 554 Bry- 
Brannan James, gardener, r. 48 Louise 
Brannan Janus, lab S. V. Waterworks, r. 1721 Leav 
Brannan James, mcht, r. 2610 Post 
Brannan James, teamster, r. Arion House 
Brannan James, upholsterer, r. Clay bet Broderick 

and Baker 
Brannan James E., salesman with E. C. Dake & Co., 

r. 31k Clementina 
Brannan James S., metalroofer with H. G. Fiske, r. 

527 Howard 
Brannan Jesse, furnished rooms, 114 Fourth 
Brannan John, lab, r. cor 15th and Market 
Brannan John, lab, r. nw. cor Third and Berry 
Brannan John, pantryman P. M. S. S. Co., r. 3 King 
Brannan Kate, domestic, r. 307 Turk 
Brannan Lawrence, blacksmith P. M. S. S. Co., r. 46 

Brannan M., domestic, r. 1535 Octavia 
Brannan Mark, deckhand, r. 3 King 
Brannan Martin, boilermkr, r. Tiger Hotel 
Brannan Martin, molder with Savage & Sod, r. 569 

Brannan Martin, porter with W. & I. Steinhart & Co. 
Brannan Mary, domestic, Grand Hotel 
Brannan Michael, driver United Carriage Co., r. 79 

Brannan Michael, lab, r. Coso House 
Brannan Samuel, real estate, 420 Montgomery, rm 1, 

r. 926 Clay 
Brannan Thos., r. Golden Gate Hotel 
Brannan Thos., bootmkr with S. W. Rosenstock & Co., 

r. 234 Fourth 
Brannan Thos., finisher with Buckingham & Hecht, 

r. 2215 Pine 
Brannan Thos., lab, r. 721 Brannan, rear 
Brannan Thos., lab Pac. Rolling Mill, r. e.s. Hlinois 

bet Shasta and Sierra 
Brannan Thos., shoemkr, r. n.s. Wildey bet Webster 

and Fillmore 
Brannan Thos., wood and coal, 1161 Howard, r. 714 

Brannan Timothy, saloon. 527 Brannan 
Brannan Wm,, r. 554 Bryant 
Brannan Wm., fruit dealer, r. 1130 Folsom, rear 
Brannan Wm., longshoreman, r. 315 Bryant, rear 


j For their French Chocolates. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. { W6 fflL5S^ 7 SStaga?. wg } Established 1862 

Brannan Wm., saloon, cor Fourth and Everett, r. 554 

Brannan Wm., teamster with S. Silverberg, r. cor 1st 

av and Kentucky, South S. F. 
Brannan Wm., with Stephen McGillian, r. 109 Silver 
fit?" See also Brennen 

Brannen John, driver N. B, and M. R. K., r. 875 Fol 
Brannert Hermann, dishwasher European Hotel, 490 

Brannigan Margaret, domestic Grand Hotel 
Brannon Edmond, wagomkr with John W. Farren, r. 

12 Howard 
Brannon John, stevedore, r. 12 Howard 
Brannon Michael, driver O. B. K., r. Bryant bet 

Third and Fourth 
Brannon Wm. , miner, r. Nevada Hotel 
Branon John, seaman, r. 54 Sacramento 
Branscheid Wm. (G. Weber & Co.) r. 820 Pacific 
Branscheid Wm. H., bookpr with Geo. H. Tay & 

Co,, r. 820 Pacific 
Branson Chas., quartermaster O.andO. S. S. Co. 
Branson Thos., lab, r. 22 Rausch, rear 
Brant Henry G., printer, r. 1017 Battery 
Brant John H., teamster, nw. cor Sacramento and 

Davis, r. 329 Eddy 
Brant Wm. P., bricklayer, r. 1720 Jones 
Brarens Fred., driver with E. W. Klevershal, r. 

Greenwich bet Broderick and Devisadero 
Brarens Henry, driver with E. W. Klevershal, r. 

Greenwich bet Broderick and Devisadero 
Brarens Peter, driver with Fred. Katz, r. 1006 Union 
Brarons Henry, lab, r. Castro bet 15th and 16th 
Brasch John, packer with Buckingham & Hecht, r. 

1854 Stevenson 
Brasche G. H., clerk, r. 403 Third 
Brash Elizabeth, domestic, 1407 Clay 
Brash John, butcher, r. 8th av betL andM, South SF 
Brass Geo, foreman molding room Enterprise Mill, 

r. 40 Tehama 
Brass John, with Edward Eeichert, r. 13 Clay 
Brassell Patrick, hostler, 405 Clem, r. 28 Miller pi 
Brassette Mary, domestic, 710 Post 
Brastow Solomon D., asst supt Wells,. Fargo & Co., r. 

1014 Jackson 
Bratt E. C, student Heald's Business College 
Bratt S. K., clerk with P. McDonnell, r. Coso House 
Bratten Wm. G., springmkr with CD. & E. Hinck- 
ley, r. 737 Howard 
Braubach Emil, salesman with Nathan Joseph & Co., 

r. 2304 Mission 
Brauer A. Mrs., r. 722 Union 

Brauer Chas. Albert, saloon, 1110 Dupt, r. 10 Sonora 
Brauer John, coppersmith, r. 501 Broadway 
Brauer John, cabinetmkr, West Coast Furn. Co., 

r. 1133 Harrison 
Braughal Joseph, seaman P. M. S. S. Co. 
Braun Augustus F. H., machinist with J. Bien, r. 

1006 Hyde 
Braun Chas., lab, r. 2 Winter lane 
Braun Chas., printer, r. Overland House 
Braun C. H. F., teller with B. Davidson & Co., r. 

Braun Ernst., seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Braun Ferdinand, porter, r. 431 % Stevenson 
Braun Joseph, fitter City Iron Works, r. 327 Jessie 
Braun Louis E., clerk, r. 463 Bryant 
Braun Paul, cabinetmkr, r. Thoroughfare Hotel 
Braun Theodore & Co. (Theodore Braun and A. 

Scharfenberg) tailors, 27 Stockton 
Braun Theodore (Theodore Braun & Co.) r. 210 

Braun Wm., seaman P. M. S. S. Co. 
8®"See also Brown and Browne 
Braunschweiger Hermann (A. Fenkhausen & Co.) 

r. 104 Seventh 
Bravender Joseph, butcher with James Smith, r. 13 

Braverman & Levy (Louis Braverman and John 
Levy) imps watches, diamonds and jewelry, 119 
Braverman Louis (Braverman & Levy) r. 1016 Eddy 
Brawley Patrick, with Win. J. Mallady, r. 763 Mission 
Bray A., carptr, r. 1142 H Market 
Bray Bros. (Watson A. Bray) com mchts, 226 Clay 
Bray Dennis, r. 227 Minna 
Bray E. Miss, teacher, music, r.43 Tehama 

Bray Ezra B., engineer with J. Spaulding & Co., r 3 

Bray Frank, supt Mission Market, r. Petaluma 
Bray Gorham, with Davis Bros., r. 1116 Leavenworth 
Bray Henry T. (Ketchum & Bray) r. 2921 Mission 
Bray John L., mining supt, r. 539 Turk 
Bray Mary, widow, r. n.s. 30th bet Church and 

Bray Patrick, lab, r. Miller pi 
Bray Walter, propr Yacht Saloon, Long Bridge 
Bray Watson A. (Bray Bros.) r. Fruit Vale 
Bray Wm., quartermaster P. M. S. S. Co. 
Bray Wm., seaman, r. 345 Minna 
Bray Wm. H., boarding, 330 Geary 
Brayton Albert P. (Rankin, Brayton & Co.) r. Oak- 
Brayton Bishop, bookpr with Bishop & Co., r. 417 

Brayton Geo., carriage painter, r. 14 Liberty 
Brazel Patrick, lab, r. Miller pi 
Brazel Patrick, teamster, r. 972 Harrison 
Brazel Wm., r. 114 William 
Brean August, seaman P. M. S. S. Co. 
Brecht Fred., lab, r. Oriental Hotel 
Breckenridge C, stevedore P. M. S. S. Co. 
Breckenridge Robert, lab, r. 30 Frederick 
BRECKINRIDGE JOHN W., stockbroker, 304 

Montgomery, r. 1512 Taylor 
Breckwedel Annie, widow, r. cor. Post and Baker 
Brede Henry, lab Cal. Sugar Ref, r. 506 Ninth 
Brede Henry J., clerk with Albert A. Hovet, r. sw. 

cor. Dale pi and Tyler 
Bredenberg W., tailor with Louis Dannheimer, r. 

317 Bush 
Bredhoff Henry, saloon, 423 East 
Bredhoff John C, tinsmith with James B. Stetson, 

r. 423 East 
Bredull R., physician, 1403 Scott 
Bree John (Thos. W. Bree & Co.) r. 1735 Market 
Bree Mary, domestic, Brunswick House 
Bree Peter J., cigarmkr with B. Rosenthal, r. li$6 

Bree Thos., seaman P. M. S. S. Co. 
BREE THOS. W. & CO. (Thos. W. and John 
Bree) brass founders and finishers, 1735 Market 
Bree Thos. W. (Thos. W. Bree & Co.) r. 668 Mission 
Breed Daniel C, bookpr with R. F. Kent & Co., r. 

512 Jones 
Breed Edward A., bookpr with A. P. Hotaling & Co., 

r. 8 Brenham pi 
Breed S. F. Mrs., r. 327 O'Farrell 
Breede H. August, saloon, 809 Clay, r. 707 Stockton 
Breel August, butcher, r. 15th av nr Q, South S. F. 
Breel M. J., r. 1101 Broadway 

Breen F., machinist Union Iron Works, r. 32 Silver 
Breen Frank, with Terrence Duffy, r. 501 Leav 
Breen James H., blacksmith, r. 10 Hampton pi 
Breen John, cooper, 120 Washington, r. 628 Post 
Breen John, night watchman Fashion Stables, r. 536 

Breen Owen, horseshoer with Geo. P. Graney, r. 341 

Breen Owen, lab with John Kosta, r. ne. cor Geary 

and Cemetery av 
Breen Patrick, dairyman, r. Bright bet Central and 

Breen Susan Mrs., r. Florence bet Sherman and 

Shields, San Miguel 
Breen Thos., machinist, r. cor Market and Laguna 
Breen Timothy K., salesman with J. J. O'Brien & 

Co., r. 422 Minna 
Breen Timothy, teamster, r. 1019 Market, rear 
Breen Wm., lab with Jung & Utz, r. 592 Stevenson 
Breeze & Loughran (Chas. K. Breeze and Thos. 
Loughran) com mchts and whol provisions, sw. 
cor Davis and Washington 
Breeze Chas. K. (Breeze & Loughran) r. 308 Leav 
Breeze James H., inspector Custom House, r. 509 

Breeze Joseph C, clerk with Snow & May, r. 1823 

Breeze Thos. Mrs., r. ne. cor Sutter and Franklin 
Breeze Victoria Mrs., r. Sanchez bet 17th and 18th 
Bregato Michael, oyster house, 808 Kearny, r. Green 

bet Kearny and Dupont 
Breha Mary Mrs., r. 4 Burritt 


IWARST0N & ADAMS, Agents. (Loans Negotiated ,) 
Cor. 7th and Washington Sts., Oakland. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {Tr;^} Established 1862 

Brehrn Edward, clerk with Feigenbaum & Co., r. 9 

Brehm Budolph W., woodturner, cor Main and Mis- 
sion, r. 9 Laskie 
Brehnen A., upholsterer Cal. Furn. Co., r. 28 J£ Lang- 
Breig John (C. A. Eeiners & Co.) r. 1920 Sutter 
Breiling & Dahl (John Breiling and Henry Dahl) 

butchers, 216 Second 
Breiling Frank, butcher se. cor Third and Minna, r. 

617 Third 
Breiling Jacob, r. 1512 Howard 
Breiling John (Breiling & Dahl) r. 562 Howard 
Breiling John, engineer Beale st. Mill, r. 2 Ade- 
laide pi 
Breinard James P., gardener, r. 1918 Pacific av 
Breis Wm., seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Breitenbach Joseph (F. Thomas & Co.) r. 713 Na- 

Breltenback Elizabeth, widow, r. 618 Greenwich 
Breitenbuecher Geo., woodturner, r. cor California 

av and 28th 
Breivet Dominique, helper Palace Hotel 
Brekle Fred., r. 1431 Pacific 

BREKLE GOTTLIEB, propr Golden City Brew- 
ery, 1431 Pacific 
Brein Katie, domestic, 809 Octavia 
Breman John, puutryman P. C. S. S. Co. 
Bremberg Berndt Lorenz, operator Am. Dist. Tel. 

Co., 833 Sutter, r. 1115 Taylor 
Bremen Board of Underwriters, Hy Balzer & Co., 

agents, 213 Sansome 
BREMER & BRO. (Wm. H. and Joseph Bremer) 

imps tobacco and mnl'rs cigars, 310 Sac 
Bremer E., collector, San Quentin Ferry 
BREMER H., propr Siegfried's Hotel 228 Bush 

and lessee Piatt's Hall, r. Alameda 
Bremer Henry, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Bremer Hermannjr., salesman with Fisher & Co., r. 

Bremer Joseph (Bremer & Bro.) r. 608 Sutt> r 
Bremer Meta, domestic, 1234 Post 
Bremer Nicholas, bath house attendant, r. 722 Mont 
Bremer O. A., gunsmith withHeber & Moller, r. Ala- 
Bremer Wm. (Becker & Bremer) r. 11 Pacific 
Bremer Wm., packer Cal. Cracker Co., r. 825 Har 
Bremer Wm., teamster Empire Brewery, r. 825 Har. 

Bremer Wm. H. (Bremer & Bro.) r. 418 Sutter 
Bremler Herman, salesman with Shirek 4i Co., r. 

652 Howard 
Bremmen Thos., longshoreman, r. 27 Hinckley, rear 
Bremner George, salesman with Tobin, Davisson 

& Co., r. 961 Mission 
Brempton Frederic, driver, r. 4 Antonio 
Bremson Henry, machinist, r. 14 Pfeiffer pi 
Brenan Michael T., bricklayer, r. 211 Clara 
Brtncel Henry, tailor, r. 20 Prospect pi 
Brendle Michael, marble cutter with J. & F. Kes- 

seler, r. 921 Market 
Brendt E. A., r. 648 Howard 
Brennan & Byan (T. J. Brennan and J. A. Ryan) 

fruits and stationery, 805 Market 
Brennan Alice, domestic, 2320 Howard 
Brennan Alice, laundress, r. 525 Oak 
Brennan Edward, tailor, r. 840 Market 
Brennan Ellen, domestic, 716 Post 
Brennan Ellen, widow, r. 515 Geary 
Brennan Emmett, painter with Whittier, Fuller & 

Co., r. 211 Clara 
Brennan Frank, tinsmith with W. W. Montague & 

Co., r. 1017 Howard 
Brennan James, driver, r. 266 Jessie 
Brennan James, lab, r. 1721 Leavenworth 
Brennan James, lab, r. 528 Pacific 
Brennan James, salesman, r. 318 Clementina 
Brennan James, tinroofer with Henry G. Fiske, r. 

527 Howard 
Brennan James G., clerk with S. McGillan, r. 118 

Brennan John (Kennedy & Brennan) r. 118 Third 
Brennan John, carptr, r. 419 Clementina 
Brennan John, driver N. B. and M. B. B., r. 119 Ship- 
Brennan John, lab, r. Long Bridge 

Brennan John, porter with Hoffman & Co., r. s.a. 

Santa Clara bit I'tah and Nebraska 
Brennan John, salesman with D. Canty & Co., r. 107 

Brennan John C, dairyman, r. Filbert nr Pierce 
Brennan Martin, boilermkr P. M. S. 8. Co., r. Tiger 

Brennan Martin, glassblower S. F. and Pacific Glass 

Brennan Martin, real estate, r. 1001 Bath ry 
Brennan Michael, lab, Brooklyn Hotel 
Brennan Michael, salesman with I. X. L. Lime Co., 

r. 211 Clara 
Brennan Michael, stairbTlllder, r. 414 Tenth 
Brennan Michael, teamster Empire Brewery, r. 416 

Brennan Patrick, deckhand stmr City of Stockton 
Brennan Patrick, teamster, r. l< h » i Batti rj 
Brennan Patrick J., gilder with Fr. H. Rosenbaumft 

Co., r. 668Jf Howard 
Brennan Richard, stonemason, r. 1521 Mission 
Brennan Thos., bellman Brooklyn Hotel 
Brennan Thos., drayman, r. 28 Fulton 
Brennan Thos., groc< ri< s, b.b, 26th ox Church 
Brennan Thos., lab C.P. It. B., freight warehouse, nw. 

and King 
Brennan Thos., lab Pao. Polling Mill, r. Illinois nr 

Brennan Thos E., polisher W. D. Oo., r. 616 <■• arj 
Brennan Timothy, coachman with at. Miller, r. B16 

Brennan T.J. (Brennan A: Ryan) r. se. cor Fourth 

and .!• 
Brennan T. W,, propr Old Cal. Exchange, ne. cor 

Olaj mid Kearny, r. 981 Howard 
Brennan W. [Hughes k Br< onan) r.654 Bryant 
Brennan Wm., clerk with S. McGillan, r. 109 Silver 
Brennan Wm., Btairbuilder, r. 118 Clinton 
Brennan Wm. P., clerk frwdg dept. Wells, Fargo 4 

r. American Exchange Hotel 
*7" See also Brannan 
Brenneman Louis, Bxpressman, nw. ror Montgoin- 

erj and Bacramento, r. e.s. Church nr 22d 
Brennen Annie Miss, dressmkr, r. 631 Brannan 
Brennen -lain' i . Tl Brady 

Brennen John, longshoreman, r. 19 Howard, rear 
Brenner Geo., clerk, r. B61 .Mission 
Brenner Leopold, Iisi., 62 Centre Market, r. 1301}$ 

Brenner Martin, tanner, r. s.s. 26th bet Church and 

Br' in., r W. H., salesman with Yates & Co., r. 1200 

Brennig Geo. A., lab, r. 3 Natoma 
Brenny Louis, r. 613 Broadway 
Brent Wm. M., butcher, r. sw. cor. Duncan and 

Breny Adolphe, shoemkr with Boisseau & Son, r. cor. 

Dupont and Broadway 
Brenzell H., tailor, r. Hansa Hotel 
Brereton Daniel M., salesman with S. Mosgrove & 

Co., r. 437 Eddy 
Brereton James, collector S. F. Gaslight Co., r. 514 

Brereton John, porter with Armes & Dallam, r. Oak- 
Breschner Fred, brewer Bavaria Brewery 
Bresette John, r. 448 % Ninth 

Breslan Margaret, shirt folder La Grande Laundry 
Breslauer Benj., clothing, 60 Third, r. 1624 Sutter 
Breslauer Henry, Uquor dealer, r. 803 Leavenworth 
Breslauer L. (Simon & Breslauer) r. St. Cloud House 
Breslin CorneUus, with Owen Breslin, r. Cascius 

Breslin Daniel, engineer King-st Gas works, r. 213 

Breslin Daniel, r. 117 Shipley 
Breslin Edward, porter Morton House 
Breslin James, clerk with Kennedy & Durr, r. 156 

Breslin James, lab S. F. Gaslight Co. 
Breslin Jenney, domestic Baldwin Hotel 
BresHn John, stone mason, r. 1017 Mason 
Breslin John, saloon, 217 Beale 
Breslin Lawrence Eev., asst pastor St. Joseph's 

Church, r. ws. Tenth bet Howard and Folsom 


and Dyspepsia. Price 25 cts. per box. All Druggists keep ttfem. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

f 706, 708, 710, 713, 714 and 716 \ 

Established 1862 

Breslin Margaret, dressmkr, r. 117 Shipley 

Breslin Nicholas, shoemkr with C. Bartslon, r. 133 

Breslin Owen, butcher, 440 Fifth, r. Potrero 
Breslin Owen, propr Cascius Hotel, cor. Sierra and 

Breslin Patrick O., lodgings, 8 Hubbard 
Breslin Stephen, lab, r. 660 Natoma 
Breslin Win., helper King-st Gas works, r. 3 Verona 

Breslin Wm., lab, r. 606 Fourth 

Breslin Wm., yard man S. F. Gaslight Co., r. Termi- 
nal Hotel 
Bresnan Nellie, nurse, 532 O'Farrell 
Bresnahan Daniel, lab, r. 11 Bryant av, rear 
Bresnen M., shoemkr with Buckingham & Hecht, r. 

650 Mission 
Bresnihan Katie, bakery and confectionery, 243 

Bresse & Liautaud (Louis Bresse and A. Liautaud) 

saloon, 226 Montgomery 
Bresse Louis (Bresse & Liautaud) r. 708 Larkin 
Bresse Louis jr., r. 708 Larkin 
Bresser — , r. 609 Broadway 
Bresson J., tobacco factory, 928 Pacific 
Bretherton Chas.E., atty-at-law, 816 California 
BretomelAngelo, lab, r. Visitacion Valley 
Bretonnel Alfred, diamond setter with Bosq & Bre- 

tonnel, r. 1023% Slitter 
Bretonnel J. V. (Bosq & Bretonnel) r. 1023% Sutter 
Bretshat Henry, seaman, r. 119 Jackson 
Brett Geo., bartdr, r. 334 Third, rear 
Brette Wm., waiter Berges' Branch Kestaurant, r. 

334 Third 
Breuer Barbera, r. 938 Howard 
Breuer Diedrich, cook, r. 206 Steuart 
Breuer Hans, waiter Folsom House 
BREUER HERMAN, groceries, 1301 Dupont, r. 

521 Green 
Breuer Wm., waiter, r. 40 Jackson 
Brevert Alphonso, r. 708 Larkin 
Brevette A. W., nurse, r. 28 Stone 
Brevil Louis, lab, r. 11 Haven pi 
Brew Alfred, with Pac. Barrel and Keg Co., r. 748 

Brew Ohas., upholsterer West Coast Furn. Co., r. 

748 Harrison 
Brew Nathaniel, shipwright, r. 748 Harrison 
Brew Thos. J., salesman with Keane, O'Connor & 

Co., r. 7 Mason 
Brewen Anna, furnished rooms, 128 Geary 
Brewer Andrew G., wood worker Spear-st Mill, r. 32 

BREWER GEO. W., mining, 330 Pine, rm 60, 
r. s.s. 20th bet Guerrero and Dolores 

Brewer H., messman, O. S. S. Co. 

Brewer Harry waiter Overland House 

Brewer Henry, clerk C. P. K. R., r. 622 Brannan 

Brewer Jacob, carptr, r. 1711 Market 

Brewer John, lab, r. 622 Brannan 

BREWER JOHN H., attv-at-law, 330 Pine, rm 
50, r. Oakland 

Brewer Josie Mrs., chambermaid Overland House 

Brewer Maggie Miss, actress Theater Comiqrue, r. 
California bet Kearny and Dupont 

Brewer Richard, steward tug Lookout, r. Golden 
Gate House 

Brewer Rudolph, clerk with Joseph Rouard, r. 127 
Olive av 

Brewer Wm., local police, r. 204 Montgomery 

Brewerton Elizabeth, widow, milliner, r. 231 Post 

Brewitt Otto, clerk with H. Goltermann, r. 505 O'Far- 

Brewster Alex., surveyor, r. 209 Leidesdorff 

Brewster Daniel E., purser P. M. S. S. Co., r. 135 
Fair Oaks 

Brewster F. T., r. 115 Stockton 

Brewster George, glazier and painter with John 
Brewster, r. 1619 Post 

Brewster J. A. Mrs., r. 534 Ellis 

BREWSTER JOHN, glazier and painter, 17 
Belden, r. 1619 Post 

Brewster John A., civil engineer, 408 California 

Brewster M. Mrs., lodgings, 128 Post 

BREWSTER BOLLA E., mining, 312 Mont- 
gomery, r. 234 Bush 

Brewster U. S., salesman with Baker & Hamilton, r. 

Buss House 
Brewster Wm., rigger, Bryant nr Beal-st Wharf, r. 

135 Fair Oaks 
Brewton James G., saloon, 536 Jackson, r. 1311% 

Brewton John C, lamplighter S. F. Gaslight Co., r. 

710 Vallejo 
Brian M. A., shipping, 54 Clay, r. 110 O'Farrell 
Brian Patrick, stevedore P. M. S. S. Co 
Bricca C, dirtman, r. 515 Union 
Brice James, blacksmith, r. 740 Guerrero 
Brick John, collector London and S. F. Bank, r. 521 

Brickell John C, capitalist, r. 1023 Green 
Brickelmeyer Guerrin, watchmkr with James Young, 

r. 22 Tehama 
Bricker H., glider, r.|4 Kramer pi 
Brickett John B., fruit and confectionery, 506 Larkin, 

r. 6 Tyler 
Brickett Mary Mrs., bakery, 6 Tyler 
Brickett Thos., clerk with Nickerson & Son, r. 6 

Brickley James, carptr, r. 729% Clementina 
Brickley John, pedlar, r. n.s. Haight bet Buchanan 

and Webster 
Brickley John, salesman withM. Cohen, r. 8 Sumner 
Brickley Michael, conductor N. B. and M. R. R., r, 

209 Clementina 

Brickley N., waiter Occidental Hotel, r. 52 Louise 
Brickley Peter, fruit pedlar, r. Cherubusco nr Court- 
land av 
Brickley Wm., r. 52 Louise 

Brickwald Fred., lab Cal. Sugar Ref., r. 22 Converse 
Brickwedel & Co. (M. Henry Brickwedel and R. J. 

Schumacker) saloon, 514 Third 
Brickwedel &Co. (Jacob Brickwedel and Henry Goet- 

jen) saloon, ne. cor Mission and Fremont 
Brickwedel Chas. H, jr. (H. Fugel & Co.) r. 623 East 
Brickwedel Henry & Co. (Henry Brickwedel, Martino 
Hencken and Henry Shroder) whol liquors, 208- 

210 Front 

BRICKWEDEL. HENRY (Henry Brickwedel & 
Co.) and Supervisor 12th Ward, 208 Front, r. 512 
Brickwedel Jacob (Brickwedel & Co.) r. ne. cor Mis- 
sion and Fremont 
Brickwedel M. Henry (Brickwedel & Co.) r. 514 

Brickwedel Rebecca, widow, r. 424% Grove 
BRICKWEDEL THOS., groceries 230 Minna 
Bride Johannah, domestic, 738 McAllister 
Bride M., hostler United Carriage Co. 
Brideson Wm., expressman sw. cor Pine and San- 
some, r. 1617 California 
Bridewell Richard F., architect and builder, r. 1401 

Bridge Chas. T., mining sec, 224 Cal, r. 230 Kearny 
Bridge Fred. C, bookpr with W. E. Bridge, Cosmo- 
politan Hotel 
Bridge Henry S., clerk with S. R. Rhodes, r. 1717 

Bridge John, machinist Pac. Rolling Mill, r. 826 Har 
Bridge Matthew, mason and builder, r. 1717 Larkin 
Bridge Wm. E., propr Sutter-st Stables, 212 Sutter, r. 

Thurlow bit 
Bridgeford Wm. B., painter, r. 738^ Clementina 
Bridgeman John W. (Glynn & Bridgeman) r. 907 

Bridger Geo., surveyor, r. 365 Jessie 
Bridges Frank, musician, r. 1038 Howard 
Bridges M. C, capitalist, r. 739 Howard 
Bridges — , bookpr, r. 230 Kearny 
Bridgewood Geo. W., machinist with Hawkins & 

Cantrell, r. 318 Main 
Bridgewood Joseph, engineer Engine No. 1, S. F, 

Fire Dept, r. 419 Pacific 
Bridgewood Samuel, engineer Engine No. 9, S. F. 

Fire Dept, r. 318 Main 
Bridgewood Samuel J., expressman, r. 318 Main 
Bridgeford David J., millman, r. 409 Folsom 
Bridgman John W., drayman, r. 907 O'Farrell 
Briefner & Levy (P. Briefner and I. D. Levy) general 

mdse, 653 Washington 
Briefner Pinkus (Briefner & Levy) r. 36% Valparaiso 
Brien James, cooper, r. 1114% Bryant 


*;4f» IflRKKT west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer In 
«.t,™ 1.7^»T«Vand Manufacturerof all kinds of Window Shades 
PAPER HANGINGS, and dealer inall kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. F5BKST} Established 1862 

Brien John, lab Bay City Soda Water Co., r. 87 

Brien Richard J., bartdr, r. 1125 Mission 
B^"See also Bryan, Bryne and O'Brien 
Brier Michael, driver Sutter-st B. R., r. sw. cor Fill- 
more and California 
Brier C, teacher mathematics Urban Academy, r. 

Brierly Conant B., physician, 1216 Howard 
Brierly John, meternian S. F. Gaslight Co. 
Brierly John, wood and coal, cor 17th and Alemany 

Brierty T. M., carptr, r. 318 Minna 
Brigaerts Bros. (Gerard J. and Joseph H. Brigaerts) 

saloon, 608 Merchant 
Brigaerts Gerard J. (Brigaerts Bros.) r. 1717 Ellis 
Brigaerts Joseph H., (Brigaerts Bros) r. 14 Bourbon 
Brigge — , seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Briggs A. E., Mrs., r. 509 Mason 
Briggs Alfred W , engineer with J. A. Folgei & Co., 

r. 2417 Clay 
Briggs Arthur R., editor Grocer and Country Mer- 
chant, r. 501 Geary 
Briggs B. F., bricklayer, r. 3:10 Minna 
Briggs Clarence B., machinist ttisdoii Iron Works, 

r. 1720 Turk 
Briggs David H., messenger Custom House, p, 609 

Briggs Edgar, tobacco dealer, r. 1914 Broadway 
Briggs Edward, bootblack with Richard Walker, r. 

Eirst nr Harrison 
Briggs E. K., wood carver, 30 O'Farrell 
Briggs Frank J., salesman with A. Lusk & Co., r. 430 

Briggs Geo., bricklayer, r. 330 Minna 
Briggs Geo. W., plumber, 532 Montgomery av, r. 

906 Greenwich 
Briggs Gustave, propr Germania Gardens, Erie bet 

Mission and Howard 
Briggs Henry, cigars and tobacco, cor East and 

Commercial, r. 5 Commercial 
Briggs J. D., barkpr with F. Garcia, r. 704)<i Mission 
Briggs John, lab with Win. H. White, r. 6 Erie 
Briggs Margaret, widow, r. s.s. Clay, bet \N • 1 «ter 

and Fillmore 
Briggs O. W., furnished rooms, 137 Montgomery 
Briggs Richard S., mason with W. D. Co., r. 915 Jack 
Briggs S. R., cigars and tobacco, 200 California, r. 

cor Grove and Webster 
Briggs Wm., carptr, r. nw cor Sanchez and 23d 
Briggs Wm., driver City Cab and Transfer Co., r. 54 

Briggs Wm. A., r. 2720 Mission 
Briggs — , r. 614 Kearny 

Briggs — , machinist, r. Montgomery's Hotel 
Brigham Calvin O. (Brighain, Whitney & Co.) r. 

Brigham Charles B.. surgeon, 703 Market, r. Palace 

Brigham Thomas, lab. r. cor Cole and Waller 
Brigham, Whitney & Co. (C. O. Brigham, E. P. Whit- 
ney and J. C. Hoppe) com mchts, 320 Front 
Brigham Wm. H. (Crane & Brigham) r. New York 
Bright John, teamster with Chase & Wolff, r. 281 Pac 
Bright Michael M., pedlar, r. w.s. Polk bet Fulton 

and Grove 
Bright Thos. E., waiter Palace Hotel, r. 251 Tehama 
Brighting Robert (Geo. Hayes & Co.) r. Oakland 
Briglar Dora, domestic, 812 Ellis 
Brignardello Amelia Mrs. (Stemplemann & Co., and 

G. Brignardello) r. 705 Stockton 
Brignardello G. (Amilia Brignardello) marble saw- 
mills, 113-115 Market and 2 Main 
Brignardello G. B., foreman with C. R. Splivalo 
Brignardello John, r. 1112 Kearny, rear 
Brignardello Louis, clerk with Ravenna & Morizio, 

r. 22 Scott pi 
Brignioli L., lab Fulda Planing Mill, r. 19 Sonoma pi 
Brignoli & Co. (G.Brignoli and Paul Lovessa) fruits, 

etc., 502 % Third 
Brignoli Giovanni (Brignoli & Co.) r. 502% Third 
Brignoni Domonico (F. Arata & Co.) r. 622 Broadway 
Brill John, r. Chicago Hotel 
Brill John H., shoemkr, e.s. Michigan bet Shasta 

and Sierra 
Brilliant T., pedlar, r. 507 Grove 

Brimigion Samuel, lab, r. 707 Clementina 

Brincatti Salvo, game, poultry and eggs, 506 Clay, 

r. w.6. Potrero av bet 22d and 23d 
Brind Caleb, confectionery, 1517 Polk 
Brinckerhoff H., engineer u. s. S. Co. 
Brindamour Henry, confectionery, ne. cor Filbert 

and Montgomery av 
Brindeau Adrian, shoemaker, r. 909 Washington 
Brindle Wm., stonemason, r. se. cor Greenwich and 

Brinkle Frank, waiter Baldwin Hotel 
Brinkman Chas., lab, r. cor Mont and Greenwich 
Brinkman E.. seaman, r. loi Steuart 
Brinkmann Frederick, clerk, r. 934 Boardmanpt 
Brinkmann Henry, cigars, 1020 Market, r. 1082 Market 
Brinnigan Matthew, bricklayer, r. 4:1 Minna 
Brinsma erver U. 8. Signal Service, r. 49 

Merchants' Exchange 
Briody Hugh, agent, r. 2 Codman pi 
Briody John, gasntter, r. 1019 Lombard 
Briody Philp, sheetiron worker with Geo. Hayes & 

Co., r. 1112 Bryant 
Brion Frederick, saloon, r. 228 Montgomery av 
Brionoise Stephen, boarding, 14 Union pi 
Brisac B. P., shipping olerk with Murphy. Grant & 

Co., r. 1618 Washington 
Brisac Felix, clerk Live rpool and London and Globe 

Ins. Co., r. 1618 Washington 
Brisbois Anthony. harneSBmkr, 735 lirannan 

roseph, gardener, r. cor Broderick and Hayes 

Joshua, barbi r vwth N. F. Williams 
Briscolese Louis, wood and coal, 816 Broadway 
Brisk Mary, widow, r. 1231 i < tsom 
Brislln Daniel, engine er K. •--! Gas works 
BriSSilen Patrick. hostler «'litl B 
Brisst tt Arthur M.. clerk with J. Cairo, r. 516 Green- 
Bri-t< 1 A. S., pres Oal. Land and Building fi 

Bristol Henry 0., COOpet Pac. Barrel & Keg Co.. r. 

676 Bryant 
Bristol House, Miss Cells Miller, propr, 810-812 

Briston A., tinsmith with D. W. Ruggles, r. lolu 

Briston L.E., driver Clay-st R. It., r. 1409 Leaven- 
Bristow Andrew, lab. r. 1010 Taylor 
Bristow Phil., seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Britelmyer John, watobmkrwith John Young, r. 22 

British and Foreign Marine Ins. Co. of Liver- 

pool (limited) Balfour, Guthrio & Co. 1 

280 California 
British Amen, an Assurance Co. ("f Toronto) Bich- 

ard B. Irwin & < 0., agent'-. 202 Sansome 
British Benevolent Society of California. Wm. 

Lane Booker, pres., H. A. Fox, treae., John P. 

McCurrie, sec. 730 Montgomery 
British Mutual Benefit Society, 417 Bush 
Briton Mary, widow, r. 1402 Montgomery 
Briton Timothy, lab, r. 1 Austin 
Britons Emma Miss, dressmaker, r. 528 Yalb jo 
Britons Philip, carptr. r. 628 Yallejo 
Britt Annie, domestic, 2 Havens pi 
Britt James, plumber with Craig & Cogill, r. 25 

Britt Jefferson, teamster, r. 164 Jessie 
Britt Maggie, domestic, 1210 Sutter 
Britt Michael, stableman Sutter-st R. R., r. '.< Austin 
Britt Wm., nightwatchman, P. M. S. H. Co., r. 17 

Frederick, rear 
Britt Wm. E., r. 1705 Howard 
Brittan Nathaniel J., r. Union Club 
Brittain Wm., blacksmith with M. P. Holmes, r. 435 

Brittell Chas. R., miner, 702 California 
Britten Michael, butcher, s.w. cor Green andLarkin 
Britton & Rey (Joseph Britton and J. J. Rey) litho- 
graphers and engravers, 525 Commercial 
Britton Geo. W. (Goodwin & Co.) r. 1313 Taylor 
Britton Georgie Miss, fringemkr with Alfred Colom- 

bat, r. 1124 Folsom 
Britton J., widow, r. 1409 Bush 
Britton James, carptr, r. 218 Seventh 
Britton John, lab, r. 218 Seventh 


Infallible Yeast Powder. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

("706, 708, 710, 718, 714 and 7161 

Established 1862 

Britton Joseph (Britton & Bey) and supt Clay-st B. 
R., r. 829 Union 

Britton Patrick, longshoreman, r. e.s. Hartford nr 

Britton "Win. H., beltnikr with H. N. Cook, r. 218 Sev- 

BRITTON ZENASE., atty-at-law, 318 Pine, rm 
37, r. 1548 Howard 

Britton's Building, sw. cor California and Davis 

Britz Jacob, r. German Hotel 

Briyd Eliza Mr3., r. 707 Stockton 

Brizzolara & Eoccatagliata (Louis Brizzolara and 
John B. Eoccatagliata) wood and coal, 1015 

Brizzolara Louis (Brizzolara & Eoccatagliata) r. 
1015 Washington 

Bro Max, clerk with L. Auerbach & Co., r. cor. Lom- 
bard and Leavenworth 

Broad Catherine, widow, r. Broad's pi nr Bush 

Broad C. H., teamster, r. Clipper Hotel 

Broad Chas. C, grainer, r. 1816 O'Farrell 

Broad Edward, plumber, r. 2021 Taylor 

Broad J., porter, r. 743 Folsom 

Broad Eobert, carder Pioneer Woolen Factory, r. 
North Point bet Polk and Larkin 

Broad W. B,, engineer King-st Gas works, r. South 
Park House 

Broadbent Chas. W., with Marcus Bros. & Co., r. 303 

Broadbent Wm. E., machinist Fulton Iron Works, r. 
772 Mission 

Broadneld Alice M., widow, r, 123 Turk 

Broadhead John F., mining sec, 7 Stevenson bldg, r. 
Occidental Hotel 

Broadway Brewery, Jacob Adams propr, 637 Bdway 

BROADWAY EXCHANGE (boarding) Calen- 
der & Brown proprs, 5 Broadway 

Broadway Grammar School, Chas. H. Ham prin, 
Broadway bet Powell & Mason 

Broadway Block, nw. cor. Broadway and Kearny 

BROADWAY HOTEL, John Donohue propr, 
212 Broadway 

Broadway M. E, Church, Eev. A. Kornzelmann pas- 
tor, 728 Broadway 

Broadway Primary School, Miss Carrie B. Barlow 
prin, n.s. Broadway bet Montgomery and San 

BROADWAY SALOON, Doyle & Murray proprs, 
5 Broadway 

Broadway U. S. Bonded Warehouse, Edwin Danforth 
propr, 723 Battery 

Brock Cecelia, widow, r. 1423 California, rear 

Brock Elizabeth Mrs., seamstress, r. 11 Folsom av., 

Brock Gustave, marine and portrait painter, r. 2019 

Brock James, groceries, 239 Perry 

BROCK J. <& CO. (Julien Brock) clothing and 
gen mdse, 718 Washington 

Brock Julien (J. Brock & Co.) r. 1526 Clay 

Brock Samuel, artesian wellborer, r. 1135 Folsom 

Brock — , stockbroker, r. 1001 Powell 

Brockett Geo. W., solderer Cutting Packing Co., r. 
787 Folsom 

Brockhoff & Co. (Wm. H. Brockhoff and Henry Wag- 
ner) groceries, nw. cor Bryant and 24th 

Brockhoff Wm. H. (Brockhoff & Co.) r. 2536 Bryant 

Brocklebank Manuel T., real estate, 606 Mont, rm 8 

Brockman Chas., carstarter City B. E., r. cor 14th 
and Mission 

Brockman F., cabineimkr Eureka Furn. Co., r. 25 

Brockman H., lab with Street Supt 

Brockman Henry, clerk with J. H. Schluter, r. 69 

Brocksmith Chas. L., clerk with P. Hartigan, r. How- 
ard House 

Broco A., propr Bay View Nursery, cor J and 21st av 

Broddski Wm., upholsterer, 302 Seventh 

Brodeck & Co. (A. Brodeck) clothing and furnishing 
goods, 627-629 Montgomery 

Brodeck Albert (Brodeck & Co.) r. 1927% Sutter 

Brodeck Lettie, widow, r. 1927% Sutter 

Brodek S. (mcht Bakersfield, Kern Co.) off 511 
Market, r. 1410 Pine 

Broder Cornelius, varnisher with West Coast Furn. 
Co., r. 9 Walsh 

Broder John, clerk with M. Gray & Co., r. 9 Welsh 
Broder Patrick, lab S. P. E. E., r. 9 Welsh J 
Broderick Christian, seaman, r. 200 Pacific 
Broderick Jeremiah, groom with P. A. Finnigan, r 

1248 California 
Broderick John, boilermkr, r. 3 Sheridan, rear 
Broderick John, expressman, r. 529 Natoma 
Broderick John, restaurant, r. 223 Harrison 
Broderick John E., asst License Collector, r. 29 Gar- 
Broderick Maggie Miss, dressmkr, r. 5 Howard crt 
Broderick Michael A., porter withHolbrook, Merrill 

& Co., r. Fair av bet Mission and California avs 
Broderick P., foreman United Carriage Co., r. 548% 

Broderick Patrick, hackman, r. 928 Twentieth 
Broderick Patrick, hostler Market-st E. E., r. 3036% 

Broderick Peter, bookpr with Hubbard, Ward & Co.. 

r. Powell av nr Mission 
Broderick Thomas, carptr, r. Mission nr 29th 
Broderick Thos., waiter Euss House 
Broderick T. J., boots and shoes, 112 Third, r. 413 

BRODERICK WM., notary public and Member 

of Assembly, r. 29 Garden 
Broderson John, seaman, r. 54 Sacramento 
Broderson Wm., collector with T. Lemmen Meyer, r. 

n.s. 26th bet Bartlett and Valencia 
Broderson Wm., seaman P. C. 8. S. Co. 
Brodhurst John, tailor with C. McCrystle, r. 120 

Brodhurst John, third officer P. M. S. S. Co 
Brodie D., seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Brodie James, machinist, r. 2217 Pine 
Brodie James E. (J. E. Brodie & Co,) r. 128 Silver 
BRODIE J. R. <& CO. (James E. Brodie and 

Samuel Valleau) book and job printers, 414 Sac 
Brodie S. H., atty-at-law, 604 Merchant, r. se. cor 

Market and Fifth 
Brodie Wm., machinist, r. 82 Everett 
Brodie Wm. jr., r. 82 Everett 
Brodigan John, seaman, r. 117 Drumm 
Brodigan Nicholas, lab, r. 322 Vallejo 
Brodigan Patrick, tailor, 304 Minna 
Brodigan T. Mrs., furnished rooms, 1203 Taylor 
Brodik Samuel, r. 1410 Pine 
Brodine B. O., bartdr with A. N. Nelson, r. sw. cor 

Washington and Drumm 
Brodrick Ansel W., carptr Spear-st Mill, r. 568 Minna 
Brodrick John, boilermkr with Moyninan & Aitken, 

r. 3 Sheridan 
Brodrick J. T., painter, r. 568 Minna 
Brodt Chas., driver with United Carriage Co. 
Brodt Ephraim, miner, r. 423 Sixth 
Brodt John M., carptr, r. 424 Stevenson 
Brodwell Wm. B., bookpr, r. 929 Howard 
Brodwolf Geo. T., instrumentmkr California Elec- 
trical Works, r. 6 Pratt pi 
Broecker F., cigars and tobacco, 231 Fifth 
Brogan J. C, professor classics University Mound 

Brogan Michael, propr Abbotsf ord House, n.s. Broad- 
way bet Larkin and Polk 
BROGDEN SAMUEL, toys and stationery, 632 

Washington, r. 634 Washington 
Brohaska Julius H., machinist, r. 15 Eausch 
Brohen Thos., stonecutter, r. 149 Second 
Brohn Wilhelm, seaman, r. 107 Valparaiso 
Brokow E. A., teamster Capitol Mills, r. 23 Grand av 
Brokaw Abraham, clerk with Henry Dutten jr, r. 211 

Brokemann Geo., cabinetmkr, r. 25 Anthony 
Brokenshire Chas. E., compositor with Bacon & Co., 

r. 636 Post 
Broker Fred, mate, r 54 Sacramento 
Brolly John, waiter U. S. Eestaurant, r. Branch 

Brombacher Jacob F., teamster, r. 29% Oak Grove av 
Bromberger Max (A. Zadik & Co.) r. 614 Sutter 
Broniberger Simon (Bosentha], Feder & Co.) r. 614 

Bromfield Harrv, seaman, r. 117 Drumm 
Bromley Edw. E., clerk C. P. R. E., r. 437 Tyler 
Bromley Geo. A., letter carrier Station B, P. O., r. 437 


It/I ADCTAM Q A H A MQ Agents for the Purchase and Sale of OAKLAND REAL 
IVIAnO i UIN 06 AUAlVlO ESTATE. Houses to Rent and Rents Collected. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%£&*} Established 1862 

Bromley Geo. S., weigher with Frank Barnard & Co., 

r. Oakland 
Bromley Geo. T., contractor, r. 437 Tyler 
Bromley John H., sawyer California Mill, r. 935 Fol 
Bromley Richard, blacksmith's helper Pac. Rolling 

Bromley Thos. B., earptr, r. 935 Folsom 
Brommer Christina, widow, r. 2047 Mission 
Brommer Henry, r. 704 Fulton 
Brommer John, groceries, nw. cor 14th and Folsom 
Bromstead Richard, blacksmith with C. F. Suhl, r. 

312 J$ Clementina 
Bromwell L. L., special agent Phoenix Ins. Co. (of 
Hartford) and Home Ins. Co. (of New York) 205 
Sansome, r. Oakland 
Bronan Geo., earptr, r. 173 Minna 
Bronn John, r. 10(30 Howard 
Bronn Theodore A. P., bookpr with Falkenstein k 

Co., r. 1810 Laguna 
Bronner A., cook Helvetia Restaurant, r. 52G Merchant 
Brohner Rosie, domestic, 1115 Post 
Bronson & Willey (Horace H. Bronsou and James F. 

Willey) hay, grain, wood and coal, 2129 Mission 
Bronson Asa, millwright, r. 3 Hubbard 
Bronson Henry H., with Buckingham & Hecht, r. 136 

Bronson Horace H. (Bronson k Willey) r. 2129 Mis 
Brony Louis, with L. Blanchette, r. cor Broadway 

and Dupont 
Brook Allen, cloth finisher, r. 93033 Filbert 
Brook Chas., seaman, r. 17 Pacific 
Brook HeDry, dyer and scourer, r. Harrison bet 17th 

and 18th 
Brook Joseph (C. James King of Win. & Co.) r. 1904 

Brook Joseph H. (Culley & Brook) r. 741 Market 
Brooke Chas. (Swan k Brooke) r. 2217 Sixteenth 
Brooke Frank, with Hobart, Wood & Co., r. 10 Hick- 
ory av 
Brooke Frank A., bookpr with Dewey & Co., r. 1925 

Brooke Geo. C, sign writer with Swan & Brooke, r. 

cor loth and Hoff av 
Brooke James F., painter and sign writer with Swan 

& Brooke, r. cor 10th and Hoff av 

Brooke, Parker & Co. (T. J. Brooke, S. S. C. Parker 

and G. W. Dowda) com, wool and grain mchts, 

202 California 

Brooke Thos. J. (Brooke, Parker & Co.) r. Santa Rosa 

Brooke Wm., purchasing clerk S. V. Waterworks, r. 

1715 Vallejo 
Brooker John, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Brookes Edwin L., earptr, r. Bernal Heights 
Brookes M. Miss., r. 800 33 Valencia 
Brookes Robert, clerk, r. 54 Minna 
Brookes Samuel M., artist 6tudio, (ill Clay, r. Prospect 

av nr Chepultepec, B. H. 
BROOKLYN EXCHANGE, P. Lynch propr, sw. 

cor Pacific and Davis 
Brooklyn, Fruit Vale and San Francisco Daily Ex- 
press, Louis Roundey & Co., 333 East 
Brooklyn Hotel, Shields, Belt & Co. proprs, 210-212 

BROOKLYN MARKET, J. Eauffmann propr, 

407 Third 
BROOKLYN TANNERY, J. C. Rued agent, 34 

Brookman Wilhelmina, domestic, 311 Taylor 
BROOKS &LEE (Samuel H. Brooks and Benj. F. 

Lee) stockbrokers, 439 California 
Brooks A. Mrs., dressmkr, r. 512}^ Geary 
Brooks August, clerk, r. 408 Greenwich 
Brooks B., farmer, r. 527 Sacramento 
Brooks Benj., supt Empire Lodging House, 636 Com 
Brooks Benj. H., mining, 315 California, r. 518 Geary 
Brooks Benj. S., atty-at-law, 6 Montgomery av, r. 631 

Brooks Carrie Miss, cigarboxmkr with A. Waldstein, 

r. 716 Sixth 
Brooks C. D., mate ship America 
Brooks Chas., bartdr with Radovich & Uhrlandt 
Brooks Chas., clerk with Bandmann, Neilsen & Co. 
Brooks Charles, ship chandler, r. 237 Oak 
Brooks Chas. Wolcott, r. Grand Hotel 
Brooks Daniel S. modelmkr and locksmith, r. 608 

Brooks David, clerk with Elias Wolf, r. San Miguel 
Brooks Edward, lineman American Dist. Tel. Co., r. 

636 Commercial 
Brooks Edwin S., clerk American Tract Soci' ty, r. 

508 Third 
Brooks Elisha, vice-principal Washington Grammar 

School and teacher evening school, r. 1725 Sut 
Brooks Frank, bookpr, r. 1925 Howard 
Brooks Frank, salesman with Hobart, Wood & Co., r. 

113 Fell 
Brooks Fred. E., actor Cal. Theatre, r. 925 Market 
Brooks G. andS. M. Co. (Nevada) S. G. Harper sec, 535 

Brooks Geo., builder, r. 1706 Kearny 
Brooks Geo., coaebmau. 141s Sutter 
Brooks Geo. J., cook, r. 1036 Folsom 
Brooks Geo. James, harnessmkr. r. 1088 Folsom 
Brooks Geo. w.. s< ■< ir Ball Boad Bouse, r. 8 Ohio 
Brooks Harrison, bookpr The Nevada Bank, r. Oak- 
Brooks H. E. (T. G. Cockrill & Co.) r. 924 Jackson 
Brooks Henry B. (Geo. H. Tay b Oo.) r. L839 Lea* 
Brooks Henry S . mine owner, r. MS Guerrero 
Bnu.ks 11. M. MlBB, artist, r. 102 Eddy 

l'.i ks J. a., capitalist, r. American ESxcnang Boti I 

Brooks James, clerk stmr Petaluma 

Brooks James H., miller with Borace l >a\ i- & <'"., r. 

526 Mission 
Brooks Jay, salesman with C. C. Hastings k Co., r. 

17'J." Batfa r 
Brooks John, fireman s. P. B. it., r. 217 ShotweU 
Brooks Margan t. v. niow . hairdresser, r. 30 Btone 
Brooks Mary, widow, r. 921 Harrison 
Brooks M. L„ r. Brand Bote] 
Brooks Oliver H., oil lands and bases, 405 California, 

r. 715 Hayes 
Brooks Orion, bookjir <'»]. Bleotrloal Works, r. 231 

Brooks Peter, seaman, r. 34 3* Freelon 
Brooks Peyton H., clerk with Randolph, Mackintosh 

h Co., r. 122 Taylor 
Brooks P. J., waiter with John Flitch, r. Clarendon 

Brooks Richard, driver with L. Lebenbaum k Co., 

r. 1303 33 Polk 
Brooks Richard N., bookpr with W. Ward k Co., r. 

'.'J4 .Jackson 
Brooks Robert Charles, distiller, r. Easier creek nr 

Industrial School 
Brooks Samuel, seaman, r. 148 Steuart 
Brooks Samuel, wood molder Korbel's Mill, r. 1141 

Brooke Samuel Jr, mill hand with Haskell & Bode, 

r. 1141 Folsom 
Brooks Samuel L., bricklayer, r. 406 Shipley 
Brooks Samuel H. (Brook- I Leavenworth 

Brooks Surah Mrs., seamstress, r. 232 Minna 
Brooks Sarah (widow) dressmkr. r. 543 Minna 
Brooks Shadrach, r. 713 Vallejo 
Brooks S. R. Miss., domestic, 325 O'Farrell 
Brooks Stephen 8., r. 8U4 Bush 
Brooks T. F., waiter with John Elitch, r. Clarendon 

Brooks Thos. H. bookpr with Triest k Friedlander, 

r. Colonnade Hotel 
Brooks Thos. W., artist, r. 612Jj Geary 
Brooks Tilly Miss, cigarboxmkr with A. Waldstein, 

r. 716 Sixth 
Brooks Wm., clerk with M. Kraker k Co., r. Oak- 
Brooks W., lab, r. 3433 Freelon 
Brooks Wm., lab P. M. S. S. Co 
Brooks Wm., purchasing clerk S. V. Waterworks, r. 

1715 Vallejo 
Brooks Wm., seaman, r. 3433 Freelon 
Brooks — , master ship Jamestown 
Brooks — , widow, r. 831 Vallejo, Tear 
<K^"See also Brook, Brooke 

Broom James M., copy clerk Police Office, r. 120 Sut 
Brophey Edmund, bartdr with J. Harrington, r. St. 

Charles Hotel 
Brophey Michael, hostler, r. 1588 Bush 
Brophy James, expressman with Rosenthal, Feder k 

Co., r. 530 Bartlett 
Brophy James Jr, porter with M. Franklin & Bro., r. 
530 Bartlett 

NrpURCTIPI IM isthe greatest Kidney and Bladder Remedy in the World. 
MLrnnL I I O U IV! Druggists keep it. Price $1.25 per bottle 


P. Van Schaack & Co. { 

706, 708, 71©, 712, 714 and 716 

} Established 1862 

Brophy John T. (MoCloskey & Brophy) r. 241 Ninth- 
Brophy Michael, hostler with A. G. Roden, 1588 Bush' 
Brorsen Ole, porter with Rouse & Laws, r. Scandi- 
navian Home 
Brosi Geo. E., saloon, 37 Second 
Brosius E. S., clerk with E. B. & J. W. Mastick, r. 419 

Brosnahan Patrick, teamster, r. 78% Colton 
Brosnahan Stephen, teamster with Haste & Kirk, r. 

660 Natoma 
Brosnan John, r. 150 Tehama 

Brosnan John T., plumber and gasfitter, r. 1 Haggin 
Brosnan Matthew, driver Sutter-st R. R., r. 29 Austin 
Brosnan Michael, lab, r. 1 Haggin 
Brosnan Thos. (Clifford & Brosnan) r. 227 Sixth 
Bross & Dittes (Geo. Bross and Michael Dittes) bar- 
bers, 230 Bush 
Bross Geo. (Bross & Dittes) r. 6 Pratt pi 
Bross Jacob, barber with Bross & Dittes, r.l5DeBoom 
Brothers Michael, lab, r. 1005 Natoma 
Brotherton Kobert, carptr and builder, 516 Clay, r. 

1727 Broadway 
Brott Wm., lab with Wilson, Merry & Co., r. ne. cor 

Bay and Webster 
Brouders M., packer Quartermaster's Dept U. S. A., 

r. 1005 Natoma 
Brough W. A., compositor Call, r. 316 Jones 
Brougham E., seaman P. M. S. S. Co 
Brougham John, barber, 631 Kearny, r. 312 Green 
Broughton Horace, master mariner, r. 16 Langton 
Broughton N. L., farmer, r. 1026 Bush 
Brouguiet Jean, barber, 319 Mont av, r. 636 Pacific 
Brouillard John, blacksmith, r. 2 Camp 
Broumer Simeon, glove factory, 511 Market, r. 1208% 

Brouse F., master ship Chas. Cotesworth 
Brow W. J., tel. operator Am. Dist. Tel. Co., r. 2503 

Browell Albert, saloon, r. 10 Sonora 
Browell James, calker, r. 1716 Dupont 
BROWELL JEREMIAH, contractor and buil- 
der, 442 Jackson r. 217 Lombard 
Browell Jeremiah jr., clerk with E. J. Crane, r. 217 

Broweng August, gunsmith, r. 1500 Leavenworth 
Brower Andrew J., bartdr, r. 718 Vallejo 
Brower E. R., bakery, 1400 Stockton 
Brower Geo., seaman, r. Sailors' Home 
Brower Geo. W., printer, r. 1230 Bush 
Brower J. D., inspector Custom House, r. 14 How crt 
Brower Mary Mrs., glovemkr, r. 613 Mission 
Brower S., carptr, r. 3 Beed pi 
Brower S., clerk with A. Boman & Co., r. ne. cor 

Stockton and Vallejo 
Brower Theodore, compositor Bulletin, r. 2104 Pine 
Brown & Barrett (David Brown and Wm. Barrett) 
house and sign painters, 16th bet Guerrero and 
Brown & Co. (E. W. and James Brown) whol butchers, 

cor 5th av and N, South S. F. 
Brown & Day (Wm. S. Brown and James Day) saw- 
mill, 1636 Mission 
Brown & Desmond (Edward Brown and Jeremiah J. 

Desmond) gen insurance agents. 410 California 
Brown & La Husen (Henry Brown and Henry La 

Husen) saloon, 544 California 
Brown & Perkins (G. A. Brown and G. F. Perkins) 
proprs Bank Exchange Saloon, se. cor Washing- 
ton and Montgomery 
Brown A., widow, r. 624 Hayes 

Brown A., bookpr with Brown Bros. & Co., r. 824 O'Far 
Brown A., driver Potrero and Bay View R. B. 
Brown A., master mariner, r. 1425 Dupont 
Brown A. A. (Brown Bros.) r. Welbon House 
Brown A. A. Mrs., r. 612 Mason 
Brown A. B., widow, r. 321 Hyde 
Brown Abram B., carptr, r. 215 Chattanooga 
Brown A. D., delivery clerk with H. W. Plummer k 

Co., r. Oakland 
Brown Adolph, cigars and tobacco, 824 Kearny, r. 

1020 Clay 
Brown Adolph, tailor, r. 522 Filbert, rear 
Brown A. F., r. 1907 Buchanan 
Brown A. G., teacher evening schools, r. 605 Pine 
Brown Albert, clerk C. P. E. R., r. 1220 Hampshire 
Brown Albert, vegetableman Baldwin's Restaurant 


Brown Albert, master schr. Barkis, r. 1415 Dupont 

Brown Albert, waiter with P. Johnson 

Brown Alex., with F. S. Drury, r. 2506 Webster 

Brown Alexander B., r. 1518 Larkin 

Brown Alfred, cutter with Joseph Figel, r. 118% 

Brown Alfred, morocco dresser with C. O'Donnell, 

r. 427 Bush 
Brown Alice Miss, dressmaking, r. 920 Union 
Brown, Alice Miss, fringemaker with Alfred Colom- 

bat, r. 1902 Howard 
Brown Alvin B., watchman S. F. Laundry Assn, r. 

nw. cor Turk and Fillmore 
Brown Andrew, calker, r. 402 Broadway 
Brown Andrew, machinist S. P. R. R. shops 
Brown Andrew, porter, r. 21 John 
Brown Andrew, tinsmith P. M. S. S. Co., r. 402 

Brown Andrew, wagonmaker, r. 9 Hayward 
Brown Annie, widow, r. Precita av near Howard 
Brown Annie, widow, r. 305 Filbert 
Brown Anthony, seaman, r. 5 Broadway 
Brown A. R., carpenter, r. 638 Vallejo 
Brown Archibald, tinsmith, r. 216 Third 
Brown Arthur, supt. bridge construction C. P. R. R., 
Cal. P. R. R., and Stockton & Copperopolis R. R., 
r. Oakland 
Brown August, mate schooner P. R. No. 6 
Brown Augustus, master schooner W. H. Meyer, r. 

Mendocino City 
Brown A. W., asst. eng. S. V. Waterworks, r. n.s. 

Bay nr Hyde 
Brown B. Mrs., dressmaker, r. 707 Vallejo 
Brown B. B., whitener, r. 406 Bryant 
Brown Benj., r. 910 Pine 
Brown Benjamin, baker, r. Coso House 
Brown Benj. L., prin West End School, r. San Jose 

Road nr School house 
Brown Benj. W. (Michelssen, Brown & Co.) 


BROWN BRAIN ARD C, official reporter 
County Court and whol agent Wooton desks, 604 
Merchant, r. 26% Kearny 
Brown Bros & Co. (Louis and Morris Brown and Bahr 
Sheideman) agents Oregon City Woolen Mnfg Co. 
24-26 Sansome 
Brown Brown, carptr, r. 23 Bitch 
Brown Catherine Mrs., r. 8% Tyler 
Brown Catherine Mrs., chair bottomer, r. 155 Fif- 
Brown C. H., engineer Evening Post, r. 30 Kearny 
Brown C. H., livery stable, r. 1 Dikeman pi 
Brown Chas. (Johnson & Brown) r. 506 Folsom 
Brown Chas., r. 2 Caroline pi 
Brown Chas., bartdr with Chas. Lehnhardt, r. 25 

Stockton pi 
Brown Chas., California Market, r. 3 Miles crt 
Brown Chas., cigarmkr with Holling Bros, r. 502 

Brown Chas., clerk with Cluff Bros, r. 216 Third 
Brown Chas., cook with Meyers & Muehe, r. 242 

Brown Chas., deckhand stmr El Capitan, r. 46 Steuart 
Brown Chas., expressman, sw. cor Dupont and 

Broadway, r. 1412 Powell 
Brown Chas., expressman, r. n.s. Elizabeth nr San 
Jose av „._,,. 

Brown Chas., fish cleaner with J. H. Kessmg, r. Cali- 
fornia nr Powell 
Brown Chas., horse trainer with Henry Walsh, r. 

cor 1st av and C 
Brown Chas., gardener, r. 1550 Clay 
Brown Chas., lab, r. 412 Folsom 
Brown Chas., lab, r. 121 Prospect pi 
Brown Chas., machinist, r. 11 De Boom 
Brown Chas., mariner, r. Clipper Hotel 
Brown Chas., painter with Gibb & Gimpel, r. 634 

Brown Chas., porter, r. 15 Munroe «-,***. 

Brown Chas., real estate, r. w.s. Dolores, bet 15th 

and 16th 
Brown Chas., seaman, r. 8 Freelon 
Brown Chas., seaman, r. 331 East 
BROWN CHAS., stoves and tinware, 18 Dupont, 

r. 335 O'Farrell 
Brown Chas., tailor, r. Ancon Hotel 


west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer la 
and Manufacturer of all kinds of Window Shades 

" and dealer in all kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market SLfflSST} Established 1862 

Brown Chas. B., compositor Pac. Newspaper Pub 

Co., r. 712% Tehama 
Brown Chas. E., baggage agent S. P. K. R.,r. 1635 

Brown Chas. E., cashier with Edward F. Hall & Co., 

r. nw. cor California and Stockton 
Brown Chas. F., clerk with A. Barli, r. cor Filbert 

and Montgomery- 
Brown Chas. F., Insurance, 37 Merchants Ex., r. 06 

Brown Chas. M., pilot stmr Alvarado, r. 150 Perry 
Brown Charlotte B. Mrs., physician and surgeon, 

110 Stockton 
Brown Christian, master mariner, off 305 Fifth, r. 

Brown Christian, restaurant, 040 Fourth 
Brown Conrad, plumber with G. W. Briggs, r. 915 

Brown Cornelius, seaman, r. 104 Steuart 
Brown Dana W., with G. A. Meigs, r 525 Folsom 
Brown Daniel, master mariner, teacher of naviga- 
tion and solicitor and advertising agent, off 050 

Washington, r. 1315 Jackson 
Brown Daniel, cooper Pac. Barrel and Keg Co., r. 

510 Sixth 
Brown David (Brown & Barrett) 10th bet < I 

and Dolores 
Brown David, carptr, r. 540 Tehama 
Brown David, carptr, r. s.s. Lombard bet Larkin and 

Brown David, clerk with Ahlers & Bockmann r. nw. 

cor Polk and Austin 
Brown David, grainer, r. 034 Seventeenth 
Brown David, wire worker with C. H. Gruenhagen, r. 

204 Fourth 
Brown David A., bookpr with N. Gray & Co., r. 25 

Brown David B. (Hogan & Co.) r. 137 Chestnut 
Brown David N., carptr, r. 247 Jessie 
Brown David P., hostler with R. B. Swain & Co., r. 

115 Natonia 
Brown D. D., surveyor, r. 311 Polk 
Brown D. H., paperhanger with Frank G. Edwards, 

r. North Pacific Hotel 
Brown D. P. jr, teamster, cor Washington and 

Drumm, r. se. cor Sierra and Indiana 
Brown E. Miss, teacher vocal music, r. 126 Tyler 
Brown E. C, widow, r. 21 Rausch, rear 
Brown E. D., tel. operator S. P. R. R., r. 969 Mi- 
Brown Edgar, clerk with Blass & Green, r. 321 Hyde 
Brown Edward (Brown & Desmond) r. Alameda 
Brown Edward, clerk letter dept, Wells, Fargo & 

Co., r. 714 Bush 
Brown Edward, engineer with A. L Bancroft & Co., 

r. Cook nr Point Lobos av 
Brown Edward, lab, r. 55 Minna 
Brown Edward, lab, with W. G. Jobson, 611-613 

Brown Edward M., printer with Wm. Johnstone & 

Co., r. Prospect pi 
Brown Edward T., shoemkr, r. 402 Hayes 
Brown Edwin T., compositor Pacific Methodist, r. 

529 Union 
Brown Ellis (N. Brown & Co.) r. New York 
Brown Elijah, bartdr Clarendon Saloon, r. 609 Fol 
Brown Elijah W., milkman, r. s.s. 21st bet Howard 

and Shotwell 
Brown Elizabeth,, widow, r. 607 Willow av 
Brown Elizabeth, widow, r. s.s. Lombard bet Frank- 
lin and Gough 
Brown Ellen Mrs., bakery and confectionery, 1245 

Brown E. M., compositor with Bacon & Co., r. 105 

Prospect pi 
Brown Emmett, compositor Bulletin, r. 1717 Mason 
BROWN E. O., real estate agent, 535 Clay, r. 

515% Bush 
Brown Eugene H., salesman with T. H. King & Co., 

r. 1635 Mission 
Brown F. B., asphaltum worker, r. 420 Jackson 
Brown Ferdinand, brewer, r. 431% Stevenson 
Brown Ferdinand, seaman, r. 15 Liberty 
Brown Frank, clerk with Stone & Wright, r. 216 Third 
Brown Frank, expressman, sw. cor Howard and Steu- 

art, r. 36 Converse 
Brown Frank, painter, r. 299 Clementina 

Brown Frederick, chop house, 10 Steuart 

Brown Frederick, expressman, r. w.s. Columbia bet 

23d and 24th 
Brown Frederick, lab Cal. Sugar Ref., r. 9 Bryant av 
Brown Frederick, porter with Greenbaum & Co., r. 

117 Stockton 
Brown Frederick A., clerk Contra Costa Laundry, r. 

10 Verona 
Brown Frederick J., engineer Post Pub Co., r. :>0 

Brown Frederick T., police, r. 1029 Dupont 
Brown F. W., widow, r. 10 Verona 
Brown G., r. 1714 Sacramento 
Brown G., waiter P. C. S. S. Co. 
Brown Geo., clerk with dull Bros., r. 210Tuird 
Brown Geo., driver, r. 3 Seventh 
Brown Geo., helper Miut, r. 16 Seventh 
Brown Geo., lab.r. Broadway Hotel 
Brown Geo. Mrs., millinery, 1001 Howard, r. 821 

Twenty-^ oond 
Brown Geo., DQOlder JStna Iron Works, r. 2830 Folsom 
Brown Geo., painter, r. 821 '■- Do 
Brown Geo., piano mover with Matthias Gray, r. 1715 

Brown Geo., l'riii. Hayes Valley Grammar School, r. 

308 Leaven wort li 
Brown Geo., saloon, ;i| Stevenson, r. 19 Sixth 
Brown Geo., seaman, r. 119 Jackson 
Brown i o ->.. -. aman, r. 238 Steuart 
Brown Geo. A. (Brown & I BUS Market 

Brown Gteo. B... operator W. U. Tel. Co.. r. 965 Mis 
Broun Geo. C, bookpr with A. S. Hallidie, r 1096 


Brown Geo. B„ weigher, r. 410 Jackson 

Brown Geo. 11., waiter Ancon Hotel 

Brown Geo. R., barber, r. 541 Pacific 

Brown Geo. T., r. viT Bntti r rear 

Brown Geo. W., r. 1088 Mission 

Brown (i. H. Mr.-., teacher private school, r. 310 

Brown Gideon II., dentist, r. m7 Ninth 
BUOWX G. T. i^. CO. '■ X. Brown and W, T. 

Galloway) lithographi rs, .",40 Clay 
Brown G.T.'iG. T. Brown k Oo.) r. Oakland 
Brown H., machine-hand Pac, Boi Factory, r. 464 

Brown H. Mrs. (Covert .v. Brown) r. 11 Stockton 
Brown Hamilton, porter with Holbrook, Merrill & 

Co., r. 113 California 
Brown Harry, driver with J. J. Duffy, r. 512 Fulton 
Brown Harry, Lumberman, r. 80 Frederick 
Brown Harry S.. atty-at-law, C. P. K. R., r. Oakland 
Brown Henry (Brown i: La Huseu) r. 232 Sutter 
Brown Henry, bookpr with J. B. Harmon, r. 930 Do- 
Brown Henry, galvanized ironworker with Forderer 

& Hunter, r. 516 Powell 
Brown Henry, helper Pioneer Iron Works, r. 404 Fol 
Brown Henry, lab, r. 26 Minna 
Brown Henry, pianomover, r. 515 Union 
Brown Henry, propr Scandinavian Home, 105 Clark 
Brown Henry, saloon, 1004 Kearny 
Brown Henry, seaman, r. se. cor Harrison and Spear 
Brown Henry, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Brown Henry, shipjoiner and extraman Hose No. 5, 

S. F. Fire Dept, r. Dorland bet 17th and 18th 
Brown Henry, second officer stmr California, r. 54 

Brown Henry A., receiving teller Wells, Fargo & 

Co's Bank, r. 110 Stockton 
Brown Henry C, asphaltum works, 614 Mission, r. 4 

Bowles pi 
Brown Henry J., crockery and lamps, 414 Third 
Brown Henry J., expressman, r. s.s. Elizabeth bet 

San Jose av and Guerrero 
Brown Howard W., clerk Quartermaster's Dept, U. S. 

A., r. Oakland 
Brown Hugh, master sloop Verrarido 
Brown Henry W. B., registry clerk P. O., r. 810 Mis 
Brown Ireson C, carptr, r. 730 Guerrero 
Brown Isaac Wm. W., butcher, r. 35 Oak Grove av 
Brown J., carptr, r. 1925 Howard 
Brown J., deckhand stmr James M. Donahue 
Brown J., fireman P. C. S. S. Co. 
Brown James (Brown & Co.) cor 5th av an N, South 

San Francisco 


405 and 407 SANS0ME STREET, 

Importers Japan and China 


C. P. Van Schaack & Co. { 7 **g2S&2^13te&™} Established 1862 

Brown James, r. 217 Second 

Brown James, baker Grand Hotel 

Brown James, cartman, r. 4 Gilbert 

Brown James, clerk, r. 342 Minna 

Brown James, engineer, r. 6 Minna 

Brown James, heater Pac. Rolling Mill, r. s.s. Shasta 

bet Illinois and Michigan 
Brown James, lab, r. 908 Vallejo 
Brown James, lab, r. 15 Minna 
Brown James, physician, r. 1003 Pacific 
Brown James, salesman with C. Curtin, r. 542 Minna 
Brown James, stevedore P. M. S. S. Co., r. 24 Stev 
Brown James, tanner with Ryan & Hennessy, r. 735 

Brown James, upholsterer with N. P. Cole & Co., r. 

629 Ellis 
Brown James, waiter Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Brown James Coleman, gardener, r. Ocean Beach 

Road nr Mountain Spring House 
Brown James D. (McKay & Brown) r. 137 Chestnut 
Brown James G., lab with Street Supt, r. 89 Brady 
Brown James P., r. 1817 Jessie 
Brown James T., carptr Cal. Mill 
Brown James W., foreman, r. cor 1st and Pt. Lobos 

Brown James W., seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Brown J. B., clerk with W. D. Hobro, r. 1305 Mason 
Brown J. B. Miss, teacher Rincon Grammar School, 

r. 308 Eighteenth 
Brown J. B., widow, r. 800 McAllister 
Brown J. C, salesman with Sam Leszynsky & Bros., 

r. 359 Minna 
Brown J. C, smelter, r. 827 Greenwich 
Brown Jennie Miss, tel. operator, r. 917 Sutter, rear 
Brown Jesse, asst engineer stmr Amador 
Brown Jessie Miss, r. 533 Seventeenth 
Brown Jesse P., bartdr with S. J. Tichenor, r. 411 

Brown J. P., book and job printer, 525 Commercial, 

r. East Oakland 
Brown J. H., lumberman, r. Keystone House 
Brown J. J., r. 607 Pine 
Brown J. K., butcher, r. loth av bet L and M, South 

S. F. 
Brown J. M., stockbroker, r. 615 Pine 
Brown J. Murray, with J. W. Brown, r. Oakland 
Brown John, r. 673 Howard 
Brown John, r. cor. Francisco and Jones 
Brown John, bartdr with Joseph Holder, r. 718 Cal 
Brown John, boilermkr, r. 131^ Shipley 
Brown John, builder, r. 1826 Jessie 
Brown John, cigar boxmkr with A. Waldstein, r. 169 

Brown John, clerk with G. A. Meigs, r. 847 Harrison 
Brown John, draughtsman Golden State and Miners' 

Iron Works, r. 529 Geary 
Brown John, drayman, r. 552 Linden 
Brown John, furnished rooms and cigars, s.e. cor. 

Stockton and Filbert 
Brown John, lab Pac. Rolling Mill, r. 3 King 
Brown John, lab, r. 135 Townsend, rear 
Brown John, lab S. F. Cordage Co., r. nw. cor Iowa 

and Sierra 
Brown John, lab, r. 33 Jessie 
Brown John, longshoreman, r. Keystone House 
Brown John, longshoreman, r. 169 Silver, rear 
Brown John, machinist West Coast Furn. Co., r. 138 

Brown John, milker with M. Knowles.r. San Miguel 
Brown John, porter with Ledden, Whipple & Co., r. 

10 Tehama pi 
Brown John, seaman, r. w.s. Ohio nr Vallejo 
Brown John, seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Brown John, shoemkr, r. 917 Sutter, rear 
Brown John, shoemkr, U. W. Boot and Shoe Co., 

r. Powell av nr Mission 
Brown John, soapmkr with Richard Brown, r. Chan- 
nel bet 14th and 15th 
Brown John, teamster, r. Broadway bet Sansome 

and Battery 
Brown John, teamster, r. 1929 Howard 
Brown John, teamster with Frank Barnard & Co., 

t. 213 Jackson 
Brown John A., painter, r. 5 Elizabeth 
Brown John A., salesman with Littlefield, Webb & 

Co., r. 2213 Larkin 

Brown John B., r. 718 California 

Brown John C, conductor N. B. and M. R. R., r 

138 Clara 
Brown John E., messenger Quartermaster Dept. U. S. 

A., r. 1060 Howard 
Brown John E., waiter Palace Hotel 
Brown John H., plasterer, r. 957 Market 
Brown John H., porter P. O., r. West Oakland 
Brown John K., master stmr Oakland, r. Alameda 
Brown John O., messenger Lighthouse Engineers' 

off., 12th District, r. 707 Vallejo 
Brown John P., furnaceman Pac. Rolling Mill, r. n.s. 

Shasta bet Illinois and Michigan 
Brown John R., carptr with J. Eveleth, r. Sacramento 

nr Stockton 
Brown John B., salesman with J. J. O'Brien & Co., 

r. 313 Sixth 
Brown John W., carptr, r. 1925 Howard 
Brown John W., draughtsman Golden State and 

Miners Iron Works, r. 529 Geary 
Brown John W., seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Brown Joseph (Callender & Brown) r. 5 Broadway 
Brown Joseph, bricklayer r. 14 Tehama 
Brown Joseph, printer with A. L. Bancroft & Co., 

r. 917 Sutter, rear 
Brown Joseph, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Brown Joseph, teamster Pioneer Woolen Factory, r. 

North Point bet Polk and Larkin 
Brown Joseph, waiter, r. 2 Natoma 
Brown Joseph H., carptr and builder, r. 513 Twenty- 
Brown J. R., paper carrier, r. 215 Linden 
Brown J. S., quartermaster P. M. S. S. Co. 
Brown Julius & Co. (Julius Brown and Lazarus Buff) 

jobbing and com mchts, 125 Sansome 
Brown Julius (Julius Brown in, Co.) r. 1019 Polk 
Brown Justice, engineer stmr Cora, r. 519 Vallejo 
Brown J. W., longshorman, r. 2 King 
Brown J. W., stockbroker, 12 Leidesdorff , r. 920 Pine 
Brown Karl, butcher Grand Pacific Mkt, r. 407 Turk 
Brown K. Mrs., domestic, 3% Munroe 
Brown Leo A., scroll sawyer, r. Potrero av bet 23d 

and 24th 
Brown Lewis, seaman, r. 117 Drumm 
Brown L. L., atty-at-law, 607 Washington, r. 2043 Mis 
Brown Louis (Toklas, Brown & Co. and Brown 

Bros. & Co.) r. 824 O'Farrell 
Brown Louis, expressman, r. 14 Converse 
Brown Louis, waiter Palace Hotel, r. 27 Stone 
Brown Louisa Miss, r. 917 Sutter, rear 
Brown Luke, sailnikr with E. Detrick & Co. 
Brown M., driver BaldwinHotel coachr. 640 Howard 
Brown Maniiel, barber with Joseph P. Rosa & Co., r. 

3 Auburn 
Brown Mark, extraman Hook and Ladder No. 3, S. F. 

Fire Dept,,r. Truck House 
Brown M., widow, r. 1635 Mission 
Brown MacKenzie, waiter Palace Hotel, r. 646 Mis 
Brown Mark, coppersmith with James Macken, r. 645 

Brown Mark, lab, r. Lombard bet Sansome and Mont 
Brown Martin, lab North's Ship Yard, r. Sierra nr 

Brown Mark, calker, r. 345 Fourth 
Brown Mary, domestic, 804 Geary 
Brown Mary, domestic, 1422 Hyde 
Brown Mary Miss, dressmkr with Mme. CJaveloux, r. 

516 Sixth 
Brown Mary, saloon, 650 Pacific 
Brown Mary, widow, groceries, Chenerynr Charles 
Brown Mary, widow, r. Dorland nr Guerrero 
Brown Mary J. Miss, r. 216 Third 
Brown M. Augusta Mrs., physician, 942 Mission 
Brown Maurice, lab Pac. Rolling Mill, r. w.s. Georgia 

nr Shasta 
Brown M. B., widow, r. 1827 Eddy 
Brown M. E., varnisher EureKa Furn. Co., r. 13 Clay 
Brown Melvin E., solicitor with Willcox & Gibbs 

Sewing Machine Co., r. 109 O'Farrell 
Brown Michael, teamster, r. 138 Silver 
Brown M. K., waiter Palace Hotel 
Brown Morris, shoemkr with Rosenthal, Feder & Co., 

r. 506 Union 
Brown Morris M. (Toklas, Brown & Co. and Brown 

Bros. & Co.) r. 828 O'Farrell 
Brown Moses P. (Vandervort & Brown) r. 2608 Sac 


for Sale by MARST0N & ADAMS, Real Estate Agents, 
cor. 7th and Washington Sts., Oakland. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market SUREST} Established 1862 

Brown N. & Co. (Nathan and Ellis Brown and Abra- 
ham Rosenthal) imps clothing and furnishing 
goods, 108 Battery 

Brown Nathan (N. Brown & Co.) r. 724 O'Farrell 

Brown Nicholas, lab, r. 3 Lick al 

Brown Noah, trunkmkr with A.Haas & Co., r. sw. cor 
23d and Mission 

Brown Paul, cabinetmkr with H. Granz, r. 630 Bran 

Brown Patrick, pressman with A. Waldstein, r. Wal- 
do House 

Brown Peter, carptr with W. H. Sellon & Co., r. 71234 

Brown Peter, cook, r. 5 Jasper pi 

Brown Peter, housemover, r. 1100 Powell 

Brown Peter, packer Quartermaster's Dept., U. S. A., 
r. 7 Alaska 

Brown Peter, seaman, r. 104 Steuart 

Brown Peter, stage carptr, Calif ornia Theater 

Brown Philip, lab, r. 228 Filbert 

Brown P. Q., r. 242 Brannan 

Brown Ralph, salesman with Brown Bro6. & Co., r. 
824 O'Farrell 

Brown R. B.,r. 127 Kearny 

Brown Richard, r. 14 Tehama 

Brown Richard, r. cor Lombard and Devisadero 

Brown Richard, capitalist, r. 818 Green 

Brown Richard, lab, r. 264 Stevenson 

Brown Richard, laundry, 1189 Harrison 

Brown Richard, prod, 504 Sixth 

BROWN RICHARD, soapworkB, Channel bet 
14th and 15th 

Brown Richard, waiter with .T. V. W< batol 

Brown Richard T., ins. agent, r. 16 Howard crt 

Brown R. Nelson, mcht, r. 2823 Washington 

Brown Robert, cook, r. 1">J Silver 

Brown Robert T., whitener and extraman Hoee No. 
3, S. F. Fire Dept,. r. 1124 Alabama 

Brown Roland G., off 29 Post, r. Oakland 

Brown Rosa, lodgings, 322 Fifth 

Brown B. W. (Brown & Co.) r. 10th av nr R.R.. South 
S. F. 

Brown Rutherford H., mining sec, rms 20 and 21 S. 
F. Stock Ex., r. s.s. 25th bet ShotweU and How 

Brown Sadie, bookpr with H. W. Yaughau, r. 813 

Brown Samuel, police, r. 20 Stanford 

Brown Samuel, lab, r. 638 Second 

Brown Samuel, printer, r. 1608 Mason 

Brown Samuel E., foreman News Lett) r, i 9 Rauseh 

Brown Samuel H., salesman with T. J. Bass Co., r. 
629 Ellis 

Brown Samuel J., route agent Railway Mail Service, 
r. Stockton 

Brown Sara E. Mrs., physician, 6 Eddy 

Brown S. C, porter with Baker & Hamilton 

Brown S. C, clerk, r. Overland House 

Brown S. O, teamster, r. 721 Bryant 

Brown S. O. Mrs., v. 612 Mason ' 

Brown Spencer R., saloon watchman O. and O. S. S. Co 

Brown Stephen, with Bartlett. Burr & Co., r. 25 Dolan 

Brown Stephen G., barber, 32 Steuart, r. 23 Haw- 

Brown Susan Mrs., r. 931 Sacramento 

Brown Sylvester B., drayman, r. 1319 Sacramento 

Brown T.,|oiler P. C. S. S. Co. 

Brown, T. B., cook Wright's Hotel. 218 Broadway 

Brown Theodore, clerk, r. 430 Chestnut 

Brown Thos., boxmkr with A. Waldstein, r. 516 Sixth 

Brown Thos., cabinetmkr. r. 6 Mission 

Brown Thos., cashier The Bank of California, r. 1019 

Brown Thos., calker, r. 432 Linden 

Brown Thos., dairyman, r. w.s. Texas nr Sierra 

Brown Thos., gardener, r. 1124 Alabama 

Brown Thos., lab, r.l Jasper alley 

Brown Thos., seaman, r. 238 Steuart 

Brown Thos., seaman P. C. S. S. Co 

Brown Thos., selector with Wangenheim, Sternheini 

& Co., r. s.s. 14th av bet O andR, Soiith S. F. 
BROWN THOS., supt California Market, r. 1911 

Brown Thos., waiter with Gallagher & Hatch, r. 

Geary bet Mason and Taylor 
Brown Thos., watchman stmr Petaluma 
Brown Thos. A., photographer, 606 Kearny, r. 1245 

Brown Thos. F., lab, r. 1717 Post 

Brown Thos. G., driver with Adams & Butler, r. 8 

Brown T. M., widow, r. 510 Folsom 
Brown T. T., seaman, r. 8 Perry 
Brown W. A., machinist, r. 2043 Mission 
Brown Walter, engineer, r. 260 Clara 
Brown Walter B., clerk Phelps Mnfg Co., r. 66 Clem 
Brown Walters. K Co. (Walters. Brown and Edward 

Carlson) oom mehts and agents Belding Bros. & 

Co's silks. 689 Market 
Brown Walters. | \V. S. Brown & Co.) r. The Florence 
Brown Ward, porter witli Holbrook, Merrill & Co.. r. 

288 O'Farrell 
Brown W. C, local police Health Office 
Brown W. K.. capitalist, r. Palace Hotel 
Brown W. Hall, capitalist, r. 220Q Mission 
Brown Wlllard I!., compositor Figaro, r. n.s. Delgado 

pi nr Hyde 
Brown Win.', r. 818 Eddy 
Brown Wm., capitalist. "r. 530 Third 
Brown Win., ear driver, r. 1209 Stelner 
Brown Win., driver with Koundry ft Co., r. East Oak- 
Brown Wm., engraver, r. 2487 T.nrkin 
Brown Wm., longshoreman, r. 185 Folsom 
Brown Wm., marl 169 Market 

Brown Wm., masti r ship BUtredale 
Brown Wm., Bali amen, r. Ilansa i. 
Brown Wm., r. 16 Qrand av 
Brown Wm., sawmkr. 222 Jackson, r . 990 I'nton 
Brown Wm., seaman. i I.' a., lr.vrth nr Pay 
Brown Wm., seamanship rims. Ootesworth 
Brown Wm., seaman P. 0. s. s 
Brown Wm., sfa redore P ' 
Brown Wm., stonemason, r. 969 Ma; 
Brown Wm., supt l>ry Dock, r. s.s. Sierra nr 

Brown Wm.. triiekinaii. r. 17 Bl 
Brown Wm., upholsterer with Wm. J. Heney & Co., 

r. Turk-st Hotel 
Brown Win., npholsfa n p, r. 1888 Howard 
Brown Wm. A., clerk with A. E. Swain, r. 664 Si. vhi- 

Brown Wm. A - V. Waterworks, r. 1 l nv- 

> mi rth nr Bay 
Brown Win. A., paperbag mnfr with Blake, Bobbins 

., r. 2048 Mi- 
Brown Wm. C, printer with Spaulding&Baito. r.'.UT 

Sutter, rear 
Brown Wm. C., salesman with J. J. O'Brien & Co., r. 

Brown Wm. D., mining expert, r. 946 liarr. 
Brown Wm. (}., tinsmith, r. 617 I 
BROWN WM. H., contractor nightwork, 6 Mills 

pl. r. cr Meiggs' Whar! and Vandewater 
Brown Wm. H., drayman, r. 819 Jackson 
Br own Wm. H., salesman with Marcus C. Hawlev A 

Co.. r. 1611 Post 
Brown Wm. H. [Wm. H. Brown k Co.) r. Arlington 

Brown Wm. H. k Co. (Wm. H. Brown) fruit and 

vegetables, 30-31 California Mrkt 
Brown Wm. J., brushmkr, r. Clipper Hotel 
Brown Wm. J., local police, r. 925 Market 
Brown Wm. N., shipwright, r. 645 Folsom 
Brown Wm. P., porter with Cullinan & Co., r. 615 

Brown Wm. P., r. 114 Bernard 
Brown Wm. P., capitalist, r. 527 Sacramento 
Brown Wm. Q., carptr, r. n.s. Army bet Church and 

Brown Wm. S. (Brown & Day) r. 66 Brady 
Brown Wm. W., clerk with Howe & Hall, r. 5 Cush- 

Brown Wm. W., lab, r. 734 Folsom 
Brown Winsor L., law student, r. Oakland 
Brown W. J., operator Am. Dist. Tel. Co., r. 2503 Cal 
Brown W. K., drayman, r. 1124 Sacramento 
Brown W. N., shipwright, r. 645 Folsom 
Brown Z., machinehand Pac. Box Factory, r. 464 

Brown — , r. 947 Mission 
Brown — , clerk, r. 359 Minna 
Brown — , driver Potrero and Bay View R. B., r. 

w.s. Kentucky bet Sierra and Nevada 

RR WM PfiY'Q SUPPOSITORIES FOR PILES give immediate relief. 
Ufli VYILVyVJA O per box. For sale by all Druggists. 

Price $2.00 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

f706, 708, 710, 712, 714 and 716 1 

Established 1862 

Brown — , farmer, r. 224 Seventh 

Brown — , with Haste & Kirk, r. 308 Sutter 

Brown — , truckman, r. 620 Linden 

Brown — , with "Wells, Fargo & Co., r. 5 Bush-st pi 

K?~ See also Browne and Braun 

Browne A. F., clerk with Philo D. Browne, r. East 

BROWNE CARL. D., artist, 612 Montgomery, r. 

Browne Chas. A.,r. Polk nr Bush 
Brown Christopher R., clerk Firemen's Fund Ins. 

Co., r. Oakland 
Browne C. S., compositor Mail, r. 809 Jackson 
Browne Edward, groceries, cor Florida and 20th 
Browne Edward, painter, r. 821 Dolores 
Browne Frederick, r. 613 Post 
Browne Frederick, painter, r. 821 Dolores 
Browne Frederick L., police, r. Dupt nr Greenwich 
Browne Harry, driver with J. J. Duffy, r. 512 Fulton 
Browne Jacob L., manager Bank of San Francisco, 

436 California, r. Oakland 
Browne James A., drayman, 313 Front, r. 6 Pleasant 
Browne James C, r. 1144 Folsom 
Browne J. H., clerk Quartermaster's Dept, U. S. A., 

r. 17 Washington av 
Browne John D., civil engineer South Pac. Coast R. 

R., 20-22 Nevada blk, r. Alameda 
Browne Lizzie J. Miss, r. cor 16th and Carolina 
Browne Minnie T. Miss, r. cor 16th and Carolina 
Browne Nelson H.,hookpr with S. B.Wakefield, r. 

1517 Post 
Browne Philo D., exchange broker, 220 Sansome. r. 

East Oakland 
Browne Richard H., salesman with J. J. O'Brien & 

Co.,r. 934 Howard 
Browne Robert, seaman, r. 117 Drumm 
BROWNE ROSS E., mining engineer, 27 Ste- 
venson bldg, r. Oakland 
BROWNE SPENCER C, real estate agent, 27 

Stevenson bldg, r. Oakland 
Browne Stephen, painter, r. 821 Dolores 
8^"See also Brown and Braun. 
Brownell Don C, salesman with Carolan, Cory & 

Co., r. 1710 Bush 
Brownell Harry, engineer Giant Powder Works, 

r. Central Road 
Browning August, gunsmith, locksmith and bell- 
hanger, 637 Clay, r. 1500 Leavenworth 
Browning George AV., clerk with Mayors & Stott, r. 

1219 Mission 
Browning Jacob, teamster, r. 309 Polk 
Browning John, groceries, nw cor 19th and Mission 
Browning John M., shipping clerk Bay Sugar Refin- 
ery, r. 771 Folsom 
BROWNING- WM. , liquors, 541 Clay, r. 771 Fol. 
Brownlee Jesse S., cabinetmkr West Coast Furn. 

Co., r. 928 Folsom 
Brownlie James, painter, r. 19th nr Diamond 
Brownlie Jessie G., widow, r. e.s. Diamond bet I91h 

and 20th 
Brownlie Robert G., tinsmith with W. W. Montague 

& Co., r. se cor 19th and Diamond 
Brownridge Robert, porter with Murphy, Grant & 

Co., r. 644 Twenty-third 
Brownrigg John, carptr, r. w.s. Castro bet 18th and 

Brownson Frederick, bricklayer, r. 245 Clara 
Brownstein Geo. (E. Goslinsky & Co.) r. 1017 Post 
Brownstone Isaac, groceries and provisions, ne cor 

Post and Larkin, r. 1002 Larkin 
Brownstone Joseph, with Isaac Brownstone, r. 1002 

Broyar Harmon, driver Jackson Brewery, r. 1430 Mis 
Broyer Alexander (Broyer Bros.) r. 623 Second 
BROYER BROS. (John and Alexander Broyer) 

groceries, 621-623 Second 
Broyer John (Broyer Bros.) r. 623 Second 
Broz Frank, box mkr, r. e.s. Alabama bet 20th and 21st 
Broz Frank, clerk with F. Korbel& Bros., r. Alabama 

bet 20th and 21st 
Brozard Frank, painter, r. 420 Tehama 
Brozell Win., lab, r. 114 William 
Brozkmon Herman, lab, r. 120 Gilbert 
Brubacker Effinger, expressman and extraman Hose 

No. 5 S. F. Fire Dept, r. 271 H Clara 
Bruce Alexander, r. 1818 Laguna 

Bruce C. O., lather, r. Railroad House 
Bruce Donald, printer, 537 Sacramento, r. 1013 Wash 
Bruce Ellen, widow, r. sw. cor. 24th and Howard 
Bruce George, waiter Grand Central Hotel, 959 

Bruce Henry, longshoreman P. M. S. S. Co., r. 5 

Goodsell pi 
Bruce James H., master mariner, r. 1218 Jackson 
Bruce James K., r. 127 First av 

Bruce John, contractor and builder, r. 142 J^ Fourth 
Bruce John, molder, r. 521 Howard 
Bruce John T., painter with B. Bradley, r. 317 Jessie 
Bruce Joseph, unfurnished rooms, 310 Mont, av 
Bruce J. R., carptr, r. 314 Minna 
Bruce L. U., caterer, r. 209 Leidesdorff 
Bruce Maxwell M., salesman with S. Mosgrove & 

Co., r. 312 Sixth 
Bruce Mitchell, cook with Antone Versalovich, r. 29 

Bruce N., bartdr with L. Radovich & Co. 
Bruce Richard, painter, r. 21 % Langton 
Bruce Robert, r. 566 Seventeenth 
Bruce Robert, carptr, r. 1818 Laguna 
Bruce Robert, clerk with Balfour, Guthrie & Co. 
Bruce Robert Mrs., dressmkr and ladies nurse, r. 

566 Seventeenth 
Bruce Robert, messenger Custom House, r. 768 Har 
Bruce Robert, machinist with Pac. Iron Works, r. 

19 Fifth av 
Bruce Robert, mcht, r. 537 Sacramento 
Bruce Robert, stonemason, r. 1818 Laguna 
Bruce Susan C, widow, r. 1317 Larkin 
Bruce Thomas, lab, r. 6 Mission 
Brucher Jos., brewer Chicago Brewery, 1428 Pine 
Bruck Alexander, physician, 742 Broadway, r. 1415 

Briiek H. Rev., pastor German M. E. Church, r. 864 

Bruckmann M. K. (E. Merkel & Co.) r. 231 Stevenson 
Bruecke H., upholsterer with John Hoey, r. 864 Fol 
Bruen — , r. 128 Post 

Bruenjes Conrad, lab Cal. Sugar Ref., r. Rosett House 
Bruenn Henry, miller with Eisen Bros., r. 75 Stev 
Bruggeman Henry, asphaltum roofer, r. 31 Langton 
Bruggeman Henry, ivory turner, r. 503 Union 
Bruggeman Henry, tailor, 526 Mont, r. 503 Union 
Bruggy Patrick, lab, r. 1122 Biyant, rear 
Brugier Adolph, r. 719 Green 
Bruguiere Emile A., r. 624 Sutter 
Bruguiere John, harnessmkr with A. Tillmann, r. 

516 Greenwich 
Bruguiere Louis G., bookpr with N. Landry, r. Oakland 
Bruhn Daniel, porter with A. C. Nichols & Co., r. 8 

Bruhn Peter W., porter with Kelly, Henderson & Gil- 
christ, 309 Front 
Bruhns Adolph, sawmkr with Wm. Brown, r. s.s. 

Greenwich bet Sansome and Montgomery 
Bruhns Hans W., saloon and chop house, se. cor Bat- 
tery and Filbert, r. 411 Dolores 
Bruhns Henry, lab, r. Greenwich bet Sansome and 

Bruhns J., r. 1553 Kearny 
Bruhns J. H., harnessmkr with W.Davis, r. corChen- 

ery and Randall 
Bruil Paul, tailor with J. Wilsuzil & Co., r. Oakland 
Briill Yedo Miss, laundress, r. 426 Fulton 
Brulliant Aaron, pedlar, r. 420 Ivy 
Brumagim John W., atty-at-law, 33 Nevada blk, r. 

1315 Mason 
Bruman Aaron, impr gunny sacks, r. 262 Octavia 
Brumfield Wm. H., atty-at-law, r. 415 Capp 
Brum! Simon (Shoenberg & Co.) r. 1208% Turk 
Brumley M. J. Miss, teacher Lincoln Grammar School, 

r. 320 O'Farrell 
Brumm Chas., blacksmith Potrero and Bay View R. R., 

r. 22 Bluxome 
Brummer John, engineer Albany Brewery, r. 75 

Brumston Lewis, bookbinder, r. 152 Clara 
Brun J., waiter, r. 420 Jackson 
Brun J. B., bakery, 327 Montgomery av 
Brun Louis, cook with Wittman & Bigne, r. 424 Jack 
Brun Mary, domestic, 510 O'Farrell 
Brunckhorst Louis, porter with Tillmann & Bendel, 

r. 9 Elliott Park 


«A»« lHAKKFT west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer In 
» / „ ..TifnVand Manufacturer of allkindB of Window Shades 
j PAPER HANGINGS, and dealer In all kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St.{%5KT} Established 1862 

Brundage Chas. G., bridgekpr Long Bridge, r. Chan- 
nel bet Third and Fourth 
Brundage W., r. 624 Fourth 

Brune August (Kammitter & Brune) r. 423 Fell 
Brune Diedrich, jeweler with Louis Miller, r. 42a 

Brune Henry, bookpr with J. K. A. Folkers & Bro., 

r. 435 Eddy 
Bruner Jane W., widow, r. 206 Powell 
Bruner I. D., traveling agent McNeul & Urban Safe 

Co., r. 2924 Clay 
Bruner Henry S., transfer clerk W. U. Tel. Co., r. 681 

Bruner Wm. H., physician, 23 Post 
Brunei E., mnfg jeweler and diamond Better, 614 

Merchant, rm 28, r. Oakland 
Brunges Conrad, lab Cal. Sugar Ref. 
Brunier Eugene, bottle dealer, 1019 Kearny, r. 1326 

Brunig Christian, saloon, 49 Stevenson, r. ".9 Stev 
Brunig Dora, domestic, 411 Tyler 
Brunig Pauline, domestic. 1627 Battel 
Bruning & Gerdes (Wm. Bruning and H. Gerdes) 

S. F. Soda Works, 733 Union 
Bruning Louis, lab Cal. Sugar Bef . r. 10 White pi 
Bruning Wm. (Bruning & Gerdes) r. 733 Union 
BRUNJES BROS. (John and Jacob Brunjes) 
groceries, sw. cor Dupont and Greenwich and 
se. cor Vallejo and Kearny 
Brunjes & Monsees (Jacob Brunjes and Henry Mon- 
sees) groceries, 759-761 Bryant 
Brunjes Diedrich, propr Five-mile Store, San Jose 

BRUNJES HENRY, groceries and liquors, 430 

Brunjes Jacob (Brunjes & Monsees and Brunjes 

Bros.) r. se. cor. "Vallejo and Kearny 
Brunjes John (Brunjes Bros.) r. .sw. cor. Dupont 

and Greenwich 
Brunjes Martin, clerk with Brunjes Bros., r. sw. cor. 

Dupont and Greenwich 
Brunn Hermann, clerk with M. Wunsch & Co.. r. 206 

Brunn Jacob jr., bookpr with A. Ramon, r. 122 

Brunn John F., cigars and tobacco, 1628 Stockton 
Brunn Peter, police, r. w.s. Minnesota nr Mariposa 
Brunner Adolphe, bookpr with Schweitzer. - 

Co., r. 333 McAllister 
Brunner Andrew, butcher with Miller k Lux. r. 14th 

av nr N, South S. F. 
Brunner B. P., vice pres and supt Pac. Rolling Mill, 

r. Palace Hotel 
Brunner Henry, cashier with Shirek & Co., r. 333 

Brunner Jacob A., ins agent, r. 333 McAllister 
Brunner John, r. Prescott House 
Brunner Louis, stationery. 329 Hayes, r. 714 Grove 
Brunner Thos. H., tailor with John Whaler, r. 840 

Bruno Giuseppe, cook Cosmopolitan Restaurant, r. 

Kearny nr Broadway 
Bruno John, cellarman Mason's Brewery, r. 519 

Bruno Nicholas, fruits and candies, 407 Broadway 
Brunnotti Louis, tailor with Chris. Zinns, r. 10 

August al 
Bruns & Co. (Henry Bruns and Henry Bormann) 
saloon and restaurant, nw. cor Main and Bryant 
Bruns & Kohnke (J. H. Bruns and P. F. F. Kohnke) 

saloon, 120 California 
Bruns B., brewer Union Brewery, r.>326 Clementina 
Bruns Bros. & Co. (George and John Bruns and John 

Steinke) groceries, sw. cor. Mission and 16th 
Bruns Ctesar, clerk with N. Bruns, cor Guerrero 

and Camp 
Bruns Conrad, bookpr, r. 969 Howard 
Bruns Conrad, lab Cal. Sugar Ref., r. w.s. Brvant nr 

Bruns Conrad, plumber, r. 252S Bryant 
Bruns Conrad, teamster withN. Bruns, r. 1322 Kearny 
Bruns Diedrich, bartdr with Martin Burfeind, r. sw. I 

cor Mason and Francisco 
BRUNS DIETRICH, r. 1233 Market 
Bruns Frederick, saloon sw. cor Eighth and Market. J 
r. 6 Eighth 

Bruns Geo. (Bruns Bros. & Co.) r. sw. cor Mission 

and 16th 
Bruns Heinrieh, hostler Golden Gate Laundry, r. 

16th nr Valencia 
Bruns Henry (Bruns & Co.) r. nw. cor Main and Bry- 
Bruns Henry, bartdr with Henry Harms, r. nw. dor 

26th andFolsom 
Bruns Henry, capitalist, r. cor 30th and Old S Jose" 

Bruns Henry, cook Brans' Hotel 
Bruns Henry, dairy, ne. cor 30th and San Jos< iv 
Bruns Henry H.. iron dealer, r. se. cor Union and 

Brans Hermlne, widow, r. 969 Howard 
BRUNS' HOTEL,, 1233 Market 
Brims J., shoemkr with Einstein Bros. \- Co 

nr Mission 
Brans John (Bruns Bros. & Co.) r. BW. COT Mission 

and lith 
Bruns John, lab Cal. Sugar Ref., r. sw. cor 16th and 

Bruns John H. (Brans & Kohnke) r. 808 Clementina 
Bruns Margan t. widow, r. 35 Converse 
Brans Mary, widow, r. 820 < hreenwlcta 
BRUNS NICHOLAS, groceries and liquors. 617 
Davis, coal, ii'.i Davis, r. se. cor Guerrero and 
BRl'.VS PETER, groceries, wines nud liquors, 

nw. cor Third and Berry, r. 65] Third 
Brans Thos., shoemkr with Einstein Bros..' 

30th bet M and Sun Jos. 

Bruns Wm., medical student, r. 820 Greenwich 
tST See also Bruhns 

Brunsdon James, brakeman S. P R. R. yard 
Brunson Chas., cook with Brickwedel Ac Co., r. ne. 

cor Mission and Fremont 
Brunswick & Grove (Samuel Brunswick and Chas. 

i Irovi i luiteliers, '.in Stoekton 
Brunswick G. M. Oo. i Nevada City, Cal.) D. L. Thom- 
as sec, 419 California, rm 21 
Brunswick House, s. a. Tomklns propr, nw. cor sixth 

and Howard 
Brunswick Samuel (Brunswick ft Grove) r. 417 Mason 
Brunt Leonard, lab S. V. Waterworks, r. 26 Ritob 
Brunt Wm., boilermkr, r. 28 Bitch 
Bruntsco I larl, Oust >m Moon- broker, 504 Battery, r. 

Broderick bet Grove and Hayes 
Brunz Conrad, bookpr with A. Waldstein, r. 429 How 
Brunza John, r. 419 Davis 
BRUSABER CHAS. H ., propr Central Exchange 

Saloon, w.s. Kentucky bet Sierra and Nevada 
Bruschi Guiseppe, vegetable gardener, 33 Colombo 

Brusco Antonio, lab, r. nr Five-mile store. San Jose 

Bruse Christian, groceries and provisions, sw. cor 

Howard and Langton 
Bruse John, calker, r. German Hotel 
Brush A. G., rate clerk State Investment and Ins. Co., 

r. Oakland 
Brush Albert, blacksmith, r. 1633 Ellis 
Brush, Bacon & Co. (R. G. Brush and F. W. Bacon) 

st rkbrokers, 326 Pine 
Brush C. W., r. Grand Hotel 

Brush Edwin A., baggageman S. P. R. R., r. 1 Liberty 
Brush Geo. A., grainer, r. 1633 Ellis 
Brush Joseph, longshoreman, r. 9 Pinkney pi, rear 
Brush R. G. (Brush, Bacon & Co.) r. Oakland 
Brusker John, carptr, r. Hansa Hotel 
Brusnahen Daniel, tanner, r. e.s. Ninth nr Brannan 
Brust Harry, waiter, r. 449 First 
Brutcher Chas. J., seaman, r. Keystone House 
Brutscher Adam, whol butcher, r. 469 Minna 
Bruum T. Othar, packer with Feigenbaum & Co., r. 

cor Bush and Montgomery 
Bruun E. F., bookpr, r. 1327 Vallejo 
Bruun Hans Paulsen, seaman schr Pike County 
Bruzonia Antonio, expressman, r. 627 Grove 
Bryan Archie C. (Bond & Bryan) r. West Oakland 
Bryan Chas. H., stationery clerk Nevada Bank, r. 116 

Bryan Dennis, r. 178 Stevenson 
Bryan Edward, packer with Baker & Hamilton, r. 

1107 Shotwell 
Bryan Edward H., plumber, r. 106 Dupont 


; .' 

405 and 407 SANS0ME ST., sole Manufacturers of the 
Patented Cafe des Gourmands. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. {"^aS^^KES.™} Established 1862 

Bryan Edward H., molder, r. Isthmus House 

Bryan Edwin H., collector, 331 Kearny, r. 1710 Larkin 

Bryan E. H., res physician City and County Hospi- 
tal, off 212 Kearny, r. City and County Hospital 

Bryan Frank, clerk SubstDept, U. S. A. r. 331 Kearny 

Bryan Frederick, salesman with A. Pallies & Co., r. 
530 Bush 

Bryan James E., clerk with Fechheimer, Goodkind 
& Co., r. 610 Sutter 

Bryan J. E. traveling agent, r. 23 Stockton 

Bryan J. M., stoves and ranges, 130 Third 

Bryan John J., clerk American Exchange Hotel 

Bryan Louis, waiter Palace Hotel, r. 444 Mission 

Bryan Margaret Mrs., furnished rooms, 8 Twelfth 

Bryan T., lab, public street 

Bryan Thos, prop American Exchange Hotel, 319-325 

Bryan Thomas, seaman, r. 131 Folsom 

Bryan Wm.. real estate, r. American Exchange Hotel 

Bryan Wm. F., bookpr, r. 2212 % Fillmore 

Bryan "Wm. H., bookpr American Exchange Hotel 

BRYAN "WM. J., druggist, se. cor New Mont- 
gomery and Market, nw. cor Second and How- 
ard, nw. cor Third and Howard and 603 Mer- 
chant, r. 611 Polk 

Bryan "Wm. J. (George H. Tay & Co.) r. Haywards 

Bryan — , Miss, r. 1036 Jackson 

8®* See also Bryans, Bryant, Brien, Brind, Bryne 
and O 'Bryan 

Bryans Edward, r. 1107 Shotwell 

BRYANT & COOK (Daniel S. Bryant and David 
S. Cook) com. mchts and dealers flour and grain, 
8 Davis 

Bryant & Taylor, (A. J. Bryant and J. S. Taylor) 
agts. Diebold Safe and Lock Co., 312 California 

Bryant A., prop Laurel Dairy, r. 615% Natoma rear 

Bryant Abby Mrs., lodgings, 211 Second 

Bryant Alexander, foreman, r. 736 Sixteenth 

BRYANT ANDREW J. , Mayor San Francisco, 
off 1st floor, City Hall, and vice-pres State In- 
vestment and Ins. Co., off 218 Sansome, and 
(Bryant & Taylor) r. 822 Sutter 

Bryant C. G. Mrs., teacher music, r. 507 Post 

BRYANT CHAS. W., atty-at-law, 85-86 Mont- 
gomery blk, r. Brooklyn Hotel 

Bryant Daniel S. (Bryant & Cook) r. Oakland 

Bryant Edward, r. 713 Bush 

Bryant Eleazer, wood-turner, r. 1034 % Folsom 

Bryant Geo., foreman laborers "W. D. Co. 

Bryant Geo., shoemkr, 308% Stockton, r. cor Green 
and Dupont 

Bryant Geo., r. 463 Minna 

Bryant Geo. H. (Neville & Co.) r. 1917 Polk 

Bryant Henry, porter with Taber, Harker & Co. , r. 
713 Bush 

Bryant Henry, watchman "W. D. Co. 

Bryant House, Milton Newell propr, 721 Bryant 

Bryant James, with Laurel Dairy, r. 615% Natoma, 

Bryant James E., crockery and glassware, 10-12 Third, 
r. 432 Folsom 

Bryant J. G., r. 605 Pine 

Bryant John, foreman Examiner, r. 11 John 

Bryant John, carptr, "W. D. Co. 

Bryant John, house cleaner, r. s.s. Greenwich, bet 
Larkin and Polk 

Bryant John, wood carver, nw. cor Beale and Mis- 
sion, r. 127 Shotwell 

Bryant Louis, head waiter Palace Hotel 

Bryant P. O., carptr, r. 1804 Dupont 

Bryant Kichard P., r. 443 Green 

Bryant Ruth, widow, r. 1429 Geary 

Bryant S. A., milkman, r. 615% Natoma 

Bryant Samuel, carptr, r. s.s. Greenwich, bet Larkin 
and Polk 

Bryant Samuel jr., bootblack, 646 Commercial, r. s.s. 
Greenwich, bet Larkin and Polk 

Bryant Stephen, waiter Palace Hotel, r. 24 Everett 

Bryant Susan Miss, r. 2030 Howard 

BRYANT WARREN, real estate, 33 Mchts' Ex- 
change, r. 230 Shotwell 

Bryant "William, boilermkr, r. Branch House 

Bryant Wm., coalpasser P. M. S. S. Co. 

Bryant William, upholsterer, r. Hancock House 

Bryant Wm. F., salesman with David Conrad, r. 906 

Bryant Wm. H., salesman with C. A. Hooper & Co., 

r. Grand Hotel 
Bryant Wm. H., r. 21 Silver 
US?" See also Bryan 

Bryar Annie Miss, hairdresser, 1514 Stockton 
Bryde Wm. L. (Middleton, Bryde & Co.) 320 Wash- 
Brydges M. C, capitalist, r. 739 Howard 
Bryden & Hinckley (Geo. Bryden and A. B. Hinck- 
ley) draymen, 401 Front 
Bryden Geo. (Bryden & Hinckley) r. 360 Natoma 
Bryn Frank, master tug Transit, off. 42 Market, r. 

14 De Boom 
Bryne Mary, domestic, 1516 Folsom 
Bryon Benj., bookpr, r. 538 Howard 
I3^~ See also Bryan, Brien and O'Brine 
Bryson C. W., junk, 525-527 Fourth, r. 331 Geary 
Bryson Thomas, printer, r. 344 Fifth 
Buaillion Edward, carpenter, r. 8 Maiden lane 
Buara & Burgo (Jos. Buara and Geo. Burgo) fruits, 

240% Fifth 
Buara Joseph (Buara & Burgo) r. 240% Fifth 
Bucelli Orazio, gardener, r. Railroad av 
Buchal Enos, shoemaker, r. 1118 Kearny, rear 
Buchan James, boots and shoes, 308 Sixteenth 
Buchanan Albert, teamster, r. se. cor. 22d and Fol 
Buchanan Edward, clerk with Figer Bros., r. 29 Com 
Buchanan Isaac, stocks, r. 920 McAllister 
Buchanan James, groceries, 206 Ninth 
Buchanan James W., lather, r. 571 Howard 
Buchanan John Henry, furniture finisher, r. 571 

Buchanan John N. (Dohs & Buchanan) r. 974 Har 
Buchanan John W., foremanPac. Box Factory, r. 3% 

Buchanan Joseph, wagonmkr, r. 1309 Stockton 
Buchanan Marks, lithographic printer with G. T. 

Brown & Co., r. 1302 Pine 
Buchanan Murdoch K., with Einstein Bros. & Co., r. 

708 Buchanan 
Buchanan S. A. Mrs., r. 511 Shotwell 
Buchanan Thos., molder, r. 53 Natoma 
Buchanan Wm. G., supt with Einstein Bros. & Co., 

r. 708 Buchanan 
Buchard James Rev., clergyman St. Ignatius Col- 
lege, 841 Market 
Bucher Henry, drayman with Larzelere & Witham 
Bucher Joseph, carptr, r. e.s. Church bet 28th and 

Buchert Geo., shipwright, r. 220 Francisco, rear 
Buchholtz August, with J. Radczewsky, r. Conti- 
nental Hotel 
Buchholtz Henry (Raisch & Buchholtz) r. Oakland 
Buchholtz M. Miss, teacher Bush-st Cos. Grammar 

Buchi C, saloon, sw. cor Kearny and Morton, r. 317 

Buchi Jacques, engraver with M. Schmidt & Co., r. 

810 Greenwich 
Buchignani A., clerk with Gabriel Bovo, r. cor San- 
some and Broadway 
Buchn Chris., maltster Pioneer Malt House 
Buchols Elizabeth, widow, r. 19 Lewis, rear 
Buchtenkirchen Adolph, bookpr Singer Mnfg Co., r. 

609 Pine 
Buchtmann Adolph M., porter with L. & E. Werth- 

eimer, r. 12 Willow av 
Buchtmann Methas, porter, r. 12 Willow av 
Buck Claus, lab Cal. Sugar Ref., r. Converse nr 

Buck Chas. (Hintz & Buck) r. 735 Brannan 
Buck Chas., bartdr with Albert Dreyer, r. 516 How 
Buck Chas. H., clerk with J. H. Daley, r. 14 Tehama 
Buck Daniel, mining sec, 80 Nevada blk, r. Occi- 
dental Hotel ,.■ 
Buck Geo., engineer Pac. Rolling Mill, r. e.s. Louis- 
iana nr Shasta 
Buck Geo., expressman cor Kearny and Montgom- 
ery, r. 314 Third 
Buck H. E., driver Clay-st Hill R. R. 
Buck Henry, r. 170 Perry 
Buck J. (Hintz & Buck) r. Harmony Hotel 
Buck John, lab Cal. Sugar Ref., r. North German 

House _ , 

Buck John, teamster, r. Point Lobos Road nr cor 


VyMrB 8 MLIO I O will do well to call on MARST0N & ADAMS, Real Estate Agents, Oakland 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market SUWST} Established 1862 

Buck John A. (N. Ohlandt & Co.) r. Jersey bet Butte 

and Solano 
Buck Joseph, helper Empire Box Factory, r. 742 

BUCK, McCOURT & CO. (Peter Buck, Patrick 

B. McCourt and Jacob J. Olsen) imprs and whol 

dealers in liquors, 625 Sansome 
Buck Minnie widow, r. 7 Carlos pi 
Buck Peter (Buck, McCourt & Co.) r. Oakland 
Buck Thos., r. 8 Clementina 
Buck Warner, miner, r. 2606 Folsom 
Buck Wm., helper Empire Box Factory, r. 742 Fourth 
Buck Wm. H., steward, r. 132 Fern av 
Buckbee A. C, lab Custom House, r. 1614 Jessie 
Buckbee Chas. A., clerk Mint, r. 510 Taylor 
Buckbee M. S., widow, r. 1614 Jessie 
Buckbee Ossian, painter with Millman & Co., r. 1614 

Buckbee Spencer C, clerk with C. James King of 

"Wm. & Co., r. 51G Taylor 
Buckeye G. andS. M. Co. (Nevada) Chas. A. Sankey 

sec, 20 Stevenson bldg 
Buckhaber Herman, jeweler with R. Bujanoff, r. 1112 

Buckhilhoff Peter, waiter Palace Hotel 
Bucking & Pilster (John Bucking and Henry Pilster) 

groceries, 515 Bryant 
Bucking D., cooper, nw. cor Drumni and Clark, r. 

n.s. Bryant bet Fourth and Fifth 
Bucking Frederick (Wolters & Co.) r. 15 Clinton 
Bucking John (Bucking & Pilster) r. 616 Brvant 
BUCKINGHAM & HECHT (Thos. H. Bucking- 
ham, Isaac and Louis Hecht jr and L. P. Wiel) 

boot and shoe mnxrs., cor Haight and G-ough 
Buckingham Aurelius E., salesman with Thos. R. 

Church, r. 719 Bush 
Buckingham Chas. E., mining sec, :)20 San, rm 10 
Buckingham Geo. H.. salesman with Thos. R. 

Church, r. 719 Bush 
BUCKINGHAM THOS. H. (Buckingham & 

Hecht) r. nw. cor Oak and Buchanan 
Buckingham Wm. P., with Buckingham & 

Hecht, r. Baldwin Hotel 
Buckland Owen, architect with Wright & Sanders, r. 

1019 Hyde 
Buckley Andrew, porter with Moon, Scully & Co., r. 

344 Seventh 
Buckley Andrew jr., printer with Kane & Cook, r. 

344 Seventh 
Buckley Benj., lab, r. 424 Shotwell, rear 
Buckley C. B., widow, r. 807 Leavenworth 
Buckley C. M. A., widow, r. 1103 Jackson 
Buckley Cornelius, contractor and builder, r. 8.8. 

21st bet Chattanooga and Church 
Buckley Cornelius, expressman, Folsom-st Wharf, r. 

California av bet 29th and 30th 
Buckley Cornelius F., physician and surgeon, G4G 

Market, r. 1053 Market 
Buckley Daniel (Stewart & Buckley) r. 1501 Tyler 
Buckley Daniel, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Buckley Daniel J., note teller Hibernia Savings and 

Loan Society, r. 1111 Devisadero 
Buckley David, porter with A. C. Dietz & Co., r. 12 

Buckley Dennis, carptr, r. 5 Minna 
Buckley Dennis, coalpasser P. M. S. S. Co. 
Buckley Dennis, propr Nevada Hotel, 518 Pacific 
Buckley D. J., propr Terminal Hotel, r. 60G Fourth 
Buckley Edmund, bricklayer, r. 423 Tehama 
Buckley Edward A., bricklaver. r. 1221 Folsom, rear 
Buckley Edmund J. (Ellis, Van Voorhies & Co.) r. 

1103 Jackson 
Buckley Eliza, domestic, 738 McAllister 
Buckley E. P., r. 520 Lombard 
Buckley Francis, carptr, r. 1111 Devisadero 
Buckley Frank J., clerk with Gambs & Thompson, r. 

13 Moss 
Buckley Fred., clerk, r. 269 Minna 
BUCKIiEY GEO. D., atty-at-law, 729 Montgom- 
ery, rm 16 
Buckley J., machinist Union Iron Works, r. Bernal 

Buckley J., paver with Street Supt 
Buckley J., steerage steward P. C. S. S. Co. 
Buckley James, r. Polk nr Pacific 
Duckley James A., contractor, r. 751 Howard 

Buckley Jeremiah, night inspector Custom House, 

r. 2208 Larkin 
Buckley Jeremiah, shoemkr with Girard k Morley, 

r. 1433 Langton 
Buckley Jeremiah, engineer with J. K. Prior, r. 22 

Buckley Jeremiah J., salesman with Hobart, Wood 

& Co., r. sw cor Faith and Brewster 
Buckley J. L., bookpr with Lewis Bros., r. 407 Clem 
Buckley Johu, bartdr with M. J. Sullivan 
Buckley John (Egan & Buckley) r. 927 Broadway 
Buckley John, harness cleaner, r. 182 Stevenson 
Buckley John, mason, r. 246 Fourth 
Buckley, John P., clerk with Ellis, Van Voorhies & 

Co., r. 1103 Jackson 
Buckley Joseph A., salesman with Dunham, Carrigan 

& Co., r. w.s. Devisadero bet Turk and Eddy 
Buckley J. W., butcher, r. 11th av nr P, South S. F. 
Buckley Kate, domestic 901 Eddy 
Buckley L. M., cooper with Lawrence Felvey, r. 730 

Buckley Margaret, lodgings, 622 Stevenson 
Buckley Mary, r. 127 Fourth 

Buckley Mary A. Miss, dressmkr, r. 222 Lombard 
Buckley M. E., widow, r. 321 Geary 
Bucklev Michael, blacksmith Union Iron Works, r. 

124*-. < iill.r It 

Buckley Michael, lab, r. 5 Minna 
Buckley Michael, r. 9 Tehama pi 
Buckley Michael, porter with L. k M. Sachs b Co., 

r. s.s. Gearv bel Scott ami Hevisadero 
Buckley Michael, stevedore P. M. s. s. Oo. 
Buckley Michael A., longshoreman, r. 432 Brannan 
Buckley Ned. propr Buckley's Adelphi Theatre, 007 

Buckley Nora, domestic, 1575 Folsom 
Buckley Patrick, lab. r. 21 1 FlrSl 
Buckli y Patrick, lab, r. 925 Broadway 
Buckley Patrick, lab, r. n.s. Bush bet Broderick and 

Buckley Patrick, saloon, 957V; Folsom 
Buckle; Patrick, shoemkr, T.:i Montgomery 
Buckley P. J., physician, r. 1068 Mission 
Buckley i:., waiter Commercial Boto I 
Buckley Reuben, with Buckley's Varieties, r. 25 

8 torn 
Buckley Thomas, speculator, r. 919 Stockton 
Buckley Thomas, lab, r. Tehama bet 27th and 28th 
Buckley Timothy, lab, r. 4511 Natoma 
Buckley Vincent P., student, r. 1103 Jackson 
Buckley Wm., carpenter, r. 117 Drumm 
Buckley William, brickmkr, r. n.e. cor Polk and 

Buckley Wm., gilder, with 8. k G. Gump, r. 127 

Buckley — , lab, Union Iron Works, r. 
Buckley's Adelphi Theatre, Ned Buckley, propr, 607 

Buckley's Varieties, Hocking k Peters, proprs, n.w. 

cor Pine and Kearny, 
Bucklin Albeit' G., carpenter, with S. Williams, r. 

736 Tehama 
Buckman Albert E., collector and contractor, 704 

Montgomery, r. 318 Kearny 
Buckman August, waiter, Metropolitan Hotel 
Buckman Chas., clerk, r. 502 Bush 
Buckman Chas.. clerk, r. 921 Jackson 
Buckman M. M., purser P. C. S. S. Co. 
Buckman George, waiter, Metropolitan Hotel 
Buckmaster W. H., painter, r. 37 Pacific 
Buckminster L. Mrs., dressmkr, r. 514 Geary 
BUCKX.U.L GEO. J., physician, 331 Kearny, r. 

811 O'Farrell 
Bucknam Clara T. Miss, teacher Rinco'n Grammar 

School, r. 27 Glen Park av 
Bucknam Edmund H., bookpr with Ezra T. Bucknam, 

r. 27 Glen Park av 
Bucknam Ezra T., stoves and tinware, 22 Steuart, r. 

27 Glen Park av 
Bucknell Wm., lab S. F. Packing and Provision Co., 

r. 420 Union 
Bucknell Martha E., physician, 305 Sutter, r. 2203 

Buckner &Kley(Chas.Buckner and Christopher Kley) 

carpenters and builders, 110 Geary 
Buckner Chas. (Buckner & Kley) r. 22 Garden 

A. E. MINTiE. M. D. 

11 Kearny Street, sole Agent for Sir Astley Cooper's Vital 
Restorative — the great English Remedy for Nervous Debility, 
Exhausted Vitality and Premature Decline. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co. 

f 706, 708, 710, 713, 714 and 716 \ 

Established 1862 

Buckner Chas., carptrand cabinetmkr, r. 233 Sixth 
Buckner Henry, paperhangec, r. 451 Jessie 
Buckner Thos. jr., oysterman, r. 314 Sutter 
Buckovich John, chop house, 153 Third 
BUJOO WAYMAN C, stockbroker, 440 Califor- 
nia, r. 1115 Van Ness av 
Budd — , clerk, r.302 O'Farrell 
Budde Joseph, brassfinisher with Wm. Smith, r. 17 

Budde Theodore, porter with W. W. Dodge & Co., r. 

519 Greenwich 
Buddington Moses, master mariner, r. 24 Ellis 
Budge Kichard F., sec. Buena Vista Vinicultural 

Society, r. 1607 Powell 
Budgess Henry, salesman, r. 232 Minna 
Budhe Joseph, plumber, r. 117 Bernard 
Budzzilieni Mary J. Mrs., saloon, 70 Jessie 
Bueche Louis E., cellarman with B. Dreyfus & Co., 

r. 1521 Mason 
Buehler Fredrick, lithographer with A. Waldstein, r. 

511 Green 
Buehler Jacob M. Bev., pastor St. Paul's German 

Evangelical Lutheran Church, r. 953 Mission 
Buehler John F., boot and shoemkr, 205 Mont av 
Buehlman John, machinest, r. 837 Broadway 
Buehlman Mary Miss, dressmkr, r. 837 Broadway 
Buehlmann Fred., groceries, sw. cor Eighth and 

Buehn Gottlieb, cooper with David Woerner, r. 44 

Clementina > 

Buel D. E., r. 1800 Laguna 
Buell Albert, carptr, r. 308 Jessie 
Buell C. S., stockbroker and mining sec, 15 Steven- 
son bldg 
Buena Vista Petroleum Co. (Kern Co. Cal.) Lucien 

Herman sec, 220 Sansome, rms 5-6 
Buena Vista Vinicultural Society, B.E. Auger & Co. 

agents, 409 Battery 
Bueniti Jaco, produce, r. 9 Lafayette pi 
Buenvenito — , mcht, r. Hotel de Paris 
Buermann Frederick, bookpr with F. Mandlebaum, 

r. 22 Valparaiso 
Buero G. (N. Giamboni & Co.) r. 520 Clay 
Buero Giacomo, gardener, r. Ocean House Boad nr 

Industrial School 
Buero Luis, with Bavenna & Morizio, r. 926 Pacific 
Buescher Wm., waiter, r. 543 Natoma 
Buff Henry, butcher, r. Valencia nr 18th 
Buff Lazarus (Julius Brown & Co.) r. Bootz Hotel 
Buffandeau Emil B. Mrs., r. 1206 Jackson 
Buffennach Isidor, cooper with David Woener, r. 725 

Buffmgton J. M., mining sec, 309 Cal, r. 137 Silver 
Buffmgton Wm. H., bookpr with A. G. Gurnett, r. 137 

Bufford Henry L., driver S. F. Laundry Assn, r. 1315 

Bufford Samuel F., pres S. F. Laundry Assn, r. 2520 

Buffum John W., miner, r, 415 Stevenson 
Buffum M. P., bookpr Footlight Pub Co., r. 137 Mont- 
Bugbee Chas. L. , architect, 78-79 Nevada blk, r. Oak- 
Bugbee Geo. E., sampler U. S. customs, r. Oakland 
Bugbee John S., atty-at-law, 6-7 Mont blk, r. 4 Waller 
Bugbee Mary Miss, with Fisher & Co., r. 428 Oak 
Bugbee Sumner W., agent Pottier & Stymus, Mnfg 

Co. (New York) 78 Nevada blk, r. Oakland 
Bugcaker — , r. 609 Broadway 
Bugg B. S., purser P. M. S. S. Co. 
Buggy .Thos., porter with Holbrook, Merrill & Co., 

r. North Pacific Hotel 
Bugh Herman, carptr, r. Castro bet 17th and 18th 
Buhl Chas., clerk with A. W. Manning, r. 56 Minna 
Buhl Henry, musician, r. 738 Vallejo, rear 
Buhl John, shoemkr, r. Hotel Bhein 
Buhler A., druggist, r. 1228^ Pacific 
Buhlert & McMenomy (Albert Buhlert and James 

McMenomy) undertakers, 1057% Mission 
Buhlert Albert (Buhlert & McMenomy) r. 570 Minna 
BUHLERT JUL.XUS, law and collection off, 605 

Clay, r. 26 Mary 
Buhlinger Joseph, r. California av bet 29th and 30th 
Buhlmeier Augustus, marble cutter, r. 17 Fourth 
Buhmeier Fred., pianomkr, r. 1216 Pacific 

Buhr & Bandy (Benj. F. Buhr and Aaron N. Bandy) 

com mchts, ne. cor Front and Washington 
Buhr Benj. F. (Buhr & Bandy) r. 417 Stockton 
Buhring Harry, student Heald's Business College 
Buhrmister John, lodgings, 529 Pine 
Buicelli Orazio, vegetable gardener, 2-3 Colombo 

Buick John, painter, r. 1602 Post 
Buist Wm., porter with L. Dinkelspiel & Co. 
Buja N. (Divisich & Buja) r. 810 Green 
Bujan Antonia, propr Visitacion Valley Hotel, r. e.s. 

San Bruno Koad nr county line 
BUJANOPF REINHOLDT, mnfr jewelry and 

diamond setter, 33 Kearny, rm 15 
Buker Levy K., bricklayer, r. 2 Wall pi 
Buktzke Wm., upholsterer Cal. Furn. Co., r. 663 

Bulard Deborah, widow, r. 4 Oak Grove av 
Bulfmch Henry, salesman with Dolliver & Bro r 

502% Linden '' ' 

Bulger Ann Mrs., propr Globe House, se. cor Bran- 
nan and Sixth 
Bulger Edward, tanner, r. 1419 Folsom 
Bulger Frank, Pac. Boiling Mill, r. e.s. Illinois nr 

Bulger James K., clerk supt's off. P. M. S. S Co r 

31 Buss 
Bulger John, waiter with Mrs. Susan Coley, r 247 

Bulger John K., machinehand Mint, r. 31 Buss 
Bulger Martin, supt P. M. S. S. Co. and Panama 

Transit S. S. Co., r. 31 Kuss 
Bulger Michael, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Bulger Patrick, expressman, cor Sixth and Market, 

r. 4 Boyd 
Bulger T. D., engineer P. M. S. S. Co, 
BULKELEY.L. E., atty-at-law, 603 Washing- 
Bulkley Ichabod, salesman with C. A. Hooper & Co., 

r. 7 Crook 
Bulkley S. K., driver with M. H. Garland, r. 1628 

Bull Alpheus, vice-pres Fireman's Fund Ins. Co., 

401 California, r. nw. cor Francisco and Leav 
Bull James, tailor, 109 Third 
Bull Jennie, widow, r. 2135 Mission 
Bull John, shampooer, r. 915 Powell 
Bull Joseph, sausageinkr, r. 1326 Dupont 
Bullan Tupper, millwright, r. 18% Bidley 
Bulland B. (Chas. G. Sapin & Co.) r. 734 Mont 
Bullard Adrin (Dresbach & Co.) r. Chico, Cal 
Bullard James A., clerk with J. W. Davidson & Co., 

r. 2108 Hyde 
Bullard James H., prod, and com. mcht, 114 Clay, r. 

2108 Hyde 
Bullard L. J., bookpr with Sedgwick & Faulke, r. 417 

Bullard Matthew B., upholsterer, r . 18 Hawthorne 
Bullard Wm., drayman, r. 2 Tay 
Bullard Wm. P., bookpr with Bray Bros., r. 2108 

Bullerdieck & Mertz (Nicolaus Bullerdieck and 

Frederick Mertz) wood and coal, 1632 Mission 
Bullerdieck Nicolaus (Bullerdieck & Mertz) r. 1632 

Bulletti C, r. 1714 Dupont 
Bulletin, Daily Evening, editorial rooms, 517 Clay, 

off n.e. cor Montgomery and Merchant 
Bullier John, barber with J. F. Girardin, r. w.s. 

Fillmore bet Bush and Pine 
Bullinger Church, lab, r. California av bet 28th and 

Bullion M. Co. (Storey Co. Nev.) J. S. Kennedy sec, 

419 California, rms 1-2 
Bullis E. A., adjuster Domestic Sewing Machine 

Co., r. 1513 Steiner 
Bullivant H. E., bookpr with Einstein Bros. & Co., 

r. 125 Hayes 
Bullivant James, r. 2 Laskie 
Bullock Arthur, farmer, r. 907 Bush 
Bullock Benj. N., law student with J. V. Coffey, 729 

Bullock Boyd, clerk Freight Auditor's off, C. P. E. 

R., r. 1153 Howard 
Bullock E. B., r. 1517 Larkin 
Bullock F. D., off. 330 Pine, rm 5, r. 423 Sutter 


ei5 iriRKIlT west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer in 
Jr. __ _ '^TT.'T^Vand Manufactnrerof all kinds of Window Shades 


and Manufacturer 

and dealer In all kinds of Shade Materials. 


C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St. {%SSf} Established 1862 

Bullock Fred., bag inspector with E. Detriek & Co., 

r. 1064 Howard 
Bullock John, r. 1517 Larkin 
Bullock L. L., real estate agent, r. 825 Greenwich 
Bullock Mary M., domestic, 1626 Jackson 
Bullock N. (J. Kuss & Co.) r. Humboldt Co. 
Bullock Sophia Mrs., ladies companion, r. 1 Antonio 
Bullock Wm., boxmkr Union Box Factory, r. 503 Fol 
Bullock Wm. K., lab, r. HughesHouse 
Bullotti John (Grisingher & Co.) r. 308 Mont av 
Bulls' Head Exchange, S. Kosminsky propr, cor 1st 

av and Kentucky, South S. F. 
Bulls' Head Saloon, Wm. Wallace propr, nw. cor 

Oregon and East 
Bulls' Head Stables, James Coyne propr, 14th bet 

Mission and Minna 
Bullus& Co. (Jabez J. Bullus and Geo. Jenks) poul- 
try and game, 13 New Metropolitan Market 
Bullus Jabez J. (Bullus & Co. I r. Fruit Vale 
Bulwinkle Diedrich, clerk with D. C. Von Staden, r. 

s.w. cor Steuart and Mission 
Bullwinkle John F., groceries, 25 Louise, r. 26 

Bulman Wm., stonecutter W. D. Co. 
Bulmore R. R., r. 2420 Buchanan 
Bultman John H., clerk with John H. Pohlker, r. 

nw. cor 26th and Howard 
Bulwer H., waiter P. C. S. S. Co. 
Bulwer- Mining. Co. (Mon Co. Cal.) Wm. Willis sec, 

29 Nevada blk 
Buman L., lab Bay Sugar Ref. 
Bumbar Chas., carptr, r. 29 Freelon 
Bumbaugh E. A., painter, r. 959 Market 
Bumker Henry, liveryman, r. 27 Freelon 
Bumm Geo. W., printer with Perkins & Co., r. 809 

Bumpers Peter, stocks, r. 1711 Mason 
Bumsted Edward H., traveling agent with Denieke 

Bros., r. 19 Hawthorne 
Bunce Frank N., clerk with R. W. Richardson, r. 

1329 Sacramento 
Bunce Joseph H., with Swan Brewery, r. 1329 Sac 
Bunce Wm., bkpr with Hobbs, Pomeroy & Co., r. 

1329 Sacramento 
Buncken Louis C, bookpr with John Rae Hamilton, 

r. 517 Post 
Bunckenburg Henry, cellarmaster with Kohler & 

Frohling, r. 605 Geary 
BuncKenburg Henry, wine mcht, Centre Mkt, r. 417 

Bunderson Boye, master scow Wonder, off. 305 East 
Bundessen H., seaman, r. North Pacific Hotel 
Bundschu Charles (J. Gundlach &Co.) r. 125 Chest- 
Bundy Daniel S., lab, r. 10 Rondell pi 
Bundy J. H., messenger Mint, r. 16th and Utah 
Bundy Joseph A., porter with Stahle & Bernhard, 

r. 919 Stockton 
Bundy Thos. F., porter C. P. R. R., r. cor Fourth 

and Townsend 
Bune Adolph, musician, r. 409 Green 
Buneman Henry, imp wines and liquors, 315-317 

Clay, r. se. cor Haight and Laguna 
Bung Robert, engineer P. M. S. S. Co. 
Bunger Christian (Heitman & Bugner) r. 1000 Bush 
Bunke Chas., mate, r. Sailors' Home 
Bunker C. Miss, teacher Tehama Primary School, r. 

2123 California 
Bunker Chas. D., clerk with H. S. Bunker, r. 1630 

West Mission 
Bunker Cromwell, r. 195 Hyde 
Bunker E. Louise, copyist with B. C. Brown, r. 26}g 

Bunker F. R., mining sec. 606 Montgomery, rm 3-4, 

r. 623 Larkin 
Bunker FraDk, machinist, r. 1816 Jessie 
Bunker Frederick H., butcher with Robert F. Bunk- 
er, r. 2 Grace terrace 
Bunker G. F., foreman Globe Iron Works, r. 1816 

Bunker Henry C. jr., bookkeeper with Chas. F. Bas- 

sett & Co., r. 115% Thirteenth 
Bunker Henry O., compositor with J. H. Knarston, 

r. 559 Bryant 
Bunker Henry S., Custom House Broker, 50S Battery, 

r. 1630 West Mission 

Bunker Hill G. M. Co. (Plumas Co. Cal.) A. Hal- 

sey sec. 312 Montgomery 
Bunker James, fireman, r. Keystone House 
Bunker L. C, bookpr, r. 517 Post 
Bunker Paul, foreman Oriental Bonded Warehouse, 

r. 2011 Devi6adero 
Bunker Robert F., porkpacker, packing house Bran- 
nan bet Fifth and Sixth, market and off. 74-75 

California Market, r. 195 Hyde 
Bunker Sarah E., widow, r. 13 be Boom 
Bunker T. E., clerk Ticket Auditor's off. C. P. B. R.. 

r. 501 Geary 
Bunker Wm. W., kttercarrier Station A, P. O., r. 

2020 Pine 
Buim Edward, teamster with M. Morganthau, r. 1205 

Buna P., teamster W. D. Co. 
Bunnell D. D., tinner with Holbrook, Merrill & Co., 

r. 1229 York 
Bunnell E. F., dentist. 319 Kearny, r. Oakland 
Bunnell James S., bookpr Welle, Fargo \ < o., r. 2610 

Pacific av 
Bunnell Ida E. Miss, clerk with Miss (i. W. Carr, r. 

Bonner A. J., parser, r. 820 Ellis 
Bunuer B. Miss, teacher South Cosmopolitan Prim- 
ary School 
Bunuer Stephen, police, r. Webster bet Eddy and 

Bunos M., capitalist, r. 29th ur Old San Jose Road 
Buns Conrad, lab Cal. Sugar Ref., r. North German 

Bunsl Julius, porter with l$uy< r, Reich & Co. 
Bunting Joseph, r. 458 Clementina 
Bunton — , r. 762 Howard 
Bunyard W. E '., oarptr 0. B. R., r. 102 Dora 
HI it A ADOLPH, cigars and tobacco, 104 Dupont 
Burbank k Meyers, (Albert E. Burbank and Frederick 

V. Myers) fancy poultry, 43-44 Cal Mrkt 
Burbank Albert E. (burbank & Meyers) r. cor Lott 

and McAllister 
Burbank H. H., agent, r. Overland House 
Burbank Lester, finishex with Buckingham A:Hecht, 

r. Oakland 
Burbiui John, r. 822 Valli |o 
BIRCH & GRIFFITH (John C. Burch. A. H. 

Griffith) atty's-at-law, 330 Pine, rm 28 
Burch John 0. (Burch .>c Griffith) atty-at-law, 330 

Pine, rm. 28, r. 1801 Sacramento 
Burch Patrick, longshoreman, r. 726 Brannan 
Burch Patrick, lab C. P. R. R. r. cor Boardman pi 

and Brannan 
Burchardt — , r. 813 Montgomery 
Burchars Wm., master schr Gaslight, r. 3Rincon crt 
Burchars Win. jr., seaman r. 3 Rincon crt 
Burckes Henry W., patrolman Safe Deposit Co., r. 108 

Burckes Walter N., clerk with W. H. Burckes, r.108 

Burckes Warren H., books and stationery, 1134 

Market, r. 108 Turk 
Burckhurdt Max., propr S. F. Journalist and Humo- 
rist, r. Pine nr Kearny 
Burd R. M., widow, confectionery and bakery, s.w. 

cor Hyde and Ellis 
Burdell Harvey, foreman New York Stables, r. 1021 }$ 

Burdell Robert, with Owen McCabe, r. 328 Jessie 
Burden Edward, plumber and gasfitter, r. 1901 

Pacific av 
Burden F. G., varnisher Sanborn Vail Co., r. 8Ji 

Burden Frederick, painter, r. 83«5 Tyler 
Burden Frederick, painter, r. 253 Minna 
Burden Stephen F., painter, r. 253 Minna 
Burden Thos., cook, r. s.w. cor Battery and Vallejo 
Burdett Peter, clerk with N. S. Wirt., r. 730 Minna 
Burdett Wm., seaman, r. 5 Alta 
Burdick Ed. F., clerk with H. M. Newhall & Co., r. 

523 O'Farrell 
Burdick Geo. R., bookpr with Lazard Freres, r. 523 

Burdick James E., r. 3 Varennes 
Burdick Nellie M., dressmkr, r. 3 Varennes 
Burdick Susan Mrs., ironer with H. Cords, r. 3 



405 and 407 SANS0ME STREET, 

Importers Japan and China 


C. P. Van Schaack & Co. {"^aStSft^SfflS. 716 } Established 1862 

Burdick S. W., mate stm Jas. M. Donahue 

Burdick Wm. L., police, r. 430 Montgomery av 

Burdict A., r. Morton House 

Burdiss Win., mining, 438 California 

Burditt Wm. W., farmer, r. 104 Turk 

BUREAU OF RECORDS, established A. D. 
1848, 522 California 

Burfeind Hermann, farmer, nr Alms House 

Burfeind Martin, saloon, sw. cor Mason and Fran- 

Burg E., salesman with Bell, Gullixson & Co.,r. w,.s. 
Castro bet 19th and 20th 

Burgans Chas. E., gunsmith with N. Curry & Bro., 
r. 22 Russell 

Burgar S. A. Mrs., furnished rooms, 108 Geary 

Burgdorf Carl, cooper Cal. Sugar Ref., r. cor Alaba- 
ma and 18th 

Burgdorf Gottlieb (Stark & Burgdorf) r. 501 Ellis 

Burge Anne, widow, r. 17 Freelon 

Burge Francis A., sash and blindmkr with B. & J. S. 
Doe, r. 17 Freelon 

Burge Gustave, butcher, r. 1115 Jackson 

Burge H. N., waiter Golden Eagle Hotel 

Burge Thos., saloon, 30 Steuart 

Burgen Frederick, lab, r. 159 Lombard 

Burgeon A. J., engraver on glass, ivory and stone, 
705 Market 

Burger Geo. W., conductor Clay-st B. R., r. 1209 Clay 

Burger Jacob, barber, r. 815 Broadway 

Burger John, conductor Clay-st R. R. 

Bulges Gudciez Miss, ironer with J. B. Gassmann, r. 
406 Union 

Burges John B., tailor, r. 936 Howard 

Burges Tristam, bookpr Rincon Point Warehouse, r. 
1235 Pine 

Burgess C. A., capitalist, 53 Nevada blk, r. sw. cor 
Polk and Eddy 

Burgess Chas., blacksmith with Nelson & Doble, r. 
48 Clementina 

Burgess Chas. M., hostler Cliff House 

Burgess C. O., r. Grand Hotel 

Burgess Geo., Deputy Assessor, r. 708 California 

Burgess Geo. H., portrait painter, 29 Thurlow blk, 
r. Berkeley 

Burgess Hubert, prin drawing teacher public schools, 
r. 2422 Buchanan 

Burgess James, longshoreman, r. 135 Folsom 

Burgess J. H., kitchen help, What Cheer Restaurant 

Burgess L. F., printer Call, r. 225 Bush 

Burgess Michael, stevedore, P. M. S. S. Co., r. 34 De 

Burgess Samuel, messman P. C. S. S. Co. 

Burgess Oscar O., physician, 329 Geary 

Burget J., cabinetmkr, West Coast Furn Co. 

Burgh — , carptr, r. 421 Folsom 

Burgin Gustav, butcher, r. 1115 Jackson 

Burgin John F., civil engineer, r. 325 Eddy 

Burgin John F. jr., salesman with A. Roman & Co., 
r. 325 Eddy 

Burgo Geo. (Buara & Burgo) r, 240 % Fifth 

Burgoyne Thos., cook with Connolly & Kiernan 

Burgwardt Herman, barber, r. 3 Morey al 

Burhans Hermann, tailor, r. 606 Powell 

Burhans W. D.. r. 655 Mission 

Burhans Wm., tailor, r. 606 Powell 

Burk Albert, painter, r. 715 Howard 

Burk Andrew, teamster, r. 48 Stevenson 

Biirk August, mate schr Lizzie T. Adams 

Burk Dennis, lab, r. 21 Anthony 

Burk Edward, lab Potrero Gasworks, r. w.s. Geor- 
gia nr Shasta 

Burk James, butcher, r. 156 Clementina 

Burk James, cooper Pac. Barrel and Keg Co 

Burk James, lab, r. 324 Vallejo 

Burk James, miner, r. Nevada Hotel 

Burk James, plasterer, r. 718 Clementina 

Burk James, waiter, Cosmopolitan Hotel 

Burk John, shoemkr with Einstein Bros. & Co., r. 33 

Burk John H., driver, r. 340% Fifth 

Burk Lewis, molder, r. 717 Mission 

Burk Martin, lab, r. 865 \ Market 

Burk Michael, lab, r. 865% Market 

Burk Michael, porter with Waterhouse & Lester, r. 
406 Capp 

Burk Samuel, compositor Chronicle, r. 417 Mont 

Burk William, lab, Potrero Gasworks, r. e. s. Mich- 
igan bet Shasta and Sierra 
Burk Wm., carptr, r. 708 Clementina 
Burk Wm. E., r. e.s. YerbaBuena bet Clay and Sac 
Burk — , mining, r. 225 Bush 
BURKHARDT MAX, chromo-lithographs and 

engravings, paintings and picture frames, 545 

-547 Washington, r. 1602 Howard 
BURKE <& McASEY (David Burke and David 

McAsey) wines, liquors and cigars, 232 Brannan 
Burke Alfred I., mail clerk Evening Post, r. 2113 

Burke Andrew, teamster, r. 48 Stevenson bet 12th 

and 13th 
Burke Annie, domestic, 1309 Tyler 
Burke Barbara, widow, r. 1213 Jones 
Burke Daniel cartman, r. 1149 Howard 
Burke David (Burke & McAsey) r. 445 Bryant 
Burke David, lab with Wm. E. Bridge, r. 113 O'Far 
Burke David, lab, r. 8 Warren av 
Burke Dennis, night janitor Industrial School 
Burke Dennis, fireman, r. 447 First 
Burke E. Miss, r. 6 Martha pi 
Burke E., expressman, sw. cor Front and Calif ornia, 

r. 86 Brady 
Burke Edmund W., salesman with S. F. News Co., 

r. 2113 Jones 
Burke Edward, helper Potrero Gasworks 
Burke Edward, helper with A. F. Nye & Co., r. 313 

Burke Edward, lab, r. 1182 Harrison 

Burke Edward, lab, r. San Bruno Road bet 26th and 

Burke Edward, r. 1528 Dupont 
Burke Ellen, domestic, 816 Ellis 
Burke Ellen, widow, r. 1314 Harrison 
Burke Ernest (Stahl & Burke) r. Siegfried's Hotel 
Burke Ethelbert, atty-at-law and Justice of the 

Peace, 606 Montgomery, room 8, r. 722 Turk 
BURKE FRANK H., street contractor, 704 

Montgomery, r. Baldwin Hotel 
Burke Garrett, carptr, r. 1234 York 
Burke Geo., lab, r. 545 Mission 
Burke Gil., watchman and wiper S. P. R. R. 
Burke H. A., butcher with J. C. Burke, r. 156 

Burke Hugh M., journalist Bulletin, r. 210 Eddy 
Burke Isaac, seaman schr Mary Ellen, r. 42 Sac 
Burke J., compositor Mail, r. 419 Green 
Burke James, contractor, r. 606 Fourth 
Burke James, harnessmkr, r. 163 Jessie 
Burke James, lab, r. 518 Pacific 
Burke James, lab, r. 1715 Stevenson 
Burke James, machinist with Tait & Hainque, r. 963 

Burke James, plasterer, r. e.s. 10th bet Harrison and 

Burke James, porter, S. V. Waterwks, r. 20 Willow av 
Burke James, shoemkr with Einstein Bros. & Co. r. 

1715 Stevenson 
Burke James, tailor, r. 2114 Mason 
Burke James, teamster, r. 120 William 
Burke James C, butcher, 1330 Folsom, r. 156 Clem 
Burke James M., longshoreman, r. 324 Vallejo 
BURKE J. C, Sec. Odd Fellows' Cemetery Assn, 

r. se. cor Union and Filbert 
Burke J. F. stonecutter, r. Turk-st Hotel 
Burke John, r. s.s. 20th bet Dolores and Church 
Burke John, barber with Chas. H. Coleman, r. 310 

Burke John, blacksmith, r. 963 Folsom 
Burke John, butcher with A. Newman & Co., r. Paris 

Burke John, expressman, r. 17 Rondell pi 
Burke John, file cutter with A. Wolf, r. United States 

Burke John (Gould & Burke) r. cor Seventh and 

Burke John, lab, r. Metropolitan Hotel 
Burke John, lab, r. 225 Eighth 

Burke John, lab, r. Lombard bet Sansome and Mont 
Burke John, laundryman La Grande Laundry 
Burke John, painter, r. 156 Clementina 
Burke John, policeman, r. 313 Hayes 
Burke John, salesman with J. J. O'Brien & Co., r. 

331 Eddy 

MARST&N & ADAMS, Agents. (Loans Negotiated. 

npii CCTfiTC MARSTGN & ADAMS, Agents. (Loans rcegoi 
ntAL tO I A I EL Cor. 7th and Washington Sts., Oakland 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market St{%SgT} Established 1862 

Burke John, salocmkpr, r. 564% Natoma 

Burke John, saloon, 249 Third 

Burke John, shoemkr, r. 33 Crocker 

Burke John, teamster with R. D. Chandler, i. 3 Bar- 

Burke John E., r. 308 Sutter 
Burke John E., bookpr with Geo. H. Mitchell, r. 

Burke John E., upholsterer with C. M. Plum & Co., 

r. 1409 Kearny 
Burke John H., driver N. B, and M. R. R. Co., r. 340% 

Burke John H., real estate, 230 Montgomery, rm 15 
Burke John K., varnisher and polisher with Jacob 

Strahle & Co., r. 658 M Minna 
Burke John M., atty-at-law, r. 715 Howard 
Burke John P., machinist, r. 1103 McAllister 
Burke Joseph, carptr Union Iron Works, r. 310 Fol 
Burke Joseph, porter with Lightner & Wedeles, r. 156 

Burke Kate Miss, r. 946 Harrison 
Burke L., widow, r. s.s. Folsom bet Sixth and Seventh 
Burke Lizzie K. Mrs., vice-prin South Cosmopolitan 

Grammar School, r. 1213 Clay 
Burke Lucy Miss, teacher Union Primary School, r. 

2113 Jones 
Burke M., lab with Street Supt 
Burke Maggie, domestic, 1005 Geary 
Burke Maggie, domestic, 1010 Polk 
Burke Margaret, r. 216 Tehama 

Burke Margaret Mrs., housekeeper American Ex- 
change Hotel 
Burke Margaret, cook, 007 Harrison 
Burke Martha E. Mrs., r. 225 Bush 
Burke Martin, lab, r. 1408 Kearny 
Burke Martin, with J. McKew, r. 324 Green 
Burke Martin J. (Madison fc Burke and Madison, 

Burke & Co.) r. Baldwin Hotel 
Burke Mary, domestic, 629 Sutter 
Burke Mary, domesti , 1909 Bueh 
Burke Mary L., dressmkr, r. 1715 Stevenson 
Burke Matthew, lab, r. cor Cole and Waller 
Burke Michael, r. 715 Howard 
Burke Michael, baker Baldwin's Restaurant 
Burke Michael, conductor N. B. and M. R. R. 
BURKE MICHAEL., groceries and liquors, nw. 

cor Scott and Ellis 
Burke Michael (Gordon & Burke) r. 150 Clara 
Burke Michael, lab, r. 230 Perry 
Burke Michael, lab, r. 5 Washoe pi 
Burke Michael, lab, r. 361 Clementina, rear 
Burke Michael, lab, r. 536 Sixth 
Burke Michael, local police, r. cor 17th and Church 
Burke Michael, porter, r. 406 Capp 
Burke Michael, seaman, r. 117 Drumm 
Burke Michael, sole leather cutter with Porter, Op- 

penheimer & Slessinger, r. 422 Tehama 
Burke Michael, stone cutter with W. D. Co., r. 915 

Burke Michael J., clerk Tax Collector's off., r. 1707 

Burke Michael P. , baker, r. 61 % Sbiplev 
Burke Milton, with J. W. Lowry, r. 1111 Clay 
Burke Nellie, dressmkr with E. H. Mozart, r. 122 

Burke Patrick, coalpasser P. M. S. S. Co. 
Burke Patrick, lab C. P. R. R., r. 742 Fourth 
Burke Patrick, lab, r. St. Louis Hotel 
Burke Patrick, lab, r. Dorland bet Dolores and 

Burke P. H., lab, r. 108 Valparaiso 
Burke P., milker with J. C. Brennan, r. Filbert nr 

Burke Richard, lab, r. 1 Zoe pi 
Burke Richard, lab, r. 551 First 
Burke Robert, carptr, r. 409 Stevenson 
Burke Robert, plasterer, r. 94 Colton 
Burke Stephen, porter with Lightner & Wedeles, r. 

156 Clementina 
Burke Teresa, domestic, 299 Hyde 
Burke Thos., lab with J. Morton & Co. 
Burke Thos. liquors, r. 2114 Mason 
Burke Thos., planer Excelsior Mill, r. 167 Silver 
Burke Thos., painter, r. sw. cor Fell and Fillmore 
Burke Thos., student Heald's Business College 
Burke Thos., teamster, r. 727 Laguna 

Burke Thos.. teamster, r. 2319 Mason 

Burke Thos., waiter, r. 105 Prospect pi 

Burke Thos, F., carpenter, r. M7 Vallejo 

Burke Thos. F., gasntter, r. 2114 Mason 

Burke Thos. H., watchman Palace H its] 

Burke Tobias, conductor Butter Street R. R. 

Burke U. M., r. Eddy nr Jones 

Burke Win., carptr. r. ."> Washoe pi 

Burke Win., carptr. r. 826 Tenth 

Burke Wm., with Keane, O'Connor & Co., r. 125 Fair 

Burke Wm., lab, Potrero Gasworks 
Burke Wm., lab, r. — Miller pi 
Burke Wm., machinist, r. 553 Mission 
Burke Win., inolder with Fulton Iron Works, r. O'.i 

Burke Wm., police, r. 123 Shipley 
Burke Wm., teamster, r. 563 Mi 
Burke Win., waiter, r. Olympic Lodging Hi 
Burke Wm. a., musical Instruments, 520 Pine, r. i 

i.. coy pi 
Burke Wm. a., painter, r. nil Olaj 
Burke Wm. A. jr., house and sign painter, 590 1'itie, 

r. 4 Leroy pi 
Burke Wm. k.. substitute police, r. 743 Fourth 
Burke Wm. F., messenger Clearing House, r. 1218 

Burke Win. <;.. d<jp. Street Supt, r. se. cur Lombard 

and Jones 
Burke Wm. J., police, r. .M7 Vallejo 
Burke Win. ./.. clerk with Buckingham ft Heoht, r. 

1577JJ Market 
Burke W. I... restaurant, i -. Valencia bet 26th and 

Burke — , b<">kpr, r. 1 South Park 
Burke — . mining sec, 826 Pine 
Burk e — . molder, Onion Ironworks 
B?"See also Burk 

Burkhard Lewis, blacksmith, B66 Bow., r. 816 Sixth 
Bnrkhardi Elizabeth, widow, r. L216 Pacific 
Burkhanlt Qeo., agent with Mead, r h Oo'i Express, 

r. Oakland 
Bnrkhardi Geo., r. 412 sixth 

Burkhardt John. r. 501 Broadway 

Burkhardt John, tailor, B. R. av nr 5th av, South 
S. P. 

Burkhart Hannah Mrs., r. cor ICth and Dolores 

Burkhart H. /... moneybroker, 415 Sam me, r. 
1 1 1 ■• i Dwich 

Burkhead Wm. N., foreman Bulletin, r. II 

Burkland Andrew H., upholsterer, r. . 

Burks (has. I., contractor, r. 320 Tenth 

Burks Wm., carptr, r. 326 Tenth 

Burla Peter, upholsterer, r. 821 Montgomery kv 

Burleigh W. E., physician and Burgeon, 716 Mont- 
gomery, rms -j-5. r. 121 Sixth 

Burleman Henry, engineer tug Rescue, r. 329 <ir> ■< a 

Burleson E. A., capitalist, r. 603 Mae 

Burley John, butcher, r. 708 B. B. a\ , South S. F. 

Burley Robertson, shipwright, r. 13 Perry 

Burley Samuel, gardener, r. Park Hot. 1 

Burling Beuj. L., bookpr with James W. Burling, r. 
299 Hyde 

Burling Henry, stockbroker, r. 618 Pine 

BURL.LXG JAMES AV., stockbroker, 418 Cali- 
fornia, r. 839 O'Farrell 

Burling Jules, assayer with Thos. Price, r. 299 Hyde 

Burling Richard S., bookpr with Michelsson, Brown 
& Co.. r. 2421 Post 

Burling Wm. Mrs., r. 299 Hyde 

By See also Berling 

Burmeister A. & Co. (Alrich Burraeister and August 
Mehrtens) groceries, 1300 California 

Burmeister Alrich (A. Burmeister i: Co.) r. 1300 Cal 

Burmeister A. H., carptr, r. 317 Bush 

Burmeister Henry, r. 533 Greenwich 

Burmeister Henry, letter carrier, r. 4 Chestnut al 
; Burmeister Peter H., with F. Ziele, r. 528 Pacific 
| Burmester Francis H., shipwright, r. 529 Valencia 

Burmester Henry H., propr Government House, nw. 
cor Washington and Sansome 
I Burmester Henry W., salesman with Bowen Bros., 

r. 706 California 
| Burn John, porter with Geo. C. Bode, r. 26 Grove 
I Burn John, seaman, r. 8 Berry 
I Burn Michael, waiter P. M. S. S. Co., r. 3 King 



C. P. Van Schaack & 

706, 708, 710, 713, 714 and 716 

} Established 1862 




Burnam Geo., carptr, r. 538 Minna 

Burnap John, groceries, crockery and hardware, 425 

Davis, r. 420 Leavenworth 
Burne "Win., bricklayer, r. 217 Seventh 
Burnell & Simpkins (J. H. Burnell and T. H. Simp- 
kins) proprs Albion Brewery, cor 9th av and G, 
South S. F. 
Burnell Bros. (Henry and Martin Burnell) butchers, 

ne. cor Grove and Octavia 
Burnell Edgar, saloon, 209 Jackson 
Burnell F. B., brewer, r. cor 11th av and G, South 

S. F. 
Burnell Henry (Burnell Bros.) r. 430 Grove 
Burnell John Hamlyn (Burnell & Simpkins) r. sw. 

cor G and 11th av, South S. F. 
Burnell Martin (Burnell Bros.) r. 430 Grove 
Burnell Millard, coal oil. r. 413 Brannan 
Burnell Thos., blacksmith Main-st Iron Works, r. 

25 Russ 
Burnell Thos., helper Eisdon Iron Works, r. Ill 

Burnell Wm., lab, r. s.s. Elizabeth bet Sanches and 

Burnell Wm., teamster, r. 424 Brannan 
Burner B. P., r. Palace Hotel 
BURNER HENRY, oils, paints, varnishes, etc., 

631 Sacramento, r. 1001 Minna 
Burnes B., widow, groceries, 41' Jessie 
Burnes Brien, pantryman, r. 2 Lick al 
Burnes Daniel, whipmkr, r. 245 Minna 
Burnes Edward, blacksmith, r. 58 Everett 
Burnes Fielding, agent Pac. Mutual Life Ins. Co., 

426 Montgomery, r. Morton House 
Burnes F. J., steward P. M. S. S. Co. 
Burnes Hugh, lab S. F. Gaslight Co., r. 440% Jessie 
Burnes — , machinist, r. 236 Minna 
Burnes — , printer, r. 251 Minna 
Burness John E., machinist, r. 677 Harrison 
Burnett Alexander S., r. 1223 Pine 
Burnett Alfred, capitalist, r. 1014 Clay 
Burnett Dwight J., sec. Pac. Commercial Co., r. 1112 

Burnett Ellen Miss, dressmkr, r. 616 Jones 
Burnett Evan, molder Union Iron Works, r. 346 

Burnett Evan jr., molder Union Iron Works, r. 346 

Burnett Frederick Chas., carrier Stock Ex., r. 346 

Burnett G. G., apothecary, 327 Montgomery, r. 

2506 Sacramento 
Burnett Henry, r. Hardy bet 15th and 16th 
Burnett James, engineer, r. w. s. Mission bet 24th and 

Burnett Jane, saloon, 648 Pacific 
Burnett J. C, executive officer training ship James- 
Burnett John H., molder Union Iron Works, r. 346 

BURNETT JOHN M.-,' atty-at-law, 623 Mont- 
gomery, r. 1901 Polk 
Burnett Joseph, boxmkr with Hobbs, Pomeroy & 

Co., r. 319 Folsom 
Burnett Joseph, teamster, r. 17 Thirteenth 
Burnett Kate Mrs., ladies hairdresser, 410 Third 
Burnett Margery, widow, r. 712 Taylor 
Burnett Mary, widow, r. 2103 Leavenworth 
Burnett Peter H., Pres. Pacific Bank, r. 610 Jones 
Burnett Richard, messenger with Am. Dist, Tel. Co., 

r. 346 Beale 
Burnett Thos. T., blacksmith, r. 1511 California 
Burnett Thos. T. jr., conductor Sutter-st R. R., r. 

1517 California 
Burnett Wellington C. city and county atty, City 

Hall, r. 600 Sutter 
Burnett Wm., lab, r. 29 Oak Grove av, rear 
Burnett Wm., seaman, r. 26 Sacramento 
Burnette Eugene T., dentist, 967 Howard 
Burnette N. C. Mrs., dressmkr, 967 Howard 
Burney — , clerk, r. 334 Bush 
BURNHAM & LEEDS, (M. P. Burnham and S. 

P. Leeds) pubs and proprs Commercial Advocate, 

526 Montgomery, rm 7 
Burnham Benj. F., machinist, r. 331 Minna 
BURNHAM EDWARD, propr Oriental Tea 

store 12 Fourth, r. 22 Stockton pi 

Burnham Edward, candymkr, r. 938 Mission 
Burnham Edward, supt Whittier, Fuller & Co.'s 

White Lead Works, r. 318 Fremont 
Burnham Frank P., architect with Wolfe & Son, r. 

1550 Howard 
Burnham G. M., salesman, G. A. Meigs, r. 317 Third 
Burnham Guy, driver with Noble & Wohler, r cor 

30th and San Jose av 
Burnham G. W., carptr. r. 538 Minna 
Burnham James G., r, 1413 Sacramento 
Burnham James W., (J. W. Burnham & Co.) r. 926 

Burnham J. W. & Co. (James W. Burnham, John 

L. and Henry Eckley) carpets, oilcloths, etc., 618 

Market and 15 Post 
Burnham Mellen P. (Burnham & Leeds) r. 1717 

Burnham Nelson, lab, r. 324 Main 
Burnham O. N., watchman P. M. S. S. Co. 
Burnham Wm., carpetlayer, r. 20 Elliott Park 
Burnham Wm. F., upholsterer with Hardie & Fred- 
ericks, r. 312 Sixth 
Burnham W. S., letter carrier S. F. P. O., r. 142% 

Burnhope Alexander, stevedore P. M. S. S. Co. 
Burns A. L., chief clerk Subsistence Dept, U. S. A., r. 

Burns & McClelland (John T. Burns and Andrew 

McClelland) plumbers, 501 Howard 
Burns & West (John C. Burns and E. H. West) 

carptrs, 619 Hyde 
Burns Aaron M., marine surveyor and State Harbor 

Commissioner, 314 California, r. Oakland 
Burns A. J. Mrs., furnished rooms, 20 Montgomery 
Burns Andrew, teamster, r. 137 Dora 
Burns Annie, domestic, 1307 Green 
Burns Arthur, junk, 208 Pacific 
Burns B., extraman engine No. 7, S. F. Fire Dept. 
Burns Barnard, waiter, r. 248 Clara 
Burns Bridget, domestic, 1830 Powell 
Burns Bridget, domestic, 1401 Van Ness av 
Burns Bridget, domestic, 1445 Taylor 
Burns Bryan, teamster, S. F. Fire Dept., r. 16th and 

Second av 
Burns Caroline Mrs., furnished rooms, 233 Third 
Burns Catherine, housekeeper, 10 White 
Burns Catherine, widow, r. 1930 Stevenson 
Burns Chas., plasterer, r. sw. cor 24th and Howard 
Burns Chas, sailmaker, r. 668 Seventeenth 
Burns Cornelius, lab, r. ws. Boyce, nr Point Lobos av 
Burns Daniel, engineer, r. 236 Townsend 
Burns Daniel, lashmkr with Keystone Whip Co., 

r. 245 Minna 
Burns Daniel B., painter, r. 1307 Eddy 
Burns Dennis, carpenter, r. 468 Jessie 
Burns D. P., farmer, r. cor Union av and Suilivan 
Burns Edward, r. 316 Third 
Burns Edward, expressman, se. cor Pacific and 

Davis, r. 616 Capp 
Burns Edward, horseshoer with Patrick H. Burns, 

r. 58 Everett 
Burns Ellen Miss, r. 1713 Jessie 
Burns Fielding, insurance agent, r. Morton House 
Burns F. P., foreman Golden City Chemical Works, 

r. 326 Seventh 
Burns Frances, widow, r. 15 Scott pi 
Burns Francis, foreman Howard Street Stables, r. 

850 Howard 
Burns Francis J., stockbroker, r. 521% Natoma 
Burns Frank, lab with Wm. Kerr, r. 903 Battery 
Burns Frank, steward P. M. S. S. Co., r. 268 Brannan 
Burns Frank A., mechanic, r. 1621 Webster 
Burns Gaty A., clerk with Geo. H. Tay & Co., r. 1621 
• Webster 

Burns George, lab, r. 125 Second 
Burns Geo. O., inspector Custom House, r. 218 First 
Burns H., boots and shoes, 210 Third 
Burns Harry, with David M. Short, r. 2414 Calif ornia 
Burns Henry, carptr, r. 715 1$ Natoma 
Burns Henry, old iron and metal, 117 Beale, r. 918 

Burns Henry, plasterer, r. 295 Clementina 
Burns Henry, shoemkr, r. 206 Eddy 
BURNS HENRY J. , General Agent Society for 

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 614 Merchant, 

r. 325 Seventeenth 


west of Palace Hotel, wholesale and retail dealer In 
and Manufacturer of all kinds of Window Shades 

and dealer In all kinds of Shade Materials. 

C. P. Van Schaack & Co., 840 Market SU%EST} Established 1862 

Burns Hermine Mrs., dressmkr, Howard nr. Sixth 
Burns Hugh, bartdr with James Gibb, r. 226 Vallejo 
Burns Hugh, fireman S. V. Water works, r. 545 First 
Burns Hugh, lab, r. 909 Geary- 
Burns Isadore, shipsmith, 20 Steuart, r. 504 Powell 
Burns J., boilermkr with Pacific Iron Works 
Burns J., lab, with Street Supt 
Burns James, baker P. C. S. S. Co 
Burns James, blacksmith with Dohs & Buchanan, 

r. 319 Tenth 
Burns James, engineer Palace Hotel, r. 109 Silver 
Burns James, gardener, r. 1500 Franklin 
Burns James, lab, r. 2520 Sutter 
Burns James, lab, r. 34 Minna 
Burns James, lab, r. 2404 Post 
Burns James, lab Odd Fellows' Cemetery, r. w.s. 

Boyce nr Point Lobosav 
Burns James, lab with Wm. J. Malady, r. 703 Mis 
Burns James, oiler Palace Hotel 
Burns James, porter with Davis & Cowell, r. 754 

Burns James, saloon, 150 Steuart 
Burns James, seaman, r. Keystone House 
Burns James, teamster Cutter & Co., r. 304 Davis 
Burns James, yardman Potrero Gas works 
Burns James H., r. 230 Eleventh 
Burns Jennie, domestic, 834 McAllister 
Burns Jeremiah N., stone cutter, r. Point Lobos av 

nr Second toll gate 
Burns Johanna, widow, r. 233ti Freelon 
Burns John, r. 10th bet Dolores and Guererro 
Burns John, r. 2 Francisco 

Burns John, boat builder with M Vice, r. 719 Howard 
Burns John, boilermkr Pacific Iron Works, r. 810 

Burns John, cooper with G. Olson, r. 2 Louise 
Burns John, foreman Clay-st B. R. stable, r. 1304 

Burns John, gasfitter with L. Hut'schmidt & Bro., r. 

1930 Stevenson 
Burns John, janitor Grangers' Bank, r. 17 Howard crt 
Burns John, lab, r. 041 Broadway 
Burns John, lab, r. 541 Tehama 
Burns John, lab, r. 55 Crocker 
Burns Johu, pastry cook P. C. S. S. Co., r. LerOy P' 

nr Sacramento 
Burns John, saloon, 238 Townsend 
Burns John, teamster, r. 8th av bet L and M, South 

San Francisco 
Burns John, with James McGinn, r. 863 Market 
Burns John jr., hostler Clay-st. B. K., r. 1304 Jack 
Burns John C. (Burns & West) r. 903 Post 
Burns John E., carptr, r. 45 Clementina 
Burns Johu E., stockbroker, r. 9 Glen Park avenue 
Burns John H., oyster and coffee saloon 517 Califor- 
nia, r. 702 California. 
Burns John L., salesman with Livingston & Co 
Burns John T. (Burns & McClelland) r. 520 Howard 
Burns Joseph, lab, r. McGrath's Hotel 
Burns Joseph, molder Industrial Iron Works, r. 

545 Howard 
Burns Joseph T., sec Pacific Real Estate Associates, 

310 Pine, r. 236 Eleventh 
Burns J. T., asst engineer stmr Empire, r. 1567 

Burns M.," stevedore P. M. S. S. Co 
Burns Maggie, domestic, 130 First av 
Burns Martin, elevatorman with E. Detrick & Co., r. 

cor Hyde and Vallejo 
Burns Martin, lab, r. se. cor Fifth and Tehama 
Burns Mary, domestic, 734 McAllister 
Burns Mary, widow, r. cor 29th and Mission 
Burns Mary, widow, r. nw. cor O'Farrell and Devisa- 

dero • 

Burns Mary, widow, r. 236 Eleventh 
Burns Mary Miss, dressmkr, r. 708 Taylor 
Burns Mary A. Miss, seamstress withKraker Jfc Co., 

r. 252 Perry 
Burns Mary E., domestic, 933 Post 
Burns Matthew, horseshoer with P. H. Burns, r. 58 

Burns Michael, cartman, r.18 Boardman pi 
Burns Michael, cooper, r. 163 Tehama 
Burns Michael, head porter Grand Hotel, r. 613% 

Burns Michael, lab, r. cor Polk and Fell 

Burns Michael, shoemkr with Jory Bros., r. 621 Ji 

Burns Nelly, domestic, r. 2107 Jones 
Burns Owen, expressman